The Greater Yellowstone Medicine Wheel……

by John edo


You know I can’t leave well enough alone. After doing the “Holy Blazes” post here on the home of Dal and receiving some feed-back; I was just about ready to throw away this search area. The face at the Firehole, the mark in the tree at the bottom of Tom’s trail, and the owl of Minerva tetradrachm just seemed to be too coincidental. I went back to my first clue and it didn’t seem right. Cynthia had posted about the sign at Reynolds Pass on the border of Idaho and Montana and got response post form Forrest that he had never seen the sign in winter. It happens to fall on the continental divide splitting 2 watersheds to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Begin where warm waters halt. Halt means lame, limp, foolish. And there has to be some connection from this clue to the next and to the end as they are contiguous. Following from Reynolds pass to “the canyon” down. The canyon seems to imply an obvious choice as due East of Reynolds pass is the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It happens to also pass over an arrowhead pointing that direction and reminded me of Young Forrest’s arrowhead. Take it means to grasp, and hints at riches new and old treasures.

At the bottom of tom’s trail was this mark in the tree.

Not far, but too far implies that the clues are opposites and spaced apart from one another. The opposites and balance made me think of the medicine wheel and using the Lakota star map I tried to connect the rest of the clues.

Put in below the home of brown still makes me scratch my head, as put in can mean to launch a boat or also put in means solitary confinement. There is also a “t” and a “bel” in that line that make the word belt. The star map has the milky way in the back ground or the belt of Orion is the 3 stars in the wrist of the hand constellation. The stars are also known as “Las Tres Marias” or the 3 Marys. In Yellowstone there is a Mary mountain West, East, and middle, and they happen to form a straight line.

So home could be a flat, narrow area and that makes me think of the fire escape and making his pants brown when he skipped class. He could leave and be alone. The slide was also a gateway and I believe it to be Devils’s slide. The next line of the poem seems to confirm that as from there its no place for the meek. From there sounds like from mother it’s to place for them. At the end of the line the word mother can also be found backwards and jumbled: no place fOR THE Meek. So your mother’s mother is your grandmother and devils slide happens to be at the point of castor and pullox on the star chart. Castor and Pullox happen to be twins just like Forrest’s grandmother A line from devils slide to mammoth hot springs continues to no place for them. Opposite of mother is father, and opposite of fire is water. Water has an old definition of Adam’s ale, and line continues to Yellowstone Lake fishing bridge. But no place for them is the RV park just to the East.

The end is ever drawing nigh, sounds like the hand is severed drawing in eye. So the Lakota circle coming back to the eye in the Firehole and looking up to mirror plateau gives you another line that runs right thru the Grand canyon of Yellowstone. Mirror Plateau happens to be the Pleiades star on the Lakota star map. From the face you also have mire or stuck in the mud to admire yourself in the mirror; hence all the me, mine, and I comments by Forrest.

There’ll be no paddle up your creek took me a while to figure out. “LL” when sounding out, sounds like ells. Ells are 90 degree pipe bends and no paddle refers to water. Just above the Firehole at the Madison river and Firehole river junction, the river makes a perpendicular “T”; and so there are the ells. So not going up that creek we are heading down.

Just heavy loads and water high made perfect sense after figuring out the no paddle clue. Heading straight down from eye, the grand prismatic spring and old faithful fell into place. They also aligned to stars on the Lakota map. Procyon is the blossom, and the grand spring is just that. Beautiful all year around! Old faithful is water high, or Sirius.  Some of you might know about Sirius and being known as the dog star, and I would never insult Peggy in that way, but rather as the most faithful companion in Forrest’s life. That’s why the heavy loads is a halo he’s putting on Peggy. She is his saint and the ode to Peggy speaks volumes of his love and affection for her. The reference to backwards bicycle also fits to work clues backwards from water high, and ride bike to water high and throw it in.

Just in this line is also right, which back from the point of the arrow and looking from direction of eye, is right following the N,S,W,E of the compass.

If you have been wise and found the blaze. I still struggle with this one. Is the found the blaze an established beginning or a central marker? The lines don’t exactly line up to the center. It’s almost like they still need to be made right. In the upper right of the Lakota star map is Capella or buffalo gap which is the Lamar Valley. The star Rigel is also known as the silver star and is dot island in the “hand” of Yellowstone Lake. The silver star was also an award given to Forrest for his service in Vietnam.

Betelgeuse is known as “owl eyes flicking”, or watching the ceremonies, and is the only point not on this map. I believe it’s a reference to his father the wise owl looking down upon him burning candles at both ends.

Look quickly down at the lower falls at the right time of day and you will see a rainbow or should I say moonbow. Across from Uncle Tom’s Trail it also looks like a petroglyph of a horse’s head drinking from the falls. This is also a dead end and your quest will cease here.

