Among the Weeds & Roots…

by OS2


Caution, I don’t doggedly follow the poem’s path so much as I immerse myself in a holistic pool of its words and images.  Paths come later, for those with boots. 
There are several possible WWWHs and HOBs which can be placed as needed, but they’re back at camp and I’m headed for a named trail now. Come along and see it bold.
Its not a loop trail, it has two trailheads.  If you use Rene’s scheme, imagine the two intersecting roads on the map as pole -X and floor-Y.   Attach one TH to each and voila!, you’ve got a brave triangular loop.  (Brave means tall)   Ever hear of an ancient named, Hero of Alexandria?  Bright guy. Studied waterwheels & pneumatics.  Worked them cold. Zero. No predecessors.  He devised a neat measure for triangle areas using only perimeters.   Yeh, no height needed!   We called him ‘No pole Leon’.    … thanks for laughing. 
More recently, another old man took his own measure on this very trail.   Told me he laughed when he got back to his car just because he’d done it!   I’m guessing what he really laughed at were some memorable experiences that he won’t tell, and maybe a 13 year old’s name for this place.   Silent P’s & G’s  are kind of funny.  
There’s a few creeks up here, fordable but be careful, a wrong step and quick slip will chill your nips. The great glory of this place is in Mom’s long-sightedness over her fields of wild flowers. Sometimes I come just to watch summer’s sun pillow down in them at end of day.  
Its a great place to take your girl.  Maybe blaze a stone or tree with a heart and a pair of initials for her.   Who knows?  Years later, sitting under an osprey on the Madison, you might remember it to her with a note.  Here’s a hint, if your girl’s too meek to bait a hook, Cougar Creek is a clever boy’s chance to put an arm around her.  City boys have to rely on horror films in darkened theaters for those opportunities.  That’s a heavy load.  
This creek here quits soon, but a little Duck will paddle it down to the setting sun … ain’t that Rich?  Oh come on, look at your map and laugh at that.  I’m no linguist, but a nearby bell peals off too.  Google ‘bells peals’ please.   Now see that dandy Sandy Butte over there?   Its just the cup to hide a young lady’s face or for what boys are oft attributed to.   (A cup is a small hill.)
So now that you’re wise to the Gneiss Trail, have fun imagining on Yellowstone’s Sunset-strip.  Go in peace Traveler.
Well , those are the short highlights, if that’s not a contradiction.  The must-have 9’s are too complex for writing out, but they’re here if you’re dyslexic & good looking.   
My first trigger was “Listen Good” which has nothing to do with that “Hear ye all” toll.  A LIST is a line, a strip, a stripe, an edge, a border or perimeter.  FF puts his rules ON a list.  To tailors, the list is the selvage of a bolt of fabric.  (I’ve heard it called a bold of fabric, but I think that was colloquial.)   If you’re an environmentalist more that most, you’ll know the RED LIST of endangered species.  DO NOT TOUCH them.  A jouster’s shield or kings crest may be encircled or sectioned by lists.  Sometimes a ribbony one arches across a scant announcing some profound literary nonsense in Latin, or just a cold R.I.P. Charlie Brown. 
Trailhead #1 is at 7 Mile Bridge.   My NatGo map shows Cougar Patrol Cabin above it, but I don’t find it on GE.   
If you’re sliding down the north pole,  Grayling Creek might be your threshold moment.  (Stout Hearts were in Texas, but the photo said Grayling.)  From there, TH #2 is nigh, look quickly down for a grove of aspens.  For some, it’s a permanent put-in, but the parking’s good.  Nice pics  of it on Find-a-Grave Fir Ridge.  

42 thoughts on “Among the Weeds & Roots…

    • An Afterthought. OS2 it’s not like any of the rest of us have solved the poem and found the treasure chest so have fun and good luck.

  1. Dal I have a question: What is this about?

    Can you explain any of it? I am very confused by what I read on this post.
    Does this mean OS2 has located the TC?


