I Think The Chest is Here…



Many searchers have decided the chest is in a general area…maybe even a specific area of the known universe of the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. So this is the place where we can talk about where we, as individuals, think the chest is at…Don’t give away too much though… 🙂


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  1. Here is our solve:
    35.740784 -105.678731
    Believe that the Thrill of the Chase is a tremendously personal and spiritual journey for Forrest Fenn as we hope to illustrate through our thesis regarding the location of the Major’s hidden treasure. Throughout his message, he emphasizes the need to start at the beginning where the warm waters halt. We believe that this is where the Agua Caliente Ditch meets at the Pecos River, just below San Jose, New Mexico. But here is where one needs to be diligent in their interpretation of the poem.
    Major Fenn has often stated that he barely passed high school and that his being able to graduate was in part because his father was a school principal within their school district. This may have been because he might have dyslexia in which the written word is often scrambled in the mind of the reader. Therefore, everything within the poem might be scrambled as well. Right may be left and up may be down. In which case, don’t pursue the treasure down the canyon but rather go up.
    When you put in below the home of Brown, provided that the home of Brown might have been the Lisboa Springs Hatchery where the Brown Trout often found their home within. Again, pursuing your travels going north, you will find yourself at Macho Creek. Just as its name implies, it is NO place for the meek. If you were to pursue a journey up the Macho Creek, you will find numerous multi-level waterfalls which would directly tie in to no paddle up your creek as well as heavy loads and water high.
    But, if you have been wise, which hundreds of thousands of individuals haven’t been, you will find the Blaze. This is where Fenn’s spiritual journey has led us to. He has stated that he isn’t much of a religious person but it would be hard to find someone who is as spiritual as is he. That he doesn’t attend church but rather the mountains and streams are his church, a philosophy which we too hold to be true.
    With that in mind, we did not follow his clues exactly but rather cut immediately to the chase. What is the Blaze? Everyone has their own theories but we have never heard anyone apply what should be the most logical, especially for a spiritual person. The Holy Ghost (Spirit). Ever since the first Pentecost, the Holy Ghost has been depicted as a tongue or blaze of fire. We immediately got on the computer and started searching the four states for something related to the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. That is when, we found the Holy Ghost Creek in the mountains Northeast of Santa Fe at 7,200 feet in elevation.
    Fine, we found what would appear to be a logical Blaze but Dave needed much more to go on than that to persuade his wonderful wife of 45 years to go on a hunt for hidden treasure. Don’t worry, she is pretty use to his wild eyed dreams and is usually eager to embark on any adventure together. So what else would give credence to such an assumption? Well, what about the fact that there are 9 clues in 24 lines of the poem. Immediately, we were able to focus in on the nine spiritual gifts of the Holy Ghost as stated in 1 Corinthians 12: 8-10 as well as in Galatians 5:22 – 23. Also nine is a sacred number associated with wisdom, thus referring to wise in the poem. It is also used in reference to heaven, which this area of New Mexico certainly appears to be.
    Our next step in the search was to find anything symbolized in the number 24. Immediately we were able to discover that this number is associated with Family, Companionship and Harmony. What better way to describe the purpose of Forrest Fenn’s plan in the first place. To get people off their couch and the kids away from their video games in order to enjoy what God has created in the outdoors for all of us to enjoy.
    What really closed the deal for us was “Just take the chest and go in peace” To us, nothing symbolized this more was the Benedictine Monastery in Pecos which has emboldened on their entrance Peace and Paz, along with the image of the Holy Ghost, as you depart the area. What better way to conclude the search than with words from Saint Benedict who wanted to escape the rat race of the city to the Wilderness in where he could find peace.
    Major Fenn mentioned that an individual had been within 200 feet of the treasure. We did find a gentleman that was on the bridge http://www.chasechat.com/archive/index.php?thread-2271.html and yet another lady that passed right by it https://dalneitzel.com/2014/07/22/unexpectedtreasure/. Don’t believe that either made a connection with the Blaze being the Holy Ghost in that neither referenced that creek. If they had, they would have realized that it is just about 200-300 feet away from that bridge as Fenn had stated. We explored both sides of the Holy Ghost Creek and looked at a number of fallen trees and stumps. My wife pointed out to an interesting “thing” out of the norm which appeared to be a motion detector like device attached high to a tree in almost the exact spot of the convergence of both the Pecos and the Holy Ghost. We thought to ourselves, how a 79 year old man would be able to plant that device so high in that tree?
    Personally, we don’t believe that Forrest Fenn was an ordinary 79 year old. He was shot down over enemy territory twice and was able to evade capture. His poem even said that,” If you are brave and in the wood”, then you would receive title to the gold. Now keep in mind, everything might be scrambled up here, so when he said, “Look quickly down”, it could have actually meant up. In either case, we believe that the treasure is immediately off of Holy Ghost Canyon Road, on the West bank of the Holy Ghost Creek. It is extremely close to the convergence of the Holy Ghost Creek and the Pecos River.
    Another part of the poem that tends to make us believe that is at the top of the tree is the line, “tarry scant with marvel gaze.” Which seems to indicate, don’t hang around too long at the top of a high ladder entranced by the beauty of your surroundings.
    One interesting tidbit which we hadn’t noticed in any of the clues is that the exact same type of logging bridge is located at both the beginning and the end of the area in question. To see the significance of a bridge in the life of Forrest Fenn, you must refer to https://dalneitzel.com/2014/08/10/scrapbook-eighty-nine/ . Funny that he even uses the word macho in the description of this story.
    If, our Interpretation of this poem is correct, it would be a sad commentary on the state of our Nation today. We have excluded God from our homes, our churches, our schools and our government so it is not surprising that in eight years not a single person was able to see the spiritual significance in this Chase.
    Hopefully, the Fenn’s Treasure will soon be discovered and will find its rightful place within the Smithsonian where it should reside being a National Treasure.

    • I am dyslexia and it doesn’t mean opposite. It means the last comes first before the beginning. The mind jumps ahead of one’s thinking. It’s the compound words and phrases that screw me up if I think to quickly.

    • Hi Dave –

      Those of us who have spent a lot of time searching in New Mexico had to make a very important adjustment a few years ago. You see, Forrest has told us on multiple occasions that the treasure is at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe.

      Had you considered this?

      Do you fly as far north as Beatty’s Cabin?

    • The Smithsonian is my last choice.They have more artifacts in storage than on display.
      If I can bring the tresure out,my first stop is the Buffalo Bill Center if the Wild West. Forrest can get his bracelet there wghen he gos yo the board neeting

    • There’s been so much chatter lately about MT/WY following the release of a 2006 video of him in which he talks about driving up there regularly.

      I’ve never understood the basis for the ‘home in time for dinner with Peggy’ argument that seems to justify the NM location.

      When and what has f said that indicates he was at home the evening of the day he hid the TC?

      • He also said he regularly went on nusiness trips and would be gone for several days, so it would not be unual for him to be gone for a couple days.

