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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xv for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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  1. There once was a man from Temple,
    Who has tried to set an example,
    To get the kids out,
    And go catch some trout,
    But if it’s the chest you seek,
    just keep it simple.

  2. Thank you jdiggins and Boaz for your kind comments on the previous “Poetry page”… see ya my friends…

    • Acredito que o livro seja traduzido apendas em inglês. N(a~)o sei se existe um programa on-line ondo se pode traduzir para a lingua portuguesa.

    • You seem to be full of smiley faces tonight jdiggins…. are you keeping something from us? Lol….. see ya my friend

  3. “ A Ship Within A Bottle “

    A ship within a bottle, it’s held by tempered glass,

    Kept from the open waters, a sea so grand and vast.

    Resting on its pedestal, it dreams of distant shores,

    But stuck within its bottle, it’s waves are never more.

    Though once this mighty ship, it sailed the oceans wide,

    Before it’s voyages ended, now trapped alone inside.

    A world it once discovered, with wind upon its sails,

    Now is just a memory, just stories it can tell.

    Someday it’s glass will shatter, and winds will gently blow,

    It’ll sail upon the waters, and carefree as it goes.

    Off into the sunset, on journeys bright and bold,

    To sail where winds may take it, to ports the future holds.

    Life is but a bottled ship, our journey waits inside,

    Waiting for our vessel, to sail on gentle tides.

    Don’t sit upon still waters, don’t wait on future winds,

    Break your glass and sail, on your journeys deep within…….

    By: Focused

    (To the tune of Follow the Yellow-brick Road)

    Follow the Forest Fenn Poem, follow the Forest Fenn Poem,
    Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Forest Fenn Poem
    Follow the Forest Fenn, follow the Forest Fenn
    Follow the Forest Fenn Poem.

    We’re off to find the Treasure, the Wonderful Treasure of Fenn
    You’ll find he hid the treasure with cleaver, if ever a Treasure there was
    If ever, oh ever, a Treasure there was, the Treasure of Fenn is one because,
    Because, because, because, because, because…
    Because of the wonderful things Fenn does
    We’re off to find the Treasure, the Wonderful Treasure of Fenn!

    • Good job Buccaneer1… had me tapping my foot…lol I just want to go see the wizard… 🙂 …. I’ve got a good heart and I’m not as rusty as I was and I’m also a lot braver now….
      See ya in oz my friend…..

      • More like one of the following JDiggins:

        We represent the Colorado Search Guild…

        We represent the Wyoming Search Guild…

        We represent the New Mexico Search Guild…

        We represent the Montana Search Guild…


    • (Clicking the heels of ruby slippers.)

      “There’s no place like home…of Brown. There’s no place like home…of Brown. There’s no place like home…”

      Hello Buccaneer1. I enjoyed this very much. 🙂

  5. The end is likely coming near,
    As Forrest predicts this is the year.
    I believe I’m not the only one
    That will miss the Chase when it is done.
    If I am the one that finds indulgence,
    It is because I made the most sense.
    My solve, for me was sketchy at best,
    So I left that one out and added the rest.
    When I went into the cold I thought well below freezing,
    But I warmed up to zero and thought Forrest was teasing!
    Clue number nine must be solved once you’re there,
    But everything else can be solved from your chair.
    So ease on back now, relax and know,
    I’m on the case and I won’t let go.
    I’m headed to the Rockies North of Santa Fe,
    I hope to see you there someday.

    • Good “penning” MichaelD – Good luck to Ya’. Ya’ gotta’ beat me there though 🙂 JDA

    • Good penning MichaelD, I enjoyed that…. no matter what the outcome is this year, the “chase” will forever live in our hearts….. have a great evening my friend…. until next time…see ya

      • Michael D. !!
        I am so glad to find your name. You are a real trouper. It was 4 – 5 years ago I penned against you. I took a break. Then the operation hit. Bam!
        Can’t read very well. Can’t compose. Can’t write worth spit.
        Went to the mountains only once with my family. But I have been on hikes all me life. So it was just a lark. From what I can sort of see, is someone close. Good luck, Michael D. I will try to catch up some now
        that I am back. MacSweeny jcjc107.home@gmail.com

  6. Go where the tress speak
    and the grass hides
    the truth of time
    in a moments chime
    Bells ringing in silent spaces
    Keeping silent t’ll shaken
    Alone in a place of childrens dreams
    Can I leave a small foot print where it should be?
    It’s only Me .

  7. I did not know you but your mother I know well
    You hid your torment, the truth you did not tell
    Many tears we have shed, a family torn apart
    If only you had shared your pain and let us see your heart
    This time without you has ripped us to our core
    Thinking of the days gone by, leaving us wanting more
    I wish you love on your next journey no matter where it might be
    Hoping for your happiness, until the next time your face we see.

  8. “ Tailing Streamers “

    I dreamt a dream of dreamers,

    Magic filled my peaceful night.

    A light with tailing streamers,

    Glaring back at me so bright.

    In that magic minute,

    Nothing seemed as real,

    Alone I stared upon it,

    The warmness I could feel.

    I see a man before me,

    On a peaceful desert rock.

    Navajo he seems to be,

    I heard him as he talked.

    Softly in his spirit voice,

    Words he shared with me.

    Helping is an act of choice,

    Every soul it has a need.

    Right your wrongs my friend,

    Eternity waits for you.

    Don’t waste it till the end,

    Relive your soul renewed.

    Even in my solemn dreams,

    Amidst my peaceful night.

    My vision of the man it seems,

    So warming and so bright.

    Live on, all you dreamers,

    Imagination is the key,

    Vision lights with tailing streamers,

    Every dream you’ll live to be…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- I was just messing around… read down the first letter of every sentence is says.. “ Imagination is where dreams live” …. have a great night everyone… until next time….sweet dreams…

        • I’m always amazed at the ability of people on here. There’s so much talent & imagination, it can be quite intimidating. I thank you all for sharing so openly. Words have never been my thing, they are so confusing. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

          • Your welcome Birdie… words have never been my thing either. It wasn’t until I joined the “chase” that my imagination took off. Before the chase I had never written a poem before, as of now, I have well over 300. Thanks to Forrest and the dare he has given me.
            By all means, don’t be intimidated here on the poetry page. Let your imagination soar and pen it for us….
            As for me, my penning is about over. “I’ve done it tired”…lol
            I look forward to reading your words Birdie….

            Have a great day my friend… until next time… see ya

  9. Spring Cleanin’

    Where did the time go to this year?
    How did it get so gray?
    Please send a talented painter right away.
    Start with Kelly green, add some Sky blue, don’t forget Sunny yellow and a few Red roses too.
    That’s more like it, now let’s open the windows to let the breeze in.

    Don’t forget to do your Spring chores before you go looking for treasure!

    • Same to you pdenver… thanks for the link…. until next time…. see ya my friend

  10. The poem is a tough one,
    too bad i am a dumb one,
    it’s better left to someone,
    who mathematically can find the right sum.
    A redneck from texas,
    and his dozen children too,
    how could he really say,
    they could have thought it fully through.
    “Take it in the canyon down”,
    this phrase it leaves me with a frown,
    sometimes i think it is a town,
    but then i feel like such the clown,
    if i could find the home of brown,
    i’d hit the trail boots on the ground.
    I’d search and scower each minute of the hour,
    and hopefully not forget,
    to stop and smell the pretty flower.
    To guess and wander before you ponder,
    will only find you in some far off yonder.
    The man is sharp, both sweet and tart,
    to find the chest you’ll be near to his heart.
    Without coordinates for this thing,
    you’ll never be able to find that bling.
    A hornet has a stinger,
    it’ll get you every time,
    if i could find indulgence,
    i’d live a life of full sublime.

  11. This is a repost of a poem I wrote for pdenver a while back. Enjoy your trip down memory lane pdenver…… see ya my friend….

    ” My Daughter ”

    Through many joyful learning years,

    Her knees got scrapped I wiped her tears,

    Small table in her room for tea,

    My feathered hat, she pours for me.

    In her teens I must confess,

    She tried and put me through the test.

    From prom night leaving with her friend,

    I knew that someday this would end.

    I know my child , here by my side,

    Will someday spread her wings and fly.

    The memories I’ll keep, throughout the years,

    I’ll look at them through salty tears.

    We finally made that drive to town,

    To help her find, that perfect gown.

    She glances over, from the book,

    I give a smile, and an approving look.

    I know that on her special day,

    I’ll proudly walk, and give her away.

    The tears I’ll shed, and so will she,

    Just seeing the woman, she’s came to be.

    Time like these, are bitter sweet,

    She’ll do just fine , on her own two feet.

    And if you read these words my girl,

    We love your dearly , go find your world…….

    By: Focused

    • Thank you so much for reposting this beautiful poem, my friend. To remember these precious moments puts a gentle smile upon my face. She is a mom to a 7 month old daughter now, and she’ll look back to those precious moments.

      • Your welcome pdenver, has it already been 7 months? Time sure flys….
        I just thought I’d bring back some memories for ya, along with a smile…. have a great night… see ya my friend

  12. “Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”
    —Rainer Maria Rilke

    The hope of new beginnings. Happy Spring!

  13. how did we get here,
    the question through the years,
    we started out swimming,
    but overcame our fears.
    we learned to crawl and then to walk,
    but speech took many years.
    some grew wings and soared like hawks,
    while some learned language and began to talk.
    we lived in holes,
    like tiny little moles,
    then a change occurred,
    and there were herds.
    lots of fauna and green upon us,
    and civilizations too,
    evolution or divinity,
    i’ll leave that choice to you.

  14. i’m young and naive,
    yet strive to perceive,
    the gift of knowledge,
    i’m glad to receive.
    my brain is electrified with thoughts of grandeur,
    i’ve lived my life without much candor.
    i brew in a pot of my own mental stew,
    the books i bought to read them all thru,
    my eyes are affixed like a thick sticky glue,
    the search for knowledge is all that i do.
    i read and i study,
    for my best little buddy,
    so when a question is asked,
    my answers aren’t cruddy.
    he asks me,
    dad where is the chest,
    i say i don’t know,
    i’m still on the quest.
    my journey thru life, with him is the best.
    i pause and wonder, what holds for the rest.
    a future untold,
    and a heart filled with gold,
    i hope i remember when i grow old,
    the treasure i sought stands in front of me,
    it’s four feet nine and weighs one hundred and three.

  15. Wow! I really like this one rapala67, so very true, our treasure we seek is really right before our eyes…. enjoy your treasures my friend…. until next time… see ya

  16. “The Real Treasure”

    How strong am I to continue to search,
    When others judge sharply from their lofty perch.
    “It’s not real, it’s not there!” Their voices profound,
    But I am too busy with boots on the ground.
    I’ve thought once or twice, “This must be the spot!”,
    But tired and humbled I find out it’s not.
    I try and I fail to find a single gold coin,
    But the real treasure is WHERE you are planning on going.
    The sound of birds chirping and water quick-running,
    can give a soul goosebumps, it’s really quite stunning.
    The iPhones and Starbucks are so overrated,
    For solitude and nature are never outdated.
    So here’s to Indulgence, wherever it is,
    To the hunters and fishers and the parents with kids,
    To all those retired who still seek the thrill,
    Will you continue to search, or do you not have the will?

    By: Jake

    Best of luck to all in the chase this year!! 🙂

    • Jake,
      Great penning my friend…I agree “The Real Treasure“ lies in the thrill of the chase. I think you’ve nailed the true essence of the chase in your words.
      Treasure your journeys my friend….

      “Our journey is not about seeing new places, it’s about it’s about seeing it with new eyes”

      Have a great day and thanks again for your words…. until next time… see ya Jake

  17. “Chilly Winds”

    Spirits carried in the wind, of life so long ago,

    Drift about among us, upon the breeze that blows.

