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We will use this page to post pics and pages from the new book that Lou and Susan send over…
Forrest came down today to see the book being printed.

Lou Bruno, book designer, and Forrest

Jessica Jenkins, editor, and Forrest

Danny Trujillo, printing rep, and Forrest

Scott, pressman, examining a run.

Forrest and Danny looking over a vintage platen press

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  1. Judging from the lay outs of “new and improved” scrapbooks I see #150, 155,171,166,170, 162 and not sure of the GracelLA scrapbook # but all those were fairly recent posts, many were posted after March, 2017? Seems ff made a flurry of posts in the spring of 2017, which have been new and improved for “Once upon a While”.


    • The “Graciella Experience” is scrapbook # 178.
      I’m curious if some of my favorite scrapbooks made the cut.


  2. Who is the gentleman standing next to Ms. Somers wearing the formal attire?

    Gosh, this really looks like it’s going to be a great memoir to read. I love the rich colors that’s shown in the photos.

  3. I really appreciate the quality of paper, font, ink colors, illustrations used in Fenn’s books. They are little works of art, and they can’t be cheap to produce, either.

  4. Howdy everbody! Thanks Dal and Jenny Kile for the updates. Does anyone know if they are taking orders yet? I’m soooo ready for this one! Found some neat stuff on my last expedition…can hardly wait for the next one.

    • You can find it under “more infor and musing” here. Go to “Forrests new paperback announced” and send them an email to put you on the list..they contact you when it’s ready.

  5. Wait a minute!
    Looking at that cover…
    Wasn’t it Jiminy Cricket who sang that fabulous song, “When You Fish Upon a Star”…
    That’s it!!! Cricket Pass in Colorado…
    I’m leaving at first light 🙂

    • Don’t forget your sandwich and Flashlight Dal!!! 🙂 Maybe you’ll catch a falling star 🙂

    • When I first saw the cover picture it reminded me of what the ancient Indigenous Elders had always referred to:

      Native American Star People legends

      “We came from the stars”.

        • Pdenver. Nice! The pipapus is a Hopi word hole in the floor of a kiva of the Puebloans. “From the Stars” they referred to the Pleiades star system. Depending on what picture of the Pleiades star system you look at; the star system on the book cover does look like the Pleiades to me. Fish hook on the star Electra? IMO.

          • Thanks PD. I am not Native American but I studied the culture a bit and spent time with some Elders and they are friends. Awhile ago I participated in a Sweat Lodge and that was one of the most profound experiences I ever had- very powerful. Their sharing of wisdom and experiencing their teachings first hand was so profound. Such power, amazing benevolent power .

          • Sipapu NM (ski area/nameplace) was my first WWWH (weird, some of us have always thought that WWWH was the first clue lol) ; Sipapu as place of emergence, birth, warm (amniotic) waters as understood by Hopi/Ancient Ones cosmology. Which of course Mr. Fenn understands well. HOB was Las Mochas, right down the road from Sipapu. Quality fishing waters right there also. Canyon down was the Rio Pueblo. NPFTM etc Embudo Canyon. I went alone in there over 8 times…and with others a few more times than that! I think I know more ways into that canyon that the locals do!! A wild and rugged canyon it is. But I eventually gave up that particular solve – which isn’t to say I don’t think a sipapu/sipapuni /kiva isn’t somehow connected to the chase. Or something resembling a sipapu. Interesting fact; the modern TEWA (Rio Grande Pueblo peoples who migrated from the Mesa Verde region) called their kivas “timber baskets” for the interwoven timbers that formed the roofs. Canasta shows up over and over again. Cool stuff.

          • Do you mind if I post this (Sipapu, NM) wwwh on warmwatersfound dot com? With credit to you?

            Or do you want to post it yourself?

          • Enjoyed what you posted, Sandy. Thank you for sharing this. I’ve felt the home of Brown was associated with the Ancestral Puebloans.

          • PDenver…my solve evolved to Picuris Peak as my HOB over time. Penasco lies in the shadow of Picuris..and calling the Rio Peublo …remember the little boy from Penasco? He hasn’t gotten nearly as much mileage as TLGFI.

          • Hello Sandy. Quite interesting. I hope to someday see this area, if I haven’t already. Visited Santa Fe and Taos Pueblo a couple years ago, and other areas of New Mexico in the past year or so. Hope to see and learn more. Fascinating history. I do recall a little bit about the little boy from Penasco.

        • pdenver,

          Mine as well. Wish that I could locate it. Goes back a ways.

