Helping JDiggins…

From Fennboree: Amy, Desertphile, JDiggins, Cynthia and Boomergirl. Don’t you wish you had been there too??

As most know, JDiggins lost her home in the horrible Mendocino Complex Fire in California this past week. KPro  of the THOR forum, with the help of friends has started a raffle.

This is the back of coin #486..not #001…but it’s the only pic we have on the blog…of Cowlazer’s fabulous collector’s coins…

The prize was generously donated by Forrest…it’s the #001 beautifully minted and highly prized Cowlazer’s coin…These things are stunning…with all proceeds heading to JDiggins. You can find out more and get tickets by Clicking HERE:

This is clearly an opportunity for everyone to donate…and help out our good friend and fellow searcher, JDiggins. She’s a great person who can really use a hand right now…

This opportunity to show support will end on August 31st…Please help if you can…




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    • Thank you for setting this up. I, too, am impressed by the generosity of folks here, and am grateful to have been given an opportunity to make a donation via PayPal this morning. Best wishes to Jdiggins and her family!

  1. Outstanding Dal!

    Thank you and all the others involved in setting up this worthwhile cause.


  2. Lilhunter just posted a touching poem on the Poetry Page…It’s beautiful and very appropriate for this page…I wanted to make sure you read it…

    She hears the sirens, sees the smoke
    Hears that the lines of containment are broke
    There’s a red glow surrounding the road
    People are rushing around with their loads of belongings and loved ones, animals too
    Her county has turned into a chaotic zoo
    She sees big red trucks, flashing lights, and the glow of the fire growing at night
    She’s surrounded by panic and full of fear that when she goes home her house won’t be here
    She has all of her life piled up in her car
    But what she’s scared of losing she cannot hold, by far
    Her parents are frightened, they have much more to lose
    Seeing the strongest of people packing up what they choose
    As tears leave tracks down the sides of their face
    Knowing that everything they have cannot escape
    Every night she watches as the mountains light up the sky
    with the life within them, aflame, left to die
    After everything’s packed they all sit and wait, wondering what’s left in this fires wake.

    -by Lilhunter

  3. Hi everyone.
    Forrest said to read the blogs for entertainment. For over four years now I’ve been a part of this chase and have come to know you all as my chase family. I never blogged before, but found myself absorbed in the conversations and reading the thoughts of you, my fellow searchers. My husband has had a hard time adjusting to my involvement, as such, but he’s always understood how important it was to me. Now his understanding is even greater!

    On July 27th, the Ranch fire started. We even drove by it coming home from getting supplies for the business. It was a good twenty miles from our home, and It didn’t look that big. Our wonderful firefighters
    are usually able to knock out a fire pretty quick.
    When we got home about a half hour later, we turned on the scanner. We could here the firefight first hand. It was up to 300 acres and one firefighter commented, “if we had some air support we could knock this thing out right now”.
    Unfortunately, the folks in Redding, Yosemite and several other ares were dealing with much larger incidents and our California strike teams were already stretched thin.
    On July 28th, my friend and business partner was evacuated from her home, also our business location. That night we lost both her home and the company, along with everything we had both been working hard and investing significantly to support our families.
    On July 29th, we were evacuated, along with half the county, per se, due to the now dual fires rapidly advancing toward us. We loaded as much clothing and personal items in our truck and trailer as we could. We got our dog, but couldn’t get our two cats.
    My husband started the rv and noticed it was leaking oil. Regardless, I drove the truck and trailer and he the rv, and we fled down the five mile dirt road toward safety. We eventually had to leave the rv as it broke down, finally emerging with our truck and trailer.
    Luckily we have been hosted by my husband’s brother and his wife, but it’s hard to not feel like a burden after so long. I’ve since been glued to the reports of my local friends, Facebook news, etc. I watched this fire devour everything in its path.
    On August 3rd, I saw a local video that showed where my home was, engulfed in a 300 foot high, quarter mile or more wall of flame. Just a small section in comparison to the scope of this monster.
    All I can say at this point is that I am only one of many that lost virtually everything EXCEPT our lives. We made it to safety. My daughter made it to safety. Everyone made it to safety. Thanks due to the outstanding efforts of our law enforcement, first responders and the like. They are absolutely amazing!
    And so are all of you. Forrest, Dal, Kpro, Jenny, Senn, Cowlazers (mike), janet…i can’t even remember how many folks are in on this recovery effort for me. I am beside myself with the outpouring of love and support. Thank you EVERYONE for your kind comments, thoughts, prayers and support. Thanks to all of you it makes the weight of uncertainty and fear feel a whole lot lighter. God bless!!!

