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While working on some shirt designs I had the idea of doing some for searchers. If you’ve been involved in the chase long enough you more than likely have a state you prefer to search in… or two states… ok maybe all of them. Lol Either way I thought it would be fun to make a shirt for each state with lines from The Poem and Forrest’s doodles (I have permission from Forrest).

There are different shirt options and colors available for each state. You can use the link above or below to check out all the options. Purchasing, professional printing, and shipping are all done by the company. Hope you enjoy!


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    whaf cottage industries
    you’ve spun begin.
    Maybe signature fly rods
    or walking sticks
    or special spray
    to ward off ticks.

    • Good question. It’s the material and a little bit of how they fit. The Gildan 8oz is 50% cotton 50% polyester. The Canvas-poly cotton is 6.5oz and 60% combed and ring spun cotton 40% polyester. They are both relaxed fit, but just by looking I would say the Canvas poly-cotton fits a little looser. Both good hoodies. Just a matter of preference.

      • Keri, could you list the names of the colors?….having a little trouble telling the exact color. thanks… Ken Joyce Georgia

        • Sure. Since I don’t know what design or type you are looking at here are the different color names of each type of shirt. Hope this helps.

          Light heather grey (color featured), white, heathered royal, grey, classic red

          Long sleeve tee
          Charcoal (color featured) white, sport grey, red, light blue, royal,

          Gildan hoodies
          Sport grey (color featured) cardinal red, Carolina blue, charcoal, royal

          Canvas hoodies
          Red (color featured) athletic grey, true royal, dark grey heather,

  2. I’m kinda new here, but I’m wondering why “banana”? Was it the best rhyme or did FF say that? Thanks for the nice shirt options!

    • Your welcome. Forrest has told about his dad telling him to grab every banana. One place I know of you can hear him tell it is in the Moby Dickens book signing video.

  3. Keri,

    I think it would be great if the shirts just had the poem on them and F’s stick drawing at the beginning of the poem next to the first stanza. For those that don’t want to disclose their search state. I’m not picky, just a thought. 🙂

    The shirts look good!!

  4. Keri,
    I love the simplicity of your line of shirts,
    Mr. Fenn, is one in million or perhaps one in
    a lifetime!
    I hope you do well!❤️
    Thank you, Dal

  5. I love these… pretty sure I’ll be getting a NM sweatshirt and/or a WY t-shirt for my birthday… thank you!!!

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