IMPORTANT NEW Info on November 2nd Book Signing…

Please, for the moment and until we get through this book event just put the following information on your blog.. Do not have any other information about book sales up, please.
Thanks for understanding! Lou
Just this for the time being, please..


Anyone wanting a seat at the event must send a request for ticket/s either by:

  • Email to with your name and phone number, requests will be processed in the order received and confirmed by return telephone call.
  • Or you may call the store at (505) 988-4226 and talk to Dorothy or Darrell between 9am-5pm daily. If not available, they will return your call promptly.

93 thoughts on “IMPORTANT NEW Info on November 2nd Book Signing…

    • Thank you.

      If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll get a notice when the live stream starts. If you don’t care to subscribe, stay tuned to on the evening of the event. There is no charge for this service. If you miss the event, it will automatically be posted to our YouTube channel as soon as YouTube processes it. There is no charge for viewing it on our channel.

  1. I’m still trying to get everything together. I’ve bought a book , which comes with a seat ticket, just one short…lol
    21ponies is kindly trying to help with that…

    Have a great day everyone and let’s try to get through this with a smile…. 🙂

    Thank you Forrest, Lou, Susan and Dorothy for even making this possible….

    Until next time…. see ya

    • i purchased a book also. I dont know if i will get a ticket sent wiith the book. Im not attending. You can use my ticket. I hope someone puts it on youtube live stream. Im pretty sure someone will tape it.

  2. Thanks, this really really is IMPORTANT information.
    I got the call about noon mountain time. We had to go over the order again over the phone. I told her that I had followed the links on this blog. But she said that it needed to be corrected. I got it done.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Filling up fast!!
    Any interest in meeting for lunch before doors open at 4:30???
    A few places within walking distance of the bookstore.

  4. Good Morning! I ordered our plane tickets and rental car! Does anyone have recommendations for clean and nice hotels in the Santa Fe or surrounding areas?

    • La Quintas (10 minutes from the airport) is good, with several restaurants within walking distance.

    • DivergentBeauty – If your budget allows you might consider the La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe.

    • Check out the Fort Marcy Suites. Fairly reasonable and more like a condo than a hotel room!
      I think a lot of people have also stayed at the motel 6 in Sante Fe.

  5. Sadly, I will miss this event. I hope everyone has a great time! Wishing I could share in the fun, i just have way more work than i had anticipated. Not a bad thing, not a’tall!!
    I’ll miss y’all!
    Have a drink for me…or like ACDC….
    Have a drink on me!!!
    Watch out for Doug and Bill, they’re pool hustlers…lol..jk…

    • Jdiggens
      I plan to be there and get forrest’s new book.
      I will be driving from Montana after one more visit into the mountains.
      You brought a laugh to me and I hope you get this.
      If Bill is there we will both have a few drinks and raise at least one for you!

      Buddy Doug!

  6. I’m in Santa Fe returning from my search #16. Does anyone know if the books available to pick up now, or are they being held until the 2nd?


  7. randawg-
    I don’t think they are being held back til the 2nd but I am not certain they have arrived from the printer yet either.. You could call CWB and ask..
    The phone number is above..

    • I noticed that there was some option to pick up at the binder or publisher when I bought my books at the collected works bookstore online. Maybe you can do that… I am so looking forward to the new book!!!

    • I just called CW and they said the books were originally scheduled to arrive by this weekend but didn’t.
      When I told her I heard of an expected date of Mon the 23rd she said she cannot speculate on a date but hopes they will arrive soon.


  8. Ok, things are all lined out now…. 🙂 I’ll see ya in Santa Fe….. have a great night everyone…… until next time… see ya

    • I’ll be there too Belle, I’ll be listening for your bells… 🙂 see ya in Santa Fe …..

  9. Thanks focused, I’m excited to meet you and fellow treasure hunters, too. The fennboree is on my bucket list, hopefully my daughter and I can make that one, too.

