Tarry Scant…


March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward perfection. March on, and fear not the thorns, or the sharp stones on life’s path. 

Khalil Gibran


So I thought I’d try and look at one of the phrases Forrest wrote in his poem which seems to be a source of confusion for some searchers…”tarry scant”.
This is found in the fourth stanza of the six stanza poem.
If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
tarry scant with marvel gaze,
Just take the chest and go in peace.

The entire stanza appears to be a set of directions based upon the searcher having found the blaze…

“Tarry” could be either a noun, adjective or verb, depending on it’s use in the sentence.
As an adjective, tarry is spelled the same but pronounced differently and has a completely different meaning. We’ll explore that meaning a little further on. I believe Forrest is using the word as either a noun or a verb and it wouldn’t matter much which it is because the meaning of the line would not change.

To me, in non-poetic English, the stanza reads one of two ways:

Once you’ve found the blaze,
Look directly down and you’ll see what you’ve been searching for,
Don’t be tempted to linger there and stare at the marvelous chest,
Just take it and go with my blessings.


Once you’ve found the blaze,
Look directly down and you’ll see what you’ve been searching for,
Don’t be tempted to linger there and stare at the marvelous view,
Just take it and go with my blessings.

In either case the basic message is the same:
Don’t be mesmerized by what you see. Just grab the chest and go.

So for me, “tarry scant” simply means to “move on quickly”.

But to others it has meant different things. This is particularly true when Tarry is used as an adjective. In this case it is pronounced differently and comes from the root, “tar”…that thick, black sticky stuff. If you google “tarry” you will find a number of interesting and occasionally disgusting uses for the word. “Tarry”, is a physicians term for blood in your stool. As in. “You have a tarry stool.” In this case “tarry” comes from the root “tar” and means “black colored”, as a stool might be if it had dark blood in it. Which, of course brings to mind “tarry scat”…looking a great deal like “tarry scant”…But enough of the word’s use as an adjective.

For me, the words “tarry scant” were not unusual principally because of my parent’s influence…or more precisely, my mother’s. I was born of parents only a very few years younger than Forrest’s. My mother, being my main influence through childhood, was a native midwesterner and had a vocabulary of words that included “tarry” and “scant”. She would often tell me things like “don’t tarry after school today”, or “you can stay there til four o’clock but don’t tarry on your way home. I never had to look that word up. I knew what it meant and I knew I better go home directly after school or I’d be punished. My mother was not a great collaborator. Her parents were German and Pennsylvania Dutch and mediation was a word probably not in her vocabulary.

Scant was also a word she used often enough and that I felt immediately comfortable with when I read it in Forrest’s poem. My mother would say things to me like, “There will be scant dessert for you  young man until you eat all those beets.” There was little room for negotiation in a warning like that. Scant meant small…as in “next to none”. With dessert it meant exactly “none”.

A few years later I would learn about “scanties”. They being the scandalous, brief underwear a brave catholic schoolgirl would occasionally “show off” to a small admiring society of altar boys after Sister Mary Linus’s 7th grade class.

But I tarry…

“Move on quickly”, it’s just my interpretation..or taking after my mother I might say..”the only correct interpretation” 🙂

Would anyone care to comment with a counter-argument?


488 thoughts on “Tarry Scant…

    • enjoy the moment then go i think its in a place of beauty and peace Im taking care of my mother as of last night so my hands are full but its for awhile worth every second its very much needed so good luck thinkers wish me care guidance

    • I keep thinking that you might be able to see the Tarryall Mountains in the distance from wherever the treasure might be. Me and my two kids crawled all over Observatory Rock (with marvel gaze) last Spring but found nothing more than adventure.

  1. I agree with the “Move on quickly” but, luckily, I also have 2 large black flat stones at my solve location, that I can see Forrest hinting at.
    Happy New Year to all. All the best.

  2. Maybe both? The context of the stanza is one of rushing an action. Look quickly down, quest to cease, tarry scant, just take the chest and go. Tar also could be a by-product of a blaze.

  3. When I think.of “tarry scant with marvel gaze”, I think of that split second response when someone is surprised/stunned or goes into shock… (like they win a new car on a game show…they tarry scant with marvel gaze for a split moment before realizing its real and jumping up and down party style and accepting it)….cant make mush sense of it though.
    ….if I tie in the next line with chest I can get something like dont let your heart skip a beat…

    Don’t miss a beat?
    Let your heart beat peacefully?
    Dont go into shock? (Wherever ‘shock’ is? Lol)

    Argh. I have no clue.

    • Jonsey;

      Here is a possible interpretation:
      Because “chest” can mean a large strong box or the front surface of a person’s body; ”Just take the chest and go in peace” can be read as, “Just take YOUR chest (Your body – Yourself) and go from this spot peaceful that you have found Indulgence (or peaceful that you have solved one more piece of the puzzle) – Just food for thought – JDA

  4. I have to agree with your simple explanation, Dal, being a native Midwesterner, too. (Although, I’d never heard that look “quickly” down meant just a “little”.) But still wonder if there’s something more beneath the shiny surface. Something to “reflect” on.

    Happy New Year, Dal and all!

  5. Happy New Year to all !
    In one of my crazy moments… my interpretation of the poem leading up to and following “tarry scant”…tarry scant is a SHORT ROPE….

    • ^that would be quite a short walk! Maybe just two steps….how many steps are needed before it counts as a walk anyhow?

      • It was just the preceding “two lines” of that stanza Jonesy…leading up to…tarry scant and then finishing out that stanza.

    • Interesting how you brought up rope, ken. There are three stories that I can currently think of where rope is mentioned in Mr. Fenn’s memoir. Paraphrasing, one about using new rope due to respect, rope used capturing Cody, and the children holding on to the rope. Didn’t know tarry scant could mean a short rope. Would you be so kind to provide a link where this is mentioned, please? I’ve looked under “tarry scant” and I keep getting things about the Chase.

    • Another not-too-surprising freebie. Although it won’t help
      solve the poem, at least the mention of “ROPE” helps with understanding of retrieval posse-bilities. Perhaps a short rope will be used to pull the sled . . . in my trip . . . just sayin’
      . . . IMO. Stay healthy, y’all. And “comfort” able.

  6. Hi all,
    Four the past five years I have enjoyed reading but have not posted. I guess a little greedy in that regard but I am beginning to see that sharing information is a good thing. So I will offer up the following.
    Tarry – To linger around or move through slowly. Scant – frugal, small amount of something, Very limited, in this case, “time.” Marvel gaze – With eye’s wide open, to search intently.
    Do not quote me…just beating around the bush and writing loosely… FF once said…The one who figures out the poem will move with a purpose. There will be no question about his/her search or it’s “location”. It is located in a very special, dear place, private, real private location to me. I traveled and hid the chest in one afternoon taking two trips from my car to place it there…I was 80 yes old when I did that. You will not have to disturb anything or move things around. I hid the treasure chest there for someone to find and it will be there when they get there. I want family’s with kids searching for my treasure. ~ FF.
    So all this I know is not completely accurate in stating…but you get the gist of what he’s said over the years…
    Once you are at your location and have found your Blaze, linger around – look with eyes wide open but you do not have much time in the day to do so and not much time in a season. 3 or 4 months…because once the snow comes and it is back to home we go. (Thus for the chest being “wet”.)
    I have seen videos where people are looking under and moving large rocks or tree trunks or under many other things. Keep in mind…FF said, “If I was standing where the treasure chest is…I’d see mountains, I’d see trees, I’d smell pine needles and pinot nuts…sage brush and I’d know the treasure chest is wet.” Again this is a loose version… Gist.
    This chest is located in a very wide open area. Beautiful to the eyes special to Forrest and a private safe place for kids to play and move around in No body else should be around once you have determined the location. (Thus for “private”) If you are not searching here or a place like ut ir your search has not lead you to what has just been described by FF…its time to refine your search as FF said, “Do not go where a 79/80 man could not go.”
    To me, this leads me to believe it should be like a walk or stroll through the park. But stop, look around, linger with eyes wide open…do walk past it like so many others have in the past.
    Happy searching and safe treasure hunting.

    • Thanks for the post KitKat – Glad that you came out of the shadows – Good to “see” ya’ Good luck with your search.

      I personally do not think that it will be a “Walk in the park” – but not impossible – a 79 or 80 years old man did it – JDA

      • Thank you JDA… The location I’ve been is just how described. A real nice walk through a park. I am going back one last time next year as this will be my 5th and last year dedicated to the search. The clues are too vague and now has become a little too costly. Although I would never really put a price on my experiences. They have been amazing…
        Good luck to you too.

  7. I have no argument with the tarry scant Dal.But when it comes to tarry scant. If I been wise it’s where I am standing in the right creek. The blaze look quickly down would tell me the quickest way to look down would be a one inch drop.When you notice the blaze.or straight down at your feet.But”TARRY SCANT.” From the blaze yes I believe its telling us to keep going foward until we come to a marvel gaze.My opinion is the marvel gaze is where the T.C. is hid at a distance from the blaze .

    • There’s that pesky mention again of “inch”. It’s just a matter
      of time before this is understood and explained. Thanks,
      y’all. I can see you’re not out of “Mike-Mike”. Hee hee!

  8. Hi Dal, I like your post on “tarry scant”, but since you asked for a counter argument, I’ll offer my take on it. I don’t remember his exact wording, but Forrest once said something like “Give the poem to a child and they’ll solve it before you”. In my solve, all the lines of the poem are multi-faceted and a child might say “tree scant” when they read that line. IMO, this could mean “few trees” and does in my solve.


  9. Hi Dal.

    Your thinking is basically the same as mine.

    For my general solve, I have the phrase as a description of what the seeker is to be searching for.

    I have it as if the seeker is possibly looking for a small rock with a small amount of tar applied amongst other solutions.

    In the most imagining way I could muster up, I pictured something with “some tar” on it. One could even perceive that we could be looking for a mark on a tree that is made with tar.

    My thinking also includes the amount of time on how long this mark could possibly/will last.

    That is another factor that I think FF put in place along side this clue. IMO – it feels to me that they should be viewed together in some way…..of course, I am using and trying to apply “the duality” factor to this as well.

    It is an interesting phrase.

    I have views, even an avenue that I will travel, but probably, and in my conclusion, it is something that also requires BOTG in order to understand what it is. It could the to marvel gaze while at OR near the trove..

    It is probably too small for any visual in GE.

    Cheers and good luck!

  10. Great subject…Tarry scant.
    My thoughts have been similar but a bit twisted in that scant means a little, a bit or some. i’ve been drawn toward “Tarry a bit” not necessarily meaning to get in a hurry.

    • Hello SmokyBaer. What are your thoughts with the word before “tarry scant” in the sentence?

      • pdenver,

        You make an excellent point!

        BUTTARRYSCANT – you cannot spell out SANCTUARY without a little bUt involved. Make sense?

        (hang in there! somebody -below- is a bit cranky tonight)

      • The capital B gives pause however to me it still reads the same…
        “But wait a bit”

    • Same here. Tarry, because you’re not going to want to leave this beautiful spot that so few (scant) get to see.

      Happy new year to all. May 2018 restore our wonder and belief in miracles as possible every day for all the world.

        • Watching, how have I become slightly irritating to you? All I’ve ever tried to do was to share my thoughts and ask questions of others to better understand their views. If I have, I certainly didn’t mean to to you or any other searchers.

          • Welcome to my World, PD. It’s a nice place most of the time… but at other times, it feels like War of the Worlds when the aliens get restless.

          • pdenver – you are one of the nicest, most respectable people on this blog. Please carry on being you.

          • pdenver,
            By reading as much between the lines in Watching’s comment as we do with Forrest’s ATF, I think that W enjoys being irritated and that they are actually asking you to post more. IMO.

          • It’s not what they say, it’s what they whisper. . ..instead of “watching” we would might all do well to listen more closely to certain bloggers on this site IMO.

          • definitely don’t listen to me…..you’d be crazy to think remote viewing works, huh?


          • BTW, Pdenver…I didn’t thank you for your informative response to my general query a week or so ago. Enlightening and appreciated. Thx.

  11. The word scant also shows up in older story books from back in the 30s / 40s so it seems the word was much more common then than now.

    • Hi Covert One: “scant” also regularly turns up in recipes, and as we know Forrest has used the recipe metaphor before.

      • Ok Zap –

        Let’s go with that analogy.
        What do you think he could be doing in the poem if he is using a recipe term?

        Is there a component of the search that we need less of? A small amount of? Are we to add a little Tarry to Marvel Gaze? What could that accomplish?

        What could it be?


        • Ya could check the periodic chart for that…
          FE and on and on… hey, can’t be any nutter that some we have heard of? LOL.. something a kid my have advantage with… because this old fart only know sn,nn,oo,zz,e

      • Hi Lugnutz: I was just mentioning that about the only common place that “scant” turns up these days is in recipes. It is just not a word that is used as often as it once was. As far as the poem, I take the word more or less at face value: if you find the chest, don’t dawdle — skedaddle.

  12. When FF has read the poem aloud, he pronounces it as if it rhymes with merry, fairy, scary. To wit — don’t linger.

    But I’m troubled by your abnormal attention to bloody stools, Dal. Hope there’s nothing to worry about, and wishing you a Happy New Year filled with clear stools. Well, not filled with, but with only.

    And just why is a respectable man your age pondering scanties? That can’t be good for anyone.

    Best to ‘move on quickly’ as you suggest. No counter-argument here.

    • I was thinking maybe Dal was hinting that the treasure might be buried near a Catholic Church. I hadn’t thought of that. lol.

    • With time being of the essence, I will tarry a scant wager and agree, this is no bloody decoy to be stumbled upon. But a cardinal turning point, the meaning of which will become clear, as the balance of time ticks forward.

  13. I don’t think so. If one were searching an area for hours or days (or longer) Why would you then suddenly have to “move on quickly”? My interpretation has always been the opposite. That Fenn is saying “pause a moment and stare” to locate the chest.
    It also might mean something else entirely. The poem is a set of directions, not advice. I think the 4th stanza is probably the most important and least understood part of the poem.

  14. In my solve besides being used as a description it means get the heck out of there as you may be trespassing and don’t want to be seen. As no one has any business there where you are.

    • I agree with you Amanda & Mr. Fenn gives a great example in TTOTC. The story about the First Lady & her visit to the gallery. The end of the story he talks about them leaving and having a conversation. Just before the gate a crowd of people walk by within inches but never knew they were there. That’s the tarry scant moment, you wait for the right second to recover & escape. But, if you’re quite, they will walk by & never know you’re there. IMO

  15. I search myself, this morning, for a counter… but only find a slight modification to your interpretation when probing my own. And not on the words you use, but what it means. Given the context clues, sentence structure, the statements that follow and one of Forrest’s strongest wishes for searchers (to be safe) – I too convert his words synonymous to my own language and when I do I end up on “Linger short with curious admiration”. This to me means that Forrest, on some measurable level, considers the location as a place you shouldn’t stay in if you don’t have to. Not to say it’s dangerous, only that it holds potential to be and to move along once you’ve achieved your goal. The idea that he’d tell you not to stop and take in the view doesn’t rest with me given that a primary goal of this adventure he charge us with was to get away from tech and enjoy those exact views. The adjective tarry simply doesn’t fit into the structure as I see it and there is nothing else to allude to its use as an adjective (that I see). I’ve also often pondered if there is potential for physical limitations that would back up Forrest’s words. For instance if the chest were submerged you would then only be able to linger short with curious admiration…

    The last part of the stanza, to me, also begs the question if there might be some physical limitations that led Forrest to the words. I’ll again refer to submersion in that if you were under water it is safe to be silent conserving air and keeping your mouth closed. This is loose, I agree, but has some merit going back to his desire for safety. Pair that with the reference of heavy loads and water high… Might take you some place. Alternatively (and currently my favored) it might be his way of saying that where you’re at when you find it, it is quite literally best to keep quiet and not disclose the location. For instance it might help avoid legalities or maybe the location is borderline between public and private. He literally says “leave peacefully” meaning get away from where you are at that moment and to do it without mention of your discovery (IMO).

  16. Dal, while it would be fun to sit at the counter and argue with you I think I agree with you… 🙂

  17. Dal,

    IMVHO there are (3) meanings for “tarry scant” and ALL are really important. Only (2) of those are still relevant as of 2017. (sorry…a person has to pick up a few mementos along the way)

    At the risk of giving – “one” other searcher- a hand up and allowing them to run right past me… (Merry Christmas)

    BUTTARRYSCANT = sanctuary. (defined as a hiding place)

    Happy New Year to ALL and may 2018 bring real PEACE to ff and family 🙂

    • Dal, You found it, “My mother was not a great collaborator. Her parents were German and Pennsylvania Dutch and mediation was a word probably not in her vocabulary.”

      I was wondering how that German angle worked into all of this.

      • My mistake. This was a Dal family “German” connection that I was seeing, completely out of context for my assumption. Yet, upon further study there was a strong German influence upon ff and that further explains the use of “tarry scant” in 33% of this crafty triple entendre.

  18. Dal;

    I use all three – Noun, adjective and verb

    A TARry Scant is a black stone that has been sawn on two sides – much like a black natural black flagstone – a Grave Marker is another example.

    The TERRY Scant, as you say can mean don’t hang around gawkin’ (either at the “prize” or the view).

    In my multiple trips through the poem, I use them all – JDA

  19. Dal,
    My first reading was what the common meaning is behind each word, thus, don’t linger around.
    However, together, they don’t roll off so pleasantly. It feels forced.
    I prefer to K.I.S.S., ala Occam’s razor, but I can’t automatically dismiss that there may be a double entendre for him to word it so uneloquently(IMO).

    I’m open to possibilities of something being tarry in nature. Maybe a little(scant).

    Cool discussion, and I appreciate the responses people take time to share.

  20. I know this is “out there” but I have never been able to completely shake off one interpretation that came to me a year ago. Another searcher (who no longer posts) believed the treasure was hidden in a well.

    He also believed that the sun could somehow be the blaze. Well, you know the childhood warning (which is very true though) “Don’t stare at the sun too long, you’ll go blind”.

    The poem says when you find the blaze “look quickly down” and says “but tarry scant (don’t stay or look too long) with marvel gaze” (you want to look at something longer than you should because it is beautiful, but you can’t because that would be dangerous, in other words)— just take the chest and leave in peace.

    I don’t know how the sun could really be the “blaze” though unless a reflection is somehow this sacred object. But this has always intrigued me so I thought I would share.

    • Thank you, Windy. That’s a helpful definition.

      Btw, I think the “but” and the “with” are important.

  21. Counter argument? Did some one call my name?
    I can’t argue your points on Tarry, except to say… But. You’re using the word but to essentially mean; “don’t” as a noun. Why not a conjunction? as to; However or other than?
    The previous line says; Look quickly down… this might be an action of looking, or even a movement [ ex. duck or bend ] While the wording ” your quest to cease, can mean, to follow through with the directions [ as you put it].

    Scenario of interpretation; you have found the blaze… you look quickly down a short amount of time to watch ~ Tarry to linger or stay, scant a small amount; Gaze to look ~ at watch closely ~concentrate on ~ “observe”..,
    In this case, the “but” might mean; in addition to, Looking quickly and tarry scant, for a short time. Obverse what might be need to be looked at, gaze at… For your quest to cease.