          Somewhere around here – LOL

          • SL, I have SO many emails links I sent to myself in regards to my studies, it takes a while for me to scroll down and find them. I don’t know how to set up files, so I have to do it this way. It’s been a lot of fun learning the things I have. 🙂

          • FMC – long thread here hope you find my answer, which is YES feel free to post my WWWH thoughts. I think I posted this basics of my very complex solve or most of it summer of 2016 in Searching in NM thread. You are the first person to show any interest at all that I know of…big smile. Of note – I have found both within Embudo Canyon as well as on the upper ramparts what I think are quite possibly structural remnants of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Completely makes sense; that canyon would have been a place to make a stand. You can see for miles from Picuris Peak so also a good defensive position. Found a few petroglyphs and more modern evidence of mining etc. And the fishing is killer since so few people know how to get in there and once in the canyon it’s pretty tough to navigate in places. It’s a fascinating area historically as well as for it’s natural beauty. I love this chase….

  6. That looks like an old AB Dick360 that Forrest has his hand on. My Mom’s late husband used one 20 years ago to print gospel tracts for all the cross carriers that came to our campground.
    That is a really cool sneak peak, i cant wait to have a copy. Is there going to be a book signing with Forrest? My ttotc first was signed but it was stolen out of my car by a gangsta wannabe lol

  7. On a more mundane level, Mr Fenn mentions other “stars” frequently in his writings as well, even citing the fact that his daughters didn’t know who Clark Gable was as one reason for writing his autobiography/family history. In SB #178 (seemingly revised for his new book) Fenn talks about Pony Ault and her invaluable connections to celebrities or “stars”, including his introduction to Cary Grant. Let’s not forget “Dancing With the Stars”, a favorite of Mrs Fenn. Is the hook a connection to another “star”, one not in the night sky? Fish for that star (and remember that he often substitutes one name for another ie Graciella and Florencia) and you may have something.

    • Hello Sandy. Another thought quite related to what you have stated in regards to scrapbooks and “The Thrill of The Chase” book, would be the word “switch”. I believe we have read this word many times in the book.

      This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • Thank you, randawg. Looks like I’ll need to go back and listen to the videos again. Personally speaking, I tend to get Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, and Gregory Peck mixed up when I watch their movies. I know who is who, but sometimes I get their names mixed up.

        • I’m sure Mr Fenn meant to say Cary Grant, as he went on to mention that “To Catch a Thief” was one of his favorite movies.
          Remember Fenn once said: “I reserve the right to be wrong once in awhile”.


        • The Flyer has said that he “deserves to be wrong once in awhile”.

          Not to forget this – ( TTOTC, Page 147 Epitaph)

          “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to”

          Opens the door to a number of ‘things’,… yet to be answered?


          • Correction to the above quote:

            I RESERVE the right to be wrong once in a while”.

            BIG difference! – My apologies.


          • Makes one wonder if there is anything he wishes he could have done, but hasn’t. From the things we’ve read, he’s done a lot.

      • Maybe he was trying to bring attention to Grace Kelly when he mentioned “To Catch a Thief”? Thanks for pointing this out, Randawg. Interesting.

        • We’ve read the post about the fireplace pokers on Jenny’s blog, and one being of Emmett Kelly. Conversations have been made about the “ell”, too.

          • Zap, I know you like the double LLs. I’m a fan of the double EEs. ABC = Alpha Bravo (tail end) Charlie?? And on down the line of the military alphabet? You can figure out the LLs. I like the double echos, as I just mentioned. Don’t be so surprised when no one comments after you when you say something important, like Buttercup and Lollipop. We see it, but don’t want to bring everyone’s attention to it. Shhhh.

          • Hi Sandy – I wouldn’t say that I “like” the double L’s or ELLAs so much as I simply note them. They work subtly for my location, but I haven’t found them to be a big in-your-face hint. The horses’/donkeys’ names are another matter, as are the ABC ducks. 😉

            A couple years ago I shared your view that it would be a bit foolish to point out the aberrations (i.e. hints). But such fears are apparently overblown. If anyone is catching on, they’re being quiet about it.

          • Lol Zap, write me when you find T.V. although my email won’t be good for a 1,000 yrs. I will rejoice with the finder!!!

  8. Alsetenash, Aka (Nikola Tesla) Pdenver all who have Avatars, or ears, even friends, Romans and Countrymen:

    When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, any place on earth will do…..even in the Rockies…..too.

