Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Fifty One


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678 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Fifty One

  1. I wonder if Fenn also took a fly rod with him on one of those two trips to hide the treasure. That would be a great question for him though doubtful we would get an answer.

    • Aaron,

      Well Aaron, let’s say maybe not on the two trips to hide indulgence, but why not at another time or time period. Didn’t he say he used both a backpack and his hands on those trips, I could be wrong. Let’s see as my understanding that Forrest has made at least 2 trips to the “area” he hid the chest. Once with someone special and once to hide indulgence that’s what I see with ATF’s. But what if he has been there 3 or 4 or more times, now if this is true then there must be other reasons for being there. So one could be for the “fishing” (and I believe that he did) but also believe that maybe he met with locals in the area in search for arrowheads. There are other possibilities of things he might have done while visiting this area and I might know of one. but remember I’m talking the general area not the special place he hid the chest.

      So Aaron take your fly rods with you when you do the BOTG.
      I’m hoping there’s a place to fish in your solve area?

      Good luck,

      • Thanks, my son and I will be bringing our fly rods. We will get one treasure or another out this search. Or maybe even both 🙂

  2. The Little girl in India can’t get further than the first 2 clues. The 200-500 footers figured out the first 2 clues and walked right past the treasure.
    So if the LGFI has the first 2 clues then why can’t she get to the other 7 clues? Why does she stop at 2? Does she need BOTG for the other 7? Did the 200-500 drive the first 2 clues and then put BOTG and miss the other 7 or drive to the first clue and then walk the 2nd and past the others? What is the ‘connector’? Hmmmm. Einhorn and Finkle, Finkle and Einhorn, Einhorn Finkle Finkle Einhorn! Einhorn is a man!!! lol

    • Hypothetical…
      Little Indy or anyone else “can not get closer” Because all the clues are close. The idea that many have “left the poem” might be a more physical travel than metaphorical. In many AFT, it seems to imply searcher solved the first two clues and went by the remaining clues. Searcher also have solved the first two clues and walked by the chest. Searchers have solved the first two clues and have been within 500′ of the chest.
      Nothing was said the Little Indy or anyone else ‘can’t get further…’ further has been done. Searchers have been near the location of the chest as close as 200′

      Regardless of who or how many… the combination of all the ATF seems to imply the clues are in close proximity to each other.

      What is really needed with the little Indy Q&A is; “can not get closer” to what exactly… the next clue[s]? or the chest?
      If it means a solving of more clues, then we must be on site to ‘continue.’
      If ‘closer’ represents the chest [ our final destination ], then that implies closeness of all the clues.
      I lean toward the chest…
      Then again, it could mean both… “can not get closer than the first two clues” to the remaining clues and the chest, because she or anyone else is where they are supposed to be at, and must be present to follow the clues to the chest.

      Yep, Seeker.. lol… That clear everything up.

      • Seeker…this is a great post go back to in tandem with the discussion about LGII yesterday. I think you highlighted pretty clearly the scenario surrounding the 1st 2 clues, closer, and the options that are available in making the correct decision. I am curious how you reconcile that the ATF imply that the clues are in close proximity to each other.

        • ken,
          Just to ‘highlight’ a few ATF’s lets start with;
          ~Contiguous.. simply means touching, neighboring.
          ~Searchers “left the poem”.. in this case, they moved outside the 9 clue’s location.
          ~Little Indy OR anyone else can not get closer to the chest than the first two clues.. [basically the same idea as ‘leaving the poem’ … the location of all the clues are close]
          ~Searcher deciphered the first two clues and went by the seven remaining clues. [ driving or far travel would needs to have three clues.. first two clues solved and a known location to travel to ~ this idea would need many searchers doing exactly the same distance and to the same location for the other ATF’s to work…
          …such as below…
          ~Searchers deciphered the first two clues and walked past the chest. [ Searcher who walked past the chest, “not knowing how close the were” again, could not have done so without knowing the next clue ~ to drive to ~ meaning the clues are close.
          From 2012ish to 2017 and really present day…searcher’s have been at the first to clues and hop, skip and jump, by seven more clues and the chest, and “many” within 500′ while some @ 200′ because they told fenn there “process” and some told him “exactly” where they were.

          Summary conclusion: for any who solved the first two clues and was in 500′ of the chest… the distance between the clues from start to finish can not be miles apart or alternative transportation [ driving ] be needed without having solved/known of the next clue’s location “exactly” to accomplish that distance and “Walk Past” the treasure chest… at a known distance to fenn of 500′
          There are other Q&A’ an comments… to many to list.

          IMO, the comments all relate to clues being closely grouped. And taking in fenn’s account of his movements; “followed the clues” “walked less than a few “miles” [ I say that it total for two trips ~ one trip was only for 1/2 the trove because of weight ] in a time span of one afternoon… tells us to be able to “walk several hours” to our “solve” [twice, total hours to complete the retrieval because of weight ~ a solve/completed task]

          The distance from where we can stop our transport to go to the solve location, might fall into a one way hike to the clues location of approx 1mile or less.
          To reconcile the idea that clues are close… the above needs to be understood that the distance of travel by us and/or fenn is to ‘get to’ the clue’s location.
          “certainty of the location beforehand” ~the~ “path of the clues” now begins.
          “…. people have figure the first couple of clues and unfortunately walked past the treasure chest”
          The same people , some, many, searcher, others [ all relating to searchers in search mode ] being 500′ from the chest at some point while on site… unfortunately IMO, they misread / misunderstood the poem and the all “left the poem”… they walked away from the clues.

          This analyzing the ATF, bring me to the conclusion, there is a distance to hike from the car/parking area to the location of all the clues, and all the clues could be within a very short distance [ lets just say 1000′ ] near each other… contiguous in nature of touching, neighboring in a small area. Or at the very least, seen from a vantage point.

          End of Commentary… that is as short has I can be without listing the many comments related to actions of fenn as we have been told and fenn’s knowledge/comment of searchers actions and process, over the past many years of ATF.

          I will add one more {in part} …an eight yrs old is not going down and up a canyon. ~ people.com Q&A

          • On the LGII question: IMO, Forrest’s answer would be exactly the same if he had been asked “Can a grown man in Billings Montana, who speaks good English, but only has your poem and a map of the US Rocky Mountains, work out where the treasure is?” Remember, Forrest did not pose the scenario. It was presented to him. Forrest did not make a distinction between a little girl who lives in a foreign country and a man or woman who lives in the U.S. because he wasn’t asked to do so. I have always thought that the little girl “cannot get closer than the first two clues”, because for the 3rd clue, you need an encyclopedia or some other research tool. The first 2 clues can be seen on a map and the 3rd cannot. The 3rd clue hints at a location but Forrest is being clever and you need to research his reference in the clue. The first 2 clues are “relatively” easy and can be located on a map (in India, Montana or on a space shuttle).
            I am certain that closer does not mean geographically closer. The question was ”Can a little girl in India, who speaks good English, but only has your poem and a map of the US Rocky Mountains, work out where the treasure is?” So when Forrest says “closer” he means closer to “working out where the treasure is”, which is how the question was phrased – not closer on the ground to actually picking up the treasure. Forrest hones right in on words like an architect. When he is asked a question and has time to put thought into it, like he does on Jenny Kile’s questions, his answers will match the question exactly as it was posed to him. In other words, for the 3rd clue, check out Wikipedia! All IMO, of course.

          • Seeker,

            I have been saying for some time that IMO:

            WWWH and CD are at a TFTW distance, but are “directly” connected and near to the other clues in “ONE” single point.

            People passed 200/500 feet “from this point”.

            Two in particular that have passed 200 feets, I imagine who they are, they will not be very happy when they know …

            Just my opinion … nothing more to confirm just my theory …

          • Ah, more for thinks:

            IMO each clue can have more than one meaning that takes us to a specific location.

            For example: WWWH does not necessarily have to be a single thing.

            Can be:
            (a) A city that was welcoming
            (b) which has a thermal spring that flows into a cold river where
            (c) have fishing for trout
            (d) and there were many dead people
            (e) by hot-blooded (violent) people who have been eliminated
            (f) and that in winter the waterfalls freeze.

            All in one.

            This happened in my solution.

            Off course, just IMO

          • Warlock62, I like your logic. It’s been awhile since you’ve been on here. Are you still in search mode ?

          • Seeker…I asked…and you answered. Good points and I can/have agree/d on the same premises. However…Even with the ATF as a basis to work from, there are still some wild leaps of faith to hurdle in order to come to the conclusion you are presenting.
            Just because Fenn answers a question…we cannot assume what he is thinking when doing so. So a searcher tells him exactly where they are/were and explain why…their first two clues are right, but the rest of their solve is not correct…for any number of reasons. Wrong decipher, wrong direction next, did not travel further along, traveled too far(went past), climbed up a steep hillside…the list is long with possibles. Without expanding on anything…Fenn now answers a question and says they figured the first two clues and went on by the remaining seven clues…he’s certainly not going to say why or how. He’s pretty much limited at that point so as to not steer anyone toward or away, right? As for those who have been close, let’s just use 500′. Has it ever occurred to you that these folks may have traveled to the first clue location…and while doing so passed by later clues in the poem? Fenn has never said anything to say they have not…to my knowledge. Either way…I believe it is a wild leap to assume that the clues MUST be all close based on anything he has said. Look at the questions themselves…most of them are wide open for him to have a field day with…answer as posed.
            The *vantage point* scenario…I’ve used that one…and still like it, but…the poem tells me otherwise…and I’m going with the poem. And still…Fenn never does explain in his answers/comments whether or not searchers moved one way or another( they must be moving in some direction) WHEN they left the poem. He does not specify at all, how far that was before they left the poem. Did I miss something in that regard? Did he ever say these searchers were standing still when they left the poem? In fact…these close searchers could have figured the first two clues…started out on the correct path(walking or driving) towards the next clue…stopped walking/pulled over and got out…walked past the rest of the clues…went in/up/over/around(doesn’t matter)…concluded their search and left. He could say they walked/went past the seven clues…and he would be telling the truth.
            Contiguous….If a searcher is following the clues *correctly*…this is contiguous. Not following clues , not contiguous. Pretty simple really….I believe if the path traveled is correct…the clues have no choice but to be contiguous.
            Amigo…you seem to have hit the wall at the vantage point and the clues must be really close to each other…because You have been saying it for months now. Are you really saying that Fenn parked his car…walked a distance to THE location of all the clues…which are presumably in close proximity to each other(even 1000′)…twice in one afternoon (less than a few miles)….at the original *special place*…and was going to just disappear like a ghost…not to be found?

          • Hi Warlock62: thank you for addressing the word “closer” in Forrest’s answer to Jenny. Seeker and others have always taken that to mean physically closer to the chest, but I’ve always been in your camp: closer to working out the overall solution.

          • Seeker, and others,

            I’m with Zap on this point – closer doesn’t always mean physically closer. Hopefully, we are all getting closer to solving the poem, but none of us is moving. (Well, except for the Earth’s rotation in space.)

            I still suspect/maintain that some of the clues are “meta-physical” – they pertain to physical things, but they themselves are not material in nature, so you cannot get closer physically to them. But without them, stay home and play Canasta.

    • The 200′ and 500′ individuals were not the ones that got the first 2 clues right based on our solve. Also he never said those 200′ and 500′ people had any of the clues correct.

      • oh,
        You’re taking many first two clues comments, and within 500′ comments and separating them ~ ‘based on your solve”

        fenn~ “… people have figured the first couple of clues and unfortunately walked past the treasure chest.”

        What is the more likely scenario?
        Searcher simply walked up to a distance of 500 or 200 feet from the chest, without the first two clues.
        Searcher manage to get to within 500′ because of the first two clues.

        Fenn have said many searcher have been within 500’ [number count doesn’t matter]… IF not by the first two clues… how can many be getting that close -?- Yet not any of them be first two clue solvers?

        • Well that’s the thing, people are assuming the 2 clue people and 200’/500′ people are one of the same. But they are not.

          • oh

            You state this as a fact. Can you please provide the proof of that statement? Just askin’ JDA

          • I agree based on what I remember from the quotes (I cbf to go look them up as it doesn’t much matter in my solve).

            TBH, I thought that these were two separate groups was common knowledge on here and am surprised that JDA is surprised.

          • Sorry JDA, left out IMO. But yes, it is my opinion that the two are not one of the same.

        • Some time ago I said:

          “All clues can be seen from above the chest.”

          Now I say:

          “All clues refer to a single location. Not more than 0.25 miles.”

          IMO – No TC, yet.

      • I thought he said in a interview. A women figured out the first 2 clue. Was within 200ft but didn’t know it. And kept on going.. And it seemed like he knew her very well. Because he also followed up with he would never tell her. Because he knows she’d be ripping up the mountains. So that also contradicts nobody has figured out the key word that ties everything together

        • I believe he said at some point (over a year ago) that a man had been closest, but a woman was right on his heals.

      • Oh…IMO you are spot on! Fenn would never give away his location to those that only solved 6 of the clues. They had no clue what the Blaze was and followed the clues to where they thought the Blaze was! Which can be looked at as possibly 500′ or as close as 200′ depending on your solve. Fenn said if you don’t know what the Blaze is before you put BOTG then you are wasting your time! And he’s right! 🙂 IMO after traveling 1400 miles(one way) 4 times now and seeing what I have seen at my solve location, I can honestly say I’m taking pictures and sending them to Forest if it isn’t there! Heading that way again tomorrow and plan on hitting the hike at sun-up 🙂 It takes this old guy roughly 4 hours to hike the almost 2 miles. IMO once you are at the Blaze then the last stanza directs you to the resting place which is(believe it or not) roughly 12-15 feet away! IMO you will need to be on part of the Blaze to see it because it’s down inside something. I’m 6’3″ and when I stood at the center of the Blaze I don’t believe it was visible over the edge of the wood. After reading TTOTC I was like “holy crap”! IMO he tells you exactly where it is! Tarry Scant, I was reading the other night that it could mean to “Look South”??? Not that it matters that much in the solve but if you stand at the Blaze the chest is about 12-15 feet to the SouthEast as I was standing there. Snow was piled up a good 2 feet over the chest location so I cleared it off and it was like a volcano. I could get about 8 inches down inside it but then the ice came into play. I tried breaking the ice but it was solid and it was getting late so I came home and did my taxes! BAHAHA!! GO FIGURE!! Kinda hard to explain but I thought about asking Dal if he wanted to go with me and see if I’m right so he could see it and the simplicity of the solve IMO that is 🙂 Heck I just hate the thought of celebrating the solve alone and Fenn would get a kick out of Dal being there for the solve! The weather is 70 on Friday & Saturday and I got a sunburn back in late March when it was ONLY 41 out! I’ll be in Livingston MT on Friday afternoon where I’ll be staying the night after 21+ hours of driving and then heading to my solve for the Sunrise hike. I’d almost pay for Dal to drive over there to Livingston but he has more money than I do 🙂 It’s like 11 – 12 hours to Livingston for you Dal… IMO, after reading the book, I honestly don’t know how someone HASN’T found it! IMO after doing my researching, Fenn gives you MULTIPLE examples for each clue in his poem AFTER the first 2 clues! The Blaze is the KEY and IMO Fenn has told us EXACTLY what the Blaze is in his writings Dal 🙂 because I was there 🙂 and EVERY WORD he has spoken is the truth…IMO 🙂 Dal, if I were to talk to you in Livingston and show you my solve you and your wife would be lost in the simplicity of it all…IMO 🙂 After putting BOTG and running out of time and the much needed ice pick/axe… IMO it’s going to be 2-3 inches under the ice inside the STUMP!! IMO I think the reason Fenn said to take a sandwich and a flashlight is because for the average “Joe” to make it to the Blaze is going to take some time so bring a flashlight in case it gets too late and a sandwich because after 7 hours of PowerAde’s you tend to get a bit HUNGRY! IMO the flashlight would not be needed other than for that purpose 🙂 and bringing a sandwich into BEAR COUNTRY wouldn’t make sense unless it’s for nutrition! If I’m right, you’re going to crap your pants Dal when the Blaze is revealed. And if I’m right I will not reveal Fenn’s special place but I will take my Grandkids to it in June or July during summer vacation! IMO it’s special to Forest but as for a “View” from BOTG it’s a solid “3” IMO 🙂 But it’s special for Forest because of the Blaze IMO 🙂 IMO you have to read TTOTC in order to understand EVERYTHING!!! This is my only solve/search given the information! If it’s not there then I’m done searching. Forest said you would go with confidence right straight to it…well, IMO I’m there! 🙂 So, IMO, “oh” is 100% correct in his assessment of the 500/200 foot thingy 🙂

        • I believe in your the tree stump theory. I hope your right. I always thought the blaze was sunlight. But glowed off several things in one erea. Without saying to much. Can you say what makes your Blaze spot So special? The only down side I see to your solve. If your saying it takes you 4 hours judt to get the spot. That would’ve took FF 16 hours to go back and forth. Even if it was half that. I dont see him hiking back and forth twice taking 8 hours.

  3. Perhaps they started at WWWH (clue 1), took it in the canyon down (clue 2) by car, and drove past the HOB. Perhaps the Little girl from India can’t get past the first clues because she needs to drive to the put in below the HOB. This all hypothetical assuming that clues 1 and 2 are BIWWWH and TIITCD.

    • Another scenario is that if HOB refers to where brown trout or any other brown animal lives, then their home would not be on any regular map of the Rocky Mountains or GE. Therefore, LGII couldn’t get closer because she wouldn’t have that knowledge of geography. Just another possibility.