      • Hi Aadvarkbark –

        I said a couple of years ago that I recall the story of Fenn saying he was home before supper and his wife didn’t know he was even gone.

        I have no idea where I got that from. My recollection is that it was from a video interview and not with Dal.

        Without evidence there is no reason to believe this. I cringe every time I read it because I believe it gets repeated because of me.

        If anyone else would like to assume the blame for this, please feel free.

        Lugnutz Dodge, Forest Island

    • Not a thing, Aardvark. Forrest could have hidden the treasure in any one of the four states, and I think it’s a mistake for people to think his only option was to slip away for the day and be back by suppertime. If we know anything about Forrest, he is clever, determined and resourceful. Whatever spot he chose, he could work out the logistics to make it happen.

      • I agree that it could be any of four states. However, where did he decide to live out his life at. It wasn’t Yellowstone, it was New Mexico. He must love that state more than anyplace else.

      • Perhaps, Dave, but there are other considerations for choosing a place to live besides its natural beauty. Winters in northern states are cold and long — no place for the meek, you might say. As people age, that becomes an ever greater factor. There is a reason that Florida, southern California and Arizona have large “seasoned citizen” populations. Also, if Forrest wanted to get into the art gallery business, what better place than Santa Fe in the early 70s?

        Finally, I don’t recall reading any chapters in any of his three memoirs entitled “In Love with Santa Fe.” I would think anyone who has seen “Citizen Kane” would at least consider the Rosebud angle.

        • I would think the art dealer business had something to do with SF as well, for setting up roots. And not so much, the chest has to be in NM.
          The other factor is; “…in the mountains N. of SF…”
          It appears to be left open-ended for a reason. fenn could have easily placed “NM”.

          But then again, the book was only to be sold by a single book store in SF at the beginning.

          Yet the book is supposed to help with the clues and most of the stories relate to MT, WY.

          Oh! well… who knows? Even If we knew a time line of when fenn came across the location, it would still be a guess to which state…

          Lived in TX, traveled thru all four states for 20 years with his family. Moved to SF and traveled all four states for Cody, and other things he was involved with. Hopped on his plane and flew with little regards of where, only how much fuel it would use to go anywhere.
          Not to mention later trips with Peggy and the kids…

          IF I was a “guessing” man I would lean toward ‘two can keep a secret is one is dead’ as a subtle thought.

          I think all four states are just about as equal as equal can be… when guessing.

    • My preference for New Mexico is simply speculation combined with the fact that I live here. I make afternoon day trips from Albuquerque in search of special places that FF may have frequented to fish. It is as good a guess as any place IMO.

    • I’m with Michael as well. Familiarity is so important. Imagine if you had to hide something yourself. I can promise you I’m not driving more than 2 hours.

  2. I think that it’s in Yellowstone in a small canyon in Pleasant Valley. Tower Creek is the coldest creek in YNP and cools off the Yellowstone River where it enters at Devil’s Den just below Tower Falls. If you follow the 6120 elevation line downriver in the Yellowstone from Devil’s Den, you will put in just below Garnet Hill, where you can hunt for Brown Garnets Continue up Elk Creek until the 6120 elevation line turns back downhill at the mouth of a small canyon on the left. From there you have to wade across Elk Creek to get into the canyon, which also has a small creek terminating in a spring at the upper end of the canyon. The blaze is a rock slide at the head of the canyon and the TC is at the bottom of the slide under the rocks in the damp soil. Just kick away the rock, grab the chest and go in peace. On the North end of Pleasant Valley is Roosevelt Lodge where you can stay and relax on the front porch in preparation for your adventure.and after you have put it in the trunk of your rental car. I hope that I haven’t revealed too much.

    • Adrian ~ ‘where you can hunt for Brown Garnets’

      Do you consider this as hoB? The gem is of other colors as well, orange, red, for examples.

      I like tower falls itself for the whole location myself… right up to HLnWH. Not to mention while standing below the falls, during the morning hours, there is usually a rainbow. At the top of the fall you have the towers and a hot spring, at the bottom is petrified wood. during the colder drier season the falls slow drastically.
      The place has a making of a good search location… only nothing pops in my head for a hoB. But I have to ask where you got the information on; “… Tower Creek is the coldest creek in YNP and cools off the Yellowstone River…”

      At the the top of the fall the rock erosion [limestone] was eaten away by the warmer/hot spring there it left behind the tower [obsidian rock]… is there a reason the waters seem to cool off before hitting YS river-?- even cold than the river?

      Just curious……….

      • Seeker,
        My above “solve” is a facetious account of my first attempt at a solve and should not be taken seriously. When I started on my initial “quest” last year, the first thing that I did was to dig for information on the temperature of waters in YNP. The notes I made then lead me to website:
        https://www.nps.gov/parkhistory/online_books/yell/smith/smith-kendall/sec2.htm, YELLOWSTONE, Fishes of the Yellowstone National Park,PRINCIPAL FISHING WATERS., YELLOWSTONE RIVER AND BRANCHES BELOW THE FALLS

        It states therein that Tower Creek is PERHAPS the coldest creek in YNP. The rest of my rambling is all deduction. Note: In my subject rambling, I state in error that Roosevelt Lodge is at the North end of Pleasant Valley (Yancys) – – it’s actually on the South end.

        With respect to Garnet Hill, I researched garnets and found that there are many colors and that gems names are usually capitalized. Sooooo – – I was reaching for the HOB.
        What really go me started on that area was that many pictures of Forrest in his study show a bison head on the wall behind him with a red ring painted on it – – which would constitute a “blaze”. As I explored topographical maps in Yellowstone, I spotted elevation lines on the hill south of Garnet Hill that looked very similar to that bison head. Pleasant Valley also has the attributes that Forrest said that he could observe from where he hid the chest.
        There’s lots of history in that area, but I found no records that indicate that FF spent any time there. My analysis had many holes and there a many human trails there- – so I abandoned that area as a possible solve area.

        • You make me nervous Travis.
          The blaze could be within 500′ from Taylor Creek.
          I’ll be going soon unless you find it.

          • Serious I make you nervous? Na it’s not there Jake. You and I both know it.

          • Hey Travis, I’m not totally convinced it’s there or not.

            We BOTG searchers must do what can only answer these questions.

            If you’re able & willing as us to break the armchair, then you have a chance. I will always believe it’s somewhere in the Gallatin National Forest.

            Ya, Zap had a whip from the lip and assumed your WWWH was in the park & is totally wrong as we both know. No one should assume anything about any of the searchers without the details let alone post it here without questioning the searcher to make sure.

            No Muset!
            Oh the drama…
            Why don’t we all meet there at the same date & time in september? We can all be rich beyond our wildest dreams.

            Muset, did you arrive at Taylor from WWWH? Or are you just poking around like many there & I mean MANY that I know of.

          • Hey Jake,

            I’m just searching wherever you say the treasure is at. I still haven’t found it, though. Where next?