    When a star is born
    They possess a gift or two
    One of them is this
    They have the power to make a wish come true
    When you wish upon a star
    Makes no difference who you are
    Anything your heart desires will come to you
    If your heart is in your dream
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do
    Fate is kind
    She brings to those who love
    The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing
    Like a bolt out of the blue
    Fate steps in and sees you through
    When you wish upon a star
    Your dreams come true
    When you wish upon a star
    Makes no difference who you are
    Anything your heart desires will come to you
    If your heart is in your dream
    No request is too extreme
    When you wish upon a star
    As dreamers do
    Fate is kind
    She brings to those who love
    The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing
    Like a bolt out of the blue
    Fate steps in and sees you through
    When you wish upon a star
    Your dreams come true
    Songwriters: Leigh Harline / Ned Washington


    • Sandy, sorry I had to cancel the Drone shoot (weather) at my favorite canyon, hope you did not show up for a fly by and saw NADa, I plan another “Winter Thoughts” II with a YouTube link or reactivate http://www.nmtreasure.com which is currently under repair and renovation.

      However the golden fleece of a billion Aspen, call them Star Trees, ageless groves of fire that are now ablaze, I can’t wait for clear weather.


    • I just read yesterday that the Romans thought the constellation of cancer was put in the sky to signal the end of all things.

      And there was an old saying that when Capricorn aligned with the other planets, time would end.

      I thought that was interesting!

  9. Obviously the book is not printed outside. The two guys in the picture must be looking at an old printing relic of some sort…one of then probably knows some secret information about the location of the treasure…

    • Thank you, Dal. Great photos. It’s nice to see the process. Happy to see the young lady from The Children’s Museum again. Hope everything is going great for the children.

  10. I’m so excited… can’t wait for the new book! Thank you, Tom Terrific, for the posting the lyrics to the best song ever! Jiminy Cricket singing that song is one of my fondest childhood memories.

  11. Has it occurred to anyone that the pattern of the stars on the new cover might suggest a map of sorts? In my search area, and this may just be coincidence, seem to line up with major clue items. It’s not to scale, but they do appear in a relatively similar position. Perhaps the star which is on the hook may be the final hiding place of the TC? Just my ideas here.

  12. The polestar.mr. forrest. the big Dipper.I keep digging,yet that poem don’t yield nothing yet.I get the polestar,bigdipper,yet I get the whole earth,universe,people,myself.all of us. thinking different towns,its life,everywhere you go,everything is alive.you get lost in the wonder of it all,and get lost in dreams of yesteryear,lost in memories,wishing only if.If you are gifted,you can make a lot happen for you.but if you are not,and you have no idea to make it happen,nothing comes true.If you can’t understand the poem.it ain’t gonna happen for anyone.As I have gone alone in the air,and with my jean bold.I can keep my underwear,jeans,new and old(family).hamper,wash dirty clothes.don’t air your dirty laundry.first class fare.you sure got me going in circles,if only i could land.

    • @Virginia,
      I read yesterday that the Pole Star was called “The Nail of Heaven.”
      If the first clue needs to be “nailed down,” a little imagination can bring the heavens to earth. 🙂

    • The cover looks like the boy in the moon fishing on the DreamWorks logo
      Thanks TT for the song, last time I heard it, we were riding the train back to our car in Disneyland parking lot, 5 guys just started singing it outta the blue lol

      • It also reminds me of the picture of the bird on the moon looking down at the man with the ax.

        • I am new to the chase and thought I knew the solve but everyone on this blog seems so intelligent that it’s making me second guess my solve. I’m too much of a country girl/simpleton aka referencing Branson hillbilly songs! Pink tractors and fried chicken – haha! Well, I am learning so much from everyone and want to thank you all for inspiring me to think outside the box. Stay kind and stay safe!

          • KLT, welcome aboard, yes some very smart people here. I’m sure you’ll fit perfectly somewhere in the middle, after all, the bottom rung of the intelligence spectrum has always had a reserved sign with my name on it. My mother and father used to laugh at the first and only time they both heard voices, it was exactly nine months before my birth, the voice said “Your both making a big mistake here”. I don’t know why I remembered that this morning? Sorry, my bad for jumping on a tangent. Welcome aboard, KLT!

          • Welcome KLT! I joined the Chase a little over a year ago. Went on my first search less than 2 months after I had heard about the poem and was certain I had figured it out. Obviously I hadn’t! I hope to go on another search next summer. Enjoy the journey of this Thrill of the Chase!

          • KLT;

            Welcome to the chase. Most important thing to remember is – HAVE FUN and TRY to STAY SAFE – JDA

          • Thanks pdenver. I didn’t take him too seriously, but understood what he was saying. My parent’s probably heard the same voices. My moto has always been ‘well behaved women rarely make history’ – it must be in my blood.