      • it’s possible HOB is a lake IMO as the poem says “home” not house, it refers to an animal or long gone civilization. The home therefore could be a lake with brown trout. Maybe it’s capitalized as all lakes are capitalized.

  4. This is all very encouraging. If FF thinks that about a thousand searchers each believe
    that their own solve is correct, then (based on postings I see on this thread, for example) it
    seems to me that of those thousand searchers, only about two of them would actually have
    much of a chance to have (at this time) a correct solve. This would tend to indicate that
    the intended/choreographed “footrace” after the snow melts may have only a very small number of participants. That’s fine with me . . . especially if the number is 1, and it’s just
    me in the race.

    On a less cynical (and more friendly) note, I honestly and sincerely wish for all the folks
    who post on this blog and also do BOTG searching for the Forrest Fenn treasure a safe
    and enjoyable experience in this hunt.

    The above is all part of my opinion.

  5. AJ,

    When do you think you are going to go and retrieve it…..and put us all out of our misery??

    • good one Loco…he passes through with a lot of those type of comments…but I believe it may be a different type of passing.

  6. Just been thinking of what would make the spot FF chose so special. I think that too much effort has been focused on his youth because of TTOTC and his stories.
    Now I am thinking the spot has a special meaning because of his family and the special spot came to him later in life.
    It could be the first time his children or grandchildren caught a trout (assuming they did), or some other occasion involving camping, hiking or fishing. This being my train of thought, then I’m still going for NM as this is the most likely area where he would have spent the majority of time with his family. He worked at the gallery, had family, friends and clientele and I’m sure, as with most of us, that leisure time would be a valuable commodity. Owning a successful business consumes most of your time, seven days a week. Been there and done that.
    If this were the case, I believe FF still had time to get away with his family and share his favorite pastimes with them and this is what made the spot for the TC so special. I believe his grandchildren, or at least one of them, played a role in making the spot special and that is why he won’t reveal the first time he visited the spot or why the spot is so special to him. Most people who have a love for the outdoors usually share the experiences with family and take away the fondest of memories from those outings.
    Just my two cents.

    • In line with your thoughts: Treasures bold could be his family members. A place where he went in there alone and later with his treasures (family).

    • I completely disagree with your assumptions about his work/free time…he SOLD the gallery in 1988…and bought San Lazaro around the same time…also, why is it so hard to contemplate a road trip with his family? Spring Break, memorial day, mid summer vacations, families have lots of opportunities with kids, you don’t think he would show his kids Yellowstone? Now, I agree, I don’t think he hauled them there every year, but possibly more than once. Occam says the poem being published in TTOTC, his ‘hint’ statement in the book, that the stories in the book could have bearing seems pretty logical (not that FFs logic is the same as ours, just from a probability standpoint, odds are against you).

      To stir the pot some more, whatIF the whole poem/clues/hints are supposed to be read as the opposite? That is, every clue is viewed ‘reflected’…so WWWH becomes Where Cold Water Moves (goes, flows, etc), canyon becomes valley… TFTW becomes not too far…HOB I have no idea…is a place for the meek (or would it be no place for the brave?)…okay my head hurts, just trying to ride the backwards bike…do the opposite…anyone seen that episode of Seinfeld? where George does the opposite of all of his instincts, and then everything works out in his favor, super funny.



    We are expecting a higher than normal army of searchers on the hunt for Forrest Fenns Hidden Treasure Chest this Summer.

    To all on the chase;

    Stay safe and good luck this Summer

    Ronnie the Scot

  8. Lugnutz,

    I like your example of descending into the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone in the last Odds and Ends.

    Thanx for sharing!

  9. Has the Scotsman made his attempt to find the chest yet?
    I’ve been away for awhile.

    • Fly Fishing,

      I don’t know if your comment is directed at myself.

      However I will answer it just in case it is?

      No I haven’t made my trip yet, but all being well I hope to make the trip to the Rockies in mid June.

      Take care and stay safe.

      Ronnie the Scot

      • I think so Ronnie, the one who was going to sneak away from the fam for a week and go get the treasure. Best wishes. ff

  10. Sounds like lots of people are heading to Yellowstone. Thanks for all of your interesting comments. I’m going to re-read the book and see if that makes sense.

    BTW I would ask if the person has actually searched the site, not just stumbled on it or walked past it.

      • Have to watch out for mind readers. Although, if the mind reader was that good, Mr. Fenn would have quickly thought of the place, and then thought of another, hence the spot would have been known. Heck, the comment made me giggle. 🙂

          • Then again, maybe Mr. Fenn is a mind reader because he said the “mind reader” didn’t know. (Giggle.) I do like the article.

          • Oh my golly, pdenver I couldn’t agree more. Total giggle. Reminds me of Kaku and the ole “giggle factor”. Good people on this blog doing inspiring acts. Giggle me timber. Stay safe. Until next time my friend

      • Like.

        I smiled and guffawed out loud when I read Mr. Fenn’s response to the mind reader. Just hilarious.

        Thanx for sharing the link Onuat.

    • Thank you for the link, Onuat. I really enjoyed this article. I am super happy for Mr. Fenn that he will get to be reunited with the two gentlemen that rescued him.

      • Onuat and pdenver – I enjoyed the article very much, also. And my heart is full for Forrest to be able to reconnect with his rescuers.

      • Thanks Onuat, great article and I hope Forrest gets to meet up with some of the Candy Ann crew…. But I really want to know what those kindergartners have come up with!!!

  11. Going to be an exciting year. If my current solve is correct, I’ve got the first five clues in place. I know a few thousand before me have said the same thing but dang, this looks great compared to the ones I’ve done in the past.

    And it does look like directions on a map. There are no lines crossing anywhere that I see (yet) but maybe that’ll come with the final few clues.

    So fun. And challenging.

  12. I just want to wish all you searchers a happy hunting season! I have my spot picked out and after today I’m going into a self imposed media blackout until after I search.

    So…. be well… be good… and please everyone be safe!!


      • I’m going to try my best!! If I do find it, you’ll have to keep looking… I’m not going to reveal the location and I plan on leaving some there… lol.


        • The location will be revealed because ff will reveal it imo. You best take it all if you find it TimM. Are you driving or flying?

        • Flying. Ohio is too far to drive when I only have a week of vacation scheduled. If I’m lucky, I’ll drive back. lol

          • Thanks for the well wishes, morecowbell!

            I hope I do find it or else my wife may divorce me. When I started my solution over s year ago, I told her that I wasn’t going to cut my hair or shave unless one of three things happened. Either get a new job, hit the lottery or find the chest….

            Last week my youngest daughter told me that I look like a caveman… lol


    • How soon after today, TimM? Posting may be more “addictive” than one may
      easily realize. Good luck to you. IMO.

    • Maybe he’d heard that IBM input the poem and a map of the Rockies into their Deep Blue computer and it gave them the solution. Rumor has it that after processing for two months it spit out the solution of “bishop to F4, checkmate”. I can’t imagine why they haven’t put BOTG and gotten it yet.

      • Exactly. Computer science is totally dumb. I’m not even sure why I’m using the internet. The internet is the devil. IBM is stupid because it uses computer technology. Fenn wouldn’t have had to make his hunt if the internet didn’t exist. Hopefully a nuclear war or solar flare will plunge us in the dark ages so everyone gets their finger nails dirty again. I’m with you man. Screw science, technology, advanced pre natal care etc. Pray for the dark ages.

        • Thank you for the reply, I’ll just take my clearly defective sense of humor and sit quietly in the corner.
          PS Deep Blue was developed to do one thing, beat human grandmasters at chess.

      • I read this on Dal’s website. Most of the things Fenn says are vague and do not give anything up. He is fond of using words that have more than one meaning or significance, ie., home of Brown, canyon down. These two statements are very significant, yet you could derive several meanings/locations from them. It could be he is saying this just to cause more excitement, I’m not betting on anyone finding it this summer.

        • Would you be able to define both vague and simple?
          I feel as he stated keep it simple.

  13. Like I said before if you ain’t smiling when you go in stay home and play cards.like Fenn says you will go right to it when you knowlege

  14. Dal, I have to commend you and your superior blog site. You have always had common courtesy when it comes to responding to searchers questions in a timely manner, unlike another popular site. Dal, your blog site is hands down # 1 when it comes to the Thrill of the chase. Your site will also be #1 when it comes to disclosure. Sincerely, Afana

  15. Since Forrest is giving fewer interviews now, and answering fewer emails, it’s getting more important to collect any quotes from him in a central place. Somehow I missed this quote about Forrest’s gut feeling that the treasure will be found this summer. Where was that from? Is anyone collecting all of FF’s quotes in one single place? I have found at least three blogs posting exclusive quotes by him…

    • Maybe you should consider building such a website yourself OTC. An endeavor like this would present an enormous level of research and organization for any TTOTC enthusiast. I think what you are asking for is a library of everything Forrest has written or said since ? (when)…birth??

      Even organizing in one place everything Forrest has said or written since the fall of 2010 is a Herculean task. Consider for a moment that a simple broadcast radio interview given by Forrest to a New Zealand station in which Forrest named the first clue in the poem escaped the attention of hundreds of thousands of avid searchers and followers for two years.

      Forrest has not been a quiet inventor of this puzzle. A book of everything he has said and written in the past eight years would be a hefty tome, indeed!
      And in my mind…who would read such a manuscript? Most folks in the chase don’t even read or watch or listen to the wealth of recordings and writings by Forrest contained or referenced on this very blog, let alone the others. Every day I get email from new folks asking the most mundane and basic questions about Forrest or the hunt:
      When did Forrest start the chase?
      Where did Forrest say the chest is below 10,200ft?
      How come no one looks for the chest in Idaho?
      Did he say 300 miles west or 300 miles southwest of Toledo?
      When did Forrest stop piloting his plane?
      How old is Forrest?
      Forrest obviously started this to sell his books. Why do you all bother with such a person?
      Where does Forrest live?
      Why didn’t Forrest just give all that stuff to a museum?
      Why did Forrest do this?

      I think it would be fun to start a basic info, multiple choice quiz about the chase that would serve as a primer of valuable information and be fun to take…maybe several progressively more difficult levels…each level has 20 questions…Maybe 10 levels…

      Now that’s something I could get behind… 🙂

        • “The woman wanted an additional clue so I told her it’s more than 300 miles southwest of Toledo”.


          • Forrest sold his plane October 26, 2002, but the check bounced. The buyer finally bank transfer the money and the deal was done.


          • What!? My handle is now broken – I’m crushed. Who wants to go by swsot?

            Bur, and others, I took author’s license to make my handle speak easier when I came up with it when joining up here so many moons ago. Nobody’s ever called me on it, so I just let it slide.

          • Oop’s, your handle will still work southwest or west still not a very good clue. Hey he might of said it was west some other time along the way.


          • Swwot,

            Check out the article by Forrest’s friend Margie Goldsmith in HuffPost 8/23/2011. If you need to see.


          • McB,

            No sure what you are referring to. I was hoping others would kick in some answers because there’s a couple I’m wondering about.


          • Bur,

            The couple who came down the canyon?

            It depends on which canyon …

            The canyon up where WH is or where WH pours its water down?

  16. Just throwing this out there,
    FF said he has not been back to the spot where he hid the TC since the day he hid it. He has also stated he knows the TC is still there.
    My wife and I bought a parcel of land where there had been a dairy farm. Mostly pasture and very little trees. Since eight years ago, after letting nature take over, the land is unrecognizable to what it was when we bought it. Tress, bushes and grasses have grown and obscured the adjacent property buildings, roads, etc.
    This would be the same in the forest. I have hiked many trails which look very different over eight years. Vegetation growth, left untouched, would eventually block views by changing in mass and height.
    My point is…the TC is somewhere in which it can be viewed by FF. It will most likely be on a rock where plant growth is difficult to take hold, right-of-way, high or low spot which can be viewed or some other area which would not become overgrown with vegetation. He said he has not been back to the spot but has never said he has not been back to close proximity in which he can verify that the TC is still there. He also said ….”his bones rotting in the sun” which indicates an area where there would be no overgrowth to block the sun or relatively free of trees at that direct spot.
    Once again, just my two cents.

  17. I have been reading researching, had many hunts in New Mexico and Colorado. I haven’t posted here much but have been reading Dal’s blog pretty much since I came on to the TOTC. I have compiled a composition book of at least 40 pages of just Forrest’s quotes and add more daily. It seems like there are quotes everywhere some are embellished from what he actually said. I can say this. He has said you will go in confidence when you have the correct solve. I am feeling very confident. Looking so forward to my first hunt this season.

  18. That has always been my thought. A clearing in a forest where the sun can “blaze “. He responded to a email about how can the sun shine in the woods. That person must of never been in a forrest. That not the exact quote. But it was HIS way of being tricky with his wording. I guarantee it is both.

    • A wood is smaller than a forest. Do you believe the TC is in a wood that is,
      in turn, in a clearing in a forest? The above statement is my opinion. The
      above question is not an opinion, nor a theory about Holden’s typewriter.

      • I believe the TC is embedded in a tree trunk. (see story and comments by John Paul…a blogger several years ago. I think JP was FF incognito.) You have to read his responses and compare them to FF’s writings/comments.

      • I should of put the exact quote. I only found it refered to on one blog so i can’t forsure say it a fact it came from FF. .6/24/14 Person asked Forrest. Did you really say the blaze is a white streak, as it has been rumored. Deb.
        “Thanks Deb . No I did not say that. There is a lot of bad information floating around the blogs and many posts that are not well thought out. One person said the treasure was hidden in the trees. Then he contradicted himself and said it was in the sun. How could it be both? Makes me wonder if that person has ever been in the forest. ” sorry for my misquote and bad memory. So what I was try to say earlier IMO Is. I think it’s in a dense forrest but the sun can prominently shine in one open spot. ( probably small canyon edge that is shadowed) through the trees. So it would be in the wood, cold and have a echo. My guarantee was a joke.

  19. And, today, I finally figured out the “sandwich” comment.
    LOL, I now know what kind Mr. Fenn wants me too take while hunting.

    Clearly Clueless

  20. Has anyone give any thought to maybe sandwich means the hiding spot is sandwiched like layers. Layers like an Oreo cookie he and Olga nibbles on. He has give us 2 clues as to foods that are sandwiches that I can recal. My first spot this year is “sandwiched” oh he has given us so many clues that it’s amazing no one has found indulgence yet.

    • I don’t believe that it’s sandwiched. It doesn’t amaze me that it’s been undiscovered, or at least not publicly. I think that I understand why.

    • Travis, what is the other “clue” — in addition to his mention of Oreo(s) with Olga?

      I don’t think in terms of the hidey spot being “sandwiched”. But I do believe
      that the mention of Oreos was a hint (not a clue).

      • “ I took Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, which suited me to a “T”.

        You are absolutely right. It’s all right there everything we need to know it’s the “T” but there are (3)

        My answer is cryptic because my solve is very close to what we are talking about.

        You are right Oreos are a hint but not a clue.

        • Snacking on tea and biscuits, I just had to google Oreo and each of the states. If you are a sensitive person, whatever you do, don’t do that. =:o

      • I’m not sure Oreos are any kind of a hint. Maybe F saying he was in the middle is a metaphor of sorts. And possibly he was the sandwich. And I suppose if that’s the case FF should consider this a formal invite to come with me!

    • haven’t you seen that most of the pic. out there are round – to me that’s a hint that the tc is in a pit – then you have wood then you have fire (blaze) and water to put the fire out when you are done cooking what is near and dear to him

      • oh and lets not forget to make you a sandwich – when you are done cooking – make sure that you douse the pit with water and that the wood and the blaze are completely out

  21. Back to the LGFI. She can’t get past two clues. The 200-500’ers didn’t get past two clues. IMO, that is not a coincidence. The 200-500’ers left the poem. The LGFI didn’t leave the poem; she couldn’t leave the map. The 3rd clue is not in the RMs. IMO .The 200-500’ers stayed in the RMs and pasted by the next clue. IMO. So that means that HOB is likely the 3rd clue. Now we just have to figure out HOB and if I remember correctly it is not associated with a structure. Imo

    • Alope,
      For hoB or any clue to represent something outside the RM’s range [ searchable area ] It should represent to something usable in the correct search location. This doesn’t seem to be an idea, but more of a reality.
      fenn had stated those who solved the first two clues went by the “seven remaining clues:…and evidently the chest.
      So for anyone to go pass the hoB… whatever it represents… needs a connection within, to walk by. Or the poem can’t work.

      Think of it this way… hoB hypothetically represents something in Toledo. So for searcher to, go by, walk past, hop, skip or jump, the “remaining seven clues”… something from the search site must represent something from Toledo as well. Or any other clues that would be outside the RM’s ranch searchable areas.

      By the way… the Q&A stated… “can not get closer than the first two clues” ~ “I wish I had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians. The little girl in India cannot get closer than the first two clues. There are many disabled people who are deeply into maps and geography, and they are having a lot of fun.”

      That is not the same as you saying ‘can’t get pass two clues’.
      We would need to know what fenn meant by “closer”… to what?…to the next clue[s]? to the chest itself? to the blaze we all should be hoping we’ve found?

      • I would think closer to the treasure chest- you still have 7 more clues to go – 2 clues is not close enough

        • The wording “can not get closer than the first two clues” seems to suggest ‘the chest’. IF so, then the remaining clues themselves must be close as well.
          “… people have figured the first couple of clues and unfortunate walked past the treasure chest.” For this comment [ and others ] to be accurate, there shouldn’t be any driving needed between clues.

