The Quest for Hidden Treasures…

Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures by Jenny Kile
Foreword by Forrest Fenn is Now Available 

The highly anticipated book of Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures by Jenny Kile is now available!

The book features the following:

  • Foreword by Forrest Fenn
  • Summaries of over twenty armchair treasure hunts (past and present)
  • material on The Thrill of Chase treasure hunt now in PRINT 
  • Never before released words from Forrest Fenn to searchers of The Thrill of the Chase treasure hunt.
  • A special note to searchers from Forrest on the last page of the book.  These words at the end are in code, though.   Will you be able to solve it and discover what they say?
  • FREE MW Armchair Treasure Hunt: The Forgotten Word with prize of $500!
  • Numerous other codes, ciphers, and puzzles to solve scattered throughout all the pages

It’s an action packed book of over 200 pages.  

It can be purchased on Amazon today:


If you’d like a signed copy, you can order on the website:

If ordered on MW, the book will not ship until the week of August 20th.   MW won’t have more books until then. 

From Forrest:
Well, guess what? A few minutes ago, I received a proof copy of Jenny’s Kile’s very new book titled Armchair Treasure Hunts, The Quests for Hidden Treasures. I have not had time to read it, but as I thumbed the pages I had to smile because I could almost see the words as they came dancing from her mouth. I wrote the foreword, but I called it a Preface. Hopefully her readers will excuse that small foible. The last 104 or so pages are about me and things I’ve said so I spent a few minutes laughing at myself. I didn’t realize I was so wrought with levity. Maybe I’ll let Shiloh read it before me because I think he thinks I’m kind of stiff.

The book is about The Thrill of the Chase and other treasure stories. No, I’m not going to let Shiloh read it first. I can’t wait. f



94 thoughts on “The Quest for Hidden Treasures…

  1. Thanks Dal for sharing. It was such a joy to write, and I appreciate all the love, support, and encouragement from the community while working on the project.

    A special thanks, of course, to Forrest for being such an inspiring part of my life for the last many years. I was honored to have him write the Foreword, and then add special words to the last page. My book fit nicely between them……can’t have a sandwich without the bread.

    I wanted to let everyone know I’ll be adding to the Jdiggins fund a Signed copy by both Forrest and myself, with a doodle from each. Forrest said I should practice my doodling…. I will! And we will surprise the winner with our doodles… Thanks again all!

    • Hi Jenny – Congratulations to you on your exciting new book! And a beautiful gesture from both you and Forrest toward helping Jdiggins. My prayers are with her and her family, after their terrible loss.

    • My copy arrives Thursday and thank you again. I was curious, how do we get the opportunity to ask Forrest a question on your site? I would really love to ask this:

      Forrest, over the years you have answered many questions and when it comes to searchers and logic most of those answers were along the lines of not to your knowledge or no. I was curious if any of those question’s answers had changed and if you would want to highlight one of your choice and provide the new answer (or have they not changed)?

      • HI Idle Dreamer,

        To ask a Question through MW, you can send it via the contact form or email them to me. However, I see the one above and can forward that one later today. Please realize I never know what, when, or if he will answer. It is always his choice.

        thanks ~jenny

      • I think id ask if Brown is a person from the past place or thing but that’s just me chewing on my tail congrats on your book Jenny i tried that email for some reason it would not work for me Good day all that’s just me tossing a line in the water that one may take some deep thought to answer hope i didn’t miss if it was asked before sorry i missed it. good day all

        • Thanks Jeff…. The email should work. It’s the one I use for the ‘Guess the Object’ game in the MW Newsletter, and I get plenty of emails for that…lol….. I can forward your Question, but like said, I never what Forrest might choose to answer… best jenny

          • sorry im struggling with tecky stuff this morning im sure it works just fine for the rest of the world like i had the link to amazon for your book but i lost it one of those days i guess ty Jenny got to go get mom ready for the day she slept in a little this morning yea ill loke for it later looking forward to your book good day to you all

          • ok Jenny got your book on the way. had , well not had but wanted to order journal of a trapper by Osborn Russel I think that’s right any way got it too I need a thinker tune up I think, moms got me hopping like one of those jumping beans in a can ty Jenny I’m not sure how Forrest is feeling these days i understand about questions just thought id try to fly that one in under the raidar. ty again looking forward to the read good day to you all.

    • WY to go…..

      Is that code for ‘go to Wyoming’ lol….

      After reading the book, everything might seem to be in code, as it is for me after writing it….

      Thank you James….

  2. jenny,I feel like I got bolonga, with no dough,as I can’t seem to figure mr. forrest poem out yet,but still gonna try.I think forrest is william marvin fenn jr. shiloh looks so much like mr. forrest,they could be twins,if forrest was as young as shiloh.seems like i remember something like ,skippy couldn’t say brother,so he called forrest bubba.

    • I hope the book helps you in your search for the Treasure! Reading the Q/A’s again in different format might spark the needed ‘aha’ moment!

