Annual Report 2017…


This blog was started in August of 2011 and on the first day we had 47 unique viewers.
Yesterday (Jan 6, 2018) we had 8,700 unique viewers.

Blog Totals Since The Beginning
14,821,929 unique viewers
2,205 Subscribers

The highest number of unique visitors on a single day was 2/27/2013 at 63,932
Compared to December 31st, 2017 when we had 13,066 unique viewers

2017 Totals
In 2017 we had 3,881,612 views
That is about 90,000 more views than we had in 2016
On average that is 6.5 views per visitor

In 2017 we had 593,018 unique visitors leaving 50,522 comments
We also published 192 posts in 2017

Most new folks still find us through the major search engines..
About ten percent find us from an Android app
The rest come from clicking on links from other websites and blogs

The most common search terms folks use to find the blog are “Forrest Fenn”, “Thrill of the Chase” and “Synonyms and Antonyms Poem”.

The most common links folks click on to leave this blog are the video interviews with Forrest followed by Jenny’s blog followed by Forrest’s website.

The posts with the highest number of views are:
1. Home Page
2. Odds n Ends
3. Tarry Scant
4. Cheat Sheet
5. Forrest’s Scrapbooks
6. Has it Been Found?
7. Forrest Speaks

As I write this report at 2pm on January 7th we have had about 5,000 unique visitors so far today. The breakdown by country is as follows…this is so far today only..

USA    4,577
CANADA    216
UK    80
TURKEY    50
SWEDEN    14
INDIA    14

If we look at the entire year we see Germany and Mexico replacing some on the list of top nine countries where folks hail from on this blog.

Thanks to all of you
from Goofy and dal-


78 thoughts on “Annual Report 2017…

  1. I think it’s interesting that Turkey shows up as fourth on the list of countries following the blog.
    I don’t think folks from Turkey even looked at the blog in 2016…They certainly were not in the top ten…

    • Dal/Goofy,

      Well done you guy’s, you do an amazing job.

      You’ve just answered my question from my comment from the other day.

      I hate to tell you guy’s but your just going to get busier and busier, numbers in my opinion are going to go up and up until the T.C is found.

      Well done once again guy’s.

      Ronnie the Scot

    • Dal , that is awesome . You guys are doing a great job with the site. Thank you for all you do .

      ” It’s all about the Chase , not the quarry ”


    • Dal, it’s my understanding that you were searching outside of New Mexico from as far back as November of 2010, but it’s also my understanding that Forrest only publicly expanded the search area to the entire Rocky Mountains on August 31 in 2011 ( This was later in the same month that your site started and went viral. You were apparently confident from the outset that the map area was really broad. Wondering what led you to that conclusion so early? Did Forrest or anyone else say anything to you at the outset? Many assumed he initially intended a modest chase just outside of Santa Fe, but you knew better, very early, right?

  2. “As I write this report at 2pm on January 7th we have had about 5,000 unique visitors so far today. ”

    Pretty amazing stats

  3. *sets his slurpee down on the floor and proceeds to clap his hands*


    Well done Dal/Goofy…..those look great!!

    Thanks again for allowing me to be part of the community you have established.

    *hoists his slurpee*

    Cheers to the both of you.

  4. Dal, what are your plans for the website when the chest is found. I expect you to say that you will cross that bridge when you come to it. But, I’m sure you have given it some thought.

    • I’m sure by the time the chest is found we will all have wireless dongles implanted directly into our bodies so we can access anytime and anyplace as needed, and there will be humanoids on automated searches that move so fast you will need a strobe light to see them.

  5. Congratulations Dal, Goofy etc – What an amazingly well run site – Here’s a salute to Ya’ OOH RAH ! ! ! JDA

  6. INCREDIBLE… what would we searchers do without both of you! Thank you, Dal and Goofy! Forrest has been asked many times whether or not he wants the treasure chest found in his lifetime. How would either of you answer that question… I mean, would you like me (or someone one else) to find the chest in 2018 to put an end to all the hard work you both do for this blog, giving you time to lie on a beach in Tahiti, sipping a pina colada?

    • Thank you dal and Goofy. I was about to write a bit too much here. Cynthia, I predict Indulgence will be found by Independence Day. If that happens, dal and Goofy can enjoy a little freedom from the blog. I hope this comment finds you in good health. Keep up the good work everyone!