          • I can’t believe all the people going to feed my rabbit Muset LOL.
            I’m having a lot of fun with this & I like the area but there are no guarantees. I’ll throw you another carrot.
            I could never get anyone to confirm Forrest landed at 9QCR but there was a horse there named “Lightning”.
            Go figure…

          • Jake, if I remember correctly, FF rode a rented horse by
            the name of Lightning about 1945. FF likely did not land
            anywhere near 9QCR in a plane within 10 years of 1945. So . . . thanks for the offer of the “carrot”, but I’m not following it into any rabbit hole. All IMO.

          • Jake –

            Since you wanted to throw me some shade the other day accusing me of being “all over the place”, allow me to return the favor.

            Cinnamon Mountain
            Rainbow Lodge

            Tell me I’m wrong, but don’t you remain focused there because it’s south of Blaze Mountain?

            Isn’t all this way to obvious? Wouldn’t this mean the clues were not aberrations but giant arrows pointing tot he location?

            he worked on it, turning it over his mind, adjusting words, for years. And then the answer Blaze is in the poem and on the map for all to see?

            NIGH is the best idea you ever had, now drive.

          • Lug,
            Blaze Mountain has always been out of my equation from the beginning for me. Duh! let’s go looking for the blaze 1st without finding BIWWWH.
            Yes you’re wrong.

            You need to settle down in a general area to have a chance.

            Yesireee. NIGH is the word that is key.

        • I think it’s below the surface, but along some visual layer . first two clue gives the location, and the rest will gradually work your way down, you know, in the canyon down, below the home of Brown, no paddle up, look quickly down, carbon dated rings, layers, that’s Forres’s thrill, digging artifacts through layer’s of time.

    • I can walk “around” YNP while not being within a thousand miles of it, IMO. When you say “around”, how “close” do you mean?

      • Not far, but maybe further than I can walk…I am a little out of shape though so please factor that in. Who cares? I am not ff so my ideas on the exact amount of distance I would potentially search ‘around’ YNP doesn’t really matter tighterfocus 🙂

    • Hi Dave from KC,

      I used to be in the Yellowstone camp for all the reasons searches constantly mention on the blogs. Natural beauty, phenomenal wildlife, hot springs, etc, etc, and where he wants to spend eternity. I get all that.

      But unless you have something (directions) from within the poem that takes you specifically to Yellowstone NP, then you might want to reconsider your search area.

      Sorry to all you Yellowstone searchers, but that’s the way I see it and more importantly, the way Mr. F created it.


      • This statement applies to any area not just YNP right? Something in the poem has to bring you to where you end up regardless of where you search.

        • That’s absolutely right Aaron. The poem must take you there. Hunches and intuition don’t count and could be costly.


          • Yes, the poem must take you there. However, be wary of tossing intuitive thinking out the window. Ideas must be borne out, but many of the best ideas arise out if intuitive thought. It was part of Einstein’s process, for example.

            Fenn recently said (regarding searchers): “Some of the most intuitive…stay quiet.”

            Speaking of Skippy, he said: “He never lost his inventiveness or originality, and was the most intuitive person I ever knew.”

          • Hi Pinatubocharlie,
            Since you mention ‘costs’…if you know where ff’s heart is, and where it has always been, it is more ‘cost efficient’ to narrow your search area to that location of ff’s heart. Its much more ‘costly’ letting a vaguely worded poem map lead you traipsing all over the Rockies. Not that traipsing all over the Rockies isn’t fun…but it is costly. Dave

      • Uh, Pinatubocharlie, you just stated this in your comment “Yellowstone camp for all the reasons…, etc, etc, and where he wants to spend eternity. I get all that.” If you really got that last part about him wanting to spend eternity in the Yellowstone area how could you possibly have the poem, or TTOTC, take you to a different location? Sorry Charlie, I think you might need to do a logic check…but glad to hear that you know “and more importantly the way Mr. F created it”….by all means, go get it then if you know that. How impressive. lol Dave

        • Poor choice of words on my part Dave.

          What I was lamely attempting to say is that I understand why Yellowstone searchers think someplace in YNP is where he wants to be after passing this world. It is a special place, no discounting that at all.

          I didn’t mention it earlier, but I am of the opinion THE special place, though beautiful in its own right, natural beauty is not the driving force in him choosing this location to hide the TC. I firmly believe there’s a lot more to it than that but we really won’t know for sure until someone finds it and shares the location with the world.

          Finally, even if I’m on the right trail in the right neighborhood, I still have to find the correct “address” within that area. Am I right? Heck, I don’t know, but I’ll be finding out in a few weeks, when coincidentally, I arrive back on site within a few days of Forrest’s birthday.


      • Something in the poem has to direct you to your area of search…

        F quote- The problem searchers make is that they don’t dwell long enough on the first clue. If you can’t find the first clue you don’t have anything. People driving down the street looking for a blaze, because that’s one of the clues, but you can’t start in the middle of the poem and find the treasure.

        Makes me think if one can’t start in the middle of the poem, or maybe worse, the last 2 stanzas of the poem to find the treasure then that applies to the first clue also like we’re talking about.

        • If ff tells me its not in Idaho ATF then I do not search in Idaho.
          If ff tells me its not near the Rio Grande River ATF I do not search the Rio Grande River
          If ff tells me WWWH is not a dam, I do not try to make my WWWH a dam
          etc. etc. etc. etc

          If I get free ways to narrow the search zone I do it. It is stupid not to.

          FF “The spot where I hid the treasure was in my mind from the time I first started thinking about the chest. It is special to me and there was never another consideration. I was going to make it work no matter what. In my reverie I often find myself stealing away to that place and I will always consider it to be mine”

          FF “My heart has always been in Yellowstone”

          IMO, there is a 100% correct Yellowstone area solve….its there for the taking…the race is really on now that all sensible searchers will narrow down to the Yellowstone area. My guess is that over 75% of searchers will now focus on the Yellowstone area. For those already in Yellowstone, they have to know the competition is on its way. The Chase is really on now! This is going to be a fun ride. I just hope I am not too late to the game. Dave

          • Gotcha Dave,
            I’m in the camp 100%.
            Not in the park though.
            Good logical thinking.

          • I would take a bet that 75% of all previous searches over all previous years have been in YNP.
            It has always been the obvious choice, but is it the correct choice?

          • Meadowlark: I very much doubt it’s that high. New Mexico got hit hard and often in the early days of the Chase. Even to this day, many searchers are unwilling to consider a state other than New Mexico.

