C C or Ω Ω …

November 2017

by B


I came across this picture a few months back while doing some research on New Mexico. It made my heart stop when I first saw it. It is an old grave marker, the church is just a pile of bricks now. I imagine it was a breath taking spot in it’s day & it still is in my opinion. History is all that remains & the sound of the wind through the tall grass.


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  1. The Omegas…are Oxbow Lakes or meanders in a river/stream….they would be prevalent in the mind of a fisherman I would think. But CC could be correct if we turn the entire book sideways to match….although it would be difficult to read.

  2. That is a CC to me as in Candy cane But I think the back of the book. The omega omega I think represents horseshoe horeshoe. But as with everything else I am guessing.

    • I guess the ques tie on wood be W.here in Knew Mexico? I sit 8.25 N. of the Saints Faith ? Untill the n….my money rides on the 2 horse shoe turn signs in the wood, “La Madera”.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially Dal for hosting this site. Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. Not sure if anyone has shared this, but the omega is the basic shape of the astrological sign for LEO. Could the double omegas be a representation of two Leo symbols side by side? Two lives so to speak? (before and after cancer)?

    • What I find interesting is that the Omegas also mean, great, I kind of like the idea of them being the two lions at Bandalier National Park.

  5. To clarify that a bit. Forrest was born under Leo (8-22-30). He had cancer and almost died. He was given a second chance (a second lif so to speak). So, two Leo signs. Interestingly. The sign of Leo comes right after the sign for Cancer in the Zodiac.

  6. The stone is shaped with an arch left top corner and right top corners, if it were made to stand the test of time it’s probly CC not Omega, Omega.. I like Sparrow think the symbol of Omega is the beginning of a life and the end of a life, this poem has a life put in the “it” as it has a beginning and ultimately an end. After studying it for several years, the time has come to look from the end backward toward WWWH. Deeper meaning of perhaps tears?

    TT PS I am sneaking some Pumpkin pie and coffee….now when do we get the left over turkey?

  7. One man’s GC is another man’s CC and another ladies horse shoes are another ladies Double Omegas. One thing is for sure, it looks like a rabbit trail and smells like a rabbit trail…so it must be a …clue???

  8. The more I stare at this the more I’m laughing yea it does look like a grave stone for CC Good one B Leave this stone alone danger zone

  9. It is definitely a CC but you should find out what it means first. Most of the larger ranches have the double omega on their signs. One comes to mind is across from the Casa Del Gavilan named Express Ranch

        • That’s funny, Randawg.

          There was a contest featured on the boxes of Captain Crunch cereal back in 1985 called…”Where’s the Cap’n?”

          I just found this on YouTube…


          I was one of the 10,000 winners to win $100. True story.

          As a young boy scout back in the mid-80s that was a lot of money to me. I remember buying a nice backpack with some (most?) of the money.

          That was probably the nicest prize I ever won in my life up to this point. In a contest I mean.

          If I recall correctly…the Cap’n was on the moon. :/

          I hope that gravestone doesn’t belong to Captain Crunch. That would be really sad. I consider him to be a friend of mine.

          (And I pity the poor fool that don’t eat his cereal.) 🙂

  10. Isn’t Omega the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Alpha(the beginning) and Omega(the end).

    Alpha, where warm waters halt.
    Omega, the blaze.

  11. This stone is not in New Mexico its in Oklahoma thanks to the research of a good researcher. And it’s a GC But all in all we like the CC goodbye CC R.I P

    • I never said it was in New Mexico, only that I was doing research on New Mexico.

      Perfect example of people reading what they want & not what was really said. I think a lot of folks do that with Mr. Fenn’s words.

        • The morning I posted the picture the topic was the different examples of double omegas & what they could be. This was my example of what it could be, one of many examples, that’s all, just sharing.

  12. “CC”….definitely the final resting place of someone who is….Clearly Clueless!

  13. For Rip and Fleet and Capt. Kirk -T.R.

    I want God, I want poetry,
    I want danger, I want freedom,
    I want goodness, I want sin.
    – Aldous Huxley

    Sometimes naked
    Sometimes mad
    Now the scholar
    Now the fool
    Thus they appear on earth:
    The free men.
    – Hindu verse

    I’d rather fight the good fight until my very last breath than to live in chains. – D

  14. My heart would pound, too, if I came across this on my search. Very cool.

  15. “Look quickly down , your quest to cease,” or your quest two c’s
    “And leave my trove for all to seek” or for all two c k?

    p.s. if you are into the architecture, and you draw on the poem, as i do in a thousand ways, the two c’s are under quickly down- if you look “quickly down” where you are prompted to do so, the c’s are: the c in scant, and the c in chest.

    • Excellent observation, Leigh.

      I like your thoughts on “To cease” = 2 Cs.

      Another possibility for you to ponder.

      “To cease” = 2 seas.

      Two Oceans Lake in Grand Teton NP can fit the bill if you like this interpretation. That is a very interesting place. Fed by Pacific Creek, the westward flowing creek that emerges from the only point in the US where a single stream divides with one creek flowing to the Pacific and another flowing to the Gulf of Mexico. Hence the name of the creek and the lake downstream from the divide point.