    • Cynthia, Find that chest so we can go waste away in Tahitiville. I can picture Molly and Lucy searching the beach for my lost shaker of salt. Surely you would take us with you……Wouldn’t you? 🙂

      To answer your question; I don’t think Fenn intended for any of us to find it. It is meant for a kid and his dad to find while looking for arrow heads in the far distant future. His autobiography will be more valuable by far than any trinkets in the chest. It will fill in the blank spots he speaks about often for future archeologists. And Fenn will be famous yet again; while all of us and this website are mere specks lost in the annals of time, if any record of us exists at all.

      • We finally agree 100% on something Goofy… what date is this -?- we should make it a national holiday…
        Even thought we have the same opportunity to solve the poem… The difficulty of completing the task is more than likely, much harder than many expect.
        ‘His autobiography will be more valuable by far …It will fill in the blank spots he speaks about often for future archeologists… ‘
        fenn’s thinking down the road? “people don’t see it the way he does”

        If found in this time or near future… imo… it will take dedication, and fenn is going to make that person work for it.

        • I certainly agree Seeker, “it will take dedication, and fenn is going to make that person work for it.” But would we want it any other way? I think not – JDA

  7. Unique must account for those of us that check from every computer we own, every day of the year as we travel all over the World. Oops that sounded like a confession. Back to the Golden Globes…

    But seriously thank you bothfor creating and maintaining a place for those of us that still have dreams of finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure.

    • I like your confession, Amber. I probably check this place 200 times a day no matter where I am. I don’t have a computer, good thing, right? Ha!

      Thank you, Goofy & Dal!

  8. Goofy and Dal,

    It is us who owe our thanks to you guys for hosting this great site as the numbers serve to support your hard work . I just wish I had the energy I think it takes to do everything you do and still have time for your real jobs, family, and searching.

    You guys are remarkable.


  9. Congratulations Dal. Your site is not only informative, but very entertaining!!! Best wishes and happy new year!!! Pam

  10. Thanks for your efforts and putting up with a motley crew of discontents and zealots such as myself. It is quite addicting this Quest. It was quite kind of Mr. Fenn to brighten up the lives of us who actually do find the thrill in the chase. Numbers don’t lie and I bet you have quite a few who only read and don’t interact that are not counted.

  11. Congratulations Dal and Goofy! I check your site every day and several times on scrapbook days. Great job, I hope you two feel proud.

  12. Thank you for making this blog, Dal and Goofy. It has so much information and unique perspectives related to the Chase. It rides me over when I can’t be searching! Thanks again!

  13. Thanks Dal for the information.
    I started following your blog and joined in 2017.
    Late to the Chase, but having a blast.
    You do a great job and I appreciate it.

    • Thank you Dal and (Goofy),whoever you are, you both are nice to provide this blog to us.As long as Mr. forrest is alive,I will continue with this blog.but when he is gone I quit,as, I have loved his stories and since of humor,but I have liked your stories and pictures also.but without forrest,I’d be it is we hardly ever hear from him anymore,guess thats why I don’t write much on here anymore.I really miss his stories and clues,hints,etc. I don’t even know what the clues are except begin it where warm waters halt,as I heard people say thats where mr. forrest said to start.but that don’t make any since to me as he said if you know where to start.,meaning in the poem or in the rocky mountains,map,etc.I really love that man as a dad,I wish I had.and I’m talking about the man in general,not what he has acomplished.he knows how to treat people as a dad.he’s just a plain simple person from the good state of texas,he don’t put on airs.we are all equal.
      and the people on this blog is amazing,the best bunch of people,I have had the pleasure to talk to.I just wish I could figure out the poem and find the treasure like you all and buy a ranch house,pay off bills.any ideas from other people,on what they would do if they found the treasure,what would they do.i don’t want to be filthy rich,that just causes headaches,I;m sure,just want a simple to all of you and may this year bring many blessings to each and everyone of you.I just say the answer is all of us everywhere,you me,I,myself.takes all of us.we are special.

  14. Thanks for what appears to be a HUGE labor of love!

    May you have a great 2018 (and beyond), and good luck in your
    solving and searching.

  15. You’ve done a great job managing this blog, Dal. Thank you for the incredible amount of time and energy you give.

  16. Thanks Dal for the poetry page and all you and Goofy do behind the scenes. Because of that page I have found the side of me I never knew existed…

    Until next time… see ya my friend

  17. Wait, what?!
    C’mon Dal… what we all really want to know is, who was this years biggest yackers? I don’t think Amy, Jdiggins, Spallies or myself made the top five this year… I leaning toward Zap or Lugs …lol… and JDA or Tim {ZR} can’t be far behind.

