A “Personality Galore” Hat Contest…


Forrest Modeling Mildew

Personality Galore Hat Contest

More than three years ago Forrest bragged about Mildew..his hat of dubious distinction. He declared that this hat was the most “interesting” on the blog.

Shallow claim. I say.

Help me prove the point by submitting a photo of your “interesting hat” to me at:
dal at lummifilm dot com

I will post the photos as I receive them until the contest closes to entries.

Forrest Modeling his Buffalo Hat

Someone, yet unnamed, will help me judge the hats and together we will choose the hat with “Personality Galore” to be the winner of this contest. I don’t expect this to be an easy judging task.

To begin, take a look at Scrapbook 126 to see what passes for “personality galore” in Forrest’s mind…HERE

Next read the rules of this contest below:

1. A contestant may submit only one entry in this contest. 

2. A contestant must be a person of good standing on this blog.

3. An entry is one photo of the hat attached in an email. The email must also include the blog name of the contestant.

4. It is the hat that will be judged not the photography nor the “personality” of the character modeling the hat. That being said, the cumulative effect of a photo that shows an “interesting” hat along with an “interesting” hat model and interesting background, should not be ignored.

5. Entries must be sent before the contest closing time and date.

6. The contest closing time/date is 9pm (Santa Fe time) May 31st, 2018

7. I repeat, one entry per person.

8. The “hat” must exist in the real world. It cannot be a digital creation of a hat.

9. The photo of the hat must be an actual photo and not a hat photoshopped onto a background…ie no digital manipulation of the photo is allowed. We want to judge a hat and not someone’s photoshop ability.

10. The winner will be announced by the surviving judge as quickly as possible after the contest closes.

The winner will receive a signed copy of “Too Far To Walk” by Forrest Fenn. A signed copy is a nice investment…

Finally…off we go…

Let’s have some fun!!!


Page One of Entries

Page Two of Entries

Page Three of Entries

Page Four of Entries

Page Five Entries

Page Six Entries




We will all be judges. You can vote by sending me an email to the address below with your top 3 picks. Make the subject line of your email “vote”.

Just email me the names that appear under the photos of your favorite three hats.

The hat with the most votes gets the prize…

Please do not send me a “vote” email more than once.

Please vote only one time for any single hat

Only the regular 3,817 folks who contribute and comment on the blog can vote. This keeps folks from asking their co-workers or family or neighbors or prison guards to vote for them and tilt the voting in their favor. No ballot box stuffing!!

Voting will close Sunday (June 3, 2018) at Midnight, Santa Fe time.

I will tally the votes and announce the winner…probably Monday afternoon

Send your “Vote” email to:
dal at lummifilm dot com







63 thoughts on “A “Personality Galore” Hat Contest…

  1. Ok dal, you entered Mildew for me and I am sure to win. Can’t wait to get my signed copy of the book. f

    • Mr Fenn
      Like both of those hats. The latest pics of mildew show that “gaping” hole patched up pretty good.

      David here

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah…. don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched Forrest…. have your pen at ready…..see ya

    • Forrest,

      It’s going to be hard to find a good hat such as Mildew. I’ve had a hat since 1979 albeit it’s still good looking.

      I feel the sting!

    • Screw the treasure chest, I want that Buffalo Hat!!!

      As I have been worn alone in there
      and with my body gone,
      I can keep your head warm where
      Your hair had once belonged


      Your a cool dude ff!

    • If you are a contestant I think you have us beat with that hat. What the heck is that little animal on the top anyway? It looks like a gerbil.

    • Yes Forrest, it is a wonderful book. You should own one,,,everyone should 🙂

  2. Is that a construction helmet with a buffalo hoof brim, buffalo horn flaps, and a marmot accessory? No wonder someone shot arrows at it.

    So, which is Mr. Fenn’s entry? Mildew of Hat-on-a-hoof?

  3. Mr. Fenn,

    I’ll have to wait until I get home so I can upload the picture, but I know of a hat that can give yours a run for it’s money.


  4. I think Dal is going to appoint me the judge so I am a shooo in to win. f

  5. SHOOO IN…..ah…maybe a hint. Lets see…could it be foot in mouth. Maybe something to do with BOTG.
    S-h-o-o-o…fly….thats it…Shoo-Fly-Pie….no…one too many of the letter o.
    SHOOO IN….SHOOO IN….SHOOO IN…ah….something about tobacco maybe…or maybe about eating your vegetables. KEEP ON CHEWING…THE END IS DRAWING NIGH!

  6. I have a ball cap I like to wear when I’m having a bad hair day, but I don’t think it has a personality worthy enough of a ticket on this gravy train. Might have to invest in something worth creating memories in. It may be time to go hat hunting!

    • Hello Madesquare. Just display the hat if you don’t want to show yourself.

    • Amber remember that a butterfly is a flutterby…. last may be a good thing… 🙂

  7. Geez. Now I have to look in the garage. I have an amazing hat a person in Italy once gave me. I’ll have my daughter Ailyn look for it. She probably put it in a box that’s at the bottom of the pile– that’s the way it always seems to go. Probably smashed. I hope I can find it— it just might win, unless Jonsey’s in the contest, then she’ll probably wind up with the book. lol.

    • Jonsey–

      Just kidding. You’re so good at these contests though. lol. I’ll bet you have a great entry Good luck!

  8. I added the first set of entries to the hat contest. Look for the link on this page just before comments begin…

    • “by the surviving judge,” care to elaborate? Are the judges going to be involved in some kind of duel to the death?