          • Hi Meadowlark, I did not think that the Yellowstone area was the obvious choice because I had some doubts about how much time he was spending there in his adulthood and whether he was still making road trips up there after he stopped flying. Those doubts are now gone. He was going there about 4 times per year up to at least 2006…and we know he drove on some, if not all, of those trips. I also wondered if he had developed new special places as an adult, especially if he had not been travelling to the Yellowstone area that frequently. Well, the 2006 interview indicated that the Yellowstone area was still #1 on his list of special places as of 2006 and he already knew the hiding spot at that time. Yes, TTOTC provided ample evidence that the Yellowstone area was the special place…but in my mind I thought those hints seemed too obvious and I thought they might have been a smokescreen…the 2006 interview erased my doubts about those being a smokescreen. I do think the searchers of that area have been missing something…possibly hoB…I have not figured out the missing piece….but I am going to try now. While the experienced searchers do seem to now be focused on the Yellowstone area, I think they will tell you it was not always that way. I doubt it ever has approached 75% but I think it will now. I cannot be the only searcher shifting my focus after that 2006 video. And some that had given up on that area will probably now return. Its going to get a bit crazy in that region now! Dave

          • He also said the treasure may not be found for 1000 years. So will it be in the obvious place?

          • He also had a gut feeling it would be found this summer. I think he wants it found. I wonder if the Buffalo Bill Museum asked ff for permission before releasing that video DVD to davio22? With what he has given to that museum, I bet they did ask him first and his approval to release it this summer is interesting. I think ff wants it found while he is still with us. As for the Yellowstone area, its still a huge area for a very small little box. Just because lots have searched unsuccessfully, that does not mean it is the wrong place. I have a feeling there is some sort of surprising twist to the solve or there is some sort of natural gatekeeper for the hidey spot…but that is what I need to figure out. Dave

          • ff says he is ambivalent whether it is found soon or not. i do believe most people are over complicating the search and are chasing their tails.

          • I agree Dave, but no twist to it.
            I will go with the obvious, but I do like the Treasure State too.

            I just keep wondering if the obvious is where my limited imagination is most comfortable.

          • from Dave: “My guess is that over 75% of searchers will now focus on the Yellowstone area”

            I find this line of thought strange. It is as if one had never seen any other material from ff. What struck me most about the 2006 interview, is how consistent it was with every other video/tape/quote ff has ever done. If a person never saw the interview. that same person seeing all the rest of the material from ff, would have exactly the same thoughts about where to search. (and more importantly, the same information) For instance an entire chapter in the book that searchers are supposed to be researching is entitled something like “In Love with Yellowstone”, yet now searchers will change their search area? like they never read the book? After a video specific to his interest in Wyoming, his interest in the museum, which any research had already known. including the fact that he is on the board, and when you are on the board of a company you make atleast one trip a year to that board meeting.

            This is of course is ignoring the fact that 50% of the books/ and materials about this “chase” are also showing ff’s Love of SantaFe.

            So an interview about Cody Wyoming’s Museum that ff is on the board for is about …. Why Wyoming… why the Museum… and now a searcher will change their mind? after 8 years of the same exact information?

            if the Denver Art Museum had done an interview with ff, ff would be talking about that, and the more than likely backdrop that he probably makes 1 trip a year to that museum.. would you then change your mind again?

            the take away here is how very, and I mean VERY consistent the story is from that interview, The fact that ff expresses his love for all things that he has love for, over and over he has stated. including the 50% of the material that we see on his stories of SantaFe.

        • Dave from KC,
          FF “The spot where I hid the treasure was in my mind from the time I first started thinking about the chest. It is special to me and there was never another consideration. I was going to make it work no matter what. In my reverie I often find myself stealing away to that place and I will always consider it to be mine”
          This statement by FF is the filter that every potential solution should be subjected. Did Forrest take his first love to that spot? Did he camp there, away from toil and trouble, as a sensitive youth? Did he take his first airplane ride from that location, catch his biggest trout, kill his first elk, spend time there with his father? What in blazes made it so special? As I recall, he also stated that the person who found the chest would probably not have the same appreciation of the location. Interesting.

      • Well CharlieM,
        The reasons are many, some are the same as many here. Some I’ve mentioned already, like one horse land and cattle CO. Here’s another…Rocky Mountain high by John Denver, read the lyrics and let me know what you think..

        • Eaglesabound,

          I think RMH is a good song, but a bit of a stretch for help reasoning its in Colorado. Don’t get me wrong, I really like CO otherwise I wouldn’t reside in CO if I didn’t like it.

          • Eaglesabound,

            The very large area around Leadville does not have WWWH as all of the lakes there have dams, that would also include water high. To my knowledge there are no warm springs either.

            Just here pulling on my earlobes trying to figure out your concept of Leadville.

          • Really Charlie?

            That is a sincere question… CO has a couple places I like but for me they seem a bit force by only guessing a location for WWH. One is Never Summer Mountain, lol simply for the name.
            The second one is Twin lakes. Many places in the RM’s have double lakes by name and/or a twin next to it… I like it because, Twin Lakes drain from one to another and down the canyon.

            If I was a ‘fenn hands clue out like candy on Halloween thinker’… the forward from the new book would have sent me running. lol Hmm maybe waters is plural for the same two bodies of water that connect by drawing water from one to another. They are also glacier made.. no dam dam.. But this theory is only a stomping of clues. I’m just not sure if that search type mode is what this is all about.

            I mean, if it was a stomping of 5 6 or 9 points… I would think fenn would want us to take a trip down memory lane with him, so to speak. CO doesn’t ring like that to me. But the one thing that caught my eye in the “town closest” was a 1865 school house.

            Naaa~ not CO… Green Acres is the place to be.

  3. I believe the ‘warm waters’ clue refers to Yellowstone and the geysers. I’m betting everything else follows from there. I read somewhere that he spent a lot of time in Yellowstone as a youth.

    • I read that also. But beware: FF is a master of trickery.

      The above is all in my opinion. Your opinion may differ.

    • Do you guys and/or gals recall Dal hear fenn say to another YS is a region, WWH is more specific [ paraphrasing ]
      Ya might want to take a minute or two to look it up and check it out.

      Just saying…………….

    • Seeker — to save Ivan the trouble of a time-consuming search:

      Nine Clues part 25, posted by Dal on 12/29/2013 at 12:41am, in reply to dollarbill: “$bill-I agree.. Forrest once told a searcher who suggested that the entire YNP could be the place where warm waters halt that he was wrong… That it was a specific place and not a region… ”

      Seeker: you should consider the ways in which Ivan could still be right, and yet at the same time have Forrest’s reported statement also be truthful.

      • Regardless Zap, Thanks for putting up one of a few. I’m sure within the last few month it was posted/talked about again.

  4. My best guess is that with so many people looking and thinking about it for so long, including myself. We have to assume the clues in poem are a representation to locations but, not directly!!!

      • Actual part of the Q&A ~ “The clues did not exist when I was a kid but most of the places the clues refer to did.”

        You add “most of” to “the clue did not…” and it changes everything. Giving the impression that ‘fenn’s created clues’ where around before him. He created the clues What they represent; may have been before he was a twinkle in is Mother’s eyes.

  5. Dave,
    I like your solution (sorry, I cannot bring myself to say “solve” as it is a verb). 🙂
    Ironically, I was just in this area for the first time last week. The Holy Ghost Ranch area conjured up many links to the poem, IMO.