    Take the time to listen, to what they have to say,

    Me I took the time, one hot bright sunny day.

    While walking through the desert, alone I strolled about,

    Not caring where I went, I knew my own way out.

    I stopped to rest within the shade, beside a giant boulder,

    The desert heat just faded, the breeze it got much colder.

    That is when it happened, a spirit I could see,

    A ghost like faded image, she walked right up to me.

    Still I sat and listened, to her every softened word,

    A voice as sweet as heaven, best voice that I have heard.

    She said she was a healer, she had a caring hand,

    Many friends she’s helped, throughout her native land.

    Through sickness and disease, she was by their side,

    Until the evil left them, and gone away to hide.

    We sat and talked for hours, my new found spirit friend,

    But as the wind died down, I knew our time has end.

    And as she softly faded, into the desert air,

    That is when I realized, That I was never there.

    When my eyes they opened, a doctor I could see,

    Family gathered round, each they looked at me.

    A miracle in the desert, they said it time again,

    But I knew it was the healing, from my spirit friend.

    Her spirit helped me through, the unforgiving odds,

    I know that she was sent, from the one and only God.

    Ever since that day, I’ve searched for my new friend,

    Walking miles throughout the desert, in search of chilly winds……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this is a repost, I wrote this poem for Anna a while back. Those of you who know me, know that these words are personal to me. Just thought I’d share them again. Have a great night everyone…. until next time… see ya my friends…

    • And again, the magic words of Focused paint us a picture so healing. Thank you my friend; – JDA

    • I’m glad you reposted this, Focused. I would love to see if you could describe your spiritual friend in another poem. If she shown herself as a physical/spiritual feature, what did she look like? Not sure if that makes any sense.

      • It makes perfect sense pdenver. Yes I will do that for you. Give me a couple days k . Lately I’ve been debating with myself about laying my pen down. But I’ll squeeze this one out for you. Have a great night pdenver….. until next time… see ya my friend…

          • I’m still debating it Jdiggins… thank you for your concern my friend. I will keep your thoughts in mind.
            My words over the years have been inspired by the “chase”. I only write for you guys. Heck, my immediate family doesn’t even know I write poetry.
            I don’t know…. I know I have one to write for pdenver… I hope I can explain her vision in my words…lol
            Have a great night jdiggins…. see ya my friend…

          • I hope you will find inspiration to continue aside from the chase. Your words here have enlightened, entertained and inspired many..including me. You have a great gift, and even if you just let it rest, please do not let it go. You are the poetry hero here my friend. 🙂

        • Thank you, Focused. I hope I don’t seem to appear selfish when I say that I hope you won’t quit penning.

          • Your not selfish at all pdenver…. I’ll do my best to describe her vision to you…k. See ya..

    • I am reminded of the saying a picture tells a thousand words but your poems brighten the soul. I loved reading it, thank you Focused for pointing it out.

      • Your welcome Idle Dreamer… if I can brighten one soul with my words, then it makes mine shine a little brighter too….
        See ya my friend…

  18. your very welcome JDA…. Have a great night my friend…. Until next time.. see ya

  19. Focused…
    Have you talked to your pen about this! I think it might say something like this….

    “To put me down I understand
    But please do keep me close at hand!
    So if in time you need for me
    Next to your heart is where I’ll be”

    Lol just meesin with ya my friend 🙂

    • Good job spallies… used or not my pen and the “chase” will always be close at heart….

      I love it when you just “mess around”… keep it up my friend… until next time.. see ya spallies

  20. “ Let Me Know “

    Ever since that dreadful day, out in the desert west,

    I’ve searched for chilly winds, with a warmness in my chest.

    I’m looking for my special friend, a spirit of long ago,

    She brought me special healing, when it was time for me to go.

    I know that she was sent to me, from God way up above,

    A messenger of heavens mail, sealed with a touch of love.

    When evil lurked around me, and the pain it filled my chest,

    That is when my loving faith, was put through a mighty test.

    I still recall the dreadful day, that her spirit came to me,

    5 years have quickly passed away, but her vision I can see.

    A ghostlike faded image, she looked Apache bred,

    Maybe in her twenties, with a bandanna around her head.

    Holding down her hair of black, silky, long and straight,

    With a handmade woven belt, just tied around her waist.

    Her deerskin robe it hung, to just about her knees,

    Her hair was gently blowing , standing in that chilly breeze.

    Her face it had a calming glow, her eyes were filled with love,

    Her voice was softly spoken, as if speaking from above.

    My spirit friend I miss her, but until we meet again,

    I’ll stroll across these deserts, in search of chilly winds.

    The odds were stacked against me, my end was very near,

    Her spirit was sent to save me, so others now can hear.

    If your hiking in a desert, then a cool wind starts to blow,

    And you see my spirit friend, would you please, just let me know?

    By: Focused

    P.s.- here it is pdenver, I hope this is what you wanted. Everyone, this is an extension to the poem above titled “Chilly Winds”… have a great day… until next time… see ya

    • One request – was it just yesterday – and another masterpiece – What talent my friend. Well Done (as usual) – JDA

      • Thanks JDA, yes yesterday pdenver wanted to know what the spirit looked like. For me this poem was easy to write, I already had the vision of her in my mind.
        Thank you once again JDA for your kind words… have a great day buddy…. until next time… see ya

    • Focused,

      I don’t normally read poems, I usually leave half way through.

      Excellent, I could see it in my mind at being there in a spiritual place and still very alive. Again excellent!

      • Thank you CharlieM, I’m glad you could visualize the spirit woman and the picture I was painting.
        That’s why I write what I call “simple” poetry, so it can be enjoyed by all and they don’t run off in the middle…lol
        Have a great evening CharlieM….. thanks again…. until next time… see ya

    • Please don’t stop penning, your words have meant more to me than you’ll ever know. Thank you for so many good ones! I hope you continue on with many more!

      • Jeannie,
        I’m honored that my simple little words mean so much to you. Thank you for such a kind comment…. it warms my heart…. take care my friend… see ya

      • A little chilly Amber? Grab a blanket my friend…. and thank you, I’m glad you liked it….. until next time… see ya

    • Absolutely breathtaking, my friend. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for penning this vision so that we may all see your spiritual friend. I hope you’ll see her once more, but not until its time.

      • Thank you pdenver from the bottom of mine. It was “you” who made this one possible. If you had not requested it, it would never have been written…..
        I have no doubt, I’ll see her again…
        Have a great evening pdenver… see ya my friend….

      • I’m glad you loved it jdiggins… I may just take a break and see how it goes. I’ve had so much on my mind lately and I feel at times I’m letting you guys down if I don’t Pen. Besides, they’re stacking up (350 or so to date) and I still haven’t figured the book thing out yet…lol I guess my satisfaction comes from the kind comments from all of you guys. Well, I’ll get off my soapbox now…lol have a great night jdiggins…. until next time… see ya my friend

          • Thank you Gdogger…. your kind words are appreciated… have a good day…. until next time.. see ya

    • Focused- You poems are magical and more than you perhaps say… I have had a shamanic healing around such a spirit, and this is such a beautiful loving ode to such a healing. There is no doubt that you have been blessed with her presence… may she visit you again – under better circumstances next time. 🙂

      • A beauty and a blessing indeed. The kindness, mercy and understanding seen on this blog truly teaches me that these posters encapsulate astounding love. I find hope in humanity here. Without focused poems I’m nearly certain the world would be a much darker place. You should publish immediately.

        • Gdogger,
          I agree, many people here have hearts as big as Texas.
          Yes, I try to lighten dark corners when I can. If only one light comes on, then I have done my part….
          I’m glad you like the words I Pen Gdogger… as far as publishing, I guess I’m a dummy when it comes to that..lol maybe I’ll have a vision of that too..lol
          Have a great night….. until next time… see ya

          • Bot? you lost me on that one Gdogger…. I’ve been called a few things in my life , but never a bot…. lol see ya…..

          • A bot, just means your not a real person but a computer program writing automated responses. I apologize. Remember to enjoy the little things brotha. Until next time buddy. Stay warm out there too. Its snowing here. I imagine sipping on creamy delicious hot chocolate. So scrumptuous and sweet. Little pancakes sone syrup. Read a few of your enlightening poems. Until next time, see you my kind friend.

          • That’s what I thought Gdogger, no apologies needed my friend….enjoy your day too…. here the grass is green and the wildflowers are blooming….

            Until next time… see ya

      • Thank you J for your kind comment. Spirits of the past are alive and speak, we just need to listen…..
        My near death experience now shines new light upon every day. We are never promised tomorrow…..
        Thank you again for your kind words… until next time… see ya

    • Definitely would love to have your book when it comes out. My near death experiences aren’t as poetic. The fact you can bring such beauty makes me hope you find your spirit friend.

      • I’ll keep you posted on the book Idle Dreamer ….k I have penned several others about it too, another is “Miracle In The Desert”….
        I know we’ll meet again in due time… until then, I plan on living life large…lol
        Thank you for your kind comment my friend…. until next time… see ya

        • Hi Focused, I suppose I should have worded that better, lol. Perhaps in a dream at the threshold between here and there.

  21. I Must Go

    When the daily grind has taken its toll,
    The crisp clean air, it it soothes my soul.
    The rustle of aspens and a whiff of sage,
    I go back to the place that knows no age.
    I see Mountains mist when I close my eyes
    And pines so tall that they touch the skies.
    Once calm rivers that can suddenly turn wild,
    Ever-changing weather, fierce and then mild.
    In the meadows ,flowers are a riot of color,
    This special place that is like no other .
    I can’t be there , but , oh how I long to be!
    My mind takes where my soul can be free .
    To those craggy peaks ever capped with snow.
    The mountains are calling and now I must go.

  22. Oops. Wrong one above

    Should have been

    June blue sky’s of Montana dare
    The bold, the beautiful, all are there
    Amidst pine’s sweet scent and soft silent rain
    Montana wonders if he’ll ever come back again?

    The Madison remembers his masterful cast
    The swing of the lure in it’s waters fast
    But the rivers most favorite ever fishermen
    Was a cute little feller, a boy of ten.

    The Gallatin remembers a different man
    An teenager who upon its banks he ran
    So wonderful a fisher was trained in there
    By riffles and holes and a wise father’s care

    The Gallatin peaks sometimes move about
    Some call them earthquakes but there is no doubt
    The wilderness spirits are calling to he
    The Forrest which few man can ever be

  23. Jdiggins, I have a repost for you coming up k…. enjoy your trip down memory lane.. :-). See ya my friend..

  24. This repost is for you jdiggins, enjoy your journey down memory lane…. everyone else, I wrote this poem around 2015, one night while and jdiggins were goofing off…. Enjoy….

    ” Campfire Stories ”

    While out in the mountains ,  searching for gold ,

     At the campfire , where stories are told .

    Waiting your turn , while everyone tells ,

    Of Their daily adventures , and dusty ole trails.

    Your patience pays off , now your time has come ,

    To tell them your story , of a day full of fun.

    You start your story , as all searchers do ,

    At warm waters halt ,  sounds perfect to you .

    All ears are listening , while each clue you pass ,

    Pausing sometimes ,  for a sip from your glass .

    The campfire is burning , while your poking about

    The embers are rising , then quickly go out.

    Your story’s about over , your down to the blaze ,

    All eyes  are upon you , steady fixed and a gaze.

    Just when your ready , to tell them about ,

    A loudly ole ” Fart ” , done found it’s way out !

    Laughing and joking , from all of your friends ,

    You gather yourself , to tell them the end ….

    No one is listening , lost in the moment ,

    Nothing to do now , just sit there and own it.

    The campfire is shining , a very low light ,

    But That’s not the only blaze , that’s gone for tonight……….