          The idea/summation is; fenn [ as we are told to do ] followed the clues [ all of them,… there’s no other way to his knowledge ] when he hid the chest and completed the poem/challenge. Did it in one afternoon, twice in that time period [several hours to his solve], and walked less than a few miles [ total for two trips ].

          • My intense, focused awareness of the following just took its first few steps today, which surprised me.
            Here goes:

            An average person in reasonably good health, could
            (if knowing where the TC is) walk all the way from the start of the path — defined by the clues — to the end of that same path. In other words, no vehicle use is required.

            The above is my opinion.

          • Vehicle use may not be required from WWWH, but as mentioned by someone, it’s too far to walk.

          • Covert,

            I believe this is just a way of identifying the map that the poem describes.

            After you understand “what” is WWWH, everything else fits and you can go straight to the chest.

            This TFTW is just to guide your search.

            WWWH (singular) is far from CD but at the same time is “together”.

            Por isso a frase é contínua.

            In my opinion “all clues” form a “uniqué” point on the map.

            So FF said that “anyone who knows in advance … goes straight to the chest”.


          • seeker when you say walked past the other clues- this says to me that you are no where near to understanding the poem – when ff said walked past do you think he was going to say drove past the other clues imo (no) ff wrote the poem from a ge map from the clues that were on the side of a main highway – the clues are imo not that close for botg – the same highway that ff drove is the same road you should drive to get you there – imo he walked a half a mile in those two trips- from ge map you can find before you leave home – the beginning all the way to the end – because you will see the highway and you will see others turns that you have to make cause the tc is not on the side of this highway but as always it just my opinion

      • I think the odometer on the LGII just clicked over 200k !
        Just for arguments sakes…Fenn is pretty much admitting that anyone, anywhere can get the first two clues given the same resources as LG.
        The third clue requires something more….

        • As I recall, she does not have the TTOTC book. That would block her access to hints in the book to help solve the clues.

        • It doesn’t matter what resources she had… others [apparently many, and more each year ] have gone beyond the two clue [ regardless of correctness or not of other clues ] and right by the chest. And many have been within 500′ and a few around 200′

          The only way the scenario of; walking vs. alternative transport could occur.. a third clue, in the correct order, would be needed to go from the first two, to the next location, for separation/distance of clue two thru the next spot If driving is involved.

          Alope made a suggestion that hoB [ his/her third clue ] is not in the RM’s… then something must connect to the search location to whatever is outside the search location to make it workable, as well. { I had a theory with just that thought once…} It needs a connection to work on site.
          Unless someone has a better idea of how; an out of the mountain range clue could possibly work and not be represented on site… I’m all ears!

          • That scenario(hob not in RM) is not one that I care to contemplate as a viable action in the Chase. Further…the resources LG was given in the Q posed to Fenn, *clearly* had a direct impact on the answer he gave. The *others* you speak of Seeker…obviously had way more available to them.
            You answered your own scenario(walk vs. drive) I believe. What’s wrong with the idea of clues being/representing different *locations* ? After all… Fenn has verbalized the idea…”…the PLACES the clues refer to.”

          • it is possible the treasure was put in below the home of Brown (a lake) and that the blaze is a lake. That would tie these two clues together

          • All clues in the RMs.

            At least from my perspective. I’m hopeful that I can make a trip this summer. I’m going to try. Unfortunately my wife is not doing well and is unable to travel, at least not long distances. And like Fenn I’m not going to leave her.
            This gives me at least one other option, and that is to have a search partner and do a 50/50 split. I have a search partner so I think that is covered.

            Now just to give my hawk a few more test runs. It only took me six years to get him trained up. I made a replica of indulgence. He’s trained to find it visually. Lol. Just kidding. But wouldn’t that be something. (Somebody will be working on this tomorrow probably.) ; )

          • Seeker: will side with ken on this one, in that I believe all the clues are in the Rockies above 5000 feet and below 10,200 feet. I will even go so far as to say that all the clues are in the same U.S. state.

          • Zap;

            I have to agree with you on this one, and in my opinion, that state is Wyoming – YE-HA – JDA

          • ken,
            I don’t think it’s viable either, but it was posted and I thought I would respond to the thought.
            The only way I can show if it’s possible, plausible, usable, debatable, is by referencing the ATF related to it.

            Yep Little Indy has gone around the world more than once… but isn’t the point to any single comment [ ATF ] to align it with all the others that might relate to it. Seriously, how can we analyze of comment and not attempt to see the full picture of all the comments.

            IMO.. it’s a huge waste of time, hang your hat on one comment that only works for one’s solve.

            You said the *others* obviously had way more…

            Well, we don’t know that for sure…Yet, they manage to get to the first two clues[deciphered] and apparently didn’t know it… they went by the remaining clues and didn’t know… they walked by the chest, some at 500 and didn’t know it…

            LOL I hope, all they had was, a lousy map of the RM’s… when they were on site. The alternative …?!? lol.

          • Zap, more than likely… I’ll go as far to say the clues are very close, in comparison to a stated.
            Can you name that tune in 9 notes

          • Seeker, how close are those clues contained within? Give a number and then we can talk.

          • Seeker,

            What if one or more clues are not “physical spots”? It is my opinion that this is probable, and more than likely, true. Actually, I have been working a solution that has only 4 or 5 “physical spots” in it. The clues are in the poem, but the clues are not in the Rocky Mountains.

        • Ken –

          How about this?

          No one can get closer than the first two clues.

          There is no closer to be.

          What do you think?


          • Not buying that bridge Lugnutz ! Folks have been barking up that tree for quite some time. Probably just as many as those that believe they have to hike an endless trail and traverse many dangers along the way.

      • Ken: very concise, and accurate IMO. Clue #3 requires a better map than the one provided to LGII. That she (and anyone else) can solve the first two clues with that map is the eye-opener.

        • As I recall the map that she used to solved the first 2 clues was not identified. That would be good info to have.

          • Windy…It was a map of the US Rocky Mountains. That is a general type map with very little detail…unless it was one that had to be opened on a tennis court.
            Let’s not all forget the last sentence of Fenn’s answer about disabled folks deeply into maps and geography, and are having a lot of fun. I think that has some bearing here as well.
            I’m a serious map guy and believe that the right one can be a valuable tool in the Chase. Learn where the first clue is…get a good map…decipher and follow the clues.
            At some point BOTG is necessary….
            This year I am bringing a laminated copy of Betty Crocker’s roasted game bird recipe. Should be useful in the evenings…or not.

          • There is a map drawn out in TTOTC. I looked at it hundreds of times. If you know what you need to know you will see it. It is as plain as day.

        • Zap…true…on all points.
          Without being inside Fenn’s head when he answered, it is risky to assume anything as to how concise HE was. That said…It seems logical that a more detailed map would be a great resource. It may also be wise to keep in mind that Fenn has repeatedly said that all of the information is in the poem for all to see. Cynthia’s new ideas about map usage is interesting…but I personally believe that good maps can be great tools.

          • Ken,

            A map that covers the entire RM can not be too detailed.

            When identifying WWWH there you need a more detailed local map.

            This map + GE lead up to the 8th clue. Then BOTG.


          • Yes McB…that is a topic discussed here since the comment came out. These continuing discussions are trying to nail down the dilemma that happens between the second and third clue. Some folks believe that a searcher must drive from second clue to third…some believe there is no driving(distance) to travel. Either way…since early in the Chase…the stumbling block has been at second and third clue. It is good to discuss more.

          • In my opinion:

            The phrase does not end on the CD, it ends on the TFTW.

            So this distance is between WWWH and CD.

            If it were for this distance to occur between CD and HoB, CD and HoB would be in the same sentence.

            You find WWWH and at some distance you will find CD.

            Go from WWWH to CD, not far, but too far to walk.

            I use both modes to solve this stanza. And it works for me as 4 clues.

          • ken ~’ It may also be wise to keep in mind that Fenn has repeatedly said that all of the information is in the poem for all to see.’
            Yep, in a summary of the comment that’s ok… but you left out “find” the treasure.

          • McB…that is a good scenario to look at closely. Many folks have posed that same idea…and whether that has been used BOTG is debatable. For certain…there has continued to be a glaring disconnect at the second and third clue. I believe the *DISTANCE* has logically been the dilemma.

          • Seeker…summary or not…I don’t know what you’re doing, but I’m trying to *find* Fenn’s treasure. Sorry I typed too fast and missed some wording…the point is still the same, Info in the poem.
            There are a couple of good ^tells^ in this LGII Q that may be helpful in a round about way. However, after putting all of my expectations and bias aside…I tend to agree with Chance’s comment below! No one is going to get closer than the first two clues unless they physically work through the clues…I believe that it can be planned and thought out, and one can be confident…but that calf has to be thrown down to get a brand on it! All the maps in the world aren’t worth spit, unless you use them.

          • I also think that:

            TFTW was placed there in such a way that the researchers who went straight through the other 7 clues, went very far ahead of the chest thinking about TFTW.

            They located the 2 clues and read “TFTW” and were walking away looking HoB, being next to him.

            I found reports from several researchers in a particular area who did this.

            Upon determining WWWH and CD were within 10/20 miles look for HoB.

            So I imagine that TFTW refers to the distance between WWWH and CD.

            For example:

            Suddenly, everything comes down to Madison Junction.

            WWWH begins at River Bathing and goes down to Madison Junction, then pick up the CD canyon where HoB will be, etc …

            Blaze can refer to the Madison Junction Camp.

            Hypothetically speaking, with nothing to lend credibility.

            By doing this you will be very close to all clues.

            Just exercises for the mind.

          • My point to the “find” in that comment, seems to relate only to using the clues…[ not that you inadvertently missed it ].
            It is still a possibility that the ‘location’ of all the clues could come from the book… the book will help with the clues, but the book won’t take you to the chest, idea.
            Basically the book might give up the location of all the clues. The book could even suggest the “right map”… yet even then the book is useless without the ‘clues’ in the poem… and visa versa… without knowing “where to start”… without having any idea of the ‘right / good’ map the poem may not be able to be solved on just the words in the poem… Nope, Nope.

            I guess though, we could all spend decades researching ever conceivable map of the entire RM range if we had to… from topo, to waterways, to qualify ever name of ever location back to the first map of that area.. etc. etc.

            Or does our blueprint come with an owners manual?

        • Zap,
          Another simple interpretation of the LGII comment is that finding the third clue requires information that isn’t included on maps. I think that this clue is the first one that requires BOTG. I’ll hedge that a bit and say that the information might be online in some non-map form (from his comment about theoretically being able to solve it from home), but probably easier to find if you’re on the ground.

      • Did Forrest ever say that they “walked” past the other seven or that they “went” past? It has been a long time since I read that article but I don’t remember saying that they the walked, could make a lot of difference. Maybe they were driving? Forgive me if I am wrong.
        Forrest uses his word very carefully not to give any hints that are definitive, muck like the hint that is is 300 miles west of Toledo or the woman that asked if he HAD to take a plane.

          • Unless WWWH is directly connected to the CD.

            You follow WWWH to CD. WWWH is large or long.

            As I said a few days ago: All the clues converge to the chest.

            IMO of course.

        • Another hypothesis:

          WWWH identifies the CD, but WWWH is 15 miles below the top of the CD.

          Then to identify HoB you should “climb” those 15 miles.

          Then you will have to go back where you came looking for the remaining clues in the correct order.

          It may be that some researchers have done the opposite way, going through the other 7 clues without realizing !!


      • My mistake. Thank you for the correct quote. I understand how it can be different but am trying to understand what the difference is (I hope that makes sense)Yes, I guess the question would be closer to what and not to get past. Something for me to think about.

    • LGFI comment will go down as the most talked about Q&A ever.
      I don’t buy into it considering how it’s supposed to be interpreted.
      Too many forks in the road for many of F’s statements.

      • My take on the LGFI comment is that the first 2 clues, (locations), are located in the Rocky Mountains but the third clue, (location), is located outside the rocky mountains. So with a map of ONLY the Rocky Mountains, she can go no further, even if the remainder of the clues, (locations), are located within the Rocky Mountains. This works for the clues, (locations), in my solve. This is all IMO of course.

        • So where do you think the 3rd clue is? Oklahoma? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha (hiccuo–burp!)

          • McB— I’m not disrespecting anyone. I really happen to believe one of the clues is in Oklahoma. Just having some fun brother.

          • Very funny Sparrow. All the clues, (places), are in one state. Unlike others I do not believe that the clues are in walking distance of each other, but are really close on a map, as in NFBTFTW. I believe however that the resting place of the chest is 2 miles from a carpark.
            Find the places, join the dots, and see where the lines cross. All IMHO.

        • If all you have is a map, of any kind, you can’t get the 3rd clue (HOB).
          You will need more than a map for that.

          The conflicting quote here, for me, is that all you need is the poem and a good map. I think you need more.

          And maybe conflicting as well, (paraphrased & conbobulated) go with confidence to the hiding place or stay home, or consider it a nice vacation.

          How FF must feel when he gives us extra information and hints all along the way and we just get even more tangled in our underwear.
          When I say we I quess I mean me, just hoping for equality.

          I wish he would write one more book on psychology.

          Good luck to all.
          Don’t feed the bears.

          • Meadow,

            After finding WWWH uniqué, I found a local map provided by the government.

            This map gave me CD, TFTW, HoB, no meek, NPIYC, HL and WH, and secret trail.

            Then I found a state map of the 1950s that, along with satellite imagery (not current GE) gave me the Blaze.

            Now just BOTG.

        • I think that this is a likely scenario. I do not know where the third clue is. It does make sense to me that it is not in the RMs. imo.

  22. Ha! Sometimes the ads here are just cruel – there was one for Christie’s auction house!

    Now, that’s just wrong.

    • Lol,
      I keep getting one for Cabellas.
      In particular, new fishing waders, keep popping up.
      Maybe, Dal, is wanting us to go wading?
      Clearly Clueless

      • Perhaps “intuition” at work?

        “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why.”
        – Albert Einstein

      • Or perhaps only Google’s algorithm for placing ads to try to monetize each click.

  23. I’ve been away for a while, working on this poem with boots on the ground. Makes more sense to me than staring at words on a page. It honestly hasn’t mattered what ground my boots were on until now because the beginning of this poem has to be figured out before you can find a starting point on a map. So, I’ve been just thinking a lot as I’ve hiked in various places and analyzed land features along my way. The first half of the poem describes the map. Its pointless to go to one specific place until you can understand the places described on the map. I’ve learned a few things and now I can picture Fenn laughing to himself about the cleverness of his book, The Thrill of the Chase.

    The first time I read the book, I underlined anomalies. I was looking for thoughts or ideas that, while inserted into the stories, seemed to be just slightly out of place. Here is one example. Forrest describes eating pineapple pies in the story, My Spanish Toy Factory. This makes no sense. Yellowstone was a remote area when Fenn was a boy. Even when I was a child, it was far away from civilization. It was a simple life, and not a place where anybody would be serving pineapple pies. Cherry or apple maybe; but nobody was baking pineapple pies in Yellowstone then. You can dispute me on this point if you like, but it doesn’t matter because I know what I’m talking about. I now understand why the story needed to include pineappe pies.

    To be honest with you, that story about the Spanish Toy Factory made no sense whatsoever. Until now, that is!

    So anyway; I had highlighted these anomalies on my first read through the book. So far I’ve been right about all of them. Right from the get-go, I could tell that a few of the characters in the book were important in the chase. “Grandma” is one of the most important! I knew that early on, but just couldn’t quite figure out how she fit into the map. Now I get it! If it weren’t for grandma, there probably wouldn’t be a chase. The map also contains, Fenn’s father, his brother Skippy who was “turning Alpha”, Fenn “in the middle”, his sister June who never got into trouble because she “did everything right”. These people are all land features! Then we’ve got Mrs Ford, The Old Biddies, and many others.

    I knew I was correct about a number of things. And, then other things were still highlighted in the book because I knew they were important, but didn’t understand exactly how. I pinned down a location I knew was right but wasn’t sure what next. That is when I saw a placename on a map and wondered what it meant. Ah-hah! In that split second, the map came into focus and I could see all of these characters together on this map. And, that is when a couple of things dawned on me.

    Did you know that “too far to walk” is a place? Its not a distance or a measurement. Its an actual place! I knew “No paddle up your creek” was a place. I even knew what place it was, but couldn’t pinpoint its relationship with the other places. Now I can. Up until today, I actually thought that “the end is ever drawing nigh” was a description of something, but I didn’t know it was an actual place. Sure enough! I also knew that “heavy loads and water high” was a place but culdn’t see its relationship to other places. Got it now!

    It is completely amazing to me that Fenn has managed to write a book full of rambling stories, and talk about descriptive characters that fit exactly with the places on the map. This is why a child could understand. Because, a child could draw his own map before looking at any other map until he had it figured out.

    Just thought I’d check in after my long absence from this page to share my new understanding of this poem. Does’t matter to me in the least if anyone agrees with my new understanding. If you manage to figure it out, you will know why you are correct.

    I’m going back to boots on the ground now. Hiking tomorrow, no place near the treasure. But, while I hike, I will be thinking.

    • Some of those stories take place in Texas. He spent Summers in West Yellowstone. Maybe this well help narrow down some of your mapping spots.


    • IMO–It is a play on words. The clue is not Pineapple, but rather apple of pine. IMO

      • Sherif Billy – And Pine Tar.

        But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
        Just take the chest and go in peace.

        A good sealing agent to keep out moisture. Especially since the bronze chest is wet.