      Thanks Virigina diane, Arvada…

  3. Hot Diggity Dog Diggity….I never thought in all my days that I would one day be one of those older gents who stood in line and slowed things down counting out the exact change to the penny from a pocket change purse.

    Over joyed and just in time to coincide with my new pillow-top recliner. Just think….new adventures, new brain teasers, new trists and turns to ponder while sipping my prune juice daily. Life has new meaning!
    Jenny…you do your self proud! Set your mark on the infinite….and let your arrows go far!
    -guy michael-

    • This made me laugh Guy Michael…. I can tell you having fun and are treasuring the adventures! Thanks for your enthusiasm and kind words… appreciated… enjoy!

    • Thanks Waterhigh… There is fun scattered all through the book…. and never before released words of Forrest…. are they clues? I have no idea…lol…

    • Thanks Jdiggins… and continued prayers. What a wonderful community we are seeing surrounding you… and that is TREASURE indeed.

      I’m glad Forrest Fenn’s treasure hasn’t been found, because I’m not sure we would have had the chance to experience this exceptional show of love for others in time of need.

      We are all still here… searching for treasure, but it comes in ways least expected.

      Treasure the adventure, always….

        • Maybe that ‘s because I see it in so many places…..

          As in the Too Far To Walk book:

          “Oh, tell me wise sir,
          Where are the treasures?
          And the wise man replied,
          “Whereever you find them”

          And I do find treasures in so many places….. I don’t find that bad at all….. I wish every one would….

          Treasure the Adventure!

      • Also just ordered (Dal, if you have a book I would order that as well). You and Jenny definitely are the two people to go to online for everything Forrest (aside from Forrest).

        • Also, @Dal, if you make a book you might want to just do a coffee table style picture book (like Flywater) of your favorite searches from all your BOTG. Just make sure you send Forrest an urgent e-mail for a cover photo.

      • I got it today! Is that cypher of some sort that you put on the dedication page!?

        • Yes…. the book consists of many codes, ciphers, and puzzles to solve.

          Some are obvious….others might never be noticed or even solved…. which is fine with me…

          I don’t mind mysteries…

    • Today is Tuesday! I expect it to be at home when I get there today… say goodbye to ALL of this evening! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • I haven’t heard of anyone cracking the $500 puzzle so good luck! Hopefully when it is there will be an announcement on Jenny’s website?

        • It’s a MW Treasure Hunt, included Free in the book, that has the $500 prize. People are just getting their books, and it will take some time to solve- Discussions will go on it, along with trying to Solve the Fenn Words on the last page, on the MW Forum.

          When either the Fenn Words is solved and publicly shared, or the $500 is claimed in the MW Treasure Hunt, it will be announced on the MW Website and Forum (and social channels)…

          As of now…both remain UNSOLVED…. maybe they won’t get solved? Depends if anyone wants to try and discover what they are…..

  4. Isn’t the time we live in fascinating? I saw this pop up in my email, skimmed the email, clicked the Amazon link and the book was ordered. Just think about how that entire process would have worked even a couple of decades ago.

    Now I’ve got an interesting collection of physical books. Both Flywater books, two copies of The Thrill of the Chase (one copy is dismantled and spread out Sherlock Holmes style), Too Far to Walk, Once Upon a While and Armchair Treasure Hunts: The Quests for Hidden Treasures is en route.

    • It is amazing Ryan D ! Instant world. My Fenn books are beaten to pieces from so much handling. TFTW had a bit of puppy damage soon after I got it…but still works. Probably should get new ones…

  5. Thank you for writing this book Jenny. I always wondered what would happen if the website content was gone. Now we can use the book as retrospective reminder!

    • I love stuff in print…… so I was so happy to hold all the Fenn content in hand finally… and turn pages!

      Thank you Amber…

  6. Congratulations Jenny! I always enjoy everything you write, and visit your blog quite often. I’m not too good at solving mysteries though— still working on the Scarab puzzle (by the way, are there any new clues?). But congrats on the book— I will definitely order a copy!

    • Jenny—
      I just saw the new clues on ur site– must have missed it before. Dang— I can’t solve a $250.00 hunt– how can I expect to solve Forrest ‘s million dollar hunt! lol

    • So sweet Sparrow — appreciated. The Scarab Puzzle should be going down soon…. look for the September clue (posted the 1st and in the MW Newsletter).

      I’m hoping that might offer a nudge and have me awarding the prize!

      Thanks for your support on the book. I’m happy to have the Forrest Fenn shared in Print!

  7. Jenny,

    My copy was ordered that is signed. Can’t wait to see the book. Now I need to order TFTW, but will wait until the bank account is replenished. I’m sure the new book will be a splash with me as you have good talents.

    If I write a book there will be a lot of head scratching, that is apparent in my solution that has been posted recently. 🙂

  8. KInd words, CharlieM… thank you.

    I’m way behind in reading searchers stories here from writing my book…… but I’m sure yours was fine! I’ll catch it soon….

