Season Five…

by Diggin Gypsy


13.300 miles,   2 pairs of boots,  new set of tires,  3 lost flash lights,  50 bottles of Advil.  Went thru 3 backpacks  and always lost the bear spray.  Someone on the ride always had a head cold. Don’t matter when we went someone always was sick  and shared it  with the rest of us. We’re gonna start wearing those mask the Chinese wear. Smart people them Chinese 😷🤧   Then we always had the one that was always hungry, we made them hike with a picnic in their back pack.    The one who always had to use the bathroom carried the toilet paper.  I won’t mention who that was 😂. What a team we made!   If one couldn’t hike up a hill to look in a pile of rocks the other one did.  That was mainly Charissa and Melani. I watched for grizz at the bottom of the hill.
We also learned throughout the years that no matter if your 5 feet away or 10 feet away you cannot hear each other holler;  bring walky-talkies, they come in handy. Otherwise you spend half your time looking for each other instead of looking for the treasure, and then we all hike back mad and fighting, “where the heck was you?”, hehe.
Five years of searching we have tread thru every darn huge bush. Y’all know which ones. The ones that turn fire red and leave marks all over ya and the bees and birds hide in them. From Hebgan Lake to clear beyond Earthquake Lake  them dang bushes have been searched. Hate them bushes every stump or log along the Madison and hebgan has been overturned more than twice hills have been walked and walked again, and again. and again.
So what was suppose to be an easy drive/hike right up to our spot on one of our trips  ended up in days of long hikes down that road to Horse Butte. We walked all the way to Edwards Peninsula. One minute sunshine, the next minute a darn blizzard. First day was fun. Second day it was a job. Third day I wanted to kill my sister. Fourth day the gate opened and I realized I was now crippled and could barely move my legs to get out of the truck to search within 5 feet.
So I sat in the truck eating Fritos while I told them where to look.
Here was one of our many blazes.
Yeah! A line of white marble rock all the way across the mountain.
Now where is down? lol
Well no treasure there so we decided to look for gold in a creek instead.
This year we hiked thru tall swamp grass and we searched thru all the Lilly ponds outside of West Yellowstone.
We have totally lost all fear from animals. The first year, ohh  my god, every sound we heard sent cold chills up our spines. Five years later we’re brave Viking women.
Searching is so much fun for us, I don’t care if all we walk away with is an old coke bottle and a piece of an arrowhead, and maybe a ole fish hook of the ole coots off the Madison. We have fun fighting and making memories.
We camp and we eat cheap.
And when it gets too cold in your tent, you go to the Madison Hotel and get the cheap room for $75 and share a full bed with your sister. Desperate times call for desperate measures!
Horrible nights sleep.  The things we do to find a treasure. We had to share a bathroom with 20 other people. That was rough!  I’d rather share with the animals in the woods. None-the-less, 2017 was a fun year of searching with my team of Diggin Gypsys. Can’t wait to see what adventures are ahead of us for season six!!!!
ps: Stay away from Bessie. She doesn’t like visitors. She is one mad cow!
Goodbye 2017
Diggin Gypsy-


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  1. Good for you, ladies! It’s about the memories, right? Unless you find the treasure… then it’s about the treasure.

    • What was funny my sister had just said looks like where the Indians would of been look for arrowheads I got out took 5 steps and said there’s one hahha she was so mad

      • DG – Would you and your sisters mind sharing the general area, where you found that awesome Arrowhead??? Or would you like to keep your secret where? I would like to try and find one myself in that area.

        I hiked on the Murdock Creek Trail here, up in the Hemingway Wilderness of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, looking for arrowheads, because I met a Native American author that discovered that trail was a thoroughfare for the Shoshone Indians. I tried to imagine, as I made an ascent up the first steep hill, an Indian standing at the bottom, trying to intercept an elk at the top, who was slowing down to make the descent. I had seen a place where elk had currently been laying down, just before that, to the right of the trail. So I went to the top and looked around, left and right of the trail, and found a 5,000 year old Pigeon Point Shoshone Arrowhead! I gave it to the author, Tony.