    By : Focused 

      • Thanks Copperhead….
        We were just having fun back then….. good memories… see ya my friend

      • Yeah, no offense to anyone…. we were just having fun back then… jdiggins said something along the line, “focused, if you wrote about a flatulent wind it would be poetry”… so I wrote it in response to her…lol
        See ya my friend…

  25. Winkle and floss

    Sheeple and toss

    Fenns great courage of mice and men

    Leads the posters to peace of love

    We all win in this great chase

    God bless

  26. A challenge was given by Mr. Fenn
    To find the burial place he had planned to be in
    He was hoping for history and to be petrified
    But searchers of the treasure will not be denied!

    They search the hills and even cliffs steep
    They ramble along creeks and under every log peep
    But the treasure guffaws at their attempts so lame
    It’s aimed for eons and eventual fame!

    Hundreds of hikers in the summertime pass
    The treasure in its slumber, hid below grass
    The stones and sticks and even stems giggle
    As the hikers pass by and the ground gives a wiggle

    It’s there in its cache, a great hidey spot
    Not where the hints lead…it’s where they lead not!
    Prickly ends protect from predators of where
    The bones were, after all, supposed to lie there

    A better spot could not have been found
    Nestled like a fur pack cache just below ground
    Hidden not buried as normal would be
    Fenn wanted to hide forever like he did behind a tree.

    • The strength and honor of the greats,

      Fenn has joined and will ever succeed,

      The best of a few and a mighty fallen

      He withstood the war and won a new

      A beacon of light that we may forever follow

      Fenns treasure awaits the strongest posters and workers.

      Fight for truth and freedom or honesty

      Fenn treasure will give freedom to the strongest of searchers.

    • Good job copperhead I enjoyed that…. I liked the line “as the hikers pass by and the ground gives a wiggle” ……. thanks for the smile my friend…. have a great day…. until next time… see ya

  27. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE !!!!! Enjoy your time with family……. until next time….. see ya…

    • Great Fenn has beloved all these powerful searchers,

      Lord of love and easter bliss,

      Contango mysterious on breads fast wheat,

      Sprinkle of mysteries and posters delight.

      The love of fenn and his searchers are so great.

      May we all rejoice in fenn and find great peace of day in this beautiful day

  28. The little birds sing not so pretty
    with a catch in their throat
    The verse seems almost sad
    But its already wrote
    The eagle sees not so well
    with a tear in his eye
    The verse makes my heart hurt
    I cant figure why
    The Bunny in the road
    didn’t reach the other side
    The verse makes me happy
    that Jesus died
    We all have a beautiful home
    already built
    The verse gives us hope
    even when flowers wilt
    Teach all our children
    to stare at the son
    This verse gives ponder
    What parents have done
    Lessons unlearned lie
    scattered about
    This verse awakens all
    with a shout

    • Wow! I really liked this one Treader…. there is so much to be heard within your words… thank you my friend for sharing them…. have a good day.. and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it… until next time… see ya

  29. This poem is for you Jeannie, enjoy your “Simple Treasures” my friend…… until next time…. see ya

    “ Simple Treasures “

    Alone within a mountain tent,

    Lying on my sleeping bag.

    Thinking of the day I’ve spent,

    The adventures that I’ve had.

    The forest it is talking,

    Beyond my nylon wall.

    Small critters gently walking,

    A lonesome hoot owls call.

    The wind is softly blowing,

    Tree shadows on my tent.

    In thought my mind keeps going,

    To the places that I’ve went.

    Stars fill the nighttime sky,

    Beyond the net above.

    Life is very grand for me,

    Just doing what I love.

    I’m looking for a treasure,

    Here in these mountains wide.

    No words can even measure,

    To what I feel inside.

    And if I never find it,

    Then that’s ok by me.

    I know the treasure sits,

    Outside surrounding me.

    In peace I drift away,

    Into a silent slumber.

    With thoughts of one great day,

    Below this mountain sky I’m under.

    For me I have no sorrow,

    Moon shines upon the trees.

    I dream of my tomorrow,

    And what treasures it will bring……

    By: Focused

    • Oh Focused, what a nice surprise and it’s beautiful. I can picture the night sky full of stars. I think this one is my new favorite, thank you so much, it’s very special.

      • Your very welcome Jeannie…. I’m glad you could see the peaceful night sky above. Have a great day tomorrow, and enjoy your “Simple Treasures” as you go about it….. until next time… see ya my friend

      • Thanks pdenver… I was just reminiscing of the times I’ve had in the mountains. The solitude of the mountains mixed with a bedroll on a starry night…… priceless!!!
        Have a great day pdenver… see ya my friend..

      • I’m glad that you can see the picture that I was trying to paint Copperhead…have a great evening my friend… see ya

    • Focused, you exhibit a maturing in your poem penning.

      Keep up the excellent work, friend! 🙂

      • Thanks Specialklr, I appreciate your kind words….. I just felt like Jeannie needed a peaceful and relaxing poem so I jotted it down for her…. I’m truly glad that you like my words and can see an improvement in them….
        I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and sometimes my penning relaxes me too…lol
        Have a great evening my friend and remember to “smile”… it makes everyone wonder what your up to…lol. See ya…

    • Thanks Dal for the links. They were interesting to read. Sounds like a lot of fun…. have a great day…. see ya my friend…

    • wait a minute!! ..did someone say “cowboy poetry welcome”? or..

  30. To those forever searching
    For a gift so hard to find,
    Whether with a certain value
    Or be it of another kind.

    Perhaps it is the hoping
    Or the answers that will stay,
    Perhaps it is the journey
    Or what’s found along the way.

    No matter how we see it
    Time will always play its part,
    But will it bring us closer
    To the end or to the start?


    • Great job Casper, I really liked reading your words. To me the treasure lies within the journey…..
      Have a great night… Until next time…. See ya

  31. This is a repost from 2015… I just wanted to say “make a difference, Be a mentor to a child and it’ll improve both of your lives”….. See ya my friends…

    ” Blank Slate ”

    I came into this world so frail , blank slate in which to write ,

    Loved ones wrote the first few words , with caring chalk of white.

    Words were small and simple , my mind was very young ,

    From that moment forward , my eager mind begun.

    Beside my growing mind of slate , an eraser you would find,

    To remove unwanted words of grey , not needed in my mind.

    Decade past  , my slate has grown , my mind is taking shape,

    Nourished by the ones who care , still writing on my slate.

    Word by word , my list grew long , with each passing year ,

    Speaking words of wisdom , to those who want to hear.

     Many, many years have passed , my hair is turning grey ,

    On my slate , a million words , since that fragile day.

    Now sitting in a waiting room , for my grandchild I  do wait.

    To come into this world so frail , and with an empty slate.

    Simple words I’ve chosen , and with my chalk in hand,

    To write upon an empty slate , that’s tender and so grand.

    The time has come , to write my words , first words to start anew,

    Gently with my chalk of white ,  I write , ” I Love You “.

    Beside my growing grandchild , I’ll walk through out the years,

    Oh the stories I will tell , to fill those tender ears.

    We all have words of wisdom , written on our slate of time,

    Take a moment, choose some words , and pass them down the line.

    Help a growing , slate of words , begin a brand new start ,

    If you do this , trust in me , you’ll feel it in your heart…………..

    By: Focused

    • I didn’t put it in my post but, diggin gypsy this repost is for you… Enjoy your time with your new grandchild… See ya my friend

    • I’m glad you reposted this for Diggin gypsy, Focused. It’s like this nice poem.

      • Mind couldn’t decide if I wanted to say “It’s a really nice poem,” or “I like this poem.”

        • Thanks pdenver… just blame it on the auto correct… that’s what everyone else does…lol
          Hey, by your name I’m assuming you live near Denver …. if so, I’m gonna be up that way around May 3rd….
          have a great night pdenver…. see ya my friend…

          • You’re welcome, Focused. No need to blame the auto correct. Sometimes I find my typing doesn’t go as quickly as my thoughts, and then I forget to proofread. You’re correct, I live north of Denver. Have a good evening, my friend.

          • I totally understand pdenver, when I’m writing my thoughts are way ahead of my fingers too…lol
            I will be going north of Denver also, up around Johnstown. If you get time I’d love to meet you and have a cup of coffee or something with ya. My email is springtime1996@hotmail.com

            Have a great day pdenver….. until next time… see ya my friend….

  32. Thanks for your comments. For me it’s the answers, but I’m not in a position to test mine. I’m happy to share if you drop me an email
    casperryden4 at gmail dot com
    Take care.


  33. “Native Voices”

    Wrath fell upon a noble clan,

    Where greedy men once sought.

    Enraged by this new foreign man,

    They vowed to give them naught.

    Bows held in, their mighty hands,

    With guns approaching fast.

    They kneeled upon the river sands,

    Their battles here at last.

    Through tempered eyes the shots they rang,

    Through faith the arrows flew.

    Their future on this battle hangs,

    On this fight that now ensues.

    Blue coats left their speedy mounts,

    With arrows in their breast.

    Natives lay in mighty counts,

    Red holes within their chest.

    Homemade wooden arrows,

    Couldn’t match the greedy guns.

    To save more blood and sorrow,

    Surrender had now begun.

    The chief within this noble clan,

    Standing in the sands of red.

    Tear in his eye, spoke to his men,

    His echoed words were said.

    He gazed across the mighty land,

    Spoke midst the winter weather.

    “From where the sun now stands,

    I will fight no more forever”.

    By: Focused

    P.s- I think we can all learn something from these words spoken by Chief Joseph……
    Have a great evening my friends…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it pdenver…. “words spoken so many years ago should not be silenced by time” they still echo loudly, if we listen….. that is the gift my friend…… until next time… see ya

    • Such a sad but brave “painting”. Thanks again, my friend, for sharing your words. You make us think and remember times past, and this is good. Thanks again – JDA

      • JDA,
        History was not always pleasant, battles come and go, then come again… are we ever gonna learn from the past?
        The words of Chief Joseph ring loud in my heart, I think the world needs to stop look at “where the sun now stands”…..
        Thank you for your kind words… have a great evening JDA…. see ya my friend…

        • You are most welcome my friend – I agree – “I think the world needs to stop look at “where the sun now stands”…..” JDA

  34. “The Mighty Yellowstone River”

    Sun glistens on the mighty Yellowstone River.
    Tranquility in its surroundings.
    Grunting bison, and squawking ravens,
    mingled in the smell of pine.
    Into the cold and steady flow,
    with fly rod at the ready.
    Sure-footed upon the rocks;
    edging towards the middle.
    Like a Conductor with baton,
    ready to orchestrate,
    so does the rod within the hand.
    Swirling cast up above,
    gently lay upon the waters.
    Drifting, dancing the fly afloat;
    to orchestrate once more.
    Time passes quickly,
    on the mighty Yellowstone River.

    • Great penning pdenver!!! I could picture a fisherman easing off into the “Mighty Yellowstone”… surrounded by peace and tranquillity…. love it !
      Keep up your penning my friend…
      you make me want to go fishing..lol
      Until next time.. see ya my friend…

      • I’m glad you loved it, my friend. Hope you’ll find yourself one day on the mighty Yellowstone River.

  35. “ Times Echo “

    Time it has an echo, just listen now my friend,

    The past will come alive, repeating now and then.

    If we listen to it’s echo, we’ll know what lays ahead,

    Our future will be brighter, by what the past has said.

    I sit here in this desert space, and with my ears tuned in,

    I hear the echos loudly, and how it was back then.

    Apaches lined in numbers, across these desert sands,

    To fight for Mother Earth, to save their native lands.

    I also hear the sounds, on a beach in Normandy,

    It’s gunfire ravished wildly, near the bluff along the sea.

