A New Contest…



Thanks for your understanding.

Please feel free to peruse the entries.

Forrest’s new book is nearly upon us…

We have a new contest to help celebrate the occasion!


If Forrest can do it so can we. Make a stick figure drawing that depicts “Forrest Hiding Indulgence”. Make it simple. Make it black ink on white paper.

Winner gets a signed, first edition copy of Forrest’s newest memoir, Once Upon A While.

One entry per person
Must be submitted via email
Must be on the topic of “Forrest Hiding Indulgence”
Must be black figures on white background
Entries can be drawn digitally and submitted
Drawn manually on paper and scanned or photographed and submitted
Entries must be emailed to:
With the subject line “Contest”
Include your blog name so we can credit it properly for all to see
Entries must be received by dal before the contest closes
Contest closes 11pm (Santa Fe time), Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Entries will be posted on a page linked at the bottom of this page.
Entries will be judged based on originality, imagination and fun factor.
Judges will be selected by the time judges are needed.
Judging will occur as soon as practical after the contest ends.



Please feel free to peruse the entries

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191 thoughts on “A New Contest…

  1. Speaking of Forrests Memoirs, has Too Far To Walk always been advertised as “A Hinting Memoir”? I never saw the words ‘hinting memoir’ . Anyone?

    • Forrest has said that you can find the chest using just the book, the poem, & google earth. Hope that helps.

    • I noticed the Hinting Memoir a week or 2 ago as well. I believe it is new. That should throw a stick at it!

      • thank you for responding. I think it is significant that the wording has changed. I have every intension of purchasing Once Upon a While. This is the first time I have ever seen a direct reference to hints in Too Far To Walk.
        Dal, can you comment on whose decision it was to alter the wording? Did Forrest recently tell you its a ‘hinting memoir’?

    • Hi! 🙂
      Still studying “F’s” posts?
      They seem very interesting.
      Good luck searching for the trove!

    • Are you the Amy whose artwork is on page 3? (I know there’s a couple of “Amy”s hanging around here.)

      When I saw your artwork with all your straight lines, I thought: that’s the kind of map I draw! I believe part of your brain is wired similar to mine. ha ha. Someday when you & I meet, I’ll show you maps I have drawn – you will laugh when you see how similar my maps, look to your artwork. (smiley face)

  2. YEA – a new contest! Thanks Dal. I just sent in my entry. – – – You will recognize it, it is the one marked “Winner” on it….Just joshin’ Ya’ JDA

  3. Dang!! I haven’t been practicing my stick figures. Wouldn’t you just know it!
    I’ll need to do lots and lots of research, look up 1,000 words, 10,000 synonyms, and eat at least 100 popsicles (banana). Which reminds me:
    Knock knock?
    Who’s there?
    Knock knock?
    Who’s there?
    Knock knock?
    Who’s there?
    Knock the dang banana in the head, wantcha!!!

    • BW – I really like your drawing. In creating my Storm Castle Peak solve, located near Squaw Creek Ranch on the Gallatin River, I posted a picture of a ranch.outhouse with a crescent moon on it. But I didn’t find this fact out until just now, as I searched for the photo again:

      “Crescent Moon: The crescent moon cutout and the star cutout on the door of many outhouses goes back to Colonial times. In a time when few people could read, the crescent moon was the symbol for women while the star cutout was for men. … The cutout also let light into the outhouse as there were usually no windows.”

      Tell people you discovered that fact and use it for your solve. Go ahead.

  4. I think Jeremy’s signature is awesome! 🙂 love the huck fenn fence 😉
    And sparrows bumper stickers and inclusion of dear ‘ole Tesuque lol
    These are all great fun guys!! 🙂

  5. Wow, some you chasers have got some artist skills. I was not granted that talent so now I would not even vote for my own, but I do like chaser- ……..a lot.
    Keep them coming!!!