    We have been told/suggested that to solve this poem we need to “plan and observe” in addition, to thinking and analyzing. Is this part of that planning and observing -?- actually being told to stay and watch for something to unfold…

    Why the heck would we be told, BUT get out of there.. move quickly away?
    fenn wanted someone to find this “special” place, along with the prize he left, for the one who did. I would think he would expect this place should be safe enough to hold the chest for all these years and beyond, to have the kiddies, the wife or girlfriend or both to participate without wondering why we need to be in such a hurry to leave…

    Again, I can’t argue your meanings for Tarry, BUT, however, I can think of reasons to stay and finish the task we’re set on doing… find precisely a 10″ piece of land that might be be made harder to find by land movement down the road.
    And, why fenn might have taken so long to answer the age old questions; Did he follow the clue, and When did he hide the chest?
    Both seemingly have been answered… he followed the clues as we’re told to do and hid the chest in summer… at age almost 80.

    Either of us could be correct in the way we read the poem… or both completely wrong. Yet, but, however,… I can’t understand why he would tell us to leave as quickly as possible in a place he wanted to spend eternity at, and take it with him.

    • Seeker, you wrote “I can’t understand why he would tell us to leave as quickly as possible in a place he wanted to spend eternity at, and take it with him.”
      What if he did hide it in a National Park, like Yellowstone? Or even in a place (not National Park) where other people might happen along and see you if you stay too long. I think either of these locations could be implied by his words in the poem.

      I like what you wrote “Gaze to look ~ at watch closely ~concentrate on ~ “observe”..,” Someone posted a comment on ChaseChat years ago that FF told them (paraphrasing), it’s not good enough to look near it, you have to look AT it.” (it being the treasure chest.)

      • Cynthia: I think this line in your post captures the essence of Forrest’s instructions:

        “… Or even in a place (not National Park) where other people might happen along and see you if you stay too long.”

        If the chest’s location is not reached trivially, but is easily visible from a spot that is (and is regularly frequented), then spending too much time in the chest’s location may draw undue attention. “What the heck are those people doing over there? Why are they even there?” It could just be a suggestion from Forrest to try to be as inconspicuous as possible.

        • It that could be, Zap.

          But fenn has answered question relating to what he did when hiding the chest… paraphrasing… he carry the chest/contents, both in the open, and in his backpack…. No one was around when he hid the chest… he made two trips… [ you can look them up and read them in full.]

          The point is… he didn’t seem to be worried about it all, as much as many here are. He feels there won’t be a legal question about where he hid the chest, and it was supposed to be his grave-site… actually, no grave at all.. just to lay down and decay back into nature.

          How many folks do you think would be walking by a place he was planning to lay down and die at?
          Especially if, as yo say; “… easily visible from a spot that is (and is regularly frequented),…”

          • Hi Seeker: easily visible in the sense that there are no line-of-sight obstructions, but far enough away that all you can make out is that there is a person where you wouldn’t expect one. And they are located in a spot you can’t get too quickly, nor is it immediately obvious how you would even get there. It’s not a question of the legality of being there (e.g. it’s not on private land, Native American land, National Park, etc.)

          • Ok, legal aside..
            Why would fenn feel it’s [ for lack of a better term ] safe enough – not stumble upon, in the reasonable senseof the word, and not, to have his body discovered along with a million plus in gold?

            The chest is one thing… easily hidden away… but a body is another, and once that is discovered the challenge come to an end… It will be discovered who’s remains they are. The place would be torn to shreds by others or located by authorizes.

            Have you ever asked yourself how you could keep that from happening… for a hundred, five hundred or even a thousand years -?- If the place is regularly frequented…
            Two things come to mind… Interned, and/or remote.
            And when I say remote, I mean the location itself might be hidden. Think about that before you jump to a conclusion.

        • Zap the question is why?

          Why would Fenn tell us to be inconspicuous or not to linger? What risk could there be?

          It doesn’t ring true.

          I think all this must mean something else, probably less relevant.


          • Hi Lugnutz: it’s unfortunate to say, but I think there is significant risk to the finder of a chest worth over a million bucks who finds him or herself in the wilderness more than a half-mile from their car. The longer you linger, the greater the chances of encountering someone. These days, just running into someone in the wilderness (even without a million bucks on your back) is no guarantee of a good outcome.

          • Zap –

            Why would Fenn care enough about that scenario to actually write it into his poem?

            Also he has never mentioned any fear he had while concealing Indulgence. So then what? He thinks he is tough enough but doesn’t think the finder is??

            My opinion is that this line of thinking, a warning, does not hold water, be that water high or low.


          • Depends on how prepared said “finder” is…Zap. But, to be sure, nothing is absolute.
            All this cloak and dagger talk just kind of puts a negative twist to things…not something I would even consider bringing someone I care about along…if that’s the case. Fenn’s main premise is to get families together in the great outdoors to experience something more tangible than a Dumb phone…
            Next we’ll be hearing stories about folks searching in full sniper regalia !

          • Hi Lug — the bottom line is that I don’t think that line is a clue. I *do* think it’s a hint, however, and that he chose the odd words in order to provide that hint.

            Perhaps you think the line is a clue? If so, then you must not be in the camp that says the clues start with “Begin” and end with “cease” (which, of course, they may not).

          • Zap –

            I am in the Begin Cease crowd, but that doesn’t mean BTSC isn’t part of the final clue.

            Who knows.

            I just don’t think it’s a warning of any kind, which it appears most think. The idea that he is telling us to not delay or hurry out, it all seems absurd. I think it is possible he just needed to round out the stanza to the rhyme Peace. Wanted to sound poetic whilst doing so.

            Someday we may know.

          • Zap…really?
            “These days, just running into someone in the wilderness (even without a million bucks on your back) is no guarantee of a good outcome..”

            Personally, I don’t think I would leave the safety of the area until I soaked it all in. Tarry scant my friends it’s all relative, IMO.

          • Sweet Dreams –
            To me, any serious searcher is going to take along an extra pack to carry out (at a minimum) the treasure. Like Forrest, the finder might leave the “box” for a later trip – either that day, or the next. Other than the ear-to-ear grin, you are just another hiker. 🙂
            JMO – JDA

          • Strawshadow: yes, unfortunately, really. Or to borrow Forrest’s words, it’s important to consider the “what ifs.” Have none of you ever watched Dateline or 20/20? It’s not all rainbows, lollypops and unicorns out there. You aren’t hiking to Lower Yellowstone Falls with the advantage of safety in numbers. I like to believe in the basic goodness of mankind. But I also don’t invite misfortune by walking alone in dark alleys in the middle of the night.

          • You were really serious about that, OK. And no, never watched Dateline or 20/20, I’m guessing that’s something on TV. I am with you on those dark alleys though, but only if they whisper with the sounds of a city, a wise place for a Jaguar to tarry scant. IMO

      • Cynthia,
        I sorta recall that being stated by a blogger…
        It would be interesting if verifiable.
        But don’t get me wrong, I’m not say eliminate a park of any kind. The question isn’t about what we think we know about legality as much as fenn’s seemingly feeling there shouldn’t be a question about that.
        I highly doubt anyone here has spent thousands of dollars having the possibility looked into. But fenn apparently did.
        And I personally have to fall back on what we have been told over the years… each word in the poem was deliberate, for one. Why would fenn say get out of dodge, if he intended to stay there, at his final resting place and have a chest of gold, and not be worried of anyone stumbling upon this spot? { a better explanation is below in response to Zap’s post }
        It seems like a big waste of time and gold collecting, and buying a chest that is worth 25 k alone, to just be found by folks walking through a Park, camping, hiking, fishing, hang guiding over, cliff climbing, snowmobiling, kids wondering around exploring and yes, even treasure hunters who don’t have a solid correct solve.

        Where would a place like that be that is secret enough not to worry about being stumbled upon? lol even from 200′ away.
        Yes, I know fenn ruined the story of going there to die… but that was the kick starter to all of this… I just can ignore that. I’m not looking for a chest, perse, that is only a prize… I’m looking for a place that will answer the idea of “down the road” and hidden for that amount of time.

        • Seeker, I just spent 30 minutes trying to find the exact quote from ff about “many people being within 500 feet of the treasure” and can’t find it on my laptop. I know ff said a few searchers identified the first 2 clues and were within 200 feet of the treasure but I can’t remember exactly the “within 500 feet” quote. I’m pretty sure he didn’t say “searchers”, which means the people within 500 feet could have been hikers on a trail, bicyclists on a trail, fishermen fishing along a river, to name a few. To me this indicates the treasure is hidden in an outdoor area that is used by public recreationists, but hidden 500 feet from this trail/river and ultimately the parking area where FF had to park. It could be a small parking area like back the forest service road at the trail head to Middle Fork Lake, for searchers who know what I’m talking about. I didn’t necessarily mean it is close to Ojo Caliente and the trails near it in YNP. And ff said no one was nearby when he got back to his car after hiding the treasure so said out loud, Forrest, did you just do that?” (Could be paraphrased slightly.) This implies to me that it is possible others could have been there at the parking area. I don’t think the hidey spot is nearly as remote as most searchers believe, but I believe it can’t be seen until you get right to it. All IMO, of course. Also, I’ve considered his original plan to die by the treasure, so how would his rotting remains not stink? Maybe he was going to sprinkle lime over his body when he swallowed the bottle of sleeping pills.

          • Cynthia,

            ‘Searchers’ have been within 500′, for a long time:

            March 8, 2013 – – ‘There have been some who have been within 500 feet because they have told me where they have been. Others have figured the first two clues and went right past the treasure and didn’t know it.’ http://metro.co.uk/2013/03/08/forrest-fenn-and-the-raiders-of-the-stashed-gold-real-life-indiana-jones-stages-treasure-hunt-3531551/

            June 28, 2013 – – Today show (video-00:58)…..@0:00 -”some of the searchers have been within 500’, I know”…. http://www.today.com/video/today/52339204#52339204

            🙂 have a Happy New Year!!!

          • dang, my typing is getting as bad as Seeker’s! 🙂

            Fenn’s remark in the Today vid is @00:40

          • Locolobo, thanks for the quotes. I have this one in my notes but can’t find the source: “Lots of people were within 500 ft of the treasure.” This is the one where I don’t think he meant searchers per se, which implies to me the treasure chest is hidden in an area frequented by other

          • I find it interesting that Fenns 500′ quote was said two years before his 200′ comment.

          • Cynthia – With regard to your earlier quote referencing looking AT the right spot, I’m not sure if it is allowable to post a link here to another Fenn treasure blog, so I won’t, but it was posted by a fairly well known searcher on another blog and consisted of a screenshot of an email between the searcher and Forrest. The posted dialogue was as follows:

            Searcher – “So, no one is looking near the right spot?”

            Forrest – “No one is looking AT the right spot. f”

          • Very interesting ATT;

            So, someone might be NEAR, but not quite there yet – INTERESTING – Hope it is me (as we all do) – JDA

          • At The Top, Yes, thank you, that was the exact comment that was on chase chat awhile ago. Fenn wrote in an email to that searcher: “No one is looking AT the right spot. f” I think the line in the poem “But tarry scant with marvel gaze” is Fenn telling us to look AT it. I think that line is a clue, or has a clue in it. IMO.

          • Cynthia,
            fenn as used ‘people’ to mean searchers,
            On this; “I mean it not of matter of trying its a matter of thinking. Sure I mean, ‘people’ have figured the first couple of clue and unfortunately walked past the treasure chest” … SF podcast 11:40 mins.
            fenn as used; searchers, seekers, people and others… all seemingly indicating searchers in search mode… because those folks tell fenn by way of e-mails where they been and their process.

            Loco, I blame my horrific typing due to alcohol … if I only drank, it would be a good excuse.

          • @JDA,
            “So, someone might be NEAR, but not quite there yet – INTERESTING – Hope it is me (as we all do) – JDA”

            Very well could be you, JD. That email timestamp showed Sept. 10, 2015.. (it was posted to the blog on Sept. 23, 2015)

            So, where were you searching prior to Sept. 10, 2015?? 🙂

    • Seeker-
      Possibly the “Tarry Scant” line is a descriptor of the location of the chest rather than a direction to the searcher after finding it.

      I think several lines in the poem may likely be descriptors that help us verify we are following the right course as we search. For instance, the “Meek” line could be a descriptor of the place where the chest sets and the “Alone In There” line could be a descriptor to the place that is WWWH.

      I’ll give you an example…
      If the clues lead you down the Madison River where it squiggles its way to Hebgen Lake going in and out of National Park land as it moves toward the 191 bridge, It becomes quickly obvious that even after you have identified your HOB you still have a lot of river in front of you to search with no real descriptor to help you know where to look for a blaze…the “Meek” line could be telling you whether to look around the river in the park or outside of the park…

      Knowing which could help narrow down the location of the “Blaze” considerably. Some of those seemingly inconsequential lines between clues could validate and narrow down your broad search area. When used like this they become true “hints” and trail markers on their own.

      …or I could be entirely wrong…but thinking like this has helped me make sense of and place value on many of those lines in-between what I consider to be the nine clues…

      …the “Tarry Scant” line could be a valuable descriptor of the place where the chest resides…rather than a direction to the searcher about what to do after discovering the chest.

      • Dal,
        I can follow your train of thought… Meek meaning the waters enter the park and the end draws back out, to HLaWH as a possible location [ example a water fall or something ] That would give a description of a place to be at.
        I also think that most of the poem similar, as you put it, descriptor to help you know…
        Now what that seems to do is limits clues as actual locations/places as a point… thinking along the lines, everything is a place, but not every place it a thing. So, with that in mind… it bring me to a second idea for “tarry scant” and I understand it sound like a leap, but it could make sense if fenn was deliberating “cluing” what is needed to be done.

        We seemingly have 3 locations as points. WWWH.. HOB.. HLaWH. When ever you have 3 exact points you have a triangle. Tarry Scant could possibly related to “Tarry point”… Note I’m not say that specific equation is needed, but a triangulation would be.

        *My only concern with Tarry Scant to mean leave quickly … IF for example, the river entered and leaves a NP in a short distance ~giving quickly and scant more meaning to distance of that location… rather than a searcher need to leave, because of others who may see you, or your not supposed to be where you are, line of thinking.

        • Seeker,
          There are 2 ways to draw a path on a map. One way is to describe each way-point separately. The other way is to describe each segment of the path. In my opinion Mr Fenn used both methods in his poem thus causing the poem to appear even more vague than it is in reality. For example: to discribe 3 point (A B C) path on a map, you’ll need separate descriptions of the 3 geographical points and this would count as 3 clues to get from A to C. Using the second method, the same path can be charted by describing two separate segments (AB and BC) that constitute our path. In this case one would only need 2 clues to get from point A to C. What if some sections of the poem contain both methods?

          • Little Indy,
            You’re say almost the same as I am.
            Lets play with it… Do it on a sheet of paper.
            WWWH a physical point – A. canyon down not far Blah blah… hoB, Point B.
            From there it no place, doesn’t really tell us much about an exact point. The end is near and no paddling… not much of a point to work with…then, Just heavy loads and water high, lets call that the third point.
            Some where in all that we should have “found” the blaze, right?
            Well, if it’s not one of those points, it as to be another. So you have three point making a triangle… and hopefully, mapped out in a search area.
            Simply take the 1/2 distance mark of each side A to B, B to C and C to A [ just for an example ].

            Now run/draw a line from the center marks of each line to it’s opposite point being A, B, or C sides, and see where they end up inside the triangle… or more exact… on the map.

            Basically all the line merge in one spot… the only difference to the example and to reality is, the correct map’s distance of the physical clue references… or a better way of saying it… the actual shape of the triangle points of reference. Depending on the “right” map [ cuz it always seems, size matters ]… this could put a searcher virtually on top of what might be the blaze.

            Just food for thought…

          • Seeker ,
            You said: ,
            You’re say almost the same as I am.
            Lets play with it… Do it on a sheet of paper.

            In my opinion the poem is way more complex than that. In my solution just to get to the blaze you need 4 points or 3 sections of the path. The sections are not equidistant so finding a place where diagonals cross is not feasible. I view the poem as a linear path on a map, leading from wwwh to the wood. To get to the wood one must solve minimum of 9 clues.

      • Hi Dal,
        Fully agree with you. In my opinion they are both discriptors. This is the discriptive part of the poem. This is my opinion only.

      • My solve is so simple….to me tarry scant means do not wait to go retrieve the chest meaning one can look and see the chest but it will be a challenege to retrieve it..im sure Fenn knows the easiest path….because of terrian their are two paths to the locale ……the double meaning IMO IS WHY YOU CANNOT WAIT TO LONG AT THE SOLVE YOU NEED TO GET BACK TO THE ……point of origin before it is too late……I would love to speak to Dal and Fenn I really feel like I have an out of the box solve I have been searching this website for similiar solves and not one person has spoken of my BIG IDEA….I may be wrong but if I am right wait on the book….I will rehide some of the treasure ……

        • Mojo88,
          You said: ‘have an out of the box solve …’, you should go and look up Mr Fenn’s statement which goes something like (paraphrasing) – I feel like telling tem: go back to the box. In my opinion he meant it literally. So, I think, if you serios about your solution you should stay in the box. This is my opinion only.

          • Not wishing to cloud the issue, LIG, but could it not be both inside and outside at the same time?

          • Voxpops,
            You are right, and my apologies to Mojo88. I tried to be cheeky with his statement, but looking back at it, it’s not funny. In my opinion the chest is outside the box, but first you have to be in the box to get closer to it. All of is my opinion only.

          • It is my firm belief that the treasure will be found in a narrow Passage way, or chasm that could be described as a miniature BOX canyon – Just the mutterin’ of an old fool with only one active brain cell – lost the other one last year – JDA

          • Hi LIG.

            My suggestion is that you stay within the box only long enough to understand FF. Once you can, step out of the box as a seeker, look at what is in the box, and then begin the chase for the gold.

            If you are in the box, you will miss something. That something is located at the spot you are standing at, while you were inside the box.

            You’ll never have a complete solve If you are inside the box.

            Just my opinion.

      • I agree with Dal.
        tarry scant means to stay short.
        because there are people lined up behind you who want to look too.
        but they not looking for the chest.
        they just looking with jaws dropped.

        look quickly down. be fast because everyone else wants to have a look too.

        see now?

        ooops too slow.

        circle around for another look.

    • The “unfold” part has just given me a new appreciation for the cleverness involved in creating and fine-tuning the poem.

      Since I don’t do drama, my solve is unaffected; I plan to
      make my next BOTG search hike in a relatively leisurely manner. In the future, however, prompt folks will be able to appreciate/experience how this all works . . . especially if only the chest is taken.

      A certain Mr. Boone would also be proud of y’all, regardless of whether one considers “Sniffles” to be
      highly important here (capitalization counts). IMO.

  22. I agree with your interpretation, Dal, but I once used “tarry scant with marvel gaze” as a clue that meant you could see the asphalt road from where you were standing at the blaze where you were now supposed to look quickly down. I remember ff using the phrase “glide across the tartop” when he talked about you and Esmeralda. So he called a road a “tartop”, which could also be referred to as tarry. I never found the treasure chest there and haven’t used that solution since.

  23. I have always interpreted ” But tarry scant with marvel gaze”, to mean; Waite a minute! Be wise as to in what you see! IMO .

    I think the poem gives direction on what to do and how to think. Not at all about what not to do or how not to think. I don’t think the poem would give ‘what not to do advice ‘, but only precisely ‘ what to do advice’.

    Makes more sense to me that the poem would be a ‘do this and that ‘kind of map, rather than a ‘don’t do this and that ‘ kind of a map. I mean, I wouldn’t give someone directions to my house by saying don’t turn here or there ,but rather to only turn here and there. IMO .
    The word “But” in this line is a nod to the contrarian to do a”Tarry scant’.

    Just my goethe in the other way opinion .