  2. OS2 …you jiggled things real good! Having fun is going to make all of this much easier…Thanks

  3. I thought about Genesis creek trail. alone in there from the bridge which
    is about the same place as the old one. and with treasures bold in the other way. but was the trail even there then. A lot of family history in
    that area. Cougar creek area possible. land scape different.
    besides dangerous animal area and special permit needed to go off trail.
    Best left for the experienced person or persons. Living in northern
    Florida. with no plans of BOTG ever. I have hoped Dal would find it.
    The Madison canyon aka Madison junction area would lead that way.
    All catch and release fly fishing only with permits. I am sure he went that
    way from the cabins. Ordered the new book. be interesting to read.
    No real solutions just thinking of his family ties. I thought the same thing
    of Genesis creek trail area. hurry up and find that thing Dal. were getting

  4. That area west of Yellowstone has been a favorite. North of Bakers hole, not far but too far to walk. I once told FF that I had worked in the area at Parade Rest resort. He told me a story about a cowboy that had once owned that land. Then he looked at me and said that there was no fish in Greyling creek. I wasn’t fishing for hints or clues, I swear. But it is good to know.

    • One might say that white man speak with forked tounge. But I agree that I wish Dal would find it, us flat lander Florida boys have no business trapesing around out west, still, forked tounge or not, we may have to try.

    • Hi Michael. FF once mentioned to me also that no fish were in the Grayling. This just sounded odd to me as it seemed there were fish wherever there was running water up there. Disclaimer: I’m not a fisherperson. But here’s what I’ve read from a couple sources (not specifically cited in my notes, sorry):

      “In the fall, they (larger trout) return to the Madison and the Grayling, which offer turbulent, highly oxygenated water necessary for spawning…..each of these offer attractive angling for Rainbows and Cutthroats.”

      “As one travels Highway 191 past Duck Creek and the Highway 287 junction, the road ascends. Just before it passes back into the Park a beautiful stream crosses, then parallels on the east. This is Grayling Creek, but only cutthroat are present.”

      It seems Brown trout don’t frequent the Grayling, but Rainbows and Cutthroats do. So, why would FF say there were no fish in the Grayling? Because there are no Browns, and maybe he prefers Browns? No HOB’s?

      Someone I know who IS a fisherperson of the Yellowstone area says “….yellowstone cutthroats…are the real highlight of fishing this region I feel.”

      What to make of any of this, I do not know. I guess it just adds to FF’s mystique.

  5. Hmmm. Franklin, I don’t drink much whiskey at all these days, but following too many more posts threads like this one might change that. Cheers!

  6. Well…………. 🙂 I find that I may have to go to my old pipe that I haven’t used for years and fill it up and read it again and let my imagination flow.

  7. I loved it. Your musings, dreams what have you. Recently an old man did measure it, didn’t he? Maybe it did happen like that. Maybe in another place though. Farther south. I measured my Creek. I’ve only walked it that once, the other numerous times beside it but that doesn’t count. You must walk the stations to gain the Indulgence. But that’s just my musings on the matter. One more time this year for me. before the snows come.

    • Hi Cloudcover! I’ve missed you and glad to see you pop in!
      Today I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve….I can’t wait to see Forrest’s new book!

  8. Hey Cloud…you have not been around in awhile.
    I was quite near your place last time I drove to Santa Fe..
    Out of Durango I missed a turn and ended up in NM sooner than I expected…

    • Hi Dal. You should let me know when you are that close. Maybe some day I will get to meet you. We could have lunch at Three Rivers. It is close to my work.

  9. Os2, I like your thoughts because it makes me think of sitting in a great spot and watching the sun set over a field of flowers, or watching clouds float by, or watching trees sway in a breeze. Thoughts that might pop in your head when you’re resting in a peaceful place. It would be nice to be in a place like that right now, sounds good!

  10. I have to say I understand this somewhat, though the basis for reasonableness is pending. Yes the prognosis stymies, but underneath the dribbling foibles sits a simmering solve which drives the specter of solemn chivalry. Invariably we will all choose clam chowder from the menu, and remember what we were forgetting to remember to forget before the memory faded into some God forsaken place. Thank you for the thoughts, much appreciated. I would have liked to see a photo or two, but not too disappointed.

  11. Thank you all for your comments. Since some heads spun off, perhaps I should offer …
    1. Would you slap your head if the TC were hidden in plain sight?
    2. Does the hidey place hold a personal story?
    3. Is Imagination more important than knowledge?
    4. With broad and complex data, is linear thinking the only useful type?
    5. What is an idea, imagination, a gestalt?

