Closing In…

by voxpops

Go in peace

Here’s the dilemma. You’ve invested your soul in the Chase… and many thousands of dollars. It has rewarded you with views, experiences, and wildlife encounters to last a lifetime. And yet it has also teased you mercilessly – pushing you to keep going with hints, revelations, and yes, even tires! So often you think that you must have reached the end, but no, there’s yet another stage to complete… and then another. Where and when do you draw the line? I confess that I still don’t know the answer to that question, but eventually, if there really is a chest full of gold, it must reveal itself to the persistent searcher. And that’s why I was out there again, clawing my way toward the end of the rainbow.

Let me remind you.


In my search, the “asterisk” marks the start point of the Chase. It lies a little way from another marker that reveals the essence of the trajectory that the searcher must take. Look above the drop-pin for the critical element; then view the wider image for something that may or may not be helpful

It means something to me!

After failing to find the treasure at a far distant omega on a previous trip, I had assumed that the trove would therefore be found near the start. As my wife was reluctant for me to search alone following bear confrontations earlier in the year, I asked a friend to meet me there, and we went a-hunting. Here’s the center of the asterisk, which had been submerged earlier in the year, but was now revealed as a circular disc of stone.

Odd how the Google image seems to enhance reality

After a couple of days fruitless searching, my partner had to leave to rejoin the real world, and I was left wondering where the heck I’d gone wrong. I spent another couple of days retracing our steps, looking down at the significant rock formations, trying to cajole my crumbling brain to make the connections. But it was only when I looked up that the penny dropped. Remember the scrapbook with the tangled telephone cable? How about the Native American “listening” by the telephone pole? Crossed wires! I raced to the nearest cafe with an internet connection and fired up Google Maps. It only took me a couple of minutes to relocate the omega.

My first discovered omega

I began to use the “measure distance” function and drew lines from point to point until… wow… I landed in a place that I would never have considered part of the Chase… until I remembered another scrapbook. And it fitted perfectly! It was a long drive, but the summer weather cooperated, and I arrived excited and ready for whatever I might find. I will draw a veil over what I actually did find – suffice for me to say that trespassing is neither necessary nor a good idea as part of the Chase, that landowners and local officialdom are not likely to view it kindly, and that, with better planning, awkward and embarrassing situations can be avoided!

My remaining time was spent trying to parse the information I’d uncovered, drawing more lines, and taking side trips to far-flung outposts of the Rockies – all of which poduced a big fat zero. As on previous trips, I ran out of time, and took the flight home more than a little puzzled. I knew I was onto something, but why wasn’t it working? It wasn’t long before I discovered my error. When Forrest talks about following the clues precisely, he’s not merely using a figure of speech. Precisely means with precision down to a few feet. I had made an error of calculation that, over the large distances involved, had amplified itself to an order of magnitude that was bound to lead me astray. I corrected the error and… wow again!

*If you wear a smile to the right spot you will wear a grin going home. f “

One of my perennial failings is impatience. You would think that after nearly five years of painstaking work on the poem and BOTG, I would have overcome that by now. If so, you would be wrong. I was back in the UK and tearing my hair out. How was I going to get back to search that spot? I emailed my friend in the States and asked if he was up for another adventure. He was (what a trooper)! As he prepared to fly out there, I kept working on the coordinates, coming up with three likely spots, all within a couple of hundred feet. There was the anchor:

You need to look very carefully to find the anchor

Here’s how I see it

And if that was too much of a stretch, there was also the smiling frog, which I shall keep to myself for now. And there was my friend’s frustration as he reported back that he was drawing a complete blank, trudging across the empty landscape. I felt crestfallen, and guilty for sending him on what was turning out to be a wild goose chase. And yet…

It was only later that I spotted the “lighthouse,” flashing its friendly warning like the asterisk so many miles distant. And didn’t it also resemble a keyhole?

Bring a flashlight!

I fired up GE and loaded the coordinates. Usually, when you use the time slider on GE, the earlier images are too low-res and blurred to discern much at high magnification. This time it was different. I could clearly see that the “lighthouse” didn’t exist in 2009 and before. I connected the images I’d found, and revealed something fascinating, apart from the fact that they aligned nearly perfectly. A year earlier I had sent Forrest certain coordinates based on something discovered in the poem. I now realized I had been prescient but premature. That was the wrong time to use that clue. Now it fitted perfectly, and it said something about “in the wood” that I would never have guessed if I hadn’t gone on a frantic Google hunt as these revelations dawned. I had to get back there!

It was then that my wife decided that she had to get over to the States within a few weeks to deal with some pressing family business. I would have just been in the way during the visit, but what if I used the opportunity to make one more trip? We’ve reached that point in life where we dread flying – particularly across multiple timezones; it leaves us wiped out for days, and the whole security rigmarole takes any of the remaining fun away. But this was just too good an opportunity to ignore. I left Val at Salt Lake City and headed out to my spot. Two days later, I was as frustrated as my friend had been. I had found nothing… until I decided to check the two “ends” of my specific line of latitude. At one end there was a circle in the ground, and at the other end was… smashed pottery.

Someone had a smashing time!

Wasn’t there a scrapbook about smashing pottery? I looked closer:

Garden City Pottery Co.

The Garden City Pottery Co., based in San Jose, was big in the early part of the 20th century before going into decline, finally shutting its doors in 1987. As with most of my artifact discoveries, this was found where there was little in the way of human detritus. Why would someone have taken a large and heavy pottery vase – almost an antique – out into the wilderness just to smash and discard it? And why were the pieces arranged as they were, with a few shoved in between sage brush roots, and the others in a line that pointed toward the circle? It was not a major find, but coupled with something else I had discovered out there it told me to head south. And so south I went. In fact I went so far south that I was starting to brush up on my Spanish! After a day or two of this, I turned around and retraced my steps. Sitting down near some water, I tried to think. It’s something that I find much harder to do when I’m BOTG than when I’m in the warm cocoon of my own home. But this time I made a breakthrough. What if I reversed something important? I went down to a key spot – nada. I went up – zilch. But wait… what’s that?

Frogs on the brain!

The frog stone set me thinking again. It was the second time a frog had entered the arena for me. Maybe I wasn’t so far off. I hoped that the weather would hold –  the temperature was plummeting during the night, but there was little in the way of rain… yet. I was venturing into some territory that might be difficult to extract myself from if a storm hit. Interestingly, by now I had exhausted all of the poem’s coordinates. I used to think that it was simply a question of unlocking these numbers, and they would take you to the treasure. Now, I was beginning to realize that Mr. Fenn expects you to use logic and imagination in spades once you’ve made use of the coordinates. So that’s what I tried to do. And one October morning I alighted from my rental car, walked to the spot my thought processes had indicated, and stared in wonder at a reversed question mark. My photos are not bad, but they can’t convey the clarity with which the 3D image presented itself on site.

…ti si yhw oS

Looking from above the reversed question mark is probably the better way to view it:

What the heck is it saying?

I knew I had uncovered an important clue, but I had no idea how to use it – and as usual my time was running out. I had to rejoin Val at her sister’s place.

It was on the flight that I thought I had the answer. As soon as I could, I checked coordinates and became convinced that I’d found a potential ending location. The only trouble was that we were talking private land again. I’d learned my lesson on that front, and so I tried to re-plot my next move. Fortunately, my wife and her siblings had more work to do that didn’t involve me, and so I rented another car and drove across three states back to the spot. I checked all possible permutations, and came within a whisker of another bear encounter. I stumbled into a clearing in the trees, saw the disturbed ground and smelled the very pungent odor. I think I was lucky that I’m such a clumsy hunter that there was no way I could have surprised this particular beast. I kept that foray as short as possible, walked back to the car uttering a few choice oaths aimed at the poem’s author, and returned to the hotel to think some more.

That was when it hit. It was a real “duh” moment for me! I had not extended my line from the question mark far enough. The frog had given me the answer. And when I looked online, there it was: the second omega! (I should point out that my “discoveries” are not random, but occur within a few feet of specific coordinates that are derived in one way or another from the poem.) This time the omega was upside down. By now, I had learned to stop assuming that I’d reached the end – despite Google’s suggestions! I’d also noticed that most of the markings I’d found – and was yet to find – are clearly visible on Google Maps, but not on Bing, etc. Food for thought. So, despite this scintillating piece of evidence, I earmarked a couple more places that fit the pattern that was forming for me, before tromping out to the omega.

2nd Omega – but upside down

Of course, there was nothing there, apart from a veiled instruction. Well, that’s not quite accurate. What I did find was this:

Get gas!

Coincidence, quite probably, but it was conveniently pointing toward my next destination. And as I walked back to the car, I came across this interesting skull that has nothing to do with the Chase but makes an interesting photo:

Furry friend

It was what I found at the next destination that was the “aha!” moment for me. When I clambered up to the spot that I’d earmarked as a potential pivotal point, I was met by a pair of stones standing in formation. Bear in mind that the next two photos were taken after I had picked up the stones to examine them. I didn’t replace them as neatly as I found them, but they are roughly as they appeared to me.