    • It’s a special spot to him, secret and private. It’s a place to linger , absorbed the tranquility. What’s there to fear? He lingers there, why would he warn us to get the heck out once the chest is in our hand there? This interpretive perception just doesn’t compute in my logic nor imagination. It’s been safe for 7 years there and he thinks his bones would be too.

      Have a sandwich , it is a safe place for a picnic.

      IMO .

      • LoL ! Nice Sparrow. In that hypothetical news story it also reads , ” and search and rescue teams found his body by following FF’s poem, they wouldn’t have found him otherwise ” lol.

        Disclaimer: above is a fake story lol.

      • Then why must we leave? That’s the question right? Why not take a seat with marvel gaze or throw your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. Not very poetic I suppose…

      • When you remove the chest from the pedestal place the sandwich there as counter balance before the boulder is released to crush you!


      • I agree with you Alsetenash. Many seem to feel “But tarry scant” means to get out of there quickly. I’ve always thought the opposite- you’ve found the blaze and looked quickly down. You are right at the treasure or have just found the treasure (why your quest is ceasing), BUT linger a bit, stay a little while, take in the beauty and serenity of Forrest’s special place before leaving.

        • Stonerolledaway. Ya, makes sense to me that there is no hurry nor reason to skedaddle when at the site and with the chest in hand. IMO . I just don’t read the poem that way. I don’t undestand the default thought in fear based ideas actions . I mean heck, the world has been given a map via a poem to a treasure chest and in 7 years no one can even find it .lol. Doesn’t seem like people would even see the Searcher/Finder anyways. It’s well hidden and probably the person there would be also. IMO .

  24. A span of time. Before you go, spend some time with your grandmother, Germany is a long ways away and you don’t know if she will be here when you get to take leave. Wish I had tarry scant just awhile longer, and the Army was the one to “hurry up and wait”.

  25. Hey all
    The only thing I have to say is what FF has said : ” look at evey noun and I don’t like or take trails.” And I will tell you this, Cynthia’s book is fantastic and was a lot more than I was expecting..
    Ps, what’s up JD.

    • Wow… thanks for the book review!! Maybe I should hire you as my literary agent. I hope I offered something, however small it seems, that may help you in the treasure hunt down the road. Best wishes to you in 2018!

      • Cynthia
        I can only wish that everyone would buy your book. If not for information then just for beauty. Your pictures and pictorial & descriptions were right on. You held nothing back, including Tarry Scant & Marvel Gaze. And just to know that Forrest Fenn went through this before publishing is real assuring…
        Best of luck in your future & Happy New Year’s to you. You are my favorite and I have followed you on blogs forever.
        PS. I think you are the one who was with in 500ft of the T C and Forrest is right, you would tear the country side apart trying to figure out where. 😉

  26. Dal.
    TARRY SCANT. Stay a while until you find the T.C.dont leave. Tear around and scan the area. Now that how ff.Could be using Tarry Scant.

  27. Interesting….
    So today, I had decided to retackle stanza 4, before I even opened Dal’s blog for the day.
    Stanza 4 right now in my life means that I have to…..
    Reread, rethink, reanalyze, regroup, rebang my head on the wall, etc.
    The good news is I actually had an Ah Ha moment today and fell good about the direction I’m moving.
    Dal, nice timely post for me.
    And, I agree with all your definitions of tarry.

  28. My interpretation of “tarry scant” is also a short rope. I believe the the treasure is attached to a rope on the side of a knoll. I also believe mirrors are involved, and you are actually gazing at the face of a shape that Forrest has sprinkled throughout his wonderful stories. I believe said shape is sporting mirrors for eyes. Perhaps an alarm is triggered and you have to motor? I don’t know. Once you take gold from a critter, it’s probably wise to skidaddle. And yes, this sounds over the top, but so is treasure hunting. Happy New Year. I hope 2018 brings you all good health and plenty of fun.

  29. @anyone – If “Tarry scant with marvel gaze,” means do NOT stay too long assessing the contents AFTER you’ve found the chest … well, WHY NOT? I think that’s what the line intends, but I cannot figure why FF advised us to get the treasure quickly & get out of there. Is it because there might be other people around? Nah. Wild dangerous animals? Again … Nah. So then WHY?

    Is it because we’ll need to make two trips, as FF did? Possibly. Or is it because it’s a long way back to wherever we left our car? Maybe. Or could it be because the place will be closing soon & we need to get out? Uh-uh, doesn’t seem right. Maybe once the treasure is located, something is scheduled to happen & we shouldn’t be there when it does. See … like I said, I have NO good reason WHY we should “tarry scant”.

    Personally he didn’t need to tell me that. I’d race away with the loot faster than a speeding bullet anyhow. Now you see me … POOF … now you don’t! Yep! Streakin’ back to WV with the goodies.

    • Just a thought. Suppose you found Indulgence in a National Forest. According to their regulations, ANYTHING FOUND on government land CAN be claimed by the government.

      If you do find Indulgence on Public Lands, you are supposed to take it to the nearest Forest Service office and turn it over to them for a period up to 90 days, during which time, they will advertise and hope that the rightful owner (Forrest) comes forward to claim it – and then the litigation begins.

      RIGHT! I am SURE if I find it that I will turn it in – R I G H T ! !

      Maybe this is why Forrest says he was alone when he put it there – we should be alone when we find it, and that we should not just sit around ogling at our new prize – “Just take the (your) chest – (yourself) and “Go in peace – don’t hoop and holler and raise a ruckus – just peacefully (and quietly) leave Dodge. JMO – JDA

      • What about;
        The chest is not in a dangerous place… is that simply a safety warning, that under most circumstances the place is safe? Or would you consider a possible arrest being a risky chance because of the rules/regulations and laws set in place?
        Is fenn’s statement;
        Does what if there are no legal questions… to imply… if you don’t get caught there is no legal questions -?- so run, don’t walk… leave asp? Is this the planning part of solving the poem’s clues… go in stealth and leave by the light of of the moon?
        Are we all being told to be Mavericks, and do something that could cause legal problems?

        IF so, fenn should ask those lawyers for his money back.

        ‘It will be ok Little Sally, when mom and dad make bail, will come get you from juvie and move to Old Mexico.’
        geezzzusss, lol , ya’ll talk like fenn walks on water, and at the same time, think he’s telling us to commit to something illegal.
        Personally, I would like to think that “go in peace” has more to do with the way fenn feels about his ‘special place’… Holding it in high regards and with respect.

        I like Dal’s version much better… it talks about how the landscape comes into affect, by followng the descriptions we might seen, and not having to brown our britches sliding down the fire escape.

        • Fenn has made it perfectly clear throughout the years that nothing is absolute. Like his friend Sloane….you never know. He has also said that natural circumstances could affect the treasure…again…nothing is for sure.
          With that said…he has told us he tried to think of everything
          in regards to his poem and hiding the treasure…he did not expect it to become such a monster. Laws change…land ownership changes…N Park guidelines are modified constantly…geography is always on the move…there are many unknowns.
          The only static information is the poem and his books…and MOST of his other communications with searchers. Maps of course are on the table…who knows where GE will end up.
          Just because Fenn has shared that he consulted with a lawyer in regards to the treasure…I would seriously caution folks against being foolish in regards to pushing the limits of the Law. I don’t think that is what this is all about…but…to each his/her own. There may be a slight twist involved…but I do not think Forrest Fenn would use someone unknown/or known to make a final point by putting them into a potentially bad situation.
          There may be a Moral to the story…but I do not think tossing morals to the curb is necessary…..

          • ken,
            What we don’t know is, the correct interpretation for… well, for any of the poem, nevertheless tarry scant.

            But I would have to wonder why fenn would be warning members of his own family, who have also searched for his special place, if there was reasonable doubt they could get into a some form of legality problems for being there.
            But, I also understand nothing is written in stone…changes happen… and as fenn said; it’s out of his hands now.
            But, it wasn’t when he created the challenge, and supposedly thought of everything.
            I think it’s important, at this period in time, to remember that this poem is not a legal document that would hold up in any court… simply because it is ambiguous in the legal sense.
            So I lean toward Tarry Scant as; important information for the poem itself… rather than a warning to flea the scene. At this point in time that is the only logical reason I can come up with…
            So, when I read Dal’s idea of how he think the poem is proceeding, I can see Tarry Scant as the waters moving in and out of a section of area that would be considered no place for the meek… Such as; entering YS and exiting… that would give a very good point reference to what is seen on a map and on location, line of thinking.

            It simply works with the poem, and not a warning to fear of being robbed or spotted or detained etc.
            If folks really think that way… I have to wonder why they would even bother?

    • Becky. I have similar thoughts posted. I don’t interpret Tarry scant with marvel gaze as a get the heck out of there. It doesn’t make any sense with the TC hunts purpose, theme, ATF about the spot being safe, secret, special and why he chose the spot. He wouldn’t knowingly put anyone in a situation of high risk of injury nor confrontation with authorities, trespassing, handcuffed , legal issues, mobbed and tackled by happenstance hikers. It is in a safer place than what seems to be expected in this common aligment of thinking as I have read those derivatives from people. I could be wrong of course. But I am confident that FF has the wisdom higher above such anticipated fears; why else would he consult lawyers for assurance with some of these concerns. It’s in a safe place for searchers for as long in time as he had the ability foresee. IMO .

      Tarry scant= Don’t rush . Marvel gaze= Observe. Go in peace= For you are safe. IMO .

    • Becky and Aaron and others, you ask why the need to move so quickly from the hidey spot once you have found the TC. I have found the answer to this and other questions in books by other searchers. Look in the menu to find a list of “books By Searchers.” There are some answers that might surprise you. I’m not trying to sell books but there are some good ones that will help you with the chase. I’ve brought all of the books, there’re very interesting. JMO.

      • MOW…how could books by other searchers answer anything tangible about Fenn’s hidden treasure…except possibly a long list of where the treasure isn’t?
        I am sure there are some “entertaining” stories…and maybe a subjective snippet here or there…but in terms of factual info From Fenn himself, I am not so sure.
        I am not saying…” Don’t buy the books”…only warning the unknowing that these are not necessarily factual handbooks.
        Good luck to you…

        • Some of the books could provide factual information if the author focused on that.

  30. @JDA – I like your last paragraph. Makes me wonder just EXACTLY how close other people would be to the “hidey” spot. Quite frankly, I don’t plan on whooping & hollering & raising a “ruckus”. But if anybody is close enough to hear that sort of excitement … the actual location must be in a less remote area than the wilderness. Right?

    • Funny you should mention that – you say, ” the actual location must be in a less remote area than the wilderness” Right?

      In Wyoming, where I search, there are a eight wilderness areas that are associated with the eight National Forests. There are MANY scenic hiking trails in each of these eight wilderness areas, and in the eight National forests. Forrest could have secreted Indulgence “Not in very close proximaty (sic) to any one of these trails, visited by hundreds and hundreds of people every year.

      In my search area, I think that the minimum number of people that I have encountered on trails is about 10, even after it got a bit nippy out.

      Not only should a searcher “Be Bear Aware” – but “Be people aware” – especially if they wear a “Smokey the Bear” hat – 🙂 JDA

  31. Happy New Year to all,

    I have always taken “Tarry” in Tarry Scant as an adjective. I know Forrest does not pronounce it this way when reading the poem, but I have my reasons to believe the way I do. It has to do with his story in TTOTC, “First Grade” on page 16. Forrest tells the story of John Charles whatever. I have always believed this to be a clue for John Charles Fremont, aka “the pathfinder”. The second and third passages in the poem take me to a location that when I look down I see a path. It is a path with writing on it. (If you would like to see a little of it look in the stick figure contest; page 9. I drew a little of what I can see very clearly from using google earth). I have actually been in person to the path as; well a few years ago, and it was still legible. The beauty of it being legible on google earth is that it will always be viewable using the history tab, long after it has totally worn away. He thought of everything, even a way to have the blaze last forever. All my opinion of course. Trying to figure out a way to send a actual picture of part of the path without giving away to much. If I figure out a way I will send a link along.

    Fred Y.

    • “In the bosom of one of those spacious coves which indent the eastern shore of the Hudson, at that broad expansion of the river denominated by the ancient Dutch navigators of the Tappan Zee, and where they always prudently shortened sail and implored the protection of St. Nicholas when they crossed, there lies a small market town or rural port which by some is called Greenburgh, but which is more generally and properly known by the name of Tarry Town.”

      • Lugnutz,

        Ha Ha!!! Are you trying to tell me that what I speak of is a great story, or that I am a Legend. Tarrytown, I know it well. When I lived with my parents many years ago in Ossining New York and worked in the big apple I took metro north to work and passed through the city of Tarrytown every day. I have also been known to tarry a bit in their local taverns.

        Fred Y.

  32. At this point I have several interpretations. Some a little more difficult to explain without some context so I will avoid those. But here is one that does not. Many interpret “tarry scant” as an instruction which means to wait a bit. Its because the use of “scant” is being interpreted as a measure of time. But what if it is instead a measure of space? If i told you to tarry at home vs tarry in the city I am giving you instruction to tarry followed by a description of physical space, and in which both are significantly different. Scant is ambiguous…but just sayin. If this is the case then “marvel gaze” would seem to be an instruction to keep looking for something within a scant distance from the blaze.

    Happy New Year! See you all on the other side.

  33. I’m not sure why you would have to move quickly to retrieve the chest and leave. While that thought process seems to make the most sense, if it is in a spot that nobody would stumble on then why would the finder need to rush?

    One thought I have had is that if you find the location while searching from home then you should hurry to spot.

    • In the middle of winter? I tried searching when the ground
      was muddy. Fell 3 times. Don’t want to do that again, as
      my bones are likely to be brittle. IMO.

      • No, I don’t think the middle of winter is a good idea. I have searched in a few inches of snow and that was too much.

  34. Imo, I doubt FF need worry about his bones
    being fouund after even just a few years. if they were exposed. All critters crave calcium &. salts
    Thats why, except for antlers, very seldom do you run across deer or elk skeletons.

    • Unless the carcasses are dangling in a tree next to a cliff as we saw on the side of a mountain in Montana.

  35. Chest is somewhere where it you can be seen (potentially) by many other people upon retrieval. Means get it and get out of where you are. Maybe a place you’re not supposed to go, although harm is unlikely to befall you.

    • The word “supposed” is interesting. I don’t SUPPOSE
      that anybody will go “to” (within 12 feet, or 144 inches) the hidey place in the next 2 years . . . excepting the search party that finds the trove. So for most of us searchers, the phrase “a place you’re not supposed to go” may WELL be accurate,
      even while not meaning “a place you’re not allowed to go”.

      • Sparrow. Who said you needed to use all the words? There are other anagrams in the poem that only use a few words in each line. IMHO.

        • John R;
          “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.” f

          Isn’t an anagram a form of cipher?

          Also, didn’t Forrest say something about every word is important, and not to ignore any of them? – Something like that – JDA

          • JDA, your last point is so important, IMO. I’m amazed that there are still people discounting entire stanzas. FWIW, when FF says its risky to ignore words, I’d say it’s a sure fire way to never find the treasure. Just my opinion, of course.

          • The quote is pretty clear huh, JDA. No matter what, BOTG is needed and unavoidable. IMO . No form of science can change the requirement .IMO .

          • I always thought f sees a maverick having a decent chance in the Chase. A maverick don’t mind be risky once in awhile.

          • JDA,
            To answer your question “Isn’t an anagram a form of cipher?” (the question was probably rhetorical but I have an annoying habit of answering those also)

            Anagram: a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another.

            Cipher: a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.

            So by the broadest definition of cipher an anagram is a cipher, but then many of the solves posted here would be ciphers also. I know very little about your solving method but can you state that you don’t interpret some parts of the poem as “a secret or disguised way of writing”? If the meaning of the poem wasn’t disguised in some way why do we need hints to help guide us to the meanings?

            So I’m going on the assumption that Mr Fenn was using cipher in the sense of the second definition. Taking the more limited meaning of cipher as being “a code” gives us:

            Code: a system of words, letters, figures, or other symbols substituted for other words, letters, etc., especially for the purposes of secrecy.

            There I see a definite difference between a code and an anagram. One being a system involving substitution and the other being a rearrangement. One being a system requiring methods and keys to decipher and the other being a puzzle that requires trial and error to solve.

            Add to that the ATF over at Jenny Kile’s where Mr Fenn’s answer on anagrams neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of anagrams in the poem.

            My particular solve doesn’t currently involve anagrams, but I see other puzzle type elements in places. These elements would fall under the broader definition of cipher, but not the narrower one of “a code”. I don’t rule out anagrams being in the poem though since in the clues that I think I’ve solved I see a different method of solution in each one. So who knows, maybe I’ll find an anagram eventually.

            One last thought, having to figure out each clue from scratch without much benefit from the methods you used on the previous clues makes it very slow and difficult. This might explain why some have solved the first two clues without getting any further.

  36. Dal,
    IMO, the “tarry scant” phrase in this stanza is not overly important, and my interpretation of it has always been “don’t dilly-dally”, so I don’t disagree with your interpretations for this phrase in the poem, but with disregard for what you may be gazing at – and that seems to be an affirmation, IMO. I find your broader interpretations for the entire stanza, though, a bit more interesting.

    I’m of the opinion that you don’t ‘find’ the blaze when BOTG. My belief is that all stanzas are solved prior to BOTG and once you lace your boots, you go to your predetermined area and search for evidence of the spot where the TC is hidden. So, analyzing and solving this and all stanzas is best undertaken, IMO, from the comfort of a chair.

    In both your interpretations of the second line, you write: “Look directly down and you’ll see what you’ve been searching for”, and I would change only the word “directly” with “immediately/smartly/intelligently” and also note perspective is as stated in the preceding paragraph. IMO, this line has the potential to provide some very helpful information. Forrest has stated that ‘all the information you need to find the TC is in the poem’ (paraphrased), but there are hints beyond the poem, IMO, that help focus the poem’s apparent broad-brushed approach. I believe there are hints in TTOTC, and even a very small number of post-TTOTC comments from Forrest, that shed additional light on this ‘look quickly down’ line in the poem.

    IMO, the last line in this stanza is related to safety and/or legal issues a successful searcher will need to consider.

    Of course, these are just best guesses, so FWIW.
    Happy New Year.

    • Look “Quickly” down – There is an archaic definition of “Quickly” which relates to Forrest’s Scrap Book about the spice rack, and Forrest’s quote: , “If I was standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles, or pinyon nuts, sagebrush—and I know the treasure chest is wet. Well you’ve asked me a lot of questions and some of them—most of them I answered, a few I haven’t, but I’ve got to tell you—there’s one thing I told you I wish I had not.” f

      Just a New Year’s thought – JDA

  37. I wonder if Tarry Scant refers to a place. Scant can mean “bald”. Is there a town or railway stop or mountain called “Pausing Bald”? Just one of my rabbit holes.

  38. I think Dal makes a good point about how his mom used the words which is probably similiar to forests intent.
    I dont think it is a clue but rather take the chest and get the hell out of there.

  39. Happy New Year all,

    Just wanted to add one more thought on this topic which I believe to be an overlooked comment/hint by Forrest.

    The thing to keep in mind, Forrest, by his close friends, has been called the “master” of the double-entendre. The second thing to keep in mind, is he chooses the questions he’s going to answer from searchers (for his own reasons…)

    Here is the Question posted 7/4/2014:
    “Forrest, What’s the minimum number of clues that we need to solve to find the treasure, assuming that we follow the clues in order? `Serge Teteblanche”
    “Just one Serge, the last one. f ”

    IF; “Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”
    is not the last line, then: “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,” IS!

    What would this then imply?