    • Dear Jdiggins, I’ve just read of your tremendous loss. I’m very sorry to hear of this. So many have been devastated, I can only imagine what your family is going through. Did you have insurance on your home, business, and motorhome? I sure hope and pray you did. Sincerely, Afana

  4. I will definitely work on getting a donation in later this month when I have more funds. I am sorry for your loss, and happy no one was hurt, as money never replaces memories and I hope you manged to save most of your mementos. Plus with a potential BOTG coming up soon maybe I can afford to donate sooner (idle dream I know). However, thus far all my solves have left me with an empty backpack (I even left it behind a few times). If anyone does find it JDiggins is a great way to reach Forrest’s goal/request of give some to someone who has to do without (of course if it is JDiggins that also works).

    • it is so good to see everyone come together to help jdiggins. I just received an email from a searcher who said she will donate her next pay check. She’s a nurse, and a very special lady. f

      • YEA – YEA There are people with good hearts here on the blogs – Keep it up folks. – JDA

      • Forrest,
        You have an amazing following! My inbox could compete with yours today I bet! 😉
        Thank you Forrest, for your generous offerings as prizes! What an awesome spread!

      • its almost time to celebrate your birthday i believe happy birthday Sir. when it arives your heart has to glow knowing you started something better then time itself, bringing the human spirit together as it should of been for all time caring about each other and taking action to prove that we care is most important I was thinking how proud your father must be in the after life, I think when the candle flames meet he will forgive both ends for burning so fast and grant you a smile to the best teacherI know Ty Sir for this community and your fore site yours too Dal and all the work you have done creating it .life is good so live it well. my mother said these words to live by when i was young theirs always something you haven’t seen that’s worth seeing, theirs always something you haven’t done. that’s worth is worth the fight getting over the speed bumps even the big ones keep a good heart always from all of us to you your the best

  5. Dal,

    I have spent almost an hour setting up and trying to get Pay Pal to work correctly with no luck, even attempting to find the page set for Jamie, but no luck there either.

    If anyone has any suggestions I sure would appreciate it very much. Very frustrating trying to help someone and you can’t.


    • I had a problem also. I was using IE. Mike suggested that I try Chrome. That worked and I got right in to donate.


      Windy City

    • I have spent 3+ hours. I have not used PayPal for over 15 years – I can NOT update my account – have talked to 2 Customer Service Reps – NADA – They can not tell me how to update my account, and I can NOT open a new account – BS!!! I will try sending a check to Mike – DARN!!!
      It should NOT be this hard to donate some money!!! JDA

      • JDA,
        I to had an old PayPal account and tried several times and it did finally go through. Good luck.

  6. Remember that bag of shredded money that was raffles? The money earen and pooped by Forrest’s dog? We raised $5000+ for the children’s museum for a bag of pooped out, torn up money.

    Goal of $50,000 for this? It is just one more zero folks! Isn’t it time for garage sales? Lemonade stands in the heat of summer? Car wash for cash? Skip one BOTG?

    We all rise!

    • Twingem-
      We actually raised over $7K with that raffle for the Children’s Museum in Santa Fe…
      We also raised over $33K for Renelle when she ran out of funds to treat her cancer…

      This is a wonderful group of folks and I stand in awe as I stand with them…

  7. Jdiggins–

    So sorry to hear about your loss in the fire. I will be sure to donate what I can. All the best to you and God bless you. –sparrow—

  8. Jdiggins – for you and your family


    With a twinkle from her eye
    She wipes a tear and wonders why?
    Is all the work but a lie?
    Is all for nothing but a sigh?

    The answers you will come to know.
    The answers will be worth the woe.
    When you believe but wonder why
    Actions answer and testify.

    Godspeed with your recovery. I’m glad you and your family made it out safe. Someone once said “materials can be bought, but lives can not.”

