Forrest Gets Mail – 17

Mr. Fenn,
My students have a question for you. Since you have spent much time in the west around Yellowstone, do you have any personal experiences with cattle ranching and cattle drives?


Many years ago, my good friend J. Evetts Haley (the writer), invited me to help him brand calves on his ranch in the panhandle of Texas. It was 103 degrees in August and they built a big fire to heat the branding irons. There was no cooling breeze. After the cowboys roped a calf, it was my job to run up and throw the poor thing on its side. I think every one of those critters kicked me in the nose. After the branding, the calf jumped up and ran off, and I had to do it all over again. That day was so hot and sweaty I lost 6 pounds. All of my aspirations for being a rancher were used up that day and I never wanted to see a branding iron again. Please tell your students to study hard so they don’t have to grow up to be a cowboy. f





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  1. Better listen to Wiille and Waylon

    Journey Forth

    High Plains Drifter

    Byron J. Kurka
    Kurka’s Raiders

  2. “Please tell your students to study hard so they don’t have to grow up to be a cowboy.”

    Ditto from me: a cowboy. You do *NOT* (not, not, not, not, not) want to be a cowboy! Nor a cowgirl. Nor a ranch hand. DON’T LISTEN TO JOHN DENVER! Be a lawyer, or a physician, or a librarian, or a painter.

  3. I to grew up near a ranch. It was not cattle, but horses. My first job, was shoveling manure for 2 dollars a stall. It wasn’t that bad when the stall was empty, but when there was a horse in there, well they tend to kick as well.

  4. My wife’s family owns several heads and they asked me to help mature cattle that season! Lmfao I know now how they mature cattle 🙂 ouch!

  5. The JF on pg 99 looks like it could be part of a branding iron. Just my opinion of course.

    • Eaglesbound –

      If you are looking for a new fun rabbit hole I have spent immeasurable hours looking through Brand books for the elusive double Omega. I have seen thousands upon thousands of brands, both defunct and in use, and in each search state.

      I enjoy tedious research like that when it’s historical.


      • Thanks Lugnutz.
        I’ve been down that hole myself, but not for the double omega. There’s a fellow in my area that had his own brand and I was looking for that.

  6. Cattle ranching is no joke. As a kid you get to name a pet cow something cute like “Patch” and it’s end up on your dinner plate later with very little explanation.

    Wide eyes still as we I watched “Crook Neck” (his mom ate thistle which caused birth defects) be shot and butchered on the spot by a mobile butcher.

    And because the cycle never ends of saying goodbye to fill a meat locker…every steer I ever took to County Fair was later bought and packaged for sale at our local Hanks Market. It’s alarming how it all boiled down to whether it was Grade A beef.

    And yes it’s thankless endless hard work which means “vacation” is when you go gather wood for the Winter fires.

    I asked my Dad recently if he could meet us Memorial Day this year (all his kids will be together in a rare WA State visit) and he couldn’t get away from his ranch in Missouri.

  7. Hmmmmm study hard kids so you can sit in a office all day best yet a cubical and get 30 minute lunch break with 20 other zombie workers what no wayyyyyyy get your boots on kid s and kick some dirt up and ride that bull Be a cowboy !!!

    • Well said. Screw all those who study MCDB or applied physics, or anyone that enjoys programming or computer science. If you are not outdoors looking for Fenns treasure you are a disgrace. Stay safe. Until next time my friend.

      • I work as a geologist. Spend the majority of my time indoors, recording my observations looking at rocks. Very much like I’m in a cubicle. I get to go out in the field to map or soul sample now and then. But not everyday all day. I guess I should tell the kids to steer clear of all scientific careers that involve a modicum of office work. Stay safe. Until next time my friend.

    • Exactly! Didn’t Forrest say to NOT get a job wearing a suit and punching a clock? I was a Wrangler (the ONLY girl) on a TX ranch when I finished high school for a year, LOVED IT! Then migrated north to Oklahoma an farmed for 5 years. Hard work and dirty fingernails never hurt no one! Come on, Fenn, let a kid breath the sunshine, get grimy and grow tough!