    • GCG,
      We now know fenn followed the clues… not shortcuts, idea. And he had to do it twice. Again, apparently no shortcuts.
      But I have to wonder if… marvel gaze could refer to where you started. I know that sounds like doubling back… but I wonder if, to get to the chest [ near where we start ] we have to go the long-way around.
      Think of it as one-way streets pattern in a city, idea. We seem to have a big hole in the poem, we have water, we have a point of whatever hoB refers to… and a place that is not for the meek with heavy something and water high.

      Could creek being describe buy one definition of; a narrow passage be the route?… the only route that allows us to start; is near the end… But ya can’t git ther’ from here? You are forces to go around. So, lets just use left side vs. right side for this example;
      You start at wwwh follow the poem through it descriptions to a location at hoB or HLnWH [using the left side path, idea… But there’s nothing there… you look intensely down and concentrate from where you are, to where you came from… bingo… you see the blaze, not far, from where you start… but a hike to get to.
      Only now, you have to go down the ride side to get to the blaze and the chest…. rinse and repeat. Is Tarry Scant with marvel gaze meant as being astonished, surprised, impressed at how fenn put I all together? Having us start were we need to end… yet not being able to end up where we started -?- without making two trips.

      In this scenario, I’m not sure Tarry Scant is the last clue, But and indicator on where to see the last clue is… the actual blaze.

      • Seeker…Nice idea, and one that folks have discussed at various times. How could that idea line up with folks AT the first two clues…but then walked /went/ bicycled/ drove/pack horsed/flew by the remaining clues? Wouldn’t he then have said… more than three clues? Didn’t he also answer a slick question about switching back?

        • The only way Seeker…that I think that may be a possibility is…IF…we factor in the 200’/ 500′ comments. And of course…maybe a directional variation.

        • Lets start with switch back… you’re not switching back to the first clue or starting point.. they just happen to be close, but can go straight to one from the other.
          Think of it as being on one side a gorge, and directly across from you is Joe’s place serving Ice cold beer… But you have to travel up a mile to cross over and back a mile on the other side to get to that Ice cold beer. The principle is the same for many areas. [ and hypothetical at this point in time. The same as the one way street example, But not so much a one way in and out { that’s too easy} but simply only one way to do it.
          Not Far, but too far two walk might simple be saying.. “from there’ is wwwh Turn at hoB and walk back to HLs and WH opposite wwwh is. No need to know a distance of measurement or drive 20 miles… ya just need to go around.

          folk with the first two clues solved seem to do a few things [ that I can imagine… In this type of scenario ] They went into a big hole… They only stayed on one side. They all were 500′ from the chest to start They went on looking to where they were going and never looked back to see where they been [ knowing the place for the first time, idea, where they started ]… the excuses can be a mile long and all logical.

          The main point here is… not making up danger or a unknown distance, for the lines NFBTFTW and BTSWMG… these two line scream to me, as to, Observe, Think, Plan a course to where and what and why.

          LOL, now if you ask me what the clues refer to? I have no clue… this little exerciser is an attempt to make the poem, pop, logically and not forcing legality or danger warnings, or worries of wrong doings… as excuse for not understanding what the poem might be relaying to solve the path.

          Ah! but we do have that little safety net to fall back on… ‘No idea is wrong,’ line of thinking, right?
          Sure, why not… Lets all have a lawyer on retainer because the poem is saying… get the heck out of dodge, just in-case.

          • Seeker…interesting. As you know, I have said these similar ideas in the past…not verbatim but similar.
            Think about the Omega symbol shape…this scenario kind of mirrors that. Also similar to an arc shape…or “rainbow”. I have also looked at how the clues could possibly be “sheltered” by this shape or canopy type umbrella….
            Yea….No running through the wilds…’cause Johnny Law is after you ! Just because your paranoid….

          • Ken,

            If a shadow is a thing, then the double Omegas are within proximity of the SANCTUARY. That too is IMVHO.

      • Your message seems to imply that there is more
        than one blaze in the correct solve. I don’t think
        that this is what FF had in mind, but good luck to
        y’all anyway. I said “y’all” . All IMO.

    • CGG,

      You said, “IF; “Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”
      is not the last line, then: “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,” IS! What would this then imply? ”

      At the risk of repeating myself. IMO the line has (3) meanings or correct interpretations. One of which seems to have never been discussed. BUTTARRYSCANT is intended to by used (together) to form the word SANCTUARY with a couple extra letters that also have meanings/purpose.

      • The problem remains that this clue is applicable in all (4) states IMVHO. It is with that confidence that share, knowing well that it may be empowering another “one.”

      • LMN
        I get the process… but it seems that we can do this throughout the entire poem as well… push words together and scramble them to make a new word. It begs the question… Messing with the poem?

        The Butterfly – flutterby seems more like a word that can be construed as two things… without really changing the letters. Ex. Butterfly is a name if the insect, while Flutterby is the action if that insect.

        Does the poem do this in the same manner? Ex. “take it in” to be a physical movement or a simple observation for a reason? Does “Drawing” refer to a carving, or does it mean pulling, or is it only meant to enhance the idea of the ‘end is near’
        So can a word like halt have to meanings with to different actions -?- The searcher halts there movement while the water changes direction, line of thinking.

        I think grouping words and changing the spelling to create a new words is really pushing what has been told not to do. But with that said; can certain words be read backwards -?- to give a name of a location… such as “AS I” to refer to ISA Lake?
        IF so, and IF it’s not twisting the boundary of “messing with the poem… then I would think the entire poem would have to hold all the relative physical location involved. Or maybe Isa lake is simply the starting point of the clues.

        Dang… it is very interesting how this poem can be looked at, and I see ISA and you see Sanctuary. The real question is… how far can we push it before it becomes a force fit?

        So if you don’t mind… how do you see “meanings/purpose.” in the word sanctuary working with or as a clue?
        If it’s a protected area… I’d think twice.
        If it’s a mental facility lol… I want the little green pill. The purple ones make me see bad things.

        • Seeker, With all due respect, you are a deep thinker and a prolific poster. I am a deep thinker and one who is rare to post. Actually, I went a bit overboard on this post/topic because I think that it proves the brilliance of ff, without having to disclose much about my search secrets.

          That said, you are (I believe) an armchair searcher (not an insult) and using a shotgun (again, not an insult). I am BOTG and using a rifle to hunt this trove. You will be opining eloquently for months to come and I will be making certain not to stretch a tangent (this time.)

          That is why I can not give you a rifle answer to your shotgun question. And yet, with all due respect, you deserve one.

          • LMN,
            I shotgun the question so you wouldn’t have to sight in on a point.
            Yet, my point was, is it messing with the poem by change words to create a completely new word?

            Some say I’m hung up on the ATF comments, Q&A’s etc. Some even say I use them as clues. They could not be more wrong about the clue[s] part. I don’t even think fenn is hinting at anything… but it seems he’s might be giving us ideas of how to go about this.
            Many of fenn’s comments ‘imply’ [ I’ll add; this is my strong opinion only ] answers that seem to contradict an other. I think the process is mostly telling us how to read the poem as he intended and not our hopes of how to read into it.
            We are not seeing it the way he does.
            My suggestions and examples, such as; searchers decipher clues and not knowing they did, yet still manage to be at the correct location not knowing they might have been there, and still, walk by the remainder of the poem… is telling me that many if not all [including myself] have not figured out how to read this poem. [regardless of armchair or botg]

            I would not be surprised at all, that ever clue has been mentioned at one time or another… minus the spot of the chest… it’s just a matter of implementing fenn’s poem as he was designing it. We’re not building the blueprint correctly. We are just looking at the supply order and not knowing what to do with it.

          • Seeker, LIG wrote a very clear post showing how there may be two methods woven into the poem. The two methods are complementary, but because they approach the problem from two completely separate standpoints, the poem appears vague and confusing. If you can separate out these different methodologies you can begin to move forward, IMO.

            This is the approach I adopted once I’d latched onto WWWH. And in fact, if you use imagination/logic to solve the WWWH problem, the poem rewards you with a glimpse into the way-point method, which you can then build upon.

            As far as clue solutions are concerned, there are probably a few who have nailed a number of them, but because absolute precision is required (and the reason for that will become clear later on), they are not generally known. Although they are to be found in accessible and visited areas, they are not generally where most searchers walk.

            IMO, the blueprint is somewhat confusing, but nonetheless readable. The problem is not so much the blueprint as the size of the building. This is one very lengthy treasure hunt, with many adjustments to be made along the way. Even once you realize how things are laid out in the poem, it’s a huge job to get through it all.

            As far as changing anything in the poem, I have found phonetics can sometimes (but only occasionally) be helpful, which may shift definitions, but you don’t need to reorder stuff.

            As for BOTG vs armchair, I’d say that you can get as far as the no-paddle creek before you need to put BOTG. If you’re really smart (or have been paying acute attention) you can get a few steps further, but then, unless you’re in the Stephen Hawking IQ bracket, you’ll almost certainly need to get out of that armchair.

          • Seeker,

            The beauty of double or triple, even quadruple entendre is that the poem reads correctly on the surface, yet has deeper and sometimes deeper and even deeper meaning. That would not be “messing” with the poem, but would be appreciating the value of the placement of every word, the letters within every word, words within a line and their placement within it’s architecture.

            One might argue that accepting that rich architecture, simply for what you see on the surface is a more profound insult to the creator.

  40. I believe that seeker is correct when he said that he thought tarry scant was important information about the poem, as opposed to hurry up and leave.

    I think a lot of people don’t understand scant.
    If a recipe call for a scant tablespoon of salt, that to me means that is a little short of a full tablespoon.
    If a board is to be cut 1 inch thick and it is actually 15/16 it is short of the desired thickness. such boards are referred to as scantlings.
    To be scant refers to being short of- which is a wonderful descriptor.
    Now, what was he referring to with tarry?

  41. What if you get up there and there is a really short little guy waiting for you by the name Tarry?

    • Then give him half your sandwich, dazzle him with your flashlight, grab the chest and RUN!

    • Jeez Copper! I just dropped my salad on the floor ! I’d say that qualifies for RUNNING !

      • Speaking of running, Forrest is always running. He ran from Texas A&M, from those biddies, in football and through the jungle. Where do you think he’s always going?

        Tarry scant can also relate to “short hairs.” Did you know that the short grass on the outskirts of a putting green is called “frogs hair?” Hiccup. Scuse me….I mean “ribbit.”

  42. I think that some over exaggerate the meaning of “tarry scant with marvel gaze,” in the common interpretation. It simply means, don’t delay, there is not much time to gaze at the marvelous find. Tarry scant with marvel gaze is a short version of the meaning.

    We all use at times language shorts rather than use more words to convey the same thing. Example; when I go for a long walk and don’t know how long I will be gone, I’ll say to my wife, “I’ll be out and about”.

    I also feel there is no hint or clue with “tarry scant with marvel gaze”, it’s simply a statement. Not every line in the poem has a clue or a hint as I read the poem and understand it.

    As always its my opinion

    • I have a slightly different take, CharlieM. I believe that the line has multiple meanings. It references something black (on more than one occasion, including a name), it directs you to a new area, it divides an area, and it suggests you hurry up once you’ve found the trove.

    • Marvelous has too many syllables
      and that’s it.

      The clues stopped back at the word cease.

      But it doesn’t matter Charlie people need to find something that helps put them over the top.

      I would suggest one might begin to wonder about tarry scant and marvel gaze whilst standing where warm waters halt. And not before


  43. “Tarry scant with marvel gaze” could also mean, Scan the area, find the chest and take it home. Don’t start whooping it up and taking tons of pictures or someone else may be drawn to your location to join you. Then you have a potential problem at least. It also should say, “be quiet and stealthy, don’t draw attention to yourselves”.

    If you are the one who finds the TC, my advice is “B R E A T H E”.


    • Who’s is will to do a little reading for me?
      I don’t have the book ‘cover’ and never saw the book ‘cover’
      But supposedly is states… [ disclaimer; this is not a quote I can verify but, this is of an other blogger ]
      Front Book flap: “All that will be needed are the clues, some resolve, a little imagination, and maybe a six-pack to celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery.”

      IF this is factual from the book ‘cover’ it would seem clear that a searcher would have time to ‘celebrate’ and maybe share a beer or two with a search partner… or lol, be greed and leave them in the car to bottle up the sixer yourself.

        • It does say that on the book cover, but that specific part may be a quote of the author of that. I only say that because there is another part where they quote F and put it in quotes. Not that part though.

          Sorry for the long post but It says as a whole:

          This memoir includes a true story about a secret treasure and an outrageous dare. “Unlock the clues that are scattered among these pages and you can go home with a chest so full of gold a jewels that its almost too heavy for o e person to carry.” Forres5 said that if he were younger he’d go back and get it himself.
          Forrest Fenn, the author, has spent most of his eighty years in similar persuits of passion and now wants others to share the thrill of the chase. That’s why he’s concealed the cache. all that will be needed are the clues, some resolve, a little imagination , and maybe a six-pack to help celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery. Anyone can get lucky. But it takes mettle enough to strike the trail and enough confidence in a maverick to know the treasure is really there for the taking.

          **I definitely see the six-pack/tarry scant connection

          The rest (refers to F in third person, calls him a maverick etc.) I dont think are his own words. One interesting about it is that whoever wrote it doesnt seem to be listed anywhere in the book or on the dustjacket that I can find.

          I do like the thought of a “breathtaking moment” or “catching ones breath” to be a possible tarry scant/marvel faze suggestion as well.

          *please forgive any typos. I can’t see what I’ve already written and have a bad screen.

          • CharlieM. Jonsey, thanks.
            Jonesy, it does sound like someone else wrote part of the book cover… why? i wouldn’t know… might have to do with others who assisted in the publishing and designing of the book.
            Yet, it is there and had to pass fenn approval… My only concern is about the idea Tarry Scant means we must leave soon. I just can’t fathom the thought of fenn working for as long as he did planning and executing this and tells the world… give it ago and if you can figure it all out … run away from my special resting place.
            Just doesn’t make any sense to me.

            I personally don’t care about the chest or its contents [ other than it be a hoot to see ]… I want to know/visit… the place and stay for a while.

          • “But it takes mettle enough to strike the trail and enough confidence in a maverick to know the treasure is really there for the taking.”

            mettle = bravery….but also “confidence”.

            “Confidence enough to strike a trail”
            – clearly describes “off-trail”
            – one must be willing to put boots on the ground

            I think that should end the question whether or not BOTG are required. It seems he told us it is required.



  44. Where tarry scant gets interesting for me is whether FF used the same caution or diligence of TS when he hid the TC. It must have been incredibly unnerving to hide a treasure wondering if someone is watching. Not once, but twice to the site according to FF. Two treks back and forth. Two visits to the site, presumably that took some time while there.

  45. So here is another take on the line but viewing it in it’s totality using your imagination such that “your quest [will] cease”

    You are searching for the treasure and you have threaded the poem correctly to the location of the blaze, so you “look quickly down” – but find nothing because the spot is hidden in shadows or the darkness…

    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,”

    You are waiting just a bit in the shadow for your eyes to adjust AND THEN and only THEN can you marvel on INDULGENCE!

    Shadow is it’s last cloaking device…


    • If the “shadow man” plays into this, I’ll be quite impressed,
      although I don’t plan to be BOTG searching/hiking near the
      hidey place at the right time for any significant “shadow”
      phenomena to affect my search/find/retrieve effort(s).

      Carry on. All IMO. Please emphasize safety while in the

  46. Hi all , I don’t say to much about the chase on the blog, although I have been on over 100 searches from Montana to New Mexico .
    And have done my best to discover somethings .

    My take on the comments and ” Try Scant ”

    First I think there is more then just one blaze.
    Been wise is twice wise not one .
    This is why folks thing stars are part of the solve.
    “wise and found a blaze , look quickly down ”
    Well that means you are looking up
    at the blaze , the look down at ” your quest to cease ”

    My take is not like all of yours . I tend to think a bit different .

    Like the Time magazine he tossed Catcher on in the trash .
    Well the dates are easy to figure , J.D. Salinger passed away he said
    well that was 1-27-2010 , ” It must be in the DNA” F SAID.
    Well the Time magazine is from January edition and the story on the cover of that book was DNA Helix . Showing M3 R3 connection point.

    Not that that matters to me the DNA . But he said it not me.
    He also said he put some hair in the chest in case of the finder may want to do a DNA test . WHY????
    If Fenn took the chest and passed away with , “God forbid”
    then why would you need hair for a DNA test when his whole body is present for DNA testing?
    It makes no sense right ?

    How about the story of Lanier school he has in TTOTC.
    The school his dad was in with all the classmates of his . They were all sitting in front of the school . But why did f fib the name of the school ?
    The schools real name is Vandiver Elementary . So why the fib.
    I catch him in all of those.

    At the book signing f said that a searcher was looking at farmer almanac maps to see weather it was raining or not when he went to boarders to buy the Catcher in the Rye on January 28th .In which case he said he read that thing in about two and a half days . So by the 31st he had read it . But I was the one who told him it was not raining , it was snowing really bad. He said he did it for effect.
    And said to Doug Preston “don’t you use that ” , Doug said no I using say its raining if it was .

    Sure we can take lite all this stuff. But when it ties into a book that has been written more like a easy then a member ; and it has a section called “Important Information ” or Litt section
    that because that is the most important part of the book .

    Most just pass this stuff.

    Heres one of my favorites.
    ” Your thoughts are yours are they not?
    So there fore you are unto your self right?
    Then you only really need to please your self?”
    Most say that is right – this is regurgitated Voltaire.
    Which I am not a fan . But , what is being said is you are a selfish
    person . Well if you only need to please your self then you are selfish
    now aren’t ya.
    And another ” What good are your friends if you cant use them ?”
    Are you kidding me ? Go ahead and let your friend think you are just using them and you will have no friends.
    How about the bell tolls , I told him the story was not true, and I asked him why he did that ?
    And what about Eric Sloane whom didn’t pass away waiting for a light , he passed away holding on to a parking meter . You can find the information on line , but I called the Bureau of Records in NYC;
    that was what was in those documents. He passed holding onto a parking meter right in front of his hotel .
    Again why the fib., ??????

    Remember this is a treasure hunt nd nothing is what it seems .
    His left is up his down is right you see.
    Meld …. my best advice in the solve Meld .
    Let your butterfly become a flutter by , I think that is how it will be found.

    Take care all Much love to all in search of the truth .

    • Mr. D and Heather, IMO you are 100% right. I have found numerous discrepancies too. I did not catch the one about the school, but wonder why the girls have the letter L on their blouses while the boys do not? Why is everyone but Edard circled and who is Pat? Fenn might as well have been a ghost before he arrived in Santa Fe. How does a man who claims to have struggled in school and barely graduated become an Aide-de-Camp to a Major General and a fighter pilot? I know squat about flying a plane, but I think a person is going to have to be extremely sharp in math and comprehension before the government puts him/her in the cockpit of a multimillion dollar air plane. I think we are in a battle of wits with Mr. Fenn and sorely outgunned. I don’t take anything he says or writes at face value. Hope all you searchers have a Happy New Year and good luck!

      • DWJ, Mr. Fenn obviously has multi-level hoops still standing after 7 yrs. See, he has friends.

    • Copper,
      So glad you brought that up.

      Forrest says he knows the chest is wet…but “You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f.”

      And yet he knows (even in the summertime) its wet because of physics. One of the conditions that would support this, is a shady cool spot since when warm moist air comes in contact with a cooler surface (aka shaded brass chest) it condenses on that surface, making it wet to the touch… particularly in the morning hours after a cool night.

