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397 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…

  1. Looking forward to snow melt and another opportunity to get out there and explore.
    Thanks Forrest and Dal for all that you do.

  2. Does anyone use the boiling river for their WWWH? if you do, what is ur no paddle up your creek! We’ Going to search that area this year for our first time putting BOTG! Also, does anyone think red tea… black tea…. green tea has any meaning behind it in the tea with Olga story?

    • Why I like the boiling river as a wwwh is that it often causes a traffic jam on your way in the park. I don’t feel like it stands alone in that, however…. the best wwwh, I expect, will be singular and, well, the best interpretation in the whole of the search area.

    • You should go with it anyway! The canyon down quickly brings you to the Yellowstone river. Upstream a bit is Bear Creek. Up Bear Creek stands an old mining cabin that Joe Brown made good at. You can hike down from Eagle Creek campground which is a great place to car camp right outside the park. Late summer is best as the creeks and rivers run high through June!

        • Its what you think is what matters. If you take a survey it could be 50/50 that is does/doesnt.

          I believe the only possibility is to create scenarios for both and work them until you dont have anything left. Asking others is just the blind leading the blind.

          • I think every story Mr Fenn has told us, connects in some part however small, to the location. The trick is figuring out what the connection is in each one. The tea does play a small role from my research and viewpoint and if you figure that role out, it will help you with the other clues, although it in and of itself isn’t an answer. Happy Hunting!

        • The red tea might represent Olga getting her way (red tees are for the ladies)

          The black tea might represent Forrest getting his way (black tees are for champions)

          The green tea might represent Olga’s father (green tees are for seniors)

          • I’m new to this game, maybe he was referring to tee as in golf or maybe he is just teasing us with this chapter.

        • Red green black (Philmont) (near dam) and (near red river) = are real mountains near Eagles Nest NM
          Search typos

          and same in CO also

          (But colors are not a major clue, imho.
          Just actual true story by Fenn about tea most likely.)

          • Copperhead

            That’s want I say but no one wants to hear it.

            It’s a factual story and the important part is how Fenn came to own that portion of the property.

            He thinks he is showing us how to negotiate through friendship.


    • Here’s something to think about when it comes to the tea statements:
      red tea
      black tea
      green tea
      tea and oreo’s (black and white)
      tea and a sweet

      Now what has all of these types: red, black, green, black and white, and sweet?

      Fred Y

      • Well what, Fred? Tell us.

        What we call black tea, the Chinese call red tea… so we’ve got only two teas… red/black and green. The NM state question is “Red or Green? “…. I’m guessing that ‘one mans tea is another mans peppers’. As for black & white… a metaphor for the written word…or in this context, perhaps opposites… China/USA, life/death, good/bad, etc.

        • Okay I will tell you my thoughts because you are way off from my thinking. They are all types of peas. Red peas, Green peas, Black peas, Sweet peas, and the black and white peas would be black eyed peas which are black and white. Put that together with tea, and you have either TeePee’s which would connect well with the picture on the wall on Forrest web site, or what I like even better TP as in toilet paper.

          Fred Y.

          • That’s nice Fred… TeaPeas, but I suspect its only an interesting association or coincidence. I never heard of red peas myself, I think some beans might be called peas in some cultures (Louisiana, Caribbean ??) But here is what I do think… a clue-hider with a 1000 year hunt on his mind and a million dollar TC wouldn’t hide his clue in the obvious contexts like 3 named colors. If there is a hint in OLGA, I think its more likely in a different topic… like the milage or the bathtub or the bubble gum. But that’s just my guess. Good Luck… and I do like TeaPeas for TeePees.

          • I believe that FF likely added some odd details like different color teas throughout the book purposefully. Some of these odd details may actually contain hints but so the searcher wouldn’t easily which ones they are just because it sounds odd he had to add a number of them. I’m not saying the tea’s are not a hint but it is hard to know for sure unless it helps someone find the treasure.

          • Personally it seems the tea isnt anything and the real takeaway is how Fenn interpreted her wish for her ashes to be spread and the searcher jas to do the same with Fenn and his clues.

          • On the dust cover of TTOTC: “Unlock the clues that are scattered among these pages and you can go home with a bronze chest that is so full of gold and precious jewelry that it’s almost too heavy for one person to carry.”
            And page 133: “There are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories.”

          • Lou Lee… What does “intentionally placed” really mean, especially in a book that “wrote itself”? Every word that survives editing is intentionally placed. And hopefully all words fit their context naturally.

            I think Fenn’s comment “NOT intentionally placed” was to inform the inevitable coder-hunters that there were no codes or ciphers in the Chase. Messages written in code depend on precise placement, on the counting of spaces or characters. Code writing is hyper-intentional writing. But he code-hunters didn’t get it, they didn’t understand Fenn’s hint, so he helped them again with his later announcement about codes, cyphers, foot-pounds, etc.

            But thats my interpretation… what is yours?

          • F said the subtle hints were “not deliberately placed to aid the seeker”. Maybe they were deliberately placed, but not necessarily to aid the seeker. IMO, the poem is what will aid the seeker. Once the poem has been fully understood, the hints will reveal themselves as confirmation of the solution.

          • That sounds right JBL. The hints are more confirmation for the finder than helping the seeker IMO.

    • I have a different theory regarding the chapter Tea with Olga. For the longest time, I was looking at the colors and couldn’t figure anything out. Then after reading the posts here recently, I googled Olga Tea and came upon a website that has Olga Tea. The brand is Adagio. The official name of that tea is Grand Duchess Olga tea. I think Zap would like that information. Recently, someone had posted something about a John Wayne hint (may have been a mis-quote from F) I mentioned that John Wayne was also known as “The Duke”. It may not be anything, but it’s where the hints lead me. – Royalty.

      • Kira,

        To answer your question above; the TP is a conformation that my first clue is correct. The Leon Bridge scrapbook is also conformation of this clue. Try looking up river about six miles from the bridge and see what you find. IMO of course.
        Fred Y.

        • Hi Fred Y.: the only thing I see 6 miles up river from the Leon Bridge is Belton Lake (the southern end of the lake is less than 4 miles up river from the Leon Bridge).

      • Chance,

        I too like the golf connection as well, but have not been able to take it full circle.
        Has anyone else ever made a golf connection to the Sweet Fragrance scrapbook?

        • Fred Y,
          You know whats weird? is that one of his scrapbooks he mentions golf and the PGA and Sam Snead. We never knew he like golf until scrapbook 180.
          I’ll bet he got his hole in one. Tea it up with a he cup.

    • hey Vikes, yes i did and then the canyon down to rescue creek. i found a geocache there relating to this treasure hunt.


  3. I’m wondering how much time is taken out of daily lives to work on finding the treasure. Is the time spent,

    a. one or two hours a week
    b. an hour or two every day of free time
    c. every day at work and after work
    d. an obsession spending hours every day.

    Time spent doesn’t necessarily mean at a computer all of the time, but all other aspects in solving the location of the treasure.

    For me it gradually became an obsession. Of course I didn’t let the hunt interfere with family, friends or my responsibilities. I would go to bed thinking, loosing about an hour or two of sleep. You won’t believe how many solutions I came up with, tossed them and started over. I now have a solve and resting well.

    Oddly I haven’t given much thought about the dollar or historical value and only focused on where the treasure is. It is the challenge all by it’s self, I’ll worry about the pay day later which I hope will be fun.

    Let’s get er done. 🙂

    • CharlieM,

      I think I found out about the chase in 2014. I am a 911 dispatcher and work night shift. Back then I told a few of my coworkers and we would hash out ideas all night long. This went on for a year.

      One of them ended up leaving so that left 2 of us. We would research between calls. Eventually the novelty of it wore off and we slacked off for a while. Occasionally we would revisit it and drum up new ideas. It seems that he has lost interest but still allows me to bounce ideas off of him.

      Oddly enough, some of my best ideas come to me after a long shift and I’m laying in bed thinking. I tend to forget what my train of thought was by the time I woke up so I started sending myself text messages to remind myself later that day.

      At this point i only spend an hour or so per week committed to research but that may be because I think I have a solid solve and am patiently waiting for warmer weather.