          • Oh, but there are many I’m sure, KLT. It depends on whether or not someone takes notice.

          • Greetings KLT,

            My roots come from dairy farming – welcome to the herd. 🙂

            Some Where West Of Toledo

    • I take you serious, Strawshadow.

      There really are smart people who have hearts that glow because of their goodwill and kindness. ♥

      Perfect example: Our pdenver ♥

  13. Do a lot of you folks who post comments here plan to attend the book-signing Nov 2nd? I’ve had a couple people email me about getting together before the signing or after somewhere in SF. Anyone else interested? Or has someone already coordinated this? I’m way behind in the comments. cynthia

    • I’m still thinking about it Cynthia. I plan on trying to attend, but it may be like Fennboree, a last minute decision. Sounds like fun to meet you guys again… if I go you can count me in Cynthia..
      Have a great day… see ya my friend….

        • Hey Cynthia!

          I will be there also. It will be fun to catch up with you. Also, let me know about any before/after gatherings. Thanks!


          • Will do. So happy you will attend. Missed you at Fennboree. Yes, we need to catch up.

            I think we should use this thread for updates / info on pre and post gatherings for all interested parties. At least the book-signing is not at Hyde Park so everyone should have cell phone service and internet, I hope.

    • Cynthia,
      If I can make arrangements for my son to get back and forth to school, we might be there…it’d be great to see you!

  14. I had a thought. If the ‘stick’ Fenn on the cover is fishing in water, than the pattern you see is actually a mirror image reflection of how the stars would be viewed in the sky. Just my 2¢ for the day.

    • Great to have you joining DB…. enjoy the “little things”as you chase your dreams…..
      See ya

  15. I used to do what Scott (in the pics) does. Brings back memories and makes me miss it a bit. Looks like things have changed in the printing industry in the last 20 years. I even printed a book or two with Forrest’s name in them…


    • Hi Jessica – welcome aboard! It must be quite an experience being an editor for Forrest’s work! We have all tried to interpret his stories and method of writing – I can only image your interpretation as an editor.

      Covert One

      • Thanks! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He’s a lovely man, was quite fun.

          • As in the proverbial pain in the butt or the itch you can’t quite scratch or that nagging feeling that just won’t go away. Throwing the ball for my dog in the park on a sunny autumn afternoon is always a good remedy for what ails. A finely crafted beer works too.

  16. That’s cool how they make them. I would never have thought that they would start out so big.

      • Pdenver – yes, it’s like those who get a plate of their favorite food – but eat it in just a few bites, quickly. There’s nothing to be savored by that, but there will be those who read it in one sitting. I plan to take some time with the new book. If this book is anything like the others or the poem, it will take some time to study.

  17. Well Forrest, This book of your favorite scrapbooks seems to be one that just might have some “helpful hints” that you have put out there before. I see some of those hints that relate in your TTOTC book as I freeze frame parts of the “exclusive peek” that Jenny Kile posted. Your cover seems like a “guide” to what we all are fishing for, those four finale stars and you have hooked the one right “above” the biggest brightest. Humm. Also the “forward” in your book, that Doug Preston wrote, is one to truly ponder on and can maybe help lead one to that finale shining star. Susanne Somer’s and Michael Douglas great people, and it’s interesting your friendship and dealings with them. So I see below the picture of you and Doug Preston it says “That’s right, Forrest drew all the drawings in this book.”, and right beside this comment is a star. Maybe this book is a “must buy” for those who just might need a push in the right direction. You are truly a “fox” Mr. Fenn.
    Keep on keeping on.

    • Nice post Bur. I can hardly wait to get my copy of the book..I agree, it is a “Must buy”! Yes, it does look like there may be a hint or two in the book. We are all “fishing” for that “hint” that just might lead us to our own “Shining star.” Sometimes the biggest star is not the one that we need to find…Maybe it is one of the smaller of the four larger stars that we need to find, and maybe it is not the one that is hooked…but the one that is hooked may point the way. Who knows? Thanks for the post Bur. JDA

      • JDA,
        If you get a chance look at the last four bubbles of the stick man “hiccup man”. Now look at the brightest stars on this books cover. Last I wrote I had mentioned that all the bubbles marked all the clues locations in a specific order. Also there is something about Susanne Somer’s that can be a helpful hint in a solve, not sure if all is told in this book of the times spent around her as he has discussed in the pass but I see (info withheld) …. anyway there is a couple of things I seen that pertain to the TTOTC book that to me were hints to understanding Forrest and leads to why the place “indulgence” is hidden is special to him.
        Always looking for things confirm.