        Look under a rotting log for a tarry scant covering a cache. And the unlocked chest may be covered in skins, like the fur trappers used to do. They probably got that idea from the local Indians. All IMO.

        • Zap-

          When I was in high school, I was teasing this prim and proper young lady with paint can in hand, telling her I was going to pour paint on her paint pony. She was busy cleaning out her horse’s stall at the time… While I was mid sentence, I looked up just as she launched a road apple at me. Plunk! right in my mouth! What a surprise! I would never had thought she would pick one up bare handed and never have guessed that she could even hit the broadside of the barn.

          If I had any sense at the time, I would have spit the thing out and ran over and given her a big fat juicy kiss. Alas, being slow on my feet, thinking that is, instead I ran to the well and washed my mouth out. She got the best of me and is probably still laughing today….Now where is that apple of pine?

          Now you know that I’m full of horse pucky!

          Best regards;
          1F Billy

    • Puzzled,
      Yes I agree with you on the stories being directions. Kinda like connecting the dots!
      Also I remember Forrest talking about pineapple pie being in Texas. At a long time pie business. Not sure what you found on this.

      • That is a lot of coin entries. Mr. Fenn is going to have some decision making to do. There were several that I really liked because they captured the “general” essence of the chase. There was a lot of work put into each of those drawings and each person should feel proud. Congrats to all who contributed. Great work!

      • This is really fun Cowlazars… Thanks for doing and sharing… I didn’t have time to submit one but was thinking of a drawing a desing for a glowing coin. Like a glow in the dark coin in case you forgot your flashlight… 🙂

    • Thank you SO much for posting that. I, too, am in love with Yellowstone (heading there at the end of the month), and have prayed to Thor that Steamboat Geyser would erupt while I’m there. LOL. 3x as high as Old Faithful!

      • Be careful Lady V – it seems this year folks are so focused on getting out there quickly.

        • Thank you, Covert One! I’m really mostly going to enjoy the landscape. Not sure I will even have a (very) general solve by then.

          5-6 hours a day for over a year now, and… many discarded ideas. Soaking in a zillion details!

          • 5 to 6 hours a day in front of a computer screen. Exactly what fenn wants. Stupid technology. If only the scientists and engineers never existed.

    • Thank you for the link, Covert One. My husband mentioned this to me this morning, but I didn’t realize this is the third eruption for this year. This is quite interesting. Would love to see this one erupt.

  24. GUY’S

    I have just read an interesting story on Cynthia’s blog.

    She met up with a reporter yesterday (Friday) the reporter was interviewing Forrest and then met up with Cynthia for a chat.

    The story was very interesting, especially the last couple of lines. Mmmmm

    Take care guy’s and stay safe.

    Good luck to you all on the chase this Summer.

    Ronnie the Scot

    • I also found the last lines interesting. The “gut feeling” seems not to be backed away from, but rather double downed on.

      • 😉

        It was all an illusion! And the treasure is Fenn’s missing ball of string!

        Nothing mind blowing to me. Just some cryptic messages from a journalist that is being relayed 3rd hand. I’ll stick to my plan and solve. Thanks

    • I think he’s right about “this” but it could be spring or fall.
      Already a couple handful of searchers didn’t get it.
      Plan accordingly.

      • Hi Chance: the season of busted solves and excuses is upon us. Crows are in season and taking cover … apparently a delicacy at this time of year. 🙂

        • You got that right Zap, LOL.
          I’m going to season my crow with bronze.
          Anyone that’s gone on at least one search knows the delicacy.
          Sooner or later someones gonna find the treasure and eat crow in that order because of these blog sites and you can physically eat crow after the fact. I would like to see it done anyway.

    • I discovered Santa Cruz lake and was there two days ago. It was getting late so I didn’t stay long. Awesome place.

    • Well Cowbell,

      I’ve instead been at the gym regularly, training… In the best shape I’ve been in 25 years.

      “Don’t be impatient, the treasure chest isn’t”
      “Please don’t ask me to argue the point.”

      “Time waits for no one.”
      “It will be there for as long as time has to come, or until [no one] find[s] it.”


      • Good to hear GCG but you should just make your kids and wife carry the thing out lol. That’s what I’m going to do.

        Are you near the Clarkston area in MI? I lived there for a couple years in the late 90’s.

        • I would wish you luck GCG but it sounds like you won’t be needing it. I think ff knows the end is near.

        • More cow bell,
          I live about 1 hour from Clarkston.

          My son said he’ll haul that thing out – no problem!

          “ I hope parents will take their children camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.”

          I plan on fulfilling this intention…


          • I enjoy all of the ff quotes GCG. whatever you do when you go make sure to sleep out under the stars.

          • My next trip will hopefully be with my 11 year old boy! He is as optimistic as can be and I am sure he‘ll be a good help when it comes to straight forward solutions, especially to find the final spot which I‘m afraid will be tricky…

          • MC Bell,

            If the time and weather’s right,

            No cloud covered sight,

            Then we’ll have a starry night.


          • GCG – the night sky in the mountains is a work of art. you won’t want to sleep. you probably won’t be able to sleep anyway dreaming about the tc lol.

          • i agree blaze to tc will be tricky TLo. May require more than 1 trip to understand and figure out.

  25. McB—-

    I’m pretty much done with my search so in good faith let me share part of one of my solves to show that I was actually being serious when I sarcastically laughed about Oklahoma being where one of the clues is:

    “Begin it where warm waters halt”—- the TRAIL OF TEARS ends in Oklahoma near Broken Arrow. Tears could be warm water– and they halt right there.

    “Take it in the canyon down”. –actually refers to taking a highway south from that area for a short distance.

    “Not far, but too far to walk”— refers to (2) things: 1) Black children having to walk further to school than white children was much of what Brown vs Board of Education was about. “Too far to walk” is a reference to this. 2) it is also stating that your drive South is short in nature.

    “Put in below the home of Brown”– very close to a city in Kansas where “Brown vs. the Board of Education” happened. Brown’s home was there. You “put in” just south of there.

    “From there it’s no place for the meek”— you ate heading West into Kansas— completely flat land— no place for a “mountain man” like Mr. Meek.

    “The end is ever drawing nigh”. Again, you continue West because where you are heading is to the left (nigh). And where you are heading is Denver, Co. “End is ever” refers to Denver.

    “There’ll be no paddle UP your creek”— once you hit Denver you head north (UP)
    “Just Heavy Loads (Boulder CO.?) and water high (Golden, Co. Where Coors beer uses only mountain water to brew?)

    —- OK, I’ll stop there. But just wanted to show that I am serious about Oklahoma. lol. All the best to you my Brazilian friend!

    • I just realized I messed up a little there with my information. The trail of tears ends in Northeast Oklahoma which is south of Kansas. Instead of heading south a short distance, it’s north into Kansas— and then West. Sorry about that.

    • Sparrow
      I like your Trail of Tears idea.

      And, early on, I too thought of Brown when I was focused on a school in my wanna be solve.

      Good thoughts
      Clearly Clueless

      • ClearlyClueless—-

        I actually have 3 different wanna be solves (lol). This one above covers hundreds of miles. Another couple of “solves” cover far less ground than this. But I truly have wondered about the “Trail of Tears” as it is a good candidate for WWWH.

        • Sparrow I really like the trail of tears myself but not sure it lends to just the poem and a map.

  26. Does anyone have any thoughts on the word “title” ? Do you think it’s referring to the name of the book The Thrill of the Chase? Or like “title” as in a “deed” to something?

    • I have always thought it was for legal reasons. But just thinking out loud, maybe Forrest just gave the finder of the treasure the title to the book he/she could write regarding the solution – “To The Gold”. 😉

  27. Spallies: I believe that that it has more to do with the right to the ownership of the of the TC and it’s contents than the title of the book.

    • Actually, G-mail is well encrypted – it’s part of why I switched over to it. It’s also open source code (Linux) so much harder to hack. Now, his computer on the other hand, could have any number of bad guys setting resident and looking over his shoulder.

      Personally, I wouldn’t send anything over the internet that you wouldn’t want shouted from the roof tops. But that’s me. (And my opinion.) There are any number of hand carriers to deliver a registered letter that are much more secure.

    • It seems as though I owe an apology to other bloggers on this site.
      I published Forrest’s email address, and that was in violation of the rules.
      I apologize. I felt that this was public knowledge, so thought nothing of it – BUT IT WAS AGAINST THE RULES. Again I apologize, I should not have published any ones email address, other than my own. JDA

  28. A question:

    Does anyone here have a solution that does not involve more than 5 or 10 miles in total?

    Or a solution that involves only a few hundred feet?

      • JDA – Is the destination to your solve less than a few miles from your car or do you believe FF may have taken another mode of transportation between the car and the wallk and still been able to walk less than a few miles after leaving the car?

        • I drive to the “END” place. Park and then hike less than two miles to where I think Indulgence is. JDA

          • JDA you don’t think he was prevaricating or quibbling when he avoided answering the question about another mode of transportation between the car and walking less than a few miles?

          • Eric D.
            How can someone be “prevaricating or quibbling when he avoided answering the question?” Had he answered it,, then possibly you could accuse him of prevarication or quibbling. Since he avoided answering the question directly, I don’t see grounds for your accusation. JMO – If you choose to not answer my question, can I accuse you of prevarication or quibbling? Just askin’ – JDA

          • Eric;

            I have searched “Chasing Words” and gone to “Tarry Scant.com”, but can not find anything relating to prevaricating, quibbling, or “another mode” – BUT I vaguely remember something where Forrest was questioned about an alternate mode of travel, and he said something like – If I told you the truth you would think I was prevaricating, and if I don’t answer you will think I am quibbling… or something like that.

            Is this what you are referencing?

            Let’s say (hypothetical) that Forrest used a bicycle when he secreted the treasure. He did not ride the bicycle, but used it to help carry the load, and he walked beside the bike. Did he use an alternate form of transportation? Since he did not RIDE the bike, I say no – Is that quibbling? Again I say no. BUT by saying NO, he did not use an alternate form of transportation – and yet he DID use a bike, is he prevaricating? Again, in my opinion, the answer is no. Remember, this is a hypothetical.

            So, if in reality Forrest used a bike, a cart, a wheelbarrow, a roller skate – or whatever, and he did not want to disclose this fact, how else could he have answered the question? I think he answered it the only way he could, and NOT give away information he did not want to share. JMO – JDA

          • Eric – me again;

            In Forrest gets mail – https://dalneitzel.com/2012/10/02/forrest-gets-mail/ – entry #2 forrest is asked a question, and he answers with this:

            “I am a very simple person and you want me to have copious meetings with lawyers, preachers, undertakers and your family. What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it?” – So it is POSSIBLE he rode or used a bike, so my hypothetical is not too far off – JDA

    • That’s a trick question, right?
      If I was writing a poem with directions to find a treasure worth millions, I would have the ending place at least 20 miles from the beginning.

      He knew where he was going to end up at a very special place but the beginning must have taken some thought as the other clues.

      • I asked this question because I feel that I alone advocate the idea of “all in one”.

        My solution puts all the clues in a very small area.

        And I wonder if I’m on the right track, but actually “all of us” are 99% on the right track, until we find out that we’re 99% wrong. : (

        • Not sure how to answer your question?

          My solve is different than anything I have seen posted, ever.

          My number two solve possibility is the Kirwin area. I’ve got a twist on that one also. It covers a good bit of distance.

          • Chance,

            In my solution:

            The furthest runway is 235 feet from Blaze.

            The nearest runway is 93 feet from Blaze.

            I think it’s soooo easy. And it makes me wonder if I’m not wasting my time on this.

        • McB
          Before you determine the distance, you have to consider that from the start to end is “not far but too far to walk”. How far too far to walk is the question. Was it too far for an 80 year old or too far for a most people? Only Forrest knows the distance overall. IMO the poem describes a journey that will take you to the place that you find the blaze and therefore the chest. There is an alternate route that you take to the blaze when you solve the poem and determine where the blaze is, he never said that he drove from WWWH to the Blaze. It is quite clear the FF made two trips from his car to the hiding place in one afternoon. This brings up the possibility that it may have taken him up to 6 hours, or maybe ten minutes, even if he did it in ten minutes that would have been in one afternoon. In “Most Important Info”, “Fundamental Guidelines” ff says “If you can’t make two trips from your car to your solve in several hours, then don’t go.”

          Since it is not in close proximity to a human trail and that people have been within 500 ft and then within two hundred feet, I get the feeling that the treasure may be 300ft down a human trail and then 200 foot off that path- strictly my own opinion and not from anything that ff has said, just my gut feelings.

          Maybe this will help maybe not. Anyway, keep and open mind and don’t let everyone else’s opinions send you down too many rabbit holes. Consider what ff says isn’t always what he means.
          Good luck to every one and stay safe.

          • In my solve there are two trails present, one is roughly 500′ and the other is 200′ away at their intersection

    • Fenns reply re: how far he walked to hide the chest:
      “…But I will say that I walked less than a few miles if that will help.”
      “Round trip” on my solve is about 2.71 miles.

    • My solution is about 70 miles from “WWWH” will give full report after investigating.

  29. Maybe “not far bat to far to walk” means you’re not supposed to go anywhere at all. Maybe it means to stay stationary.

    “Take it in” May mean to “take it in” – example, enjoy all the beauty by taking it in.

    • Hi Dayton –

      Those are views that are expressed by myself, Seeker, McB and a few others. Certainly not really popular views.

      To me, it’s worth looking at all the different ways that words in the poem can be interpreted. This means getting past the simple idea that that the treasure chest is physically located somewhere that is “too far to walk”.


      PSSST, can you keep a secret? If that line meant what most people think it means I think the treasure would have been found before the ink was dry on The Thrill of the Chase.

  30. Just curious,

    I only heard about Forrest Fenns treasure a year ago in May, compared to some of you guy’s that have been on the chase a lot longer.

    I was just wondering if this is a nomal thing for Forrest to do by having articles coming out regarding the chase at the start of the search season.

    Does he do this at the start of every search season, or is this a first?

    Reading other blogs, there is apparently more stories about the chase coming out in the near future (if you believe everything that you read)

    Then you had a reporter visiting Forrest at his home on Friday, is this all normal for this time of the year.

    Or is there another reason for it, for example his gut feeling.

    This is probably a question that is more suited to Dal or JDA or some of you other guy’s that have been on the chase longer than I have.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Ronnie the Scot

    • Hi Ronnie;

      Since you mentioned me, I will respond. There are others that have been on the chase a LOT longer than have I. I started on December 23, 2015 – So, three “Winter recesses, and two search seasons.

      I think that I was too new the first “Winter recess” to evaluate. Starting April 17, of last year, Forrest published 18 Scrapbooks – SB 166 through SB 184. Forrest seems to be publishing quite a bit this year, but last year Forrest was VERY prolific. SB 184 was published in May 2017 – So, that is 18 scrapbooks in two months – WOW!! Why so many? We will probably never know.

      So, I am not surprised at the number of published articles this year.

      Others who have been on the chase longer can probably give better insight than I can. JDA

    • Hello Ronnie the Scot. I hadn’t really paid much attention to how often things happened, but was happy to read whatever did.

      • Kpro –

        On your site I see the discussion about whether Forrest is being more active etc. Just like here at THoD. One person on your blog commented something like Fenn said was stepping back on his interactions but now he is talking to quite a few reporters, etc etc.

        The question is: Is there more activity than in past years. The answer is no. Just pick a thread and read the comments from any april/may. It’s all the same old story. ~The Chase is coming to an end. ~Someone will find in soon. ~Fenn is giving more clues. ~Fenn wants it to end. These chasers that are talking this way seem to put a lot of weight into F’s comment about his “gut feeling”. Those very same searchers on hundred percent ignore his comments about where to find clues and where NOT to find them. IE don’t find them on the blogs, in his scrapbooks (which are on the blogs) or in his interviews. He is ALWAYS real clear when giving a clue. He says There’s a clue for you. Or here’s a clue. OR I want to give out some additional clues.

        Many of us that are chasing the prize are delusional and suffer from confirmation bias. If there was a pill to cure it, we could see how foolhardy we are being.

        Status Quo.

        That sums up F’s involvement and the frequency of clues/hints and the likelihood of the Blaze being found. The same as every May.

        For those of us that correspond with Forrest through email, he’s the same guy he has been. Nothing is more urgent. He doesn’t stray from his rules. He doesn’t give clues, he doesn’t respond in a way that would give one chasers a leg up over any other, never.

        You know what we talk about? Hats!

        These are my opinions

          • Jeremy

            You probably know. Is there a way I can show my hat pic?

            I don’t think pics are posted in comments here.


          • You can upload it to an image sharing site, like imgur.com, or if you don’t want to share it with the Internet at large and you’ve got a Google account you can use something like drive.google.com

            I use instagram a lot, but that’s more like photo blogging.

        • Floating hats. Trilbies. Hats with bullet holes in ’em, or barbed wire on ’em. Cow-manure-seasoned hats. And of course, hat-eating bets and recipes for such.

        • Don’t discount the importance of a good hat in the solve.
          Think about what hats were made of. See what the symbolism of the floating hat above FF’s head is (SB 126). The bear in the water is directly related to the hat and the stele. The barb wire also has a strong historical meaning which transfers to today.
          These things are critical to our solve. Can’t say anymore as my wife part of our search team and she might disconnect my internet privileges….lol.
          Just my two cents.

          • Tarheel Searcher: if you believe all these things about SB 126, then you must also believe Dal knows where the chest is because HE was the one that added the bear and the stele, not Forrest.