Rock steady

Upon examination, the stones, which had a quartz-like core, had been cut to length in order to form a stable triangle, and had been very carefully positioned so that they provided a specific view when looked through. I don’t bend very easily these days, but I managed to get down there and make a mental note of what I saw.

Triangulation point?

Gradually, things were falling into place, but there was something about the shape formed by the stones that eluded me right then; the answer would arrive later.

There was still much walking to do, and calculations to make, but something was crystalizing in my mind. Exhausted from walking many, many miles in temperatures ranging from the teens to the upper sixties, I returned to my room to think some more. Once again, I thought I had the measure of what was going on, but on my final morning, I failed yet again. I couldn’t quite make the ending stick. I drove away, making it about 250 miles before stopping for the night. And of course, as I pondered my recent finds, I remembered something I’d seen on Google. It was something so obvious that I’d completely ignored it! And it occurred right where my two lines crossed.

As a result, I came up with two possible hiding places and chose… the wrong one. I careened back to the spot, and spent all of 15 minutes checking – with one eye on an approaching storm. It was no good, I’d have to go. But when I Googled the second spot (and its partner), that was when I saw the evidence, as clear as anything I’ve found during the Chase. I won’t say what that evidence is, but it pulls together almost every aspect of the Chase and provides a glimpse into the motivation behind the whole saga. I was tempted to delay my return flight, but with the weather turning and commitments at home, I knew it could wait for another day – even if wild geese are involved…



199 thoughts on “Closing In…

  1. E for effort and creativity, but in my opinion, an F for thinking anything like Forrest would when hiding his treasure. No offense, and I could of course be wrong, but I don’t think 80-year-old outdoorsmen hide their treasure based on shapes seen from satellite imagery. The hiding spot has meaning to him–this we know.

    • Thanks for the score card! But just to set the record straight, the shapes found on Google are not what it’s based on – merely confirmation. You need to know the exact coordinates to find the “shapes.”

      I agree 100% with your final statement.

  2. What a great adventure.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Beautiful pictures of some rugged areas.
    I wish I was there right now hiking and thinking and just enjoying.

    • Thanks, pdenver. It’s just an interim report; hopefully I’ll be able to provide more information in the future.

    • That was the most intriguing find of the trip, Michael. They had been very carefully cut to shape and size.

      The shape the stones form are of great significance to the Chase for me. It took me a little while to work it out, but it relates to something I found two years ago, and has a huge bearing on the hidey spot, IMO.

      • Voxpops—

        Thanks for the story and photos. The only thing about those rocks though would be how easily a small quake, or even an over curious person could knock over or displace them.

        I wouldn’t think Forrest would rely on this staying in place— so it is very doubtful to me that it has to do with the Chase. But the article was very interesting and thanks so much for sharing all of this with us.

        • You could well be right about earthquakes etc., but the stones being in position are not necessary in order to move forward, although they are helpful.

          What I noticed about them was how heavy they were for their relatively small size, and so they held each other pretty rigidly. And as I mention in the article, they had been positioned very carefully. I picked them up before it dawned on me that it might be a good idea to take a photo, so I just put them back without much care.

          To be honest, I can’t think of any reason someone would take the trouble to carve a pair of stones to the correct shape, carry them out to a set of rocks at a significant latitude and longitude, and stand them up to create a significant shape – unless they were trying to communicate something. And believe me, I wasn’t going to that spot for a Sunday afternoon stroll. I had a good poem-related reason to be there, and so you might forgive me for thinking the two events could be connected!

          One other thing nagging at the back of my mind is that I thought I’d seen something Chase-related to do with quartz (the stones have a quartz-like core). Maybe somebody will remember something.

    • Since 2015, I’ve been following the same path – but that path has led me to a number of different areas. The trajectory forms a shape of its own that leads me to believe that the Chase may have a spiritual significance.

      I have been surprised at both the expansiveness of the Chase and the nature of some of the places included.

      I have been getting the impression that FF thought the trove would not be found for a very long time – and engineered it that way. To be honest, I have become a little tired of the “ever drawing nigh” scenario, and would like to reach the “cease” now. I believe it’s within sight now, and fervently hope I’m right.

  3. Other possibilities:
    I don’t know any wife that would allow her husband to give away millions of their dollars for a thrill, no matter how much they have. I’m sure that she could have figured out his poem before he finished writing it. If she couldn’t retrieve the chest herself than she could easily employ one of her grandkids or son-in-laws or a close acquaintance and pay them handsomely to retrieve it for her and to keep their mouths shut. Nobody wants to think of a scenario like this, but this is the real world we are living in.
    Another theory is that if it truly is somewhere in Yellowstone then it may be gone forever. The ground there is constantly percolating, especially in and around the rivers. If a forty-pound box has been sitting there for 10 years then it’s probably halfway to China by now.
    Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but something to consider before you spend any (more) of yours and your families hard earned money and valuable time. I wish I had a dime for every dollar I spent on this crazy crusade.

    • I think a number of people are beginning to think that way, Nicky G. I, too, have “invested” much in this Chase, but 2018 will be my last year. I have only revealed publicly the superficial aspects of some of my discoveries, but I am confident enough to make one final trip. The thrill for me is in matching wits with the creator, but at some point everyone has to draw a line in the sand.

      • Vox,
        But apparently others have been there… noticeable trash here and there. I’m just wondering where the trees are, or the animals, or the smells of pine…

        fenn ~”If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine …

        Maybe it’s just me but, if fenn would see and smell these things while standing where the chest is laying in wait, shouldn’t we be able to do the same? Even if we’re not very close to the chest…

          • That was a nice end run to my inquiry, Voxpop…
            I’m only going by the what fenn said we all would see if at the chest area. I just didn’t notice any of those things in/at/near your location.

            Maybe, Just maybe… you’re target fixated?
            Believe or not, I’m just trying to be logical as to what might be missing in your theory and hope it helps. Ya know, so you might not have to ~ “invested” much in this Chase,

          • Trouble is, I haven’t really revealed any of my theory, Seeker. And most of the images I’ve shown are miles from their nearest neighbors, and so also miles from the end point. But I appreciate you wanting to help.

            As for being target fixated, I’m merely following the clues, and showing you some of the things I’ve found at the key points along the way. I have been very surprised at how much is involved, and so I lost any real target fixation I might have had a while ago. I just hope I’ve reached the end now, as I’m running out of steam.

            I think its very difficult for others to understand why these discoveries may be important without knowing the rationale behind my search, so I’m not surprised at the kind of response they elicit most of the time. I’d actually asked Dal not to bother posting this story as I felt it was too confusing and incoherent-sounding without people knowing the back story of how I’ve approached the poem. I think Dal may not have seen my email, and so you get to try to work out what the heck voxpops is up to!

          • Your right, It’s difficult to see where your heading with “things” you have found along key point of your solve. I mean, if they seem important to a solve [ which they must be because you brought them to our attention ]. The least you can do is explain why these pieces were placed there and by whom?

            Right now, I can only assume you think fenn deliberately placed them there when you use words like pointers and can’t imagine someone carrying a vase [ or whatever it is ] to this location… I think most who read this would like to know as well. Regardless of if it was supposed to be posted or not… that ship sailed.

          • Seeker, I cannot say with any certainty who placed the pieces at these spots, or made things visible on GE. All I can say is that they have relevance to me, and have helped me progress.

            As to satisfying your curiosity, I’m not willing to do that at this stage. Sorry about that, but it’s almost impossible for me to talk about the method without giving the game away.

    • Hi Nick,
      IMHO, this is but a drop in Forrest bucket and his wife would have surely approved had she known. Besides what do you think the going price for a legacy is?

    • Geezz Nicky,
      Ya make it sound like YS is one big quicksand pit. I hope the camp grounds are still there for next years millions of tourist. I wonder how all those huge glacier boulders manage to stay put for “10,000” years? No wonder th fishing bridge doesn’t allow fishing off it any more… the dang thing could sink at any moment!!

      And why do all the whiners have to bring up hard earn money and valuable time AFTER they spend it… Don’t waste your time and money Nicky, I’m sure another searcher would love to send you a postcard to hang on your wall.
      Personally I wouldn’t waste the postage to do so… but that’s just me.

  4. Hi, Voxpops, thanks for sharing your story. I don’t know what state you were in but it looks like it could have been in NM. It looks like a place I’d like to hike and climb around. You know, lots of searchers stage/ design/place/ put “things” in their search areas to make it look like ff put it there. Just saying. But I LOVED the frog rock in your picture. I’d be happily freaking out if I ever found something like that… not so abstract, easy to see the FROG. But, Fenn said if your hidey spot area looks like the desert, you are in the wrong place. This looked too much like desert for me. But I’m not holding the chest so that’s IMO. Gosh, I can’t imagine how tough it is to be part of the BOTG searchers and live in the UK. Good luck. cynthia

    • Thanks for the comments, Cynthia. It’s definitely not desert – way too much mud for that!