      • Exactly. Thank God for strong and wise souls like you. You go get em. This hunt is about the pursuit of truth. True American spirit. No lies, no deception. Just pure compassion. Stay safe. Until next time my friend

      • For some reason the ole coot reminds me of the man on Peter pn who lost his bag of marbles lol someone help him find them

        • Once again. A perfect comment. A man of integrity and compassion. Just like the people on this blog. Heartwarming honesty all the time. Stay safe. Until next time my friend

          • Oh gee golly Lou Lee. Isn’t this just a blast. Such fun. Surrounded by such great people. We are all so blessed. Keep laughing. Your smiles bring such genuine happiness to my life.

        • DG, are you related J Evetts Haley’s second wife ? How common is your last name in Georgia?

      • Mom has a friend who owns a cattle ranch, she’s eighty three and still throwing hay bales on a trailer to haul out and feed the cows. Way too much work for an old lady alone.

      • Donna – You are one tough Texas gal that I will always trust. I still owe you for going on site in WY last June for me… Shame a few rattlesnakes had to die though! hehehe

        (Donna was one of the poeple at the Sarcophagus in my Youtube Video).

    • Ummm….I resent that DG….
      I have 2 plants in my cubivle and sometimes we get free brandless corn chips.

      On a brighter note….when it comes to branding I do it like I’m trying to X IT on a map. Helps me escape my everyday life….at least in my imagination it does.

      • Soon as you figure out where the treasure is jonesey they can keep the dollor store clover valley corn chips you will become that cowgirl one day don’t you give up You will knock that cubical wall down and escape and then you can muck up your boots

    • DG –

      That is an interesting parallel between F and my father. Successful men that give advice to younger folks that has absolutely nothing to do with there own story.

      My dad always said that if I wanted a life like the one I grew up with I need to be a Doctor or a Lawyer. He was neither and he had no respect for either profession.

      If Forrest was being honest with kids he would say Study what motivates people to spend money, exploit that motivation and do it with a smile.


      • That does not sound correct. I don’t think Forrest would judge anyone. Lots of nice/humble people become lawyers and (also) help others.

  8. 103 degrees it too darned hot, but maybe it helped put the kids on the right path.

    I hope that it was a “dry” heat, and not the humid heat of the Dallas area. Wow – getting kicked in the face 6 times would be enough to end any thoughts of ever wanting to do that again.

    Thanks for sharing Forrest – neat tale – JDA

  9. If there are no more cow-people left, there will be no saving the horses. I say save a horse.

  10. I can just hear OH! Posting…

    OMG, 103 + 6 = 109

    Confirmed Kirwin 😀

    love ya, OH!

    • If my area doesn’t pan out, I would shift to Oh’s area. I think (IMO) he is finding the hints of latitude and longitude regularly, but they are hints, not clues. His solve may very well be based on solving the clues and his Kiwin area may be the correct solution. Lots of things there that resonate with me. Lot’s of references to dumb in TTOTC, as well as bells and there is a place called Dumbell on the map nearby. Then you have the town of Meeteetse which literally translates to “measured distance near and far. There is a Brown Mountain Campground that is just on the north side of of the Wood River in the Shoshoni National Forest. So “worth the cold” (river water) – check, “are brave” (Shoshoni Nat’l Forest) -check, “and in the wood” (WoodRiver) – check. I also believe the chest is located in a national forest or on BLM land. I haven’t looked for WWWH or a canyon, but right now, that is not my area. It just looks very promising to me.

      • I think you have based too many things on names of places. It is my opinion that his descriptions(clues) in the poem are not related to places/things with names as they could change over time.

  11. I don’t blame you Forrest, I could see branding in that kind of heat not appealing, pretty sure I melt over 70 F.

    • Lol, your comment isn’t creepy in the slightest. Stay safe. Until next time my friend

      • Ha! No, didn’t mean to sound creepy! Had to re-read that until I knew what you meant. Seriously though I can’t handle the heat and yes I have helped brand as a kid growing up in a ranching community in CO.

  12. Looks like maybe Forrest is surrendering to someone close?

    Definition of calf rope: — a cry of surrender. they punched him until he hollered calf rope.

    My TX friend informed me of that 😉

    • Lol. If you think Fenn shoes mercy, you make giggle. Honestly I laughed out loud.

