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SUBMITTED February 2018
by Diggin Gypsy



So this was another one of my searches last year the poem and numbers. They matched up to this spot . Forrest said if we have the coordinates we could walk right to it lol so y’all know me. I see things. Maybe my imagination is over-cooked. Who knows? It’s a lot of fun. The first number-

So that took me to West Yellowstone  so I had to find another number to go with it   Hmmmmm I had found several over the years but I had to have the right amount for a coordinate. I didn’t pick numbers to match my spot they just automatically matched  in a place I have searched many times. Here is the second set.

This was the perfect spot for the treasure  so we got down on the ground and raked around. Bu nothing! I have to say this was the best thrill of all my searches. if I would have hidden that treasure it would have been there in that perfect location.

What are the odds that the numbers take me to a location many of us search?    Maybe the numbers are just a hint. Who knows?  I searched that whole area without luck. Maybe it’s someone else’s turn and they will get lucky.  Happy trails y’all.


Diggin Gypsy-



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  1. That was worth the search. It surely looks like numbers that could be coordinates. Nice try Diggin!

      • ♦ “All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search.”


  2. It certainly looks like a nice spot in which to be. Looks like a possible home for a Least Chipmunk.

    I know the Thrill you must’ve been feeling. I got that during first chance to search my spot in summer 2016. I expected the chest to reveal itself at any moment but, unfortunately, I was at the top and it didn’t dawn on me to look quickly down.

  3. this reminds me of our search, when someone pointed to a spot and I yelled across the canyon “You can’t fit a body in there!” before thinking about whether anyone else might be around

      • ya’know I never questioned that. He did say they would be co-deposited but I don’t recall him ever saying in the SAME exact spot. I may have just assumed that.

    • “You can’t fit a body in there!”

      Somewhere from another direction…

      “Lord knows I can.”

  4. In The Thrill of the Chase chapter My War For Me has always caught my attention for numbers. Take for example page 79. It mentions minutes and seconds. And it also has that number 79.

    • Michael, I also like minutes and seconds… how about page 40 when ff wrote: “But the second the minute hand touched 8:00, father would give us a few seconds to warm our pillows and that was it.” If you look at the big picture (“…that was IT?”), YNP has a giant figure 8 comprised of two 0’s (one on top the other like an 8) (circles) called the Grand Loop Road. I liked this idea for awhile but… DG says the treasure isn’t in YNP, so I bagged the idea.

  5. Nice diggin, Diggin! I see what you did here and I like it. No wonder FF thinks someone is close…we know you need coordinates for missile strikes –
    probably treasure boxes too. Gotta think like Mr Fenn .

  6. Very Good Diggin!
    I always thought those clouds looked funny.
    Maybe coordinates to clues along the way to the treasure. Only Forrest knows.

  7. I’m going to go out on a limb and say those “numbers” were drawn by someone who is left-handed.

    • I’m going to guess right-handed. Check the weight of the stroke on the curve(s) of each number. Heavier/broader on the right. I must admit, I have both left and right-handed members in my family and this handwriting looks like it could have come from both. 🙂

        • I’m guessing that it was written with the non-dominant hand. I’m a lefty and I write right.

        • I was thinking more of the illustration from p. 114-115, the second set ones. It’s not an exact science, but lefties tend to cross-hatch from upper-left to lower-right (da Vinci, etc). If you notice, most of the shading lines in the illustrations are either vertical or follow the contours of whatever object is being shaded. Here the artist uses alternating cross-hatches on each mountain range to give depth, but instinctively started the first tier with an upper-left to lower-right cross-hatch. He’s a lefty. Remove the clouds from the illustration on p. 115 and it’s unbalanced, so the balance of probability is that the clouds were part of the original work. Taken together, the clouds too were drawn by a lefty.

          • That’s not to say they weren’t modified or anything. I have no idea on that.