      There’s a very good reason why I don’t think that other searchers would have been to the spot where I found the stones – nor any other hikers to be honest. I’m not going to say why, but there’s no way I would have gone there either if it weren’t for the poem.

      • Also, another reason I don’t think any searcher would have staged these stones is that to the vast majority of searchers the shape means nothing. An “F” or an arrow or some such would be a much more likely choice, IMO.

        • Yep, if I see an F, or an f, or FF, or ff, I know it was likely put there by another searcher. So I don’t use it as my blaze. However, that doesn’t mean the chest isn’t in the vicinity. Remember, a few searchers were within 200/500 feet of the treasure as early as 2012. So thinking or knowing for sure another searcher or search party was there is a good thing, imo.

          • I’m fairly positive on which searcher was in the general area where the chest is hidden, possibly 200 feet from the chest . I am sorry voxpops it was not you. The searcher (SHE) still publishes on this blog occasionally. The way she got there was purely accidental. Even the first clue she published was wrong.

          • You could well be correct, LIG, although I don’t know how you got the inside info. If I’m right about my spot, I was still a good couple of miles away at the closest point.

          • LIG,
            I’m with you that a female poster here had the closest solve that has been published. I’m not sure if she was the one who was 200 feet away though. I think it’s likely that the 200 foot club is composed of those who had no idea they were that close.

          • A while back, I believe it was over at Jenny’s, a question was asked of Mr. Fenn if the searcher(s) who were close are still searching, and the question could not be given a definite answer. It would seem to me if the searcher(s) are still involved with the Chase would go back to their area from 2010-2012, and expand the area a bit, they may find the treasure chest.

            This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

          • LtleIndianGrl,

            Well since the discussion is about who was within 200′ of indulgence, the “she” Fenn talked about was in the 500′ mark and there was a male in the same distance. The talk back then was about a certain “she” that everyone knew who had been searching in all the states but it was not her. ” I’m not going to tell those people who they are because one of them particularly would faint I know, and she would tear the countryside up of where they’d been”.
            This real “she” posted on a couple blogs back in the early part of the chase but I have not seen her post in quite some time, I’m talking years (unless under a different name). The male was a regular poster here and two other blogs but he too has not posted much if at all lately. There has been a husband and wife team that has been in that 200′ range. You have to research all the posts on blogs back then and the Internet chat rooms to find these people and where they have been in there searches to see they were, at one time, in the same area and starting path. I had researched this since Forrest statements 11/02/13 and finally came to the conclusions of who they were or are (not sure if they are still searching).

            Of course this is just my opinion but it’s the only one that matches all three sets of people that I found.
            There are others that now have been to the areas of the first two clues as Forrest has stated, and “one special searcher” who has maybe gotten three or four clues right in that area too.

            Good luck to all, and maybe retrace your searches, you might be the ones in the 500′ & 200′ mark of finding the treasure chest.

          • All;

            All of this conjecture regarding the “She” that was either 200′ or 500′ away from the treasure, I see as just that – conjecture. Like the hair coloring commercial says – “Only her hair dresser (and Forrest) knows for sure.” If she was that close, and didn’t know it, at least she has not been spending sleepless nights wondering where she was when she was that close.

            Whoever “she” is, HAPPY TURKEY Day. * * * and the same to all searchers. Hopefully someone will soon have a truly Happy Thanksgiving day – this year – or next. JDA

          • Attempting to think anyone knows who was closet, is about as easy as understand what and where the correct first clue is.
            Ya might want to ask yourselves how many books were sold in the first few years… 500 – 700 – 1000?
            LOL that might help you narrow it down.
            The funny thing is, I recall how paranoid many got when fenn made that comment, or everyone knew who he referred to, and many just knew the chest would be found in 2013, then 14, then 15, then in 2016 or was it 2017… But lets face it… we just know 2018 will be the year. Well according to those who know they were so close, because they know what the blaze is or hoB or solved the poem, once again, on that long lonely ride home, just knowing where they slipped up, from a positive/solve search in 2017, right?

            I’m gonna go out on the ledge here and make a prediction… the chest might be found before the year 3009. But please to don’t hold me to it.

          • I agree seeker.
            There is so much we have learned since my first conversation with you regarding being brave. I’ve learned it is being a Brave, as well as every almost every clue past clue 4 has a double meaning exception of clue 9.This is the reason I am having a hard time waiting for June but we will see, it just all may be a Native American dream.

  5. Nicky G,
    You are correct, we are all a bunch of loonies and we love to spend all our crazy time in the woods searching for a treasure that you say 10 years but really only 7 so maybe it’s only 1/3 of the way to China. Hold on one second, I think I see someone wearing a China mans hat. Nope sorry was just a pointed boulder. Hey Peggy can I please hide this treasure since it’s not my life’s savings….I can see who wears the pants in your family. Just my crazy opinion

  6. This is going to be the longest winter of my life,
    Hope June 1st comes very fast. I can only say one thing, how the heck have all you regulars kept your sanity through the years, please give me some pointers…. and please don’t say just shut up trailblazer. Because honestly I can’t!!

    • In all seriousness, do research in the winter and develop theories, solves, and work to crack the poem…and plan for new trips and BOTG at the right time.

    • LOL …Slow down TrailBlazer… I want to enjoy Turkey Day first, and new years… and others like to ski, and no matter how old I get… it’ still fun to do a few donuts in a snow covered parking and write my name in the snow. Although, these days I only use my initials.

      • A pot a day (coffee)
        Makes the crazies go away
        But just a few jitters in between
        Have a good day Covert1

      • I concur, Seeker. Can’t wait to go tubing in winter white with the family, followed by a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm the insides afterwards is really nice.

    • What is the name of the coffee you buy. The check the USPTO web site and see if that leads you anywhere.

      It is like the old trick where you ask a group of people to:

      1. Pick a number in your head between 1 and 9.
      2. Multiply that number by 9 =
      3. Add the two digits togeather
      4. subtract 5 from that sum
      5. Think of the corresponding letter of the alphabet A=1 B=2
      6. Using that letter, think of any country of the world that begins with that letter.
      7. After you pick a country….take the last letter of the country and think of an animal that starts with that letter…..
      8. Now I will guess the animal you were thinking of….
      9. either a kangaroo or just maybe a koala bear.

      How did I do?

  7. Hah! Got it!! (It’s only taken me the best part of a month.)

    2 quartz stones
    2 quarts
    2 x 2 pints

    • Not only that, but there’s something else in those stones that’s just confirmed another part of my solve.

      Thanks Dal, if you hadn’t published it would never have come to me!

  8. alot of people leave their sign in the mountains,mine is stacking stones on top of each other.just to say I was here.its my thing.highlighted usually means yellow,so I’m leaning on the yellow areas on the map.forrest idea,was a good idea,cause nobody has any idea where the chest is hidden.we all got ideas.its all ideas,thoughts,plans,I think,I know,I guess,no we don’t know,now,dang it forrest ,I need justification,breath,live,laugh and love.happy thanksgiving everyone.does anyone know if all mr. forrest books have been mailed out,mr. copper,no book yet,oh well.I’m having fun reading this blog and your ideas,I am blessed.

  9. Hi voxpops …

    Thank you for your write-up and photos. I can understand your frustrating experience. And, my goodness, the amount of money you have spent in travel. I’d say perhaps you are one of the few of us who does not even need a chest of gold. 🙂

    But what I detect in your write-up here is an example of why, in my opinion, it’s best NOT to do BOTG too soon. Until a searcher is near certain of the location, there’s no point in wasting money on travel. Your main problem, it seems to me, is something that you yourself acknowledged in your write-up; impatience. Why spend all that travel money when you are not near certain of the hidey spot? I don’t understand the mentality of multiple, costly long distance trips to the Rocky Mountains.

    Given your frustration, this comment of yours is telling … “I knew I was onto something”. No, you didn’t “know”; you suspected. All your previous research led you to a conclusion. But once in the field, since you had spent all that time, money, and effort, you convinced yourself that you were “onto something”. That’s confirmation bias. All the little items you detect in the photographs and on the ground are just confirmation bias of a predetermined solution, in my opinion.

    Would suggest you take off some time, maybe not make a trip in 2018, and instead revisit your assumptions and logic. Then, during 2018, come up with a different location that makes as much sense as the one in this write-up, that didn’t work out.

    Yes, it’s hard to start over. But it beats unproductive repetition.

    Ken (in Texas)

    • Ken, you bring up some good points.

      Unfortunately, I have a solve based on a method – not an end point. I have no means of knowing where the end is until I’ve been BOTG. Until fairly recently, I have been like every other searcher in that I’ve been convinced that I’ve found the hidey space from my research, otherwise I wouldn’t have made the trip. I have quit thinking like that because it was becoming quite clear that the clues were repeating themselves, and the “drawing” was becoming more complex. I can only surmise that I now have a final solution.

      You’re right that “I knew I was onto something” is revealing a subjective feeling and cannot be stated as fact. But it’s incorrect to say that once BOTG I was subject to confirmation bias. Where I came up with nothing and was flummoxed I say so. I don’t try to convince myself of something that can’t be substantiated in my mind. I have no wish to fool myself. I may be mistaken with my evidence, but that’s a little different.