      • @Mindy Thinks Forrest Sleeps Under Trees All Day
        – it was s’posed to be a TOP-SECRET carpark, fyi!! 🙁

        don’t worry GM, it’s def NOT the first car-park on the left off highway 212 just south of Silver City or anything ..that’s for certain! 🙂

      • Oh Darn Mindy, I thought the lack of tails was a hint that Fenn put there.

        Hey Zap – what are the odds of 2 cows appearing in a drawing without tails?

        • Lugnutz, & Mindy

          Just maybe those cows are a hint. In TTOTC book the drawing of Forrest milking the cow humm…..

          Catherine O’Leary Milking – could the story behind the painting be part of the hint.

          Well we already know most of the drawings in this book are copied from Norman Rockwell Paintings – are they hints too? Like Rockwell’s – No Swiming, Facts of Life, Over There, the Problem We All Live With, and there is a few others. If you haven’t heard this then look in the book at the drawings and compare with these paintings. But there is one of Rockwells paintings that if I didn’t know better I would believe it was Forrest’s family on the way to Yellowstone ( especially with the name on the boat).

          Thanks Mindy, for bring back memories of some fun discussions.

          • Just in case you would like to match other drawings in the TTOTC book here are a few more Rockwell paintings to compare them with. First Down, The Gossips, and Madison Moyle. There are two more I just don’t remember the names, have to look back in my paperwork when I get home. Good luck all.

    • I had a lot of fun with hidden meaning in this drawing. I’m not sure about the rabbit nose…but I think you might be seeing where the two T’s in TTOTC meet. The drawing was done inside the Letters TTOTC.
      Each frame is a letter.
      That’s cool you saw a rabbit though…I see it now, too.

      • Jeremy –

        Yes I am aware of the graffiti type art there spelling TTOTC. I think it’s really cool. The rabbit’s nose also jumped out at me, intended or otherwise.

        Ask yourself a question. Or ask Fenn.

        How many rabbits have hopped past the treasure chest?


  6. I have enjoyed looking closely at the pictures. Not unlike the poem, attention to detail reveals so much more. I am just now seeing that Amanda has words in her picture………yeah, I know I’m slow. Sometimes the brain takes the scenic route! Dal looking forward to more tonight.

    • Yes Mama, Thursday November 2nd…… I’ll be there but I don’t know who all is going… have a good night… see ya

  7. This is fun! It’s amazing to look at all of the different styles in these entries. Very intriguing and quite a lot of talent. Just put in my entry. Thanks everyone for a good laugh.

  8. Wouldn’t it be cute to have enough drawings to make a small cartoon book of the the Chase. What would be a good tiitle?

  9. BW – I can hear Eric Sloane laughing in the clouds right now:

    Pen and Ink Drawings of The Chase
    – thankfully, NOT by Forrest Fenn

    Just kidding, Forrest!

      • BW – Eric is included in my Blaze, high above my spot. So he can see it from the clouds, I am sure. And I am also sure that Forest hit the bronze chest in during that Summer before he turned 80 because of Eric. I would post a Double Omega here, but I don’t know how to do that here on my phone.

  10. Jeremy P. I’m laughing out loud. That’s what I feel like when I’m searching. Too funny.

    • aardvarkbark – You get me. I attempted to channel Eric Sloane doing one of his excellent Pen & Ink drawings, because I cannot draw. I tried doing three previous drawings before that one to re-prove that fact. They were really, really bad.

      • Colomtnman – And the next line after the one where Donnie takes the picture is this one:

        “I asked Donnie to take my picture (I was proud of the coon skin cap my mother had made for me) as I surveyed the land that had not changed in a million years.”

        What better place to hide the bronze chest, than in a landscape that Forrest describes himself in this way?

  11. you can tell alot about someone just from their cartooning i reckon, for e.g:

    – Jonesy1 is obviously a massive Beagle Boys fan
    – PDenver believes a giant cyclops hid the chest near a hobbit village
    – Mindy lives in a world where cows have no tails (?)
    – Searcher Chris should NEVER possess a helicopter license
    – & Dumbfounded thinks it’s ok to park in a disabled carpark, forever!!