    • Seeker-
      I don’t remember where in the stats I found that info last year. I’ll look again and see if I can find it…
      But I will bet you are a contender…

      • Ha!
        I gave up trying to be a year by year contender. I’m looking; down the road for big kahuna… The Life-Time Achievement Award… out wit, out last, and out play or go out of my mind. Which ever comes first.

        • You do say good things Seeker.

          But….can they really outwit someone who likes to outwit others?

          That is the man who you need to focus on.

          Eventually, someone will figure him out and his multiple personalities and apply those sources to the hunt.

          Will they? Hmmm….you and many are pretty good thinkers…..I think we are challenged throrouoghly.

          Best of luck!

        • Ha! Loco,
          A shovel?!… I’m working with a bucket-loader. The one that could carry Goofy’s 650 and have room to spare… Amateur BSers use a shovel. lol.

    • Seeker-
      Sorry…I can only find dada on commenters for today…not for the whole year. I still don’t know where I got that data for 2016..

      • Umm, I came in 4th in 2016… Amy, Jdiggins, Spallies out yacked me… yeah! I know… I was surprise too. But its was nice to be with good company.

        Dazona… you need to jump in to the conversations more… your pretty insightful yourself for recognizing how insightful I am.

        Ouch! Dang it…I always hurt my arm when I pat myself on the back.

  18. Thanks guys. Wouldn’t be looking without this site. Oh man, think of all the things I could have done!
    Oh well. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love it. (Who said that?)

  19. Thank you Dal & Goofy! So much work goes into keeping up a blog such as this. Attitude of gratitude.
    Live long and prosper on my friends.

  20. Hi Dal and Goofy, You’ve done a great job, creating and maintaing, a stable forum, where searchers can voice there thoughts.

  21. Hey Dal, what is the definition of unique visitor?

    Also, just curious how many total searchers do you think have there been since the beginning of the chase?

    • J79
      A “unique” visitor is a device that has not been on the blog that day. So if you visit the blog for the first time that day at 10am and look at a 6 pages on the blog. That is one unique visit with six views. If you come back, using the same device at 3pm the same day the blog does not count your second visit as a “unique” visit but the number of pages you view are added to the previous count.

      However, if you used two different devices to visit the blog…say a computer at 10am and then your phone at 3pm it would see you as two unique visitors…
      Further, folks who use their phone to visit the blog may get counted as a unique visit each time they visit that day because the phone company assigns a new IP address to the phone each time it connects…

      So what the blog is actually looking at every day are unique IP addresses. But only within the same day. So if you use your computer to connect to the blog three different times in one day…you are registered as 1 unique visitor. Then when you come back to the blog the next day using the same computer and IP you are again registered as a unique visitor.

      So, when the blog sees 13,000 unique visitors in one day that means 13,000 unique IP addresses..

      Does that make sense?

      It’s impossible for me to break that down into the total number of unique visitors over the history of the blog…
      But I suspect it is in the multi-millions…

      • Does reading comments in the subscription emails get captured in your stats? I’d assume that’s how most people follow things and that a lot for that on their phones, with their correspondingly unique ip addresses. If those hits are captured, I’d think the overall unique visitor number is significantly lower and the true # may be only a quarter or so of what you’re registering.

        Still a lot of people and thanks for the website.

  22. Thanks Dal & Goofy for all your hard work through all these years. You guys rock!

  23. I agree with everyone y’all two have made a great website to represent the thrill of the chase and you have kept it clean without drama I’m sure y’all have made the ole coot proud and the rest of us who like to go to a site just for info on the chase and not chit chat on gossip great job guys

  24. tis a great site indeed. But one must wonder — since those who have frequented here for many years have not yet claimed the treasure, could one who has never posted be the one who finds it.

  25. Thank you, Thank you Dal and Goofy! I hope someday you get your due rewards for all of your hard work to maintain and run this site! If I bring home the chest I will give you each a little somthin 🙂

  26. Billy Barty asked me to add that this huge list does not include the millions of views from the Afterlife.

  27. Dal & Goofy, thanks so much for all you do! It’s really interesting to see this info. You’ve done an amazing job keeping it all humming along!

  28. Better late than never – I concur with all the well wishes and thankfulness expressed by those above in the thread.

    My comment about many of the Eastern European “hits”, is that they are probably simply web crawlers looking to do mischievous things with the data they mine from this website.

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