      • Yes, he does show mercy. He’s shown mercy on me for not kicking my ass for emailing him 1000 times. LOL

    • Mr. Fenn waving the white flag? I think the only time I remember Mr. Fenn capitulated was in the scrapbook I believe is titled, “Lost My Spot”.

      • PDenver.. the term capitulated was used in SB 178, and The Graciella Experience in OUAW (different version of same story) as well.

        WMIG…”calf rope” is an interesting phrase. Thanks for sharing.

        • Also, the goal of the calf roper is to catch a calf from horseback with a lariat around its neck, then secure three legs of tbe calf with a rope. This leaves one leg to kick the brander in the nose… and leaves the readers of the story another metaphor for a 3 legged stool, a reminder of George Washingtons nose, and reminder of Cody the Buffalo. Or was that Buffalo Bill Cody / Joe Billy Bob. It’s all a blur.

        • I had forgotten Mr. Fenn used it in “The Graciella Experience”, and had to look up the “calf rope” term because I had not heard of it before.

      • Perhaps the person who is close is waving the white flag or was thinking about it.

        What if the “gut feeling” person just couldn’t figure out the last clue and decided to call it quits or think about calling it quits. This might be a sign the chase is again wide open for anyone.

        • Why would they quit if they knew that they were close (assuming that is someone actually is)?

          • They would have no way of knowing they were actually the closest, just look on every site there is multiple people who feel 100% sure in their solve.

            If the person had made a few trips from far away and just couldn’t finish the solve would be pretty overwhelming.

            Perhaps they had made it known to FF they may be done.

            Just a thought nothing for sure

        • I think that if they made it all the way to the end, they would know it. Everything would gel.

          All kinds of reasons why one might not finish or not able to get there immediately (whatever the case may be) IMO.

          In any event, sounds like lots of people are getting outside. That’s fun! Maybe someone will create the next adventure/hunt as they wander…win win

      • The author of whom he speaks is most famous for writing a book with “Goodnight” in the title.

  13. Cowboys ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold
    They’d rather give you a song then diamonds or gold
    Lone star belt buckles and old faded Levi’s and each night begins a new day
    If you don’t understand him and he don’t die young he’ll probably just ride away
    Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be a cowboy!!! ❤️

    • Not the poem page but it’s all good.

      Lovely kindness.
      Spread far and wide;
      Incredible compassion developed by all who post.
      These powerful people destined for such great things.
      Let them show the peace and kindness of fenn for all to see.
      For they are the light that sets us free.

  14. I’ve been emailing since 2014 and had maybe 20 responses, the last one being June 2017 when I was educated about deserts by him (the day before the desert comment on Jenny’s). He never did answer a solve though, just small talk.

    But… He has not said a peep to me since then, the last email reply was asking not to send solves because his PC might not be secure. I still send the occasional emails, no reply, so its one sided. Very soon I will be at the solve I sent last year, I think I have it nailed but maybe this Forrest gets mail means someone beat me to it…

    Who knows, all I know is I am having fun and frankly do not care about the chest so much. If I did, I would not have made Youtube Videos the past month practcally giving my info away.

    I sure hope Forrest doesn’t hate me, but I think he shows mercy if you can make him laugh.

    My latest one is here:

    • Hello, TxBrooke.

      There’s always something new to ponder…especially when Forrest is talkin’…or writin’.

      They say dirty hands are a sign of clean money. I reckon that’s mostly true…but not absolute. Probably more than 85%.

      That kind of work just barely pays the bills…but it won’t make you wealthy. I know all about it…un-fortune-ately. 🙂 My back hurts frequently…but I can look back on projects that I built with a sense of pride.

      It’s a strange thing…looking back. Thanks to social media I can now see the lifestyles of former high school friends…many of whom have office jobs. Funny thing is…they spend more time in the Great Outdoors with their families than I am able to…owing to a consistently larger and steady paycheck. :/

      Oh, well. Thou shalt not covet, right?

      I remember another story told about a man who had risen to great success…after decades of hardship and struggle. Looking back on his life and how hard it was…he went to seek the advice of a friend and finance counselor…whom he trusted to set up funds for his own children so that their lives might be a little easier.

      After hearing the man’s wishes…the finance friend asked him, “Why would you want to deprive your children of all the hardship and struggle and experiences that made you who you are today?”