    ( ..i mean – what’s the world coming to?! 🙁 )

  12. This artwork is fantastic. I believe we could auction these off for millions of dollars. So creative. So awe-inspiring. I am hyperventilating as I gaze upon these masterpieces of ingenuity. Be still my beating heart. I need to stop for a moment and regain my composure. Good God am I impressed. You must all be truly amazing people. I can’t believe that I, an art crtitic, am say this. But I truly am absolutely astonished at the craftsmanship involved here. I am deeply moved.

    • Hi Reginald – this might just be your lucky day, as-it-just-so-happens that i might (or might not) have an authenticly original “Randawg de Vinci” up for sale, and it’s only 100k per/sq/inch too (on a smallish A1)

      ( ..but shhh, i won’t tell him if you don’t 🙂 )

      • I don’t know about that Bert,
        but I’ll bet the stick pic drawn by the finder of the chest might bring as much as $1 a square inch!


      • jeez Theo, don’t tell him that!! ..am pretty sure he was about to offer 75k per/sq/inch fyi

        oh well.. there goes my bar in the Caribbean i s’pose 🙁

    • Reggie dear, we can tell by your name that you are well heeled and upper crust. With your lineage you of all people should recognize haute’ de art! Lol!!!! 🙂
      Thanks for a good laugh.
      You should submit one, its fun!

    • Reginald D. Sotheby III
      I’d be very happy (and surprised) if I could get a rock-bottom price of $17 a square inch. We are surrounded by many creative and talented folks. A few could and should hold-off for a higher price. Of course, we’d need to find someone who knows something about the art business. Any suggestions? With a name like yours, could it be you? Thanks.

  13. Bur;

    I love your cartoon. Lots of cute details. Thanks for submitting.

    Where your trail turns to the right, you have printed something, but
    I am sorry, I can not make it out. Would you please tell me what it
    says? Thanks. I was able to figure out all of the other things – Including
    “Is that sage I smell? – cute – cute, but this one line I can’t make out.

    Thanks again for a cute post. JDA

    • JDA,
      You must be talking about where says “the creek goes underground” (my old iPad camera not the great). I was just laying out the star locations on the cover of the new book with the last four clues. Who knows just maybe, but I think so. Bur

      • Thanks Bur – I appreciate it. Yes, that was what I could not make out. Interesting theory on the stars and the last four locations. My map and yours sure seem similar, hope we are not looking in the same area. Good luck to you though. JDA

  14. Nora: Like your creativity & imagination. Or is it your knowledge based on what I see using GE or GM and zooming in on Continental Divide Trail & North Fork Buffalo River near North Fork Meadows, Teton County, WY at 43°56.45N 110°12.40W. Best of luck.

  15. This is a great contest to get the imagination going, & it’s so fun to see all the ideas put to paper. Hope more come in to view before the closing date.

      • Spallies, I hate Monopoly but your Fennopoly looks kind of fun. I’d play a few rounds of that. Did you get your patent already?

      • Fennopoly has my vote! Very creative and original. Way to use your imagination! Luxury of warm water indeed.

      • And all this time I thought Goofy was a Dog… he’s an old biddie LOL. Clever Spallies… But ya got some heavy competition, Jeremy’s home made movie.

          • Yep, there are so many great entries I don’t expect to win as its not really Fenn hiding the chest but I just thought it would be fun to share my idea… maybe I’ll laminate it and bring to Fennboree next year… 🙂

  16. I’m looking through the entries, trying to find names I don’t recognize, thinking it might be Forrest dropping a hint. And going crazy.

    So many awesome entries though.

  17. My favorites are 1.) Madesquare – for the sheer simplicity of the idea, & the drawing.
    2.) Blex – for the wry humor exhibited in the drawing.
    Both struck my sense of humor.

