Scrapbook One Hundred Eighty Seven…


JUNE 2018


Jerry and Keri came to see me yesterday and brought their two boys. Little Willie thought he was in charge of entertainment so it was pretty exciting until he got tired and went to sleep.

Some of you may remember that Jerry became somewhat stranded in Montana a few years ago while searching for the treasure in deep snow. Keri gave me a frantic call and I got my cousin Chip Smith to call out a rescue chopper to find him, and it did. All ended well and we have been friends ever since. Check out the video that Keri made yesterday. f




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    • Glad all is well Fenn,can you post a pic,of lil willie,lil baby captured my heart in the 1st, vid.well wishes for you an you going try make this,year Fennboree?I need my books signed,until later.

  1. Uh oh — Jackie Kennedy’s brandy is getting dangerously low! Looks like Jerry and Keri’s kids had a grand time. And little Willie seems not quite so little any more!

  2. The best days are spent with friends who become family! Looks like a bunch of “its a good life” moments for the memory file for all.

  3. If that isn’t the most comfortable looking couch. Now I know who my girlfriend can call, just in case. Night comes fast in the Montana Winter mountains.

  4. I just about had a heart attack when I saw “Scrapbook”. I thought “ohh no someone found it”.
    Looks like Forrest enjoyed their company.
    Isn’t he the guy they found in Missoula?

    • I believe he was looking for Walla Walla, WA. and took a wrong turn.

  5. How wonderful! Forrest, you are so generous with your time and knowledge. Thank you from the community!

  6. I’m going to try to get stuck in Montana. (How much snow is left??)

  7. Pretty cool Keri. 😀

    I like the Italian saying “I hope you are enjoying my photos.”

    I couldn’t make out the German at the end in the lower left. Something about “Time” and “I Hope”. Too blurry to make it out.

    Hope you and Jerry are having a wonderful Summer. 😀

    • Hey Iron Will! Miss seeing you this summer in Santa Fe. Hope you are getting some searching in along with other adventures this summer.

      • I know! I’d love to hang out with you guys, but this east coast kid is a little “strapped” for cash this Summer 🙁

  8. How fun! Where do I sign up to get a library card for Mr.Fenn’s library. There are a few books I’d like to check out. How about an interlibrary loan?

  9. Thanks for sharing it with us Forrest! I’m so glad those kids still have their dad, thanks to you and your generosity. You’re so kind; a good man.

    I keep seeing the pictures of the fires near you on the news and it worries me to death. It’s so close to Taos, it looks like. I do hope the Pueblo will be ok.

  10. there’s that Bichon frisée again- I had a free hour in Bar Harbor yesterday and instead of searching for the key to Fandango I took a nap- some treasure hunter

    • Bah Hahbah…That brings back old memories. I remember fishing off the piers in front of the old cannery. I caught a gull that swooped on my cast…they are tough birds.

      • I wonder what impression Fenn made on Jerry and Keri’s kids ?
        It would be interesting to know what they thought about the visit and how they will remember the time ?
        It did seem like they were tipping that brandy back pretty good…

  11. Forrest, there is always hope and much laughter in your space, especially when old men get a new puppy and a bunch of kids over to play with it…I have a Westie Female that the grandkids love to tease, but she is so white like your “Bichon Frisée” we can hardly keep that puppy clean.

    I miss my old dog some too… like Tesuque it didnt show dirt and always stood guard….. but life goes on and kids are forever a joy for us in our senior moments..uh I mean senior years.


    PS just thought you might like some entertainment suited to our speed:

    Sure love that Train Bell from Eric, all we need is a ticket to ride, cause it’s too far to walk.

  12. Wow Forrest, what perfect timing and boy am I’m glad I caught this SB before heading into the mountains shortly! Thank you so much.

    It’s so fortunate that Jerry was rescued and they sure look like one big happy family. That brought back a not so good memory that mirrors in a way, something that happened to me when I was a Cub Scout in the late 50s. Maybe 9 or 10. My troop was camping in the Sierra’s and we went for a swim in the lake and I was a very good swimmer back then.