        • Think I figured out your “hiccup Man”, and therefore the cover. I will check out the “S. Somers” thing when I can. Who knows Bur, you might have something there. JDA

  18. It will be very interesting to see what drawings and stories were chosen for the new book! FF always has a way of surprising and puzzling us.

  19. Who is going to the book signing in Santa Fe? I’m considering it because I have not been able to get to Fennboree any year thus far. Would like to see how many from the blog are actually going to this event.

  20. I think the treasure location is not in the poem is a secret and will be
    kept as such. IMO you will get to the parking place only . marring the clues to one location on a map. Key word – LOOK- tight focus..
    I think FF has given clues when he has answered questions.
    some word play. or pictures. Like fishing looking straight down .
    Not up in the stars. Or finding the first 2 clues. Madison Junction
    and Madison river canyon and going straight past Seven Mile Bridge.
    Which is the married spot on the Map. All the descriptions of the Bridge and its surroundings. Your quest to Park the car. And go seek.
    Its even the Blaze. All one thing. I am probably way off.
    It could be just that easy. That’s all I can come up with after a year.
    Will be getting the new book too. I can see why the little girl can’t get any further. I think a final resting place like that would need to be close or over looking a special memories place. very near by it. Not way out in the
    wilderness. Just my opinions..

    • Seven Mile Bridge – I’ll have to check that area Markt. Interesting suggestion…

  21. *Under the stars and where warm waters halt*

    Not only is night fishing for catfish a good way to spend some time, but that is when the big daddy cats are out feeding in force. Catfish are bottom feeders, so they are more accustom to cooler water. During the night, the water in the shallows gets cooler, drawing the catfish in.

  22. MR FENN, which direction does the blaze face? North, South, East or West? Curious. Foxy

    “I didn’t take a radial off of the blaze Foxy. I’m thinking it may not be any of those directions. f”


    When you wish upon a star, not the brightest star, no, not like the one in Ridley Scotts Blade Runner, the one whose brightness will cause it to burn out in half the time, as with Brother Skippy, whom ff said was the most intuitive person F ever knew, no, the one star that fliers and sailors know as Polaris, and the key is to know how many degrees above the horizon from the location where “Indulgence” sits, then you must find, “read” hidden in poetry the radial for the blaze. That is IMO the sextant of time and the sun using an important clue which could give one the longitude and a + or x on the map.

    Start at WWWH 32 degrees and follow Polaris in the Canyon Down, this based on T.S. Elliott and Exploring to find you are exactly where you started, but know it’s significance for the first time.

    This Borders on simply an Archecturial Marvel written in Poetry.

    Some will think TOM TERRIFIC is mad, but I am not as mad or clever as Forrest Fenn who has masterminded this work and hooked so many of us on

    When you fish upon a star
    Once Upon a While,
    Makes no difference who you are,
    Anything your heart desires will come to you

    When you fish upon a star
    Once Upon a While,
    Memoirs can reveal how you feel,
    Fairy tales can come true “it” could happen to you

    When you fish upon a star
    Once Upon a While,
    Pictures of borders and memories which ff once knew, …
    “Stop this madness” the Constable cries! But the train “it” won’t stop goin, no “it” won’t slow down, not even when one of us dies.

    When you fish upon a star,
    Once Upon a While
    Now come into focus, ah!….into view….. as all we searchers,
    Like drunken sailors be drew, enchanted by his tempting brew,

    When you fish upon a star,
    Once Upon a While’
    We’ll stagger Into Collected Works for a draft, ah! another flagon or two, begin To bridge the Gap we do, search for the “it” we shall do,

    When you fish upon a star,
    Once Upon a While,
    Express Forrest’s dreams In terms of latitude and longitude,
    Pray tell who, that correct solve, be? If only our “it” be true… and “it” be me?

    Tom T

    • Terrific Tom

      Even if I got the name backwards, the sentiment is real.

      Nice job – Hope you get IT right, but one never knows whether those fish will be “a bitin” or not – JDA

      • Now you’re talking my language. But if Forrest’s omega is a longitude of ascending nide, I’ll eat Jake’s nasty hat (if he hasn’t eaten it already)!

  23. Nice pics! Can’t wait. Gonna have to limit the reading to one chapter a day…NOT!
    What happened to “Intothechase”? Haven’t seen him here in awhile.

  24. In the lore from antiquity, (pharohs said this 4000 BC ), Venus and Jupiter are called Lesser Benefic and Greater Benefic, resp.
    As they shine on a birth (or don’t) they signal the difference or the same of the spirits for Luck and Fortune (or not). Also said as Grace and Beauty — are those the same thing or different but united? (Perhaps different radials from one central site of sights.)