      As for the “little things” I’ve found, I would be much more circumspect about them if they were big and bold. It’s the slight anomalies – the aberrations that live out on the edge – that catch my attention.

      To be honest, if I’d known the trajectory was going to be so long and involved, I might have thought differently about getting into the Chase in the first place. Yes, for someone in my shoes it’s a very expensive enterprise. But quitting before the last stone is turned is not something that would sit well with me.

      I appreciate you efforts to “save me from myself,” but I may not be as delusional as some here like to think.

  10. Dear Mr..Vox—

    It was good to read your post to confirm I am not the only one going loco.

    I have just returned on a 48 hour, 1,500 mile car ride to check out some top secret information. Unfortunately the trail went cold and I drove back to Kansas empty handed. Now I’ll have to eat crow, (once again) You listening f ?

    I have though come to realize that nearly all if not all Mr. f’s stories or statement have some cryptic meaning! For instance, Mr.f is fond of quoting “two people can keep a secret if…one is dead!”.

    IMO That is one very big clue. The treasure plan was hatched by Mr.f and presented to hobb’s acquaintance. The acquaintance had something Mr. f needed. The deal was struck…. and subsequently Mr. acquaintance naturally…….. (died of natural causes I believe). Now only Mr.f knows. I know it sounds crazy, but true. IMO Mr. f just loves to give you a clue and place it right under our nose.

    For those of you at the book signing, he was slinging clues out (IMO) like a hot dog vendor at a baseball game. ie..Remember the cute story about when he visited China and saw all the farmers talking at every intersection? Do you think….this might have a clue in there or is it just a cute story?

    Mr. Vox want to see my wild boar skull I found?? It’s lucky I have training in forensics. Four shots to the head, 22 calp. First shot nearly directly above the boar, as if in a tree, based upon the angle of entry.. The remaining three, execution style between the eyes, but too elevated in trajectory missing the medulla. That’s why it took two more shots. It was nearly fully grown but less than a year old as not all the fascial growth plates had fused.

    I have judged it to be suie..cide.

    Best regards

    Sherif Billy

    • Oh, There was a rattlesnake next to the skull. I’m not a herpetologist, but it looked like it had a smile on it’s face.

    • You know, there are plenty of mad people ruling the world, so maybe being loco is not such a disqualifier after all!

      The China story fits right into my solve…

  11. Voxpops,
    Somehow I cannot reply to your comment above, so my reply is down here.
    I never claimed that I have inside information. My info is based on studies of Mr Fenn’ s scrapbooks. One of the srapbooks was released right after SHE got really close to the chest. I cannot tell how close, I assume she was 200 feet away. I also think that she was the only one within 200 feet. Obviously this is my opinion only.

    • Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. Yes, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if a female searcher came within a couple of hundred feet.

      The spot that I’m looking at as my potential hiding place is readily accessible, and could easily have been close to where someone was searching.

      • Mr. Vox-

        I think we have the same solve, but for different reasons. Did you come to that spot by solving the poem or using numbers? If you had to guess, what would be Mr. f’s favorite flower? I can think of maybe two, either would be acceptable.


        • I used numbers and solved the poem, Sherif. One goes hand in hand with the other in my solution.

          I’m afraid I’m useless with flower names, so I’ve no idea what FF’s favorite might be!

          • Maybe as a numerologist or whatever your occupation is …. you have zoomed in too close to google earth….try google maps

            “Don’t bother me with that map (The poem)….I’m blazing a trail”

            author unknown

          • I only use GE when I’m checking out timelines or wanting to get a better idea of topology. 95% of the time I use Google Maps. Unfortunately, you can only detect the anomalies I’ve reported by zooming into the top couple of levels of magnification, since the relevant items are mostly just a few feet across.

        • Mr. Vox-

          Bonus question
          Now we’re getting somewhere….

          Mr. f in one of his stories tells of how he and his wife dressed as cannibals for a costume party and won the grand prize. Using my theory that every story has a cryptic clue somewhere and Mr. f’s love for history, the cannibals represent a famous crime in American history.

          Dressing and masquerading as American Mohawk indians, boarded a ship whose contents belonged to the East Indian Company, and dispersed it into Boston harbor. (Remember Mr. f ‘s story?)

          Can you tell me the southwestern city where we should meet over a cup of British tea? (Do you see why I was concerned about Zapsoid1234 or whatever his name is?)


          • (Hint) Recalling Mr.f ‘s story about the ball of string he collected as a boy….two or more strands of string make…..

          • You’ll have to forgive me, SB, but I’ve been almost a poem purist from day one, not wanting to confuse myself with too much in the way of external information. So I’ve never read that story.

            You’re presumably referencing the Boston Tea Party, but I don’t know how that fits into the Chase. AFAIK, Zaphod has been a Montana searcher for a long time (although my memory could be playing tricks).

            I’ve just seen your string/rope question. I’m thinking you might get further asking me a more direct question. If I can answer I will, but I won’t reveal my search area or path.

  12. Dear Mr. Vox–

    Does your intersection solve involve coordinates , roads, or physical landmarks, or just luck?

    Best regards;


    • My solve involves a number of intersections based on coordinates. One intersection that lies early in the trajectory could not be fully coordinated until I’d completed about three-quarters of my solve.

      The one that was revealed after finding the first omega was based on coordinates that were many miles away from the intersection. This one caused me the most difficulty as it required pinpoint accuracy to find the correct point of intersection, without which it would not have been possible to progress.

      The one that lies most close to the final spot reveals a physical landmark that helps to explain much of the Chase as well as how to deal with the ending.

      No roads were used to find my intersections. Physical features were mainly confirmatory. And if I’d had a little more luck this would be over by now! 😉

  13. Voxpops,

    There seem to be several here that want to post negative about your theories and your story. Keep on moving forward as some attempt to criticize when they themselves don’t have the chest in hand. Who are they to criticize your hard work? Or question your theories about a solve? These are the same people that like to ask you questions about your solve all the while putting it down because they say it’s not correct.

    Here’s to you and your efforts – whether your theory is right or wrong matters not:

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt

    Covert One

    • Covert One,

      I thank you sincerely for that comment. It means a great deal to me, especially as it gets pretty lonely not being able to fully share what is keeping me going. It’s something I must also strive to remember when interacting with others who have their own ideas.

      But I understand why people with strong convictions would question things that don’t agree with their own solutions, and if they ask questions I will try to answer as best I can. What I find difficult is the out-of-hand dismissal that some feel obliged to convey. They might be surprised if they knew what lies behind this seemingly off-the-wall solution!

      • Mr. Vox-

        My deputy and I agree, you are to be commended for IMO you are close, very close.

        I too am dying to tell the rest of the story(s). My fear is someone will get lucky and skip to the end, disappear leave everyone hanging. Speaking of hanging, SB has some important sheriff work today and can’t reply to any posts.

        Looking ahead, the weather forecast is predicting that it is going to be a White Christmas. (Mr. f, I am on to you. The deputy and I are in your tracks.) You can’t make this stuff up.

        I need an opera coach, anyone have any suggestions?

        Best Wishes to all

        SB & DK

      • You’re welcome voxpops.

        I agree that some might be surprised if they knew more about a particular solve but, like you say, you can’t share with them.

        I do find it interesting how some here get frustrated when one doesn’t answer their questions posted here – like there’s some obligation to engage in their banter. While visiting at the book signing earlier this month, several searchers told me the same thing – basically, certain posters like to bash others when they themselves don’t have the correct solve!

        Good luck in the search – stay safe!

        • Thank you, Covert One. I’ve noticed an unfortunate and rising level of antagonism, both between searchers and directed at FF recently. Most of it seems to occur on another blog, but I do get the feeling that there is a sort of “proprietorial arrogance” among a handful of people, generally.

          I wish you good fortune, too!

          • Mr. Vox–

            I think about 60-70% of all tea is consumed in Britain. What is your favorite brand?

            Sheriff Billy drinks white tea for Parkinson’s disease. I get the tea shipped directly from the Hunan Spark Tea Co. in the Fugan providence.

            Now you know Sherrif Billy has Parkinson’s, you had better duck under a table if he draws his gun. (Itchy trigger finger)

          • You know, I like a good strong cup of Tetley’s, particularly in the morning. Otherwise, for a special occasion, a fragrant Darjeeling, perhaps from Twinings, fits the bill.

            Fight that Parkinson’s, SB! And I’ll remember that itchy finger should we ever run into one another!

          • Romans 12:12

            Be joyful in hope
            Be patient if affliction
            Be patient in prayer

            Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

      • Voxpops,

        If your solve feels right to you then I say go with the flow.

        You just never know, you might surprise everyone with finding that T.C that has eluded chasers for so long.

        Where about in the U.K do you live?

        I live in Scotland and I am planning a trip out to the Rockies next summer to put my solve to the test.

        However I am keeping my solve close to my chest

        So no disrespect to yourself my friend, but I hope that your solve is wrong and that mine is right.