      • jdiggins im sorry for your loss i wish you a full recovery im glad you and your family made it out safe you are blessed with life the material stuff is nothing compared to your spirit hang in there it will work itself out again keep shining its hard to be positive but you are thats why I believe so many hands are there to brake your fall god speed to a full recovery and being able to lift a finger or two to a destructive fire

          • i need to send a check my pay pal is way to old ill try to sign up for a new one first wishing you good thoughts got to put mom in bed good night to all

          • WELL GOT MOM IN BED and figured that pay pal out i cant recall a fee for sending cash before oh well I guess they woke up when my brain was sleeping , hope it helps wish it was more sorry but best wishes to you and yours as always Jeff Burch Ranee Burch its official yea And Titan.

  9. It took me over an hour but I was finally able to make a donation… I guess that’s what happens when you haven’t used a PayPal account since 2002. Ugh!!

    JDiggins, many thoughts and prayers for you and your family!!


  10. Hi Everyone –

    There are updates here:

    There has been more items donated – I will get an update out soon about how we are going to handle those. I AM SHOCKED! In such a good way. Can’t believe some of the items!

    If you don’t have paypal, you can write Mike a check.

    Lots of other messages and tributes to Jamie and her family.

    AGK will have updates and I will be on Flip Side tonight with further updates on You Tube, but the thread will remain updated as we go.


    • Hey Kris THOR,

      I tried the link,, but get only a blank screen. Could we just email/pay pal,

      Mike Cowling
      3870 East Flamingo Rd
      Ste A2 pmb 212
      Las Vegas, NV 89121

      I think I have some checks under my 8-track collection, but that’s boxed up in storage with the Atari 2600 stuff. :).(checks?)

      Anyway, if this would be okay, let us know, or maybe an update where we can donate.

      So sorry Jdiggins, thoughts are with you from So. Cal.
      We have the Pacific ocean but not a drop of water every year. Where ever you are, don’t feel like a burden, you have friends you don’t even know. Take everything with a smile and know the “community” will support you. Best wishes for you and your family…

  11. JDiggins,

    Hope when all this seems to settle down you are able to restart and make your life better. I know all seems lost but your memories of the good that had happen before this terrible event will live on. As you said there are many who have lost and our thoughts are with them too.

    We are all here to help.
    God Bless,

  12. I was just reading through this page…you are all amazing people with big hearts. My mom was telling me that everyone was checking on her and of course I’ve heard about the many friends she’s made, but I hadn’t quite realized how much of a community you all are until I started scrolling through this page. I intend to explain how much they as well as I would like to thank everyone for even thinking of all of us during this natural disaster, let alone creating a fund raiser. I am so glad my mother has made friends with all of you poets and wanderers, I hope soon enough I can go to an event as well so I can thank you all in person.

    • Lilhunter… So stoked to be called a poet and wanderer 🙂 I’m still working on the poetry part but I wander quite easily 🙂
      Many of my most treasured moments of the Chase include your beautiful mother… She is a true gem and my heart is so happy at all the support our beautiful chase family has to offer to her and her family at this time… I hope to get to meet you some day soon! Give your momma a big hug from me…

  13. I need help.

    When I go to the “” link I get locked out (Something about Certificates).
    Have been unable to proceed.


    • S-KLR
      Some folks are having a great deal of trouble using that PayPal page. About all we can do is hope they figure out what the issue is and fix it…
      Please try again later. Some folks had trouble early today but got in later…

  14. Great people make great things happen.
    We need more of this around the world especially from the 1%.
    It’s not the 1% that makes you great. It’s the 99%.
    I’m sure of that much.

  15. I had no trouble with Paypal early this morning but while I was sleeping I got three phone calls from their fraud department asking if this was legit. I checked this afternoon it appears to have gone through.

  16. Jdiggins,
    Very sorry to hear about your loss from this fire. My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.

  17. To the Jdiggins- help- organizers:

    For those of us who will never do any financial transactions over the
    internet (sorry, Amazon) can there be a hard address for cash and
    check donations please? Does she have a PO box number yet or is
    everything to go through Mike Cowling? What name to put on a check?
    I don’t want to enter the sweepstakes.