  8. Looks like a beautiful area, Diggin Gypsy. Did you go in early Fall? In your photo, I see the ground cover had begun to turn.

  9. That looks like a leprechaun’s home. Did you see any little black hats near that area?

    The numbers could be telling how the stanzas should be arranged.

  10. Wow I have never noticed those numbers.
    It was worth a try. Good luck to u.

    • Even tho the treasure was not where the numbers took me I think it’s a hint to the boundary line like don’t go past this edge you have to know where the edges are and this is one of them Gallatin Madison boarder

      • I think your take on a hint in the book versus a hint/clue in the poem is dead on. IMO, a hint in the book may put you in the vicinity, but it will not take you to the chest. If those numbers were found in the poem, I think you would be holding the chest. Nice job on finding those numbers.

  11. Where has Forrest said about Lat and long coordinates and being able to go right to it? I can’t find it on tarry scant. I think you’re wasting your time searching for numbers anywhere but the poem as fenn has said that the hints in the stories ‘are not deliberately placed to aid the searcher’

  12. I didn’t search for the numbers they just
    Found me imagination is more important than knowledge he has said many times there are hints scattered thru the book could be in the pics or could be in the words And what’s the odds both them numbers end up where he use to fish hmmmmmmm at a place that he even said was very special to him

  13. DG, I have electronic locating equipment. Some of it uses dowsing, some is all electronic. Don’t know have far it will reach, hopefully a half mile. The dowsing who knows? But they both have many false positives. But still, if it’s in the area there is a good chance I can locate it. I’m in Billings. I don’t know how to contact you.

    • I’d like to warn people about these long range locators. Most are just about worthless, just a big price tag to make you think it’s good. You’ll find out like I have over the past 35 years at this. I don’t know of even one locator on the market that is worth buying. Not one. If it’s got L-rods/swing rods you will need several years of practice. The seller will never tell you this. Most people think they are smarter than the average person and can learn a task much faster than others. LOL Speaking from personal experience.

      • M. Healey,

        Not sure if metal detectors are included in your locating equipment but be careful. Many people don’t know that even having possession of a metal detector within a national park is a felony – you don’t even have to be using it….just having it there in the park is against the law. Just bringing this up for those who don’t know – would hate to see any searcher get in legal trouble for something like that.

        Covert One

    • Bal, he has said that. He even said it in a post here on Dal’s site. I will get you the link when I get to the office. (I do most of my chase stuff at work):)
      From what I’ve found, there are a couple hints in the book regarding coordinates. Matches what is found in poem. Also, there is an outside source that will help with the blaze. IMO, She’s not wasting her time. No time is wasted when spent in thought.

  14. DG – I like you’re style. I too, am a numbers guy. I feel like this whole this is built around numbers…just my opinion…I’ll look for you at the slippery Otter looking 44 lb heavier…..good luck!

    • I’m
      Not really a anything I just use anything that jumps out at me in the book lol I use it all.

  15. even i know the hidden letters are more important than any numbers. i asked this before and only got one reply….has everyone found the two hidden capital F’s in TTOTC?

    the only numbers that are important are elevation numbers. and they only get you to tarry scant with marvel gaze. which, you have already done many times.
    i think.

  16. Great job. You are on the right track.. I hope ours works out to the better. See you in the WOOD…

  17. Hi Diggin, ya know, I can’t even see Fritos in a store without thinking of you. So, I have to ask, did you take a break in the truck with Fritos on this trip? Or is that a given, you do that on every trip? Haha, just messing with you! I loved that Frito story and I like the looks of that elf hole on this story.

    • Ohhhhh girl we eat Fritos on every trip Well I do my sister gets to the bag to late lol

  18. To the best of my knowledge, Forrest stated “If you had its coordinates you could find the treasure” or something close to that (there are different versions out there, so someone please correct me if I am wrong). So why did he not phrase this as “if you had the treasure’s coordinates you could find it” ? This raises the question of the mysterious “It” again in more than one line of the poem. What is “It” ? Is it the treasure itself or an important clue? We all agree that Fenn is a clever wordsmith. I think “It” might refer to the home of Brown, because that is a plausible specific location which if solved could lead the searcher along the remaining paths to the Treasure. So what do you other followers think?