    Echos keep a coming, as I sit here all alone,

    I hear the brave young voices, once here and now their gone.

    In a humid seaside jungle, in a place called Vietnam,

    Time it took more soldiers, it echos in this sand.

    I look across this desert, with sweat upon my brow,

    I think about the wars, the time, the place, the how.

    If we listen to times echo, and hear what lays ahead,

    We can stop this crazy cycle, no war is worth the dead.

    We all can make a difference, by the choices that we make,

    Let’s muffle out times echo, and live for goodness sake……..

    By: Focused

      • Thank you Twingem, have a great day my friend….. until next time… see ya

      • Thanks pdenver, I’m glad you enjoyed it…. have a great day… see ya my friend..

    • Too bad that the wars must echo in our ears, but that is a part of who we are I guess. Thanks again Focused, for letting us share your wonderful talent – An admiring Friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA … thanks for your kind words…. enjoy your day my friend…. until next time.. see ya

    • Good morning, Focused. 🙂

      You’ve nailed it on the head. That’s the human side of us.
      If we will listen to the “echo”, we will crave the other side.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Your friend, SpecialKLR.

      • Your welcome specialklr, thanks to you for your comment…. have a great day my friend… see ya

    • Focused,

      That my friend is very good, you should publish all that you have said. I normally don’t pay attention to poems, this is the second one here that I truly liked. This one I can truly relate to as I have seen those that have fallen near me.


      • Thank you CharlieM, I’m glad you liked my words. I salute those near you that have fallen, because of them I penned this poem. As far as publishing, I’m kinda lost on how to go about it and like Forrest, I’m inefficient at times too…lol… As of now I have penned about 350 poems here on Dal’s blog. I know I should be more efficient…. 🙂
        Thank you CharlieM for your kind words.. have a great evening my friend…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you Veronica S, knowing you enjoy my words makes it worthwhile to me… have a great evening… see ya my friend…

  36. God gave you a gift my friend. Your words echo in my ears and I hope in many other’s. One person can speak and two can hear. 🙂

    • Your kind words are appreciated jdiggins. Every time I watch the news I get sad. It’s always reporting about countries fighting each other, threatening each other, and some go as far as using chemical weapons on their own people etc. why? For power, money or greed etc. for that reason, I don’t watch much tv anymore. There are many good things going on in this world and I think they need their time in the spotlight. Maybe then kindness and goodwill will be heard by others….. this world needs to learn from the past….. IMO
      Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox for now. Have a great day jdiggins, and remember, a smile is contagious….. until next time… see ya my friend…

    • Thanks spallies, yeah my penning has about stopped lately. I realized that my last two poems (Native Voices, and Times Echo) are both about war.. and I need to find a happy place in my mind to pen…
      I don’t know about “right on target” spallies… but I’m shooting…..lol
      Have a good day and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. see ya my friend…

  37. I thought lost gold was only true in fairy tales
    Meant for peg legged pirates but not for me
    Luck was out to get me
    That’s the way it seemed
    But disappointment haunted all my dreams

    Then I saw the Blaze, now I’m a believer
    Not a trace of doubt in my mind
    I’m near the trove, I’m a believer
    I know I’ll retrieve her if I try

    I thought the Chase was more or less a givin’ thing
    Seems the more I searched the less I got
    What’s the use in hiking?
    All you get is pain
    I went to smell the sunshine but I got rain

    Then I saw the Blaze, now I’m a believer
    No trace of doubt in my mind
    When I find the chest, I’ll be a believer
    I wouldn’t leave her if I tried!

    • Very nice! Since I think the blaze has a female connotation (smile at a homely girl), “then I saw the blaze” and “then I saw her face” both work. 🙂

    • Hi, randawg, I loved this! Been awhile since I got a fit o’ the giggles, and it took me back to one of the most fun, carefree times of my life. Thank you for sharing.

      • Hey! I thought your name was “Curiously off-topic”?
        Didn’t your mommy take away your internet privileges?

    • Good penning randawg… thanks for the smile 🙂
      Have a great day my friend… see ya

  38. “ Upon The Sand “

    Feel the gentle sandy beads,

    The caressing, soothing hand.

    Warmth upon your tiresome feet,

    As you stroll across the sand.

    You just self reflecting,

    Walk with a gaze up high.

    Casually remembering,

    Through years that passed on by.

    The footprints on your endeavor,

    Sands art, from which you stand.

    Of course, now framed forever,

    Time spent upon the sand…..


    P.s. if you read down the first word of every sentence it says, “ Feel the warmth as you walk casually through the sands of time”……. just messing around… have a great day my friends….

  39. ” Widow Of A Hero ”

    Please let me have my time, I’ll do it all alone,

    Take a wreath of memory, to my soldier who is gone.

    A hero fell for all, my hero to be exact,

    Moment lost in time, never to come back.

    In a giant cemetery , with thousands of white stones,

    Silence in my ears, as I walk alone.

    To the row of 36 , the plot of 104,

    Honor in my heart, I miss you even more.

    Our lives continue on, without you standing here,

    Fallen you may be, but your voice I often hear.

    Soldiers of a country, because of you I’m free,

    Thanks to my special hero, for your life you’ve given me………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word of every sentence it says ……
    ” Please Take A Moment In Silence To Honor Our Fallen Soldiers, Thanks ”
    Have a great Memorial Day my friends……

    This is a repost of a poem I wrote last Memorial Day… I thought I’d give it one more show…. have a great weekend my friends…. until next time… see ya.

    • Gulp. Geeze, Focused. You have no idea how many times your words have choked me up, made me misty eyed, made me want to time travel and made my imagination go there. Your words always touch me.

      • I’m sorry for the misty eyes Jeannie , it’s nice to know that my words have touched you… exactly the point I wanted to relay in this poem….. “to some the reality of war may not be as real, but to others it’s as real as it gets”
        Have a great weekend my friend and remember to give to them your moment of silence…. until next time… see ya Jeannie ….

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Focused . A beautiful tribute to those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.
      Thank you

      • Your welcome Veronica S… freedom is not cheap, many brave and courageous men and women have paid our toll for freedom…. to them I salute…..
        Have a great weekend my friend… see ya

    • Hmm… I lost my post??? Where did it go? Thanks for posting again Focused and thank you to all the Veterans out there. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend 🙂

    • Amazing Focused. Your thoughtful words tell the story of Memorial Day and the brave who fought and died for the love of our great nation.

      • Thank you cindyM… frerdoms cost is high…they are my heros , no doubt… see ya my friend

  40. Fallen heroes peacefully rests under grassy fields.
    Mourners come to show respect; wiping away their tears.
    Our brave who answered the call will not be forgotten.
    The stars and stripes unfurls, while notes of Taps fills the air.

    Words will never be enough to our fallen heroes and to the family and friends who grieve.

  41. the heart knows all, both the good and the bad.
    it can make you happy or keep you sad.
    when i was a young thing, not more than a lad,
    i was taught right from wrong, by a guy named dad.
    it wasn’t always easy, but i sure am glad.
    he never gave up on me, not even when mad.
    now i find myself that guy named dad,
    and it’s my life’s goal to do best i can.
    i’ll use both hands to mold him,
    to be a quality man i’ll show him.
    i’ll tell him everyday that i love him,
    and wrap both arms round to hold him.
    a heart filled with love is a true heart emboldened.
    compassion and caring is what’s really for the daring,
    why is it so hard, the loving and caring?
    my son gets it all, at a very young age,
    i wish more could see and make it a rage,
    how peace on earth should be a mans gauge,
    not power and money, nor men in a cage.

    • Rapala67, I liked this a lot, beautiful words. I have no idea how everyone thinks up the words for all the great poems around here, but im glad they do. I really enjoy reading them!

    • Rapala67, thanks for sharing your words….. i really liked them… see ya my friend

  42. Very fine words pdenver…. thanks for giving our heros and their families the respect they deserve…. see ya my friend

  43. a box with key and lock,
    two boots on the ground and a hole in my sock.
    thru puddles i muddle,
    the clues aint so subtle,
    two horse shoes i brought so my luck might be double.
    the trip that i’ve chosen,
    like fine thread will be woven,
    into the fabric of my mind.
    funny lingo and even bingo,
    some pictures at the start,
    old biddies and large cities and even fancy art,
    it’ll take two lifetimes to put it together,
    many thoughts in the wind,
    like the flight of a feather.
    the wood that you seek is the center of a tree,
    the heart some call it, is where you will be.
    it sits on a hillside all covered in trees,
    but in plain sight, there for all who can see.

    • Rapala67, you’ve nailed it on this one… I like it… I really like the line “it’ll take two lifetimes to put it together “ … keep up the good penning my friend… and have a great night… until next time… see ya

  44. an ode for what’s owed,
    for men that stood bold,
    for bloods that did spill,
    we should all get a bill.
    young boys were killed,
    as politicos shilled.
    they served their country well,
    as their brethern were feld.
    fearful and courageous both at the same time,
    they marched into danger with a rhythm like rhyme.
    so lets not forget the price that they paid,
    and pay what we owe with a thanks and respect,
    as we lay flowers at the places they rest.

  45. “Farewell”

    I once was here, but now I’m gone,

    In search of trails, to walk upon.

    To share the peace, within myself,

    So others can reap, my inner wealth.

    My Memories made, in days gone past,

    A thousand dreams, will forever last.

    Until the day, my soul does fly,

    I’ll ask the solemn, question why?

    Those answers, I may never know,

    But peace on earth’s, the seeds I’ll sow.

    To friends I’ve made, upon my trail,

    Deep in my heart, I bid farewell…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- I just wanted to everyone that my penning days are over and I’m laying down my pen. I may lurk on the blogs from time to time , but my words are silenced…… have a great day everyone and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it……

    See ya…..

    • Focused;

      So sad that you have decided to lay down your pen. Only you can decide what you must do – All I can say is that I will miss your words and pictures more than you know. You have a gentle soul sir, and it has been wonderful to share your beautiful thoughts. Go in peace my friend. Know that you will ever be welcome. If ever I can be of help – you know how to reach out.

      Your friend and admirer – JDA

    • Focused, until we meet again, may peace be upon you and may happiness fill your heart.

    • Focused-
      I am so sorry to hear that your pen has stilled. You have such a way with words and the poetry pages will not be the same without you. Please stay in touch!

    • Focused, I have a really hard time with goodbyes, so I’m not going to say goodbye! Thank you for all the nice poems, they sparked my imagination and I was always so grateful for that.

    • Focused,
      So many smiles
      And emotions you’ve brought
      You’ve filled our hearts
      And our minds with thought
      Your penning here
      Will surely be missed
      And you reconsider
      I must insist!

      Thank you for all your words and sharing your giant heart with us.
      If nothing else, reconsider picking your pen back up again for yourself…
      Much love my friend…
      Until next time…

  46. Thank you guys for your very kind words, each and every comment was heartfelt…. I think back over the last five years and the time spent amongst all of you will be forever etched in my memories…

    JDA, your words over the years gave me drive to continue penning….

    Nearindianajones, I’ll never forget the first time I met you and Keri, and our first handshake in the dark…

    Jdiggins, wow, where do I start ? First off thank you for your kind words above, and thank you for giving me a nudge to pen early on and then another nudge and another…lol and thank you for being a true friend…..