        Ronnie the Scot

        • Ronnie, I wish you all the best for your trip – but you’d better hurry! If you find it, I’ll toast your win with a good Scotch malt!!

          I live in Wales, although I’m an import from over the border. They tolerate me here!

          • Mr. Vox–

            People that drink and know their tea have an advantage IMO. Remember, I think every story (tea with Olga) is a clue close that special spot.

            Mr. f didn’t want to exclude coffee drinkers so he included a big clue for them too. Don’t believe me? Check out the patent/trademark web site.

            White tea is very good for everyone. Ever wonder why it is difficult to tell the age of Chinese people? That IMO is one of the reasons.

            Where’s my gun?


    • There are also several here that inquire about postings like this one, with question related to fenn statements, but hardly ever answered, but more than likely, run around those statements or make excuses…

      While it a great moral pump, feel goods, and enthusiastic to knock the “critics”… or… critiquers. I hardly ever see those type of folks whine about “time and money” after all that feel good crap of blood and sweat, valiant, devotion, victory and defeat…. seriously Covert One… doesn’t it get very old hearing the same crap about how much hard work, time, and money spent by some who don’t want to hear anything else but… ‘Hey good job’ and bragged about how you will find it the very next time out, again’

      LOL But can’t stand having another say… ‘hey bud, ya might be missing something!!! Didn’t fenn say this or that…’ and take it as an attack or an insult or call the response rude or uncalled for…
      I thought the blog was meant to actually chat about this whole challenge, and not just a place to get an ego boost pat on the back.
      There is a difference between “a critic” and “critiquing”…

      • Seeker, it’s the passive-aggressive, generally mocking tone of some questions that make it less likely that those questions will be answered. It might be worth reading your own post above to see what I’m talking about.

        FWIW, I don’t post on here to whine, nor to elicit sympathy or praise. I post because these are the facts, feelings and discoveries that pertain to my particular Chase. A few might actually be interested, you never know.

        Every time I post a story, I get a similar response from you. You have built a lot of credibility in the Chase through your remarkable level of questioning and analysis. I don’t ever try to match that, and rarely post here between BOTG trips because I can’t offer anything but a one-trick-pony solution. But it’s that basic solution that’s actually bringing me results, slowly but surely. I would welcome hearing about your own recent searches, although because I come here less often than I used to I may have missed them.

      • My comment to you started ~ “But apparently others have been there… noticeable trash here and there. I’m just wondering where the trees are, or the animals, or the smells of pine…” [followed by the quote reference]
        My inquiry … whether you think that is passive aggressive, general mocking tone or not … was a very simple observation to your location and about fenn’s comment to the location.

        Your response was; I’m very happy with my solve area, Seeker, and I hope you are with yours.

        This is your posting of your theory and thoughts and ideas, on a blog meant for discussion of the chase and related chatter… you end run the obvious question, that I think many would like to have asked…
        Why do you bother with telling everyone about your process if not wanting to know how others really think about it or have questions about it???

        You say ~ I post because these are the facts, feelings and discoveries that pertain to my particular Chase. A few might actually be interested, you never know.

        Is that all your doing?
        That’s a very serious question… Just posting for others whom might be interested in hearing you, but not those who critique what is being said? or inquire a about what was stated or pictures you provided… dismissing a reasonable question [as shown above ], but comment to other with thank you’s because they tell you how wonderful it all is?

        Good to know… thanks for the clarification.
        That was not meant to be passive aggressive, general mocking tone… that was actually “snarky”

        • Seeker, all the places I referenced in my post are miles from the end spot, and so I can’t actually answer the question truthfully as I haven’t been there.

          But beyond that I have a feeling that Forrest may have been referencing what was in his mind’s eye. I believe that there is an element of time involved in the Chase. The landscape and what was in it would have been very different in past eras.

          • As far as answering questions generally, if you ignore most of the “thank you” posts above, you’ll see that in the substantive ones I try to answer questions as well as I can.

            I do get tired of your accusations (whining, looking for adulation etc.) and so that probably colors the way I respond to you. It happens every time.

          • See Vox,
            When you say something like; “… I have a feeling that Forrest may have been referencing what was in his mind’s eye. I believe that there is an element of time involved in the Chase. The landscape and what was in it would have been very different in past eras.”

            You don’t think that is gonna raise an eyebrow of the readers to ask…What? How do you come to that conclusion [even if only in thought] to fenn’s comment?

            “If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine … ” “is” being the word that is key.

            While I can see an element of time involved as well, and posted explanation to those theories… you leave it open ended just begging for questions to be ask… but don’t explain any reasoning for longevity of the clues, the landscape now, or even then [whenever then refers to] lol…. but you provide the idea that; a scrap piece of tire, an abandon propane tank, a broken bowl? has significance, or are possible “pointers”…

            Might a more reasonable reason for the propane tank be there; someone was using it and it fell of their PU. OR the “pottery” was used for a dog bowl and broke while a hunter and his dog were out chasing rabbits?

            Just curious did you happen to check the expiration date on the tank? If made after 2010 or has an expiration date 2022, it might not have any involvement with the chase?

            But I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to ask those obvious questions, because your happy with your solve… so I won’t ask.

          • “You don’t think that is gonna raise an eyebrow of the readers to ask…What? How do you come to that conclusion [even if only in thought] to fenn’s comment?”

            Yes, it might well raise an eyebrow, and I don’t really have an answer for you other than to say it’s something that has occurred to me as a possibility – mere conjecture, if you like. As I indicated, I can only surmise what might be at the spot. I’m pretty sure you can see mountains, trees and animals, but I don’t know what you can smell. But you see, I really don’t spend a lot of time on the stuff outside the poem, and a lot of that is unresolved. Is the 200′ / 500′ talking about a horizontal plane, vertical elevation or something else? It’s just not productive to waste time on that. I believe all the essential info is in the poem.

            “Might a more reasonable reason for the propane tank be there; someone was using it and it fell of their PU.
            Of course, and I stated it was probably coincidence. It just happened to be there and pointing in the right direction. I only briefly scanned the label and didn’t notice a date. The important thing for me at that location was the inverted omega.

            OR the “pottery” was used for a dog bowl and broke while a hunter and his dog were out chasing rabbits?”
            Could be. How could I know for certain? But if it was a dog bowl, it would have had to have been one mighty big dog, and the hunter didn’t mind carrying such a heavy item. What was interesting to me was that it lay in a significant spot and was from a company that had disappeared many years ago. All I can say is that it helped me move forward to find the frog, the reversed question mark, the omega and the stone triangle.

            “But I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to ask those obvious questions, because your happy with your solve… so I won’t ask.”
            There you go again with the passive-aggressive stuff. Please stop, if you want to have any kind of serious discussion.

  14. There is a reason Y Forrest said “ It was vital that nobody share my knowledge about the location of the treasure”. Don’t let money, ego, and fame push your desire to find the treasure and read between the lines. This has been Forrest’s quest for spiritual healing IMO so please have some respect for the man.
    Just sayin

    • I actually think you may be right about the “healing” part. I have my own theories about the spirituality that may lie behind the Chase, and, as others have said, I think this is also to honor members of his family.

      As for me, I’m not interested in the fame or gold, though I would like to “replenish the pot,” but I suppose my ego would welcome vindication of my almost five year quest!

      • IMO It is a historical sacred American Indian site. Very beautiful…I just can’t find it with my metal detector.

        Mr. PDenver- was that you that saw me walking down the road with my metal detector, slowed down to a near stop, and then decided not to chance engaging in conversation a couple of weeks ago?

        Best regards


          • Thanks JDA-

            Actually a woman was driving the Jeep with Colorado plates and I think a male passenger.

        • That’s interesting, SB. I’ve no idea whether my spot is sacred to Native Americans (although I suspect they regard the whole of North America as sacred land). I’m assuming that your solution lies away from official Indian territory.

          • Mr. Vox-

            On your next trip out there, I’m tempted to meet you in Denver and take you to the search area. We could check out the leprechauns in the Denver Museum of Natural History. I have deputized “the boys” and they are doing recon work as we speak.

            I have a place in the mountains nearby. Do you ski?
            (Yes, I know it is not that close to our search area)


          • That’s a nice idea, SB. Are leprechauns trustworthy? I don’t know when I’ll be in the States again – could be a last-minute dash depending on the way the spring weather develops.

            I’m afraid I am utterly useless at all sports (apart from Scrabble, which doesn’t involve too much hand-eye coordination), and never learned to ski (not much opportunity in the backstreets of London!). And these days, I’m just too decrepit. But what a marvelous thing to have a place in the mountains!

      • Please Vox don’t let his special spot become a boost for the media. It is more then about his family, it is only about a man that was put to a position of grave consequences by the US government. At a time when patriotism was at it’s best. I watched a great man my “Father” drink himself to death because of his respect for his country during the Vietnam war. It’s about a soul not a family. Just my honest opinion from my heart and soul.

        • Rest assured, 1trailblazer, that if (and that’s a huge IF) I were to find it, I would never reveal the final location. I would write about my search and the methodology, but would stop short of indicating the final spot.