      I will say this though, the poem is never far from my thoughts.


    • Hi CharlieM,

      Thanks for the great post. It made me realize I’m not that odd because I was looking for an All of the Above selection. It’s pretty much all the time I’d say.

      My focus lately has been on trying to centralize all my ideas into one, but it seems like when I think I’m moving forward I end up going way more than several steps back. Progress is coming soon I’m hoping. Things started to come together last night, The message is still not clear as I know the real work starts now. It’s so exciting for my family, you would just not believe.

      I’ll probably work on this goal until next Sunday (my next day off? I never know being one that works on call and my shift varies from day to day as well) or so.

      Well, as I already mentioned, I’m new here, so I won’t blow on my trumpet at all. One thing I’ve learned at work is that when you are the new kid it’s best to be quiet and listen.

      I did recently read that Mr. Fenn was interested in getting a bracelet back from the TC. I can’t imagine anyone not abiding with that request.

      Well, i have to go now. It’s a work day, but as you say above at the top of this post I will look around your site as time allows.

      Thank you.


    • I learned of the Chase about 4 years ago, but never spent much time before February of this year on it. It was then that the fever hit me. I am at an advantage as I am not able to work outside of the home for health reasons, and my youngest is in school all day. I’ve been schooling myself while my son is at school researching and reading “important literature”. I’ve had several erroneous starts, but think I finally have a grasp of the blueprint and the location. Waiting for the snow to melt now. About the only thing I can offer is that IMO, you will know when you have the correct HOB because upon understanding it, most people will probably say “Oh Forrest!” and shake their head and giggle. It’s pretty clever.

    • B.
      I too have work and family responsibilities so all of that is always taken care of first.
      The cool thing is I have a 35 minute drive to work and back again in the evening. That drive is some great thinking time.
      Clearly Clueless

  4. Hey Everyone! Just a few notes. I just added a SSL Cert to the site so you’ll notice that nice looking green lock bar in your url bar. I fixed some layout issues on mobile devices and added a back to the top button that should make it a lot easy to scroll back to the top of the page.

    Lastly, we’re going to be upgrading the database that powers the site this week at night to improve the performance of the site. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or so, but if the site is down that’s why.

  5. Thank you for hosting the blog Dal. And even though I can’t search this Spring, I’m looking forward to the warmer and dryer (hopefully) weather.

    Good luck all.


  6. The Chase can take up many hours a week if I’m inspired. At such times, I do fulfill all familial and professional responsibilities as usual but with an I.V. drip of the blackest coffee. If I make progress in the Chase, then it’s a “good tired.” Last night was a rather late one, so tonight will have to be early to bed; but that’s OK because I can let my subconscious mind try to unravel more knots, which sometimes happens.

    I guess I’m the same way. I never fantasize about the monetary value of the chest other than to use $20k to replace the drafty old windows in this house. Our boy’s never been to Disney World, so I guess that would be in order, too. So yeah, it must be the challenge that attracts me. It’s purely mind vs. mind, and given enough time, I like my odds.

  7. I’m really having a lot of trouble posting for some reason. I post, and then the post doesn’t show up, and my name also doesn’t show up for recent posts. I am filling in all the info so not sure what’s up? Anyone else having problems?

    • After your first comment does your name fill back in? It should stay in that device for 2 weeks. We did just switch HTTPS, so it would have cleared the set cookie from before that.

  8. In 5 years I would guess about 3500 hours reading, looking at maps, playing with ideas, planning searches. Probably more time that’s just idle thinking time.

    And then the time for the trips, 28 days so far, including travel.

    I would log more time if closer to the mountains, but I kind of stall out with a solve until I can go test it.
    It is a fun hobby, I love solving puzzles but never had one that lasted 5 years.

    I’m still amazed that someone would go hide a treasure chest and create this challenge.
    So many firsts for me, catching Rocky Mountain trout, watched Sandhill Cranes feeding, had a Grouse heart attack – you know what I mean if one ever jumped from your feet, watched courting Grebes, a Garter Snake convention, Mountain Lion dining hall, so many more close encounters with wildlife and plant life. And the mountain views have me hooked. Once I’m done with this I want to head back to MT and find a little gold dust in one of those cold streams. I’m hooked, I will forever be hiking somewhere in the Rockies. Maybe one day life will allow me a summer cabin there.

    • Meadowlark,
      I think that you have already found the real treasure by what you’ve described. I do believe that’s what Forrest was referring to and what the majority of true searchers have come to realize.
      I too have stepped on grouse grenades and it temporarily stops my heart every time.
      Best of luck and be safe.

    • It’s a good topic. Thanks for starting it (My reply didn’t appear under your post, though, because the news system, so it appeared further down.)

      • Could you explain the issue in more detail? Was there not an option (reply button) to reply to that comment? The settings are currently set to reply 4 deep. Could it be that?

        • Seems to be working. My name and email populated finally just now after putting it in. Was not populating before. Good work Chris.
          Thanks so much!

  9. Dal, Is the Where Warm Waters Halt thread closed permanently. It looks like part ten is closed and I don’t see a part eleven. I wanted to tell everyone where warm waters halt, but I guess I can’t now.

  10. I was hoping that someone could help me locate a video clip that was done over a year ago where Forrest was at his home, standing in front of his wall filled with medicine bags, and giving advice on how to stay safe in the mountains. I believe he said something like ” dress warm, take water ect…” It was a pretty short clip overall.
    I can’t for the life of me seem to locate this anywhere; but I do know that it is out there in the blog abyss 🙂
    Thanks ahead of time if you are able to assist me with this.

    • That’s a really good question. I’ve been dropping in all day and don’t see a lot of the regular people here. All I see is the odds and ends thread and the same people. Are we in the Twilight Zone? lol I wonder what’s up?

      • Sparrow, it is strange for it to be this quiet on Dal’s blog. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe everyone is out running to the same spot….lol. See ya my friend

  11. Chris—-

    I apologize for whining the other day about posts, etc. This site is so fast now it’s incredible. Great job!

  12. Chris,

    I appreciate all of the work you have done. I still have a problem, after clicking on a couple of posts, the most recent post I click on just goes to the top of a thread, such as Sparrows post doesn’t appear, unless I scroll all the way to the bottom to see it.

    Could it be my browser? I have to close and restart, then things are fine and then after clicking on a different thread the problem starts again.
    My browser is FireFox. I just checked this also happens on Edge also.

  13. Hi everybody I am having a problem with the2016 interviews. They will not load up & play anybody having problems there.

      • Dal,

        I just tried to open your website and I kept getting a pop-up window to either browse on my computer to select a program to open or save a file named ocet-stream.

        I then tried a search for your website and clicked on the link there and had the same problem opening the site.

        The only way I got in was to click on Rules in the search results under your blog name. An indirect way to get in other than clicking on a direct link to your home page.

        This was at 8:51 pm MST 3-6-18

          • I did some experimenting. I find that I have no issues using Safari (Apple’s web browser) but when I switch to Chrome I can’t get into the blog. It just downloads a file…which appears to be a file with nothing in it…
            So this sounds like a problem for detective Chris…I sent him a note…let’s see what he figures out…
            He may be regretting his decision to help out here…but he’s good so I hope not…

          • Dal—-
            Same here. I had to jump through hoops to get to your site. It’s next to impossible to get on. It just started happening an hour or so ago.

          • Just made some changes to the server to see if it would correct it. Is it still not opening correctly? I’ve attempted to duplicate it on ever browser/device and it’s working fine. Is there a page that it happens on every time?

          • Chris,

            Sorry I didn’t stick around last night, Everything is working great now.

            Thanks for all the work you have done.

      • There seems to be a broken link at “Most important info”… the first link “Winter is here” is linking to “Safety first”… Best, TLo

  14. This site is working pretty dang good overall. Very fast.
    This will be great for next winter commenting and researching. HaHa…

    • Next winter, you can comment and research about your
      grandchildren and great-grandchild(ren). Thanks, y’all.

      OH! I should say sometink about the hunt. I think that
      “heavy loads” (in one of the possible “layers” of the poem)
      may refer to guilt, and “water high” (in one of the possible
      “layers” . . . think onion . . .) may relate to tears. All IMO.