    Well, we were about 50 yards offshore and I spooked (panicked) when I looked down and could not see the lake bottom and started taking on water in a bad way. The Scoutmaster was getting ready to jump in to rescue me, but perseverance motivated me to keep swimming towards shore while at the same time struggling to stay floating, and it paid off and I made it shore. Sitting by the warm camp fire sure felt good after that ordeal.

    No rescue, not me. I wasn’t about to give up and learning a valuable lesson that day.

    I have the same tenacity today, though my groin pull will influence things and so I plan on stopping to take a load off my feet when I have a chance.

    So of course my bags are packed with appropriate equipment I might add. Gloves just in case, an inspection mirror for those hard to access/hard to see places, a selfie stick (not for me butt for better vantage points), suntan lotion and a Aussie style hat. But I’m leaving my flashlight behind because there will be no night ops for me.

    I sure wish my little hero Oliver, a rescue Shih Tzu, could be with me but he hates flying and I’m in no condition to look after him anyway. Besides, can you imagine me trying to manage a gimp, a dog, 42# of “stuff”, and a hiking pole, while also keeping an eye out for a Grizzly looking to take my head off?

    Later guys and gals and thank you again for the Chase Mr. F. I know I’ll have fun for sure and maybe I’ll have some good news later this week. I can dream can’t I?


  13. Forrest,

    That is a great video!! Now that’s talent with Keri, I wonder where she gets it from!

  14. A good ole Kentuckian family And why are y’all being side tracked and wasting your money in Santa Fe G o get that treasure in Montana you slackers hehe

  15. Beautiful video, what a great time. Made me feel all warm inside. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. What a nice story and video! Looks like fun was had by all. Friendships happen at the most unexpected places and times. Jerry and Keri, you do Kentucky proud, and thank you Forrest for your generosity in all respects.

  17. Thanks for the new Scrapbook Forrest!

    And Iron Will, that’s really cool, and very good eye catching the Italian phrase in the video. I’ve always wanted to visit that country.

  18. IMO, I’ve thought allot about this newest SB for a few day’s now, and my opinion hasn’t changed. I’m INSULTED! Being I’m a Very Serious Searcher who has had numerous BOTG without STUPID incident, and I certainly wouldn’t cry to Mr. Fenn to come rescue my stupid Arse. And on top of that, let them drink the last of Jackies brandy, Really Mr. Fenn !!

    • Well this only happen because people like me and Jerry are from the appalachians you don’t realize the harsh weather in Montanauntil you have been there a few times and how quick it could change while hiking,,, me and my sisters were there when it happpened it was sunny one minute and a blizzard the next. If that would of happen to us I would have wanted anybody called to save us don’t care who it was that was a crazy weather day in Montana

    • Afana…I’m pretty sure the bottle has been refilled a time or 2. It’s the date on the bottle that is important IMO.

    • Nice video, nice memories, we should be grateful a few precious moments were shared. I’m thankful and that feels good.

  19. We shouldn’t be jealous, we should be happy that those kids were able to learn from Forrest and Forrest had some kids brighten up his day.

  20. Enjoyed your video Keri. Looks like it was a fun time. Thanks for sharing Forrest and Dal.

  21. Thank you for sharing this scrapbook and video. Looks like everyone had a great time. The boys and Willie have grown the last time I saw them.

  22. Keri, great job putting together your video! Forrest is a natural teacher, sharing his knowledge and experience with your boys. Thanks for sending this so we could share in the fun afternoon you spent!

  23. Fun video, I felt like I was there, nipping a bit of the old Korbel with you guys…and then I woke up feeling like I slept under a bridge ( lol, joking, I don’t drink, but I would make an exception for a swig of Jackie’s memory). Seriously though, how cool was that? Enjoying a day with Forrest…hopefully I will get that honor in the near future. What a great memory was sown in those boys lives that they will be able to cherish and share for a lifetime. Beautiful.

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