  15. Please post your search failures but if you find the chest “Go in Peace” as Forrest has said, not because of legalities but for peace for all involved.
    Just my random thoughts and I don’t care less about anyone opinion or remarks and never have.

  16. We all need to quit having the John Wayne attitude. My mother fed him at Hoag Hospital while he was on his death bed. The stories I know from fact. He was not the man we portray him as. So if you all want to be John Wayne have some compassion and quit the true grit attitude.
    My opinion as usual

  17. Mr. Vox-

    I’ll teach you to ski. You just have to learn to let gravity do the work. (Don’t lean uphill, unless you want to turn)

    OK one more thing… and then I have to get to work..

    IMO Here is how it went down…

    Mr. f in his conquest of his hobbies happened to cross paths with a Jewish immigrant from about the time of WW II. (remember the Jewish uncle story) Now remember, f likes history and famous people. Now it just so happens this fellow had tried to join the tenth mountain division when the U.S. entered the war, but was denied because they thought he might be a German spy. (He at this point could barely speak English)

    Now this Jewish fella ends up joining the regular army and sees combat. However, since he speaks fluent German, his superiors start using him as an interpreter, and is transferred to Army intelligence (Enter Valorie Plame) for interrogating German prisoners. Mr. immigrant rises in rank as his dedication to his cause saves thousands of Allied lives. His intelligence is invaluable to the war effort. (enter MacArthur and others)

    Now the immigrant keeps his code name after the war and starts a family business. At one point they even had a mule called……..lightning

    whaaaaaat? (go figure, I’m telling you can’t make this stuff up.) After a couple of decades of very hard work, the family business is failing, a victim to big corporations. (enter Mr. f , stage right)

    IMO Mr. f with a very big heart seeks to help this man and his family who gave so much to his new adopted country. (enter Mr. f’s marketing classes 101). Mr. f offers Mr. immigrant a plan to help his business. He needs something Mr. immigrant owns, which the plans needs to survive both of them. (enter 1000 years) The deal is struck and the master of marketing (Mr.f) goes to work. (Enter The Thrill Of The Chase).

    Mr. Immigrant passes away a few years later, and his family continues the businessfor several more years (Enter Mr. Ham Hocks , remember Mr.f recent pig stories)

    Mr. HH a qualizillionaire and loves the family business even though he is from “The City”. He offers to buy the business from the family. The plan is starting to work, but the family doesn’t know about it and that it is about to take off. Only Mr. f…

    The family votes and sells the bus to Mr. Ham Hocks. Still only Mr f knows the secret (one is now dead). They say money attracts money. Mr. Ham Hocks now stands to see his investment sky rocket when the media figures out the general vicinity of Indulgence resting place.

    Yes it is a very special place… a holy place, really. But Mr.f made a decision to help his friend and share this special place which he loves with the nation.

    IMO If you found it and didn’t show the solve… you ruin the intended result and their plan. IMO

    Best regards to all.

    God bless you Mr. Fenn, we need more people like you….

    Rest in peace Ernie. Thank you

    • Wow! That’s one hell of a story. I don’t know where you got it from, but if it’s sleuthing then kudos to you!

      • Mr. Vox—

        It is the true life story of “White Christmas” (and I still can’t find it) Mr.f plays both Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby.

        Mr. Vox you just helped me….. The line “So hear me all and listen good” is code for singing the I’m dreaming of a white christmas, the hit song that came from the movie. I thought it had to do with the Opera students they have nearby. That piece confirms the story IMO Let me know when you want to pick you up in Denver.

        Do e rae me …


        • Oh, by the way….one more fun tid-bit. “Your effort will be worth the cold” Which is code for it will be worth following Mr. f’s tracks. You have to have unlocked the word that is key, and then you can unlock the other words. IMO

          SB and DK

          • Vox buddy-
            I could never figure how Mr. f would know if the chest had been found. Like many I thought maybe he could see the area on web cam or maybe had a lo-jak inside that would be activated when you cracked the lid.

            But remember Mr. f had originally put a personal check for $100,000 drawn his bank? When the finder cashed it he would know….But he found a better way……(enter his Jewish friend)
            sooooo…. important was what the friend put in the chest…No one, No one…would not claim it.

            “There’s one surprize in the chest that I don’t want to talk about, other to say I don’t want to talk about it. The finder is going to be very pleased” quoting Mr. f from memory. It could be slightly different.

            Sometimes here in Kansas we say..”The trail went cold”…..That is how f is using cold. IMO
            And still I can’t find it.


          • Sheriff Billy, my apologies for my earlier comment, sometimes I shouldn’t say anything. It’s so easy to get your fingers texting and your mind just won’t shut down. My apologies too the blog and Dal
            Going to just spectate for awhile

    • Sheriff Billy, glad we all have opinions and stories that go with them.I really think IMO Forrest Fenn’s plan had nothing to do with anyone making a kajillion dollars. Put if they did maybe they could pay off the national debt to save this broke and broken country. When you spend 800 trillion dollars on defense it only means we failed at any type peace in this technological world. Let’s go back to the days of the first mountain men. I bet when their looking down on us now, they are thankful Yellowstone was protected or we would have destroyed that place as well with greed for the almighty American dollar.
      Not an insult just an opinion

      • SHE RIFF,
        A COUPLE OF PLAYS on your name. I could not resist. I really do believe Forrest has something redeemable. Don’t ask me why.
        I think I see A lot of myself in Forrest! Don’t you? I had a dream last night about Forrest. He was visiting my home next to Oregon State University. He was sitting on my porch. He had a tear in his eye for a moment. Not sure why? But I have not lived there in 25 years.
        I pray I find that treasure!

        • Dear Louie–

          I am going to ask you why? You didn’t happen to trip over the treasure….you just tripped over that special word. Now don’t whine, figure it out and you have the master key to the entire poem IMO.

          Let us count our blessings and what we have, instead of what we lack or desire ;

          1 f Billlie

          • II could never tell you why let’s just say it’s “inside “information. Relax people no cameras filming Yogi . You will be alone in there and so will whoever finds it. I’m getting closer. I might have to rent a snow Mobil.

  18. “So often you think that you must have reached the end, but no, there’s yet another stage to complete… and then another.”
    I feel like I wrote that Vox! People think that when you find the blaze you will automatically find the chest. The solution is meant to be more difficult
    than that and I agree that the finder will truly have to be a very persistent searcher.


    • I have been stunned at how much has been involved in my search. It’s one of the reasons I was muttering imprecations aimed at FF during my recent foray – I’d almost reached the end of my tether, but clearly not the Chase! I’m still following the same trajectory I began more than two years ago. I almost envy people with a five mile start-to-finish search area. If it hadn’t been for the little discoveries I’ve made, I would almost certainly have quit a long while ago. Maybe FF knew that people would need something to hold them in the Chase.

      I hope you’re making good progress, randawg. May the persistent win!

    • randawg,
      I think there is more to do after found/discover/finding the blaze, However, what is it that will be obvious for us [ a searcher]…
      Q~ Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey
      A~ Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f

  19. What a great write-up! Thank you for sharing. I really appreciated the beginning, the discussion on money spent and the self torture we put ourselves trying to come up with the correct solve. The chest will be found when it’s ready to be found. And the searcher that finds it will be comfortable finding it…I hope for their sake.
    Well done Vox, Dal, and Cynthia.

    • This is my reply to Seeker and JDA from the post above. Somehow, in this blog I’m not getting the Reply button for levels higher than 4.

      I agree, at the end only Mr Fenn knows for sure who was the person within 200 feet. At the same time I strongly believe that there are subtle hints in most of his scrapbooks (excluding scrapbooks written by Dal and letters from searchers) about general area where the chest is hidden and sometimes general information about the current state of the chase (as in the case of the person that was withing 200 feet).

      The reason I’ve asked you about your usage of ‘WhatIF’ is that I believe when Mr Fenn replied to a searcher, ‘have you considered what if’ (paraphrase, I don’t have the exact quote), he was referring to this particular scrapbook and the special searcher.

      By the way Seeker, I’m gonna go on the ledge here as well and predict that the chest won’t be found in 2018 but there is a fair (better than 75%) chance for someone to find it in 2019.

      Does anybody know how to enable the Reply button for levels higher than 4? Thank you.

      • IMO: Pretty sure Forrest meant. “What if” everyone read the the poem over and over to figure out the clues. It can be done using your own brain power. Also why would anyone give any information of clues past 4. If you actually have the first two clues the rest will come in to play with BOTG. Try it you may like it.
        My opinion with all honesty.

        • 1trailblazer,
          In my opinion the first 2 clues are the easiest. People solved the first 2 clues and then passed the CHEST without knowing it. In my opinion having solved first 4 clues BOTG won’t lead you to the chest, but BOTG will help you to get to the next 5th clue.

          • If you truly are at clue 5. Make sure you look right, look left, look forward, and check your rear view mirror for that damn tailgater.
            Take care and use nothing but common sense.