    Jdiggins I hope you can raise at least $100,000…you will need more
    than that I am sure, from our experience with the Oakland Hills fire 10/20/91.
    If 1000 card-carrying members of Dal’s brilliant blog here could give
    $100 each that would be a help. Anyone in a tinfoil hat and a big grin is
    OK in my book…take all the help you can get, please!

    Most people don’t know about insurance limitations and MANY other additional
    expenses until they go through a total loss like this. For a quick example,
    there is a difference between “replacement” and “guaranteed replacement”
    insurance ( HO2 and HO3 ) I think are the terms. Who knew?

    I urge everyone who has a house and insurance to check on their
    coverage and upgrade if warranted, and include coverage for building
    code upgrades that have been written after your house was built. All
    of this is my opinion only and not intended as legal or professional


      • I recieved my numbers for the drawing today along with my book frome jenny kile and my trapper book from amazon. lot of reading to do now, hope every one knows mike is getting people their numbers for the drawing stay strong good day to all

  18. All,

    It’s great to see this community once again coming together for one of their own. Let’s all give the media something to talk about in their next article.


  19. Jdiggins – my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep that wonderful spirit well.

  20. JDiggins, there’s a lot of people thinking of you you and your family, hang in there, ok?

  21. I am so sorry to hear of this horrible loss due to fire to one of our fellow chasers. I would like to donate some jewelry or Gemstones for the raffle. Please let me know where I can contact someone for this.

  22. I just used the Paypal link and it worked ok, but was slow. Praying for you JDiggins! Sorry about your cats.

  23. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss, I see the fires on TV and I can’t even imagine. Thank God you and your family are safe and sound. Please email me at thank u.

  24. so sorry jdiggins for all that you have lost.don’t give up hope,prayers go along way.material things can be replaced,but you and your family glad your all ok.I’m sending you a great big hug,and saying its going to be ok.sit back and watch God work.may god bless everybody on this blog.america always comes together.if I could replace all you lost ,I heart goes out to you.

  25. Wow Factor,

    I am amazed at the JDiggin’s donations coming in for this worthy cause. If they don’t inspire you to donate then just do it from the heart.

    Kpro, after seeing the show last night I’m proud for all your doing and for all the other blogs for steeping up too. Let’s try and meet those goals. I know it hard for some the community to give money and that’s understandable, but if you can donate something that would be great. Hey I would be happy to win plate of home made brownies. Just “food” for thought LOL.

    We are strong together,

    • I have been resistant to do You Tube, but what better reason than for this project. I am glad I did it, and hope it makes a difference! Thank you for the nice words.

  26. Wow! I am truly amazed with all of you. How can I begin to say thank you? If I could be like focused and politely respond to each of you, individually, with a heart felt thank you I would, but it would fill the page and take hours as I peck letter by letter on my little phone!
    My children have read all your comments too and it has brought tears of joy and pride to their eyes. They’ve heard about all of you over the years, but never really understood until now how amazing my chase family is.
    Thank you all. Thank you so much. 🙂

  27. Jdiggins,

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I cannot imagine how you are feeling with this great loss. I sent a donation yesterday via paypal.

    May you be blessed with all that you need at this moment.

    Hugs and love,

  28. This from KPro tonight:

    Jamie just received official notification, her home is gone. Everything. She knew it from the news reports, but official notification has made it a tough night. I will put an update out in the morning along with the new items and where we are with fundraising, but I cried. She is so pure of heart and was dreaming for that .01% chance that just maybe she was spared but knew this call was coming.

    Tonight is an extra tough night. So give her a thought, say a prayer, or whatever you do when someone needs a lift, she needs it tonight. Thanks everyone.


  29. From KPro on Saturday Morning, August 11, 2018:

    Today’s Update –

    Jamie officially received notification she lost her home and business. No matter how much she knew, the official notification is a difficult one for her and her family. We send extra thoughts and prayers to her today.

    The community continues to come through for Jamie, please see in bold the NEW items. WOW!!!!! Keep donating people! We are at just about 40 items, so your chances of winning are increasing with all of these wonderful donations!