    Rene’s scheme = Cartesian coordinate system
    Silent P’s & Gs = pneumatic & gneiss
    Bell peals off = double word play, peels & peals, action & sound.
    Bells peals = campanology
    Campanula = bluebell creek
    Ain’t that Rich = Richards creek
    Dyslexic & good looking = ‘looking good’ as in ‘listen good’

    Overall, I thought it was pretty funny, offered something different, and, to my thinking, that’s always useful. Hope you find your heads.

    • OS2, you really used your imagination and I like that. Don’t feel bad if others didn’t “get it.” For me that’s an everyday way of life, my family rarely gets what I’m saying and they have no problem telling me so. At times it can be frustrating but I just shrug it off. I know what I meant, ha! Just have fun anyway.

      • Thanks Jeanne, but I don’t feel bad. I learned long ago not to take other peoples confusion or misinterpretation as my fault. Everybody has the ability to ask for clarity. Rut thinking and groupthink seem to be well represented in all enterprises. Good luck to you, and stay open.

    • 1. No
      2. Yes
      3. I think they are both very important, but knowledge can only take you so far. You can gather all of the pieces, but you need imagination to complete the puzzle.
      4. No, lateral thinking is needed as well. I’m a scientist (Gemology) so I use linear thinking quite often in my work. I’m also a jewelry designer, so I also use the right side of my brain to think outside the box or triangle, if you will, and tap into my creativity.
      5. The whole as more than the sum of its parts, taking form or shape, completion.

  12. OS2 –
    Great post! It reminded me that FF is a brilliant and complex man, is a master of word play, to be careful of rabbit holes, and to keep my mind open. I have found myself trying to put my thoughts into FF’s head, instead of the opposite. I reworked my semi-solve (once again) and it actually works better, so thank you. I realize I am playing with the big dogs and am in way over my head – NFBTFTW, WWWH, Brown, creeks, fishing, Air Force, riddles, not overthinking, overthinking – it drives me mad at times but is so much fun!
    BTW – people don’t get me either, no worries. For what it’s worth, I lol’d a few times while reading your post. Best wishes to you in your journey!

    • So I memorized the poem a while back, and I find myself mulling it over again and again, usually when I’m trying to sleep. People ask me to recite it at parties. It has helped while reading his books a lot. Has anyone else found themselves saying it in your heads instead of sleeping like a normal person?

      • Absolutely! Even worse, when I try to read anything else I find my mind drifting back to Fenn. That can’t be good. 🙂

      • James
        I’ve mulled over a response to you long enough. “A normal human being does not exist” (Karen Horney).

        Seems no matter the setting, when I bring up ff as a topic, most newbies are interested at first, but soon become naysayers / doubters. I’ve asked myself if it’s cause of how I tell it – and not about whom / what I speak. Nowadays, I see some close to me (except my wife) roll their eyes and quickly head for the door when I talk on the topic. Over the years, I’ve had ongoing chats with a couple work colleagues – mostly about ff the wordsmith and his way with words. A month or so ago, I responded to a client who asked how expensive and long it would take to complete additional work on a project. I replied “with what we know including what we know we don’t know you might as well ask me how deep is a hole!”. A colleague chuckled and responded “You had better explain that Forrest”! I quickly did and our client told us she thought his reference was to Forrest Gump! We all had a nice little laugh.

        Some of my best problem-solving thoughts occur first thing in the morning or at night after I’ve said my prayers and my head has hit the pillow. In the mornings, I let my thoughts flow. At night I usually focus on an important problem or task that needs attention. When I can’t think of anything I might read something. Then ff and his little poem came along. At first, different thoughts about him / it would pop-up day and night. They didn’t dwell and none kept me from falling asleep (if that’s what’s happening to you). None of my pop-up or focused thoughts have solved anything about the poem. I’ve made a few BOTG solve attempts but none in the past 2 years. I’m thinking maybe my next BOTG solve trip will be summer 2018. Beforehand, I got a few other problems to solve. First, I need a new, correct solution I am confident of beginning with the first clue. Then I need time to commit and just don’t see that happening til next summer at the earliest. Nowadays, when my head hits the pillow and I think of the poem, most often it puts me fast asleep. Not because of lost interest or excitement, but because to me it’s never been just about finding Indulgence, rather it’s been and still is as much or more about TTOTC. This could all change quickly should I fall asleep tonight and awake tomorrow saying what ff said “…eveyrbody’s going to say “My God! Why didn’t I think of that.” before.