  20. My initial reaction was something along the lines of “cocaine is a helluva drug” because I don’t follow any of your reasoning, but you say that that’s a function of us not having the beginning points of your methodology so benefit of the doubt combined with whatever makes you happy.

    Keep on keeping on, though I think you’re way off base. My opinion and a dollar will get you a crappy cup of coffee so I suppose take it for what it’s worth.

    • Who knows, FMC? Until the chest is in someone’s hands it’s all conjecture and speculation.

      As for my methodology, I only use what’s in the poem, so anyone can make the same connections. I get the sense that there are a few searchers using similar techniques to me. The one thing I really didn’t understand for quite some time was just how big the big picture is.

      Never mind the crappy coffee, tell me how the heck can I get a decent cup of tea when I’m in the Rockies?

      • Mr. Vox–

        My suggestion is to search for your favorite tea by entering the name and the state you were looking and press enter.

        Report back if you find a place. How much does a round trip ticket to Denver set you back?

        1 F Billy

  21. This is the first winter for me, the waiting and comments more waiting and more comments.
    My opinion is if you use the books and the poem and your own brain power your chances are better to find the chest then asking and searching for help here. Sure look at comments for help or entertainment. But study and study more on your own. If your exerting your brain power here on this blog you will fail. Somebody said something about seasoned searchers naming Dal. Do you see him making far reaching comments about leprechauns and so on and so forth. No you don’t. He is busy enough managing all of us and I’m sure researching what he needs for his next BOTG search. Just my opinion Dal. If I didn’t think in my own backwards bicycle mind that IMO I have the solve, I wouldn’t be here writing my crappy opinion.

    • Mr. Trailblazer–

      Maybe you had better change your handle. You shouldn’t call yourself a “Trailblazer” if you’re hanging with the crowd. IMO I think the end is drawing nigh and the cache will be uncovered within six months. At that time, you will be chewing on crow.

      You see…. leprechauns are very much in the correct solve, and are what Mr. f was referring to when he said to have a child read to poem….. Every child knows Leprechauns have their gold at the end of a rainbow. (The question is…..Where do they hide it when not under a rainbow?”
      For those doubters, with low wattage and no imagination (terrible combo) you might want to ride off the trail and watch this cute video. She knows more than you!

      Sorry you got under my skin. I hate buffalo chiggers.

      Good luck


      • I do believe kids are awesome and still innocent.
        Very interesting and I’ve eaten crow before. I’m sure I am incorrect about my solve but the chase will be awesome when the snow melts. I’ve noticed living in Colorado that the seasons seem to be changing and Winter is starting to begin more into late December as well as spring moving more into April. So my search may be pushed into Late June. Seems the axis of the earth is shifting a bit. I will be the first to call myself a fool. Sometimes low in self esteem
        But I still admit failure with no blame to anyone else. Wasn’t ever trying to get under your skin.
        I just talk way to much.
        Take care

      • Billie
        Maybe we’re on the opposite ends of the rainbow but the colors are the same.
        Again I wish you luck. I can’t wait till the day Forrest disclosed that he has his bracelet back. I’m sure it won’t be me giving it to him because I’m way to new to the search. Forrest said it would take a lot longer to find it then my split second of time making wise owl comments.
        Good day,

    • Trailblazer ~My opinion is if you use the books and the poem and your own brain power your chances are better to find the chest then asking and searching for help here.

      LOL no one is asking for help from others… we’re all just reading comments and solves, waiting long enough, to figure out where it’s not… then, by the process of elimination, just walk right to the chest.
      IT’s Brilliant!!!
      It might take 107yrs, but look at all the tourism money the states will get… YSP could afford to repaint the place and call it Mystical Magenta.

      • Seeker, I’ll re phrase not asking for information but more looking for information to help with their own solve.
        Sorting through this mess is worst then taxable receipts before April 15.

        • If anyone is truly here to find out from other’s anything… that person never had a chance in the first place, imo.
          I think most come here just to chat with other having the same interest, and yes a thought or two.
          How many time have we heard my friends and family are not interested, or partners have given up…
          Here, we can talk to the other 7% of the populace, without too much fear of anybody giving us fashion critiques about our extra long sleeve white jackets.

          • That being the white jacket with connected arms. I’ve been known to fly over that cuckoo’s nest.

  22. Mr. Vox—

    I have to admit, what you found on your trip is very unusual and intriguing.

    IMO it is not terribly close to the treas, but it looks like Mr. f fingerprints.

    Is it possible that coordinates for the location for some of the brass bells that he hid are mixed in with coordinates of the treas? Of course it is! He is messing with us. Then it would be difficult in separating the wheat from the chaff.

    Why else would he tell us about hiding the bells? Those broken dishes were placed in a design intended to last centuries. He picked white so they could be easily seen on google earth. Glazed dinnerware can survive exposed to the elements for centuries and millenia. (Enter Forrest’s love for Indian pottery)

    It is my suspicion Mr. Vox, you sir have stumbled upon the location of at least one of those buried brass bells. Did you closely examine that frog head” Was it stone? Could it have been man made, but carefully crafted heavy pottery that was fired and glazed to the color of the surroundings?

    I suspect if you move that frog head, you would find 4 feet below, one of Mr. frogman’s bells. all IMO

    SB and DK

    • You could be right about the bells, SB, I wouldn’t know. I was simply following where the poem sent me. I have to confess that I was, as usual, really pressed for time and covering a lot of territory, and so I didn’t spend much time around the frog. It could have been fake, but it looked pretty solid to me. It was located at a precise “intersection.”

      The interesting thing about the frog is that it ties in with what little I’ve heard about page 133 in the new book (which I haven’t read). I won’t say what that is, but it was reassuring to me.

      One or two people may be interested in viewing this composite image:

      It ties together the elements of my Chase that relate to squares. The first one (the logs among the trees) was actually my first major visual clue. I discovered it around two years ago after I first started seriously paying attention to poem detail. What I failed to take into account at the time was the missing side to the square.

      The discovery of the first log square sent me to the square(ish) stone perched on the log in the swamp. That stone, in a rock-free location, had managed to levitate itself from the bank and onto the tree trunk and neatly position itself behind the cut-off branch. It had one corner missing. I had to wade out to examine it.

      The two rocks in a triangular shape, described in this story, have two sides absent.

      The square next to the first-discovered omega seems complete (although difficult to precisely discern in a blurry Google close-up.

      It’s taken me until this past month to work out what all this means. It has to do with geometry, and offers a generous insight into how to deal with the final location, IMO.

      • Well, well.. Mr. Vox..

        You see, I believe geometry is also important.
        IMO, scant means rare..

        What is very rare and a geometric shape?

        Put that together with tarry and my offer to teach you to ski still stands.

        Did you find a place to have tea by the way I suggested?

        Best regards;


        • Ah, the tea… it’s not the brand, SB, it’s how to brew it that’s all-important. Unfortunately, the pioneers forgot that skill as they dealt with minor impediments such as how to ward off indignant Native Americans, develop homesteads, and build an economy. Where were there priorities? 😉

          • NO! Please try searching the brand…Remember to think like a dumb American when talking tea.


  23. Insert an interesting factoid here about tea….

    As a part of the national sentiment of Manifest destiny, congress made a grant to railroad companies to lay track out west. Two railroads decided to have a completion to see which could lay track the fastest, in an attempt to connect the Eastern states with California.

    One railroad started in Sacramento heading East and the other started in Omaha and headed west. Now the railroad in California used Chinese coolies who were short and thin boned. The railroad used mostly Irish immigrant laborer who here strong and muscular.

    It didn’t seem fair. (Enter microbiology) The coolies won, laying more track when to two ends met on promissory peak in Utah, uniting the nation. How did that happen?

    You see the coolies always drank tea, for which they had to boil water. The Irish just drank the clear clean cool water straight out of the creek. The Irish crews were always sick with dysentery and the coolies were never healthier…. The two railroads joined together and formed the Union Pacific railroad.

    And now you know the rest of the story..


    • Yes, I remember watching a documentary on the building of that railroad. It’s a fascinating story.

        • Sorry, SB, I’m not on your wavelength regarding tea. Are your referring to Lipton’s (Wikipedia says Sir Thomas Lipton started the brand in Glasgow and in the 1880s founded a packing plant in South Omaha)?

          • Are you talking about Twinings and the whole mirror thing? Sorry, but I’m not really into solving other riddles except the main one!

  24. Mr. Vox—

    You didn’t follow my instructions on how to search for a good cup of tea.
    It’s a Google maps thing. If you will try it, it will wake up like a flash of lightening. IMO


      • Vox-

        That sir is a very special place. Literally a hidden gem. Maybe next summer we could meet up there. Then I could introduce you to “the boys” and their friend Rubedahl. (He has only one eye, I think maybe due to an accident or something) I figure you must do some hiking having done time in the big city. Do you fish? I think they have trout in Scotland, don’t they?

        Best regards always;

        Sherrif Billy

        • It looks lovely, SB, and thanks for the invitation.

