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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xiv for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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81 thoughts on “Poetry Page XV…

  1. There once was a man from Temple,
    Who has tried to set an example,
    To get the kids out,
    And go catch some trout,
    But if it’s the chest you seek,
    just keep it simple.

    • Acredito que o livro seja traduzido apendas em inglês. N(a~)o sei se existe um programa on-line ondo se pode traduzir para a lingua portuguesa.

    • You seem to be full of smiley faces tonight jdiggins…. are you keeping something from us? Lol….. see ya my friend

  2. “ A Ship Within A Bottle “

    A ship within a bottle, it’s held by tempered glass,

    Kept from the open waters, a sea so grand and vast.

    Resting on its pedestal, it dreams of distant shores,

    But stuck within its bottle, it’s waves are never more.

    Though once this mighty ship, it sailed the oceans wide,

    Before it’s voyages ended, now trapped alone inside.

    A world it once discovered, with wind upon its sails,

    Now is just a memory, just stories it can tell.

    Someday it’s glass will shatter, and winds will gently blow,

    It’ll sail upon the waters, and carefree as it goes.

    Off into the sunset, on journeys bright and bold,

    To sail where winds may take it, to ports the future holds.

    Life is but a bottled ship, our journey waits inside,

    Waiting for our vessel, to sail on gentle tides.

    Don’t sit upon still waters, don’t wait on future winds,

    Break your glass and sail, on your journeys deep within…….

    By: Focused

    (To the tune of Follow the Yellow-brick Road)

    Follow the Forest Fenn Poem, follow the Forest Fenn Poem,
    Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Forest Fenn Poem
    Follow the Forest Fenn, follow the Forest Fenn
    Follow the Forest Fenn Poem.

    We’re off to find the Treasure, the Wonderful Treasure of Fenn
    You’ll find he hid the treasure with cleaver, if ever a Treasure there was
    If ever, oh ever, a Treasure there was, the Treasure of Fenn is one because,
    Because, because, because, because, because…
    Because of the wonderful things Fenn does
    We’re off to find the Treasure, the Wonderful Treasure of Fenn!

    • Good job Buccaneer1… had me tapping my foot…lol I just want to go see the wizard… 🙂 …. I’ve got a good heart and I’m not as rusty as I was and I’m also a lot braver now….
      See ya in oz my friend…..

      • More like one of the following JDiggins:

        We represent the Colorado Search Guild…

        We represent the Wyoming Search Guild…

        We represent the New Mexico Search Guild…

        We represent the Montana Search Guild…


    • (Clicking the heels of ruby slippers.)

      “There’s no place like home…of Brown. There’s no place like home…of Brown. There’s no place like home…”

      Hello Buccaneer1. I enjoyed this very much. 🙂

  4. The end is likely coming near,
    As Forrest predicts this is the year.
    I believe I’m not the only one
    That will miss the Chase when it is done.
    If I am the one that finds indulgence,
    It is because I made the most sense.
    My solve, for me was sketchy at best,
    So I left that one out and added the rest.
    When I went into the cold I thought well below freezing,
    But I warmed up to zero and thought Forrest was teasing!
    Clue number nine must be solved once you’re there,
    But everything else can be solved from your chair.
    So ease on back now, relax and know,
    I’m on the case and I won’t let go.
    I’m headed to the Rockies North of Santa Fe,
    I hope to see you there someday.

  5. Go where the tress speak
    and the grass hides
    the truth of time
    in a moments chime
    Bells ringing in silent spaces
    Keeping silent t’ll shaken
    Alone in a place of childrens dreams
    Can I leave a small foot print where it should be?
    It’s only Me .

  6. I did not know you but your mother I know well
    You hid your torment, the truth you did not tell
    Many tears we have shed, a family torn apart
    If only you had shared your pain and let us see your heart
    This time without you has ripped us to our core
    Thinking of the days gone by, leaving us wanting more
    I wish you love on your next journey no matter where it might be
    Hoping for your happiness, until the next time your face we see.

  7. “ Tailing Streamers “

    I dreamt a dream of dreamers,

    Magic filled my peaceful night.

    A light with tailing streamers,

    Glaring back at me so bright.

    In that magic minute,

    Nothing seemed as real,

    Alone I stared upon it,

    The warmness I could feel.

    I see a man before me,

    On a peaceful desert rock.

    Navajo he seems to be,

    I heard him as he talked.

    Softly in his spirit voice,

    Words he shared with me.

    Helping is an act of choice,

    Every soul it has a need.

    Right your wrongs my friend,

    Eternity waits for you.

    Don’t waste it till the end,

    Relive your soul renewed.

    Even in my solemn dreams,

    Amidst my peaceful night.

    My vision of the man it seems,

    So warming and so bright.

    Live on, all you dreamers,

    Imagination is the key,

    Vision lights with tailing streamers,

    Every dream you’ll live to be…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- I was just messing around… read down the first letter of every sentence is says.. “ Imagination is where dreams live” …. have a great night everyone… until next time….sweet dreams…

        • I’m always amazed at the ability of people on here. There’s so much talent & imagination, it can be quite intimidating. I thank you all for sharing so openly. Words have never been my thing, they are so confusing. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

          • Your welcome Birdie… words have never been my thing either. It wasn’t until I joined the “chase” that my imagination took off. Before the chase I had never written a poem before, as of now, I have well over 300. Thanks to Forrest and the dare he has given me.
            By all means, don’t be intimidated here on the poetry page. Let your imagination soar and pen it for us….
            As for me, my penning is about over. “I’ve done it tired”…lol
            I look forward to reading your words Birdie….

