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More than an asterisk in my Book of Days

Mickey Goolsby, with whom I jumped the milk truck in high school, died last week. I talked about him in my TFTW book, page 40. He was my age plus a few months. After college he owned a construction company that built some of the schools in our town. His demeanor was one I might wish to emulate, would that I could start anew. A special breed of men narrows with Mickey’s passing, and soon it won’t exist at all. f


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    • So sad in his passing,my thoughts are with you in this time of grief,may our higher power lift the heviness from your shoukders,Rest High in Peace Mickey Goolsby.

      • life is to short almost lost mom three times since jan 15th shes a fighter and life is worth fighting for. so live it to the best of your abilities. sorry for your loss Forrest some people are worth all you can muster to remember them good day to all hang on to all lifes memories ty for sharing yours

  1. From time to time, I recollect upon my friendships made and adventures embarked upon with people, growing up as a child. But for the most part, at the post middle-age of 48, their recent exploits of existence are beyond my memory.
    So Forrest, it speaks volumes to me that you are so staunch in your dedication of tracking their footsteps through life, even if they may not be a current fixture within yours. I can only hope one day, there is a “Bubba” out there in this vast world, who will say inspiring things about me after I am gone. I am truly sorry for your loss of an obvious friend. W

    • Forrest,

      Sorry to hear about the lost of your fried Mickey. The Jumping the Milk Truck chapter has always been one of my favorite stories. Being your age and encountering the elderly spinster lady must of been quit the experience. I am sure it is a story that has been told many of times over the years.

      Fred Y.

    • I am sorry to hear about your loss. We need to hear more stories about the good people who are living and have lived among us. For our children’s and grandchildren’s sake who will inherit this world thank you for sharing.

    • Mr. Fenn, it is great that a little bit of Mr. Goolsby’s life story will carry on with your book.
      I salute the special breed of men, who have legacies worth sharing.

  2. One of the sorrows of age is watching the passing of others. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend.

  3. I am truly sorry to hear the passing of your friend, Mr. Fenn. I enjoyed the story you told, and it was the one story I read to my family where they laughed. I’m glad he’s written in the book. Thank you for sharing this news with us.

  4. You can find out pretty quick if a guy knows how to use a tape measure or some other basic skill… usually makes you chuckle to see the skills of today’s young folks. Teachers are in great demand for lost arts in construction.

    • I’ll say , take the end of your measuring tape and bring it side by side to the current year, (2018 is 118 ” ). You can tell your age by looking side to side to the year you were born. The new guys always were amazed at that one .
      Forrest , sorry to hear another cards been drawn from that special deck of friends. The memories of those days surely make you smile, and knowing you’ll always be that joker in the game.

  5. So sorry to hear about Mickey’s passing. Thank you for sharing a bit of his story. Our world needs more genuine good people to aspire to be like.

  6. So sorry to hear about Mickey’s passing. Thank you for sharing a bit of his story. Our world needs more genuine good people to aspire to be like.

  7. I am sorry for your loss Forrest and can only hope to have friendships that last so long with such fine people.

  8. Forrest—

    Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend. Thanks for sharing the photo of him, and speaking of his good character.

  9. “Have peace in knowing, dear ones, that we are all composed of energy. Energy never dies. It is always changing and transforming.”
    Molly Friedenfeld, The Book of Simple Human Truths

    True enough, and so is the ache in your heart. Prayers of Peace & Healing going out for you Forrest.

  10. Every passing is someone’s lost and when it hits in our circle we feel it most. Sorry to see it hit yours, Forrest. Why is it that we must go and leave our treasures behind? Perhaps because the treasures that are ahead of us are filled with those who have gone before us, and so the knowledge of knowing that the ones we left behind will one day come to join us.
    RIP, Mickey.

  11. Sounds like the soft of guy that could hit a good ball on most any green.

    I bet he gave f a run for his money…or at least wonder if did.

    Thanks for sharing for

  12. Dear Forrest,
    I pray that God will ease your pain and take you to a place where Mickey’s memory only bring a smile to your face.
    Take care 🙂

  13. My deepest condolences on the loss of you friend, Micky,Mr Fenn. May he forever Rest In Peace.

    -“Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.”

  14. Sorry to hear about your loss Mr. Forrest… That’s a real treasure to be able to stay in touch with a friend that long… I hope this doesn’t come out wrong but… well someone has to build that big banquet table!

  15. I am sorry for your loss, Forrest. I just read again “Jumping the Milk Truck” and it brought a smile. I hope you will be heartened by fond memories of your friendship with a man that did not waste his turn.

  16. Sounds like a great friend to always keep in your memories Mr. Fenn. He’ll only be forgotten when he is not thought of.

