The Newest Little Cache….

JUNE 2018



William restored the little cache…just for fun. It will give folks in the MT/WY area something to look for after a hard day of searching for Forrest’s Treasure Chest, particularly if you come up empty handed.

The idea is for you to go find the little cache. Take one thing out and then put one different thing in. Preferably something associated with where you live or who you are or what you do…Sign the register and date it and say what you added and took..

Then, take a pic of you holding the cache and email it to me when you get near some wifi.


Make sure I have your screen name with the photo and I’ll post the pics on this page.

Then close it back up tight and put it back the way you found it so the next person who comes along can find and enhance it..

It’s just a fun thing to do and won’t take long to find..have fun thinking about what you can put inside it. The item you put inside cannot be very big. The box is small…so a coffee mug won’t fit.

Here’s a pic of the cache when we first started about 4 years ago.

The new cache. Some verified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..or and a miniature book... Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I'll post it.. But I'm having trouble finding a spot to hide it. The old spot was the best but the Park didn't like a cache in their park.

The new cache. Some petrified wood, obsidian, marbles, caribeaner, an old bead, some hand tied flies, an apache tear, a quartz crystal and a pyrite crystal..and a miniature book…
Take something and leave something from where you live..sign the book. Send me a picture of you and the chest and I’ll post it..

And now the directions. These are made so a kid can follow them.

Begin it in West Yellowstone on Boundary and Madison at this place.


This is the motel that Forrest, Skippy and Donnie built.

From here look directly across Boundary and see this.


The trail through the wood to the Madison River. But you won’t be going that far.

From this sign take 70 paces up the trail to here:


This is a second signpost just up the trail 70 paces from the first signpost.

From here you take 140 paces and then halt.
Turn to your left and take 20 paces.
You should be looking at this. The cache is directly in front of you.

It’s not really buried. It’s hidden. And if you need a precise location..try this:


The coordinates of the little cache.

Okay..go get it..have fun!!
Ohhhh…one more thing..please don’t put any food inside. The critters will get at it..
They can even smell food in that tub if it’s sealed.

Thanks to William for getting the cache back together this year!!!!

September 4, 2018 I removed the cache for the winter here are some pics of what was inside:

Filled with treasures

some of the cool little treasures

A couple of pages from the log

Page One


23 thoughts on “The Newest Little Cache….

    • So what is the newest little cache? And I’m not changing this number till I get the WiFi and home phone “FIXED”!

  1. What a sweet idea, but what about Colorado!!!
    I understand the majority thinks it’s in Montana and Wyoming…. and it probably is…. isn’t

  2. What a great idea! My sister is taking her 3 kiddos up there very soon and I will tell her about this. Thank you!!

  3. Cool… why did you do this when I’m leaving West Yellowstone in the morning? Ha! I’m coming back soon and will bring a trinket… gosh, this sounds so much easier than that other treasure hunt. (: Thanks for doing this… something I might be able to figure out.

  4. Sounds fun!
    Yet, way out of my way.
    You guys have fun on your adventure.

  5. This is awesome Dal! I will be driving through West Yellostone in July and was planning to at least drive by the Dude Motel. Now I think I will stop and look for your cache!!! Have to think about something fun to leave behind….No food so no pineapple pies? 🙂

    • Spallies…you can drop those pineapple pies off at my place before you leave…for safe keeping! 🙂

  6. Maybe some of the folks attending the “function at the junction” will find it convenient to
    have some fun and involvement with this. Thanks, Dal.

  7. Thanks Dal for putting it back out there! Love all of the items! Unfortunately I’m not going there this year, but will take my grandson there the next year hopefully, and we will definitely look for it. Thanks for making the directions very clear and easy to follow.

  8. I’m not good with international symbols. Are you prohibited from having your dog on a leash, or are you prohibited from letting your dog sit while on this trail?

    • Funny, I had a “ranger” tell me I had to have a leash on BLM land. I told him I didn’t have one, 6am and I’m the only person within miles besides him. So he gave me a leash. I put it around my neck and my dog and I walked off.

  9. “William restored the little cache…”

    LOL!! Well, if it was the ‘william’ I’m thinking, then I probably need to cut the paces down by half…..I’m 6’4″…..I don’t think he can step that far!!! 🙂

    Thanks will, and Good Luck

    • Swwot: I don’t think Dal has ever let the Little Cache “winter”: my recollection is that he has always retrieved it in the fall to be returned in the spring. The cache had quite a lot in it when I first encountered it in 2015 (or maybe it was 2016?) For my part, I left a Sikhote iron meteorite as I recall–one of my first meteorites if not the very first in my collection. I think I extracted an arrowhead in trade, though I was sorely tempted to grab one of Digging Gypsy’s colorful cowboy boots! They’d be worth a mint on eBay now!

  10. darn went the other way this time put my hand in the yellowstone river an the ppoagie the trip was fun for mom and us its work toting her around but the beauty will remain with us for a life time i find these things all the time look for it next time i visit the dude ty

  11. I’m happy to see this. I’ll have to have the grandkids each bring a trinket and have them go searching for this cache. I know they’ll be excited to try and find it.

  12. I like the idea of a log of searchers that have been there. The common goal we all have 🙂

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