    I feel like I should not stop penning for you guys without a little explanation…

    So here goes, I’ve been in the chase for 5 years and I will continue to chase my dreams for as long as it takes, not penning poetry. So watch what you say because I’ll be lurking…lol At this point in my chase I have invested 5 years in deep thought, 27 trips to the Rocky Mountains , 60-65 thousand miles driving and spent a lot of money doing it, penned 350 poems for you guys here while responding to every comment, not to mention my imagination running wild for 5 years.
    To sum it up…. I’m tired and I need to slow down some and unfortunately I don’t have a place where the world will stop and let me off. So in order to continue chasing my dreams (which I will do) I need to let some things go and that’s why I’m laying down my pen. I feel I have gave it 110% in my chase, here on dal’s blog and in poetry…. from here on out I will directing my 110% towards the chase…
    I hope you all understand….. you guys keep the poetry page going k ….
    dal, thank you for all you do here….
    Maybe we’ll meet on the trail…. until next time… see ya my friends….


    • Focused;

      As I said earlier – Follow your heart my dear friend. Put your heart and soul into the chase, and we all hope that you find it – So you can pen up a poem of celebration. You know that we all love you and your poems – Follow your dream my friend – Until next time – JDA

      • JDA, thanks again…. your a true friend… if I was fortunate enough to find it, I promise you we’ll have one heck of a Fennboree finale…lol
        Take care…. see ya my friend

      • Thank you Amber for being there for me through the years… see ya my friend

    • for you focused:

      the pen ran dry as it fell from his hand,
      but the words he has written will forever stand,
      like ink stained wisdom all across the land,
      he had a style all his own, some call it a brand.
      a stranger he was when we first met,
      a friend in the end that i’ll never forget.
      with a verse and a rhyme he could make the words chime,
      and jot down those verbs with lighting fast time.
      good bye he’s says, i wish it not,
      his friendship and words shall not be forgot.

      • Wow, thank you rapala67, I’m honored to receive such words…. they are heartfelt for sure.. I could feel the warmth of a friend… thank you again…. see ya

  47. “Sonnet”
    by John Clare

    I love to see the summer beaming forth
    And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north
    I love to see the wild flowers come again
    And mare blobs stain with gold the meadow drain
    And water lilies whiten on the floods
    Where reed clumps rustle like a wind shook wood
    Where from her hiding place the Moor Hen pushes
    And seeks her flag nest floating in bull rushes
    I like the willow leaning halfway o’er
    The clear deep lake to stand upon its shore
    I love the hay grass when the flower head swings
    To summer winds and insects happy wings
    That sort about the meadow the bright day
    And see bright beetles in the clear lake play

    Wishing everyone a great first day of Summer and Summer season.

      • I’m glad you liked it, JDA. I thought John Clare did a great job describing Summer in his poem.

    • Thanks for sharing “Sonnet” with us pdenver… I liked that…. I hope you have a great summer too….


      In the cooling mountain breeze,

      Under dancing aspen leaves,

      I walk alone.

      No worries for me,

      Living life free,

      Before summers gone….

      By: Focused

      Little Quickie for ya pdenver… thanks for the inspiration…. see ya my friend.. have a great summer…

      • I’m glad you liked it, Focused. Thank you so much for the poem you penned for me. It’s kind of you to do so. I really like it a lot. I have experienced such pleasure and long to do it again. I hope others will do so, too.

      • I wish I could read all your poems. There are just too many for me.
        So, I will do my best to read one at a time. I miss the group that was hanging out 4-5 years ago. Maybe I can find some of them. For now, I will enjoy your poetry.

        Life is a joy
        My children in the front room
        Noise scrambles my brain
        Yet I am so glad to be here.
        Waking up.
        Hey, I’m still here.
        I give thanks to Him.

  48. Whose woods are these? That tales been told.
    About a home of Brown and treasures bold;
    He will never see me searching here
    To find his chest that’s filled with gold.

    The wood is lovely and not for the meek.
    But Fenn has secrets there to keep.
    And too far to walk when you are weak.
    And too far to walk when you are weak.

    (Apologies to Mr Frost) 🙂

  49. “ A Knicker In The Night”

    Many, many years ago, in scorching summer sand,

    A Navajo man awaits, for nightfall in his land.

    Within a narrow cactus shade, the only one for miles,

    Though thirsty, hot and weathered, he cracks a gentle smile.

    Deep within his thoughts, fond memories he recalls,

    Like days that he’s spent soaking, beneath the mountain falls.

    And hunting through the winter, in snowflakes cold and white.

    And resting on the Mesa top, while eagles soar in flight.

    His horse has spooked and left him, there in this arid space,

    The paint below his sweating brow, runs down his weary face.

    Then as the sun was setting, he leaves his shaded perch,

    While gazing for his horse, he resumes his needed search.

    For hours he slowly walked, while always looking down,

    In search of one lost horse track, imbedded in the ground.

    His luck then quickly changes, he finds his horses trail,

    Thinking of the story, that someday he could tell.

    Calling in the moonlight, he feels his horse is near,

    Praying that his voice, will catch his horses ear.

    Then near a desert boulder, his horse comes into sight,

    As he hears a friendly sound, of a knicker in the night…………

    By: Focused

    • So glad you have taken up your pen again Focused. What a lovely talk of two friends parted – and then found again. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents again – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA. I have been penning a few while working on my solve. I just thought I’d share one to let ya know that I’m still around… lol have a great evening my friend…. untilnext time.. see ya

    • I love this one, Focused! I’m so glad you posted it for us. As usual you made me see the words.

      • I’m glad you loved it Jeannie and could see the picture. Enjoy the little things my friend. Until next time…. see ya

  50. “ Forever More “

    A door will open, a door will close,

    A spirit fly’s, then off it goes.

    On journey’s to, a place unknown,

    Where many spirits, before have flown.

    To rest within, a place of shine,

    Not measured by, our Earthly time.

    The past resumes, as once it was,

    Rejoicing with, the ones we love.

    No pain nor sorrow, within this place,

    Just peaceful smiles, on every face.

    Love and laughter, amongst old friends,

    For eternity there, which has no end.

    Prepare your spirit, for journeys new,

    You hold the key, inside of you.

    To fly within, this unlocked door,

    Peace you’ll have, forever more…………

    By: Focused

  51. Hello all, just thought I’d repost this poem I wrote a while back…. enjoy your journeys my friends….. until next time… see ya

    “ A Ship in A Bottle “

    A ship within a bottle, it’s held by tempered glass,

    Kept from the open waters, a sea so grand and vast.

    Resting on its pedestal, it dreams of distant shores,

    But stuck within its bottle, it’s waves are never more.

    Though once this mighty ship, it sailed the oceans wide,

    Before it’s voyages ended, now trapped alone inside.

    A world it once discovered, with wind upon its sails,

    Now is just a memory, just stories it can tell.

    Someday it’s glass will shatter, and winds will gently blow,

    It’ll sail upon the waters, and carefree as it goes.

    Off into the sunset, on journeys bright and bold,

    To sail where winds may take it, to ports the future holds.

    Life is but a bottled ship, our journey waits inside,

    Waiting for our vessel, to sail on gentle tides.

    Don’t sit upon still waters, don’t wait on future winds,

    Break your glass and sail, on your journeys deep within…….

    By: Focused

    • So nicely penned My Friend.. YUP, we all have so much potential bottled up within us, all we have to do is break that shell that keeps the potential held within. So nicely stated. Thanks for sharing – JDA

      • Your welcome my friend… yep, our journeys lie within us, the hope and dreams of life create our many trails to walk upon, if we choose to break the bottle….reminds me of the saying… “in case of an emergency break glass”… 🙂
        Have a great day JDA… until next time… see ya my friend…

    • Focused, One of my favorites too!!! But you know, i saved all your words…they are all my favorites!!! 🙂

  52. Fire
    She hears the sirens, sees the smoke
    Hears that the lines of containment are broke
    There’s a red glow surrounding the road
    People are rushing around with their loads of belongings and loved ones, animals too
    Her county has turned into a chaotic zoo
    She sees big red trucks, flashing lights, and the glow of the fire growing at night
    She’s surrounded by panic and full of fear that when she goes home her house won’t be here
    She has all of her life piled up in her car
    But what she’s scared of losing she cannot hold, by far
    Her parents are frightened, they have much more to lose
    Seeing the strongest of people packing up what they choose
    As tears leave tracks down the sides of their face
    Knowing that everything they have cannot escape
    Every night she watches as the mountains light up the sky
    with the life within them, aflame, left to die
    After everything’s packed they all sit and wait, wondering what’s left in this fires wake.

    • Lilhunter,
      You have spoken some heartfelt words , even though no words can fully express the loss your family has endured you’ve done a great job…
      Sometimes when eyes look upon tragedy in the darkest hour they can also see the light of life. You are strong, your mother and father are strong . Together you will rise from the ashes…..
      My prayers are with you all my friend…..


  53. Lost
    That old beat up truck my pa had since he was sixteen I planned on fixing up as a gift when I made something of myself, it’s a melted scrap of metal
    That shell of a barracuda that we’ve had since I was a kid that we were gonna finally fix up to drag race because we finally had the parts is now a lost dream
    That one ton I watched my dad fix up for days is ash
    The bass boat I could’ve fixed and caught hundreds of pounds of fish is now a lost cause
    The garage I watched my dad build from the ground up is suddenly black and gray coals
    The house I lived in since I was a child, that I watched grow level by level and inch by inch is leveled flat with the earth
    The memories I made, pictures I’ve captured to remember my life, even older pictures of my lineage, are gone
    There’s more, there’s so much more, and all of it is now a lost memory, only thoughts, passing time, disappeared in a few days of flame.

  54. For Jdiggins-


    Like a phoenix she will rise from the ashes
    and triumph over this fiery foe.
    You may have taken her possessions, but never her spirit,
    For She still has miles and miles to go.

    Stay strong, JDiggins!

  55. This is for you and your family jdiggins…..be strong my friend….

    “Fiery Band”

    Throw at us your fiery band,

    and sweep across our precious land.

    Remove the things that once was ours,

    And leave us with our memories scared.

    If that’s the best you have to throw,

    There’s something else you ought to know.

    Yep we are safe, though all is gone,

    We’ll rise again, because we are strong.

    We’ll build again, and start anew,

    Bigger, stronger, just for you.

    Don’t waste your time, another year,

    We fear you not, we’ll be right here.

    Your just a hated, evil fire,

    But your no match, for our life desires,

    For when you die, and your smoke is gone,

    We’ll live again, in our mountain home……..

    By: Focused

    • I knew you would come through to give our friend support. I enjoyed your poem, Focused.

      • Thanks pdenver I’m glad you enjoyed it…. jdiggins and her family are strong, I just wanted to pen about their strength…. they may have been knocked down but they’ll get back up…. that’s who they are..
        Have a great night… see ya

      • Thank you Veronica S… sometimes true inspiration can be seen in the hardest of times…. jdiggins has inspired me to write poetry, and now its payback time…
        Have a great night… see ya my friend

        • I don’t know if you have put anything together, but you should definitely publish your words. Have a great evening!

          • No I haven’t put anything together yet Veronica S… to me I feel my words are average and not book worthy… but who knows, maybe someday I will… but first I have to get over the biggest obstacle….. ME… lol
            But I am honored that you think they are worthy…. thank you…
            Have a great night… until next time.. see ya my friend

      • Your words are just as nice Jeannie, thank you….. have a great evening…. until next time… see ya my friend

    • Hello my dear, dear friend focused! You are a true gem! Thank you so much for the beautiful poem. You truly have a gift. Xoxo

    • Focused,

      Every time I read your poems I’m always impressed, even though poem’s aren’t really my thing.

      Good Job!! Another heart is in the right place for others, and I’m sure its well appreciated.

      • Thank you CharlieM for your kind comment…. a heart is used for more than just beating… a little kindness goes a long way….
        poems wasn’t my thing either before the chase.. jdiggins kinda pushed my toward them… as of now I have written about 340-350 of them here on dal’s poetry page…. give it a shot sometime, you may surprise yourself…
        have a great night… see ya my friend..