      • tighterfocus- here are the layers….
        first outdoors
        second indoors
        third underground.

        i think.

        but, then again im a three time loser.

  15. This portion of a quote from scrapbook 53 has always given me food for thought:

    ” Being Forrest Fenn is getting harder all the time, but it will continue to be fun as long as I have a tree to hide behind, maybe a tree with an f carved in its trunk. ff”

    My very first search in Montana lead me to a tree with a lower case f carved in the trunk; rechecking the spot this summer.

    Be careful out there.

  16. Was tea with olga actually a tea ceremony? If so the colors of tea relate to directions as well.Green tea is east or wood, Red tea is south and fire, and black tea is north and water. Possible triangulation to the chest? Imo

    • Interesting theory John Edo. May I ask where you are getting this tea ceremony info from? I haven’t found anything like that online.


      • Most observant charlie! I think thats what clues hint to, and key is to find the center by connecting the clues! Here’s another for you: no place for biddies is in line of the poem. From there, it’s no place for “THE M” eek. Any others you can find? IMO

        • good one John. I noticed that some time ago and thought it was pretty clever.
          it’s no place for them…eek.
          fun stuff

        • Bighorn Medicine Wheel, Dancing with the Stars. Dr. Eddy’s diagram. “F” cairn the point of the arrow. Sit in the middle, 24th spoke, extend a tangent, distance in miles is in the book, puts you to where a bell is buried, IMO. Hint, buried on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

          9th line read from right to left, broken down, gives the key. “kee me”.

          A place “dear” to him, try “Deer”.

          First clue “nailed down” involves a hardware store, where you buy nails.

          Clue lines plus the key line equal the book of days, 29220.

          2442 = 6 6 = FF

          three 8’s = elevation, roughly, 8008

          His rainbow is at 22 degrees, not 42. (Rainbow Halo)

          TYM mirrored equals 900. IX00


          “and go in peace”= p-a-g-e-n-o-a-d-c-e

          “So why is it THAT “I” must go”= Sowyst, Southwest. That is key.

          Marvel gaze= Andrew Marvell, “Upon Appleton House”.

          I have bunches, lol.

          I like the Medicine Wheel one the best, does Bighorn ring any bells?

          • If you like 22 degrees as a hint you should check out DG’s lat/long thread.
            Cool beans!

          • Yeah listen good! I had also found another medicine wheel that i believe follows the poem, but is unknown; puts orion, sirius, pleiades on map! IMO

        • Could narrow it down by his ATF comment about ringing bells…

          Sun dance, dancing with stars….and such.

          Just a basis for his stories.

          It is pretty cool that people leave things there in memory/respect. Mostly bells. Plus, why wouldn’t he bury a bell on your path to the chest. He may want to know. The more you think about it, the more it makes you think…

          • Charlie –

            I know you are a big bell ringer for the Medicine Wheel solve.

            I am surprised you are not also exploring other avenues.


          • Just bored Lug. Have explored so many avenues, sometimes it gets dizzying.

            The med wheel is not so much a solve. Outside of the poem. More like a big hint factory. As far as a solve, have nothing in the solve relating to med wheel. It just so happens that the med wheel points to my spot. I just think that it might fit the story of the bells because it points to an almost exact spot, within a mile. Figure there may be a bell. That wheel also tells me “to X”, so I figure maybe my “X” has a bell. Nothing in the poem has told me as much, so I take it as it is, a possible outside source of something outside the poem. The wheel matches more to the book.

            My solve is just follow the instructions in the poem. Look for instruction words and letters and do what is told to do. Along with abbreviations, misspelled words, numbers, and ATF’s.

    • Don’t forget the Oreos. Black and white. According to the link you put for the tea ceremony that adds west too. There are many cultures with many different tea ceremonies. Cool find though.

  17. I’ve been lurking on the site since discovering the hunt back in July.
    I haven’t had much to say until the recent website work and I am so impressed that I needed to thank Chris for making it so easy to lurk.

  18. How may I add an image to my posts?
    I’ve looked around the site and attempted to click around the current image but to no avail.

  19. “Firthst I looked in New Mexthico, no luck!! Then I looked in Colorado and there wath nothin’ there either!! Nextht I looked in Wyoming and found nothin’ there either. Allsth I can thay ith I better find somethin’ in Montana or I think thith whole thing is a hoaxth!!! If I don’t find it in Montana, Forrest Fenn, you’re dethipicable!”

    –Daffy Duck

  20. Random question that probably won’t help anyone get any closer to the chest…

    Has Forrest shared specific details about the name/location of his “My War For Me” waterfall in Vietnam? I’m having a lot of fun on Google Earth looking for waterfalls that match his description and this is my best guess:

    Phú Cường Waterfall

    QL25, Dun, h. Chư Sê, Gia Lai, Vietnam
    +84 97 904 00 34


    Has anyone else searched for it?

      • You’re right, this is inland northwest of Tuy Hoa, but if you’re heading north to the Ho Chi Minn Trail, it seems reasonably on the way.

        I know I’m throwing darts, but it’s been interesting researching all the waterfalls in Vietnam 🙂

        Thanks for the reply. Cheers!

    • Thanks Dal…Cynthia has brought up a great point to look at closely. Folks have been pondering this aspect for years and can peruse your site for many different discussions/opinions. I tend to agree that a searcher can logically exclude areas by doing proper research. I believe that the Poem is going to spell out exactly where to go….and there will be no question who “owns” the Chest upon retrieval. Nice post Cynthia…

      • Ken- Forrest said if you can find the treasure chest you can have it.
        we all own it right now.
        we just dont know it.
        listen to the wizard. (of OZ)

        • dodo….that is one way to look at it.
          Fenn did say that and serious searchers need to focus on what “he” says. I suspect there is a bit more to it when all is said and done…a savvy searcher will have a plan.

    • I agree with Cynthia
      And if the key word happens to be
      Then that’s similar to TFTW reference of govt guys where a Fenn writes, “Their wonderful national park”
      THEIR and YOUR being EVERYONES, right?
      And National Parks are usually kept from changing names of features…so would make great clues for 1000’s years.
      I’ll sign up for that logic. Wink

      • Then again, if YOUR is the key word it could also mean your own ‘riddle solution’, right? Like how Yellowstone lake looks like a football player- Thumb being the football.

    • Dal,
      I like Cynthias new blog…lots to think about.

      What I found curious was your comment:
      “…..maybe WWWH really is something broad like the continental divide rather than a tiny point on the map…or perhaps all of Yellowstone National Park rather than a small hot spring that runs into the Firehole River”

      Sounds like a huge philosophical change for you. Do you really believe this (WWWH not a discreet spot) or were you just trying to stir the conversation?

        • Loco –

          What’s great about Dal’s commnet is that he actually used a completely different meaning for Halt whether he meant to or not.

          Halting has nothing to do with stopping, it’s stammering. Almost always used to refer to speech. Same root word of course, halt.

          If I said something was halting you would picture something that isn’t operating efficiently but you wouldn’t think of something that stops. So that is different than ho most here and elsewhere seem to treat the word Halt.

          So maybe warm isn’t a temperature. Maybe there is no body of water. Maybe whatever it is sputters or limps or limps.


          • Halting can be a temporary or permanent thing.

            Beauty and Chromatic Pools in Yellowstone are IMO a great example of WWH temporarily. See Below:

            Beauty and Chromatic pools are connected underground. Over a period of weeks one pool gets hotter and begins to overflow as the other gets cooler and stops overflowing. Then the process reverses. Usually the pool that is overflowing is the most colorful.

          • halt
            n. A disease in sheep

            Foot and Mouth Disease. – Halt
            Halt is a troublesome complaint, and one often mistaken for distemper, though there is sufficient difference to make the distinction easy, halt affecting the feet only. It is disputed whether or not halt is contagious; and, to be safe, it should be attended to at once. If neglected, all the feet become affected; and from the difficulty of moving about to obtain food the animal losses flesh, while if taken in time it causes little detriment. Some land seems to produce the disease more than others, and the “Downs” appear more liable to it than any other variety of sheep.
            North Downs, Surrey, Epsom salt. Lol, wwwh has something to do with Epsom salt…

            Just thought I’d throw a wrench…

        • Locolobo
          I wonder if anyone showed that comment to seeker. Ive seen his past posts last year of using YS as such a wwwh.