    The upper Pecos Valley is absolutely beautiful; and its proximaty (sic) to Santa Fe is quite intriguing.

    More research into this are is imperative! (not to mention convenient as I live in Santa Fe). 🙂


    • A lot of people, including Dal have written New Mexico off saying that it is not beautiful enough. Obviously, they haven’t been up the Pecos before saying that. My wife was one of the doubters but she has since converted. We would love to have our own little cabin on the banks of the Holy Ghost. Only problem is that we would need a treasure to be able to afford it.

      • New Mexico is one of my favorite states. I find it to be filled with beauty and I would love a vacation spot there. I have always seen beauty in the desert, as well as places with gorgeous red soil.

        So much of the chase is based on people’s own biases, assumptions, gut feelings. It’s tough to factor that out – My current solve is based upon some assumptions that will only be proven right or wrong by where the treasure is found.

        • T Hunter,
          I’ve only been to a desert a couple times… not in NM, it is quite beautiful [ especially the night sky ] . Only it’s ‘not’ [no bias involved] where the chest is. Desert I mean. NM is still a 25% possibility.

  6. Ill wager a steak dinner that if you start at West Yellowstone and draw a 60 mile radius circle and you will have the location of indulgence. IMO as always. I know it is a very large area but is a lot closer that four states. Probably within 30 miles LOL.
    All stay safe and have fun, and SOMEONE please find it this summer.

  7. At The Top,

    Earlier you said “Yes, the poem must take you there. However, be wary of tossing intuitive thinking out the window. Ideas must be borne out, but many of the best ideas arise out if intuitive thought.”

    This will sound like I’m speaking out both sides of my mouth, but I couldn’t agree more. You see, back towards the end of 2017 I ran across something that really caught my eye and my immediate thought (my intuition of what’s important to Forrest) was it has to here! I spent the next 4 months studying the poem and then one day in April I found my answer, right there in the poem, but I didn’t stop there. I also took steps to confirm my answer and eliminate confirmation bias.

    So you see, going with a hunch is ok in my book, but you have to back it up with the poem and some sort of other proof that due diligence was exercised before going out to search.

    Hope that makes sense.

    Pinatubocharlie .

  8. Hey all- I’m as intrigued as anyone by the chase-well maybe not as obsessed as some. I have been thinking about things for a whole week now with quite a bit of time spent reading and researching. I believe FF said that the person who solves his poem will have done it by thinking carefully, understanding at least the first 2 clues for a starting location, and then necessarily having BOTG to get further with the clues-they will make sense from there. So that is where I try to keep my frame of reference. It is easy to fly off and search historical docs, maps, and other things, but according to FF that won’t help you. Feel free to correct me. In that vein I will proffer a couple of thoughts outside the box that I haven’t seen mentioned yet (maybe they have been but I just have not seen them). It will hopefully stimulate further trains of thought in all you searchers-it would be cool if anyone found it.

    Thought 1: Alone in there must be related to either his trips alone into YNP, the hot springs he used to ride his bike to from West Yellowstone, OR how about a trip alone in his plane to a fly-in only airport/campground?? Would be pretty hard to find the treasure from a location like that. Not much chance of being accidentally discovered either. Only flaw is that he said searchers have been within 2-500 feet? Anyway just a thought…

    2: With my treasures bold? He said he used to Nude dip (alone) in the hot springs in YNP.

    3: I can keep my secret where? I have not seen any good interpretations of this line. Here’s the best I could come up with. Keep can mean hold your location (usually while balancing) So maybe the TC is on top of something? (Sally kept her saddle while flailing her arms wildly)

    4: Not far but too far to walk? I have seen the various interpretations. Here is one that I find attractive. He said he used to ride his bike into YNP to the hot springs to nude dip. It was 20 miles, plus one mile down a dirt road-21 miles. It was not far-but too far to walk-he had to use his bike…

    5: HoB Brown skinned indians? Just a random thought as he was immersed in indian lore and antiquities

    6: No paddle up your creek? Lava creek, dry creek, a shallow creek, and of course up $hit creek without a paddle…

    7: The end is ever drawing nigh? I can’t help but retain the image at 2:54 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ4Dv_OYQX8

    8: Heavy loads and waters high? It kills me that there is a road in YNP named Fountain Freight road-built in 1910. I have to believe that waters high is referring to geysers. but who knows?

    9: Wise? Sage creek? Owl mountain? Etc. Nothing new here-move along

    10: Worth the cold and in the wood? Really strong pull for solutions like Wood creek and wood river…

    11: He idolized and dreamed about Captain Kidd and his buried treasure when he was a kid. Kidd’s treasure was buried on GARDINER ISLAND. Too much of a coincidence? TC is on an island on the Wood river/creek?

    12: I find it hard to believe that the TC is in YNP- too many legal issues for the finder, but somewhere north and west not too far from there seems VERY likely. Especially given the fact that FF said “parties” have been close.

    Some of you might find some of these things old news, others will find new trains of thought in some of them. If any of you would like to discuss/develop anything from this privately, you can reach me at (my handle)9 at gmail. I think I am headed to Thermopolis/Wind River Canyon/West Yellowstone/The Tetons/Sinks Canyon in a few days to have fun. experience the beauty, and maybe do a little searching! Happy hunting. DW

  9. I’ve found clues that have helped validate a general location.
    Can anybody help me determine a method of narrowing a location down any further using multiple “hints?” found around a location?

  10. 45.337788,-110.068543
    Follow canyon down.
    Draw to left.
    My blaze.

    Put in terrain mode also to see girl by window.
    This place is no place for the meek.

    Horse shoes, hat outlined by the road, aspens.

    Exacting coordinates can be found inside the ttotc front cover, photos, stamps and ID card. IMO. Just missing some element. Just got home empty handed :(. Lol

  11. Dave, Let’s not over sell Yellowstone too much. I prefer the rest to continue searching their areas 😉

    As a side note, National Geographic is doing a Yellowstone live series, that started last night. I watched some and found it entertaining.

    • Hi Aaron, I guess that would explain why it is ‘crickets’ in here from so many that know the importance of the 2006 video. I do understand. I guess I am speaking up because I just want it found by someone soon. But now that I am actually considering another BOTG I probably should pipe down. Good luck in your search. Act quickly and tarry scant. Dave

      • hey Dave…sometimes it becomes difficult to bring up a topic because so many have been discussed and rehashed to pieces. I believe there is no rush…the marathon has only just begun.

        • “…the marathon has only just begun.”

          True words, my friend…. A ‘BTF’ (before the fact) video doesn’t do much in the greater scheme of things, especially in light of everything he has said ATF.

          • holy cripes! Now we have BTF’s to categorize into a solve…yippee! Yes sir…I believe that video is a good glimpse at Fenn, but is basically a yawner in terms of relevance to the Chase.

          • Oh no – BTF’s… there is a lot of material that I will need to go through and pull “possibly useful” information from to include in my ‘Chasing’ documents… or not!