    Here is a list of items for the drawing, two of them come with a challenge:
    Coin 3 – Paul A. – the donations must be at $10,000+ to have included
    Coin 2 – Paul A. – the total donations must be at $15,000+ to have included

    Items that will be included (bold new):
    • 2 pounds of pure silver, Armenian coin with a Noah’s Ark on it. Uncirculated. (It has a dove carrying an olive branch. Representing peace and Hope. The Arck represents the Forrest Fenn community.)
    • Chasing Forrest Fenn words (fenn words in a searchable PDF) – donation of 3 copies, will increase by one when donations hit 15k, 20k, etc. 15k – 4 copies, 20k – 5 copies. JCM22 **
    • One week condo rental (3bdrm 2 bath) in Vail Colorado. (Based on availability and excludes major holidays – Value $3,000)
    • Seventeen Dollar a Square Inch
    • Benchmark TFTW Wall Hanging Sized Map Signed by FF – Dal
    • 10ozt .999 pure silver bar – JS Gold & Coin of West Chester.
    • 100,000 year old ivory tusk, previously owned by Forrest Fenn – Illinois Ghost*
    • Leon Gaspard: The Call of Distant Places, signed by Forrest Fenn, donated by Rick McDonald
    • Jenny Kile’s (Mysterious Writings) Book
    • 6 Copies of David Rice’s (Desertphile) Book
    • Douglas Preston’s Book, signed by Douglass Preston
    • 3 shirts – Chris Eckman –
    • 2 search coins – 572 & 573
    • 8 search coins – 654, 655, 656, 657, 658, 659, 660, 661
    • $1000 in digital consulting services – JeremyP
    • 2 search coins – 363 & 365
    • Painting – Sean Younis Art*
    • Chase T-shirt –

    *pictures attached
    ** Any individual who donates more then $250 will receive a copy.

    As of Friday 5:00pm $9000 had been raised for Jamie!


  30. KPro answered some questions about the raffle on her forum today. You can read her response on her forum:


    Hi All,

    We have had some questions about the raffle itself. Here is the process that will be used:

    1. All donors will receive their ticket number prior to the drawing by Mike, these will not be public to others, due to privacy. Numbers are verified by another organizer and a notice will go out publicly to ensure everyone has received their numbers. Any issues must be notified 48 hours prior to the drawing event.
    2. The day of the drawing, three people will independently verify that the tickets are all accounted for and included in the drawing.
    3. The tickets will be placed on a table in order, where as part of the live show and the video feed, to show everyone those tickets are included in the drawing. The public can view the table, but not get too close to the table to ensure security. Live streamed.
    4. Directly after verification, the tickets will be placed in a container during the live stream.
    5. The mystery guest will pull the numbers, and will not view the spreadsheet of who has which numbers. The mystery guest will not be in the drawing. The mystery guest is not Forrest Fenn. Live streamed.
    6. There will be a ticket drawing for all supporting prizes, except for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place (Coin1/Memoirs, Coin2, Coin3). These will be drawn one by one and cataloged. Live streamed.
    7. Once all of the supporting prizes are complete, all of those tickets will be put back in the drawing, to ensure everyone has a chance for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. Live streamed.
    8. The 3rd, then 2nd, then 1st prize will be drawn. Live streamed.
    9. All winners will be notified and depending on their prize logistics / shipping will occur.

    Any questions, pm or email me at

  31. As a recently retired and willing to travel electrician, I can help with the rebuild. Dal should have my contact info and I approve him letting you have it. JDF

  32. Jamie–

    The Deputy and I feel your pain from such a traumatic loss of your home; your sanctuary. Homes are very special places where we raise our children and memories of a lifetime are made. Words cannot express how sorry we are for your loss. We pray that time and the new friends made from this tragedy will ease the sorrow.

    Wishing you and your family only the best;

    Sherif Billy and Deputy Katie

  33. Jamie,
    I had two house fires a few years ago & nothing could be saved. I had to remind myself everyday that the really important things were not lost. Material objects are just that, memories & family are the true treasures. Although the months ahead will be difficult know we are all lighting a candle on both ends for you. Keep looking towards the heavens & you will always know your path.
    Blessed Be, Birdie

  34. First time poster here. Saw this thread and just had to help out. If we don’t help each other, who will, eh? The check is in the mail, as they say.

    Heartfelt best wishes to jdiggins and family in this time of tribulation.