        Big Smile.

        • What u gave it away lol I also did the same thang to nick the guy from dateline I found a cool knife obsidian tool he wanted it so bad sonoff it went to austraila

          • DG – That was kind of you. Kinda just like Forrest is giving everything in the bronze chest, and the chest itself, to the finder. Which at this rate, will most likely be you. But if I am that lucky searcher, he will find me on his doorstep with the bronze chest in hand. That would be the least I could do to repay Forrest for everything The Chase has done for me over the past 4 plus years.

            Big Ear to Ear Smile.

  2. Diggin’,
    Very nice account of your search year. I loved all your pictures, too. Maybe we can synchronize our search trips next year and meet at a bar in West Yellowstone. Do they have tequila in Montana?? 🙂 Thanks for sharing. cynthia

    • Thanks Cynthia I always bring my own part of my camping geer lol and that would be fun

    • Oh, maybe you are changing your search vicinity next year. Sorry. I shouldn’t assume that’s where you are headed. But if you are going to be in the West Yellowstone area, even if just passing through, I would share a pitcher of margaritas with you and your sisters.

      • Girl really I ain’t changeing states I knew it was in west Yellowstone minute I stepped foot out there. Haha I’ll see ya there

  3. Sounds like you ladies had quite the adventure! Great photographs!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes Thomas we always have a lot of fun It really isn’t about the money so much as it is makeing memories Money comes and goes Memories last forever

    • DG – Great fun and well written search story! And awesome pictures. I especially liked the picture with the boot at Edwards Point in the background. Did you venture out onto it, by any chance? Or was the water too.high in Hebgen Lake this year?

      Imagining Captain Kidd and buried treasure, and Donnie’s foot hanging off of his horse in the L&C story, because his stirrup broke. That boot really looks like Gardiner’s Island from Google Earth to me. I have wondered if Forrest noticed that also, from his Piper Malibu plane, landing at West Yellowstone airport in the past.

        • Lisa, I agree about the shape of the Island looking like a boot. It looks just like the mirror image of the “hanging boot” on page 43 of TTOTC, in the Gypsy Magic chapter. (IMO, it also resembles Madison and Grayling Arms.) Maybe that’s what Fenn meant when he said “Look at the big picture.” Wouldn’t it be funny if Diggin Gypsy found Fenn’s treasure using the “aberration on the edge” in the Gypsy Magic chapter. Maybe that’s why ff used the double omegas after one of her search stories years ago. cynthia

          • Cynthia, any possible date considered for Fennboree 2018? I’m planning camping reservations for the summer months and would be a little disappointed if both were being held on the same weekend. Any information is greatly appreciated.

          • Cynthia – Great post! Thank you for your response. We will convert you to the Montana camp yet!

            I like the post he did about DG and the winking blaze. My hillside blaze happens to be ‘facing’ up toward a flyover by a Piper Malibu plane in Google Earth. And what I thought was an Airforce star over the eyebrow on that face, might just be a winking eye. Even better.

            And here is the post you were speaking about with the Double Omegas at the end, from SB50:

            “If I were a betting man I’d bet on this woman. She has a pet rooster named John Wayne that she might sell to raise additional funds. Her neighbor brings her corn and “he wants the chicken.”

          • Cynthia – Here it is from SB53:

            “When the Gypsy finally reached her isolated search spot near the north side of Hebgen Lake, she said, “Nothing was watching but me and the wind. I sensed the treasure was right there – and all of the clues fit perfectly. The blaze was winking at me and grinning, and I was grinning back.”

            Since Forrest wrote that text, and the North side of Hebgen Lake was mentioned, he may have been referring to my glacial erratic Owl Rock blaze across the Madison from that Day Use Area, where DG took a picture of the Moose crossing the Madison. That blaze could easily wink also.