    My condolences to you and his family.


  17. I miss people from my past who are gone. I can’t tell them how great they where. Sad.
    Like Albert who had a farm. We lived near a horse race track. When he came to the races he always brought a box of fresh fruit, If not home he would leave it on our porch.
    I wish I could of told him how much I appreciated him.

  18. There at my Savior’s side
    Heav’n is my home;
    I shall be glorified,
    Heav’n is my home;
    There are the good and blest,
    Those I love most and best;
    And there I, too, shall rest,
    Heav’n is my home.

  19. It is great you have immortalized Mike Goolsby in your books and shared a story for all to enjoy. It saddens me to hear of another passing of a great generation. My condolences to you Forrest, and to Onuat on the loss of her mother.

  20. The passing of a friend leaves a hole in the heart that is hard to mend my friend. To say that I am sorry for your loss sounds trite, but I say it sincerely. May tomorrow, and each of your tomorrows, be filled with good memories of those you have lost, and may the thoughts of your friends warm your heart.

    An Ever-Grateful Friend and FENN-atic – JDA

  21. Sorry for the loss of your friend Forrest.
    My first thought was of a friend of mine whose father is one of the last survivors of the invasion of Iwo Jima. Not many left.
    Thank you for your service!

  22. Dear Forrest, As we age and our clock begins to wind down, we reminisce the many road’s we’ve taken through life. You have truly been blessed by the innumerable Souls that have passed your way, of which you’ve shared a glimpse with us. Your story about rainy night blessings comes to mind. Please take comfort in knowing that your friend Mickey is part of who you are, and likewise you are a part of, and Blessing to more Souls than you know. Sincerely, Afana

    • Well said Afana. Forrest has been blessed with many wonderful souls in his life. It makes me smile when I read how special they were, and makes me wish I could’ve met them. So sorry for the loss of a lifetime friend, his memory will live on. ♡

  23. I’m sorry for your loss. I lost a friend last week as well. Our physical walk through life is always too short. I hope the students that enjoy his efforts grow up to change this world for the better. Rest In peace Mr. Goolsby.

  24. Yes Forrest, much more than just an asterisk …what a loyal friend you are to him. He must have been proud to have you for a friend. I know I sure would be. Grace and peace be with you.

  25. My condolences to you and his family. I hope the rememberance from the story you shared with all of us comes as some solace.

  26. I’m sorry for your loss, and ours as a whole. Words cannot replace precious memories, and I hope that your time with him makes you smile as you recall those days.

  27. You are exactly correct that the special breed of men narrows and soon won’t exist at all. I have lost a few friends a grandfather and a father that I felt the same way about. I don’t see those types of men, that grew up living life to its fullest and leaving their mark its seems we will never see again.
    Huge assets to our society that contributed to all our well being. They pass with no fanfair or notoriety, except for the ones that were touched by their love and deeds. Sorry for your loss.
    I hope to be counted as one of the special breed. I know that you are in that catagory. G

  28. Mr. Forrest, Sorry for the loss of your dear friend Mickey. I’m sure he greatly valued your friendship thru the many years. Ken Joyce (Georgia)

  29. I’m sorry to hear that Forrest. My prayers are with you. I wish I knew him to know what kind of man is disappearing and soon to be extinct. That’s sad.

  30. Forrest, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of Mickey, my condolences go out to his family and yours. I too have lost special friends, only to left with a void that can never be filled. My thoughts are with you my friend…… until next time… see ya Forrest

  31. president jefferson,made sure lewis and clark,never ran out of ink and paper to record the history they were making.generation after generation,time has been written ,history of our people who have built america,lived hard,worked hard,fought wars to keep american people safe,all seem to have been forgotten in time,now only in our memories ,do we remember our family and friends.we can’t see them,touch them,smell them,hear them,except in our mind.they fade as the flower we age ,we live off those memories ,as we are closer to being lost too,as our friends have gone before a youth,we don’t think of such things,as they they think they have the whole world before them to explore and do whatever.but us older folk know we are nearing the finish line of life.and this is life,we are born,live and die.our spirit steps from one life into another forever forrest,i am so sorry for your loss of one of your friends.our time on earth,only god knows.god bless you and keep you.

  32. So sorry for your loss Mr. Fenn, good friends are hard to come by and harder to let go of. Mr. Goolsby’s picture speaks volumes about his character. Rest In Peace Mickey Goolsby, you gave it one heck of a good ride.

  33. Forrest, thank you for sharing information about Mickey.

    I think people should celebrate a life well-lived.

    I will raise my glass in a toast to Mickey and his life, and not long grieve his death (“a necessary end”).