      • Who knows what kind of fisticuffs might break out between judges over the “winning” entry…

        • Maybe each judge could pick their favorite and you could live stream some good old fashioned arm wrestling for the final word. Id tune in… Depending on wardrobe …. Preferably spandex.

  9. Santa Fe Time? I’ll need a Zone map?

    I’ve got a hat that’s going to take home the bacon. What’s the prize Dal? Is it bacon?

  10. Dal,

    Even though I’m out of town, I always travel with my favorite hat and will submit my entry after somehow cropping most of my ugly mug out of it.

    Is that acceptable Dal? I ask because the rules are silent regarding a full face shot.

    Thank you…………pinatubocharlie

    • pin-
      It’s the hat that counts…but a model with personality and a background with personality cannot help but contribute to the personality of the hat…

      • Yeah Dal,

        I was thinking about that (the background) after asking. So I’ve decided to hold off with my entry until I get home where the scenery is much nicer than where I’m at now.


  11. This isn’t a submission because it’s on the internet. But it is a photo I took near where I thought the treasure was hidden. A few of these guys were mulling around and acting really suspicious. It looked like they were in the process of stealing something to be honest with you.


  12. with just 10 days left for the hat contest i would like to remind everyone that this contest is entitled..”Personality Galore” so far I see very little personality. sad.
    take my hat for instance now this hat has more personality than all the other entries combined. my base hat is a 100% wool Georgi. styled after Queen Elizabeth favorive hat. in dazzling fuschia. i dont think anyone here wants to argue the fact that the queen has “Personality Galore”. no.
    so listen up searchers! lets see some personality in the hats!
    Forrest tried to set the standard with his hoof, horn, arrow, feather, squirrel hat. pay attention! or, listen good.
    now i want to talk about my background.
    Dal said background is important.
    look close and see the burned log?
    notice my face is not showing as well. because im looking quickly down!
    this aint no beauty contest keep yer ugly mugs out of the shot!
    the burned log represents the blaze, so i then look quickly down and what do i see? my feet! therefore i placed shoes on top of my hat. now listen real good searchers, see the woods behind me in the background? i am now brave and IN the wood.
    god help us.
    i think.

    • Don’t poke the bear!

      My 2-month old will be debuting a rather experienced hat AND he is very familiar with distances that are “too far to walk.”

    • I like the way you think Dodo Bird, and so I have included multiple personalities on my entry.

      It is becoming increasingly more difficult to find people who will travel from state to state with a crazy person, so I have chosen Forrest himself along with the little girl from India for my next search. I am thinking of adding jdiggins and her tinfoil hat, but that may be more personality for my poor hat to handle.

      • Hello CindyM. Your hat gave me the giggles. 🙂

        I’m enjoying everyone’s entries. Good creativity.

        • Thank you pdenver 🙂 Those big, strong young men are your sons?. If so, you have an awesome search party of your own 🙂

          • Hello CindyM. Thank you for the compliment. These are three of my four sons. The oldest has the youngest over his shoulder. They’re exactly nine years apart. The youngest one has been on a search. He was so kind to offer to go into the water searching, before the water comment, because he had waders and I did not at the time. If I wore his waders, the straps would have gone well over my head. The one in the moose shirt has been on another search and he was helpful, too. Great memories. 🙂

          • Yes, pdenver, what a great way to make memories. Glad they are there for you (and vice versa).

  13. Dal, i looked up the words personality and galore in the dictionary.
    somethins wrong my friend these folks aint got the same dictionary as me.
    i think.

  14. There are some excellent entries here folks, and mine IS NOT one of them. Please be kind Mr. F.


  15. Look at my hat people. The hat is perfect and relates to the chase in that the Park Rangers where the same hat.

    I also paired my hat with an appropriate coat. Wearing a Woolrich with a campaign hat gets perty darned close to approximating what rangers and regulators would have been wearing out in the Western Frontiers.


    • Hello Lugnutz. I have seen your photo and noticed. Now, if you only had the Park Ranger’s hat that belongs to the one who have been in discussion on the blog. 🙂

      • Pdenver –

        I don’t think I can ever know who’s hat this was or where he/she might have worked.

        Forrest said I look like a park ranger. I think Dal said it reminds him of a particular boy scout hat.

        I’m amazed at how straight the brim is. I own hundreds of hats and the condition of this one floors me.


        • Hello Lugnutz. This type of hat definitely carries history. The crown is also known as “Montana peaked”.

  16. The winner of the “Personality Galore Hat Contest” will be chosen by popular vote. We are all judges. To see how you can vote for your favorite three hats go up on this page to just above where the comments begin…see “JUDGING”.

  17. As a little Indian girl, while playing cowboys and indians, I always wanted to be a cowgirl. I even designed and made my own cowboy hat. My hat was not perfect (a bit crooked) but it had its own character. The hat didn’t sit well on my head and I always wore it tilted to the left.  Unfortunately, the hat is long gone, so I could not enter its picture. From now on I will always ask myself, what if I still had this hat, submitted its picture, and the hat won Dal’s competition?

    Darn, I could have had Mr Fenn’s book and his signature in my collection!

  18. Dal’s rule: “Just email me the names that appear under the photos of your favorite three hats.”

    Three?! Dang that’s not gonna be easy… I have it narrowed down to a baker
    s dozen.

  19. Voting ends tonight at midnight Santa Fe time…
    Only a few (more than several, less than a quintillion) hours left to get your vote in…

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