  15. You guys should meet up when you get to Yellowstone. I hope the treasure is not under someone’s pansy garden. Someone might be upset

    • Lol, I like you. Passive aggressiveness is the new boldness. I almost told that same line to somebody but then realized I didn’t have the courage to tell that somebody the truth. It’s okay. I’m kind of a pansy too

      • The first part was serious. The second part was a joke. My smiley face emoji did not work.

      • Did you know that the Pansy flower meaning is “heartsease”?

        In the story Forrest just told about the pansies the man had a heart attack at the end.

        So is the pansy story about a wimpy (burger) or Ease of the heart?

  16. Forrest,
    Did you like my stick drawing? Entry? Because after I drew it. I laughed for hours. I dont know why? Did you see it? I made it just for you.

  17. Forget Cowboys, we need some fun for searchers! The things we put up with every night! 😀

    My short poem:

    — It’s the chase he said we seek —
    As we hit the bed and hope for sleep
    With pleasant dreams we think of where,
    Forrest left his riches for us to keep
    At a place he went alone in there.

    • Oh golly, you are so right. You poor people and the things you put up with at night. Just keep pushing. Only tremendous kindness espoused by people like you will help everyone focus on the love you have all spread.

      • I did notice some mean comments. I would think that would deter someone who might have some fresh insights on the clues.

        • Splinters –

          If you ever do see a fresh insight please let me know. Here we talk about the same things that were being discussed in 2013. Such discussion is comforting to the senior searchers.


          • Fresh insights?

            Folks are using the wrong perspective to try and solve imho.

            Here’s an idea. When you get to Poem. “And take it the canyon down”. Maybe it doesn’t mean follow the canyon downgradient. Possibly follow clues to next canyon. Then take said canyon up. Without a paddle of course*. Hope this gives you a perspective, not saying it’s correct, just an idea to think on.


          • Well Lug, you could always come up with something original – unless you too are comfortable with it like it is 🙂 JDA

          • you never know what I have to offer….. no need to be mean/judgmental.

            Maybe I’m a law student…

    • Either way you all win and you know it. Fenn loves you all. Seriously. He feeds off your attention. I don’t blame him. He accomplished his goal, which I honestly (not being cynical) think was awesome. I just wish he did all this on his own accord. I feel like I’m not out of line. Then again this country isn’t what it use to be so it’s my fault for being so naive. Stay safe my friends, until next time.

      • You have posted kind words this evening, Tighterestesfocus. I also enjoyed reading your poem.

        • Thank you. I admit I’ve been cynical. Only because so many people on this blog have hurt me over the years. I’m not sure you know what it’s like to be hurt and have people call you a pansy. I’m afraid that many of these people are simply adding insult to injury. And although I don’t necessarily believe in karma, for their sake I hope it isn’t real.

          • I love this blog. I’ve learned more about people here than talking with people face to face over the last four years. It’s funny because the people closest to fenn whim I’ve loathed for so long, in many ways are exponentially more kind than almost any random poster I’ve encountered here over the years.

          • Tightersestfocas, I disagree with your perception of the community. Although I don’t Know what all has been said, I feel some may have been challenging your ideas and used harsh words to spur you. Challenge is at the very heart of the chase and may bring out in you, what it takes. You could be the one. Stay strong, always, and accept the challenges. Push on. Not just imagined, but proven over and over time. This is a rare community of like thinkers and is a joy to be, by choice all, a part of. IMO. g

  18. Either way good luck to all in the hunt. I’m sure you all have a better chance than me. Stay safe my friends

  19. When i was young i wanted to be a cow girl, my great aunt told me i was born 100 years to late, that i should have been born during the horse and buggy days,, Later in life i wanted to be an Indian or Native American. I worked in hospitals most of my life in surgery as an OR tech handing instruments. I lived on a farm for a few years, we got up hay, butchered a Hog each winter, had 3 gardens and planted everything by the signs in the almanac. Being outside in nature is what my life is all about, Now i am a rock hound, a Fenn admirer and a member with all these wonderful people. We are all blessed, I think i want to be a geological explorer like Forrest.. I mite have to ride a horse in my exploring…Stay safe everyone, keep on keeping on, it will happen.