          • Yes, Kira — Seeker is definitely familiar with that dollarbill thread from years ago about YS and the CD being too large to be WWWH.

          • Zaphod

            I try to follow along, but there is so much, so I missed that comment.

            I have could the YS boundary be a possibility to keep an open mind. I dont have wwwh nailed but, but have many options. It seemed he put so much into expressing that YS was the wwwh. At least its off my list.

          • Kira: I wouldn’t discard Yellowstone wholesale; it’s only that Forrest seems to have been pretty insistent that WWWH is a specific (small) spot, not a vast region like a state, the continental divide, or a huge national park.

            After all, what color are bananas? And what does Einstein translate to?

      • See…the guys who’ve been around the block a couple of turns pay attention to most of the details! HA…
        I was almost convinced for a nanosecond… maybe!

        • It is those details that count Ken. I hope that I have listened, and figured out the last couple of details. I guess only time will tell pardner – JDA

    • I have read the Legal Ponderings thread, but I don’t recall anyone saying why BLM land is out…and Cynthia did not say why either, anyone care to weigh in? I agree with JDA that NF and BLM have same standards for ‘turning in abandoned property’. My thinking is that the BLM is the least funded agency with the most square miles, so nothing to worry about, you won’t run into anyone…but I’m also think WhatIF FF wanted the monetary nature of Indulgence to go to Native Americans, and given how many of us want to exclude tribal lands, it seems a PLAUSIBLE idea…not saying I’m going to go searching, but the wind river range is an excellent example of a vast expanse of land that would be difficult to control on the best of days, impossible on the rest.

      To add to the thought that WWWH could be an ‘area’ or region, so could Hot Springs county…and both lead to a great canyon down (wind river canyon), now just need to fit those pesky other clues. Given Loco’s reference to Dal saying that FF once said ‘not in YNP region’ can anyone produce the true quote from FF? I spent an hour on tarry scant and cannot find anything related to YNP and FF saying ‘no’…he has made some off handed ‘funny’ comments, but not definitive, IMO IMO IMO.

  21. I have a the theory,
    Mr. Fenn “says he also holds to the quote often attributed to the actor Errol Flynn that “any man who has $10,000 left when he dies is a failure” — though Fenn amends the amount to $50. ”

    (Errol Flynn played “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”)

    I believe it to be possible, several people have found the chest. Each time it gets replenished for the next “wise Chaser to experience the Thrill of it all.
    It’s just a thought, but maybeeee!
    In my 2 weeks of research, I’m a newbie, I have discovered that this is the most well thought out, orchestrated, amazing rabbit hole I have ever seen. EVERYTHING is deliberate with meaning and double meaning. I have experienced and learned so many things, I otherwise would’ve never given any thought to. I wonder if he has a crew in the shadows to keep this thrill forever alive?

    The treasure truly is the chase and thrill of it all! That being said and meant, when I get to my solve, Here’s to hoping it’s not just a geocache box now with a can koozie or a key chain from the last wise Chaser 😉 Hope to see ya’ll at the X (after me of course) ~ Too far to walk or drive Illinois, but going anyway.

  22. I have several sites to search in the four states come the thaw. Two of the best are in National Parks – one in Colorado, the other in Wyoming. I’m thinking as a posibility, it could be easy if the treasure chest which is hidden is not meant to be taken and contains waterproofed instructions to retrieve the historical chest with the treasure. Imagine the Marvel when gazing upon the nearly empty contents of the chest which contains only some instructions.
    I take the hint of a duplicate chest from the stories of casting the bells. Mr Fenn has access to a foundry and it should be readily possible to have created a near duplicate chest.
    When possession of the historical chest is achieved and opened, that Marvelous gaze will still bring tears.
    If I were to find the chest under these circumstances, I would imagine leaving the chest with a waterproofed log for future finders to record their names, as after the first finder, the truth of the location will become more and more difficult to keep.

  23. The issue that has been brought up about having to bring the TC to lets say the National Forest Service if found. This would raises the question why would one have to do that legally? This would hold true if something was found that truly was “lost” by the owner and doesn’t know where it is.

    On the other hand if something that was deliberately “hidden” in a National Forest or Wilderness area primarily for others to find and it has been published is not lost. So I believe turning the TC over isn’t necessary
    because of the following:

    From Wikipedia, on National Forests: “Those west of the Great Plains in the Western United States, though established since 1891, are primarily on lands with ownership maintained by the federal government since the U.S. acquisition and settling of the American West. These are mostly lands that were kept in the public domain, with the exception of inholdings and donated or exchanged private forest lands.”

    Is it not true NF & Wilderness are in the public domain? Yes, public domain means: property rights that are held by the public at large. We pay taxes for the NFS to “maintain our lands”. The NFS falls under the Dept of Agriculture which falls under the parent of the Dept of Interior.

    “The mission of the BLM is “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.” also from Wikipedia.

    I am very comfortable in saying and going along with the poem, “Just take the chest and go in peace.” After all the treasure is “hidden and not lost” it is used for a treasure hunt on public domain land. The current owner is F and knows where it is, he is the donor and giving it to the one that finds it.

    I truly see no reason what so ever to turn it over. To whom would we turn it over to, the FS, BLM or the Interior? The answer is none, it’s not theirs at all.

    Always my opinion.

    • CharlieM;

      Please go to the Legal thread, read through it, and you might change your mind. In the legal thread you have entries by bloggers who have a legal background, and probably know a bit about the topic. Just a suggestion – JDA

      • JDA,

        I have a strong trust in F when he said in the poem “Just take the chest and go in peace.” and “I give you title to the gold.” He’s done his research. Don’t you think it’s foolish of F to say that, if he knew full and well the finder has to give it up and put out time & money to get it back? I don’t think so.

        Just Say’n

        • I agree CharlieM to the point that Fenn was not foolish in his endeavor. The specifics of what he worked with the lawyer(s) on for where/how the chest now resides is in my opinion the greatest mystery of all. That’s the part I’m now itching to find out. Come on summer!

    • CharlieM

      I can see that as a possibility. Fenn did say je would just fine the guy $10 and tell hin dont do it again that dug holes where je wasnt suppose to. So I can see Fenn thinking this. Buy what you actually do, thats up yo you. Or by reporting it, its the way of Fenn finds out it was found .

      • Kira,

        Of course I would tell F that I found it. Your talking about digging holes and leaving them. Those people deserve trouble.

        • CharlieM
          It seemed Fenn would just slap their wrist and say be smarter.

          Im torn about notifying Fenn. I envision him having a nice smirk as he passes away peacefully knowing all the while he showed them, those that gave him D’s that he was smarter than an entire nation.
          I dont know if I want to take that away from him and me. I say me as its my vision…

          I wont know unless its in hand, so who knows.

          • Kira

            Hey, I imagine the finder would have to just sit in the vehicle for awhile before even driving home. That could be the most dangerous drive ever. Thinking about what to do next, or talking to someone on the phone, etc.

            I would drive slowly :-))


          • Franklin

            My nightmare is being pulled over and the cop steals it with the asset seizure clause.

    • I would expect instructions on what to do next would be in the chest. He paid attorneys and said he thought of everything.

    • CharlieM

      In the old America we grew up in, you are correct. In this new nation of too many laws and too may regulations, I’m not sure. At any rate, if I were the finder, I would expect Forrest has left something which makes it clear how to proceed.

      One way he might have covered it is to have placed the TC and it’s contents into a trust. After the finder contacts Forrest, or a law firm he has designated, then the finder becomes the heir of that trust. Even if Forrest is still alive and well, this still works just fine. It is a really great way to shield an inheritance from taxation.

      I will add that the finder is under no obligation to go public, or to announce to the world that he/she has found the famous TC of Forrest Fenn. No one ever needs to know where it was found.

      As with you, this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.


  24. California Border: “Do you have anything you would like to declare sir?”

    Me: “Declare? Why no I don’t. I drove to Wyoming and now I’m coming back, that’s all. I’m not coming back with anything unusual at all. Just a visit is all—just a visit. I’m sweating because I have a fever–don’t feel too well at all.”