      However? There is no mildew in the treasure chest and by the looks of the chest in the photos, it doesn’t seem like it would be air tight and that seems confirmed by Forrest since he made sure to seal the glass jar containing his autobiography with wax…

      So what does this leave us with???

      A wood lined brass box which we know is wet and not air tight — cellulose or organic matter in the presences of moisture will mildew unless:
      1) Too cold
      2) Too caustic


      • Cold might be a factor… but humidity is another, or lack of.
        If the location, meaning area or state normally has a higher humidity… ya might want to think about in doors/covered.. where the temp and humidity is constant.
        Elevation might help as well… above the tree line?
        Fenn chose an 1150 ad bronze chest for a reason, compared to a newer bronzed chest… it might be because of how they are made differently, that might help answer questions about mildew.

      • GCG said:

        So glad you brought that up.

        Forrest says he knows the chest is wet…but “You will find no mildew in the treasure chest. f.”

        Mildew is not in the TC because Mildew is on Forrest’s head. This maybe the mildew Forrest meant. LOL.

  47. If the 4th stanza takes us so close to the blaze and treasure chest that all we have to do is look quickly down, and the chest and leave in peace.

    Then what else has Fenn told us about this area?

    1) it’s special to Forrest
    2) his father would know where it’s located
    3) it took him less than one afternoon / 2 trips to hide the treasure
    4) he told us what we would see there, water trees, animals, etc
    5) he said he laughed out load while leaving and that nobody was around to see him. Leading one to believe that at times there are people around the area.
    6) he also stated to the effect that if there is someone with you it might be best if they stayed with the car.
    7) he said something like you’ll be surprised at where he hid the treasure.
    8) Fenn also said that you might faint when you first see the treasure.
    9) people have been with 200′ and 500′
    10) there is no human trail close by

    His secret hiding spot for the treasure might be like one of his secret fishing holes that was his spot only until he went back many years later only to see many people using the same fishing holes as their special fishing hole.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on these comments.

    These are just my thoughts, no proof of any of them until the chest is found by someone.

    • Jim,
      Number 2 is interesting to think about IF we only use what we know of from the book…
      A fishing spot is a logical choice. But is the place mentioned in the book? I would think it would have to be or other wise we would not know about it.
      Number 4 doesn’t help much… other than we now know the chest is not in a desert area.
      Number 5 seems a bit vague… I mean, just look at GE and the pics posted on it. Folks have been all over this country… like Da’l and Goofy and we wouldn’t have any idea of who or where. I’m not sure that fenn laughing out loud because nobody was around gives us much, to who or how many go to the area he parked is car… The chest could still be a mile from there, and not many have travel to that location.
      Number 6 I think is a bit off… fenn mentioned about leaving a search partner in the cars, but never gave a reason, especially if that reason was other folks about… he apparently left 1/2 his stash in the car on one trip to the hide and wasn’t worried about it.

      I think you should add a couple things to that list that we only recently found out… fenn travel the clues, and it was summer when he hid the chest. Those two questions have been asked since day one and it took 7 years for fenn to give it up. Just saying.

      If you really think about those comments… the just make sense to what the point and information from the book seems to relay… two can keep a secret, father?
      Talks about a lot of water… no desert searching?
      Searchers within a certain distance of the chest but didn’t know… the need to follow the clues ‘precisely’ ? exactly.
      Walked less than a few miles in one after noon… don’t go where an 80 yr old can’t.

      A lot of the after the fact comments seem to be common sense, when you read the poem and know the stories from his memoirs. The real question is; does the poem “tell” us where that area the clues are at? or is that only from the book?
      The quote says; all the information to “find the chest”… is in the poem. That seems to talk about the “clues” and not so much where the clues [area the chest lays in wait] location is.
      Does fenn’s ATF comments of; needing to know where to start and start at the beginning tell us, we need to know the location of the all the clues, before we can start at the correct first clue ~WWWH… ?
      Is that in the book or in the poem?
      I like to think the Question in the poem might answer[s] that.

      Just food for thought…

    • Hi James,
      I agree with most of your points above with exception of:
      1. I don’t believe blaze is special to Mr Fenn. The whole area and the hiding spot is special. The blaze is just one of the way points.
      6. Your interpretation of his statement here is totally wrong. As a matter of fact I haven’t see correct interpretation on this website yet.
      All of the above is my opinion only.

      • Littleindiangrl;

        You make an emphatic statement: “6. Your interpretation of his statement here is totally wrong. As a matter of fact I haven’t see correct interpretation on this website yet.” – and yet you give NO explanation as to why James is wrong. If you are going to make such an emphatic statement, why not back it up with what YOU think is the correct interpretation – You offered NO “OPINION” other than to say James is wrong.

        I say, “The world is flat.” – You say “You are wrong.”
        this answer explains nothing and offers no alternative to my statement. Why should I believe YOUR assertion? You have offered no alternative. JDA

        • ^ In addition…I dont see anywhere JP even gives his interpretation of that statement (?)

          Unless she means he phrased the quote itself wrong (?) It technically is
          “If you have a searching partner, best to have them wait in the car”
          Though he did say it was ‘ something like that’…so I’m not sure where he’d ne wrong there….or what she’s trying to point out.


          • This is what I mean about the ATF as forcing us to think about something, rather than being a direct hint or clue, idea.

            Maybe the reason for anyone to stay back is not about the car at all… but the spot where the chest lays in wait is only large enough to hold a single person [ body ] , line of thinking.

            Lets take it a little further; we have other comments that seem to relate as well. Such as [ and ya’ll can look them up if ya like ] Debris can blow ‘in there’ in reference to being buried or hidden. Earth can’t hurt it, wind could affect it [later adding about tornadoes] and fire is way too unpredictable… giving the example of the trade towers… but yet is can be wet.

            Other comments about parts of the poem, removed/replaced because he ruined the story by beating cancer… take the chest and leave my bones,… seem to indicated the bones would have some protection as the chest, especially if found father off in the future…. 100 yrs from now.

            So, is this comment about leaving someone in the car about the safety of the vehicle??? or the more thought provoking idea… one sizes fits all, but not all can fit in there. which leads me full circle to a possible “Look quickly down” to finish your task… bend, duck, crawl.

            Now here’s the kicker… what constitutes a cave? Is a hollow? A depression in a rock wall? How far back into a wall does an opening have to be, to be a cave?
            A cave to mean means ‘underground’ even if the opening is above ground… not unlike a cavern.

            Does Tarry Scant relate to size?

          • Seeker;

            To answer your rhetorical question, “How far back into a wall does an opening have to be, to be a cave?” Is it a cave if the top of the chasm is open to the sky? A very
            narrow (only shoulder width) passageway or chasm or miniature box canyon would work, and not be considered a cave wouldn’t it”

            What I just described is what I think we are looking for – or something quite similar. JMO – JDA

          • Seeker,

            A cave is not necessarily underground, a cave can have a large or small opening If it has three sides and be shallow. A cave can be deep and go a long ways back. A cave can be a cavern

            Your’s is just Semantics, and not relevant, “in the wood’ doesn’t relate to any caves that I know.

            Just say’n

          • Jonsey1,
            I don’t agree with Jim’s statement implying that the indulgence is at the blaze and therefore the blaze is special to Mr Fenn. Based on this, I assumed that every item on his list is just his interpretation of Mr Fenn’s statements. If this is not the case then I apologize to Jim for misreading his intentions.

          • LIG;

            You say, “Jonsey1,
            I don’t agree with Jim’s statement implying that the indulgence is at the blaze and therefore the blaze is special to Mr Fenn.

            Jim says: “If the 4th stanza takes us so close to the blaze and treasure chest that all we have to do is look quickly down, and the chest and leave in peace.”

            I personally do not see where you read that James says – “and therefore the blaze is special to Mr Fenn. ” Can you please explain how you read this into Jim’s statement – Thanks – JDA

            P.S. – Not picking on you, I just do not see where you got your interpretation 🙂 JDA

          • CharlieM,
            By your idea, two rather large rocks standing end with a rock on top pressed against a rock wall could be considered a cave.
            WhatIf a dried out waterfall that as eroded away the rock face has an opening large enough to go into and deep enough to be inside [ lets say 5 feet ] Is that a cave? or a recess?

            If we are talk geography and the study of features, there are differences. example a rock formation eroded away leaving a stone top [ bridge ] across a gorge… is it a structure-?- by definition? or just a feature of what occurred by natural process over time?
            A mine is man made,
            A cave is eroded rock,
            The only difference to those two, is how they were created.
            I’m only attempting to understand what is considered a cave when we think of geography and natural occurrences. and if size matters.

            And like you said; a cave can be a cavern… but to mean… a cavern is located within a cave and normally larger that the surrounding cave. This might sound like I’m being nit picky or forcing something… when all I’m really trying to figure out, from a man who tells us geography might help, and has self studied archeology, and would be considered having a mountain man view of the surroundings… a grotto to most might be called a cave, but is it?
            and is stacking stones a structure? even if stacked by man or nature.

            LOL can you tell i’m allowing my mind to wander today?

          • CharlieM.
            At the top of this page, lower right side… the natural rock feature you see there… A cave? How about the top left side of the pic…
            grant you this is not the area I’m thinking about, but the same affect occurs in many places throughout the Rockies.

        • JDA,
          OK I agree, I shouldn’t have said what I did with no intend of backing it up. I still have no intentions to fully disclose my view of the poem or the above statement, but because of my silly mistake I feel obliged to release more info. First of all, if you take Mr Fenn’s statement literally at face value, look how crazy it sounds: you have a search partner, you came to retrieve the chest, you also know that Mr Fenn walk 2 times to secret the chest and it contents (isn’t it in your case 4 miles?), and now he’s asking you to leave your partner in the car?
          This doesn’t make any sense and therefore it has to have an alternate explanation.
          JDA, I read some of your ideas wrt the poem’s solution and it appears to me that significant portion of it is based on alternate meaning of poem’s words. If I am right, that I am really surprise that you didn’t come up with a better explenation of this particular statement.
          I’m willing to give you a hint: look up an alternate meaning of CAR and marry it with alternate meaning of another word in his statement. You will be surprised from what you’ll find out.
          All of this is just my opinion.

          • Thanks for your response LittleIndiangrl;

            No one expects you to divulge the deep dark secrets of your solve – how much you choose to divulge is up to you.

            I still hold onto critical pieces.

            No, leaving someone in the car does not APPEAR to make sense, and is contradictory to other statements he has made.

            Yes, I have looked up almost every word in the poem – I have not looked up almost every word that Forrest has spoken. A CAR could mean any vehicle with an internal combustion engine (or now electric) – It can be a CAR on a trail, it can be a cable car or tram car, or even an elevator. I would guess you are referring to a train car – who knows.

            I didn’t mean to come across as a harda$$, but your statement seemed to call for it – 🙂 Thanks again for the reply – JDA

          • JDA,
            I agree that stanza 4 gets us closer to the blaze and by the same token to the chest, but it is still far away from the resting place of the treasure. Jim’s statement implies that the treasure is at the blaze and therefore the blaze area is special to Mr Fenn. He might be right if his solution is better than my, but if my solution is correct than the blaze is just a way point and no significance to Mr Fenn’s liking.

          • Thanks again for the explanation . Much clearer now.

            I think that I agree with Jim more than I agree with you. In my first solve, I thought that Indulgence was at the base of a large geographical feature – It wasn’t. In other solves, I have felt that the blaze in some way directed the searcher to another location where she waited in hiding. I now feel that in the final solve, the blaze and Indulgence will be VERY close to one another – That’s just how I see it. JDA

            Happy Hunting

      • LitleIndianGrl,

        Yes, I’d like to know why it is wrong, is the quote wrong?
        Or are you saying that F didn’t say that?

        • JDA,
          None of the words you mentioned above. I give you another hint, it’s related to the contents of the chest.

          • We could play this game all day and I would never solve your hints.

            Let’s see – coal car on a train. Coal under pressure and heat turns into a diamond – a couple of diamonds are in the chest – Yes, I know, I am being silly.

            Have a GREAT day LIG – JDA

  48. Jim;

    Good list. Good point about people in #5
    I have always been baffled by #6, unless you deliver the treasure on trip #1. and leave someone with it (You keep keys to car in your pocket 🙂 )
    I agree with #7
    Not sure I have ever read #8, but it makes sense.
    #10 – No human trail in very close proximaty (sic)…but I get the idea.

    I am sure that Forrest fished in the area, but I feel that where he hid Indulgence is farther away from where he fished – “No paddle up your creek”
    and “Water high” take me away from a fish-able creek.

    Nice work – JDA

    • When I couple #6 with him stating he’s worried someone will find his car AND the parking lot/Preston comments, they wait/guard at THAT car while you take two trips back to YOUR car.

      • Could also be the road is narrow and might have to move the car if others are coming or going.

      • LOL
        If we take Preston comment and add that to Tarry Scant… The only reason I can think why it would relate to leaving after the find… is the area fenn parked at… “done in one afternoon” tows vehicles left after dark? ‘no over night parking allowed’
        Ha!… another reason to rent a car, with added insurance.

      • I must admit that from the first time I read the original comment #6 refers to about leaving your search partner in the car that f’s comment about two people can keep a secret… immediately popped into my mind. Twisted sense of humor or something I suppose… 🙂

        • JC-I agree. It’s totally scary. “Better stay in the car”. “Lighting a candle from both ends”. “Lit a fuse.” “POW!” “I go atomic.”

          As a searcher who is confident in her solve, I’m actually terrified to find the treasure. I don’t know Forrest from Adam. Or should I say Atom??:)

          • Copper,
            It almost sounds like Los Alamos National Lab is your solve. I’m just not sure why Mr Fenn would suggest we bring a flashlight to someplace where everything glows in the dark. Stay safe.

  49. I’ve never understood the car either. At one point I thought there was a short rope that looked like a wick. Hence, move it or lose it.

  50. Tarry scant may have something to do with an iron boat & an absence of appropriate trees for making tar.

      • CharlieM, I think a good treasure hunter who senses a aberrant glint of light or a tink of sound would open the door to investigate. Some just shut the door. Good luck on your journey.

      • FF, in his writings, did seem quite interested in
        bathtubs, IMO. But I don’t think this is very important
        to solving the poem WELL.

          • Lewis’s iron boat idea was brilliant…unfortunately however on arrival to their “put in”, near Great Falls Montana, the corps lacked the tar to make the boat waterproof as their were no trees (woods) available for pitch (tar). Lewis and Clark were scant of tar! So, they had to “cache” their supplies near Great Falls and continue – a journey very far to walk without their boats. That’s the outline of the story, anyway.

  51. Being stuck on my simple solve. keep thinking it maybe correct.
    To me the way FF said its a place he has very fond memories of.
    Like way back in life feel or expression. the places are still there but
    it has changed. I think your quest to cease is parking your car.
    BUT the word but before tarry scant. don’t tarry or drag you feet.
    meandering up the embankment finding best area to walk up.
    Put one foot down then the other. 20lb of gold. Marvel gaze maybe
    just look at FF paradise as you go. Which I think is the Madison river
    inside Yellowstone. The picture of his dad across form Mt. Hayes
    Secret fishing area. Winter fish moved towards Madison junction.
    Summer back down to cooler water area a few miles down river
    Was a long time ago. very different today but same place.
    Like looking back to before 19 Y/O . just the way he said fond
    memories. If I could get out there I would park at my spot go up
    the embankment and look for area with good views of the Madison
    what I think is FF paradise. My solve works but it makes the poem
    way simple. I would do that before I moved on anywhere else.

  52. if my partner stays in the car and I find the chest, I have found the chest. If my partner is with me, we have found the chest.
    then shopping at walmart vs neiman marcus or gucci orwhatever he said.

    Of course I bring everyone I can round up to help look and provide suggestions.

  53. The essentials of what I wrote were my theory that the blaze is a forest fire and that it is possible that forest fires leave behind a dark and somewhat tarry substance and that could Be a possible tie in. I back this up with him saying that the area on which the chest lies has changed since he was a boy and will probably change again in the next 100-1000 years. That combined with him saying that if he was standing there he could smell pine needles and see trees indicates that he is in an area where it is possible there could have been a fire. The whole part of it changing indicates a tree or tree plot of land that burned down, and the future change indicates it’s regrowth. If anyone wants o collar or whatever or give any ideas to this please let me know, I’m just a 17 yo from California who’s been getting into treasure hunting. Actually my real main focal point has been the trail of the golden owl, which I believe I may have a partial solve to An unsolved clue, if anyone is interested ill be willing to collaborate on that. I got into ffs hunt as soon as I found it and have been inspired with this amazingly warm and friendly community, so hello all!

    • Welcome my new friend. It sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Read all you can. Listen, but make up your own mind. We need new insights – Pick our brains (those that still have a working cell or two) and we will pick yours – Happy Hunting, and HAVE FUN – (A grouchy old fart – 75) – JDA

    • Trex, If the ‘tarry’ line was referring to blackened trees or landscape then natural erosion and regrowth would erase all traces within a few years. You need to think more long term.
      I suggest that you read the ‘cheat sheet’ above as well as read through Forrests scrapbooks.

    • I am intrigued what might have lead you to the owl. I was following a path of thought and googled OWL when I came across this.

  54. Having read through the analysis offered up I’m of the opinion that it’s much more simpler than stanzas analysis and dissecting a word or group of words ie. “Blaze” “Tarry scant” … It is interesting though. My only advice to hunters is “…wait [until] the snow and the ice melts.”FF.

    • Hi Nanci….welcome to the hunt.

      you added…

      “I’m of the opinion that it’s much more simpler than stanzas analysis and dissecting a word or group of words ie. “Blaze” “Tarry scant” … It is interesting though. ”

      I do not know how long you have been involved with the “game”, but I have to disagree with your analysis.

      It has been a discussion for many years, because there can be so many definitions that surround synonyms and words.

      If you think it is simple, I commend you, because it is only stated in a simplistic way.

      In my course of 4 and half years +……I thought the same at first….this will be easy.

      4.5 yrs later, I still don’t have the chest.

      Keep being positive….it helps with the headaches and mind numbing thinking you will be doing.


      Good luck to you and be safe out there.

  55. Has anyone ever heard of any use of those 2 words used together outside of this poem?
    Has anyone done a Google-type search far enough to find any reference to anything other than this treasure hunt?

    Reading all the perspectives has helped me to believe that FF combined these 2 words for some un-simple intent. I never really thought much of tarry scant while trying to solve for possibilities, but now, I feel it is something of more value, thanks to this discussion.

    • Yes, HayduleCC;

      I am a stone sculptor, so work with stone and stone mason’s once in a while. To them, a tarry scant is a black stone that has been sawn on two sided – usually like a grave marker, but it can also be used by granite and tile workers who use tarry scants (slabs) of stone to make counter tops and the like. – Hope that this help you – JDA

  56. Look at a bit more of the poem around where this line comes into play and what else it is saying– when interpreting words it is always best to use the context in which they appear. “But” in this context is quite clearly a conjunction – it can be argued that it seems like the beginning of a sentence and so the meaning might be slightly different – again I say use context. The poem goes:
    “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze look quickly down your quest to cease”
    “But tarry scant with marvel gaze just take the chest and go in peace”
    So the “but” is a conjunction indicative of contrast to the previous statement which was “your quest to cease” – you’re stopping. Contrast to that would be to start moving again – so “linger short” (synonymous words to Fenn’s) and move on with the chest. I also find that the “Just” in “just take the chest and go in peace” to add to the context clues that help me rest on this phrasing/meaning. That statement is read with “just” as an adverb and if you plug in synonymous adverbs you’ll get something like “simply take the chest in go in peace” or “only take the chest and go in peace”. These phrasings also indicate that there is direction rather than description in the preceding statement.
    To me it reads:
    Once you’ve found the blaze, look below it to end your quest (find the treasure)
    But don’t linger there staring at what you’ve found, simply take the chest and leave quietly
    I have some other theories about duality in the reasons that Fenn might have used some of this wording in a previous comment on this thread.