The points fit in a circle as well. The center seems to be Grebe Lake, but the points line up to the lower falls. The points also almost line up to tarry point if you google search it. If mirror plateau moves to amethyst mountain they are right on.

So there you have the medicine wheel in Yellowstone. The symbol and lines still seem to be halted or lame clues, and nothing has been unlocked to the location of the chest. There is still much more in the poem to listen too.  But; tells you to join the tarry scant and marvel gaze. In the medicine wheel there is a bald center spot, and when overlaid that is a short distance south of the lower falls. The MA-RV-EL gaze is the direction to head. MA is mammoth, RV is by the fishing bridge, and EL is the line, or the track of the train you would get hit by.

Here comes the word Just again. And it’s to take the chest and go in peace. But I see it as the chi stand or balance, or like Forrest: ME in the middle. Peace is that balance, the harmony, the health and wellspring.

So why must you go? It’s the way of life to run the race and return to where you came. Mother Earth, Gaia. And the trove is left to each of us to find our own way, and we should be actively seeking to better the lives of those around us; Smile at a homely girl!

The a(NSWE)rs he already knows? Of course; they are the points of life, the map of where one has been; and you are tired and weak as you have exhausted your life in pursuit of those answers.

HEAR comes the big kicker. Listen to the words in the poem to the gold now.

Sow ear meal and list ten good, your fort twill be worthy cold.

If few are brave and dint hew wood dig ivey out it lead to the gold.

WHAT? Did you hear that? Or did you read between the lines. Use that same logic and read thru the poem again.

Let’s also a-JUST a couple of those clues to unlock the poem. The circle with a dot in the center is used by Native Americans as the symbol for mother. It’s also the symbol for gold. So with the circle and line we can adjust them to form the symbol for woman and standing it upright she becomes the guardian of the gold: “when she sees it”.

I’m starting to trail off and leaving information out, but this essay is getting longer than I thought. I am definitely not hoping for an “A”, but rather an “F”!

-John edo


27 thoughts on “The Greater Yellowstone Medicine Wheel……

  1. I match my face with direction the die faces instead of the coin. I have some very similar stuff going on.

    • Sorry seeker, i meant to edit that as the picture for tarry points is above. Adjusting mirrir plateau to amethyst mountain, they are right on!

      • When I read that, I had to chuckle a little on “tarry point” idea. I was the um, the one that thought Tarry Scant to Tarry point, and 9 point circle, back in 2013… but until now, I haven’t heard anyone actually attempt it in a solve, besides me.

        Anyways, it was the “almost lined up” that got me.
        For any calculation to work [ if the poem is used this way ] Almost is great for horseshoes but not “precise.” IF you’re in the correct location with the clues done correctly… in theory, it must work exactly. If not, you need to figure out where or what went wrong. It might be only one little thing that threw it all off. Or the location is wrong to start with.

        I won’t comment on your area just yet. I want read it again to really get the feel of things your thinking of. But I will say this… I think overall the area is too large.
        When fenn said he followed the clues “when he hid the chest” That is a physical action in my book [and working with info we have about his actions when hiding the chest, an area that size is very questionable ].
        For a method like this to work, the area would need to be smaller to recognize the point of interest and calculate with more precision to find a 10″ sq spot… or at the very least ‘a blaze’ of unknown size at this point in the theory/solve. While using the other info we know off.

        LOL, some may say this is Specialized knowledge, line of thinking. Some say looking up words is specialized knowledge… personally I think those people are special too.
        Some have driving between clues, many miles between clues. Is driving special knowledge to a 14 yr old who is out and about looking for the chest? Or isn’t it allowed for teens to look?
        I think, if the poem can be deciphered correctly as to what is needed for us to do… tarry scant to tarry point or 9 point circle or any triangulation is possible, even if we need to learn. That would be the same as a teenager needing to learn to drive before they could search for the treasure is others theories…

        *IF… that is what the poem is relaying as a clue to get us closer.

        • Seeker- i trued to include areas that are geographical points as well as keeping forrest in the middle. Not far and too far seemed that clues were apart, and yet somehow off or lame right from the beginning. What about the power of a quarter? The tetradrachm, the marks are there. The face has the comb too. Using layers, etc. Tried to combine alot!

  2. Speechless! Good job in the imagination department! Chances are the correct solve will be very similar to yours!

  3. The RM’s are about 3000 miles long. That’s would be a lot of Sq miles which I don’t want to calculate, but i’d guess there would be a lot of 0’s. Half of which is in the USA. Still many 0’s
    YSP area covers about 3500 Sq miles, I like that because it only as two 0’s
    So lets say we kick YPS out of the running… how do we 0 in on the rest of the area’s sq miles?

    Just curious….