    California Border: “Are you OK sir? Are you hiding something? Is there something you’d like to get off your chest?”

    Me: “CHEST!!!?? What chest?? I don’t know anything about a chest. I just took a drive, nothing more–just a fishing trip is all. Can i go now?”

  25. No. Several years ago when coming back into California from Oregon the state border would ask if you had anything to declare. They would ask if you had fruit etc.

    • I’ve made the drive from Cali to WY recently. No border checks and the only issue I had was a speeding ticket in Idaho. I was sure I knew where the chest was and was a little too eager to get to it.

  26. A little survey of sorts:

    Where in the poem would you say you are in your search?

    Want is your confidence level on a scale of 1-100 (100 being absolutely confident, i.e. sure; 1 being least confident, i.e you have no clue but you’re having fun)?

    Do you try to keep in contact with f?

    I will start… Cease, 100, contact f via snail mail or e-mail less than once per year.
    Also, Peace, 80, I make sure to say hello to f at Fennboree gatherings and book signings.

    What say you, fellow fenners?

    • Hi Slurbs: my survey replies would be 1. done with the poem, 2. 99 (there’s always doubt!), 3. four emails since 2015 (no replies, and none expected since the emails merely advised him where we had gone and why).

      Want to take this opportunity to extend my condolences to Tim(Zosorocks) — I truly can’t imagine what that must feel like. I will take the opportunity today to listen to “The Rain Song” in silent observance. I think I learned of Kim and Stephen Hawking within an hour of each other. 🙁

      • Zap –

        Slurbs seemed kind of incoherent to me.
        Is he asking for how often we communicate with Fenn?

        I would say I email FF fairly often and that he does not usually reply.

        To me, if F does not reply one must assume he did not read the email. To not receive a reply and think that F HAS read the email seems folly.


      • Hi Lugnutz: if F does not reply, I would not assume it was because he didn’t read the email. My few emails to him have been merely informative, with a few pictures on one occasion. I did not ask any questions (Chase-related or otherwise), nor did I expect any replies. If there is a fifth contact this year, it will be for only one reason, and it won’t be by email. 😉

        • Zap –

          Some folks assume he has read an email.

          They say things like Fenn did this because I wrote him, etc.

          It’s all nonsense.


        • Lugnutz: if one sends an email to Forrest and doesn’t get a reply, there is no practical way to know whether he read the message in part, in whole, or not at all. I know some searchers want to think he makes public comments with supposed embedded private confirmation hints, and I would agree with you that that’s nonsense.

    • Slurbs,

      Confidence – 85% and growing. Blaze to TC is where I’ve been hung up for a bit but I’m closing in.

      Never email Forest although he would be interested in my solve….it fits the poem/clues/hints perfectly imo.

    • At the Blazes (6 solutions)

      Each solution meets MY interpretations with 10 to 90% confidence. 10% meaning, the clues fit down to finding a blaze (current belief that the blaze is discernable from satellite imagery), but I wouldn’t go looking there, as opposed to 90% where I’m waiting for the thaw.
      For me, 100% would mean travelling in winter and renting a snowmobile and facing cold weather risks because of whatever certitude was generated by the search tools being used.

      I emailed ff once in January since I just HAD to tell someone (other than my wife) about my 90% solution. Did not hear back through email. Nor did I hear any message passed to me in the Feb 4th ’18 interview (Very disappointed – hahaha. Though I did think for maybe 1 minute that it was me, and then had a hearty laugh at myself : ) )

    • Hello Mr. Slurbs.
      Dodo bird/Horatio/Hunch here. lol winkiy dinkiy.

      where am i at in the poem in my search?

      at the chest, looking quickly down, snapping with flash. thats where i is. and oh yeah, where heels high. in on the wood lid. gazing marvelly.

      100 pacent confidante. chum.
      no doubts, no qualms yes sir cap’n.

      no, i do not keep contact with the lower case f.
      just waiting.

      no further questyuns at this time. over-n-out fellow fenner.

          • This will be my third and final trip to this location. I’ve spent hours BOTG searching around the area, but a recent simplification of my solve makes me more confident than ever…

            That, and I believe I’ve unlocked the keyword that has led me to the right spot.

            We shall see in 2018. Good luck to you!

          • Sounds like my story. 3rd trip for me too and have found a key word that helps me out. Good luck to you too! When in July will you be there? I’ll bring there the first week.

      • Mr. Slurbs:

        1. WWH…..100
        2. Canyon..100
        2. HOB……100
        3. Nigh…….100
        4. Blaze……100
        5. Quickly………………90
        7. Why……………………95
        8. Weak & tired……..100
        9. Brave & in wood…100.

        We have emailed F half-dozen times to keep him updated with our progress. Only one response back…when we sent him a picture of the Jayhawk posse..and he responded that we were scaring him!

        Billy and the deputy

    • I hold the tarry scant with marvel gaze, I need to be brave and in the wood. I think my effort was worth the cold but time will tell. Always confident in myself but I have made errors so 98%. I email Forrest often and share my stories. I think he should enjoy being chased as much as we enjoy chasing him.

  27. Fellow searchers and the FF community.

    It is with great sorrow and sadness that I have to say goodbye to my wife of 20 years this morning due to complications with the flu.

    She will truly be missed and loved by myself and our family.

    As of this morning, all my adventures have just gotten much sadder.

    Rest in peace my love. Kim I will truly miss you – you were my heart, my soul, and my eternal love.

    Please stay safe out there inn the wildereness for her.

    • Tim , my heart goes out to you. Also does my condolences to you and your family. My prayers are with you my friend… I promise to stay safe for her and you…..

      See ya my friend…

    • Tim,
      I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. I hope you hold on to the good & let the negative fade away. Blessed be to you & your family ❤️

    • Tim;

      I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I am sure that in her next journey, she will find the riches she so deserves. Peace my friend – JDA

      • Tim, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. This is so heart breaking. You have been with this community for along time. With our deepest condolences. May you find comfort friend.

    • Hello Tim (Zosorocks). I’m truly sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    • Tim, Sorry hear of your loss. Never give up , there are dreams waiting for you and a shadow for you to follow each day.

    • In a movie based on a true story, The Other Side of the Mountain, there is this line: How lucky I am to have found someone and something that saying goodbye to is so damned awful. May you rest in peace, Kim, and may peace be with you, Tim and family.

    • Tim(Zosorocks), I’m so, so sorry for your loss. May your precious memories give you strength as you get you through each minute of every day.

    • We are truly sorry for your loss Tim. It’s heartbreaking. May peace be with you through this difficult time until you are reunited.

      • All in good spirits….but hey….I have no plans to reunite with her any time soon, but have my voice recorder handy if she wants to talk!!


        Thanks for the kind words cowbell…..she we be missed dearly.

    • Tim,

      I am so very sad to hear of your loss. Life can be so unfair. The HoD is a great support group in times like this.

    • Tim –

      Your loss is our loss and like Spallies I am at a loss for words. The news is shocking and makes me feel sad.

      But, look at the outpouring of grief and support here. I hope it helps with the pain.


      • This community is what I wish many communities around the world would do….band in unity for good times and the bad, because, when it happens, it truly shows support, and IMO – everyone knows you banded together for each other and that support.

        That is what I thank all of you for doing….caring about your fellow humans – total strangers — but done with compassion and empathy and elegance.

        In the least it makes me happier. Kim would thank you too.

        Be safe,

    • Dear Tom,

      A stranger from the coast
      Communal empathy and a toast
      In times of sorrow, one is true
      Love exuded unto you

      I have no other words and I am sorry for your loss. Please stay connected because this community is filled with love and hope.

      The Kelly’s

    • Tim—

      I just now saw your post, and the posts of all the others offering condolences. I am so sorry to hear of your loss and want you to know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Aww Tim…..my heart sank when I read that. I am so sorry to hear that!! I know no words can bring comfort, but just know you are in my thoughts and you have my deapest condolances. Please take care♡.

  28. thanks to all the responses and those not yet posted.

    Peace, love and rock-n-roll!

    Her treasures are my treasures and will always stay shining.

    I love you Kim!!!