    At their maximum (optimum) calculable brightnesses, planets Jupiter and Venus are #1 and #2 brightest ‘stars’ that appear. That is, the brightest that can possibly appear, if/when in the perfect position for each to reflect its light. They are visible in S. and N. hemispheres.

    At times when at least one of them is in appearance: then it is necessarily the first ‘star’ you’ll see that night … or, consider, last ‘star’ to disappear at dawn.
    (On our honeymoon trail arched by spell-binding stars, at dawn Venus remained visible over an hour with the sun up over Cheyenne … unless it was Laramie. We were staggering.)

    On which of those first stars you see some night wish Luck or Fortune for you’re right. You may your right you might by chance.

    p.s., Mars and Saturn are Lesser Malefic and Greater Malefic, resp. Blood and Death. Metal and Crystal. Heat and Cold.

    • Namor,
      It has been quite sometime that Inthechaseto has posted on a regular basis. She move to Forrest boyhood state to be with family, but she might still follow the blog not sure.

  25. If it’s already been mentioned , I apologize… has any one noticed the differences in capitalization’s on covers of the three memoirs by Forrest?

    The Thrill of The Chase- the title is capitalized correctly, his name is also capitalized correctly.

    to far to walk- the title is not capitalized correctly, his name is capitalized correctly.

    ONCE UPON A WHILE- the title is in “all” caps, his name and Douglas Preston’s name are in lower case letters, along with everything else on the cover.

    If these capitalization differences are there to make one think…. well it is sure working on me…. lol Any thoughts ?

    Until next time… see ya

      • I don’t believe so spallies… lol honestly I don’t think it’s even a whisper…. 🙂

        See ya my friend

    • Focused, not everything FF does is a hint. My solution of
      the poem doesn’t relate to these titles, etc.

      He has said “go back to the poem”; I think that’s a good

      • Tighter focus,
        Good morning, in my post I never once said that it was a “hint”. But what I will say is that discluding anything that Forrest says or does could be mistake (in some form or fashion) . As with the “capitalization” of the “B” in the poem.
        I merely wanted to bring it to the attention to those who haven’t noticed.
        Have a great day, until next time… see ya

          • Thanks SL for the hug… I’m sending a hug right back at ya…
            I’ve always said to enjoy the “little” things in life, well I want you to know that I enjoyed your post.

            Have a great evening my “friend”….. until next time… see ya

    • “TTotC is capitalized correctly, his name is capitalized correctly” – correct.

      “too far to walk is not capitalized correctly – his name is capitalized correctly” Not sure I agree. “too far to walk” was taken from the poem…”Not far, but too far to walk.” Since it is extracted from the poem, having no caps – I think that the capitalization is correct.

      As to the new book:,ONCE UPON A WHILE- the title is in “all” caps, his name and Douglas Preston’s name are in lower case letters, along with everything else on the cover.

      I haven’t the slightest – good question to ask him on November 2. JDA

  26. Well trying not to sound like a broken record and just expressing myself from previous post.
    How do you reason this thing out. Easy to be completely wrong.

    The Memoir’s. Me in the middle. Yellowstone. Secret fishing spots on the
    Madison that are no longer there. He didn’t have that belt buckle back then. A small chance for Yellowstone. But then the poem.
    Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down.
    The gibbon and the fire hole both geyser feed warm water or waters
    together. take it or the river the Madison not warm water feed.
    Where the first part is named the Madison river canyon because of the
    volcanic rock walls at first in the canyon down as the river flows.
    not far but to far to walk. Introduce the road So a road and a river.
    A fly fishing river a home of brown trout.
    Seven mile bridge. The river on your left ends if you cross the bridge
    its now on the right. There is a put in that is below the river if you do
    cross the bridge. from there you would have to cross the river or paddle
    back up stream to bridge. you need a bridge for heavy loads and high water. blaze a trail or road a bridge is part of a road. part of a blaze
    If you stand on it and look out and down you would see a small
    parking area before the river on your left ends and before you cross the
    bridge. I think the exact location is not in the poem but where to park
    your car. So what now. The first stanza. buried in a secret location he is
    only giving hints about. What hints. In the TTOTC book. probably
    within a half mile of there. only him and his dad knew of 5 or more secret
    fishing spots on the Madison in Yellowstone. Some are not there anymore with the river changes over the years. Did they have a camp site in that area some where up the north bank .
    Well that is why I thought of seven mile bridge. Just as easily be in New Mexico
    The new book cover. like picking out the fish you want to go after
    His dad would go for the big star. why the belt buckle which is much
    later in life. In less you could figure this thing out BOTG would be a waste
    of time. I would only look there if I lived close enough to it.
    If you found it. Get out of there fast with eyes wide open or a ranger might
    get you. It just seems like the first two clues work but where to go from there. Well there is a odd possibility for you.