    • I liked your story Forrest….but I’m just not buying it.
      Calves are born in the Spring. They are branded in the fall when they are taken away from their mama (300# +/-). The cowboys I know do not brand in 103 degree heat. The stress of chasing and roping a calf, throwing them to the ground and then putting the iron to them, would likely kill a few. A dead calf is lost money. Real cowboys don’t have money to lose. Besides when it’s 103 outside here in Kansas, you can’t find a cow or calf. I used to run 500 head of cows and their babies. Drive through the pasture in the middle of the day and you would swear that they all got out. They are no dummies. They are hunkered down in the shade or taking a dip in the pond. You see it is actually hotter for them because all that grass fermenting in their rumen, produces a tremendous amount of heat. (The heat of fermentation)

      One time when it was 103, I was driving through the pasture and almost run over a young calf laying in the grass with the sun beating down. I got out of my truck because I knew he was in trouble. His mom told him to stay there while she went with everyone else to lie down in the shade. I knew he was in a bad way when he didn’t get up until I was right on him. He tried to run, but he was too weak. So if you can’t run, you face your adversary and try to run them over. Which is what he tried to do. I tackled him or maybe it was the other way around, but I do remember thinking we both might die as I carried that 150# calf over my shoulders a couple hundred yards to the barn.

      Once there, I called my deputy and told her to go by the store and buy a gallon of milk and get out here. While waiting for her to arrive, Maverick and I both decided we would each down a couple bottles of water from the fridge. Still no deputy, but I was feeling better. Maverick was still looking poorly, so I turned on the AC in the truck full blast and put him in the cab.

      Bout the time the deputy showed up, Maverick decided that he would give it another go at living. We put the store bought milk in a bottle and Maverick loved it! He didn’t seemed to know that milk could be cold.

      Well the deputy took Maverick home with her to her house about a block away from the University of Kansas. There Maverick lived in the basement of the house for three days while the four college girls treated him like a pet. Sometimes they said they walked him up the steps and out to the backyard to nibble on the grass.

      After three days they had to take him back because he was rapidly regaining his strength and they were afraid he was getting so strong, that they wouldn’t be able to force him in the back seat of their car.

      Back at the farm, his mom wanted him back. But I kept watching her. About a week or two later she did something else stupid like a teen-aged mother would do, so I sold her that fall. Some people just shouldn’t have kids ……

      Sorry F, I think you’re telling a tall tale.

      Best regards always;

      Sherif Billy, Deputy Katie and Maverick.
      (Paste the Link below to see the Deputy and Maverick)

      • Hello Sherif Billy. The calf’s mother and the herd let you take the calf with you without struggle? Last weekend, I saw a program where a vet and other people were trying to check on a calf, and both mother and herd tried to keep the people away from it.

        • PD –

          His experiences, if true, are unique to him. I grew up with cattle and there are no rules. Or there are rules but they go out the window as often as they don’t.


          • Mr. Nuts-

            Unique but true! You know anyone else who has tasted a road apple?

            Oh, that reminds me, if Dun doesn’t mean brown,(referring to a previous comment of yours) why is it they call that brown stuff dung?

            I appreciate all your posts though, kinda reminds me of a Judas Goat.

            Keep up the good work. I’ll try to keep quiet.


      • sherif- this tall tale is just another string tied to the ball of yarn he has spun. it was never lost. hes trying to tell you what the blaze is.

        i think.

      • Billy you are observant, and I agree that many places brand when they wean calves in the fall. However, the purpose of branding is to ensure your cattle have owners and can’t be stolen. Thus calves are born in the spring and branded in May before being put out to pasture in Texas. The good news, you are correct, those calves were not branded in August when it is hot, so that temperature/degrees is what is important here. IMO

        • 9equals9 –

          If I may make an observation about how confirmation bias works.

          In this case we can agree that the story is false. Forrest did not brand calves in 103 degrees in August.

          You think 103 is the clue because you are biased towards degrees on a compass.

          The clue, if there is one, may be related to anything else in the story. August and august are two different words. No one is discussing that possibility.

          Other potential hint words: Calves Branding Iron Fire Cooling Breeze.

          And as an overall note. If the hint Forrest is giving us is 103 degrees that would make his technique simplistic. Maybe by now someone would have solved it if this were the case.