  35. Hi everyone!
    I just want to say how proud I am to be a part of the chase community. You are a wonderful group of kind and caring people. Please know that I am not a quitter, and your thoughtfulness and support has strengthened my resolve even more. The most important thing is that we are alive, and lucky enough to have the opportunity for a new chapter in our lives! I’m hoping now that you can all smile for me because I am smiling for you! 🙂
    God Bless!

    • Awesome attitude in the toughest of times.

      I wish the best for you and your family.

      I would like to see this Helping Jdiggins Post pinned to the top of the New Posts category if possible. That would help remind those like me who would like to continue to help as budgets allow beyond the end of this month. Once it gets buried in Blog history it will be too easy to overlook.

  36. Today’s update

    We hit $10,000!!!!!! Whoooo hoooo! Coin 3 is now in the drawing. At $15,000 coin 2 will be included.

    I have made a two page flyer to help communicate the overall effort and the items received to date to add to the raffle (there are currently 40 additional items!). (I emailed it to dal in case he can include it at the top or something).

    Let me or Cowlazar know if you have questions. We love you Jamie!!! We love you chase community!

  37. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family JDiggins. We almost lost our home in a forrest fire about 12 yrs ago. Hope my small donation helps a tiny bit. Great to see the community pulling together!

  38. This is the first time I have been on the forums/blogs to post. I read them most of the time but never felt the need to post. Well this has changed. What you are doing changed my perspective of people. I saw a tragedy happen to one member of your group and everyone banded together to help her. I first saw the notice on my Facebook account and went over to Jenny’s site and then to Dal’s site and saw links to competitors sites to help one person. WOW!!! You are doing an amazing thing and is refreshing to see these days.

  39. Jamie,
    Praying for you and your family. Hope you are all blessed by the outpouring of love and support from this community. Your positive outlook is inspiring!
    Chase Fan

  40. Update from Cowlazars on Monday Evening:

    $12,131.75 donated by 189 people. 477 entries in the drawing
    18 days to go!


  41. Highlights of today’s update:
    We made it to $12,500+!

    Several items were donated, including an awesome BOTG backpack from Jason Dent (thank you Jason!). (See THOR for a list of all the items)

    Two events are being planned:
    1. Thursday after-drawing gathering to be held at the Blue Corn Cafe catty-corner from the bookstore. Full bar and restaurant. Informal gathering for search friends.
    2. Friday morning brunch at the Tesuque Village Market Place at 9:30. This venue is in the village of Tesuque, a few miles north of Santa Fe. You must contact kpro to get on the list, a reservation is required and space is limited.

    If sending checks, you MUST include an email to Mike or you will not be included in the drawing.

    Thanks all!

  42. So, is this where we send checks?

    Mike Cowling
    3870 East Flamingo Rd
    Ste A2 pmb 212
    Las Vegas, NV 89121

  43. From KPro Wednesday

    Highlights of today’s update:
    We made it to $12,500+!

    Several items were donated, including an awesome BOTG backpack from Jason Dent (thank you Jason!).

    Two events are being planned:
    1. Thursday after-drawing gathering to be held at the Blue Corn Cafe catty-corner from the bookstore. Full bar and restaurant. Informal gathering for search friends.
    2. Friday morning brunch at the Tesuque Village Market Place at 9:30. This venue is in the village of Tesuque, a few miles north of Santa Fe. You must contact kpro to get on the list, a reservation is required and space is limited.

    If sending checks, you MUST include an email to Mike or you will not be included in the drawing.

    K Pro

    • W O W – Don’t mess with Mother Nature – She is nasty!! – So sorry for all of those that were hurt by these fires – JDA

    • jdiggins (Jamie) – a picture may be worth a thousand words, but I bet these do not do it justice concerning the utter devastation being shown. My heart goes out to you and your family. Being a former “smoke eater”, pictures like these just break my heart.

  44. Wow, that is terrible. Thank God that no one was injured. All the more incentive to kick in to the fundraiser for them. Thanks for posting, Dal.

    Semper Fi,

    Windy City

    • My eyes were leaking earlier just seeing the pictures but this video really hit my heart hard. I can’t imagine what you are going through Jamie…

      Love your spirit and your “resolve” 🙂

      Hang in there and I think I might start calling you Squirrel… Because there is that. 🙂

    • Truly heartbreaking! It has to be devastating to come home and find … that!