  29. came out of retirement from the chase to say that we are sorry and that we are praying for you and the family stay strong—-frank

  30. Tim,

    This is my first post, so I hope I do not misspeak. This community, that you are apart of, is heartbroken for your loss. I hope at some point, you share additional thoughts/stories about your wife, if/when the time is right for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  31. Tim (Zosorocks),
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzUT00EM2DQ Dianne Reeves
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hhpRZZmVec Frank Sinatra

    No fears
    Remember there’s always tomorrow
    So what if we have to part
    We’ll be together again
    Your kiss
    Your smile
    Are memories I’ll treasure forever
    So try thinking with your heart
    We’ll be together again
    Times when I know you’ll be lonesome
    Times when I know you’ll be sad
    Don’t let temptation surround you
    Don’t let the blues make you bad
    Some day
    Some way
    We both have a lifetime before us
    For parting is never goodbye
    We’ll be together again.

    These words are Biblical and His promise to us that we will all be together up there, somewhere in heaven but for now, while we are alive, its a special place in the Rockies we search for.


  32. From SB 166 Email interview with Jon Lackman to FF in May of 2015.

    “How much progress can be made by someone just thinking and searching the Internet from home? (Another way of saying this: How many clues can only be decoded in situ?)”

    FF: “All of them, in theory, but not likely in practice. A searcher must go to the site to find the treasure.”

    I firmly believe that those looking for the TC must be familiar with the search area. I don’t mean using GE all the way or any other map. GE or maps will get one to a general location, but one needs to be physically in the search area at least once to understand the solution.

    The first two clues can be solved at home with a good map and/or maps. A good two days was needed for me while on my first search to become familiar with the area. The terrain speaks volumes in the solution to finding the TC. Of course there where long hours spent after I returned home on the computer. I was using GE and a couple of other special maps and things that F and others had said that helped.

    The one oddity that I found was Dr Pepper did fit in, but only after I had found what I believe is the hiding spot of the chest. The other approach was to think along the lines of what might be out of character of F and then again not so much. I also believe the distance is larger than what one may think from the beginning to the end.

    As I said earlier the terrain speaks volumes and that is physically being there. One needs to understand the terrain to solve where the TC is. I believe that is the only way to find the TC. Feet on the ground then go home to research and then feet on the ground to retrieve. “Simplify”

    As always my opinion. Cheers!

    • CharlieM,

      You said “I also believe the distance is larger than what one may think from the beginning to the end.”

      What approximate distance from start to finish is your view? Over 10 miles?

      Just curious and respect that you may not share a specific distance. Cheers.

        • CharlieM, agreed. I’m not going to underestimate f. 80yrs old or not, Don’t go to where an 80yr old man can’t go? Lol, a fit 80yr old man or a sickly one? One who wakes up early and likes to get out and walk around or one that likes to watch tv? One that can run a marathon, or one that stands in the crowd. One that use to be an egotistical fighter pilot, or one who’s been behind a desk all of their working life? Yup, it’s not far….It’s TOO FAR “to walk”. And, if you are walking long distances looking for the treasure, then……

      • CharlieM, If 10 to 25 miles or so is correct, that might also be part of the reason it’s not been found yet. I’m just thinking about the number of potential possibilities that are along a distance of 10 miles for example. A person might get on a tangent many times and there are more potential detours with a longer distance.

        You might be right and it might also explain part of why solving correctly is so difficult. Cheers.

    • I would say that your opinion is totally correct. Some of the clues need to be found. Only with BotG. Take a lot of pictures is a good idea. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th clues seem to be BotG clues. Need to be there and see it. It’s possible that this way of thinking is the one thing searchers have not considered yet. You’re not going to solve all the clues just starting out. You can solve the poem, but not all the clues. Most of the clues are just to help a searcher know they are on the right track. The clues are just not that important compared to solving the poem. Forrest already had his spot, was going to make it work, the clues were noticed far afterword. If he wrote the poem to find a spot, that’s the best way to start, just like he did. Solve the poem, the clues will reveal themselves. He did not need a map. he knew exactly where to go. No map is needed to start trying to solve the poem, and only gets in the way. So yes Charlie, a good knowledge of the area is a good idea, and probably needed. Have a compass, it’s easy to get turned around out there. The compass:
      N could easily become:
      I N E
      W—–I—–E \ /
      I \
      S / \
      W S
      You might just find yourself in TX. (West Texas).

      • It is entirely possible that BOTG is needed to find clues past the first few. It is important, i think, to stay open minded about ways to solve this poem. It is fun to feel locked in and confident in a solve but being open minded about other potential methods seems logical to me.

      • I’m interested in this distinction you see between solving the poem, and marrying clues to points on the landscape. What does “solve the poem” mean to you, if it’s something different than solving the clues?

        • NovaKid,

          Solving the poem is solving the clues. I don’t necessarily count the clues, they are there but I don’t count……so…..it’s solving the poem to me.

        • Nova, (kid is already taken), solving the poem to me is following it’s instructions. CharlieM and I see this part differently. I say solving the poem gives you a spot on a map. An “X”. There are some clues that the poem solves and some it doesn’t. Here’s an example.
          Lets say the blaze is a mark on a tree. The poem does not tell you it’s a mark on a tree, or where it’s at. The poem does not have the info to solve for the blaze. But you solve the poem, get a spot, and head out. You pass by the first couple of clues then come to a tree with an owl marking. Below it is something the looks like a marvel gaze or whatever. You go on to your spot, find the chest. You now know that the tree with the owl marking was the blaze. The poem doesn’t solve for it, you don’t know it, but the poem solve has revealed it.
          The info in the poem doesn’t quite cover everything to solve all the clues. Some clues will be found on your path to your spot. Nobody here will solve all 9 clues before there first trip out. Nobody can say what the meek place is because the poem doesn’t tell you, unless they guess. Nobody really knows what the blaze is, it’s like knowing wwwh is. You won’t know until you have the chest. The only way to do that is to solve the poem. The poem tells you the spot the chest is at. In a sense, CharlieM is right, solving the poem is solving the clues. If you solve the poem, you will solve the clues. You just won’t know it until you have the chest.
          There are instruction words throughout the poem, this does not happen in regular speech, poetry, casual conversation, whatever. Each line has instructions, this also never happens, except in this poem. That’s because it is done by design. If you try to focus on clues or how many there are and how to solve them, you’re being distracted from the poem. IMO, they are two different parts of the chase. Just the fact that f has commented that a searcher will not know wwwh is until they have the chest confirms this idea. Look what the subject is in this ATF: -I don’t want to broaden the clues and hints I’ve written about by pointing them out. What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.
          Something with the clues and hints.
          And this ATF:
          Forrest, Did you intend for there to be 9 clues, or did it work out to be just right with 9? ~ halo
          Nice thinking halo, I didn’t count the clues until the poem had been finalized. Although I changed it a few times over the months I think the number stayed about the same.f
          The poem was finalized then he noticed 9 clues. How could he write in the poem how to solve 9 clues when he didn’t know there were 9 clues? He wasn’t writing a poem to solve for clues, he wrote a poem to get someone to a spot.
          That’s not to say that some clues can outright be solved with the poem, just not all of them.
          So, if you know a searcher who has not been out on a search, but says they know what the 9 clues are and where the treasure is, you know they are just blowing smoke. They have no idea really.

    • I would say 25 miles is a good estimate. Those migrating west walked abouy 20 miles a day, 20 isnt far, but 25 is too far to walk.

    • focus, are you going to go into a forest, up a mountain, without a compass? Really???
      Lol, I want to comment but why? Will you be searching at night? Just following stars? I don’t get it.

  33. I believe that a searcher may figure out a clue but not fully understand the clue. One then commits to BOTG only to realize it wasn’t correct. Then after returning home and moping around, physically recuperating, and rehashing the hints for a couple of weeks does the little light bulb suddenly click on and a new level of understanding emerge. This is the slow process of evolving from a “general solve” to a “correct solve”…. or at least that’s what I keep telling myself! It would help if Forrest would respond to my e-mails to give me a thumbs up, but so far, nothing!