          I think he is not giving a hint. He was present at his friends for a branding and he doesn’t care about the details like which month it was in. What matters is that image of men doing the branding work in the hot day. And what he provides is an accurate description by this standard.

          Everyone does this, I’m not saying anything negative about you sir. Some of us look for compas headings and some of us look for light switches. When we them we say Oh yeah Fenn is talking to me!


          • Luv. You bring up some valid points but you made a critical error in assuming that 109 referred to as a compass heading. I agree that would Be too obvious. Ff doesn’t give obvious hints. We have to work at them.

          • Mr. Nuts-

            From your post above, I think you are being bias in believing and stating…… ” Maybe by now someone would have solved it if this were the case.”

            Maybe a few souls have already solved the 103 clue but are keeping their cards close to their chest…..IMO

            I was never good at poker and that is why I went into sherifing…

            Good luck to ya!

      • SB1 –

        I don’t know where my old comment is but I bet I said Dunn doesn’t mean Brown.

        I like New Mexico and the bridge but it’s an odd place to hang your hat. If I was the crazy sheriff I would find a couple more nails.


  20. Forrest,

    You know sometimes I get amazed at the life adventures you have done, ” cattle branding” who would have thought. I just might have to put that on my “bucket list” LOL, ok maybe in my younger days. Forrest speaking of a bucket list is there maybe something in the back of your mind, possibly as a kid thinking, that you would liked to have done but that opportunity never presented itself? Just curious.

    Thanks for sharing and hope this post gets you thinking.


  21. Forrest, I thought the “X” just identified the property. Is it really AT the “X”? I mean 103 degrees points right at it. August is still within “Summer” so I guess we’ll see. Very impressive.

    • IW;

      While I might agree that “something” is 103 degrees from another “something”, I can not agree that that “something” is the TC. One of us must be wrong. 🙂 Hope it isn’t me 🙂 Have a good hunt IW – JDA

    • If due North is 0/360 degrees, and due East is 90 degrees, 103 degrees must be about East by Southeast, eh? – give or take.

        • You can always be a certain number of degrees from some other heading. It’s all perspective.


        • WIll –

          It’s so easy for him to mess with you.

          You know he asked if he could send my email to Dal and I said no because you all would think there were clues.


      • So the degrees go clockwise, not counter? Opposite of CAD programs. Boy Scouts was a long time ago!

        • Oooh that brings up a possibility. What if the degrees are not a direction but rather… time on a clock?

          So.. in August at 3:30 AM? I’ve heard worse theories… like chest in a pine tree! 😯

    • It does seem that 103 degrees is quite an exact memory for something that happened so long ago. Maybe artistic license.

      • Why does it have to be from memory? Forrest could just get on Google Earth. Go to point “X” – Go to Ruler – draw a “line” from his “X” to another spot and look at the “Heading” and it will give you the degrees. Not a big deal. If the line is “going the wrong way” – If Forrest need a smaller number – like 103 – subtract the “heading” from 360 and you have it. Pretty simple – JDA

      • JDA,

        In context, iIt looked like the ostensible reference was to 103F, the temperature, with wiggle room for interpretation as a bearing.


        • Astee;

          Without mistake, if you read the words literally, Forrest is referring to 103F, the temperature. Forrest is known to use one definition of a word to mean something else though – worth considering – JMO – JDA

        • 🙂

          “Forrest is known to use one definition of a word to mean something else though”

          I’m counting on it.

          The really wily part is that, after you’ve loosened the reigns on pre-conditioned thinking long enough to discover that 2nd meaning, the mind tends to lock in on it … “aha, got it, almost missed it, glad that’s over”.. thus missing the required 3rd meaning later. It’s practically exasperating.

    • I think iron will be the finder, but i just cant help wondering what will happen to him if he isn’t the one. Better yet what if its not found for decades to come. Will iron quit in the next couple years? How strong is his will?

      • What will happen to me if I’m not the one? Well optimistically… I’ll be a 2nd place finisher, and have a huge tax cut next year! 😛

  22. My “butt-busting” days were in a hay mow stacking bales under a hot tin roof in June, when I was 16 and 17. Definitely better than Jenny Craig at weight loss. But we got to drink as much whole milk out of the cooler that we could stomach.