        • PDenver, I’m having lunch with Forrest and Desertphile tomorrow. I’m sure Fennboree will be discussed. I will post something here as soon as I/we know anything. cynthia

      • Yea Lisa we searched all over the boot more than 5 times It’s where the buffalo roam I don’t really like that area u can see the houses across on the highway not the best place I’ve been out there

        • DG – Thank you. I never made it out there to the boot, or across the way to the Firehole Ranch, where I think Lugnutz likes to hang out around Watkins Creek and Coffin Creek.

          My plan was to hijack the pontoon boat at Firehole Branch at midnight, under a full moon, and take it across the water to the Edwards Point boot, where I would surround my perspective treasure spot with three friends in silence, digging down Etc. Google that curse for Captain Kidd’s treasure…

  4. Thanks for sharing the adventure DG, looks like you once again tamed the West. What a great hat, proof positive everybody loves a gold digger;)

    • It’s cause I was crippled from hiking for miles and miles I felt 80 at that point maybe the ole coot hid the treasure no more than 5 feet from the car haha

    • I wasn’t to happy about it. I wanted to knock the Fritos right out of her hand when I found her in the truck after searching high n low for her thinking a bear ate her. Like she said all about the memories though!!

        • Haha Jeannie I know right it’s a lot of fighting when searching takes us days before we all laugh about loseing each other in the woods hahah now I know why Forrest says to leave your search partner in the car especially in Montana cause we all get lost and separated

      • Lol U hush you ruining my story Hahah well we should of charged the walky talkys that’s the moral of the story

        • Or maybe you could have gotten out of the truck and hobbled along while eating the Fritos, hahaha! Just pretend you were looking!

          • lol Jeanie because I would have gotten eatin by the grizz. They can smell Fritos and bean dip

        • Just corroborating your account. that was not the moral of the story, the moral is never leave your Fritos in the truck unattended!

          • You guys got me laughing! I’ll never have Fritos again without thinking of DG sitting in the truck munching away! Hahaha! While everyone else is looking for her!!

  5. Fantastic write up! Knew you could write! MT is an awesome place for treasure. I might run into you next season…do some camping…weed whacking…guitar strummin’ and tequila drinkin’!
    You’ve got a great life style DG! Honest to the bone, which I can’t say about SOME women.
    Keep it real, and hope we cross paths!

    • Cross paths u and Cynthia better stay on opposite side of the river lol Omg I just had a vision of us three searching out there at the same time lol We would be stakeing claim flags this is my spot lol Can’t wait till spring

  6. Love how your recap is so realistic of a group of women going together. Your pictures are great too. I would be one with a blanket in my backpack cause I’m always cold. Hope the next time I see you we get to spend more time talking.

    • Keri if u travel with that man of yours u better have more than a blanket More like a buffalo coat and wooly socks he a hard core hiker and yea one day will meet again I’ll hauller at y’all when I blaze thru Kentucky sometime

  7. Great end of the season write up Diggin. I can see from your pictures that some good memories were created on your adventures. You all make it look so fun.

    • Thank u Ramona would love to meet ya out in Montana sometime will pitch our tent closer to where there is a bathhouse lol

  8. Beautiful !!!! The picture of the cow I mean, not the photo of the three women. I ignored that one. The Chase is all about the mountains and streams, not pretty women, no, never. Cross my heart and hope to die. lol.

  9. Diggin n sis’s thank you for sharing your pictures and story for those of us that don’t get to do BOTG as much as we would like… it’s nice to see first hand others adventures…

    Thank you 🙂

      • It really was a pleasure to meet you Diggin… I’ll never forget running into you in the grocery store 🙂

        • Yea I have to say that was funny I couldn’t believe someone asked are you Diggin I was like how did she know that lol Diana said Marti it’s on your shirt lol

  10. Enjoyed your story, Diggin gypsy. Sounds like your sisters and you had a great 2017 season.

    • Yea that fire tends to make us all a bit smokey in the winter lol in the summer we’re sweaty hot

  11. DG I love reading about your searches and seeing pictures of where you search. You three have adventuresome spirits.

  12. Absolutey love this DG. No wonder F said he’d bet on you….I would too! But it aint a fair because you already got a chest of gold.

