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Unless you live on an ice floe in the arctic you probably know about Cynthia’s book, “Chasing Fenn’s Treasure”.

This is a great book not only about searching for Forrest’s chest but also about the best hikes in northern New Mexico, and even more specifically, about enjoying yourself in the great outdoors. This is NOT a book about cracked up solutions and secret codes …this is a book about searching with style and joy and persistence over several years in some of the prettiest country northern New Mexico has to offer. It is a journal of Cynthia’s remarkable treks and it is a guide to places near and dear to everyone looking for solace and Indulgence in New Mexico.

What makes it better than the norm is Cynthia’s captivating storytelling, her cheerful approach to searching and her delicious photographs. This is a book that is going to make you want to hike around in NM whether or not you believe the chest is there. But if you do believe the bronze chest is resting somewhere in the Land of Enchantment then this is not just a good read…it’s a necessary guide. There is just no sense searching in NM until you’ve looked through this informative journal.

The book itself is certainly impressive. It’s a full 8.5 by 11 inches with a full color, glossy card cover. Inside there are 129 information filled pages…practically everyone of them contains full color, beautiful photos that fundamentally illustrate her searches but also excite and delight the reader.

I’m not the only fan of this book…Forrest said this:

“Cynthia, I love your book. You are a natural for the chase, so full of energy and fun. f”

The way you get your hands on the book is to order it directly from BookBaby. You can find out more about ordering and even check out sample pages, here:

Ohh…and if you want a signed copy…it’s possible. Cynthia told me all you have to do is buy a book and then take her out to lunch… 🙂

I’ve been to lunch with Cynthia and I have to say, it’s an enviable experience…





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    • And PS, I’m looking to publish a book on behalf of my father. Perhaps I can “pick your brain” on your experience with BookBaby?

        • Cynthia – I was considering getting your book, but wonder whether any of your adventures were north of NM, in CO, WY, or MT. Thank you!

          • Sorry, Eric, all the search stories in this book take place in New Mexico. Next one will include stories of the Yellowstone area, and hopefully include pictures of Fenn’s gold. ha ha. I wish!

            Thanks for considering getting my book.

          • Thanks Cynthia! Your passion and devotion to the chase is inspirational.

            I will be up in Rockies looking myself this next summer. Can’t wait for more adventures. Thank you Forrest!

  1. I just love the book! Cindy’s writing style in my opinion is awesome along with the photography of the New Mexico landscape!
    Dal described your book “To a T” !
    Nice job Cindy!!!


  2. Congratulations Cynthia!!! You have beautifully captured what I believe to be the spirit of the chase.

    • Michael, Click on the link that Dal mentioned. There’s a place that says “See Inside”. Click on it and you can read the first 10 pages, which includes the table of contents. Hope this helps.

      • Sorry, Michael, I guess the Contents page doesn’t reveal all the actual places. But all the places are within New Mexico, and many of them were posted here on Dal’s site several years ago.

  3. Congratulations, Cynthia! Your book looks good and I’m very jealous of you. You’re lucky to live in New Mexico and it sounds like you’ve been all over the northern parts, it’s so nice there!

  4. I can’t wait to get mine I hope u signed it geeeeeeze Diggin I was wrong about New Mexico Hahahah Congrats u did a great job

    • DG, I did indeed sign it. And I did write “Geeze, Diggin, I was wrong about New Mexico. And now I’m coming after you! Thanks for eliminating all those places along the Madison between West Yellowstone and Cameron”.

      I will show you where it was… ha ha. But, seriously, why don’t you search inside YNP boundaries?

      • I did search a few places in there in the beginning but then realized to many people in there all the time not a good place to hide your bones the forestry men would carry your dead body outta there with the treasure pllus Forrest said don’t break the rules and in there I sooooo would I’ll let u break the laws hehe

  5. Cynthia your posts are always entertaining and informative and I can’t wait to read your book. You are one of the genuinely nicest people on the blogs and I wish you success with your book as well as with the Chase.


  6. Congratulations on your book Cynthia. I always enjoy reading about your adventures. And your pics are always beautiful.

  7. Cynthia,
    The book looks excellent. I can see a lot of work and dedication went into it…
    While I have you, I asked an other to pass on an e-mail to you [ a day or two before this post]… you may or may not have received it as of yet [ holiday season and all. I’m sure the person has more important thing to handle at this time of year and will get to it when possible] But now with this post you have given me answers to most of my inquiries.
    However, if you have time [ again, I understand the holiday season, and your book release, is surly keeping you busy ] please feel free to e-mail me [ when you receive the e-mail with my addy ]… I still would like to chat with you about the process, if possible.

      • ken, I wrote a book. It’s done, and now looking to publish. But it has nothing to do with the chase…

        IF I wrote a book, in-regards to the chase, it be more about the blogs and searchers A Drama – Comedy would be the venue. .. lol.. be afraid, be very afraid!