    • Hmm I was responding to a post from a searcher about YSP, and it ended up here… Please disregard this comment, for this thread.

  4. Hi John;

    Sorry your solve did not lead you to Indulgence. Your solve is well thought out. Keep working, and who knows what will show itself. Thanks for sharing your solve. JDA

    • Lol, which one? Nice write up John. You lost me at:
      “The end is ever drawing nigh, sounds like the hand is severed drawing in eye”.
      No, not really. It’s hard to play that card with “sounds like” in the poem. Like the to far to comment. It does not sound like 242. Not to say it’s wrong, just saying it’s a stretch. Since it’s part of one of your lines, it would be important, it must be right. So I ask myself, did f really draw up that line to say that? Is that really what he means, given that everything is done the way he wanted? I can’t say no, but you have to see that it’s a stretch. If you said “the end I sever drawing nig h, then severed the h, I can see that line of thinking,(just an example, not saying that is the way to go). But I could read into that and it not being such a stretch. If you go the “use your imagination” comment, then that is just silly.
      Again, not saying it’s wrong, just a stretch at that important junction of your solve.
      There’s other questions, “Not far, but too far implies that the clues are opposites and spaced apart from one another”, did f imply it or did you?
      The “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” paragraph, the use of “could be”, and the
      “Sow ear meal and list ten good, your fort twill be worthy cold.

      If few are brave and dint hew wood dig ivey out it lead to the gold

      first off, you won’t be digging me out of anything let alone lead you to gold, and second, again I ask, is this really what f drew up to mean? And again, it’s a stretch.

      I do like the whole thing in general John, don’t get it twisted. I, like Seeker, looked at this a long time ago, it was just tough being exact, like he said. And yes, got all into the stars, so I can see your thought process. The whole thought process follows dancing with the stars, which may be more of a hint then it is clues. Only because outside the poem. Which “could” bring up bells, belts, etc…, so it’s a tie in. If you use Google sky to cross reference, I’m sure you know about the Rosetta nebula, the dog star, and Pleiades and how the line up, so there are many ways to go with this, and that’s why I ask, “did f really do it this way?”
      I just thought you might want some feedback on what someone else might see, I’m not saying I know anything, I just see things that make me pause, that’s all.

  5. Charlie- this write up was to get you thinking about all the clues in the poem, the after the fact comments, and combining them all together. All the potential clues are contiguous, and connect with much that has been put out there by forrest. Listen good is right in the poem, and what i hear and what you hear are going to be different. The above write up shows the connection to the lakota star map, the severed hand, orions belt, and a place of balance; the chi stand. The mark in the tree has been there since at least 2011 or earlier. Treasures bold and new and old. Trying to create a paradigm shift in the way people think and see things thats all. Making all the lines cross in the right spot. Thats all!

    • Okay, sounds good to me. I didn’t say I didn’t like the process, just some small hick-ups. I’m all into the medicine wheel thought, like I said, I looked into this before. I even have the Bighorn wheel as a couple of hints that point to my spot, so not a stranger to the process of putting it all together. I’m just not a fan of searchers trying to explain clues, but what do I know?
      Actually, I think a wheel could be some sort of map to a bell, maybe along the clue path, before the chest. Makes sense. Just because I couldn’t find a more exact spot with the Lakota star map doesn’t mean that it cannot be done, so who knows, you may be right. My main thing I wanted to get across is to be careful about defining clues, because we don’t know what the clues are except for the 2, and they cannot be solved, and that implying something when f hasn’t is kinda like putting words into his mouth. I think it’s best to not imply anything or at least to say a thought implies f does something a certain way. Like when you said, “Not far, but too far implies that the clues are opposites and spaced apart from one another.”
      But all together, I like the write up, with a little tweaking, who knows, but still like the attempt at putting it all together.
      The mark on the tree is interesting. I almost feel like I’ve seen something like it, but can’t put my finger on it. Probably not, but looks familiar. I could almost interpret it with my blaze. Kind of funny.

  6. John edo- put the center dot of your circle on the west side of cody and then youll have something there. and bring a camera.

    I think.

  7. John,

    Do you really think that each of these strange connections are correct and exactly what ff was thinking when he hid the chest and wrote the book and the poem? What are the odds? This is a very complex solve. And if the first clue is wrong, the rest is, well, just a long walk. IMO, the correct solve will be notylike this.

  8. I mean this in the most good-natured, friendly, fun-poking way possible , but…..Are you sure you weren’t exchanging diamonds with Lucy in the sky when you wrote this??

    Just kidding! Very complex and interesting, and probably just way over my head!


  9. Thanks for sharing John Edo, I’ll balance this out by saying there’s always something we can agree on.

  10. Tyr is the Norse god with a severed hand. You probably already know that. I’ve done it Tyred and now I’m weak. Thanks for a fun and interesting read.

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