    This sort of thing had gotta be why you got them ΩΩs from F, too. Even Bessie knows it….that’s why she’s so mad! ‘Cause she don’t fit into those kind of shoes. Next time just toss her some of those Fritos and go get that treasure!

    Thanks for sharing- love how you write

    • Lol, that’s what the double omegas are, the chase is getting good for 2018.
      Nice write up gin. Cheers to a better 2018. To Montana….

    • Lol how do I respond to this I just can’t lol I need more coffee now I know how the ole coot feels when he just can’t respond

  13. Did you find that mountain man frozen in the snow ?
    (And did you have a Dr. Pepper with your Fritos?)

    • A mnt man frozen in the snow lol no my sister just found me a few time with Fritos stuck to my face

  14. DG…Great story… w/ awesome photos ! Now I know why I always luvved Lil Abner comics…That place will be packed next season. You guys are a hoot and a half!

  15. May as well just move there. I was thinking about moving back up to Bozeman to be with my relatives and to be near the treasure. But the price of real estate up there has become as high as Santa Fe. Plus it’s cold.
    That was a great story about your adventures. I wish you many more.

  16. DG and sisters, that was an awesome adventure y’all had. Loved the stories and pics and by all means, please take your walkie talkies Garmins so ur not lost and u always can find each other. Your stories made me smile.

  17. Thank Carolyn and yes live and learn and extra battery’s That’ was another fight whyyyyyy didn’t someone bring extra battery’s lol wonder if other people fight like we do Maybe just the Viking way Can you tell we got our DNA test back lol

  18. Any of y’all watch longmire? Did you see the episode where the two brothers are looking for treasure with a poem and clues. One of the brothers goes missing! When I watched that episode it was like re living whole frito incident. Turns out brother killed the other brother because he got to the truck first and ate all the Fritos! LoL

  19. great story and thanks for sharing… but if you went through 50 bottles of Advil, yall might be doing more than just hiking after 5 years! Hahahahahaha.

    this kind of stuff will keep you sisters close for ever.

    I cant even get a brother to go with me… thery’re whimpys I guess

    • Haha first few days we get altitude headaches then the next few after that attitude headaches hehe

  20. Hi DG – Nice pictures and thanks for sharing your adventures with us again. The bushes you’re wondering about are purple willows. During the summer they are like a jungle. Forrest likes to wear purple and he was shot down in the jungle. It’s fun to find connections even if they aren’t relevant to the chase.

  21. Keep looking ladies. The persistent one will be rewarded. If I could get a job out your way I’d be there with you!!

    I can teach art or answer phones as long as there is an income stream to pay Bills bills back in Detroit.

    My suggestion is Near Glacier National or the Scout Camp north of Santa Fe. If you go in June the frogs sing all evening

    • Good advice – “Keep looking ladies. The persistent one will be rewarded.” Your suggestion of it being “Near Glacier National or the Scout Camp north of Santa Fe” – Two very different areas, but GOOD suggestions. Both are either North or Northwest. This is probably good advice. Think I will look into these areas – Maybe June as you suggest. Still stuck on Wyoming, but it can not hurt to look at a slightly different area. JDA

  22. u rock too j Diggins And u know I can’t write but well I can sure tell a silly story. Time for u to tell yours

  23. Cousin DG — another great chapter in your growing book of adventures! They always bring a smile and put me in a great mood the rest of the day. One of us is going to find this dang bronze box, and as a gamblin’ man I’d stack my chips with Fenn’s and bet on your clan of Vikings. Now don’t get any crazy winter ideas and go dodgin’ semis again on those icy Montana roads, spilling Fritos and Advil all over the cab…

  24. DG, excellent write up! Love the humor, truth, and photos. You make me long for the type of sisterhood you enjoy! You are blessed.