    • McKendree;

      Let’s put your supposition that “it” refers to the hoB – to the test –

      “Begin it (the hoB) where wwh” – Sorry, it doesn’t make sense to me.

      “And take it (the hoB) in the canyon down” – How can you take the hoB down a canyon?

      “From there it’s (the hob) no place for the meek” Can the hoB be no place for the meek? We started with “it” (the hoB) and took it down a canyon, and now it is no place for the meek???

      “So why is it (the hoB) that I must go And leave my trove for all to seek? – Again I can’t figure this one out.

      Sorry, I just can’t wrap my head around your idea. Possibly you can explain it to me so that it makes sense – JDA

      • My main point refers to whether or not coordinates (real or imagined) refer to the treasure itself or to something else in the poem. Home of Brown is only speculation on my part. The “something else” is up to searchers to decipher if it is not the treasure chest. Home of Brown is one possibility because it refers only to one single clue with a very specific name. I did not state that it is coincident with other clues such as “no place for the meek”. The searcher proceeds from hoB to the remaining clues in order. If “it” is another clue such as “no place for the meek” then follow subsequent clues in order from there.

    • McK,

      Forrest Fenn on February 18, 2016 at 2:02 pm said:
      Spoon, “If person had the correct GPS coordinates they could find the chest.” Physics says this has to be true. How can it not be? The key word here is “correct.”

      Forrest you said…
      “If person had the correct GPS coordinates they could find the chest.” Physics says this has to be true. How can it not be? The key word here is “correct.” Logically, yes… but wouldn’t that “distract you from the poem”

      Forrest Fenn on February 18, 2016 at 2:59 pm said: Yes it would. F

  19. I don’t think there are latitude and longitude coordinates in the poem. IMO

    • CO,

      I totally agree with you. The only way one can get the coordinates is after the TC has been found. When F said, “If a person had the correct GPS coordinates they could find the chest.” The word “if” creates a hypothetical circumstance only.

      As always my opinion.

      • The numbers in the book are there for a reason I think these numbers give you a boundary line not to the treasure just the line that ya don’t cross

      • To me that always sounded like “if you knew where to look you’d have the treasure.” Like if I knew where I was I wouldn’t be lost. More sarcastic (stating the obvious) than hinty. YMMV

  20. I love this post DG because it captures the essence of the chase. You arrive at a precise spot out in the wilderness. Some level of courage was required to follow your imagination to this inauspicious spot, only seen previously on GE. The thrill experienced during the final approach is pretty unique as adventures go. Nothing else quite like it. The stories we could all tell. Long live Forrest and the chase.

  21. Hi DG,

    This is one of the only Solves that take ‘things’ from one of FF books, be they photos, shadings or doodles etc, where I can actually clearly see what the solver is talking about.
    Usually I have to squint, put a bag on my head, stand on my left leg and hop away from the monitor and I may…yes may…get a small idea of what the solver wants me to see, not in this case.
    Also Wow, finding that hidey hole must have made your heart pound!
    I could see FF laying down next to that hidey spot though.

    Pity it wasn’t there, better luck next time!

  22. The postmarks in the book drove me nuts. I write puzzle hunts for a living and play in everything I can, and from my experience with puzzles those just SCREAMED “coded information here”. I tried and tried to extract some patterns, meanings from the postmarks and couldn’t. I had a genius code solver friend of mine try, and he couldn’t. Now I’m afraid they’re just window dressing 🙁

    • Serendipity- the cancelled postmarks in TTOTC are a hint to cancellation stamps you get as your kids complete each level of the Draper museum experience. you have to know the answers and stamp your book before continuing the canyon down.