        Sorry this was so long, just thought as Desi did when he yelled to Lucy “there’s a lot of splaining to do”.

        Chase well and stay safe – just not normal

  13. I like your post and have read it over twice now. You have good ideas. Next time I read, I will have a map out to find all of the places you speak of

  14. OS2 – Thank you for a great post and an imaginative solve. Back from my latest search this was a wonderful surprise. I always look forward to what you have to reveal – a deep thinking treasure hunter you are indeed! I hear “pole dancing” is good exercise – it was fun to dance around this one with you. Very “nice” and thank you.

  15. Here’s another little armchair fun…. Ill add it here and see if anybody finds it:

    When is below above?
    Here’s why I ask: I rolled my traveling chair up to my computer, and positioned myself on GE as if I were sitting on the north face of that mountain that overlooks that ropey Madison between Hebgen Lake & Quake Lake.

    Then I took e GE ’tour’ of Boat Mountain. Midway thru it, I stopped the ‘tour’ and manipulated the screen until I had a good long 3D view all the way back to Electric Peak. (Beyond it is Gardiner). In the foreground was that single long mountain named Boat. I’m guessing it got it’s name because It looks like the bottom of an overturned boat, keel to the sky. I’d say that Boat has permanently ‘put-in’ between a home and a brown. Wouldn’t you?

    Funny thing about the word ‘below’, it has a specific nautical meaning — it means everything between the deck & the keel. So, here’s my question, is the below above when the boat is overturned? Maybe I should ask a kid.

    I drew a crow-flys line from the Boat to Gardiner… Someone dreamed that’s what a Kidd would do when he was down & knew his treasure waited for him.

    My crow flew right over Sage Peak. Wise crow. I looked quickly down & lost focus, So now might be the right time to reflect on an Ode to Peggy Jean and treasures that wait.
    — — —

    OS2 …. stories help stretch imagination don’t you think?

    • When is below above?
      When things are flipped or upside down, like the boat in your story and your position on that mountain.
      Is the below above when the boat is overturned?
      I’ve asked the Kidd in me, she said yes.
      Thanks OS2! Stories do help stretch the imagination.

  16. Let`t take another flight with Fenn, ( crow fly ) Look quickly Down because he is flying from Peak to Peak

    Where Warm Waters Halt ( Mammoth Hot Springs and Boiling River )

    Take the Canyon Down about 15 miles to Brown Put-in ( Home of Brown-to far to walk )

    No Place for the Meek ( Sphinx Mountain and Sphinx Creek )

    Ever Drawing Nigh ( Keep turning Left )go up in between the 2 Sphinx`s and Steamboat Mountain is nearby ( No Paddle )

    Turn Left at Mans Foot Mountain ( Ever Drawing Nigh ) to Electric Peak ( heavy loads )

    Just Heavy Loads and Water High is Electric Peak (heavy loads ) and High Lake (water high)

    If you have been wise and Found the Blaze is Bunsen Peak (Bunsen invented the Bunsen Burner )

    Draw a line From Electric Peak to Bunsen Peak and Look Down Quickly you will see Cache Lake and Sepulture Mountain (crypt )

    What happens here is that we Started where Warm Waters Halt went down the canyon to the Home of Brown , Ever Drawing Nigh is making a u-turn and coming back to Heavy Loads (Electric Peak ) and looking down quickly.

    Fenn Quoted : “We shall not cease from our exploration And at the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time.”

  17. Gneiss musings.
    Maybe I will check it out along with Duck Creek next year.
    I like how close the cemetery is to west Yellowstone but considering “your creek” may be a trail and not a creek, although the treasure is not hidden on a trail, we must get off the trail somewhere.

      • The crow warned me about Bambi on the side of that road grazing .
        That highway is IGH 191.
        From the Madison it’s NIGH not sigh.

        The only thing I don’t like about those creeks around here is they lead into the park. The good thing is you don’t have to pay.

        The holistic POV is used by some here and may have value but you put places to your thoughts as some just stick with floating hats that never hit the ground. I know this is a armchair view but glad you were able to translate to an actual area of interest for where Fenn has been.

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