We Have a Stick Man Contest Winner…

Pondering the submissions

The winner is below. If you click on it you can see it full size.

As you may have guessed, this was difficult for the judges. There were nearly 100 entries. The skills and genius of many of the entries are absolutely wonderful.

What made this image stand out is it’s outright stick figure simplicity while cunningly endowed with humor and joy.

The ducks, Tesuque, Forrest’s checked shirt, his belt buckle, the gleefulness these figures exhibit as they sneak to the hidey spot. It’s a great deal of fun but also exhibits specialized Fenn knowledge and even laughs at our own tireless pursuit of hints. (what’s that in Forrest’s hat band?)

Well done and congratulations to Jonsey1

We have a brand new, signed copy of Forrest’s latest book, Once Upon A While, for you.



You can view all the entries below:

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65 thoughts on “We Have a Stick Man Contest Winner…

  1. Very eye catching!! This was a great contest to have won. The prize is the best, Just ordered my book yesterday. Congratulations! Weren’t you the one with the unique fish entry in the ornament contest? That was a hoot.

    • Good question. I wondered that too but I’m not quite sure, Lugz….I drew that from some early webcam footage caught in the Rockies in early 2009. They weren’t wearing any nametags and I didnt feel it prudent to take on that artistic liberty since I wanted to keep it as realistic and true to life as possible.

  2. A good selection on the judges’ part! Congratulations, Jonesy!

    (IMO, this picture seems like it should be accompanied with the theme song “Axel F” from “Beverly Hills Cop!”)

  3. Wow some of u have quite a bit of time to draw such awesome pictures, they are all amazing.
    Congratulations Josey !!!

  4. Jonsey1: Well done, well deserved. Hats off to you !!!

    Dal: Thanks again for a great idea. It got me to do something – dare I say –
    I’ve scantly thought of doing since I wore kid britches. Now have one more thing in common and fun to do with my grandchildren. Now, if only I can get them to work to solve the poem!

    Judges: Tough task – thanks and great choice. Everyone won!

  5. Jonsey, what a marvelous drawing!!!!. I showed the boys your drawing and they were so impressed! (I’m not kidding).

    But I fibbed and I told them that the thing in f’s hatband…. was fenn’s hand drawn map…. with key items noted so he could remember where he stashed indulgence. Then….. I asked if they themselves could see f’s notes what it would look like?

    Lo and behold, my deception worked, (Sherif Billy is tricky) and those gnomes fellas set out drawing their own map! After they were done, they voted among themselves who had the best. (I always thought they knew where f stashed it!)

    I don’t know if it will help much but….I emailed a copy of the gnome little fella’s map to Dal to see if he will post it. I don’t think many have seen it before but Sherif Billy and the Deputy are relatively new to the “Chase” and that be a trick the little fellas have played on me.

    One other thing Jonsey, the boys can’t read and so they don’t know what f wrote in his books….. so I found it a bit odd that the boys each boasted that they could draw better turkeys than you did.

    I told them that they were ducks! They seemed surprised….. Then they started arguing among themselves again whether she should have drawn them as chickens or turkeys…….

    I can’t take it anymore….what day is the prisoner exchange? …….

    I’ve got to go….We just got in some young women at the jail, and I have to search them for contraband! I have a tuff job!

    Congrats and a Gold star for you Jonsey!

    Best regards to all-

    Sherif Billy and Deputy Katie

  6. Congrats Jonesy1 !!
    Great entry as well as all of them have been. I myself would love to have a book with all our entries in it. Guess we’ll see if that can happen.

  7. Jonsey, Congratulations on your win. You have the Imagination to go on and find Indulgence. Ken in Georgia

  8. Holy Cannolis! What a fun surprise this morning….I have to admit I feel a little (okay a lot) like I depicted F running off with the precious loot amongst so many amazing entries….I assure you my grin is just as real :)…as was it when I persued so many of the awesome entries that made me smile out loud…and as it will be when I get to read the much anticipated Once Upon Awhile…..thanks so much everyone and especially Dal. Love you!

    P.S. has anyone seen Hobbit?…..it seems I will need to once again modify our prenup given the valuable asset I have just acquired….you can run but you cant hide hobbit….

    • jeez Jonsey1 – brains, beauty AND a sense of humour??

      i mean.. is that even legal?!

  9. Congrats, Jonsey1. I believe you have the imagination Forrest said it takes to find Indulgence. And kudos to all the artists and their entries. You guys all rock!

  10. Congratulations Jonsey1, really like your picture.

    It looks like ‘Tail-End Charlie’ was lagging so far behind he didn’t even make it into the frame, lol. (I counted two ducks but don’t they come in threes?)

    I’m still smiling, that’s such a fun picture!

  11. Sorry, Late getting here when you’re hanging on the edge of Peace by your fingernails. The coffee’s perked and now so am I. Great contest, who knew you all could chat so good in stick talk! Loved every vision. Congrats to all.

    Accolades to you Jonsey. (accolades means a circle around the neck… a hug from the judges). Well done… or is it done good?

  12. Cute! Picture Congratulations! I will post our families top five drawings in contest! Thanks for letting me join in. Love the contests.

  13. P.S.S. its not so often whilst adulting you even get to enter a coloring contest…let alone randomly look up and a bunch of people are just saying super nice stuff and mailing you a present to boot…made this girl feel all warm and fuzzy to get to feel that today. Cheezy to admit, but oh so true. Thank you all for being you.

  14. Congratulations Jonsey!
    Your sketch was so simple and well done! It reminds me of an old cartoon bank robber. Awesome!

  15. Congratulations Jonsey1 .. I have this tune in my head now…ta dat, Ta da ta dat ,ta dat ,ta daaa .Thanks a lot … πŸ™‚

  16. Clever drawing Jonsey1, I’m a big fan, but now I’m repressed; it will pass as warts do, in time. j/k congratulations!

  17. Congrats to you Jonsey1 – Very cute. I hope you enjoy your new signed copy of Forrest’s new book – Just ordered mine today – JDA

      • Thanks – It is He** when someone chops a cable, and it takes 2 weeks to fix it. Sure good to be back. Am reading what old blogs I can, but it is hard – JDA

  18. Jonsey.- Congrats! You are beautiful, creative and incredibly smart. And you deserved to win. Your entry was precious.

    The morning I was looking at it for the first time, I.was at a coffee shop locally, and the couple sitting on the couch across from me were holding a really cute dachshund. What are the chances of that in a restaurant? We all thought your drawing should win.

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