    • Hello my friend.
      I’m so glad you write and share with all of us. We all love your words, and you! Thank you for the beautiful poem.
      I’m staying strong my friend!

    • That was nice pdenver, I love the native music… thank you.. have a great day… see ya my friend

      • I’m glad you liked it, Focused. I hope they receive the much needed rain soon. The tilt of the Earth can’t come soon enough for them.

  56. This is one I jotted down about Forrest’s plane crash in Vietnam…. see ya my friends…

    “December 20th 1968”

    Time slows, a mind in wander,

    A vision of, life over yonder.

    Streaks beneath, the thunders boom,

    Like lightning fills, this lonesome room.

    In thought the visions, are still so real,

    The lack of sleep, a hurried meal.

    To hear the sounds, of way back then,

    As lead impacts, into the tin.

    Yellow flashing, with blinks of red,

    The canopy cracks, just overhead.

    Levers pulled, a force of wind,

    Up and out, was this the end.

    A fire upon , the mountainside,

    On wind to drift, alone to glide.

    To step upon , Gods precious ground,

    Surrounded by, the jungles sound.

    Awake so long, through worried night,

    Awaiting for, the morning light.

    Calls were made, wave of the hands,

    Smiles upon , the Candy Ann.

    A cable ride, in treetops brash,

    Up and away, the chopper flashed.

    Two days later, To leave that place,

    At Temples door, smiles on their face……..

    By: Focused

    • Focused, you have done it again, I can see what your words say. I can only imagine what that must have been like for Forrest and I’m so glad for the Candy Ann.

      • Thanks Jeannie,
        Forrest’s incident is just one of many that occurred during that terrible war and those hero’s must be remembered……. I’m glad you could see the words….. see ya my friend

    • Oh my gosh, Focused! This is truly amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. I know I’ve read the story, but I can only use my imagination of the sights and sounds. Well done, my friend.

      • Thank you pdenver…. all we can do is invision it.. only Forrest knows the real deal….
        Have a great day… see ya my friend

    • Lovely – Lovely my friend.

      Thanks again for sharing your precious gift

      Be safe my friend


      • Your welcome Veronica S…. thank you also for your kind words… have a great day and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it…. until next time… see ya my friend

  57. “The White Buffalo “

    She came to give her guidance,

    To peace and harmony,

    Her spirit breaks the silence,

    And speaks so soft to me.

    She says she’s brought a gift,

    Of music for all man.

    A flute she gently lifts,

    Held soft between her hands.

    High upon a gentle rise,

    The music from her hands,

    Rode the wind in prairie skies,

    Across the open land.

    She said she had one final gift,

    To leave here with all man.

    And with her pointed finger lifts,

    And points across the land.

    A herd of bison grazing,

    It soothed my aching soul,

    To see that was amazing,

    One pure and white as snow.

    My spirit friend then left me,

    In music on the knoll.

    In the peace, love and harmony,

    Of a lone white Buffalo……

    By: Focused

    • Focused, so nice, gotta love buffalo, right? I have one named Squibby and even though he’s brown I still love him, but a white one would be very special. Such a great poem as usual.

      • Thanks Jeannie,
        Yes a white Buffalo would be special. The inspiration for this poem came from “the legend of the white Buffalo”….. look it up, I think you’ll like the legend…. have a great evening…. until next time… see ya

  58. The Chase is a journey
    A journey of time
    Where one dreams of adventure
    While breathing sunshine

    It’s the kind of a journey
    That preys on the soul
    It’s about keeping your foot
    Out of the next rabbit hole

    It’s not a quest for the timid
    Nor one for the weak
    It’s more than glory and fortune
    This treasure we seek

    It’s about beating the odds
    About matching wits with Fenn
    The chest will be found
    Not a matter of if but of when

    It’s about embracing your freedom
    It’s about much more than gold
    Maybe it’s the journey of life
    That is Fenn’s treasures bold?

  59. “Hope Is The Thing With Feathers”
    by Emily Dickinson

    “Hope” is the thing with feathers-
    That perches in the soul-
    And sings the tune without the words-
    And never stops-at all-

    And sweetest-in the Gale-is heard-
    And sore must be the storm-
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm-

    I’ve heard it in the chilliest land-
    And on the strangest Sea-
    Yet-never-in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb-of me.

    • “I’ve heard it in the chillest land-”

      Auto correct the poem when it shouldn’t have. My apologies.

    • Thanks for sharing pdenver, I liked that.. did you know that Emily Dickinson kept a lot of her poems locked away and did not share them with others to read? I really like her words… that was just a little FYI for ya my friend….. again, thanks for sharing her words…. until next time.. see ya

      • Hello, Focused. I wasn’t aware she had done this. Seems similar to what Mr. Salinger did. Thank you for sharing this bit of information. I greatly appreciate it.

        • It wasn’t until after her death the cache of her poems were found… over 800 …. most of her words were published after her death….
          Sorry, I’ll get off my soap box now…lol see ya pdenver

          • I don’t consider you preaching, my friend. I find what you had to say quite interesting. It’s sad how some artists don’t become well known/famous until after their deaths.

  60. Here’s a haiku for ya Lingering Doubt…. see ya

    Live your lifetime free,

    Let all your burdens escape,

    Dream now my friend, dream….

    By: Focused

  61. Tremble the water, the leaves and the sunlight. A vibration to see and feel and hear on this day of the fall. There is beauty in the end of the vibration that is to come. Rest is the spirit of all.

    There is nothing left or right, spare an empty vessel laid down and cast aside. Now finished with its useful purpose and taken by the tide. That is its purpose new. Will no one see or hear or hold that fragile vessel again? Will it rise yet again?

    Yes, the echo calls, the vibrations will rise the fragile vessle once again.

    By: Twingem

  62. “ Nighttime’s Friend “

    Evening falls, in desperation, the sun rays cling so tight,

    To pass it’s treasured shining hours, to a moon so ever bright.

    Like diamonds stars so far away, just glisten overhead,

    A time when many weary souls, rest in their comfy bed.

    But me I gaze up in the night, so many stars to see,

    There’s one that’s very special, it’s always there for me.

    It knows my every secret, much like a dearest friend,

    Faithfully it shines for me, when the sun rays start to dim.

    Memories of my years gone by, it holds within its light,

    Until the day, my sun it sets, and I take my final flight.

    Then I will be a diamond, I’ll glisten overhead,

    I’ll listen to the secrets, the things to me that’s said.

    Until that time arrives I’ll stare, up in the sky of night,

    Staring at my friend above, until the morning light.

    Your star up there awaits you, your secrets it will keep,

    If you take the time to share yourself, instead of lay asleep……

    By: Focused

      • Thank you twingem for your kind comment. I’m glad you liked my words and think they’re book worthy. Who knows, I may surprise ya some day….. 🙂
        Enjoy your stars my friend…. until next time… see ya….

    • Lovely thoughts my friend. If every star is a living soul – my, my what will the night sky look like a million years from now? WOW it is already so beautiful – Silly thought.

      Thanks for sharing a lovely thought with us Focused – JDA

      • That’s not a silly thought JDA…. heck, a million years from now you’ll know the answer to your question. All you’ll have to do is look around… 🙂
        You’re welcome JDA… have a great evening my friend….until next time… see ya

    • That definitely is a beautiful poem and I very much appreciated reading it, thank you Focused.

  63. FM! A treasure to read your words. Thankful for you my friend, and that you bless us with your amazing talent!

    • Thank you for your nice comment jdiggins… I’m thankful for many things too, knowing your just a click away is one of them….. have a great night… until next time.. see ya my friend

  64. Rhyme nor reason
    do I do
    but will get a lol
    from a lady in blue.
    Her mighty steed is mostly white
    and is oft ridden into the nite
    Though solitude is what she seeks
    she most definitely isn’t meeks
    BEGIN it where the
    choo choo halts
    Follow in the canyon down
    wear a life vest so not to drown
    Walking would be pretty hard
    get out below the choo choo yard
    180 checking 6 you need not do
    160 will nicely follow thru
    From here you need to be a sneak
    or play some cards if you are meek
    High near upon a mesa green
    try your best to not be seen
    Being silent as a lil mouse
    find you near a roofless clubhouse
    Your gift is now but only yards
    cloistered among the midden shards..

  65. “ Off I Go “

    Beneath a hollow leafless tree,

    In thought of times, that used to be.

    My upper teens, oh times were wild,

    This carefree, crazy, hotrod child.

    Then the 20’s, they came so fast,

    My toddler drank, from a Barney glass.

    Then I blink, my 40’s they slow,

    But hey, where did my 30’s go?

    Then 50’s come up, next in line,

    I eat by 6, watch news at 9.

    Beneath this tree, it finally hit me,

    I can’t slow down, just because I’m 50.

    I jump to leave, the hollow tree,

    There’s so much more, that waits for me.

    Now in my car, my blood it flows,

    As I squeal my tires, and off I go…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- live it up my friends…. time is short… until next time… see ya

  66. This is a poem I wrote a long time ago. With winter just around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone to search prepared and remember …. as Forrest has said…. “it’s not hidden in a dangerous place”….. be safe out there my friends.. until next time.. see ya..

    ” First Aid Kit ”

    Walking through the desert, sand beneath my feet,

    My steps are getting slower, dragging from the heat.

    The sun is high above me, there is no wind at all,

    In my ears I hear, the vultures as they call.

    Lost out in this desert, I need to find some shade,

    I mumble to myself, about choices I have made.

    Ahead I see a rock, where I can rest my legs,

    This heat is gonna kill me, help me God I beg.

    I know that I am in this mess, all because of me,

    I walked into this desert, not prepared as I should be.

    I know that I may surely die, here in this desert sand,

    Reach out God and help me, I need your guiding hand.

    I continued walking, then to my knees I fell,

    Slumped and looking down, I do not want to fail.

    Then suddenly I feel a breeze, brush across my cheek,

    Alone here in the desert, a voice begins to speak.

    ” Raise up to your feet child, and take my helping hand,

    Close your eyes and follow me, I’ll lead you from this sand”.

    I raised up to my feet, the cool wind starts to blow,

    With all my faith in God I walked, where his voice told me to go.

    I stumbled through the desert sand, with his guiding touch,

    “Why me lord ?” I asked , “why would you care so much ?”

    Then I topped a gentle rise, and I was looking down,

    Staring at the cars go by, in a busy town.

    The tears fill up my eyes, they’re running down my cheek,

    I survived the desert, because I listened to God speak.

    Even though I felt alone, there was always two ,

    And if your in your desert, he’s also there with you.

    If your going hiking, please always go prepared,

    It will surely help you , when your alone and scared.

    Take some time to ponder, right there where you sit,

    God’s the most important thing, in your first aid kit……

    By: Focused

    • I swear, you are probably the most creepy person ever. The best cult member of all time. Until next time….see ya…my friend. Lol honestly you are a genius. I want to find out who you are so bad. Just to shake your hand. You have taught me a lot

      • Tulavuru,
        Lol… I’ve never been called creepy, a cult member and a genius all in the same post, you are the first for that…
        Heck, I don’t know wether to thank ya, or pull out a voodoo doll….lol
        All joking aside Tulavuru, maybe someday we’ll get that handshake. Until then enjoy the little things…. until next time… see ya

      • Your welcome JDA… have a great day today and enjoy the cooler temperatures… see ya my friend…

  67. Focused
    I really liked your poem,
    reminded me when I was in the desert alone,,long time ago.
    I put ribbon on tall sage brush as a trail to find my way back..
    no towns for 20 miles or more.

    • I may glad you liked it Zenden…. placing ribbons was a smart move on your part, sometimes it looks the same in every direction…..
      have a great night and thank you my friend… until next time.. see ya

  68. Nice poem focused.
    At times I feel the land and then wonder if it’s just me or if anyone else feels the same. Your skills are gold to some.