    Thanx for sharing more of your story, Mr. Fenn. It helps me remember things I did that were similar, yet different altogether.

  23. “The ignominious mare he straddles has cholla joints in her tail and is asleep on one hip while he sits sizing up a bunch of cattle that only cow people can see.”

  24. I thought it might be fun to read a J. Evetts Haley book. So I went to Amazon to see what the guy penned. Holy Cow! What a scribbler…I stopped counting after 30 different titles…
    So which one to read?? Anyone familiar with his library of work and have a suggestion?

    • “A Texan Looks At LBJ” 1964. Corrupt, power hungry, frankly evil, SOB. And Haley lays it all out. At that time, the mainstream media dismissed Haley as a kook. Some things never change. The only one I’ve read.

    • Ive read them all. The Flamboyant Judge is good and kinda connected to F cause they did a book signing at Arrowsmiths right after they partnered up. Personally my favorite was about Charles Schriener and his general store. I’d go to either of those first. The Lyndon Johnson one hilarious or a totally a conspiracies dream depending on which side your on. XIT Ranch was a slower read in my opinion, but I know some ppl that love it. He was commissioned to write that one so if you look into the history of all the stuff going on before reading it you may appreciate the wordist a bit more. You can get most any of them used for a couple bucks.

      I certainly walked away with new appreciation for barbed wire wrapped around a cowboy hat. 😉

      • Well it’s obvious you have earned the prize. Honestly your intellect regarding the chase is quite attractive. Personally I abhore most of this nightmare. It’s likely fenn will reward searchers like you. Logically he almost has to. If it’s you I wouldn’t mind. You have a lot more in common with him than I do. I wish I got someone else. Sure, fenn is admirable man. Obviously he wants me to suffer for his cause. I love his cause. I just wish he didn’t involve me.

        • You wish you got someone else?
          You wish he didn’t involve you?
          Is this a secret message?
          To forrest? To dal?
          You must be someone close to him. It sounds?
          One min. You Love it but now you don’t?
          One min. I think I know, than I don’t. But that’s the location of the treasure.

  25. We were trying to get a couple of cows, Katy and Nancy, bred that had not been handled all summer and were a little wild and very heaty. The Genco guy was getting impatient so we tried to lure them with some grain in a five gallon bucket. I was on the ground messing with the bucket and I looked up and saw that Katy was riding Nancy and both heading my way. The bucket flew into my face and the rim sliced me open under the lower lip. I have a nice scar there, which I hoped would add character but didn’t-

  26. I think theres maybe something to be said for F trying out as a ‘wrestler’ with Haleys type of “brand” and then deciding he didnt like those types of struggles so he ‘rebranded’ his dream into the ‘One Horse Land and Cattle’ publishing company.

    ….then again maybe its unrelated to this event and hed really always wanted a land and cattle company…but he just couldnt afford…he got himself a little publishing company and named it “One Horse Land and Cattle” instead.

    Long live the endangered species/men of Estacado…I’m starting to think they should put guys like F on some sort of Protected List. The numbers are dwindling to alarming rates.

  27. Curiosity question. How do you think you could convince finder (if one) to come out into the open? Negativity on social media likely to keep them quiet. Probably feels a bit upset by recent articles/blogging…

  28. Mr.forrest,i am so glad to get a letter.i have missed your stories so much.its kinda make me smile,listen,and yes I’m still trying to figure out that poem.i ain’t quitting,til you quit.just when you think you get somewhere. It turns into another direction. Tall tale stories and a treasure to boot.gosh i just love every ounce of them.i thought gosh ,you wasn’t going to write us anymore. That was you popped up a story.can you please keep them coming. Its like reading a book in a book.that sounds weird got to get those experiences to know and understand. Hands on books make you think and enjoy.but life experiences is what its all about.if you never did anything. How are you going to know to do anything.. show me how to do it ,and then I’ll learn whatever.

  29. No Cowboys. Ok, I will stick to the same path I am on. The Indian .

    Now since Wyoming is the Cowboy State are you saying no Wyoming Forrest?

    • I agree jf on page 99 is his brand jf with rocking arm over it Yipppppe ki yea

      • I’m not following the jf significance. Can someone explain or allude to what I am missing?

