2018 Cache Photos Page One

SrPablo-June 3rd

Cynthia found the little cache on June 18th, 2018

Cynthia added Jordan’s bear bell.

Tom and Maggie reported finding it on July 6th.

My grandchildren had a wonderful time locating the cache. Their first treasure hunt.
To those who made this possible, my sincerest gratitude.

Eli left one of Cowlazer’s Forrest Fenn coins in the little cache in July. That’s a collector’s item!!!

It was in the West Yellowstone cache today!

Thank you for providing a means to actually find something! I was doing some research while in West Yellowstone and ran across your trinket hunt. We were able to find it and left a few items from around the world, based on our other travels. A Saudi Arabia Riyal from my work travels there(worth about .35c) but cool, my business card, and a travelers coin for good luck to top it off. We couldn’t bring ourself to take anything.-Carey Dover

Carey Dover Family at the new little cache August 9th, 2018



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