  25. Thank u twingem I have 5 sisters I can share one how bout the one that don’t wanna share her Fritos ya want that one lol

    • That’s it, I ain’t looking for ya next time. Giving me away like an old shoe you know I got the goods! What would you do without my Fritos!

  26. What a fun adventure!!! Your definitely brave 🙂
    Your such a Gold Digger, but so am I. Let’s find this.

    • I know u just want my hat lol u keep looking in Colorado because it’s getting crowded in Montana If u find iti I’ll give u the HAT

  27. Diggin,
    Sounds like you and the ladies are having a great time.

    You said: “Hate them bushes every stump or log along the Madison and hebgan has been overturned more than twice hills have been walked and walked again, and again. and again.”

    My question is, seeing that y’all have combed this area thoroughly and repeatedly, why do you keep going back to the same area? The ‘ol coot’ told us that the clues, if followed precisely, will take us right to the spot (paraphrasing), ….stumbling around not required, no?

    • Yea because I know it’s in that area and it’s huge area to cover Why would he wanna bet on me if I was in the wrong area I been searching from outside of west Yellowstone al the way to Cameron for 5 years Just letting y’all know you ain’t gotta look in them fiery red bushes saving y’all from much pain lol

      • DG – Back in August of 2013, I walked those fishing trails along the grass banks lining the Madison River, along the Ghost Road. I found a 4′ Diameter flat Rock there, on the water, and I named it, fondly, Lisa’s Scant. I went there most every day to think about The Chase. Those scratchy willows, or whatever, we’re everywhere around there. There was one right between two heart-shaped flat rocks, oriented point to point, on the water also. You bet I dug underneath it! Did you sisters find those same heart-shaped rocks, by any chance?

        Here’s the view from about where I was:

        • Lisa there isn’t a strand of grass that hasn’t. Been searched under out there I love that area u can add me to Facebook and see all my pics of that area

          • DG – I got off of Facebook and Instagram for personal reasons. But I was on both all Summer long. But thank you for the kind invitation to be your friend there and to see your pictures. I have loved seeing the ones you have posted here over the years.

      • Diggin,

        Well I’m betting on you too if for no other reason than your tenacity. LOL

        But if F is truly committed to a level playing field, then the better question might be: Why would he say that if it really represented a hint that you are in the right spot?

        Regardless, I wish you good luck.

  28. Diggin were Charissa and Melani with you in all these adventures?

    If so we should call you “Les Trois Mousquetaires” and you should be decorated for your bravery, no your “tenacity” no I take that back, your persistence, thats not it,….determination, yeah that’s the ticket, well more like perseverance, doggedness, strength of purpose, tirelessness, indefatigability, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, firmness, patience, purposefulness, staunchness, steadfastness, staying power, endurance, stamina, stubbornness, intransigence, obstinacy, obduracy, pertinacity
    “she practices her treasure hunting routine with the tenacity of a bulldog” well I could go on forever, but enough said, you girls and Cynthia take the CAKE! Yeah that’s it… are like Angels, smart, beautiful….brave…I just can’t find the right words…..Terrific…? That one is taken…


    • Yea we’re
      A team thank you Tom gonna have to break out a dictionary now but wow thanks for all the kind words I think there kind lol have t looked them up yet haha

      • lol Cynthia we taking your piece of the cake and have a little cartoon running from Cynthia haha

  29. PS my best friend was a direct decedent of “Andre Dumas” who wrote the story of the 3 Musketeers.


  30. Pretty girls and treasure huntin’. Don’t get much better than that. 🙂

    Always love your stories and great pictures Diggin. My wife is the youngest of five sisters in her family, so your stories always hit close to home for me. When they all get together I don’t know if it’s going to be World War III or a hug-fest. Most of the time it’s both.

    When they all show up me and the dogs head to the shop and hide under my truck.

    • [Goofys Better Half] – great news hon, all my sisters are paying a surprise visit for dinner tonight.. hurrah

      [Goofy] – jeez, really?? ummmm.. that’s great, but unfortunately i’ve already made plans to take the dogs to the workshop tonight – it’s imperative actually

      [Goofys Better Half] – jeez, really? must be diligently working on that ol’ chev pick-up truck again, huh..