          • Zap-

            I’m confused. I thought the pictures and anything added by Dal to SB pictures was because Forrest requested the photoshop of the pictures he sent, unless otherwise stated in the SB.

          • Zap,
            No I don’t think Dal knows where the TC is, but I do believe he was instructed by FF on how to photoshop the picture. His explanation of the photo seems too vague for Dal. He is always very precise. I don’t think he is in on the solve but plays an important roll for FF in helping put out stories which ultimately are peppered with hints/clues. These are FF’s ways of helping and hoping someone figures it all out and finds the TC.
            IMO there is symbolism in the photo, what other explanation is there? It is too abstract and has no meaning if there isn’t symbolism.
            I could be wrong though.

        • Lug, Like all you said. But he did say he didn’t have more to say once upon a time (actually it was in the Lure), but I think you are right that it is just the cycle of the time of year. I am glad to see the activity. It is fun, better than silence. Gets us through the boring winter. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I like it!

  31. I wonder why in the last six questions with Forrest 2018 and Doug Preston’s forward to OUAW the last and or final clue is not referred too by a #? Like google earth won’t help with the 9th clue.

    Just a thoughtfilled question

  32. Sean, what purpose do you hope to achieve by emailing your solution to FF?
    If it’s correct, he won’t confirm it. If it’s not correct, you’re wasting your time,
    and maybe his. I suggest you keep your solution a secret, except from your
    search partner(s) and anyone involved in helping ensure your safety during
    your BOTG hike. Please be extra-careful while hiking, as the ground is likely to be quite slippery. I suggest that you wear gloves and use at least one hiking staff. Good luck. All my opinion.

    • TF,

      Shortest answer- I live here in Santa Fe.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement and suggestions. I really enjoy this blog and the environment Dal has created,.

  33. I just found a reference to “place” in stanza 1 of the FF poem.

    “As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.”

    “Treasures” do not refer to the chest.

    Line 1 and 2 tells you “as” and “where” begin it WWWH.

    Lines 3 and 4 say “what” he hid in his “secret where” (secret place).


    • I am totally missing the boat on this one. I have seen other people mention this. I have speculations about where he went but nothing that helps point to ‘as’ or ‘where”.

  34. Something to ponder:

    Why would Forrest consider it bold to go “in there” with his treasures?

    He’s said it is not a dangerous place.

    • “Alone” = he felt confident of being alone, not being seen.

      “in there” = within a location (within a forest, for example)

      “Treasures” = important things, precious things that FF stands for.

      He had some of those things when he went to his secret place.

      In Portuguese it was easy to understand:

      “Treasures” = adjective.

      “Bold” = noun.

      Just my opinion, more nothing.

    • Great question, Tom B. I think there’s some addition good questions about the first stanza that may help solve the riddle of it, imo…

      Why does he hint of something that he just said that he can keep secret in the previous line?

      My approach is to put the possible answers to these questions (and more not listed here) together to tell a unique story.

    • Hi Tom B: while the action of hiding the treasure was unlikely to be physically dangerous to Forrest (based on his ATF statements), the act itself was certainly a bold one, even outrageous. “I thought it was the most atrocious thing that I’d ever done.”

      • I find it odd that he would use the word atrocious.

        Maybe because he knew how tough it would be to find?

        • Aaron,

          I would think it was atrocious for F to hide a million in gold and jewels, considering the amount of work to collect all of the finds he has made.

          • Let’s be human, and idealistic:

            In a world where 80% of the population does not have hot water or power, in a world where millions do not have clean water, sewage or even memo what to eat, the luxury of playing treasure hunts for millions of dollars really can be considered an atrocity.

            Or does anyone disagree ??

    • In what way would the treasure be bold? To me, it’s clearly about the location, and goes along with “not for the meek”, and the instruction to “tarry scant … just take the chest and go…”

      Think about the type of place where these might apply.

        • Looking right at each word and putting it in a context of Forrest’s current life, one can see that the poem is not exactly what it says, but rather what it means.

          That is why gold is only quoted at the end of the poem. The last thing that really interests FF.

          • You brought up a very interesting observation….”the poem is not exactly what it says, but rather what it means”. That realization is integral to solving the poem, I believe.

          • The poem is a road map. The book fills in the gaps it is telling you what to look for on your journey. The poem is a direction. It does “NOT” give you distances, well unless you can see them? Yes the distances are right there at the tip of your noses. The TOTC does tell you everything you need to know. “Kettle Corn” REMEBER “Kettle Corn”

          • “Tom B on April 30, 2018 at 7:13 pm said:

            You brought up a very interesting observation….”the poem is not exactly what it says, but rather what it means”. That realization is integral to solving the poem, I believe.”

            Yes, this. More than meets the eye.

          • Travis,

            I do not have the TTOTC book.

            I only have access to the FF blog.

            I can guarantee one thing:

            Anyone looking for “answers” in the book can go home to play canastra.

            The book helps the researcher to “think” as FF.

            The book can give clarity when interpreting the clues.

            To know FF’s way of describing things.

            The little I read of FF tells me that he is idealistic, romantic and dreamy.

            The book will not tell you what WWWH is, but it can help you “think” like FF.

            A dictionary will help a lot too.

            IMO only… but that is working.

          • McB,
            You said, “The book helps the researcher to “think” as FF.”

            Yes, I think that’s the most important use of the book. Even the hints aren’t as useful as the insights you can get into FF’s way of thinking from the book. What better way to get a sense of how someone thinks than to hear their formative stories and what were some of the best and worst decisions they made in their life.

          • Hi McB: I’m afraid I disagree with most of this post, but that’s okay because opinions are just that: opinions. My take is that the books are a little more helpful than you give them credit for. Yes, they give you insight into Forrest’s thinking processes, but it’s more than that. You’re forgetting that Forrest has outright said there are (at the very least) a couple good hints in TTOTC (and a couple more aberrations that live out on the edge). That’s the truth, but I don’t think it’s the whole truth. There is also the unintended clue in TFTW (and no, it’s not that Canada was not included in the colored portion of the map).

            As for a dictionary, I don’t think it will do a searcher a lick of good as far as solving the clues. A dictionary is not one of Forrest’s enumerated “excellent research materials.” Even if you don’t know what the words tarry or scant mean, that will not be what prevents you from solving the clues.

          • Zap,

            Do you know “all” the meanings of “every word” in the poem?

            FF knows … how does he know ??


            Question posted 6/26/2014:

            Dear Mr. Fenn,
            The definitions of words seem to interest you. What dictionary, and year of dictionary, do you use for looking up words? ~ wordsmith

            Interesting that you would ask that Mr./Mz Wordsmith.

            I don’t use dictionaries anymore. I just type the word in Google for a faster response. It’s fun to make up words and play with different spellings. When someone calls me out after noticing the corruption of a word I use, I just smile, especially when I say something that in my mind is correct but in an academic sense it’s a horrible malfunction.

            For instance, emblazoned upon some of the bronze bells I’ve buried are the words, “Imagination is more important than knowlege.” If I had spelled that last word correctly it would not have had the profundity of meaning I wanted. To misspell the word emphasized my point that having knowledge is, in fact, not as important as being resourceful. Also, when I make a mistake through ignorance that ploy gives me a degree of deniability that I routinely need.

            Now I will test you Wordsmith. Write down the full definition of the word “several.” Then Google it and learn that many of us don’t fully understand some of the words we use every day.f


            Q -How long did it take you to refine the poem included in your autobiography?
            A – I worked on it for 15 years, changing and rearranging words.


            Let me give you an example:

            “can” – “I can break” (without grammar rules)

          • Hi McB: you asked “Do you know “all” the meanings of “every word” in the poem?”

            All of the meanings that matter, yes. IMO, the poem is not a test to see how well you know English or English idioms — which is fortunate for those searchers for whom English is a second language, or they wouldn’t stand a chance.

          • But, IMO

            Hob is still a mystery to me.

            I have the solution for her, but I still think it can be something soooo much beyond what we imagine. : (

          • Zap,

            I also think the poem is not an English test.

            But FF would ask you the same thing I asked.

            Remember when he asked about “several”?

            What I mean is:

            Dictionary (or Google) is useful, especially for the less attentive to the meanings of words.

            WWWH is proof of that. There is no WWWH written on any map.

            Only that. : )

      • Tom B., I can think of one way treasure can be bold if taking it somewhere off the beaten path.

        • fundamental design,

          “my treasures bold” I think some are over thinking what “bold” means. The simplicity of “bold” is referring to in context what is being said, bold = a majority of the contents is of great value which is made up of gold, plus the chest.

          Forrest has said simplify in the Feb 4, 2018 answers over on MW. I am merely saying also that, most are contorting the poem making it unnecessarily difficult to solve.


          • Charlie M, I’d say my thought on bold in the poem is simplified…as is my approach with all the other lines.

        • Then again, “with” my treasures bold… could mean fenn went to be “with” other things / a place, he considers treasures / of importance, to him as well. And he left his trove there for all to seek.
          “in there” may imply the other possible treasure{s} are of his special place.
          Think of it like fenn’s vault, line of thinking. A single bronze box full of gold and precious stones laid bold with all his other treasure{s}
          regardless of value.. but important to him alone.

          There is still yet another possibility that stanza one is not about fenn at all… but another or something… that “…have gone alone in there..” prior to fenn and that person or thing can keep MY [ fenn’s trove ] a secret as well. he leads to the poem being of the location that another was there and fenn “… must go and leave MY “trove” for all to seek?” and the hints of riches new and old are now combined to be; “the treasure{s} and the now “trove”… > the “chest” we all seek.

          • Seeker,

            Consider bold as noun
            Treasures as an adjective

            You can to see he’s talking about something that was there with him.

            And it was not of the chest he was talking about.


          • Seeker,

            Stanza 1 to me is very simple and only a statement. In parentheses after certain words illustrates its meaning.

            As I (=Forrest) have gone alone in there (=RMs)
            And with my treasures bold, (=of great value)
            I can keep my secret where,
            And hint (=hints within the poem) of riches new and old. (Contents of the chest are from very old to newer artifacts).

            How anything in the 1st stanza could be considered as having clues or hints and being helpful in determining wwwh is beyond me.

            Of course to each their own.

          • Bold
            1 adventurous, audacious, brave, courageous, daring, dauntless, enterprising, fearless, gallant, gritty, heroic, intrepid, lion-hearted, valiant, valorous
            2 barefaced, brash, brazen, cheeky, confident, feisty (informal, chiefly U.S. & Canad.) forward, fresh (informal) impudent, insolent, in-your-face (Brit. slang) pert, pushy (informal) rude, sassy (U.S. informal) saucy, shameless
            3 bright, colourful, conspicuous, eye-catching, flashy, forceful, lively, loud, prominent, pronounced, salient, showy, spirited, striking, strong, vivid

          • * Where are you alone and in need of treasured bravery?

            In a good map you find this place.


          • Seeker said…There is still yet another possibility that stanza one is not about fenn at all… but another or something… that “…have gone alone in there..” prior to fenn and that person or thing can keep MY [ fenn’s trove ] a secret as well. he leads to the poem being of the location that another was there and fenn “… must go and leave MY “trove” for all to seek?” and the hints of riches new and old are now combined to be; “the treasure{s} and the now “trove”… > the “chest” we all seek.

            ^indeed, some of this could be a simple way to hide a riddle.

      • IMO the book does show you. It does lead you to the exact spot it tells you everything. You have to pulll yourself out of the box you are keeping yourself in and read outside of it. The TOTC is undoubtedly without question your guide. Forrest wrote everything in that first book that will give you indulgence. Youlll see.
        “Kettle Corn”

        • Travis, if Kettle Corn is such an important thing, why don’t you
          tell us why it’s such an important thing? Or at least give us some
          guidance in figuring out what the deal is on this, okay? Thanks
          in advance.

          OH! . . . if you have solved the poem and know where to look for
          the TC, please be careful while hiking. The ground may be a bit
          uneven or slippery. And don’t forget about cactus. All IMO.

          • The importance of kettle corn is self-evident to anyone who has visited any street fair ever and been lured in by its maddening fragrance to fork out a gazillion dollars just to have the sweet goodness in your mouth for a few moments. Kettle corn is obviously one of the cornerstones of civilization, and arguably I can’t think of a better reason for being joining one, a civilization I mean. The importance of kettle corn? The IMPORTANCE of kettle corn!?! I mean… I can’t even… I just Googled “kettle corn” and one of the questions that popped up was “Is Kettle Corn bad for you?” Google can go to @#$!!!

            Wait… what are we talking about? 🙂

          • If people on the blog have never attended a Renaissance Festival, well kettle corn is big at these events and for good reason.

            But even better there is a husk free version of kettle corn so your experience of its melt-in-your-mouth goodness isn’t disrupted by those annoying husk which get caught up under your gums…. ooooo! That’s the worst.


  35. I am sure that Dal has not been told where the TC is. He would not have made 65 trips all over the Rockiesand shared the stories and spent the wealth of Money he has, I’m sure Forrest has not funded his ventures that would be such a fraud. I see Forrest as a true man of Honor and trust. Dal you are a true and loyal searcher and Trusted friend by the man that has teased our dreams. For the last 8 years. Thank you Dal for your dedicated service.

    • I have a question for anyone who may know, Does Forrest know in this process, his work (the poem) the lines will be changed to fit the coin. Someone once coined the phrase, Don’t mess with my poem. g

      • Hi g: “Coined the phrase” — good one (whether intentional or not)! 😉 Since I think Forrest judged the designs, he must have been aware of the altered poem layout. As long as a searcher doesn’t depend on the coin for his/her clues, and just treats it as an homage to the Chase, no harm. But to your point, the coin layout does obfuscate a number of hints in my opinion.

  36. I’m thinking that the person or persons that got got the first two clues correct, live near or visit the hiding place. This makes the most sense to me, they just happened to pick the correct location as there WWWH.

  37. Random observation, pg 18 ttotc, school picture. Everyone circled but F himself? And why are these other folks identified. Doesn’t seem to be any other mention of them? Just pondering.

      • The military used code possibly similar at some point. Seems I watched a tv show about zodiac and some of the symbols used. I know that there were circles with different parts shaded that meant different things.

  38. That sounds like a decent location Eric D. I have one solve that has somewhat frequented spot at 500′ and a trail at 200′. I don’t want to say what frequented spot is but out of the solves I’ll be searching this one has become my favorite. Partially because how well it works with the inauspicious HoB.

  39. Something that came to my mind:

    By 2013 FF seemed more concerned about chase.

    After he released book TFTW it seems to me that he breathed more relieved.

    Another thing:

    From blogs and comments, IMO the chase has become more complicated after the release of the book “TFTW”.

    And FF’s comments about the proximity of people to the TC has not changed at all!

    The impression I have is as follows:

    As many people were very close to the TC, already in the beginning of the hunt, FF decided to launch another book with the intention of giving more generic “tips” and also to increase the search area. In this way, he removed some researchers’ focus of some specific location.

    I usually say that if you are a car salesman, and a customer comes to you asking for suggestions of which car to buy, you should indicate only two very different ones from each other. If you give many suggestions, the customer will be undecided and will not buy any.

    So did FF. He has given dozens of “subtle tips” in his two books, and now we do not know which to follow.

    TTOTC can last for hundreds of years if we pay attention to every “subtle hint” we find in books. At this point I agree with the purists: only the poem and nothing else.

    Just my opinion.

    • I have always thought it about it like this and this is my opinion. FF made it difficult but not impossible to find the chest using the poem. He could have made it a little easier but it is safer to err toward more difficult with the option of adding more hints later. It is like cutting hair. If you cut too much then there is no taking it back, but if you cut a little you can always cut more.

      Maybe this was part of his plan maybe not but since people let him know where they have been he is able to better judge how difficult the search is and alter the difficulty by adding hints. After people got close early on perhaps flooding more hints causes searchers to find places to search elsewhere.

      Who knows really but he ultimately does still have control of whether he wants to make it easier or harder. It us up to us to pay attention or tune it out.

      • The other day someone said that WWWH refers to New Mexico.

        I replied that this would be too obvious to be a riddle or challenge.

        Now I begin to wonder if the other researcher might be right.

        Suddenly everything starts at the border of NM and CO … how to know? …

      • Aaron,

        That reminds me, I need a haircut.

        Take care and stay safe.

        Ronnie the Scot

    • That is a good analysis. It does seem that FF mostly gives out ambiguous information. There is one hint by FF that TC is above 5,000 feet. That narrows it down, some. You can use that to analyze the poem, ie., “worth the cold”. Not too direct but, yes, it can be interpreted as high altitude. So FF wants the finders to be intrigued just enough to stay looking. It’s a bit of a game. A very fun game where the seeker always wins an adventure and the author’s objective seems to be met with that. Win Win. Many people have expressed how disappointed they would be if it is found.

    • Cowlazars, speaking honestly – I haven’t been interested in your videos and information but this is really cool! I think what you are doing with the chase coin and that you are wanting to give back to children that turned in a design is really neat.

      Good work!

    • Awesome work IllinoisGhost. Congratulations!!! I liked many coins, but the design that was chosen really captures the overall essence of the chase and it was my favorite for its simplicity. Great job! I’m really proud of you. Thank you to Mike C. (cowlazars) for putting this together. I haven’t chatted much in 2.5 years, but this is a great opportunity for ALL of us to come together and make “Our cult” official. lol

      • I agree. Great idea. Saddened by the ‘2018’ on there, though. Seems to be pretty final.

