Homestead Meadows Solve……

by TIM O


I wanted to share my thoughts on a possible solve in the Homestead Meadows area of Colorado- there are a few things that jump out at me right away-

  • As I have gone alone in there= Hermit Park-See map below
  • Begin it where warm waters halt/Your effort will  be worth the cold= not an actual body of water- Possibly an old ice chest
  • From there it’s no place for the meek=Lion Gulch Trail/Lion Head peak- see map
  • Not far, but too far to walk= drove past Hermit park and down into Kruger Rock Trail-see map
  • Home of Brown= the old Brown Homestead
  • No Paddle up your creek=no actual body of water and/or dried up creek
  • If you have been wise and have found the blaze= actual fire in 2002 here
  • If you are brave and in the wood= possibly in/under one of the other homesteads or old ice chest..
  • Elevation fits within the parameters mentioned previously
  • Forrest could certainly walk 1 ½ miles to 2 miles x 2 in one day

I think some of the other solves I have seen are just far to complex- this may be some out of the box thinking but this is what it will take for somebody to find the chest..

Please keep me in mind if somebody does find the treasure and please feel free to email me at if you would like to discuss further..

-Tim O

11 thoughts on “Homestead Meadows Solve……

  1. Tim,

    I have hiked that trail many times. FF could not make two round trips in two weeks, let alone one afternoon. I am 62 in excellent shape. Furthermore it is an unremarkable place where many, many people go. Just based on your place and not on the competency of your solve I can give you my honest opinion that I guarantee that the treasure is not there.

  2. Like the old saying goes – Keep It Simple Searcher – and you have done that – Thanks for sharing with us – JDA

  3. Bursting bubbles…. Should Cythina’s post about hoB and the treasure have any indication that hoB [relayed by fenn] [ and possible all the clues ] not associated with a structure… It kinda kills hoB as a homestead; which means buildings.
    Just saying……….

  4. Great job, Tim, keeping it simple. Forrest stresses that often. I too read lots of these solves and while I appreciate their creativity (or complexity in some cases), I feel like they go too far beyond the just needing the “poem and a good map” directive. With that said, Forrest has also said it’s not associated with a structure and that it also not accessed via a man-made trail, so I think that rules out this solve. I also agree with toughshed that the area is relatively unremarkable and doesn’t seem to have any sentimental connection. One would assume that the place a man wants as his final resting place would be either remarkable in beauty OR remarkable in sentimentality. To my knowledge, Forrest has never written about this area.

  5. Tim, is that trail open? They closed it after the flood in 2013 and I hadnt heard they re-opened it. I love that hike. Its beautiful but it can be pretty strenuous on the knees. Its always impressive to read the story of the lady that homesteaded up there and would hike down to the canyon road to catch a ride into Lyons to sell her wares then make it all the way back up in a day.

  6. Just heavy loads and water high= fire fighter planes -filled with water perhaps?

    • Tim,

      It’s a possibility. But it would be necessary to last hundreds of years.

      Or there is some evidence inherent in the place.

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