The Treasure Hunt Gets Personal…

february 2018

by dal

The following email exchange was between a searcher named Jeffrey and Forrest:


Hi Mr Fenn

February 9th is my wife Kandy’s birthday.

So, by your inspiration, I bought five birthday cards and wrote in each one then put a $20 bill in each card. Then, I hid them in different places in our house.

I did this the first week of January and didn’t tell her they were hidden in the house.

She accidently found the first one. I had written 1 of 5 on the outside of it.  She now hunts several times a day for the other cards.

So far she has found 2 of the five.

She tells her friends about the chase, then they quickly volunteer to help for a percentage of the take. She declines the offer with a smile.

Thanks for the idea.



Forrest Responds

That is a good story.

Hi again Mr Fenn

You have made Kandy and I’s day and made us smile.

I grin every time she is close to one of the remaining cards or when she jumps up to go check another spot.

Guests have volunteered their thoughts on hiding places and ask her if she checked the freezer.

She wanted a hint and asked if she was warm. Since we have a basement I told her they were upstairs. Now I have a pat answer for every question, if you are upstairs you are warm…:)



36 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunt Gets Personal…

  1. I know he did it for his wife’s birthday, but dang, this would have been a great idea for Valentine’s Day too.

  2. GREAT idea & fun.
    As a joke we use to hidecards for my mother-in-law who pasted in 2009. She had a run in with one of our cats during a visit & she didn’t like our cat named Shelby. Shelby if he had been a human the kindest thing people would have said of him was he was ill humored.
    When mom was ill as a joke we would buy cat theme get well cards & put Shelby’s paw print on card. We would then hide it in her purse or under her food tray. Mother was a good God fearing Christian but when it came to that cat her halo went south. She would call us saying she found his card & tell us to tell that BLANK cat to stay out of her. When we knew she was close to passing my son mentioned she could say “hi” to Shelby from us when she got to heaven. Her response was & i quote “I’ll kick him off his BLANK cloud” Mom you can’t do that you’ll be in heaven. “I’ll do it when no one is looking”
    After she was gone we found a lot of Shelby’s cards she had saved.
    By the way this the only time we EVER heard her say unkind word lol. Rest in peace Mom & Shelby.

  3. Yes Jeff, that is such a great great ideal, you are a legend now and contend with Fenn’s Chase. What now though, are you going to give more clues?


    • Mr. Jeffrey–
      You’re a very smart man and loving husband. Don’t ever quit playing…..your marriage will be blest, go the distance and you will never grow old…

  4. WOW,

    I am humbled in this chase with the blessing of your acquaintance. What a beautiful sharing… Thank you!

    My wife and I, have also experienced the rejuvenating effect of being inside the wonder of the chase!

    Actually I can’t adequately explain it.


  5. Tess, the love of my life, and I met after two failed marriages. On one of our first dates, we had a scavenger hunt. The day before, I had driven from Bosque Farms (19 miles south of Albuquerque) to Albuquerque, then to Bernalillo, San Yisidro, Jamez Pueblo, the Valle Caldera, across the Jamez mountains to Los Alamos then to Santa Fe, and back to Bosque Farms.

    All along the way, I had hidden notes. Each note gave directions to the next location in coded messages that she had to figure out. She figured them all out (A couple with a tiny bit of help from me). What a fun date. We still talk about it every now and then. That day, she was searching for hidden messages, I was searching for love. We both found what we were searching for. And now, we are searching for Forrest’s treasure – hand in hand. JDA

  6. Way to go Jeffrey! 🙂

    It seems everyone enjoys a little mystery and intrigue.
    “Treasure” hunts bring people together.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Je(ff)rey I loved the idea, thanks for sharing. My kids like Easter egg hunts and such. I’m sure CANdy is enjoying the chase! Hiding the pieces like you did was smart. There were 4 cards + a joker?

  8. Thanks Dal. i guess we should keep you and not replace with Jenny.
    I see the hint here. “if you are upstairs you are warm.” yes, thats how i see it . the HOB has a basement too.
    checking the freezer worth the cold.

    very nice story Dal & Forrest Fenn.

    i think. happy valentine day all.

  9. I don’t know if mr. forrest is looking for an answer or we just find the white blaze.I am alittle confused,as the words I try to put together to match a place on the map is hard,anyway ,my thought is the million dollar highway.I keep trying,I ain’t giving up.but thats a dangerous road,so don’t think he’d hide it along there.also,start in alaska,go down canada,then yellowstone,put below the home of brown is yellowstone,colorado,is my answer to where the treasure for me.3 sure,yes,just dreaming,I really want to find this,just like everyone.all the forest of rocky mountains,he has been everywhere,put that x back over the map.x is o.good luck all.hope all had a nice valentines forrest you go fathom on me,I need some experience,oklove to all.

  10. This sounds like a lot of fun….I hide lipstick kisses on paper around the house for my husband to find……but I wouldn’t mind finding a few 20’s… lol… I will have to leave a note with one of my kisses, “Please Replace with $20″…lol (I’ll let you know how I make out)

  11. Shoot I would have hid one in the basement
    Well at least she is warm and not cold!!! 🙂

    Isn’t it fun to watch her chase something around the house ha ha!!!!

  12. I guess I am guilty of thr redneck version. You see, it wasn’t long after we got married that I screwed up a load of laundry – I would brag about doing it on purpose, but I wasn’t that clever. So my wife infirmed me that she would take care of the laundry duties, and has every since, mostly.

    One day I noticed how excited she got over money she found in the bottom of the washer. So I started leaving $10, or $5, or $20 in my pocket every week or so. Just to make a mundane chore a little more adventurous.

    Romance was never my strong suit I guess.

    • Cute – and thoughtful. May not be “Classic-romantic” – but it sounds loving – and I bet she appreciates it – JDA

  13. Meadowlark, I knew I was doing something wrong, I always give duane his money back. Lol
    I feel guilty if I keep it.

  14. Thanks for sharing Jeffrey…love it!

    Pssst Kandy- check inside the toilet tank taped to the top and inside the spare tire (if you have one) in the garage 🙂

    If you want to have lots of fun….move one and pretend you didn’t find it then bank on the replacement 🙂

    I dont expect a commission…but if you feel generous you can wire me a 5 spot….ill be patiently waiting at the local Wal-Mart.


  15. Great story Jeffery,
    My Father did something like that for me on my 10th birthday? He hid envelopes with further clues all over the house and even in the mail box. My brothers and sister followed me from clue to clue and shared in the excitement that led to the garage where I finally found my new bicycle…I was ecstatic, and it was the best Christmas ever back then. Rest in peace Papa Sergeant Chuck.

  16. Dear Dal,
    Have to say thank you (mahalo) for your website and blog. I have read most of it. I’m definitely a lurker, and a spectator, possibly a searcher. I live too far away (Hawaii) to go searching anytime soon. So I hope it doesn’t get found until I get at least one chance to look. I do homeschool with my 8 year old son, and we use your blog, and research about Forrest’s treasure in our studies. My son Saxon loves the chase! Perhaps I’ll meet you one day in the Rockies, on some backwoods trail, and I can thank you in person. I’d also like to thank Forrest for hiding the cache and making such a adventure for so many people. You both are too much, and an inspiration to an old-timer like me, and a young’un like Saxon. March 2, 2018.
    Aloha, no, JJ on Hawaii

  17. Great – now I have to compete with the other searchers to come up with creative ways to celebrate my wife’s birthday. TFIC (tongue firmly in cheek)

    Seriously now, Jeffrey, that was a great idea – and thanx for sharing!

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