  40. It’s all about the money, right?
    The snow is melting real fast but the creeks will be swelled for another 3 months.

    • I was just thinking about these sorts of ‘phenomena’

      I have often wondered (assuming books/ word of mouth/ general knowledge of the poem or even general knowledge of the hunt at all, would greatly decease, if not vanish, in 100s to 1000s of years)…how F thinks its plausible that its just as likely someone may find it in 1000 years as they could now.
      One conclusion I have come to is that maybe hes aware of a natural event that is likely to certainly occur which may ‘expose’ it.

      For example if I were to hide a chest where I didmt want it to be found I may put it under some snow in an area snow never melts and write a vague poem that would lead there, also many other places, amd may well take a miracle to find in less than 100s of years.

      Or even something like knowing where a meteor was set to hit, or a likely bomb target for a world war something way more pleasant than either of those bad examples. It would be super cool when people rushed to the area as a result of whatever phenomena may be happening then and realized some old guy from 1000 years in the past had been there and known whatever was going to happen.

      Lends a sort of fun credence to
      “I wish I could have lived to do the things I was attributed to”….getting credit for a “discovery” hundreds of years after one actually made it. With a chest of gold to boot…talk about a beat story!

      • That definitely sounds like the way FF envisions the chest being found eons from now. The hints are so wide open only a wild guess would get you there. It won’t stop me or hundreds of other folks from trying though, LOL.

  41. Guy’s,

    Could Forrest have hired a car from Enterprise when he hid the treasure?

    Great advert, nicely done.

    It’s got me thinking, what do you guy’s think?

    Take care and stay safe

    Ronnie the Scot

      • Sparrow;

        How can you make such a definitive statement “As FACT” without proof? If you do have proof – mind sharing? JDA

        • JDA—-

          You’re correct—-I should have added IMO. I will share this fairly soon (I am doing a short series that I have been sending to Dal to print in the future, if possible)–it is not a “fact”—-but a very strong impression I have based on a very strong hint given by Forrest. So again, sorry—s/n IMO.

          • Indeed, randawg. At least it’s the only instance in his memoirs that Forrest has ever named a rental car company. But IMO it’s of no use in solving the poem’s clues.

          • Did you receive your Enterprise Forrest Fenn Searcher Gold Card? It’s similar to Hertz Gold and allows searchers to skip the lines and go straight to their rental (and the spot).

            The Enterprise card is unmistakable with the two Omegas on the front and, of course, its bright Gold color.

            This card along with the 200 ft. Club Card are two of the most sought after – very few searchers have them both.

          • DARN – someone must have robbed my mailbox – How can I put a stop on it so I make sure it is not used by someone else? Also, where do I go or call to reapply? again DARN – JDA

          • Lol Jeremy that’s funny… I’m an Enterprise member and I’m traveling next week.
            I’m going to ask for the Forrest Fenn upgrade and see if they give me a Jeep!!!

    • Great advertisement, just saw it…I hope they compensated Forrest for using his name.

  42. Guy’s,

    Has a car rental firm been used before to promote Fenns Treasure?

    Just curious.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Ronnie the Scot

  43. I believe what I am asking has already been discussed in the past. What I will be looking for are very sincere and serious answers from all of the kind folks here on hoD.

    1. If the treasure is found would you be interested in seeing the finders solution?
    2. Would you accept news of the find from the person who found it with proof or would you want Forrest to break the news?
    3. What will you do with the time that you used in effort to resolve the poem afterwards?
    4. Would you be upset that the treasure has been found?

    Please answer the questions as best as you can without debates of another’s answers. This is merely an effort to get an overall consensus how folks might react.

    Thanks, just curious 🙂

    • I forgot one important question.

      5. Will you continue to visit the mountains and discover places that you have not visited before either by yourself, with family and friends?

      • CharlieM;

        1. If the treasure is found would you be interested in seeing the finders solution? – YES
        2. Would you accept news of the find from the person who found it with proof or would you want Forrest to break the news? BOTH
        3. What will you do with the time that you used in effort to resolve the poem afterwards? – If I found it: Figure out how to liquidate treasure – Give it away to family and friends. Write a book. If another found it: Find a new challenge.
        4. Would you be upset that the treasure has been found? NO
        5. Will you continue to visit the mountains and discover places that you have not visited before either by yourself, with family and friends? Of course. JDA

      • 1 – yes
        2 – FF
        3 – I learned a lot of new things, and that’s enough. *
        4 – no
        5 – no ; )

        * And lots of amazing people here.

        • CharlieM:

          Question six:

          Would you go out looking for another adventure like that?


      • 1. N/A.
        2. N/A.
        3. Co-write an adventure novel with Doug Preston and afterwards be a technical adviser for a Disney Trilogy with a possible cameo appearance.
        4. No$
        5. Maybe.

    • CharlieM,
      You’ll never get a true reaction until its all done… I dare say some will cry foul no matter what. With that said, I’ll take a poke at your inquiries.

      #1 and #2 work both with “proof” so it doen’t matter to me either way. If fenn said its found that is proof enough for me… if someone has proof, it better be good. As to #1, wouldn’t it be the same as fenn intended? Hmm!
      #3 Whatever I want. I hardly make plans.
      #4, Nope.
      * I might be upset if the solve was not told of [as fenn intended it to be solved]. Nevertheless, that would be up to the actual finder and/or fenn…

    • Mr. M- My answers..

      1. Of course
      2. only from men in the woods, otherwise f
      3. play canasta with forty of my close friends until four in the morning
      4. relieved

      Best regards;

      1f Billy

        • The simple answer is Yes, with particular attention to f’s special place. I just hope I can buy a piece of property there before the nation discovers it and I can’t afford anything.

    • 1. If the treasure is found would you be interested in seeing the finders solution? yes
      2. Would you accept news of the find from the person who found it with proof or would you want Forrest to break the news? either
      3. What will you do with the time that you used in effort to resolve the poem afterwards? finish writing my book and maybe someday hide my own treasure 🙂 oh and more fly fishing!
      4. Would you be upset that the treasure has been found? no
      5. Will you continue to visit the mountains and discover places that you have not visited before either by yourself, with family and friends? yes

    • Fun questions CharlieM.

      1. Yes, I would like to know the solution; but I would like the opportunity for everybody to spill their own non-winning ideas first to see who might have been close behind.
      2. I would accept either Forrest saying so or proof of the find.
      3. The hardest question is what to do with all the new extra time. I forgot what I used to do– probably more gardening, laundry and vacuuming.
      4. I might be upset with myself if the finder found the treasure at my spot. Otherwise, I welcome anybody finding the treasure to end this chase.
      5. After fifteen trips to Montana, I will probably never go back there or the Rockies unless it is related to some new purposeful adventure. I lived and worked in many countries and cities around the world and I don’t plan on going back to many of those places either, even though I had a great time everywhere.

    • Thanks for the survey,
      #1 Yes, but I can think of some good reasons why it might not be divulged so I’m not expecting to get the information.
      #2 Any solid proof would be OK, source doesn’t matter as long as it’s reliable.
      #3 Hopefully do something more productive with my time rather than obsessively studying the poem.
      #4 No, see answer 3 for the reason.
      #5 Probably get into the woods a bit less, but go to new places since I’ve spent enough time in my search area to have become a bit bored with it.

    • 1. Yes
      2. I would prefer if Terry Gros from NPR broke the news
      3. Probably do projects instead
      4. A little disappointed
      5. Would still continue to go into the wilderness.

    • 1. Yes.
      2. Ideally, both.
      3. Work on my 62 Ford Falcon.
      4. No, not really.
      5. Yes.

    • 1. Of course.
      2. Fenn and/or Dal.
      3. Housework/yardwork/laundry etc.
      4. A little upset and a little relieved.
      5. Probably.

    • Wow,

      All those that have responded thanks, and to those that answer later. 🙂

      Those were great honest and insightful answers.

      It is interesting to see how the majority has not said anything about looking at another puzzle to solve that involves an other valued find. I wasn’t looking at that at all, its one of those that came to mind after one response above by Aaron to create an other treasure hunt.

      Hummm…..I wonder if interest for……….

      Keep the answers up, I wonder what more will be found.

    • 1. If the treasure is found would you be interested in seeing the finders solution? -yes
      2. Would you accept news of the find from the person who found it with proof or would you want Forrest to break the news? -both
      3. What will you do with the time that you used in effort to resolve the poem afterwards? -art
      4. Would you be upset that the treasure has been found? -glad for the person who finds it; disappointed I didn’t hear about the chase until last year
      5. Will you continue to visit the mountains and discover places that you have not visited before either by yourself, with family and friends? Yes, absolutely.

    • 1 = Absolutely. I also like the idea of others sharing their own solutions before a winning solve is given to see who may have been a close 2nd.
      2 = Both would be nice
      3 = Work (Since my research time occurs there most often…SHHHH!)
      4 = I don’t know that upset is the right word – disappointed probably is, including because this quest is over and I won’t get to banter with everyone on here from time-to-time
      5 = Yes, but most likely closer to home than in the 4 search states

      Thanks for asking CharlieM.

  44. 1. If the treasure is found would you be interested in seeing the finders solution? Forrests call
    2. Would you accept news of the find from the person who found it with proof or would you want Forrest to break the news? Forrest call
    3. What will you do with the time that you used in effort to resolve the poem afterwards? I would love to rewrite history, but I might need some hints on where to start.
    4. Would you be upset that the treasure has been found? Not if I’m wearing a grin.
    5. Will you continue to visit the mountains and discover places that you have not visited before either by yourself, with family and friends? Forests call..

    • Good questions!
      1.I have to say Yes! Ofcourse I want to know the solution!
      2. If they can prove they found it I imagine Forrest would be on board as well…
      3. Solve world peace, cure cancer and other easier challenges like that… 🙂
      4. Nope
      5. I hope so!

  45. #5. Well I grew up on the outskirts of Denver when I could drive home from Cherry Creek High on I-25 and rarely see another car. Weed was something that grew in the ditches and West bound I-70 stopped in Denver. I spent every weekend in the mountains and had a pre-nup of sorts with my wife that if we were to be married, she would have to learn to ski!
    I still own property in Eagle county but have decided that I actually like Fenn’s special place better! The deputy worked at the A bar A in Wy and got to meet a lot of the Conquistadors including Neil Armstrong there. I have long wondered if f is a member. She also has many friends in Jackson and that is one of my wife’s favorite places. My other daughter and her family is moving to Santa Fe and I guess the simple answer is Yes! I plan to spend a lot more time all over the Rocky Mtns. with particular attention to that special place so dear…..

    • one f Billy and the deputy! … A bar A !!! oh boy, now you did it, giving away secrets…just kidding, there is a section on 230 that looks a heck of a lot like pg 99 🙂 I grew up fishing the n platte with my family, stovepipe was our spot, we called it the trail of tears because the walk back out at the end of a long day standing in the river was brutal. Serious question, did your wife have any connections to some of the other guest ranches in the area…a couple on the hog park side I’m curious about. Cool to hear A bar A here, not too many know about it, but did you notice their landing strip!?! I don’t know how long its been paved, would be curious to hear what your wife knows about the place. I’ve posted my email before, so don’t mind doing it again, but let me know here first

  46. “JDA you don’t think he was prevaricating or quibbling when he avoided answering the question about another mode of transportation between the car and walking less than a few miles?”

    I cannot answer for JDA but he was prevaricating or quibbling by saying his answer would bring up accusations of prevaricating or quibbling. In other words he decided to evade the question by saying he would be accused of being evasive if he answered it. So I supposed he did answer it evasively in the end.

    • I think people are making the hunt too complicated.

      If he had used a boat, the river should be too large and deep to cross. This goes against the ATFs.

      If he were on horseback; Why two trips? Only if he was on a malnourished and lame pony.

      If left the car and it was an alternative transportation; again: why “two” trips (“from the car” to the “secret place”)?

      Taxi? There you have to think a little crazy, right?

      Another detail: people are passing 200/500 feet of treasure …

      He said that when he got back to the car he had no one, (he must have looked around to see if he was really alone) that means that it must be a place where people usually have once in a while.

      “How” he got out of the car to the secret spot does not matter.

      It matters “where” he stopped the car.

      It may be in a place that receives sporadic visitors. Or have some flow of people or cars.

      Just my opinion – no TC yet…

      • Hmmm, there is a trail just off a little distance from my number 2 solve(Kirwin area). And I’ll be darned if the trail doesn’t cross a feature that correlated with the poem. But I think folks have searched that area, although I can find no mention of that spot specifically. Hmmmm

  47. McB

    I think Fenn first made that comment shortly after Dal made a trip, although I don’t recall exactly where it was. Some kind of an old ranch I think.

    • A hotel where a guy was found beheaded many years ago in Taos I think.

      Dal wanted to see the room where the deceased was found stinking.

    • I thinks,

      Crean was like a car with its doors locked after hitting the chassis on some stone or something.

      • “Crean, and it described the condition a car could get into when it ran into a ditch and the frame twisted a little, preventing the doors from opening.” f

        • McB, good job.

          Crean is just like the old Ford in the drawing of the SB. I forget which one but in the 180’s. The Ford is Twisting like a snake.

    • Thanks Illinois Ghost 🙂

      What a great idea! I think it is a fantastic idea to have him share one word on occasion- for entertainment. It certainly brings a smile!

      Maybe his use of this word is a midwestern thing more to do with accents. I still hear people around here use it.

    • Thank you, Illinoisghost. One word I couldn’t find in my archaic dictionary. Could only find creant.

    • I have used that word in describing a vehicle going to fast and out of control or going around corners to fast or taking the curves of a canyon road to fast.

      It would be interesting with F’s definition.

      • CharlieM – I think you mean careen.

        A creel is used to hold fish that have been caught.

        Crean is not listed via Google, except as a surname, and a very unflattering way to describe a sexual act. I suspect that is not what Mr. Fenn had in mind.

        Must be “a local vernacular use” that hasn’t been spread across the country, as of yet.

        • “Crean” did an alternate version of “In a White Room With Black Curtains”. They were trying to sound like “Cream” but couldn’t quite pull it off.

    • I was the youngest in my family. I was in grade school when my siblings were in high school. They used that word on occasion. I always thought they said creamed, which made sense to me because you were in trouble or to be punished. Kinda like turning cream into butter, or creamed peas. You could also get creamed if you were in an accident.
      My brothers and sisters seemed to speak a different language…like zits and such. They were always complaining about their zits. When I told them at dinner one nite I had 404 zits they all laughed until I lifted up my shirt and saw them.
      (chickenpox). I guess you could say they got crean and I got a week off from school!

      Best regards to all;


    • IG

      Do you know the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

      A violin has strings.
      A fiddle has strangs.

      Fenn fought in the Crean War.


      • Difference between a violin and a fiddle:

        A violin has a brown neck. A fiddle has a Red-neck.

      • He said he was in the Air Force during the Crean war but didn’t mention going to s.e. Asia until Vietnam.

      • I played violin from grade 4 to grade 7 for the few years my family lived in Calgary. I was the first violin of the junior orchestra at Rideau Park School. We won awards and stuff..

        As a kid we always said the difference was that a violin has a chin rest. That was probably just kid talk, but it stuck with me.

        • Hi Muset,

          Do you still play at all? What a great instrument.

          We could ask the Stratavari’s if the make fiddles. Or ask Charlie Daniels if he plays violin.

        • Hello Muset. Impressive to make first chair. My youngest played cello for eight years and got as high as second chair.

  48. Did you mean:
    I have used that word in describing a vehicle going too fast and out of control or going around corners too fast or taking the curves of a canyon road too fast.

  49. Sherif Billy…good point. We all hear and say common slang or informal terms differently.

    Definition Cream:
    NORTH AMERICAN informal
    defeat (someone) heavily, especially in a sports contest.
    hit or collide heavily and violently with (someone), especially in a car.
    “she got creamed by a speeding car

  50. JDA, search “transportation” on tarryscant and you will see the quote. I agree with what you just wrote.

    McB, I know you have not read the books but there is a story that Fenn talks about pushing a teacher on a bike out to a lake to camp, I believe it was Grebe lake. Some well to do individuals showed up at the same time and it seemed like a really odd story. One that catches in your mind. I think it does matter in a solve especially if you are looking at the “less than a few miles of walking” quote. If you can take a bike for a few miles after parking and then hike for less than a few miles then I would not count it out.

      • Sure thing, it may be a reach but I also sort of wonder if the story of parking their family car in the woods for the summer might not be a nod to parking a bike in the woods while hiding the treasure. In looking at the possible areas that he talks about hiding the car there are a lot of big trees there. I am no tree expert and maybe there were less there 75 years ago and they could do it but they didn’t exactly have a 4×4 that would help them with off-roading. Just thinking out loud here so take it for what it’s worth.

        • IMO people are again overlooking something important here.

          Forrest is being truthful in his way, but with smoke and mirrors.

          So he is right and you are right in relation to his comment recorded on TarryScant, but you are missing the boat elsewhere.

          And that’s all I have to say about that….

          • That is it thanks. Men in a Limousine in three piece suites seems odd for a camping trip. Why would anyone do that?

          • Also, apparently those guys got access through the gate and Fenn could not despite his letter asking for a one time medical waiver. And their reply: “The very nice letter in reply explained that it was long-established policy to make no exceptions and the park executive who signed the letter made an earnest effort to explain to me the wonders of Yellowstone Park.” No exceptions it said, yet a big black limo can go in?