    • Belle,
      The last Fennboree was my first to attend, meeting everyone was great. I urge you to attend the next one with your daughter and mark it off your bucket list. You won’t regret it…..

      See ya in Santa Fe…..

  10. Ordered mine Thur nite, didn’t come yest(Mon), but hoping it will today. Don’t have much time left to solve this! Plate is full.
    Was originally going to fly in for book signing,, but schedule changed.
    I SO need to meet F soon, but MY memoirs being written is floundering plans.
    Safe travels, all!

  11. Can’t make it, but will watch the livestream. I’ve posted elsewhere about this, but can someone ask (assuming there’s a Q&A) if it’s possible to see the TC on Google Earth now (as opposed to 2013 when he said GE didn’t go down far enough)?


  12. Focused, My search partner and I have logged many hours on the chase. It’s time to come out of the closet. Belle

    • Belle,
      I’m glad your coming out of the closet. You can’t smell the sunshine from in there…. 🙂
      Have a great night… until next time… see ya

  13. today i received an email stating my book is packaged and waiting fedex/ usps to pick up the book from the store. order your books,

  14. Just ordered my book. Included the message: “If there’s still a chance that my purchase might qualify for a ticket to the book signing on November 2nd, please give it to some worthy soul who seems desperate, preferably a youth.”

    So if you are a parent wanting a free ticket, give them a call and say I sent you. Probably all seats are taken, but worth a shot.

  15. Let’s get together at the Thunderbird Cafe at 50 Lincoln Avenue Santa Fe. Thursday November 2nd .before the Collected Works bookstore event!!!!
    I’ve reserved some tables from 2 to 4:30. You can order lunch, drinks or just sit and visit. Please email me at: if you’re thinking about joining us. It’s on the second floor you can take the service elevator up or the stairs.

      • Please join us at the Thunderbird Cafe on 50 Lincoln Avenue from 2 to 4:30 before the doors open at Collected Books doors at 4:30. invitation is open to everyone who is going to be in town for forests engagement.

  16. Looks like the pre-book-signing event location has been established. Thanks, Whiskeyes for arranging this.

    I believe the post book-signing event will take place in the bar/lounge of La Fonda where Doug is staying. A few days ago he mentioned buying the first round, or maybe that’s only if he finds the loot before Thursday. Regardless, LaFonda is on the plaza so any of us can walk there from the Book Store. I only want to park ONCE.

    See you all in a couple days.

    • Hello Belle, I would be there by now , but I had a medical issue and right now im in the hospital at Amarillo Texas. If I can get discharged in time I’ll be there.
      Have fun in Santa fe Belle….. until next time… see ya

      • Geeze Focus-
        Run now..get out of there..
        They may decide to dissect your poet brain to see what makes it rhyme while you’re not looking…

        Hope you’re out of there soon and hope there are no lingering issues…

        • Dal,
          They talked like they were gonna cut on me, if so I would not have made it to Santa fe..
          As far as my brain, they would have but, they didn’t have a scalpel small enough….lpl

          See ya my friend….

  17. I had hoped to make it, and to meet a bunch of you guys, but alas, I t is too long of a drive, and the bucks are too thin to spend on airfare – Oh well, maybe Fennborie 2018 – I can hope anyway. Have fun all. JDA

  18. Here is the latest update on the pre, post, and Friday brunch book signing festivities:

    Pre-party is at The Thunderbird Restaurant/Bar on the 2nd floor in the building at the southwest corner of the plaza. Starts at 2 and ends at 4:30 when Dorothy is opening the Book Store for the Book-Signing Event.

    Post-party is at the bar/lounge in LaFonda which is also on the plaza. It starts when Dorothy kicks us out of the book store. It is within walking distance of Collected Works ( maybe 3 blocks away?)

    I’m currently organizing a Friday brunch some place for all the out-of-towners and any local folks who would like to attend. I’m trying to get Forrest to attend. The time and place is still to be determined.

    This event is turning into a mini-Fennboree which is awesome. More upscale, too. I went from a pop-up camper at Hyde Park to the Hilton where there is toilet paper and running hot water. 🙂 Really looking forward to seeing so many of you again, and meeting the new faces.