    • Interesting ideas markt….however, it’s not buried. It’s not buried fully or buried partially…

      Rather, it is accessible by a small child without ANY tools.


      • Yes. That’s to much guessing and messing with the poem. oops. And there is a lot of FF history I
        have no idea about. Just the poem and the TTOTC
        book. What were the first 2 clues several people were right about. I think I will get the new book
        to read and just follow along with the blogs.
        That’s probably my best bet..

        • Important Literature chapter one page two
          TTOTC.For whom the bell tolls. What was that about. is that a hint. Just kidding.
          I stayed up to late. Can’t wait to get the new book….

  27. Noticed the books on a shelf in the picture of Scott- the pressman. The one is “U S Cavalry Tactics 1841”, we know Forrest has a wide collection of books but why show this one? Is there a hint hiding in this title? I would say in a roundabout way “yes”, on helping out why the location of the poem. If you also notice the buffalo scull above the books it’s the one that has the arrowhead stuck in it that Forrest has talked about, but did you know one of Forrest buffalo heads has a “unique” history behind it that he has not mentioned. Just food for thought.
    Doug Preston thanks.

    • Bur;

      Hinda’ makes one wonder what secrets Forrest might be hinting at. I wonder what the story is behind that one buffalo skull? UMMMM??? JDA

      • JDA,
        Forrest has a few buffalo sculls and I’m sure each has a story but the one I’m referring too has the best. Good luck. Bur

        • The buffalo skull that once hung in Buffalo Bill’s cabin would, IMO, be uniquely special to the Flyer.

          The best.


          • SL,
            You’ve done some research. In fact that is the buffalo scull on Forrest- Oldsantafetradingco website. How to have yet another piece of history in your collection. The stories behind them all. I imagine Forrest could just write a book on all the items he has collected throughout his life but I guess it would more them one book.
            SL good luck.

          • That is amazing. I mean this in all honesty – that kinda stuff has more value to me than gold. What a lucky guy.

          • Thanks SL, but I already have that info. I came across it years back when I was going through Fenn’s achieves at the time it was Buffalo Bill Cody Museum but now the The Buffalo Bill Cody Center of the West. There is a lot of Fenn artifacts there and a long trail to follow. There is even a few pictures of a “bell” wall in Fenn’s collection that maybe Forrest got the idea of making the bronze bells. Just a thought. Thanks for your input.

          • And if people like Forrest do not keep this history alive, who will? Thanks Forrest.

            Boy, will the executor of your will have fun.! I hope that you have already made plans for your collection to go to some fitting museum, that will display it, and not stuff it in boxes in some dank basement – JDA

    • Bur,
      Good eye… If you look at the picture with Jessica Jenkins you can see that there appears to be something in front of the book as well, can’t make it out. Not sure if it helps you at all, but in Kyetena’s Tobacco Canteen Forrest shows a picture of a canteen that is from the 4th Cavalry 1886.
      Other photos from that book spread sheet include one of Iron Rooster from scrapbook 175. One of bronze pilot self portrait from scrapbook 183. Last two photo’s are from scrapbook 92 about Mummy Joe.
      Fred Y.

      • Boy, you guys have sharp eyes! – SB’s 175 and 183 I think are important – Not sure about 92 though. Maybe I need to take a look at that one. JDA

      • Bur,

        Totally forgot about this: Passages three. It has the very book you are seeing in photo. Forrest gives information about the book being owned by A. Smith.

        Fred Y.

      • Could the cavalry book be in reference to SB #174? It fits with the timeline of when the other scrapbooks were posted.

    • Bur-Thanks for the observations. This actually helps me a little with my bazaar probably totally wrong solve. Just curious, you didn’t use to live in Alaska did you?

  28. I’ve had this thought for awhile now, when I look at FF’s side profile in the pictures I see the border of Montana as shown on the map. I can’t help but wonder if it somehow plays into the solve, after all he did tell us to “look at the big picture….”

  29. to be brutally honest, it’s gonna take more than a ‘vintage platen press’ to get me overly excitedWOW!! – is that Suzanne Somers??!!

    [ ..SWOON]

    • Curious hobbit,
      I get a kick out of some of your posts and this is one of them. Susanne Somer’s is definitely a WOW, and I don’t blame Forrest for becoming friends with her. If you get a chance read up on Forrest Posts about her and the place she lived, not sure if she sold it or not now. But anyway there just might be a helpful hint or two tucked away in his comments. Enjoy.