      [Goofy] – yeap, yep yep yep yep yep..

      • DG – don’t worry, i can assure you that ‘fisty-cuffs” ranks extremely last on my current “to-do-bucket-list” ever 🙂

        however, it’s hardly my fault that Goofs didn’t wisely choose to buy a Dodge in the first instance.. is it?!

        i mean.. what was he even thinking?! 😛

    • That’s funny yes that’s exactly how it is. Love and war haha Glad u have a shed to run to haha They was 8 of us

  31. Loved your story. It all seems so familiar. This year for us, the crazy sounds coming from the bushes turned out to be a moose! Great times!

  32. Your account makes it seem like your search strategy has a larger portion of brute force methodology to finding the TC than I’d assume a lot of people have.

    Are your search areas driven by full general solves (or whatever people are calling them on here) where you’ve got interpretations for the clues up through HLAWH or thereabouts and are looking for the blaze? Or are you just finding a HOB and searching everywhere nearby?

    Can you give us an idea of how many days searching you did for 2017?

    • Yes full solves And I have went from ga to Montana 7 times last year each time stayed over a week searching I always have all my ducks in a row before I head out there

  33. It’s great reading about how you glorious Brave sisters went out there “Going for It!”
    While others build a solid case of why they themselves can’t. You show how special you are.
    I do believe you or maybe me, could of been the people Forrest said walked right past it. Based on the time lines of searches etc.
    I’m sure you where relooking and rethinking a search or two?
    Its nice reading about your Journey. Best of Luck to you and your sisters.

  34. Loved your funny and entertaining story. I’m married to a beautiful Viking woman who’s hiked with me over 300 miles in the Rockies over the last two summers. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’ll be sure to take some Fritos along, in case we see you out there. 🙂

    • Haha glad y’all will share maybe I’ll hike with y’all instead of my sisters lol I’ll bring the bean dip

  35. I agree lou lee and glad to see u back yea had to be all of us early searchers that solved the first two clues in Montana no dout in my mind haha

    • Thank you so much for the welcome back! It’s good to be back sharing again!
      When Forrest mentions Digging up, I thought of you! If your sisters can’t go….consider me. I am 3 hours from Montana or less. I have a few good ideas!. I have bells and large bear spray, will travel. I have no fear. I am older than you so you could run faster. Lol

      • I dout that Lou lee I’m starteing to slow down myself I’m starting to realize the ole coot didn’t hike far at all and ok I’ll keep u in mind girl

  36. Purple went with my whole Virgin Mary solve lol . R.E.M. The statue of Sacajawea Somewhere I read he said was like the mother Mary and child I went wild on the purple theory And Virgin Mary A color of royalty in the past. And he calls a lot of stuff his throne dang I still liked that solve haha

    • DG – The Ancient Egyptians revered that Tyrian purple color also. Visualizing King Tut’s awesome throne. And the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I, forbade anyone else in her court to wear that color. That Virgin persona was modeled after the Virgin Mary, in order to influence the Catholics of England. So that works for your awesome Sacagawea hint and solve!

      Here’s another good reference for how different cultures throughout history used The Purple. Maybe something else in it will help you:

      • If I may ask – What the heck does all of this have to do with finding Indulgence? Sure, Forrest mentioned purple and yellow flowers. But will knowing that the ancient Egyptians revered that Tyrian purple color get anyone closer to Indulgence?

        Lisa, you are a wealth of knowledge and facts – TRUE, but, has this knowledge of trivia gotten you any closer to Indulgence? And has sharing this knowledge gotten any of us bloggers any closer? I wonder? Just expressing my opinion – JDA

        • JDA – Yes. It has. Now look up what color Cardinals wear at the Vatican in Rome, and what an Indulgence meant to Cardinal Wolsey in the time of King Henry VIII.