  23. About Diggin Gypsy’s find of the numbers in the clouds, good eye!

    However, you show some bias there. your w11122356 comment indicates that you found the 22356 in the cloud, decided it was 22.356 longitude minutes and stuck 111 degrees in front of it. Why not 110 degrees? or 105 degrees? or 115 degrees? And why are those longitude? Why not latitude?

    You say that the numbers led you to West Yellowstone but they didn’t. You forced them to by presupposing what the lat/long degrees were. Unless I have completely misinterpreted what you meant by w11122356.

    • Because you have to stay in the rocky mnts put the number where it fits in the book and I did And remember Forrest said he felt like a architect drawing the poem huge hint

      • there are quite a few latitude and longitude degrees in the rockies. I once wrote them all down. When you take the numbers you extracted and prepend all the possible latitude degrees to each, and all the possible longitude degrees to each (keeping in mind we don’t know which cloud is lat and which is lon), and then you consider the three different ways that you can represent lat/lon, you have dozens of locations you can say those numbers lead to.

        I’m not saying that wasn’t a great catch, I’m just saying it didn’t lead ONLY to the location you settled on. And while Yellowstone would be high on anybody’s list … those numbers do not lead to Yellowstone unless you decide they do!

        • OK I don’t have my copy of the book in front of me. Are you saying the cloud numbers were in the chapters on W Yellowstone? If so yeah, I can see why you went with that!

        • No I didn’t decide them to fit I have a galliton forrest map and they were a match And yes these numbers fit a lot of places but what’s the odds this fits in the galliton National forrest hmmmm

  24. has anyone ever thought that the poem maybe a visual clue, as in the top two lines are North, the bottom two are South, the middle ones East, West….

    • Ann,
      I just read this post… Not a bad thought.

      WWWH ~ north point
      Canyon down.. too far to walk ~ south point
      HoB ~ west point [ no not that west point, the other one ] {middle}
      HLnWH ~ east point {middle}

      X or + marks the spot.

      Here’s a question… should each point be needed to stomp to, or can the all be viewed from one spot..or… only seen on a map, and you walk right to the chest? { wise n found the blaze in the middle }.

        • I worked on this theory last year but was using Lamar Ranger Station as HoB before we found out about HoB not being associated with a structure. I had a lot of fun with and had BOTG based on that solve but obviously came up empty handed. I am not totally giving up on that theory though.

          • Aaron,
            The problem with this idea is, it needs to be exact points.
            A direct line of sight from one point to center [using four points]. It might also be that; from each point, the other point may not be seen, but all point [view] to a central point. Another-words… we still would need to be at each point after deciphering it reference.
            lined on a map; making the map, being of a certain size [depending on where the points are located.]
            In either case… the end result needs to be a very small area… possibly a 10′ location.

            In the first case/example… “If you’ve been wise…” is understanding how the blaze can be discover.
            I say discovered vs. found because, “wise” indicates knowledge of what is found.
            Otherwise anyone, including searchers in full search mode, would never know what it [ the blaze] actually represents to/in the poem/on site… as all walk right by it.

            I still think there is more to this challenge than simple stopping out clue’s references/locations. fenn stated he followed the clues when he hid the chest… using the words before the poem was “complete (completed?)
            What did he need to do to complete the poem?

            IF coordinates where to be involved with the exact hidey spot… game over… Right?
            IMO, the only way coordinates could possibly work is; they gave up the general locations of all the clues [know where to start, idea] Possibly a location that would overlook the area. But even then, that would be a stretch… that alone would need to be a clue, in my mind, and first as a must know before wwwh.

          • Seeker, yes, known before wwwh. You know I’m into the coordinates thing. They come into being at the 8th clue, for me. It is the basis of finding a starting point when the correct info for wwwh just is not given. The coordinates come from the letter values, which you also know I’m onto. It also goes with your idea of strings and relating back to the book. If the poem relates back to the book, the easiest way to do it would be by page number. And, I think you know I believe that the poem does. You know “nope’s” statement, if you don’t have the words so much, then how else could you find a spot in the Rockies?
            Like you said, the coordinates are merely a spot to reference. For me, to get a starting point, IMO.