      • Hi Bur;

        The sentence that caught my eyre in SB 119 is:
        Strangely, there are no roads within 300′ of the house, (all of the building materials were carried up by burros). So the “walkers” put us in a small open-air tram and pushed a button. Two minutes later we were half way up the side of a rocky mountain that’s full of mountain sheep, bob cats and rattle snakes. Suzanne doesn’t like rattlesnakes.

        “All of the building materials were carried up by burros.” I wonder if this has any relevance to the chase? Hummm??? JDA

        • W O W. I just found out that SB 56 and SB 119 are identical! Has anyone ever noticed this? HUMMM??? JDA

        • Burros: people aren’t making the right connections. Buttercup and Lollypop: Forrest’s burros. And yet no one questions why the horses in another Scrapbook would have exactly the same names. Mind-boggling.

          • Ok , i give…why do the horses on his son -in -law’s ranch have same names? And where are the burros since he sold san lazaro?

          • According to too far to walk… the burros were living in his pond area of his gallery in Sante Fe. Did you read something else that he moved them to San Lazaro?

          • No Spallies, i did not , it was the biggest area to my limited knowledge, that horses or burros would have room to roam. Thanks for the correction.

          • Kym, It’s actually a nice thought that Forrest perhaps took his collection of animals someplace… hmmm???

          • Kym: it’s the names that matter. They are hints (IMO). Pay attention to the aberrations. Forrest even spells aberration wrong (2 B’s) for irony!

          • As further evidence, consider the names of Forrest’s 3 ducks: ABC. Another hint to a clue there in my opinion.

          • I need to get the books again.
            Maybe, he just calls all horses butterfly and lollipop lol ran outta names lol

            Wasn’t there something about the daisy bb gun? Is that why the 2 b’s

          • Hi Kym: yes, Forrest has an affinity for double letters — whether within a word, or beginning consecutive words. But I don’t think searchers pay enough attention to proper names: his ABC ducks, the burros/horses, Graciella, Romnella, Bella, Orson Welles, Lucky Luciano, Lucia Rommel, and so on. Everyone seems focused on the meanings of words, paying little attention to the structure of them.

          • Yahoo! No – not the internet site – the FedEx man just delivered my box of Once Upon A While books so now I can cross-off a number of folks on my holiday shopping list. Hope they find treasure in this gift.

    • thanks SL (and Bur) 🙂

      SB56 is def my favourite scrap-book by far ..even more so than that one where Forrest explains exactly where the TC is located (..can’t remember which one at mo – maybe after coffee)

      but for some weird and wonderful reason unbeknownst to me, every time i think about Suzann[SWOON]

      …see what i mean??

        • PDenver, my son is driving me so if you want. A ride and can break away, our pleasure for your company!

          • Twingem, you are so kind with your offer, and I can’t thank you enough. How I wish I could go and meet you and your son, but unfortunately, previous obligations keeps me from doing so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

        • ya very welcome as always, pdenver 🙂

          whatever you do tho, don’t mention Suz[THUD]

  30. https://dochub.com/tomgregory/MwknDj/earth_postcard_1496531615

    Does anyone think this looks like a buffalo head, there is a natural “Arrow Head Arch” on the left side of the skull embedded if you go to Google Earth and locate this image, by the way it is big like Mount Rushmore, the horns are Rail Road Tracks, the Bison hump is in Colorado, the Buffalo is in New Mexico.

    I just filmed it with drone from 1500 ft above the River, and it sure looks like a Buffalo to me.


  31. Cynthia, do we have a collection of Questions somewhere compiled to ask Forrest on Nov 2nd?

    I for one would like to know if there is a structure of Longitude and Latitude embedded or ensconced in the poem?


    • Hi Jenny: yes! I thought this part of Lou’s answer to your #5 was interesting:

      “I can say that certain elements were added at the very end of The Thrill of the Chase production that, to me, were (likely) integral to the mission of the book.”

  32. pdenver on October 12, 2017 at 9:30 am said:

    swwot, I don’t know too much about the process, but would welding and melding be a different process of what was done to making the fireplace pokers?

    pdenver – Welding is using heat to melt two pieces of metal together, often using a third piece of metal to control the electricity used to melt the metal together. Webster probably has a more exact definition.

    Melding metals is melting them together into a new material, like stainless steel that has nickel in it. Or brass and tin to make bronze.

    They are two different process used to accomplish different results.

    Sorry about the tardy response – life happens.

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