            I must say that my favorite part in that 2006 interview was when the interviewer asked f:

            “Now, you are about 76 years old, aren’t you? And you are not in the gallery business anymore. What are the exciting things you are going to do with the rest of your life? When you wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning, when you lay there for an hour.”

            The look on f’s face before he answers the question… I had to replay it multiple times to imagine what his thoughts were that resulted in that look on his face. And I am pretty confident in what those thoughts were… more so than I am confident in knowing where the chest is hidden… 🙂

        • Hey Ken, we’ll see. I tend to think we are at about mile 24 right now. I think the 2006 video was important and not really a rehash. I think it might just spark a blaze. Dave

          • Sounds great Dave! Folks have been sprinting to the *finish line* for 8 years…and well…you know how that has turned out. The squawk-a-doodle-doo dance has been initiated early this year due to Fenn’s *stomach ailment* and will likely linger into Fall…but who knows…someone may be just biding their time? Safe travels to you Dave.

        • Thanks Aaron, if I did I definitely would. Will definitely be trying to come up with something worthy of a trip. Dave

    • I do like GNP, but not for a location the chest is in. There was a spot I was interested in there but it ended up being below 5,000 feet. We hiked up to a spectacular view at the top of Grinnell Glacier. The ice melts at the top and waterfalls fill the lake below, which feeds 2 other lakes. Seems like a WWWH could be involved. Though the melt off is not close to warm it is warm in comparison. Looking at the view of these teal colored lakes makes you feel comfortable too.

  12. Here is my solution. I doubt I’ll find the time for BOTG in the near term, what with three little kids at home, but hopefully this of use to one of my fellow Fenn fans. And if by amazing luck it turns out to be here, then feel free to buy me a beer at some point. 🙂

    WWWH: Lava Cliff Overlook in Colorado… it halts cars/people for viewing. The Iceberg Lakes are right there as well, where they form each year by collecting snow melt.

    Brown: About 6 miles down the road (which runs along Forest Canyon) is Sundance Mountain. H.A. Brown was one alias of… The Sundance Kid.

    Meek: Below Sundance Mountain is Hanging Valley.

    End: Directly adjacent to this valley is the Endovalley Picnic Area.

    No paddle up your creek: Head up Sundance Creek from there by foot, as it could not be done via boat/paddle. There is an old fisherman’s path for a bit, then no trail.

    Heavy Load: All this time, you’ve been in Horseshoe Park. Alternatively, there are large rocks/logs littering the creek.

    Water High: as you head up the creek, you will first reach Thousand Falls. Googling “thousand falls” + “protrails” and going to the first link will give you a good sense of things.

    Two options from here…

    Wise/Blaze: there is an interesting feature farther up the creek, here: 40°24’08.1″N 105°40’44.2″W. Perhaps it’s my confirmation bias at work, but it looks like a small island in the creek with a white Y (Wise = Y). And it just so happens to be at exactly 10,200′.


    Wise/Blaze: Sundance Creek does “Y” (Wise = Y) with another unnamed creek just beyond the point I noted above, and so perhaps the Blaze is at/near this intersection. It appears this is at 10,400′ though.

  13. Here’s my solution… won’t have time for BOTG in the near term, what with three little kids at home, but hopefully this of use to someone else!

    WWWH: Lava Cliff Overlook in Colorado… it halts cars/people for viewing. The Iceberg Lakes are right there too, which fill with snow melt each year.

    HOB: Sundance Mountain is down road from there, about 6 miles. H.A. Brown”was one alias of… The Sundance Kid.

    Meek: Below Sundance Mountain is Hanging Valley.

    End: Adjacent to the valley is the Endovalley Picnic Area.

    Creek: Head up Sundance Creek by foot, as it is no navigable by boat/paddle.

    Heavy load: All this time you have been in Horseshoe Park. Alternatively, the creek is filled with large logs and rocks.

    Water high: Up the creek a bit is Thousand Falls.

    Wise/Blaze: Farther up there is an island in the creek, in a clearing, with what appears to be a white Y of rock (wise = Y): 40°24’08.1″N 105°40’44.2″W. It is exactly at 10,200′. A bit farther up the creek it splits (Y’s) into another unamed creek, so that would be another nearby spot to check.

  14. Knowing there are a couple good clues in TTOTC, I re-read the book many times, each time with a different state in mind. I originally had a solve in Colorado, but if you think “Colorado” the whole time you read the book, so that your mind is looking for ANY inkling of a hint related to Colorado, you will find nothing. Therefore, I do not believe it is in Colorado. Am I missing something? Just NOTHING in the book that would point me there. I believe it is in Montana. I have 2 specific areas emanating from a single WWWH, and then another secondary WWWH which I have not searched yet. I am of the thinking that finding the blaze will require some sort of “trick”, I do not believe you will simply show up and search aimlessly for a blaze. I think it’s possible, that you will know exactly what the blaze is by solving the previous clues, and go right to it. I spent several days out there and it’s just futile blindly looking for the blaze.

  15. I think the chest is here: right where Mr. Fenn left it.

    Really, not being a wiseacre. I have the Youtube replay (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfk1z3Fn-PQ) going in the background and from what I’ve been reading here on HoD lately, it is my humble opinion that Indulgence is safe for at least another winter. (No disrespect to folks planning on BOTG later this fall.)

    As I have shared in other places here on HoD, it still is my opinion that until the whole poem is solved before heading out, the chances of Indulgence being found are next to nil. Until there is some new radical way of looking at the poem, we’re all better off staying home and playing Canasta.

    • I concur at least to the point that I think you can get within one or two clues before BOTG, and those final clues are likely in close proximity to each other.

      It seems possible to me that some searcher could still find Indulgence before the end of the year, but I feel comfortable with my decision to keep honing my solves at home through the winter and see what springtime brings. (Besides, there are factors at home that make a trip as far as Montana (my search state) … well … complicated. Colorado would be so much more convenient for me, but I’m just not convinced it is here. 🙂

  16. FORREST FENN says: 4:55 PM ON SEPTEMBER 12, 2012
    “In those days tents were too heavy to carry into the lake so we always slept under the stars. The fun was hooking a big rainbow and watching him jump into the air, sometimes three feet or more. We fished with barbless hooks and the fish could usually dislodge it if we slackened our lines. We didn’t care because we always released the fish we caught in Grebe Lake. After the Concy trip I never went back. For some reason it just wasn’t the same anymore.”

    I never went back.
    For some reason it just wasn’t the same anymore.
    I guess this would exclude Grebe all together.

    • Perhaps. I always wonder when I read quotes like this, though. That is, is “the Concy trip” the one he had just mentioned? Or a subsequent trip after that one? Maybe a trip where he took a memento of Concy, or with the intent of memorializing Concy in some way? (I do stuff like that; maybe I’m the only one, though.)

      Mr. Fenn is very tricky, I believe.

      • True. “The Concy trip” could logically have been a later trip related to Concy in light of the way his grammar is constructed. But my feeling is that he was still speaking about the same trip. In my notebook, Grebe Lake is off the list of possible hiding sites.