      If a coordinate could be divined from the poem along the trail circumnavigating Two Oceans Lake, one might be in business.


      • hey thanks iowa- I’ve been searching or Icy Seas this week… anyone know of a scenic overlook or something?

        • If you want Icy Seas, check out Two Ocean Glacier in Glacier National Park. It is near Vulture Peak. Marvel Gaze could be Marvel View=VU. By adding one could create Marv VUL. But this area is probably a tarry scant place as it is probably too far for Fenn to walk at all let alone twice in a day. But my main point is that it seems highly unlikely that anyone will find the chest without an accurate coordinate in hand. I suggest concentrating on finding the letter combination for where water starts flowing in the poem itself. ThE path that the water takes through the letter grid creates the Blaze. The blaze can be used to find and read the coordinate. This, as I see it, is the challenge at hand. Good luck!


          • Iowa-
            I sooooo appreciate your responses. If only I wasn’t so stubborn about northern NM or my 1 spot in Yellowstone… would love to talk to Dal about why and when he went there, but…. who am I? i’m an underdog…

            I spent a year on the numbers, some years ago = coordinates. I don’t believe they are in the poem… too many options.

            “ThE path that the water takes through the letter grid creates the Blaze.” — I’m back to that.

            Why is it that I must go and leave my trove for all to seek? I c y sec … I’ve answered the question, yet i don’t know why!!??

      • Good one iowaengr.
        Say “Waters Halt” 10 times fast (like a kid might) [on a side note maybe that’s why Forrest told Dal not to mess with his poem by changing the word halt]. Are you saying “Salt Water” yet? A bit like flutterby & backed up by HMAALG. Then we also have Waters plural so Two comes to mind. So Two Oceans is looking pretty good. Plus Oceans are warm waters in my opinion. Is it the lake, the glacier, or the plateau?
        – my learning has plateaued. my learning has halted. might point to the plateau. This one has the added bonus of the “Well, Here’s Moses” parting of the waters connection.
        – Halt or I’ll shoot! Freeze! might point to the glacier
        – I don’t have one for the lake but the lake has this going for it: CD NF “Jackson”. Could it be a HoB? Jackson Browne? So put in on the Snake below Jackson. FTINPFTM – (utilizing kid stuff again) who’s afraid of the big bad Wolf? Wolf Creek……then yada, yada, yada…treasure chest. (Sorry I ran out of solves at Wolf Creek unless Alpine/Alpine junction could be worked somehow into water high and end is ever drawing nigh might be the Idaho border [biddies]). Hope it helps someone somewhere, the area is vast and me and my search partner’s BOTG rate is limited to a minuscule fraction of it but I’d love to see it solved this summer.
        A couple of other things I really like about TO’s is Forrest, when talking about World War Two, said (WW=2). He’s also said if you don’t have this one play Canasta which utilizes 2 decks of cards. The binoculars guy at the golf tournament seems to have Cassiopeia hanging above his head – W’s with bi=2.

        • Thx. Suggest that you check my failed solve, “Not At 40.41025N . . . ” for solutions assistance. Read the solve and all comments. A lot of food for thought provided. I don’t believe the box can be found without a coordinate, so good luck trying to nail it down.


  16. Leigh:

    Agree with you that culling the single, uniquely accurate set of figures from within the grid is challenging. The problem is not how to convert letters to numbers, as we know. A=1, b=2, z=26 . . . At least to start. These values are only there to allow math to assist one to validate that math is involved, and to locate the key word, and the blaze itself.

    Look at the four corners, starting lower left, moving CCW.


    Look at the next four corners, lines 23/2, lower left CW.

    I ADD
    ADD = 1+4+4 = 9

    Coincidence, or correlation?

    Given that I has a secret, I think these are significant clues.

    But simple substitution can only take you so far. Fenn’s key is not A=1, b=2, z=26.

    The searcher must a) unlock his value key.
    B) use said key and the instructions in the poem itself to divine the coordinate. Knowledge of anything other than the grid itself is unnecessary. All clues needed are in the poem grid. Period.

    Further, the searcher will know nothing about the physical location of the chest until the coordinate is derived. Then, and only then, can real world judgments be made about what phrases like where warm waters halt, canyon down, home of Brown mean geographically.

    I direct you to Not Just Another Solution by SidNCharley posted previously on this site. That is a great primer for this type of method. While the author derailed, he moved the search forward substantially, IMO.

    Success is completely tied to start point. Get that wrong, all is GIGO.

    ICY can be found in the grid via quICkly and down to the Y in tarrY. If you like that as your start point, suggest playing with it. Substitution should make:

    Your effort = Worth the cold

    With simple substitution, these are not equal. I believe they should be equal. Lots of ways to make them equal, so that equation alone is an insufficient validation, IMO. You can pick your own set of must equals as you see fit.

    But until I solve the riddle and successfully find the chest, my ideas may or may not be correct. They are, however, my best line of reasoning, so I’m plugging away in this way, too.


  17. Thoughts on the Omega’s. First they are the back of a jet the inside of Omegas looking like OO are the afterburners the engines. Second with them together a jet in between the space of the Omega’s.

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