            X or + marks the spot. Was just looking at this. If you combine those two, and circle it, what does it look like? A wheel?:). Maybe it’s a compass, + x, looks like a Texas reference. Just babbling…

  25. Thanx for sharing DG! You’re eyes are definitely better than mine to pick those numbers out of a sketch/drawing.

  26. I live in West Yellowstone, and have my whole life. I also believe the treasure is around here. However some of my search areas are more known to locals and the history behind the areas. One place to look is out by the Old Dump about 2.4 miles out of town on 191. A bear nicked named Snaggle Tooth used to live there until he was poached. (Home of Brown) maybe…. below that is old river horsshoes, Also that is the area where forrest like to fish the most (Barnes Hole) is near there. One other spot is near Trappers Creek (forrest loves the history of trappers) (Meek) And its near Watkins creek where him and skippy had that plane. Just my 2 cents.

      • Its just an area of interest for me, its now just a big dirt hill that leads down toward the Madison river, where there are lots of old river horseshoes, and beaver ponds.

    • I searched all over trappers creek me and a grizz was always jeep to toe out there danceing around nice little water fall out there and I thought of the dump to I like your thought s

      • Little curious what brought you to the trappers creek area, the poem or the coordinates? Also curious when you searched that area.

  27. “Or
    lined on a map; making the map, being of a certain size [depending on where the points are located.]
    In either case… the end result needs to be a very small area… possibly a 10′ location.” – Seeker

    Seeker, I was using an X drawn with lines on map. My blaze was the X and upon seeing it, look quickly down at the X.

  28. Keep in mind Forrest was a pilot, and pilots use latitude and longitude which are very precise coordinates expressed by numbers.

    There are several ways to express lat/long.

    You can use the minus sign to denote the southern and western hemispheres. Southern is below the equator, western is from the Greenwich meridian west to the international date line. Or you append N, S, W and E to the numbers.

    You can express a coordinate in any of the following ways:

    1) degrees, minutes, seconds

    2) degrees, minutes, thousandths of minutes

    3) degrees in decimal

    So for example, to describe the location of the Golden Gate Bridge, the latitude and longitude can each be expressed in several ways:

    37.8199 N (decimal with direction for the hemisphere)
    37.8199 (decimal with positive/negative for the hemisphere)
    37 49.194 N (degrees, minutes, thousandths of minutes)
    37 49 11 N (degrees, minutes, seconds)

    122.4783 W (decimal with directions for the hemisphere)
    -122.4783 (decimal with positive/negative for the hemisphere)
    -122 28.698 (degrees, minutes, thousandths of minutes)
    -122 28 42 (degrees, minutes, seconds)

    While Forrest has a poetical bent and has no trouble being vague and “guess what I’m thinking” there is also the precision that a pilot has to have, that is expressed in precise lat/long not in fuzzy “this line is north, this line is south” type hinting. If there is lat/long encoded in the puzzle it will be very precise and will yield numbers, I believe.

  29. Hello Me Brown here. I have loved reading all these comments, I used to live in AZ and traveled many times to Northern NM. My solves were there for many years. Many searches only yielded many memories and many cool relics and treasures I have in a personal and mental collection. Although after really digging into the stories. And reading all the blogs over and over, amazing 3 notebooks, I have came to the conclusion. That one.. it is not in YNP.. it is in the Galatians. It is near where FF spent his childhood, the location of the TC is where his heart is-was. I honestly believe if your searching in YNP you are on vacation.
    I want to thank all of you for your intense searches and comments you all feel my fire.

    Travis “Brown”

  30. I have another set of numbers I was able to turn into a location! who ever wrote this, please send me an email and I would love to discuss this with you!

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