      • Hayduke,

        Below is my original post on this thread – it explains a little of my thoughts on the duality/plurality of meaning that Fenn might have meant by using the words he has.

        I search myself, this morning, for a counter… but only find a slight modification to your interpretation when probing my own. And not on the words you use, but what it means. Given the context clues, sentence structure, the statements that follow and one of Forrest’s strongest wishes for searchers (to be safe) – I too convert his words synonymous to my own language and when I do I end up on “Linger short with curious admiration”. This to me means that Forrest, on some measurable level, considers the location as a place you shouldn’t stay in if you don’t have to. Not to say it’s dangerous, only that it holds potential to be and to move along once you’ve achieved your goal. The idea that he’d tell you not to stop and take in the view doesn’t rest with me given that a primary goal of this adventure he charge us with was to get away from tech and enjoy those exact views. The adjective tarry simply doesn’t fit into the structure as I see it and there is nothing else to allude to its use as an adjective (that I see). I’ve also often pondered if there is potential for physical limitations that would back up Forrest’s words. For instance if the chest were submerged you would then only be able to linger short with curious admiration…

        The last part of the stanza, to me, also begs the question if there might be some physical limitations that led Forrest to the words. I’ll again refer to submersion in that if you were under water it is safe to be silent conserving air and keeping your mouth closed. This is loose, I agree, but has some merit going back to his desire for safety. Pair that with the reference of heavy loads and water high… Might take you some place. Alternatively (and currently my favored) it might be his way of saying that where you’re at when you find it, it is quite literally best to keep quiet and not disclose the location. For instance it might help avoid legalities or maybe the location is borderline between public and private. He literally says “leave peacefully” meaning get away from where you are at that moment and to do it without mention of your discovery (IMO).

        End Original Post:

        I try to be as simplistic as possible rather than adding layers of complexity – always going back to Fenns statements about children having a better chance. The brain of a child is far more literal than most adults, so I try to think of real applications for his words. Further… his comment about reading the poem like a map is absolutely key. I don’t know if you have tried this – it helps me tremendously:
        1 – Do what Fenn did. Pick a spot and write a poem that tells you how to get there without giving the end. Make sense? I have a write up somewhere on this website that explains how one might think when doing this. Oddly enough I wound up with (9) things I’d do if I were a map trying to guide a person with words alone.
        2 – Do instinctive writing exercises. Most of us have the poem memorized, right? I re-write the poem in my own words ALL OF THE TIME, but I don’t plan it. Start to finish let YOUR BRAIN interpret and re-phrase what it’s processing as it goes through the poem. MOVE THROUGH IT WITH CONFIDENCE. I have surprised myself in doing this.
        3 – (I think most know this or do this) – Synonyms are EXTRAORDINARILY HELPFUL and it seems like Forrest tried to give us that in the first stanza.

        Good Luck and Happy Thursday! 😀

        • Hi Don…..and not to be critical….you wrote:

          “I try to be as simplistic as possible rather than adding layers of complexity –”

          If you are keeping it simple….I lost you in that post.


          • TimZR,

            No hard feelings at all – I’d have added italics to the “try” if I could have!

            I will argue, though, that while I am interpreting some portions of the poem with duality, both interpretations are still simplistic in that they can easily be extracted from the words. Does that makes any sense? Also – if you’re actually having trouble picking up what I was laying down I’ll happily try to explain it better – I am an engineer so I really enjoy having other people tear my designs, ideas, etc. apart – it helps me think more objectively and usually leads to progress.

            Cheers! 😀

        • Don, thanks for taking the time to clarify your thoughts on that.

          I agree with your approaches, also.

          I am a very skeptical person, and question most everything, including my own views, perspectives, and beliefs, trying to find support or error. So I am open to many ideas about interpretations on this search, other than the overly-complicated math solves.

    • Finally… Well said…most are just over thinking way too kuch into this darn poem and are missing the point. FF is a simple man and this is a very straight forward simple poem. Nice job keeping it simple….you are closer than most. Good luck in ur search. KK

      • Thanks KK! I appreciate your words!

        I don’t want to knock anyone down – I had a theory that spanned about 12 miles (linear, not including all of the twists and turns or elevation climbs) up until Fenn went and said someone had the first (2) clues and was within 200-500 feet. It was still pretty simple, but was apparently WAY off. Everyone wants a National Treasure adventure – why wouldn’t you?! Chase clues across the Rockies and wind up rich… But it doesn’t seem like that is what Fenn left for us.

    • The town of Tarryall is located on Tarryall Creek and has a one room schoolhouse. In 1859 the miners named it “Tarry-all” as a good place to stay awhile.

  57. I have always interpreted it that way too Dal. However, in my head I have pictured his spot as a new, undiscovered (except by him) archaeological find. I’m sure the view is great but what if the Blaze is a set of rock paintings/carvings from native Americans. Don’t stay too long and steal my spot, or tell everyone about it; I want my bones to turn to dust is this undiscoverable spot. So, don’t stare too long, and be happy with my chest and go in peace.

    • Eli W that’s an interesting idea & fits in well with the poem’s first verse.

  58. OK, so perhaps you only have a short time available to you at the spot, for reasons of prudence and because visibility is restricted. You look quickly down…

    Quicksilver is mercury. Mercury amalgam was the substance used to create mirror backings through the nineteenth century (and I have way too much of that stuff in my teeth). Could mirrors be used to both conceal and reveal? Or is this just another rabbit hole? Or are we looking for an actual “rabbit” hole?

  59. If we add the previous lines of the poem to this

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    Does it mean that we need to be at the water high location before looking down? Let’s say water high is a waterfall. No place for the meek may mean we need to get to the top of that waterfall NPUYC & HLAWH. Perhaps this is the only location we can spot the blaze from. Once there we look quickly down but we won’t have to for very long to see it, TSWMG. Once we see it we go take it.

  60. Dal, I concur with your surmise having been to places that serve Shoofly Pie. There has been times when I thought though that single words. or pairs of words in the poem may be clues and not whole stanzas.

    Examples are TARRY by itself. Tar pits are known as places where prehistoric bone is found (dinosaur bone such as the megafauna tusk that Forrest shared pieces of with several of us) and would be a special place for anyone interested in archeology.

    Look quickly down your QUEST TO cease. Questa, New Mexico

    The end is ever DRAWING NIGH. Petroglyph or Pictograph near.

    These are just a few. There are more…over nine…I call them “hints”…”and

    hint of riches new and old”. On cold winter nights here in the Kansas Flint Hills as the winds outside howl…the mind can play tricks on you.
    All the above is MODSN = My Own Downright Silly Notions. I spent a great deal of time reading this entire thread….it was fan-tab-u-los!!!

  61. Hi all and Happy New Year,

    Thought I’d throw this question out to the masses…

    Does a large rock (boulder) split all the way through to the ground classify as a ‘Scant’?

    • Yes. And I actually saw one of those at my location and it had 5 large pickle jars in the crevice. I didn’t search under them. I hope he didn’t bury that thang below a bunch of trash. I should have picked them up….but I was on a failing mission.

      • Thanks Copper,

        Pickle jars? That’s kinda weird. I highly doubt he’d hide it under trash.

      • Remember…
        Back in 2012ish..FF said if he had the strength and he new it was his time to go…he would through his body over the treasure chest (TC) and die so the one who discovered him and the treasure would know the bones were of the man the 20000 word doc in the wax covered jar inside was talking about.
        The TC is not gonna be in a crevice. KK.

  62. i started this thrill of the chase only one year after the official thrill of the chase began (me and my sis were wondering how many years it’s been just today…). but i have not had the luxury of dozens of BOTG as Dal and others… sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is posts like theses… my “tarry scant” is not even close to Dals. IMO, i think, by the time you get to “tarry scant” you know exactly what it means. happy new year to all my fellow searchers. xo.

  63. What a brief introduction I’ve had to this story in the past couple days. I had never-ever heard of this whole thing before then. I must have been buried in a hole since the day FF sent you all on a quest. I’ve read most of the two Tarry Scant threads here now and while maybe I’ve missed it, I haven’t seen posted many of the few immediate and simple surface-innocent-fresh to all this-thoughts that came to mind when first reading the poem. So I’ll post them and then get back to my hole, since I’m sure I’m too far behind most of you and too far away to ever take part. But maybe a new ignorant perspective will spark something new for an old searcher.

    –One single person out of all these posts had a thought about Marvel Gaze that I did…as in I immediately read it as Marble Glaze for some reason. Not sure our screwed up brains mean anything by it.

    -Tarry Scant. One quick search confirms my initial alternative meaning of this. = (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tarry) Etymology 1
    From Middle English tarien, terien (“to vex, harass, cause to hesitate, delay”), from Old English tirian, tirġan, terġan (“to worry, …

    To “Worry”. As in Tarry (Worry) Scant (Not or little) . Does this help change the meaning of the line for anyone? Is it not simple and more straight forward? But Worry Not… does it not roll off the tongue?

    Worry not (little) while your gaze is marveling the vast drop or valley below you. Just take the prize and go…

    Waters warm or cold halt at a Dam. ( Dams often have a high overlook themselves and often also two higher earth cliffs-one on each side.)
    a. Heavy Loads and Water High. When the water is high at a dam, is it drawing heavy electrical loads from it or something to that effect?
    b. Only bold people look down over the edge of a high perch (just a thought – maybe not useful here).
    c. The three Ws of the phrase important to anyone? digging too deep me thinks.

    — I think Chris from the previous page mentioned a quote from something that FF echoed …to the caliph I am dirt, to dirt I am the caliph. Everything i read is people going off the deep end chasing a “ruler” meaning.

    How about instead: Caliph = C L I F F? To the cliff, I(the treasure) am dirt. Same as the dirt holding up the edge of my topsoil cliff. To the dirt, I am the cliff because the dirt is holding the chest up as if it were the cliff edge. From someone’s post about the Frosty language shared… “frosty makes a good partner”…helps hold the soft dirt and cliff together and therefore the chest in place better.

    His poem seems to elude to a cave only someone bold would enter (as he did). Put in(start here or alternatively “sleep here” at this step in the search) below the house of brown (bats, cave), idk. Are there any caves( maybe with petroglyphs?), near dammed up water, high on a cliff overlooking a marvelous small river in the vast valley below? Seems like there would be a spot or two like this in the defined region. Maybe it all faces real North or the steep trail up to it does(tired), and/or maybe the poem eludes to timing and directions in order to finish at the right time to see the sun going down over the mountain while looking west and as you follow the sun (blaze) down continue looking down until you see the chest at your feet, under the top soil of the scary cliff edge. When staring at the sun going down near water the reflection path always leads straight to you. (water at high level nearby with blazing reflection)

    Also, I think the story about how he planned to end his life because he may have been dieing at the time should not be overlooked. If he had died as in the original plan, would you have found him as well if you found the treasure? Does that explain any of the language used? You found it and me, don’t stare at me, just take it – i give it to you. Maybe some words aren’t as important anymore.

    Does thinking of only the final spot that explains enough before ever going out and starting the hunt help you be the wise one who went straight there? Skip the rest?

    That’s it. That’s all my simple mind sees. Back to my hole. Sorry if I wasted your time. If someone finally gets this thing, I hope they come here and share a detailed description of the hunt and its location for all of us posting here. It would be a travesty if someone found it and was never heard from again, or if this ends up all a rouse made up just to sell books. Genius as it would be, it would still smart.

    • Welcome to the chase, BB – buckle up, you may be in for a bumpy, but fun ride! It’s nice to know somebody read my post that got buried (hidden?) as the last post on page 1 of the Tarry Scant discussion and that you even knew that there was a page 1 and how to access it. I’m the other person who thought about marble glaze from marvel gaze, which I likened to ff’s referring to a butterfly as a flutterby. So, might I suggest that our brains are not screwed up but, rather, imaginative, IMHO.

      Anyway, ff has said that fresh eyes can very well help, while those who have thought about it so much and for so long might have a tendency to over-complicate. As a relative newcomer of 1.5 years, I’ve learned a lot, chase-related and otherwise, but I still have a lot to learn.

      It could take eons to read all the posts in all the discussions, and it was very helpful for me to start out with Dal’s “Cheat Sheet” that covers the basics. Also good are the Youtube video of the Moby Dickens book signing as well as The Thrill of the Chase (TTOTC) book itself. BTW, Mr. Fenn doesn’t make any money off sales of that book, and 10% goes to a cancer fund.

      Best wishes for a grand adventure and hope you have as much fun with it as I have.

      • Thanks for the hints at where to start catching up, and yes, I think going with “imaginative” will do just fine.

    • BB,
      You should hang a scant out longer… Many searchers in the challenge started out thinking exactly like you and have been scratching at the wood. So allow me to pull a few splinters.
      WWWH is not a dam.
      The treasure is not in a cave, tunnel, or mine.
      Fenn made many drafts of the poem over the years… tells us a line in the poem was removed because he ruined the story by beating deaths deadline… ‘just take the chest and leave my bones’ or something like that.

      At the top of the page is a link to the ~cheat sheet; with more information that can clarify some of your original thoughts.
      So, out of curiosity; knowing just those few facts above… how does your original perception and thoughts change or get re-evaluated?

      • I’ll review that cheat sheet and get back to you. Thanks. I was initially thinking not in a cave, but near one, on a trail up high with woods on one side and a cliff edge on the other, where the chest is buried an inch down in the cliff edge….with an impressive view and drop below. Probably more likely I’m completely wrong and it’s 5 ft off a blacktopped biketrail hiding under a empty turtle shell.

        • Ha ha….you are way closer than you know and way closer than most of the peeps will ever be on this site for sure. Keep up the search as you are on to something there.

          • Do tell where we are wrong, kitkat.
            Just out of wild curiosity… how long have you been working on the poem?

          • Content – taking out of….is a real good starting place for most. Just like in ur comment to me…I never said anyone was wrong only that the poster was closer than most. Keep up ur search…and make sure u get BOTG as it will take about 5 or so years, as discovered 1st hand.

          • 5 years?
            Based upon what? That you have looked that long and NOT found it in that time? 🙂

  64. Good Evening Searchers, (Especially my Fennboree Friends)

    May I toss out a few of IMHO’s about “tarry scant”?

    As I’ve developed my solve (not quite complete), I’ve given a few scraps to those willing to listen. (Remember Sunday night at the last Fennboree?)
    I believe the line “But tarry scant with marvel gaze,” gives directions to Indulgence’s resting place from The Blaze. The 4th stanza of Forrest’s poem gives distance and direction. Has anyone considered this line indicating something that would obscure one’s view from the Blaze to the resting place?

    Consider the clue Forrest gave regarding the chest being hidden for 1000 years; then research chaparral and the tourist plant, and post here to discuss…won’t you?

    Let me offer one more thing – let’s find the treasure in 2018 and bring it to Fennboree for all to ‘marvel gaze’!

    Best Wishes,

    ~Wisconsin Mike

    • Hi WI Mike,
      In my original post on TS page 1, I suggested that “but” could mean except for, as in look quickly down, your quest to cease, except for the slab of stone with dark marbled glaze (tar-ry scant) which obscures your view of the TC.

      But, like you, I also started thinking of vegetation, grass, in particular, perhaps sooner or later obscuring the tar-ry scant, much like the headstone ff stumbled upon. On page 147 of TTTOC, he says, “Maybe history doesn’t want us to remember everything we’ve learned, and that’s why the grass grows tall over a French soldier’s headstone in Vietnam.” That also reminded me of the poem “Grass” by Carl Sandburg, which echoes similar sentiments.

      Thanks for your thought-provoking post…

      • Good morning SeeN (see-in? / “seen”?)….*shrugs*….this reminds me of playing the ‘license plate game’ – just trying to figure out the meaning or the clever ways people use to express themselves in the world.

        LOL – I actually have one…for the Mustang I bought my wife – “MYHORSE” is the license number. I’m thinking about one for my 99 Explorer – “MYBUGGY”…*smiles*….

        Get it…..?

        A-hem…..back on topic…

        Also don’t forget the shapes of the poems in TTotC as well as other notations…some are curved like a headstone. The forefront in that digital pic back in 2014/15 also had a stela embedded into it as well.

        Headstone-shaped or something curved or a slab of stone or something solid (?)…. maybe…. All could be something to pay attention for.

        I always ask myself…in conjunction with all that above, but also…..how could it not be wet….just in case…..


        • Hi Tim AKA ZosoRocks,
          Simple explanation, SeeN is an aberrated form of my initials, CN. I actually just looked up ZosoRocks after all this time – most enlightening! What would come to mind previously was Zuzu’s petals from It’s a Wonderful Life. Note to self, good to look things up…

          License plates can be nice little puzzlers for the road. Liked the Myhorse/Mustang. And to segue back on topic, if I ever see TarryScant on a plate, I swear I’ll say, quick, Watson, the game’s afoot, and the chase will be on!

          Good catch on the curved printing for the epitaphs/headstones, for both the French soldier and ff. It’s some comfort to think that it took some time and effort to chip away at the stone to create the curves.

          Another quote from TTOTC pg 95, “…they have been swallowed up in a serenely beautiful place, and at the same time, hidden by the ravages of time and nature.”

          Finally, I’ve heard tell that everything in the Rockies is wet one way or another, continually (tho not always continuously) and that physics/condensation make it so, whether out in the open or under a stone. My goodness, there are a lot of things to think about and to question in order to test a theory.

          Rock on (or under or behind),

          • aahhh…CN….as you can see….I didn’t figure it out.

            I think Page should be the godfather of Heavy Metal….but there are many who disagree…..a very interesting story he holds……the occult and what nots, huh?

            Fenn…an intriquing chap in his self……

            Sorry community for rambling off topic…..my apologies.

  65. Tarry scant. I think it is a description of something (Someone gave that hint in a post several months ago) and Greaseweed and it also means hurry up. My solve is partially on private property. And you are exposed to a degree.

  66. This is all in my opinion only:

    So after you have experienced heavy loads and water high, then you must have wisely found the blaze. There is nothing in the poem to tell you where to look for the blaze. Maybe that is because that blaze is outside the immediate area and must be hiked to.

    Further, let’s just say the blaze is up on a hill, about 200 to 500 feet up from where you are. Then when you arrive at the blaze, you realize your higher position makes you more visible to anyone else down below in the “special area”. So “tarry scant with marvel gaze” could mean, “Don’t celebrate and YeeHaw too much, as it will attract attention from anyone who can see you.

    Just get the chest (and anything else he left there) and go quietly and peacefully. No attracted interest, no conflict. At least, this is what I believe it all means.

    Just my opinion based on my area of interest.


    • That’s possible, I interpret tarry scant to mean a dark slab of rock covering the treasures hiding spot tho, it’s just to odd of a phrase to me

    • I don’t think much wisdom is required to find the blaze.

      Since this thread is called “Tarry Scant”, I’ll say something
      about this subject.

      The line containing the phrase “tarry scant” requires some imagination for a good “understanding”, in my opinion.

  67. I’ve been going over my current solve and proofing it, so to speak. Something came to mind about tarry scant…

    Most people believe this line in the poem is about after you’ve found the chest, you should “Not tarry long and marvel at the sight.” In simple terms.

    It dawned on me that since people also agree that the poem is layers, that it could mean something else.

    In that line of the poem, what if the word “with” is a preposition?