        • Seeker, I agree that type of book would be highly entertaining. Are you aware that a real author (someone who has a publisher Simon and Schuster) by the name of Dan Barbarisi is writing a book on us searchers. It should be a whooper! He talked to a bunch of searchers at this year’s Fennboree, plus i went on a search with him in the Red River area in October, and I hope he can meet a bunch of us in West Yellowstone in June. He already got approval from S&S to write the book, but it will be 2019 before it comes out. Whew… way quicker to self-publish if you have the money.

          • Ken, from your remark, it is obvious you don’t have a clue as to the true meaning of Mr.Fenn’s poem and quest.

            We all get a little nuts at times. Some have reasons, others have excuses.

            Good luck and God’s blessing to you during this Holy season.

          • Well Ken, I thought I made my own point.. Wasn’t trying to back yours up….although it does need backing up, because it was not nice to say that about your fellow searchers. Unless you are cool including yourself. 🙂

          • BW…I’ll say in advance that my comment had no bad intentions attached to begin with. After listening to years of stories that do not always end well…I take all searcher’s safety and well being very seriously. I am truly sorry if I struck a personal note for you. I mean that.
            Your comment in regards to mine…did have a very direct derogatory meaning. That’s ok…I’m not a baby. But don’t end it with a prayer/blessing that was ill conceived.
            That’s not ok.
            Be safe and good luck.

          • Surely Pavlov must be watching, but anyway…….Never would I evoke God’s name in manner
            other than to praise him. Sorry this has gotten twisted. Let’s start over.

          • BW…yes …let’s start anew!
            Pavlov did like using “bells” in his experiments…let’s ring one together and usher in some good faith.

    • seeker, I did not receive an email forward from you. Maybe it went to my junk folder and i missed it. Go ahead and email me directly. cmeachum at msn dot com.

  8. After reviewing all of the solves posted here to collect the WWWH for my (now defunct) site, I posted then that if I had to put money on one person finding the TC, it’d be Cynthia.

    I’ve only done a bit of armchair research on NM so I was glad for her to contain herself down there. I’m not happy she’s starting to come north (though I’m not sure she’s in my state so there’s that at least).

    • FMC, Ya better look out… I am headed north. Which state is “yours”? LOL. My plan is to start in Montana and look under every tree and bush that Diggin and Lisa and Dal haven’t searched under. then I’ll make my way south thru Wyoming and do the same, pushing my way past JDA (I think he searches Why?) and then finally down into Colorado where Fenn’s loot is probably hidden. I’m retired so have nothing but time… ain’t life grand when you are a Forrest Fenn Treasure Chest Hunter!

      • “pushing my way past JDA (I think he searches Why?) – Was that supposed to be – (I think he searches WY)?

        Why do I search in Wyoming? Because I feel that the poem told me to search in Wyoming. Why do I search? Why do you or any of us search – “The Thrill of the Chase” naturally – JDA

        • Sorry, JDA, you missed my attempt at humor. I guess I wasn’t very funny. Why = WY = Wyoming. And yes, I like the state of Wyoming equally as well as Montana when it comes to solving the poem. I will search at some places there too in 2018. I just wasn’t going to mention it.

  9. Cynthia. I just ordered your book and am very much looking forward to reading about your searches in New Mexico. Hope you left a few rocks unturned because I still think the treasure is there.

  10. Looks like a fun read. I just ordered a copy. Hopefully, you searched and deleted the one spot I can’t let go of. Congrats!

  11. Cynthia – I’m glad I bought my book from you in Santa Fe for 1/2 price – before the book got so popular! I truly hope you sell all that you can print – you obviously have put the time and effort into the search and it’s also clear you enjoyed writing the book. I enjoyed reading it and looking at the great pictures!

    Now, how can I convince you to stay in New Mexico? There ain’t no gold up North!

  12. Hi Cynthia – I received your book as a birthday gift (from your guardian angel, lol). It is a great read and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the format and your pictures are the frosting on the cake. Thanks for sharing your treasure hunting tales and I wish you the best of luck in all your searches.

    • Thank you so much, Sandy. I thought it was very nice of Straw to give it to you for a birthday gift. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  13. Cynthia…he also gave me “Curious George Goes Camping”. Apparently I need some pointers lol. I only camp about 100+ nights a year in every season so he may be correct…I was camping this weekend tying up some “lose ends” (or orphans as I like to call them) and the rodents decided my vehicle would make a nice winter home. Nothing quite like finding a little pile of dog food on your pillow in the morning. You didn’t lose a hat near Cumbres recently did you? Near tanglefoot?

  14. Wow I just got my book everyone should order one great read a lot of info it really got my attention and trust me I don’t like reading. Going on shelf by my fireplace by the ole coots books I really loved it Good work Cynthia

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