    • On the last leg of our journey to NM!
      Thank you Cynthia for getting the word out on all the pomp and circumstance!
      I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow at the
      Festivities and Friday’s brunch.
      It would be wonderful to have Forrest join us on Friday.
      I’ve spent all day contemplating the wording of my questions for that sly fox

      • I made it..(finally) I’ll try to make it to the thunderbird.k
        Yeah, you better get the wording right…lol see ya tomorrow…

  19. I do have a kid. He started a midwest version of AA,
    Calls it Fennsters Anonymous. He and his friends refuse to climb anymore mountains and sleep in anymore flea bag hotel rooms….but secretly they have collected a lifetime of memories and stories from our searches….

  20. I’m planning on attending the pre-party at the Thunderbird. My daughter didn’t get to come down so I’m taking my life partner to the book the booksigning. He’ll be the tall one and I’ll be the short one, lol.


    Pre-party at Thunderbird Bar/Restaurant on plaza (upstairs in building on southwest corner) from 2 – 4:30 pm.

    Book-Signing at Collected Works Book Store. Dorothy is supposedly opening the doors at 4:30. Actual event begins at 6.

    Post-party at La Fonda Bar/Lounge. This is inside the LaFonda Hotel on the plaza. Starts when Book Store closes.

    Friday Brunch will be held at the Tesuque Village Market (in the tiny village of Tesuque) gathering at 10:30 to 10:45 am. Forrest will try to attend. I will try to get a head count later today of how many plan to attend.

    See you all in a bit!


    • Cynthia
      That sounds so fun. Can’t wait to see fellow Fenners.
      I will see you at thunderbird.

        • Cynthia,
          It is but a small token of my sincere appreciation for all that you have done. You warm my heart. I am very fortunate to have met such fine people and that I get to come to this beautiful and charming place.

    • Cynthia,

      It was good to meet you and all of the other searchers there at the book signing.

      Thanks for setting up the social gatherings around the event. It was truly a great time and a great event with Forrest.

      Covert One

    • Cynthia, it was good to see you at the book signing event.
      For those of you that couldn’t make it, it was full to standing room only. Forrest and Doug Preston told how the book was inspired and written. Then they took some questions, with Forrest’s grandson Shiloh helping.
      It was great to see everybody in the crowd.

  22. Everyone concerned,
    I was discharged from the hospital with enough time to make it to the signing. I’m in Santa fe now, it’s been a long trip. I’m ready to relax and see everyone…
    Until next time.. see ya my friends

  23. Ready to watch the book signing. Got A Gypsy’s Kiss ready to live stream on the TV, and some popcorn. Just missing my books I ordered 🙁 I ordered them from Collected Works and they said they were ready to ship out last Wednesday… OH Well there’s always tomorrow… Have fun everyone!!!

  24. It was a real treat to meet this community of fellow searchers over the past couple of days. What a great group of nice and interesting folks. Thanks Cynthia for organizing the gatherings before and after the Collected Works event. Best of luck to all of you as you venture out into the wilderness to solve this puzzle.

  25. Well everyone I just made it home, I didn’t have any unexpected layovers this it was a good trip.
    Thank you whiskeyes and Cynthia for arranging the meetings. I enjoyed meeting old friends and I also enjoyed meeting new friends…

    I especially liked the brunch at Tesuque village market. Forrest attended and it was a casual , laid back time visiting everyone…

    I hope everyone’s trip home went good. I’m counting down the days for Fennboree 2018…..

    Forrest, Brooke, Doug , Cynthia, Anna , strawshadow… geez “everyone” was great….. thank you….

    Until next time…. see ya my friends….


    • Hi Focused!
      I agree completely. Being together for several days with a lot of camaraderie was enlightenment.
      It was great fun!
      I too look forward to another erncounter with all our kindred spirited friends and Forrest.
      Thanks for your friendship.

      Doug / demoman

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