  51. Obviously there are obviously lots of obviously different cheeses (which obviously reminds me of the phrase “big cheese”). I obviously don’t know whether “big kahuna” is obviously
    a phrase obviously used in Hawaii, because obviously I don’t live on any island. Obviously, I’m not familiar with the correct pronunciation of “crean”, but obviously if it rhymes with “green”, then obviously I am reminded of “cream cheese” and also of “green cheese”. But obviously, any of my theories about this hunt may obviously not hold water. In other words, they may obviously be full of holes — like Swiss cheese, or pumice. Obviously, If I find the TC, I obviously plan to provide obviously graphic evidence of obvious possession, but obviously will be in no obvious hurry to obviously disclose where the TC was obviously found. It’s obvious to me that the obviously big cheese is getting obviously anxious, and
    obviously wants to end this thing, obviously without obviously favoring any specific
    individual. But said big cheese is obviously in a quagmire, and obviously doesn’t want
    to go obviously out on a limburger about how to do this. Shirley (and obviously) I can’t
    be serious. The end is obviously near.

    • I obviously meant “nigh” instead of near, and obviously meant to add “IMO”.
      This is all obviously IMO, by the way.

    • Tighterfocus, I sure hope that what you’re alluding to isn’t the case.

      I’m confident in my solve. Maybe even with a good ego, hopefully that helps. Would be a darn shame to have the chase thrown now. Fenn if you’re listening I have your solve. I just need until the first week of August, can’t get away until then. This might go over like a turd in a punch bowl, but I’m hopeful that Fenn remains tight lipped.

  52. I’m wondering if we can have a bit of a discussion on maybe delaying the posting of solves until July.

    Here’s my thinking. If two people have the same/similar solves, but have trips books for two different times, if the person that goes first posts their solve when they get back (and don’t get me wrong, I encourage the posting of failed solves), that is likely to take away from the excitement of the 2nd person’s trip, which, given the cost that goes into a lot of these trips, is a major letdown.

    I think if there’s some kind of a buffer (and a month is just a suggestion), we might eliminate some of that.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    • I would think it could only help them. If someone was searching my area and posted it I would want as much details as I could get on where they searched in order to refine. Maybe that’s just me.

      • I agree with Aaron. I also think it is a moot point. There are a relatively few number of posters on this blog compared to the total number of people looking for the treasure so the the odds of two people here having the exact same solve are extremely high.

    • There is a researcher here on Dal’s blog who is researching exactly the same area that I am researching.

      How I know? From his comments and ideas.

      Only the interpretation of his clues is different from mine.

      He is more thorough / scholarly / versed than I am.

      I’m more purist and simple.

      I would like it if it were before me, post your solution – finding the TC or not.

      • Wanting someone else to go to your search area before you have a chance to get there indicates an inherent lack of confidence in your solve. Imo.

  53. I just finished re-reading a number of FF’s older quotes over at MW and this one hit me like a ton of bricks. Forrest’s answer to the question below seems to be riddled with hints. I count at least six (IMO). His words seem like simple words, but they aren’t (IMO). I wonder, does anybody else see what I see? Does FF’s statements below factor into your solves?

    Just curious to know if this one Q&A is important for anybody/everybody else. How many hints do you see? Plus, I’m just wanting to make sure that I’m not actually starting to see things that might not really be there. Sure, it’s possible that there is nothing to see here at all………. but I don’t think so! (IMO).

    * 6Q) With Spring around the corner, the planning and search for your treasure will actively pick up again. I want to thank-you for sharing some of your favorite quotes during this cooler period of the hunt. I, and many others, have enjoyed them. In many of your books, interviews, etc., you so often share beautiful words filled with timeless wisdom. Would you be willing to share a few more that hold special insights or thoughts you hold close?

    It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence. Autobiographers always lean toward the subject. It is important that I drink a martini at least once a year so I can continue to remember why I don’t like them. All that I could remember was that I was not supposed to forget something. He was so busy talking he didn’t hear what I was saying.

    Love to hear everybody’s thoughts on this one.



    • To me he is saying that he likes to say things in a way that is a little different than it would normally be said so that it makes you think. This is very evident in the poem too. What are the hints that you see, if you don’t mind sharing?

      • Hi Aaron,

        For me his statements seem to provide hints in a consecutive order, relative to what I perceive to be the clues, in consecutive order. His 1st statement eludes or hints to the correct solution to one of the first few clues, and his next statement relates to the correct solution to the next clue, etc., etc., etc. (IMO).

        I really had to dig into what he was saying in each sentence, and to how it might correlate into my personal understanding of what I believe to be an answer to a clue. (IMO).

        I think that if a person is possibly on the right track, much of what F says can start to make a lot of sense, in a weird way, relative to the surrounding area and your own interpretations to the answers to the clues….. assuming ones solutions to the clues are correct, of course. (IMO).

        I hope that offers some help.

        Good luck to all.


          • Your welcome Aaron,

            The trick now (for me anyways) is to not use the information so much for confirmation bias, but rather to use the information found (the way I see it) as a way to better understand some of the other things that F has been saying since the Chase began. (IMO).

            Lots of hints to think about! (IMO).


        • SRW- We must think the same way, or we must be on to the same solve. I see at least 5 hints in that Q&A that are very evident and relative to my solve.

          • Hi KK,

            We must be thinkin’ the same thing. Those hints are crystal clear to me. And there are so many other things that F has said, in the form of hints, that make all the sense in the world to me. I don’t know how else to take them. When they fit…they fit! (IMO).

            Good luck to you KK,


    • SRW,

      What I found interesting in FF’s response is that he did not formulate “one” text.

      They are separate phrases that could be in different contexts.

      “It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence.”
      – This indicates that the poem does not follow grammatical rules and that the poem tends to confuse the reader.

      “Autobiographers always lean toward the subject.”
      – The poem can always refer to the “same” subject / location / focus.

      “It is important that I drink a martini at least once a year so I can continue to remember why I don’t like them.”
      – Has he checked the treasure room every year?

      “All that I could remember was that I was not supposed to forget something.”
      – Perhaps the poem has references within the poem itself. That we have to use separate parts of the poem to decipher the poem itself? I used the words “can keep” some time ago as being able to be linked to some other part of the poem.

      “He was so busy talking he didn’t hear what I was saying.”
      – The researcher is so preoccupied with complicating the poem that he does not pay attention to what the poem actually says.

      They really look like instructions.


      • Mcb,

        You said “They are separate phrases that could be in different contexts”.

        You’re correct, the sentences do appear separately in their original format. And yes, they should be applied in different context’s, relative to which part of the poem or clue that they are referencing. Context is important!

        Good luck all.


          • Here is how F’s answers/statements appear in their original format. McB is correct, they do appear as separate statements.

            My bad for lumping them together into a single paragraph. The fact that F chose to separate them and present them this way, singularly, is probably relevant. (IMO).

            It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence.

            Autobiographers always lean toward the subject.

            It is important that I drink a martini at least once a year so I can continue to remember why I don’t like them.

            All that I could remember was that I was not supposed to forget something.

            He was so busy talking he didn’t hear what I was saying.


        • Another important detail IMO:

          FF said that “the clues” are in consecutive order in the poem, but did not say that “the words” were in consecutive order.

          And he spoke about nouns, but did not speak about “which words” were nouns.

          That is, there may be a different reading for the poem.

          That is why:

          “It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence.”

          • Hi McB,

            Everything you said above is true. (IMO).

            For me though, I still have to take F’s words in the poem and turn them (or define them) into something that I can understand, in order to advance in the poem. That is the hard part. (IMO).

            I look at it this way. Similar to what you have been doing (very well by the way), is translating! I translate (or decipher) so I can move forward in the poem. (IMO).

            And I believe that there is only one correct way to read the poem……..it has to make cents! (IMO).

            “It is fun to arrange words in such a way that you have to smile at the end of a sentence.”


      • Nice takeaway McB. I had to search “martini” on the TS website, then hyperlink to the original article to see that SRW put all the quotes into one paragraph rather than separating each into its own sentence as presented by FF in his response to the request. As a paragraph, I was lost as to how they all tied together and was thinking how discombobulated! LOL.

        Your interpretation of the “He was so busy…”, IMO, is spot on.

      • McB,
        IMO ~ that is how a reader can see “subtle” in hinting. Good post.

        Many are preoccupied with finding ‘answers’ within the book and the ATF. But as fenn has stated; this is a thinking game… “It’s not a matter of trying, it’s a matter of thinking” and “try’ and simplify the clues”
        The “over complicating” of the challenge, imo, is all the outside research being done.

    • Smile is a big hint to me. Also forget, twice. One time it’s his Fault that he carries.

      Forrest loves wordplay.

    • The martini quote really speaks to me, and it makes me smile, so this makes some sense to me. FF loves to circle back and remember things, it tickles his memory.

        • Yes, I believe that the poem is like this too, in that it circles around a point, a memory, which is also a landmark. The poem makes him smile, IMO, as he gets vicarious pleasure in having people get a thrill from the chase.

  54. “Aaron: G-men. Rules don’t apply to them.”

    I do get that. The point here though is that Fenn made it a point to let us know about the gate being locked and that he wrote a letter asking for a one time pass to drive a car in there. Then he proceeds to push the guy on a bicycle for a few hours while another car, a limo with guys in 3 piece suits, proceeds to drive right pass. Later he doesn’t mention how they got through the gate and how he would have felt after all the work he went through. That seems purposeful to make us think about it. And why not just choose another place to camp if he had to go through that much effort? He purposefully points out that he is told about all the wonders of Yellowstone. All of the other places he could go but does not.

    Two tires on the limo end up flat. Only two tires are needed on a bicycle.

    Nothing odd here?

    • When you jam a car in the “dry sand”, you just have to deflate a little the traction tires to get the car out of the quagmire.

      That happened to me.

      He did not say “what” tires.

      Most likely that was what happened. They emptied the tires, but as limousines are too long, it did not solve.

    • Many of Forrest’s stories are odd in some fashion or another (e.g. the impossibly large balls of string). The two flat tires brought a smile: a much greater inconvenience for the G-men than simply putting on the spare for a single flat. Forrest has brought up bicycles several times, and if he had carried out his original cancer plan, a bicycle would probably have played an integral part in the overall strategy of dying by the chest without leaving a car anywhere nearby.

          • Don’t tell me. I believe I already know your response; it means *. Now, to think of how to ask the question again to get a better response.

          • It’s possible * is represented as an alternative by word, words, acronyms, etc.. Would you be so kind to give us the alternative meaning to * for which you post, please?

          • Jeez…I’ve said it before…it is merely an accounting/bookkeeping for me. It has nothing to do with the poster…or the comment per se. Merely a point to recall. Sorry I got some folks paranoid or suspicious. I won’t post again.

          • Hello ken. I do not believe I recall your previous explanation of the use of the asterisk, nor was my intent to make you feel uncomfortable by asking what it meant since it was posted. I was simply trying to understand. My sincere apologies to you.

      • Many are odd and perhaps it is up to us to determine what the odd ones mean. Hard to know for sure of course.

        I’ll give you that it is more likely that a bicycle would have been involved in his original plan because of the car. It is still possible that a bicycle could have something to do with his original plan, the plan he carried out, or both IMO, with all his talk about bicycles.

        • For the sake of logistics I find it unlikely that the special place of FF is too far from the population.

          Even with the use of an alternative transport, such as a bicycle, a person of 60 would have problems in a very long way.

          Unless it involved a car (left in the parking lot of a museum), a bus (but someone might suspect it afterwards), bike left hidden alongside a highway near the hideout …

          Planning for FF would be no problem.

          JMO of course!

    • Forrest was mischievous. Two flat tires. Draws attention to the limo- wants you to look up portentous! Means monstrous. Big black monstrous limo coming by or passing them then leaves and the limo is lying restless under the shade tree. A lot to see here! Misty waters. Like steam and fog and has used mist before to start stories.

      When they leave the limo was different- changed because Tired and Weak, resting under the shade tree!

      Look up limousine- you will like what you see if your on the right track.

      • Tired – as in with tires?

        the word “Limousine” is also simply a generic term in some non-English-speaking countries for a standard sedan bodystyle.

      • Limosine = hearse?

        And why are they 5 hours from the car, when it took them only an hour + a 1/2 mile to get to their spot?

        • Just guessing. If it took one hour X 4 = 4 hours plus 1/2 mile = 15 minutes x 4 = 1 hour. 4 + 1 = 5 – Works for me – JDA

  55. Lol, no worries Ken. I don’t think anyone is offended just curious. Thanks for sharing *

  56. If I’m so lucky to find the treasure I’ve decided to set up an outdoor fun camp for people of all ages. Reading the first interview of FF about how “we’re in trouble” I get that, and if anything it’s getting worse with opiod addiction and cell phone addiction. Further, if people don’t experience wilderness they have no way of appreciating it.

    • That’s a wonderful sentiment, Ann. You may want to consider spreading your wealth across the established ‘camps’ that seek to help at-risk youth by exposing them to wilderness experiences. Dozens of times over the past decades when backpacking in many areas of the Rockies, I have come across a group of scraggly teens who freely admit why they are there (sometimes court-ordered ‘last resort’) and they speak with genuine reverence for wildness and its impact on their lives just in that week or two while they’re out in it.

  57. I believe the word that is key is NINE. The amount of clues in the poem is not a number between 8 and 10. I believe nine is a noun and the shape of the path you take to get to the treasure. With this thought in mind go back and reevaluate Forrest statemen(s) where he says the word nine.
    I just returned from my last search. The drive has taken its toll on my mind and body. I will be sharing my solve in hopes of somebody finding the treasure.

    • Welcome back, sorry you did not find the TC, but hope you collected lots of other treasures. Not sure I follow you on the “9” as a path – JDA

    • Sorry Tim;

      I do not discuss anything off line that I am not willing to share on the blog – JDA

      • JDA,

        I commented just recently that I think your the guy in Fenns “Gut Feeling” as you don’t give to much away.

        This has been proved once again by your response to Tim.

        I’m watching you very very closely JDA.

        Good luck and stay safe to you all this season.

        Ronnie the Scot

        • Thanks Ronnie. Like I said, I wondered who’s eyes were drillin’ a hole in my back. Please stay out of my shower though – I embarrass easily 🙂 JDA

  58. Just curious , If anyone has figured out what the different colors of the Tea with Olga means? and the significance of Oreos. I have a pretty good idea what they mean.

    • Travis;

      If you read all of the “Tea with Olga”, every color in a rainbow is either mentioned or alluded to. Certainly the red, green and black stand out, but do not forget the other colors – remember”…at the end of my rainbow.” JDA

      • Thank JDA… I never realized that all of the colors of the rainbow were there in that story! Guess I should go re read some of the chapters again…

        • You are correct – R-O-Y-G-B-I-V no black –

          Spallies – The other colors are there only by inendo – I do not remember them exactly, but he may refer to the sky – which is blue or the sun which is yellow – things like that. – JDA

        • Hi JDA/Spallies: here’s what I come up with:

          Red: tea
          Orange: sun
          Yellow: chamisa
          Green: tea
          Blue: “mood turned somber”?
          Indigo/Violet: mountain laurels

          Another connection for mountain laurels: they have very fragrant purple flowers that smell like grape soda.

    • IMO, if you know what red tea, green tea, and black tea mean, you know what Oreo means.

      • The question is – “Do you need to know what Oreo is – other than a great cookie?” – I certainly didn’t use it (or the tea colors) – other than the “Rainbow” – But them you may know more than I do – JDA

        • IMO, they are impt only to the extent they confirm or refute what you learn from the poem.

    • Tea with Olga gave me two ideas of what to look for in my solution.

      In my opinion: it is not the colors that matter, but “wha”t and “how” FF thinks.

  59. I think that Tea with Olga is the Third biggest chapter in the book. There are two others that directly relate to Tea with Olga. Oreos are most definitely as important or just as important as the colors .

    • Hi Travis: for my own solution, the only relevance of Oreos is their ornate, somewhat Freemason-like pattern stamped on the dark chocolate wafers. The Nabisco symbol itself is a Knights Templar cross of Lorraine above an oval — a cross of Lorraine, btw, that also appears in TFTW. For those that seize on the number 90 in their solutions, there are 90 evenly-spaced, raised segments around the outer rim of the cookie. Or for those whose solutions feature the number 12, there are 12 clover-like patterns (or if you prefer, Cross Pattees — also a Knights Templar symbol) surrounded by 12 dashes alternating with 12 dots.

      The cookie stamp designer was not a Mason, contrary to rumors floating around on the web. In fact, the modern Oreo cookie design has been around only since 1952.

      • McB,

        So you think that once you find the treasure, all you have to do is look down to find the chest? And the remainder of the lines serve what purpose for you? As hints?

        • IMO,

          After finding the blaze: LQD,YQTC

          I think there may be instructions in the Blaze that only those who are “very” attentive to the poem will realize.

          FF would not make it so easy for anyone to stumble on Blaze and TC.

          The rest is more like reacting to knowing “where” the TC is.

          There may be surprises yet.

          • I agree, the Blaze can’t be known without following the preceding clues. In my BOTG experience, I can see what I am supposed to see from the Blaze on a map, but wouldn’t necessarily know it is “it” without seeing it from the Blaze.

            Which leaves me wondering, what clue am I supposed to only see with BOTG. For me, that means one of the lines in the last two stanzas holds the clue I am supposed to recognize on the ground. The problem is that like you, I believe the clues can hold dual meanings. So I have solutions or an understanding of those lines in the context of my solve- so I’m still unsure what it is I am looking for on the ground. I have a few ideas but want to solidify one of them.