    • Chris from CO-
      Whether or not Forrest communicates with searchers I think it’s highly unlikely that Forrest would give anyone a thumbs up on their solve. He doesn’t tell folks if they are right or wrong. Although some people have interpreted what he has told them as an affirmation..I think they were deluding themselves. In my opinion, one of the reasons Forrest has decided to stop communicating with searchers is because they often wrongly interpret what he has written to them.
      Additionally, Forrest has tried to make sure whatever information he hands out, be it a hint or clue or simple guidance, is available to everyone, not just the person who receives the email.

      • I know Dal, I was kidding about Forrest getting back to me with the thumbs up! I’m not really a newby. More like a searcher who’s been at it for a few years and have just stepped out of the bushes in an attempt to look as though I was here all along!

          • At first, I had wanted a “thumbs down” when I was wrong, so I could look somewhere else, but the spot I’m at is awesome no matter what, so I’ll keep looking there

    • Chris, the comment about “evolving” is spot on in my opinion. I like to refer to it as “putting in the necessary work” to a correct solve. That’s what I believe ff meant for the chase. IMO he designed the chase so that a person would require many iterations of field BOTG and interpretations of the poem. He said the person who gets the TC will have worked for / earned it (or something to that effect).

      • Yes, I’ve worked very hard at some wrong solutions as evidenced by my stained and torn blue jeans! However, the realization of a wrong solve is an answered question!

  34. In TTOTC Forrest wrote that his church is in the river bottoms and in the mountains. Makes me think that “look quickly down” may mean one is standing at an elevated position (say, a mountainside trail) and looking down at something (in a river bottom). In this interpretation, ending the quest would incorporate both of those terrain types.

    • NovaKid

      The one thing (in a a river bottom) F likes to fish them, and the TC would be underwater and I believe f said, (not a quote) not underwater and it is just wet. So….near water. IMO

      • I agree, CharlieM. Water is powerful and rolls enormous boulders, so just imagine what it could do to a 40lb chest when it’s full of spring snow melt. So not in a stream, but near one. I interpret “river bottom” to mean the low-lying land near a stream, kind of like a stream valley.

        I’m also thinking about his infamous 200′ remark. Searchers must’ve related to FF that they were at a: 1) specific trail, 2) specific road, 3) specific stream, or 4) at a specific parking area like a small campground. (the alternative is they related specific coordinates in the middle of nowhere that they searched, but that seems unlikely). So yes, the searchers within 200′ were probably walking along a stream — or a trail that parallels a stream — and they passed within 200′ of the chest because they failed to recognize something that would lead them away from the trail/stream.

        • Yep, it is most certainly something FF would be able to recognize, like a trail or stream and know they were 200 feet from the chest. It seems if they told them of a stream then perhaps the TC is not on the stream but somewhere there is a view of the stream or surrounding area including the stream. If they told him of a trail that was 200 feet from the stream then yes perhaps on the stream or still somewhere with a view. Stream, creek, river, or view or my guesses.

  35. I found the chest! Well, in my dreams, anyways. Last night, I was awakened, more startled awake really, about 8 minutes before my alarm goes off (4:15 am) in the midst of a very strong vision of me discovering the chest. I’ve been picking away at the past posts and am up to Christmas of 2017, and haven’t been dreaming about Indulgence in quite a while, so this was revelatory. But don’t let this post dash your hopes, as it was simply the final reveal that I woke up to. There was no solving of ANY of the nine clues, so while it was a fanciful vision, it doesn’t help me at all, at least for the moment.

  36. @cowlazars- Hey Mike, I just watched your “Do not watch this video” vlog #63. Thank you. I needed a laugh today and you certainly provided that for me. Take care and stay safe out there. Leave the Oxy at home when you search though.

  37. News from Yellowstone…..
    Steamboat geyser in Norris is erupting after dormant for almost 4 years. It’s Yellowstone highest Water High!
    It has an interesting history. Reaching up to 400 feet. Also a few new vents apparently too.

  38. Who here believes that the location of the TC can be found with just the TTOTC and Poem. The geography and a good map will assist one to be safe. Keep in mind when FF mentiond the above.

    • Hello Murmur. The poem, “The Thrill of The Chase” book, and Google Earth/good map to marry the clues to, and comprehensive knowledge of geography. I believe it will.

  39. Okay…. I’m not sure if this is an odd or an end but I’m pretty sure that it’s one or the other….
    Question for Dal…. What becomes of this website should someone recover indulgence this summer? Will you shut it down? Shift the focus to something new?
    Seems a shame that the community you have built here might be lost….

    As for the rest of ye merry Fennsters…
    What say we come to an accord here and now, that whoever amongst us should retrieve Fenn’s long sought chest.. will not reveal the location of it’s discovery but replace it with a secondary prize of silver! Perhaps 1000 vintage Morgans in a modest iron and wood container??
    And after that, for third place, I would volunteer to sculpt a tasteful bronze of the Fenn himself …. Leaning upon his staff with an impish smile, one foot resting upon the legendary chest!
    All in agreement raise your frosty mugs and say Aye!!

    • That is a good idea. To leave something in place of the chest. I don’t have silver to carry with me in the very very very very microscopic chance that I ever were to find the TC and I know that I would not ever return to the spot if I did happen to find it. I have thought about the idea before and would bring something with me. Not sure if it would have much value as I am not wealthy. I might leave something anyways where I plan to go in the end of Summer just to see if anyone would find it there at the same spot. It would be interesting to do. I would probably leave a note. I hope the blog stays for a while, it is a good one.

      • Even a geo-cache would be better than nothing…. With some sort of sign in sheet… everyone who finds it and signs it becomes a member of an exclusive brother/sisterhood!
        I, for one, will opt to hide a hoard of silver in its place…. I can’t afford it now but if I am fortunate enough to be the lucky finder I would happily invest $20 or $30,000 towards a second place prize!

        Good fortune in your hunt Alopes!

        • It will be hard to keep the spot a secret after it is found imo. Too many interested observers will want to know the solve and ff will probably want to revisit the spot too. It is a beautiful area.

        • Lurker,

          I am open to the idea of continuing the Chase in some way IF I find it, BUT before doing so I would carefully consider the legalities and tax implications. Of course that would be after the decision is made whether to remain anonymous or not. And I’d love to have Forrest’s opinion in that regard, though he might not want to get involved.


      • Unfortunate scenario to consider: finder leaves a “second place prize” for the second finder, and announces such on Dal’s, or another blog, or even via Forrest. A would-be runner-up gets injured or killed trying to be the second to Forrest’s spot. If you were the one to find Forrest’s treasure and replace it with that second place prize, how would you feel about this not-unrealistic potential outcome?

        • How about I take only a photo and leave the treasure?

          Now am I culpable if someone is killed?

          I ask because that’s the plan Stan.

        • Hi Lugz: not a question of culpability (after all, I don’t think any sane person believes Forrest is culpable for the fatalities so far). The question is how it would make you feel personally? As much as I’d like to leave something for the second person (or beyond), I have to weigh that wish against potential negative outcomes, however unlikely they might be.

  40. I wonder if Mr. Fenn would be agreeable to a foundation to formed in his name? Dedicated to introducing underprivileged children to the wonders of nature and a love for the outdoors….. Perhaps sponsoring other treasure hunts in other parts of the country? If we could put together a $10 million endowment we might continue the chase in perpetuity!

    • I have been having a similar thought.
      Driving home last year I couldn’t shake the image of a young lady working at a burger joint where I stopped. She had the biggest smile and happiest face of anyone I have evr crossed paths with. And it seeme she had spent her young life strapped to a wheel chair.

      Made me wonder why I don’t smile more. I’m only strapped to my own shortcomings.

      I kept wondering how many teens have never seen the kind of wonderful sights I had just left behind, where you have to get off the beaten path.

      • When I was a child the woods and fields were our playground….. So many children today seem completely unaquainted with the natural world …. They grow up in dark basements staring at dimly lit screens…

        And those with handicaps have so few opportunities… I always wanted to start a free summer camp for handicapped and underprivileged kids…
        Finding Fenn’s treasure might help make that a reality!

        Thank you for reminding me that we should always be thankful for what we have Meadowlark…. There are so many who have so much less….