        It doesn’t fit any of my current solves anyway.

      • Agree with Ray: I don’t think Forrest ever went back to Grebe Lake after THAT specific trip with Coach Concy. That’s my reading of the “body language” of how Forrest writes. But full disclosure: I don’t think the treasure is in YNP, so I’m a bit predisposed to dismiss Park locations.

  17. Saltpeter Mountain
    Wwwh page 79 TTOTC, written in waves, in a warm brown color, with the word halt, just above it…the word saltpeter. Used in the 1600’s by the Regency to chill wine. added to water in wood casks, would drop the temperature 30 degrees. Temporary, lasting around two hours. Halt.
    You test for saltpeter using a brown ring test. HOB
    Symbol for saltpeter is KNO, the answer I already know.
    Used to make fireworks, gunpowder and highly flammable, aka blaze.
    Brave, war hymn from page 70, in the wood, cask for chilling.
    Alas, it was not there. There was a canyon, a creek, old railroad tracks.
    But I loved this solve.

  18. If you were standing where treasure chest is….it would look like “Almost heaven”…quoting John Denver’s “Country Roads”; Views to die for…

  19. Food for thought possibilities:

    Stanza 1 hint:

    Gone = GON
    Treasures = gold = ORE
    And = + = ORE + GON

    Stanza 2:

    Begin IT where warm waters halt

    Begin OREGON TRAIL at a point where warm, or W arm, waters stop/interrupt/begin/etc. Ideally this point would be right next to the trail itself and above a place that can be described as the home of Brown.

    Take OREGON TRAIL down canyon from this point, but not physically because this point is literally too far to walk for the searcher as the trail into this location comes in from the east, while these points are in the canyon to the west. For this idea, take it in = observe this nexus of points from afar.

    Stanza 1 solution:

    Nexus of 3 points = OREGON TRAIL, water source that halts, home of Brown with all being in the canyon below the searcher who remains up higher and to the east.

    Too far to might = 242

    242 could be the bearing line needed to observe these points from position of the chest.

    But 270 ( W here), or315 (Do = due WN), are also possible

    Solution methodology ideas only. Exact location for application open to your research if you like the concepts.

    Happy holidays to all.

  20. I’m seeking some validation here please. The box is bronze, correct?
    If the box is located via google earth, does it reflect a starburst type reflection with a tiny portion of rainbow colors?
    Does anyone know?
    Thanks in advance!

    • The chest is bronze.
      I don’t think the chest can be located via GE and probably won’t reflect any starburst type reflection because bronze will have a patina and is not reflective so no rainbow either.

      Fenn has stated that GE doesn’t go (zoom) down far enough or something like that. Moby video I think…

    • Yes. That has crossed my mind. There is a SB where Forrest has his toes sticking out of a sock. “Man’s foot”. Look quickly down makes sense.

  21. Hello all, I think I may be on to something. Seeing how The Rockies are over 1800 miles away from me, I figured Id share it on here.

    The first clue is just “begin it”. If you look up the word begin in a thesaurus another word for begin is Mount. Same thing for the word “it”, another word for it is Odyl. There is an Odell Mountain in Montana. So when the poem refers to “warm waters” its not reffering to temperature, its reffering to distance. As in close to Odell Mountain. If you look just to the east, there is Odell Lake. So I believe thats where warm waters.

    The next clue is take it in, like taking in a view or scenery. From Odell Lake, take Odell Creek just south east to Seymore (see more) Mountain.

    Not far, but too far to walk I believe means exactly that. It is roughly 45 miles north east to “Walkerville”.

    Next clue is “put in”. Look up the phrase put in and found the word stake. If you go south east from Walkerville, you’ll run into Homestake Lodge. Lodge can also mean put in.

    If you look below Homestake Lodge you will see Whiskey Gulch. I believe this to be “the home of Brown”.

    I havent really solved no place for the meek, but it got me close enough i think to find the last location. Its worth noting that there are a few locations near whiskey gulch that have “place” in their name.

    I believe the last line of clues is “the end is ever drawing nigh”. I think it is actually 3 clues. The end is (Ennis, Montana), ever i think refers to Moore Creek (evermore) which runs right through the little town of Ennis. If you follow that creek just on the outskirts of town is a small business called “Signs West” which is drawing nigh. Nigh can also mean left or west. I think the chest is somewhere on that property. I also think thats what the semicolon is about. Its a clue to tell you this is where it ends. Ok my fingers hurt now. Sorry for rambling on, but i wanted to be specific. Im interested to read your comments on this.

    • Hi craig8311,
      I think you’re stretching it too far than intended by Fenn. “Begin it” should be interpreted as written, like “begin your search at here where warm waters halt.” IMO the word “halt” should be given more focus than “warm waters” since it is a lot more important to nail down the starting location for the search. You should think why Fenn used that word even though it would not rhyme with “walk”.
      — MK

    • Craig8311, I think your exercise in word-sounds has validity, even if it is not the factual treasure path. If Forrest was a poor student, maybe a bit deaf or had ADD or mild-dyslexia, it is very likely he created his own mnemonics or sound-alike names for places he was familiar with. We all do things like that… everyone knows Micky-D means McDonalds, and out here in LA-LA Land (Los Angels) a local grocery chain, Smart & Final, is known as Fart-n-Smile. But I just don’t think the adult Forrest would lay down a multi-million dollar treasure using those kind of clues. But if he did use that technique, I think he might wisely use that trick only once, not continuously from clue to clue. IMO.

      Here’s a theory I have … FF gave us a big hint on page 147. Why did he relate the small details of his parents grave locations? It was unnecessary to the message that the deceased and their memorial stones are soon forgotten. He told us….

      Hillcrest ……….. a name and a description
      row 4 …………… B-row-N 4
      block 23 ………. Halt 23
      Look on Google and see also:
      Section 5-W ….. W is the 23rd letter.

      Plus there is that little visual I call ‘Epitaph Hill’, and ‘attributed’ does anagram to a ‘dirt butte”.

      What do you think?

      • I think if it’s THAT complicated i’ll never find it. Lol

        What made me come up with this solve was a few things he’s said in interviews. Someone asked him how he came up with the clues, and he said he looked up the meanings of words, and talked about how we use words erronously. And he has always put emphasis on the first clue. Odyl is not that common of a word, I didnt know it was a word until I looked up “it” in a thesaurus. Remember one of his favorite quotes is “imagination is better than knowlege.” 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your ideas, Craig. I enjoy all of the wordplay!

      But how are you getting the word “odyl” as a synonym for “it”? I looked up the word “odyl” and it is listed as an archaic synonym for the word “od”, which is defined as: “a hypothetical power once thought to pervade nature and account for various phenomena, such as magnetism.” I checked a few other online dictionaries and thesauruses to make sure, but came up empty.