          And the out-and-back trail that leads me to the treasure is Cabin Creek #207. That is Red-Black-Violet to someone who didn’t want to get his wires crossed in Radar School. And the first clearing I found on GE, that was just off-trail from my Double Omega Island blaze, was a grove of trees shaped like a heart.

          And DG issued a warning on SB185 that a man was attacked by a Grizz “in there” on that last trip. I have wondered if that was in late September, when I aborted my quest 1/2 mile in. The only thing stopping me is My Grizz And it is clear that DG won’t go alone in there either.

          • Lisa;

            Not trying to be combative but as an answer to whether your knowledge of trivia has gotten you any closer to Indulgence you say, “JDA – Yes. It has. Now look up what color Cardinals wear at the Vatican in Rome, and what an Indulgence meant to Cardinal Wolsey in the time of King Henry VIII.

            Who cares what color of robes a cardinal wears at the Vatican in Rome? How does that get you closer to a box named Indulgence?
            Indulgence = historical (in the Roman Catholic Church) a grant by the Pope of remission of the temporal punishment in purgatory still due for sins after absolution. The unrestricted sale of indulgences by pardoners was a widespread abuse during the later Middle Ages. “Indulgence” is the name Forrest gave to the “box” -” Indulgence”
            is not a word in the poem. Is “Indulgence” a “hint” found in TTOTC? If so how?

            Again, how does knowing this get you closer to Indulgence? I can not follow your logic. Help me understand what I am missing.

            Then you add: “And the out-and-back trail that leads me to the treasure is Cabin Creek #207. That is Red-Black-Violet to someone who didn’t want to get his wires crossed in Radar School.”

            Isn’t this “specialized knowledge” that Forrest said was not required? Same for the cardinals robes stuff.

            We each have our own way of solving the poem, and I wish you the best of luck in using all of your trivia or “Specialized knowledge” in reaching your goal – I just find it all very confusing. K I S S – Keep it simple stupid – with me being the stupid part is my approach – your approach is most obviously different.

            Again, Goof luck to ya’ JDA

          • Hey Lisa I marked that area off my search spot That little on the left side of the creek is way to dangerous and Forrest said we could access the treasure in any weather if we know where it was there ain’t no darn way you can carry 40 pounds down that trail and be safe. Danger zone marked it off beautiful up there tho but yea grizzleys galore up there

          • Cabin Creek #207 (your creek) = Red-Black-Violet. Where is “Red Black Violet” used in TTOTC or any ATF post by Forrest? I just don’t see the connection. HELP! JDA

            How can finding a grove of trees on GE – shaped like a heart have anything to do with a diode color chart that happens to have a seven as the last number, that happens to be violet, that happens to be the color of a cardinal’s robe, that may have sold a penitence or “Indulgence” – I am lost. JDA

  37. DG, loved your story and pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.
    My sister has agreed to go the next time I go and I am so, stinkin’ excited.
    We don’t get much sister time now with families and such….
    I can’t wait to share with her “the thrill of the chase”.

  38. So here’s my question: what ultimately became of Diggin’s boots that were in West Yellowstone at Dal’s secret cache location? How many of you saw those famous (infamous?) boots in person? 😉

  39. I don’t know we never went back and got them Probley still there I have a lot more to burry across yellowstone lol

  40. Diggin Gypsy and gang – thanks for a great story and pictures. I’m glad to see you search in the off season; if you can tolerate the short days and cold nights it’s the best time of year for the chase. I prefer it when the crowds are gone and the grizz and buzztails are in their winter dens. Sometimes I think I should give up searching for gold prospecting/panning but I don’t think it would be nearly as much fun – although probably more lucrative! Best wishes to you and your team and thank you for the season grand finale.

  41. I agree I hate the crowds to I try to go when not so crowded and never give up searching for treasures never know what ya might find even if it’s just a cool heart shape rock haha

    • I know an area near those areas we could find some Gemstones too! We could stay at a friend’s cabin. It’s going to be a long winter. Can’t wait to get out there again! Have bear spray will travel! Really if your sisters can’t join you. Just message me.

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