            Have a great day my friend… until next time… see ya

  8. Spring Cleanin’

    Where did the time go to this year?
    How did it get so gray?
    Please send a talented painter right away.
    Start with Kelly green, add some Sky blue, don’t forget Sunny yellow and a few Red roses too.
    That’s more like it, now let’s open the windows to let the breeze in.

    Don’t forget to do your Spring chores before you go looking for treasure!

  9. The poem is a tough one,
    too bad i am a dumb one,
    it’s better left to someone,
    who mathematically can find the right sum.
    A redneck from texas,
    and his dozen children too,
    how could he really say,
    they could have thought it fully through.
    “Take it in the canyon down”,
    this phrase it leaves me with a frown,
    sometimes i think it is a town,
    but then i feel like such the clown,
    if i could find the home of brown,
    i’d hit the trail boots on the ground.
    I’d search and scower each minute of the hour,
    and hopefully not forget,
    to stop and smell the pretty flower.
    To guess and wander before you ponder,
    will only find you in some far off yonder.
    The man is sharp, both sweet and tart,
    to find the chest you’ll be near to his heart.
    Without coordinates for this thing,
    you’ll never be able to find that bling.
    A hornet has a stinger,
    it’ll get you every time,
    if i could find indulgence,
    i’d live a life of full sublime.

  10. This is a repost of a poem I wrote for pdenver a while back. Enjoy your trip down memory lane pdenver…… see ya my friend….

    ” My Daughter ”

    Through many joyful learning years,

    Her knees got scrapped I wiped her tears,

    Small table in her room for tea,

    My feathered hat, she pours for me.

    In her teens I must confess,

    She tried and put me through the test.

    From prom night leaving with her friend,

    I knew that someday this would end.

    I know my child , here by my side,

    Will someday spread her wings and fly.

    The memories I’ll keep, throughout the years,

    I’ll look at them through salty tears.

    We finally made that drive to town,

    To help her find, that perfect gown.

    She glances over, from the book,

    I give a smile, and an approving look.

    I know that on her special day,

    I’ll proudly walk, and give her away.

    The tears I’ll shed, and so will she,

    Just seeing the woman, she’s came to be.

    Time like these, are bitter sweet,

    She’ll do just fine , on her own two feet.

    And if you read these words my girl,

    We love your dearly , go find your world…….

    By: Focused

    • Thank you so much for reposting this beautiful poem, my friend. To remember these precious moments puts a gentle smile upon my face. She is a mom to a 7 month old daughter now, and she’ll look back to those precious moments.

      • Your welcome pdenver, has it already been 7 months? Time sure flys….
        I just thought I’d bring back some memories for ya, along with a smile…. have a great night… see ya my friend

  11. “Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.”
    —Rainer Maria Rilke

    The hope of new beginnings. Happy Spring!

  12. how did we get here,
    the question through the years,
    we started out swimming,
    but overcame our fears.
    we learned to crawl and then to walk,
    but speech took many years.
    some grew wings and soared like hawks,
    while some learned language and began to talk.
    we lived in holes,
    like tiny little moles,
    then a change occurred,
    and there were herds.
    lots of fauna and green upon us,
    and civilizations too,
    evolution or divinity,
    i’ll leave that choice to you.

  13. i’m young and naive,
    yet strive to perceive,
    the gift of knowledge,
    i’m glad to receive.
    my brain is electrified with thoughts of grandeur,
    i’ve lived my life without much candor.
    i brew in a pot of my own mental stew,
    the books i bought to read them all thru,
    my eyes are affixed like a thick sticky glue,
    the search for knowledge is all that i do.
    i read and i study,
    for my best little buddy,
    so when a question is asked,
    my answers aren’t cruddy.
    he asks me,
    dad where is the chest,
    i say i don’t know,
    i’m still on the quest.
    my journey thru life, with him is the best.
    i pause and wonder, what holds for the rest.
    a future untold,
    and a heart filled with gold,
    i hope i remember when i grow old,
    the treasure i sought stands in front of me,
    it’s four feet nine and weighs one hundred and three.

  14. Wow! I really like this one rapala67, so very true, our treasure we seek is really right before our eyes…. enjoy your treasures my friend…. until next time… see ya

  15. “The Real Treasure”

    How strong am I to continue to search,
    When others judge sharply from their lofty perch.
    “It’s not real, it’s not there!” Their voices profound,
    But I am too busy with boots on the ground.
    I’ve thought once or twice, “This must be the spot!”,
    But tired and humbled I find out it’s not.
    I try and I fail to find a single gold coin,
    But the real treasure is WHERE you are planning on going.
    The sound of birds chirping and water quick-running,
    can give a soul goosebumps, it’s really quite stunning.
    The iPhones and Starbucks are so overrated,
    For solitude and nature are never outdated.
    So here’s to Indulgence, wherever it is,
    To the hunters and fishers and the parents with kids,
    To all those retired who still seek the thrill,
    Will you continue to search, or do you not have the will?

    By: Jake

    Best of luck to all in the chase this year!! 🙂

    • Jake,
      Great penning my friend…I agree “The Real Treasure“ lies in the thrill of the chase. I think you’ve nailed the true essence of the chase in your words.
      Treasure your journeys my friend….

      “Our journey is not about seeing new places, it’s about it’s about seeing it with new eyes”

      Have a great day and thanks again for your words…. until next time… see ya Jake

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