    And I’ll add a special doodle to your signed copy…. then you might rethink my good talents….lol….

    • Jenny,

      I just recieved your book today, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get your special doodle in my signed copy. What a curmudgeon I am, I truly wanted to asses your doodle talents. 🙂

      I do like your puzzle pieces through out, it looks to be a good read.

          • In the mail…. and with a DOODLE! (and since you forgave me for forgetting it the first time, I’ll forgive you for laughing at it) 🙂

        • I think I should be more articulate Jenny, sorry I was smiling to show friendliness and not laughing at you. Some times things are better expressed in person.

          I hope all is good and I send you my apologies if it it came across that way.

          No reply needed, I sincerely appreciate all that you do for all of us.

  9. Just ordered a copy on Amazon to support you for all that you’ve done on Mysterious Writings over the years..

    • Thanks SimonSays for your support…. but I hope it nudges someone to find the chest….

      Maybe Forrest left a clue in the Foreword? I don’t know…. but maybe! 🙂 (or in his other words)

  10. jenny ,is there anybody out there that would throw in together and buy me a signed copy of your book.from what you write about,it gets me excited to know whats in there.I sure would appreaciate it very much,if not thats ok,cause I want jdiggins to be helped.god bless to all.

  11. Let’s remember an important comment that FF mentioned…… not all the clues existed when I was young but most of the places the clues are at did exist…!!!! That is excellent to know….. when FF was growing up…. most of his fondest memories and places are in the general West Yellowstone area…. I just returned from my annual 6 week trip to Yellowstone and I make the town of West Yellowstone my base for all my time there…. this was now the 29th summer in a row that I’ve spent in Yellowstone…. there just so happens to be a trail called the “river trail” directly across from the Dude Motel along boundary street…. now most know that FF and his family built the Dude Motel….. we know that FF has mentioned the chest is not associated with a man made trail….. however that does not mean that FF did not walk on a trail to the area where the chest was placed…. my thoughts are that FF parked his car along boundary street and then started his walk down the trail….. I have walked that trail many times….. it’s an easy walk for an 80 year old to make two trips in one afternoon…. the trail hardly ever has anyone on it ….. the last 10 times I’ve walked the trail, I saw nobody else on it ….. you can do the upper or lower river loop…. approximately 3 miles….. FF said at one time you could even ride a bike to the area where the chest is at…… one can definitely ride a bike on this trail….. part of the Madison River is along the West Boundary of the Park…… Barnes hole to Bakers Hole is along this stretch….. two favorite fly fishing spots for FF……. he said that physics tells him the chest is wet but yet the chest is not under water…. my thoughts are that the chest is most likely in a location that is damp/wet from either a hot spring providing condensation or in an area such as along the Madison River that has the willows growing out of the ground that is a marsh area….. lots of those areas along the Madison!!!! he also mentions that you can see mountains, forest, sage brush, animals etc where the chest is at …… well, along the Madison River along the West Boundary of the Park you can see all of that…. can’t reveal more than this at this time….. but it’s quite interesting…..

  12. Jenny,

    I’m so excited and happy for you on the release of this book! Mine is already on its way from Amazon. I’m looking forward to the new hunt, “The Forgotton Word.”


    • Thanks Moonshadow! Enjoy and best of luck on claiming the $500 CASH prize in the MW Treasure Hunt: The Forgotten Word that’s in the book!

  13. Want to share this 5 star review on my book from JonW…. love it and so grateful for it. As not only did I want to share the FF material in print, I wanted to introduce other opportunities for treasure hunting out there too.

    So many treasures await for those who seek them!

    Here is a copy/paste of the review found on Amazon:

    I first got involved in treasure hunts with Forrest Fenn’s – “The Thrill of the Chase”. I have had a ton of fun trying to decode his poem to find his treasure hidden at the end of the rainbow. As a fan of Fenn’s, I was intrigued when a book that contained all of the clues that have been posted on mysteriouswritings would be in book form.

    Little did I know that when I started reading this book, I would soon find other real life treasure hunts! This book is so much fun! I have never done another treasure hunt before and this book is opening up my eyes to a whole other world. The book is very well written and I love solving the clues as I read along. Who knows, I might even walk away with some money! Even if I don’t solve the treasure hunt, I’m having a lot of fun learning lots of new things. For me, that has always been the thrill of the chase!

    If you are a Fenn hunter or just an armchair treasure hunter, I believe this book has lots of things to keep you interested! What are you waiting for? buy this book!

  14. Hi Jenny,
    I guess I am not a good searcher. I looked around and could not find the discussion. Which category of your forum is this under?


    Windy City

  15. Hello All! I’ve been away a few days (no, not searching. Hehehe)

    Just thought I’d pop in and ask if anyone solved the code for Forest’s words at the back of Jenny’s new book!?

  16. I’ve made comment on the MW Forum, that whoever solves the coded words of Forrest’s on the last page, might also solve the MW Treasure Scroll for $500. For reason being, they have similar methods. Each stands independently though.

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