    That would mean that the tarry scant ‘has’ marvel gaze.

    Does that make sense?

    Just throwing ideas out there and this one popped in my head. May mean something or completely off the mark. IMO added, etc..

    Happy, safe hunting everybody!!


  68. TimM,

    When it comes to the line: “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”

    The word “But” is very important because it implies that the hunt isn’t complete after; “your quest to cease.”

    But means a change up or in contrast to previous statements.
    So I read the poem different from some and so do not believe this line is totally meant as advice to not linger around.

    I believe it means more than one thing and the interpretation which gets you “closer to the chest” is; but its going to take a moment with curious investigation – in order to located/find the treasure…

    Then and only then can you “take the chest and go in peace.”

    Just my thoughts,


    • A “HAL” of a gusher continues.

      OH! . . . about the hunt (not capitalized) . . . the gusher need not continue; the implied movie title is understood. It’s a-maizing what can be learned. . . should one rush (more or less) to jump to conclusions, or stay “down to earth” in the

  69. GCG,

    A whole lot of wisdom here. Yet, I believe you have shared that you are relatively new to this Chase.

    Now consider another possibility. What if the Chase is cloaked in a moral dilemma? What if the “vibration of boots,” near the chest was a serious searcher who walked away saying, “…surely not!” “How can that be?” “What should I do?”

    What if that searcher said, “Found it, but what about this ____ dilemma?”
    Would that successful searcher go ahead and remove the last few clues (maybe even the Blaze) out of frustration while working out the final solution, including an answer to the dilemma? Would anyone care…because heretofore nobody was concerned…and for all practical purposes the chest was found?

    Makes for some interesting questions and concerns IMHO.
    In any event, it allows for all to continue seeing some beautiful nature, experiencing the Thrill and creating memories.

  70. I think it is a very big possibility that tarry scant means if you are standing where the chest is and are looking away from the spot, then where you will be looking there will not be many trees, as in the tar in pine trees. Tarry Scant = not many pine trees. He has said that if you are standing where the treasure is you would see trees, but he does not say how many trees… Still not sure how the “But” fits in though.

    • Kathy, your ‘possibility’ is backed up by Lewis & Clark… they needed pines, but only had cottonwoods.

  71. Dal, you (at the top of this thread) mentioned that “tarry” could be used
    as a noun. Please explain and/or give an example. Thanks in advance.

  72. Tighter,

    Dal stays pretty busy so here is my 2-cents, until you hear from him.

    If a toddler bike had a flat you might say, “I to fix that tire,” If you were born in Texas you might say, “I need to fix that tar.” Since it is a little tire you might play around and call it a “tarry” and if you are a famous author, you might decide to christen it a “tarry scant.”

    Now do you see? Not even worth 2-cents to find that noun, was it?

  73. The Daily Crossword Puzzle in today’s Seattle Times newspaper had “SCANT” (1 Across) and “TARRIED” (5 Down) crossing each other at the letter “T.” Hmmmm . . . .

  74. My solve area is in a valley that once had railroad tracks leading to an iron mine. The tracks were wiped out by flash flood 100 years ago. (Heavy loads & water high?)
    So, with railroad in mind, I read “But tarry scant ” as: BUTT A RR YS CANT. (not “messing” with Forrest’s poem….his exact letters and order). Translates to the chest location butted up against a RR (railroad) Y’s ( wye being a triangular junction in railroad speak) & cant defined as a “log squared on at least one side” = a railroad tie.
    Consider also “If you’ve been WISE” might be WYE’S.

  75. Dal, for me the word tarry is similar to dawdle, and scant means a teeny-tiny amount of something, as others have alluded to when cooking – “a scant amount of pepper in the pot”.

    But to play devil’s advocate, if the two worded phrase is to emphasize “briefness”, is Mr. Fenn using a double negative to actually mean “stand in awe and soak it in”? As in, we won’t see a better sight as long as we live. If that is so, then the place where Indulgence lies in wait is a glorious place indeed!

    From what I’ve researched and found out about Mr. Fenn, is that this sounds more plausible to me, that he would want to rest in a beautiful place. But this is simply my opinion.

    • And the idea that Fenn wanted us to not dawdle has never made sense to me. On of the many ways the poem has been misunderstood for years.

      • Lug- hes talking about being at a museum here….tarry scant (stay short) with marvel gaze (looking in wonder).
        this line describes our actions in a museum. since there are so many treasures to behold, we must not dawdle at each display. there is much more to see so keep moving. and since you brought a camera (hopefully) why not go ahead and snap a photo while you’re there? just take?

        i think.

  76. swwot,

    “Don’t stand in awe and fix a gaze,”
    “Don’t tarry now in awe and gaze,”
    “Leave don’t tarry or stare or gaze,”
    “Time is scant, don’t fix your gaze,”

    There are a thousand ways that ff could have worded that line if it was simply to say “don’t stand in awe…”

    IMO, the one that completes the poem successfully will understand how those words represent so very much more than mere wordsmith.

  77. Tarry Scant to mean in the simplest term, Don’t delay and don’t be late in staring at the hiding place, go get it.

  78. I was walkin’ in the woods a few months back, and spotted some bear poo or TARry Scat – I had to smile. What if there is a big mound of rocks that looks like a gigantic pile of Bear Poo – TARry Scat! 🙂 Forrest wouldn’r? Would he?? JDA

  79. CharlieM,

    I hear you, but why bother? Why waste the words or why not say in other parts, “dress warm…wear waders, etc?” The reason is that this is not only an important part of the final solution but a brilliant use of the language by ff on several levels and it is understandable why he says, “don’t mess with my poem.”


    • LMN,

      I believe those are the few words that won’t help in finding the TC. Those are the words that can be discounted. I believe f said, “paraphrased” There are few words that won’t help.

      I did at one time thought “tarry scant with marvel gaze” was a hint, but now a line that won’t help in my solution.


  80. I have also considered it could mean tarry for a scant amount of time on site with marvel gaze at the contents of the chest if your quest has ceased and you have found it.

    This would make sense if it was on property that Forrest owns and you get title to the property and that is why you had to be brave and can now go in peace, because you aren’t trespassing anymore, you own the place. Crazy I know but a possibility, he has never ruled out private property as far as I can determine. There was an article in the Santa Fe New Mexican that said “And Fenn has cautioned searchers against trespassing on private or tribal land and cemeteries, saying the treasure is not hidden there.” Other than the cemetery (grave yard) I have never heard Forrest say this so I am not sure what to think about it. It doesn’t look like a direct quote from Forrest, it looks more like the reporter included it as something he has or thinks he has heard, it is not included in the Cheat Sheet here. It seems to me if Forrest said that he would confirm it as every quote I have heard or read from Forrest is that when pressed he won’t eliminate these possibilities. Has he ever confirmed it is not on private or tribal land besides what this article says?

    • Mark,

      I appreciate your contribution, above, and was well aware of your theory. However, I have come to find that line BTSWMG to be rich in information and another stroke of Fenn’s genius work.

      I have no reason to kiss his tarry scant…I really do think he is a genius and if the poem is not solved before he reaches heaven, he will not havve the opportunity to bask in the glory of his brilliant work.

      Let’s help give credit where credit is due and find that trove!

  81. Found the blaze, look quickly down, BUT tarry scant with marvel gaze… WHY?
    Maybe :
    “a physical presence is needed to complete the solve. f”
    Not on GE

    Is the blaze telling you something? A place to go? Did Forrest say it (blaze) could be moved , but that would not be practical ,or something to that effect.
    IMO the blaze gives you the tenth and final spot to go or title to the gold.

    • Weekly Words for May 13th, 2016 are as follows and are combined with the Featured Question:

      Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey

      Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f

        • Morecowbell;

          I disagree. Once you are at the final blaze, the distance to the TC is very straightforward, is very easy, and is a very small distance, within a couple of feet I would guess.

          Just my opinion, but what do I know? NADA – JDA

          • Could be you’re right but I believe it’s tricky. Btw JDA, spring has finally reached Pocatello lol.

          • YUP – YUP Sure getting itchy feet. Have to wait a few more weeks for my search area though Boo-Hoo

          • I agree with JDA. A small distance.

            And if it’s a greater distance, there’s bound to be some indication.

            As FF said, “For an ant, a puddle of water is like an ocean.”

        • Cowbell,

          In my opinion, Forrest seldom gives “non answer[s].”

          Keep in mind in particular, Mysterious Writings is dedicated to Treasure Hunting and Forrest hand picks the questions he CHOOSES to respond to in WRITING.

          So ask yourself this question; why would you purposely pick specific questions to provide answers to, when you knew already you didn’t have an answer to them???

          In my experience, sometimes his non answers can be the most telling…


          • GCG – Sometimes he states he doesn’t want to answer a question because it may reveal too much and sometimes he redirects a searchers focus with a non answer such as this.

            Getting from blaze to TC is something he obviously doesn’t want to elaborate on. It’s a difficult task imo.

          • I didn’t take a radial on the Blaze

            I don’t think it faces any of those directions

            If you find the blaze the distance to the treasure is obvious

            In a word it’s one object

            It’s not for all practical purposes, moveable

            It stands out

            And can be seen in the daytime w/o a flash light

            And my favorite non answer of all time:
            Thanks Stephanie for the questions. I have read them several times very carefully. They appear subtle on the surface but they aren’t. A yes or no to either question would give too much away, so I’ll pass. Sorry, and I’m aware that some searchers will pick me apart for this answer.f

            He has said a bunch about —-What the blazes a blaze is…


          • GCG – he is very vague in his description of the blaze lol. The question is whether the TC is right at the blaze or some distance away. I believe direction and distance still need to be figured out when at the blaze which is why he will not answer a direct question about distance.

          • The worst of it is that Blaze can be anything.

            It only has to be durable for up to 1000 years.

            And he did not rule out that Blaze could be something built.

            He said that “TC” is not associated with a structure.

            The stanza says:

            Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
            But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
            Just take the chest and go in peace.

            Does not say to look down and pick up the chest.

            He says to stop the quest.

            This may involve more information on the Blaze site.

            Who knows if there’s still a last clue in Blaze?

            So I think it’s no use worrying about it now.

            We have to find Blaze !!

      • I think,

        Blaze will indicate the location.


        Look quickly down = south.


        With you standing in the blaze = TC in a position below him on the ground.

        But not “under” Blaze.


        • McB;

          You say, “With you standing in the blaze = TC in a position below him on the ground.

          But not “under” Blaze.”

          If you are standing “IN” the blaze and look quickly down, if you are not standing “ON” the TC, how can it not be “under” the blaze? Doesn’t make sense to me – Can you explain? JDA

          • FF said it would not be feasible to remove the fire.

            And that we would not have to move stones.

            Then the CT may be “beside” below, but not “under” (“sob” in portuguese) the blaze.

            Unless it is in a “crack” or “porthole” (I no know as write) of the blaze.

          • Be careful McB.Forrest did not say that you did not have to move rocks he said BIG rocks – Here is the quote: “You don’t have to move BIG rocks, or scale a precipice to get to the treasure. Stay away from dangerous terrain.” f One might have to move a smaller rock or two – Just my guess – JDA

          • I agree JDA. It’s concealed by a rock or rocks. Otherwise someone could happen upon it.

          • I think so too.

            I just do not think it’s glued to Blaze.

            Google does not translate my ideas correctly at times.

  82. There are other ways to hide things that don’t include burying or concealing with rocks. He gives us all the answers if we know how to find them.

      • I have a plausible theory (imo) about what TSWMG (last clue imo) refers to after studying pictures of my search location. probably wrong but I will have another botg search in the next few weeks.

        • So MoreCow

          My cool solve that didn’t turn out relied heavily on one possible interpretation of BTSWMG, which I can share now.

          If you look the definition of “rooted” up, this is the definition you’ll find:

          “cause (someone) to stand immobile through amazement.”

          So it reads:
          But stand immobilized with amazement

          How about that? Cool eh!


          • tarry scant = rooted?

            How so, GCG?

            Or another way to ask it – what would prompt a guy to look up “rooted” in the context of that line in the poem?


          • That’s an interesting take. My thought is more simple and has to do with what to look for to find the hidey space (TSWMG is the last clue imo).

            With all due respect to FMC, each clue after the blaze takes a lot of time and thinking to understand and figure out concurrent with botg searches.

            Forrest did not design the search to be obvious, straighforward or easy. I think people underestimate the simplicity and complexity of the solve.

            Following the clues will take you to the chest but it will take time, effort and a bit of luck to find imo.

          • Jake,

            Honestly, nothing prompts me short of the poem; it’s individual words, word phrases, clauses, their idioms, metaphors, and other creative or imaginative interpretations – wrapped up in poetic license…

            What can I say?


          • Ah. That makes perfect scents.

            (By which I mean “Uh, I better go flip the steaks”)


  83. English language nit-pickery keeping me up at 3 am.

    For those of you that have “tarry scant” as adjective-noun (i.e. “black rock”), how are you interpreting the “But” in front of it relative to the previous line?

    As “just” or equivalent (“only”)? such that the two lines would essentially read:

    Look quickly down… (at)
    “Just” black rock…


    • “But” could mean “from there”. So, after you’ve looked “quickly down” and ceased, from there….do this next bit.

  84. FMC,
    But = Butt (homo-phonics) Butt = Under

    “Under the black rock among the yellow gravel.”

  85. So I’m slogging through Douglas Hofstader’s Metamagical Themas, a book about thinking about thinking, and I came to a spot where he’s talking about how he solves difficult problems. He recognizes a multilevel approach that starts with for instance a brief glance at the topic and then moves step by step to where the thing might be understood with a lot of research and hard thinking. He calls the whole process a “terraced scan.”-p. 109

  86. I was conflicted about whether to post this under homophones in the poem or Tarry Scant, but opted for the latter. In consideration of the line “So hear me all and listen good” as being a potential cue to consider homophones, if we back up a bit to “But tarry scant” it has not escaped the notice of some posters here that it sounds similar (though certainly not identical) to “Buttery scant”. Has anyone observed that a buttery scant could be a yellow stone / Yellowstone? Just throwing it out there for searchers who favor YNP.

    • You got a good point Zap,
      Maybe the sounds of the words of the poem are more valuable than text.
      It may be messing with the poem text though considering you have to change the text.
      But tarry

      I aint buying it although Qwerty should chime in on this & was hoping he is OK.

    • Random side note on your homophone mention. I pulled the “homophone” anagram out of PBTHOB the other day along with “oubliette”. I’m trying now to remember if oubliette is similar to the shower with the skylight. I’ll have to go check. Still trying to grasp whether these are just random things because I have so many letters to work with. (I didn’t stick with it long).

      • Yes. FF said one definition is “few” and then something about going in circles that I still can’t figure out

        • He felt like he was repeating himself. Here he uses scant as few, but when you get there the circle reveals it’s purpose, around.

        • tighter,

          Got anything more specific to back-up the “few” and “circles” in relationship to “scant?”

          • Here is the quote: Hi Forrest,
            “You once said you walked the 92 miles from West Yellowstone to Bozeman to just experience it. Obviously you were much younger than you were when you hid the treasure. Too far to walk means different things at different ages so I was wondering if you would be so bold as to give an estimate of how far you walked to hide the treasure after leaving your car: was it >10miles, between 5 and 10 miles, between 1 and 5 miles, or less than 1 mile? ~Thanks, Ron

            Ron, your question sounds like a travelogue, but I’ll answer it. No, I don’t want to be that bold. But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help. I just looked “few” up and one definition is “scant.” Why do I sound like I’m talking in circles? f

      • Yes, and the definition that most ignore is a stone that has been flattened on two sides, like a grave marker. Look on page 95 of TToTC – JDA

        • JDA,

          I don’t think ‘most ignore scant as a flat rock’. That line of thinking goes back to, well, many years back. I think the problem with scant as a stone marker gives the idea that we need two blaze[s], when one blaze is only mentioned.

          If you have been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down… lol wouldn’t we have to be looking at the scant rock, if it was a marker like a headstone type of “marker” that covers the chest?
          I guess the scant flat rock could be overhead… only, why repeat it IF its already been found?
          A bit redundant and useless I would think, and kills the idea of a flat rock that covers the chest.
          In that case the rock is a ‘pointer’ [more inline with a trail marker, idea, not a headstone type of marker, line of thinking.

          Trust me, many searchers has thought about scant as a flat rock… it’s not a new concept at all.

          • I’m done with searching my spot (I think) and actually found a little headstone looking rock at a perfect spot in a little area surrounded by other stones and with a great view.

            No treasure around though 300 miles away, I started to question whether FF could have “I hid it” by disguising it as a fake rock (i.e. the headstone rock).

            I sent him an email as this seems like it would fall under his exact spot reveal clause, but no response as of yet.

          • FMC, maybe i am a bit duh-huh right now but what is the “exact spot reveal clause”? Never heard that one.


          • Smoky – iirc, someone (maybe disabled?) asked if FF would get the TC for them if their solve was correct and I believe he responded that he would if that person told them the exact location.

            Ken – no problem. Im generally a full solve sharer and I have some interesting and new thoughts that went into this solve that I want to share with everyone, but, while my head is 95% sure it’s a rock, 5% of my head can’t decide if it wants to try a quick in and out trip, find a partner to go and check it out, or just write it up and give up on what I think is a really solid solve.

          • Ken,

            I’m full of sage advice and profound wisdom. Remind me what you’re referring to.

      • Tighterfocus,

        No matter what scant definitions are, we need context.

        In this stanza we have look and gaze, quickly, down, tarry and even but…
        Flutterby gave a good example of peek for look with the use of quickly, which could imply gazing through a scant small place [ for example only a hole worn in a stone or looking down a short barrel of rock [ think rifle sights ] that aligns the blaze to the hide, line of thinking.
        My point is; all the other words seem to have the same type of usages a scant. Quickly as a short amount of time in an action, example.

        Like the word but, could be inferring to do something as we look down… the need to gaze for a short time, line of thinking. LOL for the life of me I can never understand how BUT in the context of the other words, wording, means leave or get out of there or “don’t” linger, line of thinking.

        Well you asked and I have.
        What are your thoughts to the dictionary version of scant?

  87. my thought is move in move out look later enjoy now if its a place of comfort no need to get ate to the bone i truly believe your mosquitos lunch should be complete with quick stride or hey hang out if you choose how much bug spray did you bring just asking

  88. I see so many of the same people spending there summer here tarrying on the computer, when so many of you could tarry looking for the treasure at the location of your finding. Many spend so much time tarrying…month after month…here it is no wonder the treasure has not been found. Now is the time to TARRY in search for the treasure. Not wasting the scant of summer to talk about it here. Go out and retrieve it. Every passing day is another scantily moment of sun light passing. The warm summer days are keeping the winter from covering the location of the chest. It is time to search (now) for the Scant of summer months are leaving us soon and the winter is closing back in on us to seal us back into a hibernation state once again. The dang computer…no one is gonna find the chest here on the dang computer.

    In coming back from my 3rd trip this summer in search for the chest, I did not find it but I will be going out again for my fourth trip in August. No time to Tarry Scant on this computer…I have much planning and seeking out my next position as my location awaits for me to tarry once again. It’s calling me, telling me to come back, Tarry Scant with Marvel gaze is all I hear……

    I will say this, the many here on this site talking about the actions needed to solve the poem are sure making it easier, for searchers like me with boots on the ground, to find FF chest. After all, the competition is reading my message right now, instead of out there searching with marvel gaze…..Hahahaha

    I took this time post to encourage you all….get off the electronics people….Forrest wants you outside and in the mountains….Enjoy it at least for a moment as the season of summer is passing your by!!!
    I, too, want someone to find the treasure chest, why not you??? No to greed here, just the Thrill of the Chase.