    • In my opinion with boots on the ground. Don’t RUN. Walk with your head on a swivel. And keep your eye out for the Blaze/Blazes and if you were wise you will recognize it from a distance. And you will walk right to it.

      I can say with confidence I know where it is and what it is and where the TC is placed. If the chest has not been compromised by someone who hasn’t claimed it “Pirate” I will very shortly. I tried yesterday still about 5’ of snow yet. “Kettle Corn”

      • Good luck to Ya’, but just in case, I have a couple of Great recipes for Humble Pie with a side dish of crow – especially good medium rare – I know, I have had to feast on these delights more than once – 🙂 – JDA

        • I’ll take mine with a ‘miss Take’s’ side salad. Maybe a dash of crumbled crow egg over the top.

          = – )

        • I’ll have a box to take the rest of my hat home. Why?(the key) The serving size is too big and I can’t finish it in one setting. (fat head)

          • I thought that it was Jake who was going to have to eat his hat – Wonder how ol’ Jake is doing? – JDA

      • *”If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather”

        Is your area covered with 5 feet of snow or is the chest?

        • No you cannot retrieve it in any weather. I was there yesterday I got within 5 miles had to stop. Snow drifts were to deep and slushy.

          Crow all you want. Make up all kind of recipes you want. I know I have the solve. No kettle corn doesn’t have anything to do with it until later you will see. I drove 22 hours round trip yesterday to be stopped by snow. The chest cannot be recovered in any weather. The Blaze is def still visable even with a few feet of snow.

          • Talk about squawking!
            All I asked was: Is your area covered with 5 feet of snow or is the chest?
            You say you know where the chest is “Placed”
            Is the chest covered with snow as well?

          • Send me a picture of the treasure when you get past the snow. Me and the deputy are here at the jail just playing canasta with some of our prisoners.

          • Sherif –

            So, leprechauns play Canasta?
            Or do you have new prisoners?


        • If it’s a telephone pole what color is it Let’s see if you know…

        • How do you k ow I don’t…. unless it’s sitting next to you on your arm rest.
          Kettle Corn

          • You are to willing to accept certain fallacies.
            When it comes to listening to f you must be able to separate the wheat from the chaff and then separate the good wheat from the bad wheat.

        • Hi dejoka,

          Just curious, I have seen a few references to telephone pole. What is that all about?


          Windy City

          • Windy City;

            I am not sure exactly what all of the chatter about telephone poles is about. This is the only reference I can find: at http://mountainwalk.org/2012/04/16 forrest-fenn-landsurveyor/#comment-136 (which does not seem to work) – is supposed to say the following:
            (Taken from “Chasing Words of Forrest Fenn)

            “Since Richard mentioned the Olden Days let’s harken to 1620 when universal land measures first became law in England and America. As you rode your horse into town you had to pass 80 telephone poles in order to reach a mile because they were 1 chain apart, or 66′ and each chain had 100 links, if you wanted to break it down farther.”

            One major problem with this quote (if it is one) is that the telephone was not invented until around 1854 – and yet this quote seems to say that in 1620 you would have to pass 80 telephone poles to go a mile. SOMETHING is wrong. I assume that the poster wanted to say that in 1620 when the Universal Land Measure was established in England and America, one mile was 66′ X 80 chains = 5280′. LATER telephone poles were “planted” every 66′ (one chain), so there were 80 telephone poles per mile. – Although it does not read exactly that way – Just my best guess. So why are telephone poles important? Got me. Hope this helps – If not, we can be confused together 🙂 JDA

          • Hi JDA: Scrapbook 13, Scrapbook 107, Scrapbook 181, Once Upon a While pg. 146.

          • Windy City,

            When I was a kid my older brother gave me a riddle:
            “What’s the difference between a telephone pole and a motorcycle?” After a few hours of pondering and guesses he finally tells me …”an orange” with no explanation. It was ridiculous but it’s what kids do. So, I figured “Telephone Pole” was an appropriate response to TB’s “Kettle Corn”.

          • Thanks Zap – Amazing how long conversations can go on, and one have NO idea what started it. JDA

      • Dejoka: Agreed! Telephone pole is a hint to a clue, IMO. Kettle Corn has nothing to do with anything.

        • Zap –

          Are you enjoying the new thing where someone just says one or two words and then doesn’t tell us anything about it? Kettle Corn, Telephone Pole

          It’s like a shortened version of what you do. Like if you just said

          Backwards Bike


          • AHHHH…. Lugnuts…. Zap is closer with his words than you!

            and I will add that ya’ll better all learn how to “play” with Tops, Yo-Yos and Marbles before the end of June first of July


          • Searchers will find meaning from the strangest things to justify their solution.
            “Telephone Pole” is as nonsensical as “Kettle Corn”.

          • dejoka: at least Forrest has mentioned telephones/telephone poles several times. To my knowledge he has never mentioned kettle corn.

          • Why James?

            Is this the year you finally reveal where the treasure is?


        • Zap. I think the hint is not the telephone poles, but what is connected to the end of it.

          • Hi John R: just to be clear, I don’t think telephones or telephone poles as nouns have anything to do with Forrest’s clues.

          • Zap. IMO I think the number/letter combination on the phone dial is a vital part of the solve.

      • “Beware of those who say they’ve found the treasure, and there are at least 31 of them out there.” (SB39; August 31, 2013).

    • KK

      You really need to know what the Blaze is even before you BOTG. Otherwise you will wander around like everyone else even myself included, I have made 30 trips in all the state until just recently that I recognized what and where the Blaze is. FF is an architecte this is amazing once it all makes sense.

      • Travis,

        So for you, the last clue is the Blaze?

        I have had BOTG a few times, in my own specific search location. I agree, you do have to keep an eye out. Searching in mountains, especially if not your home territory is not as easy as one might think initially.

      • I’m confused, how do you know what the “blaze” is when f has not given the info to correctly solve for it? If f has not given us the info we need to know what the blaze is, how did you get that info? If this was poker, I’d call your bluff, you don’t know what the blaze is, for the mere fact that the blaze cannot be correctly solved. If you said you had an “idea” of what the blaze is. then I might believe you, but in saying you know, sorry, don’t see it. It’s better to say you have an idea of what the blaze “might” be, in accordance to your solve.
        Once you find the chest, you can tell us all about the blaze, until then, you have nothing.

        • Ok I’ll call your call. Who’s bluffing. I’m telling you before I even get there I know for a solid fact from many clues in TTOTC what the Blaze is. Forrest has most definitely told all of us that have the book what it is. Without question. Your just not seeing it. Research. Google is your best friend.!!!!

          • Hi Travis Brown

            I do hope you share with us what we are not seeing in the book.

            If you have to search before revealing that, please do come back.


          • You need to research…
            You have said to read the poem and read TTOTC to help solve for the 9 clues. We all know there are many options to choose from regarding, Brown, hoB, wwh, and blaze hinted at in the book. My question is, “In the book, do you also, in a more subtle way, tell which is the correct answer to one or all of the above?” ~BW
            No I don’t madam, sorry. F

            No I don’t madam, sorry. F
            No I don’t madam, sorry. F
            No I don’t madam, sorry. F
            No I don’t madam, sorry. F

            feel like I’m repeating myself

            f is your best friend, not Google…

          • I’m telling you before I even get there I know for a solid fact from many clues in TTOTC what the Blaze is. Forrest has most definitely told all of us that have the book what it is.

            I think I have a different version of the book. My version has the poem also in it. With F’s ATF, well my book is just like he said, it does not have the correct answer for the “blaze”.
            Or are you confusing your interpretation of the blaze as to be fact of F’s interpretation, because F has not interpreted. If you have somehow solved for a blaze in this way, I suggest you re-evaluate your solve to follow more in line with what f is saying and not Google. Good Luck…

          • Travis Brown,

            His Blaze was identified in the solution of the poem;
            or was the poem solved based on your Blaze?

            Because you can not solve the poem backwards, don’t you agree?


        • IMO,

          Then “and only then,” that you solve the poem is that you can tell what Blaze is.

          Blaze should not be the last clue because it has instructions still following Blaze.

          As FF said: it is no use going out looking for Blaze without having solved “correctly” all other clues. (mainly the first)

          IMO, Blaze can be anything that will stand out “just” in the correct search area. That means Blaze is not unusual. It will be unusual “only” in the correct area.

          And the correct search area is directly linked to the location of TC, which FF was categorical: “GE / maps does not have a CT photo. BOTG is required.

          And I believe that even finding Blaze correct, the researcher still runs the risk of not “understanding” where the “hidden” TC is.

          So anyone who says they “know exactly” where the CT is, but without presenting the CT, is stating something that does not give 100% credibility.

          The most you can say is:

          My solution “indicates” that the TC “maybe” is close to place X.

          Another thing:

          The poem says: “your quest to cease” – there may be instructions that lead you to the treasure that may be elsewhere.

          Only, and only “Just My Opinion”.

          • I believe that you are likely correct but one thing gives me pause and that is this Q&A:

            Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f”

            It sounds like it is basically a done deal once you find the blaze. If that is correct then why the need for another clue after finding the blaze?

          • IMO

            If you find Blaze it will be obvious the distance from the chest.

            This only indicates that you will be able to find the TC, but IMO you should be in tune with the poem.

            Just remember the researchers who were 200 feet from the TC and were not paying attention to the poem.

            If Blaze was something so out of the ordinary and special, why did not these researchers see it?

            IMO with Blaze will look similar. Either you’ll be walking according to the poem or you’ll walk right past Blaze and TC too.

            You can not find a Blaze and then solve the poem. One must solve the poem and “then” define Blaze.

          • My imagination tells me the blaze is a cairn of rocks that has a little FF flag on top of it, wouldn’t that be cute?

          • In my solution the Blaze is visible, very visible.

            But it only stands out “there” in my solution. For it exists in other places as well.

            Blaze alone is no guarantee of anything.

            Or “all” the poem agrees and in consecutive order or “nothing” works.

            IMO – no TC yet …

        • IMO,

          FF gave the answer yes!

          It’s in the poem. Solve the poem and be wise.

          Found the Blaze, quickly look down.

          Your journey will cease, but you still have to get the trunk to go in peace.

  60. It appears to me that humble pie and crow futures are going to go through the roof 8n about 3 weeks or so. Good thing I have stock in both lol

  61. Guy’s,

    If Forrests “Gut Feeling” is correct and the T.C is found this Summer, what nationality do you think the finder will be?

    Considering that this is global, I would have to say that either American or Canadian has to be at the top of the list.

    JDA what is you nationality as a matter of interest?

    Stay safe guy’s

    Ronnie the Scot

    • Ronnie,
      A Southerner living in Australia, that’s who! Lol JMO Not much longer & I will know one way or another. I will look once & then I’m done with the chase. Good luck everyone!

    • American, but descended from good Scotch/Irish stock – Now are you sorry you asked 🙂 – Kiss the Bl;arney stone one for me Ronnie, and Dance a Jig – JDA Oh, and kiss a Lass for me too while you’re at it – JDA

      • JDA,

        Glad to hear that you are off good stock.

        I kissed the blarney stone once, it’s a bit scary when you lay on your back and tilt your head back to kiss the stone.

        Maybe I should go back to kiss it one more time for luck.

        Good luck to you all.

        Ronnie the Scot

  62. Zap –

    Do you have an opinion on the photo refered to as “The Croquet Kid”?


    • Hi Lugnutz: I don’t really have a strong opinion on the photo either way. Given the low resolution of the purported “Kid” from the camera’s distance, I don’t think it’ll ever be possible to confidently say one way or the other. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and in this case the picture quality doesn’t rise to that level.

      Was there a reason you brought up this picture? I remember when NatGeo or PBS or some such did a show on this picture “discovery” a number of years ago. I was skeptical then, and skeptical now.

  63. Hi Zap –

    yes, there is a reason.
    The same “experts” that validated the Kid photo were involved in mis-identifying the latest Jesse James photo. So those players are back i the news.

    The croquet match between the notorious regulators, surrounded by small children, supposedly takes place on Tunstall Ranch in New Mexico.

    It’s a wood house with a white oak in front of it. It’s supposedly August but “the kid” is wearing a cardigan.

    If Fenn posted it in a scrapbook and said this is He and Donnie playing croquet in August in Sante Fe, we would immediately decry it.

    BUT, it’s not necessarily straight fraud. Simone may genuine think this is Jesse James, and WANT it to be Jesse James. To me then, there is a strong parallel between tin type hunting and Fenn treasure hunting. You are quite good at looking at the evidence and unearthing relevant material.


    • That’s someone and not Simone.
      Someone wants to find a James or Kid or Earhart and they may believe.

    • Hi Lugnutz: I actually had not heard about the latest proposed (and now evidently debunked) Jesse James tintype. I guess you might call it fallout from the Antiques Roadshow — some people just need to believe in something (and usually it’s something that will make them rich).

      I see the same thing every few months with people claiming they’ve found a meteorite in their backyard — and of course it’s a meteorite from Mars or the Moon because they’ve done their research and know that these are the most valuable.

      When told their furnace clinker, slag, or piece of asphalt is not extraterrestrial, they balk. The rock appeared overnight, they say, where no rock had ever been previously; it looks just like the pictures of lunar meteorites they found online (it doesn’t); “How do you know it isn’t a meteorite? What are your credentials?” And so on. We’ve all seen some of the same psychology at work in the Chase: searchers who go to their spot, the chest isn’t there, and therefore someone got there first or the whole thing is just a hoax. (But of course, they still keep looking.)

    • Thanks very much, btw, for the compliment about research. If a subject interests me, I can be quite tenacious in my efforts to prove or disprove a theory. 🙂

      • Our 2 different styles.
        You would look at the photographic and historical evidence at Tunstall ranch and I don’t need anything more than seeing an infamous desperado wearing a a cardigan in New Mexico in August. When I see The Kid wearing a sweater I know what the result of your research will be.

        There is something to be said for intuition even when the evidence is not eminently evident.

        One might say it’s am immanence front, a put on.


  64. “Just remember the researchers who were 200 feet from the TC and were not paying attention to the poem.

    If Blaze was something so out of the ordinary and special, why did not these researchers see it?”

    McB, those searchers did not make it past the first few clues so they didn’t get close enough in the poem to the blaze.

    • Exactly Aaron,

      That’s why I’m emphatic: it’s a small place, but it must follow the clues in order, otherwise you leave the poem and go straight from the TC. (and maybe for a matter of a few meters)

      The poem says: “If you’ve been wise” – it’s a matter of sitting and thinking, not walking …

      IMO of course …

      • Aaron,

        I’ll be honest:

        I am very suspicious and incredulous.

        And in the poem I can only imagine a small place with the information available.

        My first solutions were similar to most blogs.

        But I realized that they did not work.

        So I questioned the poem (whether it was literal or metaphors).

        I realized very quickly that the poem says one thing but it means another.

        FF said he “graces the words a little”

        For example: omegas, my secret where, riches old, WWWH, TFTW, HoB, no place for meek and water high; are basically the same, and a single, thing.

        Attention: “This is not fact, it is deep interpretation of the poem, with dozens of dictionaries.”

        Only then did I consult ATFs. And I’m still looking for ways to prove that I’m wrong.

        • I can see them all as the same thing. It is one of the ways I have thought about the poem. But where exactly to look at this location is the question.

    • Aaron- who said that the blaze was out of the ordinary and special?

      F said that a blaze (generic) was something that stands out- There are a lot of things that stand out, but are not out of the ordinary and certainly not special.
      Just saying-

    • Aaron,
      f never said they had followed clues and had found the blaze. He only said they had been within 200 feet of the treasure. I am willing to bet that the searchers within 200 feet never noticed the blaze.

    • Humm,

      Pretty far away, is not it?

      You’re 1000 miles from the start of RMs in NM. : (

      You can not travel back and forth all the time …

      • Yes, pretty far. It is about a 15 hour drive to West Yellowstone alone. I have only been up to search 3 times. This time I feel like I have a better knowledge of the poem and few different ways of solving it. I won’t be making that trip for one solve only.

      • We will make a family vacation out of it and do some fly fishing. We are also checking out Glacier National Park, where I have one solve.

        • If I can not do BOTG by the end of September, I will make a “deal” with someone. Maybe you’re willing, who knows! : )

  65. Thank you to those who responded to my question regarding telephone poles.


    Windy City

    • Chance,

      All of us here are 99% correct,
      until we discovered that we were 99% wrong.

      From the reviews of previous years I read, really, there is a lot deja vu here.

      My do not have why I started now and still think I’m wrong about my location. It’s tooooo easy.

      “Miracle very great, even the Saint distrusts.”

      : )

  66. This is just a guess but I think when Travis Brown keeps mentioning “kettle corn” he is referencing the story in TFTW about when ff and a friend were excavating in San Larazo Pueblo. The friend found a stone in the corner and turned it over. Hidden under it was a pot that was buried to the rim and had corn and bugs in it.

    I don’t have my book in front of me so I can’t say what the page is.

    Like i said, I’m just guessing about what he keeps referring to but this seems logical.

    As always, IMO… stay safe everyone!


      • Not yet. I’ve made travel plans. It’ll be soon.

        I am trying my best to stay away from commenting on the blogs for fear of giving something away. I read them all the time and it’s hard to stay quiet. lol


    • “Charmay and Me” is the chapter – I do not have my TFTW either, so can not give page # – JDA

  67. Searching is like like quarterbacks. If you have more than one spot, you have none.
    i just told my son, that if we can’t find it in one afternoon, then we’ll go sightseeing.

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