  34. I’m very sorry for your loss Forrest but at least you had a wonderful friendship that lasted all these years. I lost track of all my childhood friends years ago, but fortunately I still have a very close friendship with my two college roomies and their wives from the 70s as we all went to college together.

    Please hang in there knowing you have a huge support group here at the Home of Dal……..and Goofy.



  35. Sorry about the loss of your friend. He is one of many that you have allowed in your life. Friends and family are our greatest treasures here on earth and when our time comes they are our trove of treasures that we can take with us because they will be there waiting to greet us when our time comes. You have had such a rich life Forrest and your rewards have been your wonderful memories made by those among you who have seen something wonderful in your friendship. You have done it right.

  36. Here, Here! To the very special people that truly touched our lives. Remember the good times, the smiles, the laughs and the love. 🙂

  37. Dear Forrest, I am very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Jumping the Milk Truck was a favorite from TFTW, and I could see it happening as I read it. Life-long friendships provide us with precious memories. May those memories bring you comfort.

  38. Just a week ago I lost my closest friend. He is missed.
    I’m sure you will miss your friend Mickey.

    Memories keep them alive in our hearts!

  39. Sorry to hear of your loss, Forrest.
    Mr. Goolsby’s involvement in school building prompts me to share my view of the ever approaching ‘final’ Graduation Day that awaits us all. On my first day of kindergarten, I remember crying as my older sister led me up the walk while my mom stood watching out the front room picture window of our house. Forty-ish years later, some of my most cherished friends and memories are a result of that seemingly ‘traumatic’ moment.

    I now believe those ‘steps of graduation’: grade school / jr. high / high school, and all the new friends and memories made from those experiences shape who we are. I like to think my Book of Days is not numbered, and hold firmly to being shown, “More is yet to come…”. I’m optimistic that in the ‘Great Playground in the Sky’ awaits old friends, as well as many new ones!

    And so I hope it brings you a smile, not by looking back to the date when your friend left, but by looking forward to the day when you see him again! 🙂

    Take care

  40. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your friend Mickey. He has now jumped the big milk truck which will take him and us to eternal happiness with God in a land overflowing with milk and honey.*

    *May his name be written in the book of life.

  41. Sorry to read about your good friend passing. I’m still smiling after rereading the story, especially regarding the elderly spinster lady wearing nothing but a pair of dangling earrings and some rouge. You are fortunate to have remained friends with Mickey after all those years. So many wonderful memories… Thanks for sharing. cynthia

  42. Mr. Fenn,

    By your account on page 40, Mickey was a man of wholesomeness and grade-A character to be admired. We are known by the company we keep.

    May the brotherhood of your souls – whose mutual encouragement, counsel and lifelong friendship are counted as rare, continue unbroken into time eternal.

  43. Great Loss for some is oft’times hard to fathom ..
    But may it somedays bring you Warmth and Comfort ..

    B ..

  44. I’m sorry for your loss Forrest. Thank you for sharing such intimate and private parts of your life with us. May all your stories and people in them live forever in our thoughts. God Bless.

  45. Kraft,
    Thanks for the link to Mickey’s Obituary. We had to write one of these recently … … It’s so difficult to sum up in a few paragraphs the lives of those you love. His family did a great job!

    Thankfully, Mickey is also apart of a pantheon of honorable, hardworking and humorous souls collected in your stories Forrest.

    Everyone should write their memoirs indeed…

  46. To all, I rarely comment on HoD, but I’d like to say, I feel that the people on this site are mostly a caring, compassionate and considerate group of Souls. And Thanks go out to Dal for this unique site.

  47. There’s a point in time where there’s a threshold from making friends and family to watching them pass! Profound but reality 🙁

  48. F, I hesitate to write because my words are so inadequate. (I’m an accountant, not a wordsmith.) I keep writing then deleting my thoughts, so I hope my words truly express what it is that I want to say. First, I am sorry for your loss. Losing a friend is never easy and losing more than a few is so much harder. But, I also think you are so blessed because those closest to you – Peggy, your girls, and grandkids are all still with you. I tend to think that your cup is more half full, not half empty. I believe you think so too. So, I say —mourn those who have passed, but enjoy to the fullest those still with you and let them know your love every day.

  49. And memory is one gift of God
    That death cannot destroy.

    “Should You Go First” by Albert Kennedy “Rosey” Rowswell

    In order to live a long life, one must be able to weave both the good and bad that happens into one’s own life and not to let bad events to take away one’s will to live. Just accept it as part of life and go on living. Advice from a Centenarian from either a 60 minutes show or 20/20 show, I saw years ago. Take care.

  50. “As We Sit Around The Fire And Pass The Pipe Around….We Will Talk Of Poems, Prayers, And Promises….How Sweet It Is To Love Someone….How Right It Is To Care”

    Forrest, I have found great comfort and solice in this treasure.