    • Thank you DU…. I feel the land too DU , so your not alone…. have a great night my friend…. see ya

  69. Ode to Forrest

    I see a man a walking,
    on over that yonder hill.
    I see a man a talking,
    upon that shallow swill.

    I see a man a gazing,
    and thinking with his eyes.
    I see a man a brazing,
    upon an anvil it lies.

    I hear the fresh sound of bells,
    over the creaking boards of some forgotten well.
    I hope to take a pleasant spell,
    as I continue to weave and dwell.

    I see a man a blinking,
    way up in the sky.
    I see a man a winking,
    upon a homely girl’s thigh.

    What does Forrest think?
    What does the Forest think?
    What thoughtful pondering goes through their mind?
    What dreams awaking the trembling eye?

    Only the Forest knows…only Forrest knows.

    ~Idle Dreamer

    And according to JDA, he ain’t talking!

      • Thanks JDA…. I have a confession to make…when I read your comments I use the voice of Dave Hester.

      • Thanks pdenver. I haven’t written a poem, I think, in over 2 decades. Trembling eye is a reference to Pando FYI. I didn’t like how it sounded with the word “giant”.

        • Gosh, somehow I thought you posted other poems. No matter how long it’s been since you’ve penned last, I thought you did a good job. I began one nearly two months ago and haven’t gone back to finish it. I applaud those who can pen in such a short time.

          • Good to see you around the blogs PDenver. Your positive energy was sorely missed by me – and many I’m sure.

            Thoughts for you and your family – only good ones flown in on the wings of angels.

  70. hey I’ve been missin yall.
    hi pdenver.
    do you know how Focused is doin?
    Havent seen him much.

    • Hi PDenver! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hope all is well with you and your family? I’m sending miles of smiles your way 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)….. I think that is about 8.5 miles of smiles 🙂

      • Hello, Spallies. Your kind, smiling faces has reached. The family is doing well. Son is ornery as ever. 🙂

    • I’m doing fine Tonto, thanks for asking, I’ve just been putting more time in my solve and less in penning lately. I hope things have been good with you. Take care my friend and remember to enjoy the “little things”…….. until next time… see ya

  71. This is a repost of a poem I wrote a few years back…. I hope you enjoy it again…..have a great day everyone… see ya…

    “Tiny Flames”

    Smoke is rising, embers falling, into the nighttime air,

    Alone beside her campfire, a Navajo woman stares.

    Lost within the coals of red, her mind it drifts away,

    Thinking of the many years, now many moons away.

    Wrinkles upon her aging face, her hair a silver glaze,

    In thought just reminiscing, of bright and younger days.

    She remembers to a time, her eldest child was born,

    Amidst a strong and violent, springtime thunderstorm.

    But now he is a man, so many years have passed,

    She wondered how that time, could move so very fast.

    She looked up to the heavens, and pondered reasons why,

    Above her stars like diamonds, filled the nighttime sky.

    The fire it’s slowly fading, a bed of coals remains,

    She pokes while staring at them, the dancing tiny flames.

    To her the answers simple, she knew it from the start,

    It’s not about the years you live, it’s what’s left within your heart…….

    By: Focused

    • I so love reading (and seeing) your poems – by the flickering light of the flame you ignite within our hearts – Thanks Focused – Your Friend – JDA

    • Hello Focused. I’ve enjoyed reading your poem again. I love this one. Days ago, I was going through photos when my children were small, and I was much younger. I sighed, and wished I could turn back time. It’s going by so quickly.

      • Hello to you too pdenver…. remember, it’s not the quantity of time that matters, it’s the “Quality”……… enjoy your day and remember to cherish the little things… until next time… see ya pdenver…..

  72. we have become like planets spinning twisters forever trapped in our orbits around a blazing fire who will be brave enough to descend and become gold dust sprinkled throughout the universe

  73. “ Creekside Home”

    The year is 1540, as I sit upon this stone,

    I’m lost within the memories, of my creekside tiny home.

    A fire it blazes gently, smoke rises in the air,

    It lingers through the valley, drifting to somewhere.

    My home is made of rawhide, tanned by mommas hand,

    Wrapped around the poles, papa cut across this land.

    But now they’re just a memory, but it warm my chilly nights.

    Until I go to see them, and take my final flight.

    The sun is setting lower, light dims within the west,

    Orange shining boldly, beyond the mountain crest.

    My day it slowly closes, I lay down on some skins,

    I drift away in memories, of this home that I am in.

    I dream about my childhood, so many years ago,

    I dream about the winters, us kids out in the snow.

    I dream about my first bow, my papa made for me,

    I dream about my first love, “ River Running Free”.

    I dream about my momma, with papa standing near,

    I dream about their voices, again upon my ears.

    I dream about my friends, already who have flown,

    But most of all I dream, about my creekside tiny home…….

    By: Focused

    • I enjoyed your poem, Focused. You did a great job. Glad to see you’ve found some time to pen.

      • Thanks pdenver, I’m glad you enjoyed my words. I was just sitting here in the peace and quiet enjoying a early cup of coffee and thought I’d whip one up for you guys….lol
        Have a great day today pdenver…. until next time… see ya my friend

    • Home – It is such a special word. It brings back so many good memories. May we each have a “Home” to go home to – Thanks again Focused – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA… I’m glad I could rekindle some memories of “home” for ya…see ya my friend

    • I am starting to think you can turn out beautiful poetry like Eric Sloane could turn out a beautiful painting. I loved reading this and I still hope you make a book. You could call it “Poetry of the Chase”.

      • Wow, what a nice comment Idle Dreamer. Thank you…. there may be a book in the future and I’ve already chosen a title, although you were close I’ll keep you guessing on what it is… 🙂 have a great day today my friend….. until next time.. see ya

          • Still close but… nope. .. I’m sure some searchers out there would know. It was chosen by my long time poetry friend jdiggins…. and was talked about several years ago… I decided on it as a tribute to her, because of the influence she had on me early on in the chase on the poetry page. Without that my words never would have been heard….
            Idle Dreamer, I’ll give you a few days to think on it, then I’ll tell ya what it is…k. Have a great day… see ya my friend

          • Idle Dreamer, your good! Lol… yep, that’s going to be the title to my book….. to me “The Quill Of The Chase” says it all…. what do you think? See ya my friend

          • I definitely think JDiggins did a great job coming up with that as it is perfect and very clever. I sadly don’t think I would have guessed it though without your hint. Otherwise I found it in 10 seconds (I got tired of using the Google search then having to scroll through the page to find something so I use a shortcut).

          • Thanks JDA, I’m about ready to bite the bullet and make my book a reality… I’ll keep ya posted on the progress…. see ya my friend…

          • I’m happy to hear you’re going to publish your poems, Focused. Looking forward to ordering your book.

    • Focused, That is one your best!
      It gives a feeling of peace and joy!

      I can’t tell you how excited I feel that you are going to seriously consider publishing.
      How can I get on an advanced publishing list? (I want a signed first edition)

      • SpecialKLR, I’m glad that you liked my poem. As of now there is no “early list” to get on. I’m in the early stages but I will keep ya posted..k have a great evening… see ya my friend…

  74. Idle Dreamer, yes jdiggins done great on suggesting a title… it’s always stuck with me…. the credit goes to her…. see ya my friend..

  75. In our different ways we are all searchers seekers to be “healthy wealthy and wise” seekers of a good friend at any particular moment the list is limitless we seek to find our own individual gifts from the creator we search for doors passageways and keys and the right words now in my despair I seek my wolf spirit her eye color will be golden and I will follow

      • Sometimes we just simple exist where we belong but we strive to be more and so we push the edges.

        • I am from the back woods the hills a commoner I live as if in the Stone Age you were royalty nestled in a palace in search of eagles with the highest of pedigrees we will meet again there is no anger within me I will step back and down and let you pass on my knees I ask please let me keep what is mine

  76. Firsts & Lasts


    – Amber

    • I like the butterfly aspect to this so I tried something similar below, thanks Amber.

      • Idle Dreamer, I love what you have created below. Now I need to make friends with a online thesaurus so I can catch up to you!

    • I liked “firsts and lasts” Amber…. good job… I know I can check half of those off of my list…. but until the last one it’s all throttle for me…lol have a good night my friend… see ya

  77. Biographical chrestomathy,
    Opportunity Perpetually,
    Heretofore experience,
    Sometimes forthwith,
    Lifetime juncture,
    Swiftly syncope,
    Presto dawdle,
    Stint spree,
    Whet life,
    Eon day,
    Go to,
    Be me,
    Jag age,
    Aeon bell,
    Clock break,
    Concur Always,
    Instant Liberty,
    Dogwatch occasion,
    Indiction brannigan,
    Conditions constantly,
    Temporarily obsolescent,
    Nevertheless straightaway.

    • Gee, Idle Dreamer, you and Amber have been busy while I was away…lol… you’ve done great too, although your words made me think a little bit more…lol I like the butterfly shape…. have a good night… until next time… see ya my friend…

  78. “Echoing Through Time”

    Native chants, of way back then,

    Can still be heard, on prairie winds,

    Echoing through time.

    Their drums beat like, a thunders boom,

    So loud beneath, the nightly moon,

    Echoing through time.

    Their spirits live, beyond the light,

    And chant within, their world so bright,

    Echoing through time.

    Their chants and drums, will never die,

    Forever on, the wind they’ll fly,

    Echoing through time.

    So place your ear, into the wind,

    And listen for, our native friends,

    Echoing through time.

    The day will come, when we all will fly,

    Our voice will drift, in the same prairie sky,

    Echoing through time.

    So when you hear, the chanting start,

    Embrace the sound, within your heart,

    Echoing through time…….

    By: Focused

      • Your welcome Idle Dreamer…. “Scripture?” Not my intention at all, sometimes my heart gets in the way of my words… maybe I could use another break..lol
        I usually let my words flow with my thoughts. I did that on this one too.
        Have a great night Idle Dreamer…. until next time… see ya my friend…

        • I definitely didn’t mean you had to take a break as I mean scripture with religion used more loosely. Thus emphasis on sacred text as I feel your poetry is sacred.

          • That’s ok Idle Dreamer, all good here…. I Pen quite often of the past and spirits of the native Indians…. i know my words are influenced at times by my “near death” experience. Which is to lengthy a story to post here. I’ve penned a few poems about it… “chilly winds” and “let me know”.
            To me the past is alive ….. our spirits never die…
            ok, I’ll get off of my soapbox now…lol I’m glad you like my words Idle Dreamer… have a great night… see ya my friend

          • I look forward to reading them soon (easier to find on my computer as I don’t have to hunt through the entire page). My thoughts often flow too quickly for me to catch but that is okay as they aren’t artistic prose.

  79. Ruby is my dog she must have found my lost wedding band one hundred times or more over the years and I don’t mean in easy plain sight places either she’s found it under hay bales under piled high leaves once in the middle of a cornfield and on a wayward cast she found it in a two foot high fast moving stream anyway I’m single now because I got fired by my ex all I wanted after our time together was Ruby and I did get to keep her and so everybody’s happy if Ruby can’t find the bronze box no one can

    • I would assume Ruby has been proposing to you over a 100 times now. Maybe Ruby will find the bronze box as a dowry.