    • That was actually Stephanie…right out of the gate! haha
      She tore up more ground at one point than most.

  18. Add to my favorite list: 3.) Randawg – for depicting the serenity of being in the wild by yourself. The drawing is peaceful, & you just know Forrest is enjoying the hike.

  19. What a great little contest 🙂 Than you Dal, for all you do,,,,but where is your entry?

    Great job everyone! I love them all.

  20. Thank you 😉

    I think Spallies needs to be ejected from this contest and given a contract by Parker Brothers. Can I just buy a bullet trinket?

    It would probably be surprising to know how much I searched this summer.

      • I was home one day out of 137 days straight to date. Nice to have to evacuate your house from a hurricane when you’re already a zillion miles away. First search my daughter has ever come with on which was nice…but scary trying to get her out and hoping you don’t lose everything. I got so lucky.

          • Well…sort of, yes. Still married. 5 days before divorce was to be final he dismissed it and now we’re starting all over…but at least I have medical if I stub my toe on the chest.

            Thanks for asking. Hope all is well by you.

  21. Oh my gosh! I love everyone’s sketches! I have no doubt the judges will have a hard time choosing.

  22. These are wonderful. “Better not be paddling”
    – these made me laugh so much! my goodness – you are all so funny!

  23. Citrusavenger & DWRock, Wow!! Both of your sketches are great! The competition just keeps getting better!
    Honestly, i think Rock’s is the winner..


    Please feel free to peruse the entries

  25. so far, my two new favs are def: Spallies vs Golden Retrievers 🙂

    ummm, wait a minute there Spallies!! – who exactly is that poor searcher behind bars?!

    ..is ..is that Jake?? 🙁

    • oh wait.. i failed to notice that massively upper-case message (above) which was obviously scripted from some random lurker whose in a partic. grumps mood recently, apparently

      (Dal – is it just the imminently bitterly cold winter?
      ..or did your darn pesky triffid escape again..?!)

      [NTS: immediately bet SL’s (generously donated) last dollar, that it’s def the latter!!]

      • Spallies,
        what is under the the first chance card… I always try to peek first be for drawing the top card… OK OK, so I wanted Broadway, and Park Place who didn’t?

      • Spallies – what’s “Australia”?? – nope, never heard of it!!

        and even if it DOES exist, by some miracle, ya def don’t wanna visit that place ..it’s over-run by rabid wombats!!

        ( ..fact!! 🙂 )

  26. I don’t envy the judges. Tho 4.) Citrusavenger & 5.) DWRock have been added to my faves list, looking back on the earlier entries i better not be declaring who i think should win. Dang they are all so good.

  27. cptBuck1,
    Your entry caught my eye… I can’t tell if it’s a drawing [sketch], ink pad lay overs, dotted, computer generated… but at first look it just caught my eye as if an old black and white photo. Might you explain how you did this? Just curious.

  28. Dal congratulations, looks like this was a popular contest. Eleven pages of great imagination! It was fun. Thanks. Ready for the next one.

  29. I had as much fun with the contest as I have had out searching. Thanks for giving me something to do related to something that I have become very passionate about.

  30. thanks heaps Dal (and that other guy too – in the warp-drive room) for a super-fun contest – yippee!! ..i can’t wait to read my new book!! 🙂

    ( ..& yes, your usual monthly “donation” has already been deposited into that “top-secret” Swiss bank account, right on time again)

    ( ..& yes, i did what you specifically demanded Dal, i tagged the digi-transaction as “DEF NOT a hobbit bribe or anything” ..so no-one will ever know except us …jus’ like you said, remember? 🙂 )

    ( ..Dal? …DAL??)

  31. Wow @ how many great entrees! Who are some of these people, lol. lurkers we got you now! lol, imo!

  32. Sorry,,,I have to postpone the date that we announce winners until Friday October 27th. I was unexpectedly pulled away from my computer for two days.
    Thanks for your patience.

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