    Here my gift to you…a nugget if you will;
    Tarry: to linger, loiter, take your time, spend time there…
    Scant: not much of something, limited amount of, limited in time, amount or scarcity of place, or season.
    Marvel Gaze – In awe of a moment, to stare in amazement, to search vigorously or with eyes wide open.

    Do not be “hasty” in your search location, “Tarry” – Take your time, loiter in your location (it’s a small box for crying out LOUD…) and people have already walked right past it in their “hasty” search. Remember not to take too much time as we only have scant daylight, scant season of Summer.

    Loiter, enjoy the moment as it won’t last long, search with eyes wide open and when you find the treasure, because you will, take it and go in peace!!!!

    Be good to one another, and if you do happen to find it, let someone know to easy the suffering….
    I know many will be happy to hear the news…I sure I would.

    Good luck everyone, God Bless and happy hunting you Thrill seekers of the Chase!

    • Kat,
      Most of the bloggers on this site have been on a search this year, and some, more than once in any given year. There is a great number of lurkers who choose to read rather than chat [ that’s fine as well ], yet when they do pop in…many have been at this for years and have gone on searches. With an average of 5-6000 hits a day on this sight, there’s really only a few dozen that chat on a daily basis. And again, most of them have been out and about. But I dare say, many of the folks are retirement age and money for trips doesn’t grow on trees [banana or any other tree]. Others are just incapable of going [ for what ever reason ] yet still enjoy chatting about thoughts and ideas. LOL there seems to be many folks out and about because NM law enforcement and YSP rangers complain about them enough. Tens of thousands plus.

      With that said… you stated; ‘Here my gift to you…a nugget if you will;…’
      This idea has been talked about, but I would like to hear more of your idea to, why we would need to linger for a short time and gaze at what?
      Just reading from dictionary doesn’t explain much as a to what your thought process is… care to share?

      • Well Seeker its not reading from a dictionary…its actually reading what I wrote which did share the thought process. Lots of between the lines which tied it all together for those who are still asking for clarification on “Tarry” “Scant” and their meaning. I finished so not to provide misinformation identifying the gist of how applying the words are actually used for some relief, if you will. Since starting my quest 7 years ago, this past March, and yes being retired myself, I wanted to give insight to those from one whose had many years of boots on the ground looking and to those who are just starting out. Keep it simple. We’ve all complicated the search in one form or another, me included, just by getting in the way of the words in the poem. One thing always brings me back though, “Keep it Simple” per none other than, Forrest Fenn himself. One of his latest interviews, he actually states, “Keep it simple”, people are just making it too complicated and they’re missing the simplicity of the chase. … Now I know there will be those who will ask where, when, what interview did he say that in…well not much digging will provide that nugget and with scant use of the computer, too. LOL
        So once again…thought process is simple…
        Tarry – Loiter, take your time in your location, enjoy the moment (as no one should be in the search area unless they too are searching your spot for the TC). As Fenn said when he hid the TC, there was no one was around, even laughed out loud when hiding it…it’s located in a dear place (to him), private. So no reason to be hasty. Scant – The search time frame won’t last long, time in the day sunlight at your location, unless your at my spot where it does not get completely dark until almost 10:00 pm., or the season (summer). Marvel Gaze – Search with eyes wide open, intently, vigorously, with purpose. When you find the treasure, don’t gaze at it at all (I don’y think I even mentioned gaze as being at a “what” or “something” but rather your way of searching for the TC.) but since mentioned…don’t gaze…just take the chest and go in peace!!!
        Hope this helps Seeker…
        Good luck,

        • So Kat,
          I’m just trying to get this straight. The line “But tarry scant with marvel gaze” seem to imply; taking in the moment? No need to rush because not too many [ if anyone ] would be around? Yet don’t linger too long just looking at the chest… just go in peace?
          Is that about right?
          My problem with this line is, it seems more important than just taking in a moment…. like watching a beautiful sunset or peering upon a wonderful sight.
          Many are looking for a chest/trove… but IMO what is really needed to be found is the blaze. I say this for on reason… There has been no real [ for lack of a better word ] consensus of what the blaze might be or how it is usable as to locate the chest/trove/hidey spot. It has amazed me that many have been within 500′ and some within 200′ of the chest/hide and not one could recognize the correct blaze… whatever fenn’s blaze is. I say recognize compared to find because it seems to me that someone should have been just as close, if not closer, maybe right at the “blaze clue reference” and didn’t know what it represented or was used for.

          So to fall back on the question; why_?_ would we need to linger, even for a short time and gaze? personally, just to take it in, the moment. doesn’t say why we should do “look quickly down” but [ using linger and short time for tarry scant ] give a reason for doing just that… looking, gazing, once the blaze is discovered.

          Fenn’s Q&A { in part } IF you can find the blaze the answer [ distance from the blaze to the chest ] will be obvious. So, regardless of the distance… stanza 4 seems almost meaningless with the exception of the discovery of the blaze… If all we do it take in the moment.
          So I guess I’m asking; What exactly does ‘enjoy the moment’ mean as a possible clue for anything mentioned in stanza 4?

          I’ll explain my thinking… I can see the entire poem [ 9 clues ] playing out in a single location… all the clues are viewable at this single spot… but there might be a reason we may need to linger for a short time… that reason might be to see how the clues unfold as we gaze… and imo, is the need to nail down the first clue. not just a starting point of the clues… but a vantage to watch from [ observe and plan for, line of thinking ].

          I’l even add… that IF this unfolds in this way… HLnWH relates to WWWHs in such a way the two are one in the same. So you might be able to understand why i’m having a hard time thinking that trarry scant with marvel gaze is just “enjoying the moment”… the idea make stanza 4 pretty much useless.

          • Seeker & Kat,

            It’s hard to step away from the Thrill for a break. Even harder to stay silent.

            Why is it that such a simple poem cannot be solved? Answer: Because it is a very complicated riddle not really only a “poem.”

            If it is a riddle, why would any line be taken merely at face value? Answer: It shouldn’t.

            Why is it that BTSWMG is a line that everyone simply wants to take a face value? Answer: Because that was the most frustrating riddle of them all…and it takes too much -effort- to solve.

            Why is that particular riddle so difficult to solve? Answer: Because maybe you had to be standing right there to understand. Even then, maybe it was not so obvious…not as obvious as it is now.

            So why is it that the “poem” (riddle x 9) has not been solved? Answer: Well, that WOULD be the EthicalDilemma.

          • So, what puts a post into moderation? Kind of a momentum and conversation killer. I cannot seem to get out…

          • ED;

            If you think you are in Moderation – email Dal and ask – That should solve your problem – If there is one – JDA

  89. Seeker and Kit Kat, Tarry Scant may just be another way of expressing the idea of leaving the TC short of the Marvel Gaze. Let’s say that the Marvel Gaze is a beautiful view of a mountain, a Canyon or River Bottom, so what if he left it short or a few paces before the point of inspiration? Type in on youtube, toltec northern new mexico treasure. Now that is a view, what if he left it short of there, after all he was 80?


  90. Why do we have to “Move on quickly”?
    What could be the consequences if we do not “look quickly down” or “tarry scant” which could also mean get out of there quickly?

    What’s the big rush?
    Why can’t I look slowly down, find the chest & stick around a while & have a beer?

    • Maybe,
      “Move on quickly” seems right. In the past I thought it was because you’re wet like the chest being in water. Could be the chest is in somewhat of a high traffic area during nice weather and you may be seen if you just stay there counting your money sitting at the table.

      Lots have been within 500′ ???

  91. Jake,

    IMHO “quickly” would be the poetic way to say “within close proximity (down)” or “a very short distance (down).”

    That is pretty cryptic. Care to explain?

    • As you are descending to the right down below the hoB the view is spectacular and the stones along the trail could be treacherous if you do not watch where you’re going.

        • He did say a child would need help. I’m ok with your opinion, though. Good Hunting

          Had my 5yr old out at the spot twice last month. He actually brought the Dizzy cold ones to my attention.

  92. Thanks, fallingrock, for the clarification. No doubt a beautiful spot of God’s creation, but not where I face the Ethical Dilemma. So, be careful!

  93. The 4th stanza is a hard nut to crack.
    It tells us to look not once but twice “Look & gaze”. It tells us to “take the chest” with a third of the poem still remaining. The last instruction given in stanza 4 tells you to “gaze” and then suddenly you are holding (and taking) the chest? Why not “FInd the chest and go in peace”? And the common definition of “look” is “gaze” and vice versa(!)

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease, But tarry scant with marvel gaze, Just take the chest and go in peace.

    I have never thought that “tarry scant” meant to “move on quickly”. And if it did why would one need to “move on quickly” two thirds into the poem Before taking the chest?
    According to Webster “tarry” means:
    a : to delay or be tardy in acting or doing
    b : to linger in expectation : wait
    2 : to abide or stay in or at a place
    I suppose we “tarry” for a “scant” at the blaze. Which is then followed by “marvel gaze”.
    (Gazing skyward as if to spot a passing Superhero?)
    So we have to look down, linger a moment and then stare up??
    Seems like strange instructions. If the hiding place is “obvious” (Fenn’s word) from that perspective. What would make it obvious? (An ‘X’, an ‘FF’, a dark stone?).
    Just some of my rambling thoughts.

    • Hi Randawg,

      Great thoughts about Stanza 4. This Stanza has some pretty tough wording in it and it is hard to decipher. I don’t want to give too much away about what I think this Stanza means but I would just say maybe take another quick look at the word “tarry”. That word can mean many more things beyond what you’ve posted. And the way I use that word is in one of those other different ways. The same is true for “scant”. Sorry, I don’t wanna say too much more about this one.

      All IMO.

      Good luck,


    • randawg;

      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, Look quickly down, your quest to cease, But tarry scant with marvel gaze, Just take the chest and go in peace.”

      If you have been wise and spot the blaze – you now need to do something…

      “Look quickly down…” One definition of quickly relates to an aroma – so maybe look at or in a nearby pine or sage grove (Forrest said he could smell both).

      “Your quest to cease…” – and your search for Indulgence will come to an end.

      “But tarry scant” – Don’t spend a lot of time looking at a something – or
      Nevertheless, look at a flat black stone.

      “With marvel gaze – ” – don’t become transfixed at what you see.

      Just take the chest and go in peace…” Maybe, just take YOUR cherst (yourself) and go in the direction that the peace sign directs you to go.

      I know, this is a weird interpretation of this line, but it just might work in the right place.

      JMO – JDA

      • JDA,

        You made this comment above:

        “But tarry scant” – Don’t spend a lot of time looking at a something – or
        Nevertheless, look at a flat black stone.

        This brings up a good point about the word “tarry”.

        When Forrest recites the poem, he says “tarry”, which rhymes with “merry”. Based on that pronunciation of the word, the definition of “tarry” leans more towards the delay, linger, tardy type definitions of the word.

        If the word “tarry” were to be pronounced more like having the root word of “tar” (the black stuff), then the word takes on an entirely different meaning.

        I generally use the the word the way Forrest pronounces it. I figure Forrest would know the difference between the two. Do you use that word differently?

        Thanks…All IMO.


        • When Forrest reads the poem, I expect that he uses the pronunciation that most would use – regardless of how it is meant to be used. To be honest, I think that Forrest has a sense of humor and might be referring to something that looks a lot like a pile of bear poo – a Tarry SCAT – 🙂 JDA

          • LOL.

            You said: When Forrest reads the poem, I expect that he uses the pronunciation that most would use – regardless of how it is meant to be used.

            I’m not so sure. When I say that word, I use the “a” version (the black stuff). I think most would pronunciate it that way. It would never occur to me to slap an “e” in there and say it that way. IMO.

            Anyways, something else to think about.

            All IMO.


      • I’ve never warmed up to the “Just take YOUR chest …” idea JD, but since you don’t actually get “title to the gold” until two stanza’s later that interpretation could make some sense.
        The fact that Fenn wrote “Just take THE chest” seems a little too specific though.

  94. Zap posted above that ‘But tarry’ could mean ‘buttery’. So in the spirit of “flutterby”
    is it possible this line means “Buttery crescent with marble glaze”?
    In Fenn’s storires he tells of how his mother gave him buttered bread for dessert, and Croissants are French, like the soldier’s name on the headstone. And he was Grand Marble Champion. And makes references to the Lincoln Memorial which is made of marble.
    And if so how would this help solve the puzzle?

    Or maybe I just need a nap?… Or lunch? 🙂

    • Given that one definition of “scant” is a stone slab, and that some varieties of limestone can take on a yellowish hue, “buttery scant” could be “yellowish stone” or “Yellowstone”. This kind of limestone can be found in spots all around the Yellowstone area. Cream/tan-colored travertine is an example of “yellow stone”.

      If we stick with “tarry scant”, tar is pretty much the same as pitch. So “tarry scant” could be “pitchstone”, which is a particular type of obsidian. Pitchstone can be found in spots throughout the Yellowstone region.

      As it happens, there is an area in the southwest of the Yellowstone area called the Pitchstone Plateau.

  95. “But tarry scant with marvel gaze”

    He had to , or intended to, have this line to rhyme with Blaze,whilst being informative. This could mean: to take a moment, take your time, look around with tight focus in mind to what you are trying to see. The reason for this is the next line!

  96. But tarry scant with marvel gaze
    I believe the poem is written to give you a clue and then you need to unlock the clue with the book. F says you get to the end of his rainbow and then find his chest or something like that.
    If the poem only contains clues then you think one will need the resolve to unlock the clues.
    but if you are able to unlock but one clue by first discovering the true nature of the clue will the other clues work in the same manner? Suppose you discover the rainbow and you are in the middle when you find it. Which way is the end. This line IMO deals with a rainbow. I leave you with this.. marvel=miracle, gaze=see, see with your eyes, marvel gaze = miracle eye Imaginative maybe but plausible certainly.

  97. I sense irony in Tarry Scant / also believe there is more than one perspective at play. The Blaze has no choice but to be patient until the end of time with or without the TC. It’s my personal belief that TS has little to do with the finder.There will be Marvelous Gazes for all Seek imo

    • I came up with an idea that “with marvel gaze” could identify a place where you would do that from (e.g. Observatory Rock). Haven’t found anything at the one in central CO so far though.

  98. “Look quickly down, your quest to cease,”

    Dictionary.com defines quickly as:
    1. with speed; rapidly; very soon.
    But why look “rapidly” down? It’s been said that quickly is a poetic way of saying “within close proximity” or “a very short distance.”
    So the chest is within a few feet of the blaze? If so, it must be very well hidden to require another clue (or clues) to find it.
    Finding the blaze does not automatically end the Chase. When Fenn was asked: “How far is the chest located from the blaze?” He said (paraphrase): “..If you can find the blaze, the answer will be obvious.”
    Maybe once you find the blaze And the chest it will be obvious.

    • Perhaps you apply Frosty’s rule of thumb and look down the nail, past the quick. But be sure to check the blink, and don’t obliterate the City of Brotherly Love.

      (Been having a lot of these chained thoughts lately. Not sure if it means anything useful or not.)

      • Hey! Check out my solve for blaze on the blaze forum. You do look quickly down and find what it points to and it is inches away.

  99. Tarry scant with marvel gaze has in it an anagram of ” Starry Night” by Van Gogh. The story behind the painting has Van Gogh looking out from his asylum window which faced east.

    The first line As I have gone alone in there has an anagram of one one three. On page 113 of TTOTC is the name Van Gogh where FF refers to an expensive painting.

  100. Hi Dal.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    I believe that the stanza means, once you have come to the place where you have found the blaze, there are still another 1 or 2 actions required before you find and retrieve the chest. First, you will not be able to see the chest without looking quickly down. That can suggest all sorts of things to someone with an imagination and good understanding of words. One example, in my prior search area: I stood on a hillside covered in all kinds of rocks, large and small, that had tumbled down the mountainside for centuries. I laughed, because the color of the rocks suited a bronze chest perfectly, and one could simply plop the chest down among this river of rocks and you would not even see it unless you were practically on top of it looking down.

    It could also mean that when you look quickly down you see the chest, but you cannot reach it from your observation point. Now you have to move to physically get it. An example is finding a hole in the rock face that you are walking on – and you look through the hole to the ground below (not a cave but perhaps a cavern.) Here, tarry scant with marvel gaze means don’t just stand there gawking at the chest – move your butt and go get it. (just take the chest . . . )

    There’s another reason why this last idea may be the right one – and it’s right there in the poem.

    Practically speaking — if you are in the wilderness and you have your hands on 42 pounds of treasure and chest, you probably do want to hurry on up and get out of there — maybe there are bears and with that 42 pounds you will not be moving fast. And you definitely do not want to meet anyone along the way back to your car who notices you are carrying a treasure.

  101. if the chest is where i think it to be , then there is a chance of seeing people or maybe a park ranger going in or going out [ not at the hidey spot though ] so i think he is telling us to hurry back out of there , you know , tarry scant . IMO

  102. It does mean hurry as I believe u are exposed. I also think it means a desolate black top road. Everything has 2 meanings. There are the directions as to what to do and the clues within the poem in its entirety.

    • I agree. The first IMO is the the reason you are there, having fun, enjoying the purpose. As worrying as it might be.

      The other is different and has a smaller more direct meaning. A lot to do with its physicality, direction, location relativity and seeing is believing.

      Both are central to my solves.

  103. I think it means we are looking for a head stone.
    Unmarked – but the chaser will know – and discover a list of things that reveal that a marvel gaze is a lookout, which sums up the final area / at peace.

    All IMO.

  104. I’ll counter offer Dal, and even after ff seemingly blew the light out of this line;

    I think I finally deciphered the line after much consternation and worrying about it.

    in part I believe that the “tarry” is “hang around” in lieu of it’s place in the line, (which is not very earth shattering in itself) however taking it as a beginning rather than all other interpretations is a good place to start, (imo), rather than the few other possibles thrown out there; for those that wish to pursue it anyway, the way to tell is it does not become the final literal use but a slightly different (deeper) literal meaning when the line is fully digested and spit back out. (so not orphaned, but in context of the other words in the line)

    (of course I could be fully wrong, but I finally am at ease with this line. which is a strange feeling for any of the lines, at least for me)

    also when the (spit back out) part is done, it is in line with ff blowing the candle out of this part of the verse.
    (it is not contradictory, which is also an outcome that is not too often felt it seems)

  105. Regarding Anagramming Tarry Scant:
    A fun exercise, But I seriously doubt anyone will solve the poem correctly, simply with Anagrams. It’s my opinion that Forrest is absolutely clever enough to have built into his poem a few “confirming” anagrams.

    By example. Let’s play a game.
    using “tarry scant”
    as our anagram confirmer

    What BROWN animal or reptile sends a warning or “scary tant” for you to tarry scant ?

    As stated, IMO the anagrams won’t solve it, but may offer a confirming hint or warning of danger IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SOLVED TO the correct location.

    “ You will ignore the poem AT YOUR OWN PERIL.”
    Forrest Fenn, on Mysterious Writings


  106. Dal, you mentioned that “tarry” could be a noun. Would you please give an example of this,
    along with some helpful explanation (for those of us who aren’t the sharpest tacks in the cross)? Thanks in advance.

    • TA-
      According to this source:
      Tarry can mean the noun “sojourn”
      Although it is uncommon…

      So I could take a brief tarry to the candy store on my way to school.
      Meaning that I could take a brief side trip or visit to the candy store…

      In the poem I think it’s possible that tarry scant could mean don’t let your mind wander far from your goal…in other words, gather up that chest and get going…

      Same general meaning as a noun that it holds for me as an adjective…

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