      • dorwy’s kind of old fashioned in today’s world Idle anyway’s I think Ruby likes my ah eh wild animal smells and my fried chicken seriously though she’ll find it game on

      • I knocked on the wall of wind to see if he was home he did not answer I must go farther west of Toledo

    • Good luck on the trail with Ruby Hank, I’ll keep my eyes open for ya…. until next time.. see ya Hank

  80. have no doubt I will be like those who were so sure they knew all the right answers to The Chase only to find stone dust and dirt some rare false hopes are harmless and positive The Thrill of the Chase favors that category so I’ll lay my walls of wind Ice Ages pie recipes mysterious model numbers of metal detectors and the rest of my hot air and failed clever comments aside and get back to work in the shoelace factory I’ll still dream a lot it’s good medicine that has power to propel I will always have my daughter Billy Jo my rockstar ex as a friend Ruby girl dog my dads antique fly rod with its cracked tip and a three wheeled tractor until payday there’s still time to live it up in the mountains and big woods and marvel at the great and small alike equally I won’t go far just around the corner out on a ledge but not over the edge

  81. Those that had been there before recorded time thought it strange an old man with pale skin and two mules at work in the river they knew what he was searching for and could have told him of a place where the mountain opened and sun rocks lay in many he would have hurt the mules legs with the haul if they would had led him there

    • To find an invisible location requires special glasses tech companies are at work on that the final resting spot will always be blind imo

    • I am the old man which I mentioned but I seek no more than a few nuggets to forge hammer and work into shapes to display on my cabin shelves I hope they survive for the grandchildren great grandchildren and beyond

      • a bolt of lightning runs through a Chased copperhead snake and the iron in my blood keeps me frozen in place

        • Colors of brown / feathers of birds / Eyes of desire / appear !! a Blaze on fire/ emeralds of green /Answers to secrets / come Here !!

          • She was a sleek and gorgeous panther by night the most beautiful medicine women by day I am praying she gives me a home by her side and care I’m tired and weak I have but little to give in return accept companionship I hope it will be enough

  82. in time everything comes full circle to proper the wise correct their course he is not like the pirates of Old the highwaymen but the New twenty first century pirate on waters high he anchored on stone and gave us a thrilling dream to Chase Marvel

  83. the End of a Chase is not what we Seek your Efforts on your Quest Draws out the Secrets we can find along the way a Title to a Treasure of Worth that will endure and bring us Home

  84. in the waters reflection of myself I saw fools gold / there’s still time I think for me to change/ moons are moving quickly though soon it will be to late/ the earth will rejoice when the last fool falls/ I have not listened enough to the wise

  85. “Chasing Dreams”

    Dreams within your inner self,

    are sometimes left suppressed.

    to languish on your inner shelf,

    be aware of where they rest.

    chased by some, with wanderlust,

    but left by those who dwell.

    the dreams that sit, and gather dust,

    reward no empty shell.

    is this the way it’s meant to be,

    within a dreaming heart?

    the treasure lies inside of the,

    journey go, now start.

    so chase your dusty dreams, anew

    if you dare to live a life.

    captured in your journey to,

    release your world of strife.

    Them journeys that, you give your heart,

    and rewards to keep oneself,

    chase away a world so dark,

    again, go chase , yourself……..

    By: Focused

    P.s- If you read down the first word of every sentence it’s a quote by me. It says, “Dreams are to be chased but the reward is within the journey, so if captured, release them and chase again.”
    Enjoy chasing your dreams my friends…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you pdenver, well grab your mask and get chasing my friend…lol
        Have a great day.. see ya

    • Words are words, but when they find their way out of your pen, they are magical – like Dreams. Thanks my friend for sharing your Dreams – JDA

      • Thanks for your kind comment JDA… to me my words are average words, the magic lies within the person who interprets them….
        Your welcomemy friend. Have fun chasing your dreams…. until next time.. see ya

      • I’m glad you love my words Idle Dreamer. Knowing that puts a smile on my face….
        Never stop chasing your dreams…. see ya my friend….

  86. WTF

    I’ve learned a little about Native traditions,
    Retraced some of America’s earliest expeditions,
    Been awoken by some dreamy premonitions,
    All fueled by Forrest’s compositions.

    I’ve written about my own thoughts and suppositions,
    Had my words factored by the quasi arithma-geo-stata-maticians,
    Been imparted the knowlege of some terms and redefinitions,
    And have little to show for all my ambitions.

    And now it’s time for another of Winter’s intermissions,
    And my thoughts really start to run amok,
    Like do I really try to engage the “log”icians
    By comparing the HOB to the damn of a “water woodchuck”?
    Talk about your juxtapositions—
    It’s time like these when one simply has to say WTF (What Treasure Forrest?)!

    • Bowmarc,
      Like you, we have all relived America’s past, retracing the paths of early Americans, explorers while absorbing the cultures of the times within our minds trying to understand a life that once was. It’s amazing how one little poem can ignite a smoldering desire of adventure, while bringing the past alive. It’s up to us to keep the flames blazing high within ourselves. For me, the winter season is a perfect time to rekindle my inner fire.
      I hope you have a great winter Bowmarc…. see ya my friend…

  87. the unusual stand alone a select role not given that place does not exist here they silently pound their drums only they can hear what is is carry on no choice not chosen or asked the unusual can rise at night under mist and strike gold who will expect them the mighty are left in the wake holding ash blind to the power of undesirable the different still dream of being the fennec fox but chase in our own way in our own time

    • yea mixed it well 3rd person 1st person past present and future an effort that left me cold and in search of a school oh well

  88. Inhale
    The crisp air stings your lungs
    As it liberates your soul.
    Mountain mist rises around peaks
    The very breath of the Earth .
    Fireweed , paintbrushes, sunflowers and bluebells
    An explosion of unrivaled color
    The rush of the river in your ears,
    The smells and tastes of the water,
    Reminds us that this place
    Wild , free, sacred,
    Can never be tamed and shouldn’t.
    It is here for us to admire , explore experience , respect and give to our children,
    the way it was given to us.
    It is borrowed beauty
    Out here
    You can find your stillness
    You can find peace
    When you let go and listen to what you’ve been missing.
    The wild that was once you
    Before life told you what you had to be.
    Accountant, waitress, mechanic,
    Nurse, plumber, pilot…
    Remember the freedom of youth
    And the excitement of just being.

          • Mathematics is the language of the universe, poetry is the language of the gods. Never hesitate to share a good penning, thank you Veronica.

          • What a wonderful way to put that, ID. Thank you, very much!
            I failed miserably at math, several times over…but I can paint, sketch and write. It is a fair trade in my book.

          • I unfortunately got math and always tested as average on English (which is similar to Forrest and his father). Hopefully you have, or will have, submitted a medallion design. You can sketch and write your heart out on that.

          • I have always envied people who mathematics came easily to. My mind goes straight out of the window where algebra is concerned. I am working on a medallion design also

    • I loved reading your words Veronica S….. many times I’ve sat in the stillness of the forest and soaked in all it has to offer. Times like these are when a person realizes how small they really are in the grand scope of life….
      Thanks again Veronica for sharing your words… have a great day my friend…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you very much, Focused! Like you, I can always find peace, just sitting out there, thinking. We all could use a little more of that!
        PS, I love your writing as well! Please keep it coming!

  89. Thankfulness is a bliss of heartfulness upon the ecstasy of almost ninety thousand,
    When I wobble over yonder and peak a spell upon the glassy sands,
    I am reminiscent of those beholden to the thrill as I exultantly raise awake armaments whilst burdened with an oblong twig,
    Upon my cranium I place a softened pinnacle of everlasting darkness,
    Wearily I marvel as I establish upon that gaffe,
    My enigmas I shall clutch in stony reliance,
    Whereupon I upsurge my gait feeling waif in my sojourned soul,
    I vision of what might become thus failing to perceive thy forested trove,
    Alas, the ninety thousand pass and hitherto a beam polishes my aspect,
    For tis I shall consume jiffies,
    The sequence shall commence o’er,
    With imaginings marking the way!

    (As we quickly approach Thanksgiving I want to say I am thankful all the wonderful people on HoD and the smiles you all have brought to my face (a beam polishes my aspect). I may never find the chest but I did find a treasure in everyone here. Thank you Dal for the blog and Forrest for the chase.

    • Great words Idle Dreamer…loved it… like you, I feel many treasures have been found already, within the huge hearts of so many here…
      I too would like to wish all my friends here on HOD a very Happy Thanksgiving. I myself am thankful for the many kind comments and words of encouragement from all of you over the last 5 and a half years. Thank you !!!
      Have a fantastic evening Idle Dreamer and keep your words coming… they’re a pleasure to read here..
      Dal and Forrest, go easy on the pumpkin pie… NOT !!!!
      Until next time… see ya my friends…

  90. wisdom courage strength within fall upon those who know they Must Go and Leave that place that has been Home it is Home no longer change has come and hoping is foolish go Alone in There go Alone out There do not Chase anything but let yourself be Chased and push away the Heavy Loads reinvent yourself and…Begin It

  91. Look he is Alone his Quest to Belong was Gone There’s no place for him that was his New Secret his new Home was Far Down in the Canyon Below the Wood and Warm Waters it’s Cold he Listens andHears Answers in There Good!! he is not Meek but Brave with High Effort he Will Walk to Seek the Gold Go Now

    • Your Warm tears will Cease I will End you being Alone your Marvel Gaze will again Look Down Below upon the Riches the Treasures the Brown and Gold Wood both of us will be at Peace

  92. “ Orange Sky “

    The orange from the setting sun, Mirrored on this placid lake.

    Highlight distant mountain peaks, calm without a wake.

    No breeze to spoil its beauty, no sounds are heard at all,

    Im deep within the solitude , as the evening sun it falls.

    In thought my mind it wanders, Gazing in the golden sky,

    Searching for the answers, up there so very high.

    My time it quickly passes, the orange darkened fast,

    Stars begin their peeking, in the sky so large and vast.

    The beauty in this evening, I hold it dear to heart,

    Another perfect ending, before tomorrow starts.

    I have so many questions, for the orange sky above,

    So tomorrow evening I’ll be back, just doing what I love………

    By: Focused

      • Your welcome Idle Dreamer …. as far as tomorrow… well, I could easily kick out one a day , but my poems are stacking up already..lol
        Tell ya what, tomorrow it’s your turn….lol
        Have a great night, see ya my friend… 🙂

      • Your welcome Veronica S… gotta love the sunsets in the mountains… have a good night Veronica….. see ya my friend….

        • Absolutely! I don’t get to see them often, being in Texas Hill Country, but they are gorgeous! Have a good night, Focused.

          • Veronica, I don’t see them often either…. Arkansas here… lol the mountains here are nice but not near as grand….
            have a good night yourself… see ya

    • Hi Focused!

      Once again a beautiful poem and here we are again in winter! Your Peeking Stars caught my pen… 🙂

      Tonight I saw a peeking star
      as it winked it’s light on me…
      I marveled at it’s gaze from afar
      then fell out of the tree…

      lol, don’t know how you can write such long poems. I can barely get out 4 lines!

      • Good to hear from ya Spallies, I really liked your “peaking star” poem. And the falling part put a smile on my face, thank you… lol
        As far as “long poems” , I just write what my imagination sends me… lol some long and some short… to me it’s not the length that matters , it’s the content….
        you always Pen great words spallies, keep it up because me and many others enjoy reading them….
        Enjoy your fire this winter my friend… until next time… see ya

  93. “ Cross to bear “

    Fear not the lengthening shadow,

    Embrace it’s slender stance.

    Cherished by the memories,

    Be proud you’ve had the chance.

    Some choices were consuming,

    Within you they were made made.

    For the better, crack a smile,

    As you look upon your shade.

    Please keep one thing in mind,

    As beyond the clouds you stare.

    Like you we all have choices,

    We’ve got our cross to bear………

    By: Focused

  94. at the last There will be no light/ only midnight/ sounds touch/ but before it the time of black and white/ everything is as stone or transparent/ clouds seem as suspended quartz on invisible wire/ we are both at dusk/ gold is gone from your eye too/ still we have today to share secrets and to remember the colors of light

    • I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry you’ve posted the past few days. Looking forward to reading more.

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