        • Two of my 6 children are autistic. Treasure or no treasure, I have wanted to buy my parents farm and start a non-profit for disabled and disadvantaged children.

        • I am a full time caregiver of my disabled sister. I have taken her out on searches.
          She is not in a wheelchair, but I always wanted to ask Forrest if someone in a wheelchair could retrieve the treasure.
          Love that people like you Lurker care for those less fortunate!
          I would like to hear from others who have searched with disabilities and their stories!

          • I have never given the wheelchair scenario a thought, but I guess if we are to take things as straightforward, my best guess would be people in a wheelchair are having a good time.

      • Meadolark – I just reread your post:

        “And it seeme she had spent her young life strapped to a wheel chair.

        Made me wonder why I don’t smile more. I’m only strapped to my own shortcomings.”

        Very well said – thanks for sharing this.

  41. I carry a Peace dollar to leave, should I ever find the chest.

    It was uncirculated when I started searching but beginning to show some wear after 5 years.

      • These are all noble thoughts, however in my opinion once the TC is found, Mr Fenn’s legacy should be left to live as he intended and we should not try to upstage his intent.

  42. Like I said above, I have six children. Two of them are autistic. My family has been with me on each of our 11 BOTG. My autistic children are awesome on the trail. They remind me a lot of Forrest Gump in that they love Dr. Pepper and they can walk and run FOREVER. All of my kids love to hike though. Our last hike (not chase related), my wife and I took our 3 year old. Even with a full-arm cast, that kid walked almost a half mile with no fuss.

  43. Hello, all –
    I feel like I once read something about a Time magazine that F keeps around… but I can’t remember, and my trying to find info is leading nowhere pertinent. Anyone remember what is on the cover? Or the year?


    • @J re: Time Magazine, it’s the Year/month that the author of Catcher in the Rye died, F tossed his copy of Catcher into the round file on top of Time. So, this info can be found in one of the chapters of The Thrill of the Chase Memoir…..sorry for late reply, haven’t had time to log in much. Real Estate has been keeping my busy for a change……

      • @J re: Time Magazine, it’s the Year/month that the author of Catcher in the Rye died, F tossed his copy of Catcher into the round file on top of Time. This info can be found in one of the beginning chapters of The Thrill of the Chase Memoir…..sorry for late reply, haven’t had time to log in much. Real Estate has been keeping my busy for a change…… IMO it’s the month or close to Salinger’s death, just my thinking, we don’t know the exact date on periodical publication…just an assumption on my part!

  44. IT’s easy enough to do so I want to say I don’t think the TC will be recovered this year.

    I don’t think I’m too far out on the branch.


    • Even a short ways out on a rotten branch is perilous Lug – Just a thought – Question – Why do you think that it will not be found? Seven years have passed – going on eight. Don’t you think that in that time enough information has been exchanged and enough ATF info has emerged, that someone might put all of the correct pieces into the puzzle? I think that it will be found. JMO – JDA

      • JDA –

        You should probably keep in mind that I don’t believe he gives out clues ATF. He has done some hinting and he likes to stir the beans.

        For me it’s important to listen when he flubs and when he is speaking from the hip. I don’t put any weight on his prepared statements.

        he may have made some mistakes and those mistakes may be valuable.

        If you find the treasure this year I hope you throw us all a party!

        Good Luck!

    • Mr. Lug-

      I believe you are discounting Mr. f’s opinion. IMO He may some insight that is not available to you. Time will tell…..

      1 F Billy

      • When Fenn said he had a gut feeling that was a fishing reference.

        That’s my opinion.

        You folks sure do like to jump back and forth between taking Fenn at his word and thinking he is always deceptive.

        You don’t think in any way he said the first 2 clues are within 500 feet, but then he absolutely means that he thinkgs he treasure will be found.

        You should work for a politician!

        • Lugnutz,

          For me, I look for the two senses in his statements. If could be that one sense of “gut feeling” is a fish reference, and the other is the colloquial phrase we all understand. But what’s insinuated by fish, I wonder?

          Whatever the multiple senses of “gut feeling,” I think he’s always truthful with the superficial meaning of his words, which in this case means he has a strong feeling TC will be found within a few months.

          • I believe it is possible that the “it” he is referring to is the “it” in the poem. “It” is found ever year IMO.

          • UpInTheAir

            He works fishing references into his interviews indirectly.

            Are those clues or just the language he is comfortable with?

            “Simplify” is a clue because he ha said it is.


        • Lugnutz,

          If you look at the Feb 14, 2018 email interview over at MW, there is no reference to a conversation about fishing for a “gut Feeling”

          I don’t know for sure if you are toying with folks here or not. Its just my opinion that you are deceiving your self.


          • CharlieM –

            The word Gut can be a fishing reference.

            I noticed a pattern. He uses fishing references in his interviews just like that. Instead of directly saying Gut a fish. He says he has a gut feeling.

            Like If I love cars and I want to hnt at that so I say I drank a six pack of beer. Then either the reader does or doesn’t think about MOPAR. Then next time I talk about dodging a question.

            So what do I know? Maybe he thinks the treasure will be found and maybe he just wanted to introduce the word Gut.


  45. I put in to TTOTC just recently with new eyes. The way I see it, this is not going to be done one weekend or over Spring Break. I have several solves that fit. Could one of them bring me to the TC? Sure could or maybe not. That’s the TTOTC.

  46. Allow me to throw this one out there and see the various opinions.

    Forrest said, “Generally speaking, there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one.

    There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty [proximity] to where I hid the treasure. f

    I have omitted the middle part of the quote where Forrest states his dislike for being on a trail and that there isn’t any adventure in that.

    So, does this imply that the treasure isn’t in Yellowstone NP? F wants people to have an adventure in searching for the treasure. States also that one should stay on the trails in YNP. Then says that there aren’t any human trails in close proximity to the treasure! Seems to me he is saying that your adventure lies elsewhere!

    • Definition of generally speaking. —used to say that a statement describes a general feeling or opinion relating to or affecting all the people or things in a group.

      The general opinion of most is that one should stay on the trails in YS. That doesn’t mean everyone should, including searchers. There are plenty of people that do off trail back country hikes in YS. I would guess the general opinion would not apply to them either.

      • Yes Aaron, I agree with your definition of “generally speaking etc…” And, I would agree this wouldn’t necessarily eliminate YNP as a search area. It’s not that definitive. However the question is, what is F implying? What if I paraphrased his statement…

        “Without getting specific, let me say that there are places where people should stay on the trail. YNP is one of those places. I’ve never liked staying on the trail. There isn’t any adventure in doing so. To find the treasure you will have to leave the trail.”

        So is he challenging people to be defiant to what should be done in YNP? Or is he saying, “Perhaps your efforts will be better spent elsewhere.” Personally, I think the latter.

    • Chris,
      I would not go looking for the treasure in any National Park or Indian Land.
      That doesn’t mean the clues are not in there but I don’t’ think the treasure is.

    • Implication is a tool frequently used by FF. But just implying
      something is not the same as making a statement/claim.

      Careful thinking and logic are important, as well as a decent
      vocabulary. Have you looked up “halt” in a dictionary?

      The above is part of my opinion. Yours may differ.

      • I admit I had not looked up “halt” in a dictionary. Aside from the traditional meaning of, “to stop” or “to cease direction” are we talking about, “a minor British railway station” or the archaic meaning, “to be lame.” Kidding aside. Perhaps there’s a meaning I’ve missed. (it’s happened a time or two)

        • Don’t forget to look up any Proto Indo European (PIE) meaning. The origin of the words are key to me as I think FF is a wordsmith by nature.
          Good luck in your word search.

    • Chris from C.,

      With regard to the Chase, my inclination would be to follow his advice. Stay on the paths in Yellowstone.

      As to your comment “I have omitted the middle part of the quote where Forrest states his dislike for being on a trail and that there isn’t any adventure in that.”, IMO that is the most important part of the quote because it ……. oh, sorry, I lost my train of thought.


    • Hi Chris

      I have always believed the TC is not in YNP. Forrest has dedicated a lot of space to it and the stories of his family and youth. I think of YNP as a big distraction to throw searchers off the trail of where the TC really is.

      Anyway that is my opinion, and many disagree.


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