    Eye Has Not Seen… Nor Ear Heard…Nor Has It Entered Into The Heart Of Man The Things That God Has Prepared For Those Who Love Him”

  51. Hi All ,

    Sorry for your loss f.

    To honor such a man is demanded as you said . My comments are a understatement of whom this man is.

    “C.T. “Mickey” Goolsby was born in Temple, February 1, 1930 and died in San Antonio, February 12, 2018, after a lengthy illness. A graduate of Temple High School, he attended Temple Junior College, and received his bachelor degree in civil engineering from Southern Methodist University. He lived and worked in Temple for the majority of his life, where he touched many lives. Numerous youth benefited from his mentoring, neighborhood kids enjoyed his antics (including the purchase of a WWII jeep solely for the purpose of fun), and he was always willing to give a helping hand whenever needed.

    Mickey was president and founder of Goolsby Building Corporation. Among a multitude of projects, he built Temple High School Wildcat Stadium, the SPJST State Headquarters, and numerous school buildings throughout Temple.

    As a young man he played semi-pro baseball for the Moffat Charcoal Burners. He was a member of the Texas National Guard from 1947-1957 as a first lieutenant with the 36th Infantry Division. He served on the Board of Directors of Texas Bank, as well as the Temple Chamber of Commerce, as president of the Temple Country Club in 1978, and was a member of the Founding Board of Governors of Wildflower Country Club. Mickey also served as Junior Warden on the Vestry of Christ Episcopal Church for five separate terms. During his lifetime he enjoyed several sports, especially golf. ”

    Take may friend Mr. Goolsby . I will remember you and tell my sons
    of your honor.


    I hope Shakespeare would allow me?
    I think he wouldn’t mind.

    ” Love in flight of the stillest night
    Pillowed down in Heavens light.

    Make safe your way as you leave asunder
    by print of foot softly covered .

    A set way you have made
    As your light still amaze.

    All whom soft this peaceful path
    Will find him there , in Freedoms past. ”

    My God rest you and keep you . My your way be straight
    and may the Father hold you as you have held him .
    God Bless you Mr. Goolsby .

    Mike Heather and Family
    My heart to you Mr.Fenn .

  52. Forrest, I know you cherished Mickey by the words you so lovingly scripted above. I re-read the milk truck escapade again, as tribute to your friend. I’ll not preach and get bleary about friendships, for we’ve all had them and hold them dear.. When they leave us…a chunk of time is gone that can’t be replaced.
    I hope your reference to your time is incorrect, you invited me to Fennboree, remember?
    My deepest condolences and love.

  53. I wish someone would invent getting younger as you age. This changing vehicles every life is hard to comprehend.

  54. Yeah that reincarnation thing … oooo, rough!

    Look into Aubrey de Grey’s book “Ending Aging”


  55. Seems like the map of a good life: live as well as you can, do as much good as you can, hang on to your friends. Jump as many milk trucks as you can.

  56. I just want to say,If I’m out in the mountains,and I trip over a log,slip and hit my head on a rock and die,It was my fault for not paying attention to what I am doing,it was my choice to leave my home and go into the mountains,my choice not mr. fenns,I wish people would stop blaming him for the deaths that happen when people go out and die in the mountains looking for his treasure.we all are going to die one day,its life.but we don’t know how we are going to die always.and blaming him,saying its a hoax,I don’t believe he would do that.

  57. Your description of your friend reminds me of my long-gone grandfather. He was one of those less-common men whose demeanor and grace will forever be remembered (and missed), with gratitude for being allowed to know and love him.

    You have my sincere sympathy, Mr. Fenn.


  58. O were my love yon Lilac fair,
    Wi’ purple blossoms to the Spring,
    And I, a bird to shelter there,
    When wearied on my little wing!
    How I wad mourn when it was torn
    By Autumn wild, and Winter rude!
    But I wad sing on wanton wing,
    When youthfu’ May its bloom renew’d.
    Robert Burns

  59. Sorry for your loss Forrest.
    He had a life well lived and worth remembering.
    I can only hope that we all have lives well lived.
    Yours has been one of those with your generous nature to all around you.

    Best Regards

  60. Sorry for your loss Mr Fenn. Just remember all the happy days with him and do it all again when sitting by your warm fire at night.Clint & Barbara

  61. The week that Mickey died, we also learned that there are no more wild horses. The horses that we, mankind, thought were wild are actually feral descendants of long ago domesticated animals. So horses are feral and not wild.

    Perhaps we should not refer to the Wild West either as the lands we reference are actually the feral descendants of lands formerly domesticated by peoples long ago.


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