    • Ms. Amy (Dearly beloved):

      There are not any direct clues, only indirect ones. All clues require research, knowledge, and inspiration (with a touch of divine guidance) . IMO 99.5% of searchers make the same mistake of taking the words of the poem literally, and try to find some place on a map which they think fits the poem. (i.e. To give someone a warm reception; doesn’t mean you should turn up the heat in your house). If it was that easy, the strong box would have been easily found. To paraphrase Mr. F ” the one that finds the chest will have worked for it “.

      Hope that helps;

      If you see my Deputy; tell her to bring me a cup of coffee and a donut.


      • “To give someone a warm reception; doesn’t mean you should turn up the heat in your house”
        ——————————————-“That’s funny, Sherif Billy, in the context of “where warm waters halt”.

        … a lighthearted response to the billions and billions of searchers that think “warm waters” is a temperature clue.

        Ken (in Texas) 🙂

      • Sherif, I mostly agree with your first two sentences, and certainly the last (paraphrasing f). But Forrest has said all the information needed to find the treasure is in the poem. How else are we to find our way if not for picking literal places or movements attributed to the words he provided? How then do you intend to utilize the research, knowledge, and divine inspiration?

        ps. turning up the heat for a “warm reception” is something said in jest; which would likely come from a jester, or a card, or a….joker. Personally, I am made comfortable by believing that Forrest is ‘all in’ for a little fun!

      • Hi Sherif Billy
        Yes I would like a cup of (coffee)and (donut) please
        Thank you Clint
        PS Who is in the line up this spring with Dizzy Dean.
        I know i will be there, i hope Mrs Somers is done bathing by then,doin’t want to walk in on her.I think
        that will just about cover the END . But there is more!!

    • Amy;

      Since none of us has found the treasure, any clues that anyone (Including me) gives you is just a guess. All any of us know is what Forrest has told us, and that is – Clue #1 is at “Begin it…” Sorry, not much help. We ALL MUST
      “Begin it…” by deciding what “wwwh” means, and go from there.

      Best of luck – Stay warm, and TRY and STAY SAFE – JDA

        • Pdenver –
          Speaking of finding it, I recall that post about taking a sandwich and a flashlight. Then I saw one of the searcher sure is named badger. Maybe you won’t get to eat that sandwich after all, but it might come in handy.

          • Hello RoadRunner. Thank you for the advice, but my family and I bring protein snacks and water during our searchers, as well as, an emergency kit in our backpacks. Are the other items truly needed? I believe others have packed them. Have you?

  22. Has anyone ever checked Name Creek (give you title) in Wyoming? It’s in the eastern side of Shoshone National Forest. It looks like the only way to access it is by taking Wood River (brave and in the wood). It is also at the base of Standard Peak,(to the gold) maybe refering to the gold standard. It is in a very remote area though, not sure if an 80 year old man could get there. Let me know what you all think.

  23. I think the blaze is the alchemical symbol for a covered pot (https://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/pnm/img/28400.jpg) carved into a large sandstone boulder. Maybe a pot of gold at the end of Fenn’s rainbow. A small section of the center of the symbol will lift off and reveal the chest in the heart of the boulder.

    Below is my best effort at a solve; I have visited several times and have determined I cannot find a way to gain the access needed to reach the location…maybe if I had more time on site for returned calls, but I am done trying. I like how simple this is, using nothing but the poem and Google Maps, I was able to go right straight to a very specific location…At least now I can see how that may be possible, something I was beginning to doubt a few years ago. I was tightly focused on the word ‘IT’ (see definition below) and only moved ‘IT’ when directed by the poem and in the direction given by the poem. I also noticed that many of the clues in the poem seem to suggest opposites, like begin and halt, not far but too far, etc… So instead of trying decipher a meaning, I tried to find locations that were both; beginning and halting, far and too far, etc…

    I believe this blaze will be located near a point where the beginning of the waters halt (The sink of the Popo Agie – see Shoshoni definition below). To locate that blaze, I would take that point and move it down toward the mouth of a canyon with a name similar to ‘Down’ (Sinks Canyon). I won’t be going far, but it will be impossible to walk there (The river flows through an underground canyon that is impossible for anything but water to get through). I would then put that point in the canyon below a large Brown trout pool (at the rise of the Popo Agie). From there, I will move toward a place with a name similar to meek, but it is definitely no place for the meek (Sheep Creek). I will use the shortest path possible, a straight-line due north, to find the final location. This point will not be in a creek, but directly above the draw created by that creek near the edge. Unfortunately, in order to reach this destination, I cannot travel to it directly up the creek, this will be too difficult, instead, I will need to find a way to reach this point from above. It will definitely be worth the extra effort to travel away from the point in order to reach it from above.

    A few key definitions – from Merriam Webster:

    up the creek: in a difficult or perplexing situation
    above water: out of difficulty
    Loads: a burdensome or laborious responsibility
    warm: newly made : fresh
    warm: near to a goal, object, or solution sought
    Cold: far off the mark : not close to finding or solving
    It: a crucial or climactic point
    Nigh: direct, short
    Draw: to cause to go in a certain direction
    Draw: a gully shallower than a ravine
    Quick: the very center of something
    Wet: overly sentimental (“…I know the treasure is wet” -f)

    From a Shoshoni dictionary:

    Popo Agie: Beginning of the waters. (also a lot an Aggie marble that Fenn liked from a river bottom)

    Toyapainkwi: Brown Mountain trout (Spanish TOY factory chapter begins with brown and a fish)

    ontom-puih-tatawyn-tyn: A round brown stain. (I can’t say this word, but if I try the ending, it sounds like ‘put it in’ to me…brown stain from iron railing.)

    Side note: After Fenn washed dishes in the sink, he got giant white canyons in his hands.

    A point that seems to meet all of these requirements is located at: 42°45’51.5″N 108°48’19.9″W (zoom in close with Satellite view on Google maps). By the way, I placed my point exactly here(within several steps) before seeing this; I found this using only the method described above, that’s why I zoomed in closer.

    I attempted to reach this point unsuccessfully. I found two possible access points that I believe an 80-year-old man could go, both with private access roads. What I believe to be the easier of the two is located just below the sixth switchback on Lander Mountain Rd. The gate to access this road has a sign which reads Homestead Park. In an effort to gain access, I googled Homestead park Lander, WY and was directed to a real estate agent with a web address of ‘dawntheblaze’; her name was not Dawn or Blaze interestingly enough. Maybe this is how Fenn will know if someone retrieves the treasure?

    I don’t know if there is anything there or not, but I do know I will not be able to get there so I do not see a reason to whisper about any of this any longer. I wrote this generically because I think it would be possible to follow this method by just plugging in a new WWWsH, maybe?

    • Just a side note for the BOTG discussion. Forrest never stated the ‘little girl from India’ could not solve the clues, he stated “…the little girl in India cannot get closer than the first two clues.” Cannot get closer does not mean cannot solve, especially when you consider the first two clues may be simply finding a point on the map, the rest may direct you to go somewhere from those locations. So even if she has the correct answer to all of the clues, she cannot physically get any closer than locations on a map.

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