        • Some have postulated that the initials jf on the illustration on page 99 stands for “Just Forrest” – so the illustration on page 99 was done by Forrest, and has all kinds of secret messages or hints embedded in it – JDA

          • Thank you JDA,

            Something to consider I suppose. I don’t do well with seeing hidden things in pictures- unless I have a specific list of things to find as in a Highlights children’s magazine.

            May have to take another look, but I’m not going to expect much on my end, lol.

  30. “He probably didn’t hike that.”
    -wise (and easily forgotten) words IMHO….

  31. To Tighterestesfocus:
    A thought for you.
    When crude hits $ 90.0,
    major interests will began
    wild-cating. That should
    provide opportunities to get out
    and about….
    “rational science for rational
    policy” Dr. Lee Gerhard
    “Civilization exists due to
    geologic consent ,, subject
    to change without notice.”
    Will Durant

    • Quoting Will Durant! I love it.

      Forrest likes to say that “planning is antagonistic to freedom,” whereas Durant says, “Nature smiles at the union of freedom and equality in our utopias. For freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.”

      Unfortunately few people understand this very important conservative concept…


    • Over my head. I think I need to just find/bribe the finder.

      Maybe cowboy and wimpy (hamburger) connected? Just kidding…

      Curses…. now I’m going to be staring at that darn picture…

  32. I don’t work with cattle now,although I have helped a few come into the world. That’s a tough job! I do deal with ranch workers on a daily basis. So much respect to the hardworking men and women that do that for a living. You definitely gain a greater respect for the food that you put in your body and how it gets there. Not to mention slinging feed, hay, giving shots, worming, doctoring numerous wounds, casterating, milking, mucking stalls…list goes on!!!
    Myself, I still have nightmares about stacking hay on a flatbed during our Texas summers. Hot, itchy backbreaking work right there! Best workout on the planet.
    Thank a farmer!

    • A person with a Full Belly has many problems, a person with an empty belly…only has one.


  33. thats funny i once thought of a branding iron as a blaze when we stayed in west yellow stone at the branding iron motel down the road from the dude motel number 4 is no longer there funny what crosses my mind. im just a grain of sand waiting on the wind thanks

  34. Someone has already found the link to XIT ranch/brand, the largest ranch in Texas at the time. So what is IT? X is IT when you put the X on the map then you can XIT the chase be XITedly.

    Anyone found what the actual name or brand used on J Evetts Haley’s ranch in “Bell” County?

  35. I bet the blaze and brand are the same shape. I’m thinking a W. Or an M if you are standing on your head.

  36. When it gets 103 on this spread these pokes hang their dusty britches on the fence and soak in cool spring fed water tanks using their hats to pour water over their leathered hides. Ear tags and micro chips have replaced brands in these parts. Still ain’t found much as satisfying as riding fence under a buttermilk sky with jerky juice drip’in off my chin and being seranaded by lowing cattle and a few coyotes.
    The day drifts instead of spinning by. To each his own.
    Richard Wetherill was a poke…Alfred Kidder was not.

    “Oh Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Politically Correct …But Let Them Be Libertarians, Barn Muckers, Drifters, Saddle Tramps And Such”.

  37. It bothers me much to point this out and I certainly hope this IS NOT what 103 degrees refers to. But Farwell, Texas is located at 103° 2’ 18″ W and his b-day is in August.

    So I must ask if this is his subtle way of preparing us for his final flight, or on a more positive note, that he’s bowing out and it’s now completely up to us to solve the poem? No more help. No books, SBs, email, 6 Questions, etc..

    And this would feed into the tread above regarding XIT. Exit?

    I apologize for raising such a sad thought, but felt it important to share this with “the family”.

    Sorry………… pinatubocharlie

      • Really TF?

        Forrest’s of course. 22 August 1930.

        Perhaps laying of those reefers will help clear your mind.


    • Mr. Pinatubo–

      You needn’t feel sad. f isn’t going anywhere. He is having too much fun. IMO Farwell, Tx is not on the order of farewell, but rather “Too FAR to walk”.

  38. Forrest never fails to surprise with all the interesting things he’s done. Wouldn’t have guessed calf wrangling.

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