          I’m afraid I’m not a fisherman (spent too many years in the urban jungle). Scotland isn’t my home, but I do reside in Pata… sorry, Wales. 😉

          • Mr. Vox–

            Would you do me a favor and consult your Old Gaelic people on that golfing island close to you, to translate the word ….why? The boys told me it might be important.

            Then send me the answer in code or telepathically please.

            Thank you

  25. Voxpops

    Kudos to you for the way you are thinking in your solve. I love the FROG.

    I have found similar things, large and small, including a big 350′ tall F, and I believe these shapes (or similar shapes) are important in the solve.

    When we talked a few months ago on this blog, I believed we were looking in the same area. Now I know we have different solves, but your shapes for confirmation are compelling.

    Really enjoyed your post sir!


    • Thanks, Franklin. There was a little bit more confirmation in the past 24 hours, so I’m feeling reasonably confident.

      I agree with you about finding things on the ground. When I first started the Chase I had no expectation of finding anything prior to Indulgence. But since discovering how to extract specific coordinates from the poem, the shapes/stones etc. just pop up at those locations. Of course it’s possible to mistake things found for Chase objects, but after a while you realize that if you can pick up on the message communicated by the object that is then corroborated by finding the next item, that particular object has to have at least some validity.

      As for the frog, that was at a key intersection. It so clearly resembles a frog that I had no problem at all believing that it forms part of the Chase.

      I wish you all the best in your search!

  26. Wow!!! You sure found quite a few images.
    When I view from google earth you should see the scary images I see. Lol ha ha!!!!

    • It’s the ones I haven’t shared that you should be worried about, Amy. Scary indeed! Mwahaha!!!

        • No white crosses, SB. There are Xs in the Chase, but they manifest in a different way, IMO. If I’m right, there are symbols at the end – one of which is very familiar to all searchers – but no Xs.

          • Mr. Vox–

            Do any of your numbers match up to the area around 36.32656N, -105.42561W?

            I note being from Britain that you may know more about 007 than Billy

          • Hello Billy,

            That area does not feature in my solution.

            I should think I should know more about 007 – who do you think I am?

        • Mr. Vox-

          Can you tell me about the rectangle (box shaped) markings that were made by laying tree branches out on the ground? I also found a couple of them. I wonder of their significance. Very curious finding……?

  27. SB,

    The “branches” were extremely straight and well prepared tree trunks dragged to form three sides of a large square. They were laid out in pretty much perfect formation. There was a fire pit in the middle.

    Although this is in a fairly remote area, and accessibility is weather-dependent, it is clearly used by anglers and the occasional camper, so a fire pit is in evidence here and there. However, none of the others are surrounded by a formation that can be seen from satellite, and all the others take advantage of the location and views. This one is tucked away among the trees and conveniently falls onto a particular north/south line that connects with “water high.”

    • I should add that the trunks were too far away from the rather small fire pit to be of much use as warming places, unless you were trying to gather about thirty or forty people around the fire all together. They were also too low to make comfortable perches. In other words, they served no useful function that I could discern. Seems a lot of work for no real benefit – unless you somehow wanted to mark the spot…

    • Vox-
      My rectangles were carefully made as well, but no firepit. They were in the vicinity or 4 or five gnome houses made of sticks and branches.

      One of the gnome houses had pretty much fallen down but the larger branches were still lashed together with a thin strips of bark.

      Very curious

      • Mr. Vox–

        Do you know if the treas is buried or just concealed? I am wondering if I should trust my metal detector.

        Also, did Folger’s run TV ads there in Britain long ago featuring a Colombian farmer who packed out his coffee beans on a donkey?

        1 f Billy

        • I can’t be certain whether or not it’s buried, but if pressed I’d go with concealed – which could be kind of like buried but without the depth.

          I don’t remember that specific ad, although I vaguely recall sacks on a donkey (but I could be confusing it with something else).

          With regard to the little discoveries in my search, there are a couple of things that I haven’t fully understood yet. Firstly, thinking of Google images, I’m wondering how you can be certain that those will survive for any length of time. With something like the square tree trunk formation, that’s not an issue until the wood rots away, but with the sagebrush images, they are more difficult to create and control. Those that are near and at my final location (which I haven’t shared) would require extremely careful planting or replanting, unless the Google images have themselves been doctored (which has other implications).

          Secondly, and to further muddy the waters, it is almost impossible to see such manipulations of vegetation when BOTG. Stone and log formations are clearly visible on location, and so it may be that other objects were used to generate the satellite images, which are no longer in situ. That would imply that these were only designed to be visible for a limited amount of time. In other words, if the trove was not discovered during FF’s remaining years, it would become progressively harder to confirm ones route.

          Which brings me to another point. All the discoveries I’ve made (physical or online) are helpful but not essential in order to progress. They act as waypoint markers, and some have hints embedded in them. However, the poem sends you to these places (you don’t just wander around until you find something “suspicious”), and so, theoretically, you could armchair-solve the poem. But cleverly, FF hasn’t told you where the end point is, and how many times you must use the clues. So, unless you travel to these defined locations, you can never be certain whether they constitute the hiding place or not. The upshot of this is that this is most definitely a BOTG treasure hunt, and a very long one at that!

          • Vox buddy-

            What’s your profession–may I ask? It would be quite rare for an American to use ” in situ” in a sentence.

            Also in this digital world we now live in…the Google images are permanent. Forgive me if you already know this but, at the top of the image bar,, you can go back in time to see the image back when.

            It would be interesting to see where we diverge on our “solves” since we started at the same WWH. I agree with alot of your statement above, (the end point is not clear).

            Did you think Professor F placed several decoy blazes along the way. The fella with the donkey and sacks, is a way point. IMO Mr. F drank “always save ” coffee when he was alone camping. I have one of his empties in my office. I found it in a milk crate hidden in the woods near to blaze # 2 IMO



          • I’m not sure what I think about decoy blazes, SB, as that could really screw up a searcher. That said, I do think that some of the markers can easily be misconstrued, making you think you’ve “arrived” when you’ve really only “pulled in for some gas.” Hang onto your finds, they may be valuable one day!

            As far as GE is concerned, the picture of the second “asterisk” (the one that looks like a lighthouse or keyhole) is not visible prior to 2010, and fortunately the image is clear enough to discern that (often they’re too blurry). It was formed post-2009 according to GE’s image dates. That’s what gave me added confidence that I was on the right track.

            Given that the Chase is so huge (IMO), it’s easy for searchers with the same starting point to diverge along the way. Interpretations vary so much. But once you lock onto the coordinate-solving method, it becomes easier to keep on track.

            I’m retired now, but sometimes revert to words that popped up during my legal training many decades ago – although I quit that line of work before qualifying.

          • Vox, ~ ‘Those that are near and at my final location (which I haven’t shared)’

            Didn’t you? What’s the purpose of the first pic posted – ‘go in peace’ if that is not an overview of the search area?

          • Seeker, that paragraph is referring to Google images, such as the picture of the asterisk or the smiley face. I haven’t shared the images that I’ve found at and near what I believe to the hiding place. They contain both information and verification and so I didn’t want to include them.

            Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my story, I screwed up and never went to the correct ending point during my last BOTG search. And as all my waypoints are miles from each other, I don’t have any pics of the actual final search location. So, as far as the first photo in the story is concerned, that’s a general view of one of the areas I visited. I liked it and thought it had a peaceful aspect, hence the caption.

  28. SB, I did answer your coordinates question in the negative, but it hasn’t shown up above. I must have said something very naughty!

    • No No Vox—-Two donkeys!

      Why, you’re leading me down the garden lane…are you ?

      Have I convinced you or are you going to switchback on me?

      Sherif Billy

  29. Vox…your “Closing In” has been up a while. I just now read it.
    Interesting….I like all of the rock pictures(esp. the frog). The GE pictures make my eyes hurt…but I did like the one you modified with the anchor drawing. I think you may be on to the treasure and the naysayers just don’t see it the way you do. I think you could safely show the rest of your pictures…and no one would even notice.
    Thanks for sharing…and good luck!

    • Thanks for your comments, Ken. Yes, the Google pics are difficult to study due to the level of magnification. Understandably, I think a lot of people dismiss them owing to the fact that they are not crystal clear, and of course I haven’t revealed why the places where they appear are so important.

      I was in two minds about posting as I knew that the majority of people would get nothing from the story, but at the same time I was curious to see how many people might be curious.I don’t mind the naysayers at all, because I know what these images represent to me and am confident in myself.

      I did post a couple of further pics as part of a composite image in reply to Sherif Billy above – but to understand them you’d need to read the post. As for posting them all, you’re probably right – but I need to hold a few things in reserve… for now!

      • Vox..are the water pics. where you went diving? Or was that a different spot? That must have been a sight to see!

        • Diving may be a rather grand word for it, but I did slip and sit down in the water a couple of times, if that counts! You have a good memory, ken!!

          That seems like a long time ago now, but it was a turning point for me – in more ways than one. It’s been a long haul…

  30. After reading all of that the only thing I can think is sickness. No plan just running around frantically trying to find anything that you can make to look like a clue. This makes me sad.

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