      Nature can be beautiful, but she is certainly not a tame creature. Tragedies like this are sober reminders of that fact.

      • Jdiggins, I believe you and your family are strong and you’re going to pull through this challenging time. Prayers will continue.

  45. You guys sure are a wonderful group. You put a light at the end of the tunnel! It helps me to feel the love!! Thank you! 🙂

  46. Can’t believe it! We are over $15,000!! Yeah! Coin #2 is in the drawing! A number of new items donated, I will be working on an expanded flyer today and hope to have published later today. MAGIC!

  47. The raffle is September 6th at 2pm in Santa Fe…

    If you want to write a check for the raffle rather than use PayPal…make the check out to Mike Cowling and send it to:
    Mike Cowling
    3870 East Flamingo Rd
    Ste A2 pmb 212
    Las Vegas, NV 89121

    If you have any questions about the raffle or donating items you should contact Kristie:

    If you want to get more information immediately about the raffle, including pics of the prizes…, go to:

  48. From Cowlazars on Sunday morning:

    Donation and drawing update for everyone.
    As of 8/19 $16030.72 has been raised by 233 people.
    We have 639 entries in the drawing and I have emailed the first 181 numbers out.
    We are basically at the half way point of the donation window (12 days left)

    • What is the status concerning the number of entries and the number of e-mails being sent out with numbers?

      Asking for a friend. 🙂

  49. This from Kris…aka KPro this morning:

    This is HUGE!

    Please, everyone listen with big ears (to quote Forrest).

    As of today we have raised $16,255.72 to help Jamie Jordan, who lost her home and business in the terrible Mendocino Fire. If we can get enough donations to raise that figure to $26,255.72 by August 31, Forrest will donate $10,000 to Jamie. That will give us $36,255.72. WOW!

    Please help us spread this word around the search community because we need everybody’s help.
    Here is the paypal:

    • That is great news! I’ll wrestle my budget and see what I can squeeze out of it for another donation!

      We can do this!

  50. I feel so blessed. Thank you forrest! Thank you cynthia, kpro, dal, mike, Sean, toby, Jason, sacha, Janet, for your contributions of time and effort, thank you my fellow searchers, my chase family, you all are lifting my spirits. 
    Crazy, I’m in this situation, but all of you help make it seem a whole lot less….i feel the love…and I love you all. Thank you for your support, and thank you for all the beautiful messages, notes and words of encouragement.

    • Jfuggubs et al, blew the dust off my paypal act last night, of course I don’t remember my password and now I have a different cell number! Anyhow making a minimum donation today for sure, we can reach the goal!

      • oops, Sorry Jdiggins don’t know how I messed up your name like that! no glasses and using my phone probably, anyhow, all set up with new PP act and donation sent just now, I’m in!

  51. There are now two ways to help out JDiggins and her husband, Bill with their home and business loss in the Mendocino Fire…
    KPro has a raffle with a lot of really great and some rare items donated …
    You can find out more and buy tickets on KPro’s site here:

    Cynthia is also hosting a silent auction for the Forrest donated, original illustration of the Gypsies Dancing Around the Campfire from TTOTC page 43.
    As of this moment the bidding is up to almost $1,790…
    Remember, this is to help JDiggins and Bill rebuild their home…
    They lost EVERYTHING…we can help…
    To see how the semi-silent auction is going and to bid on the original book art…
    Go to Cynthia’s blog…

  52. Remember…if we can reach $26,255.72 in the auction on KPro’s site by August 31st Forrest will add $10K to the pot…
    Holy Cow…!!
    Please help get us to the $26K mark…
    Forrest doesn’t need that $10K…lol…
    and JDiggins and Bill will be greatly helped by it…

  53. As of Tuesday night, August 21st, Mike reports:
    $19067.64 donated by 262 people
    730 entries for the raffle.

  54. Update on August 23rd from Cowlazars

    As of 10 minutes ago we are at
    $19,822.94 by 272 people with 755 entries in the drawing.
    by my math we have $6803.08 to go to get the 10K match from Forrest.

  55. I’m seeing wonderful things come to be,
    In the pooling of resources to benefit me.
    I may have lost a lot in the fire,
    But you all have raised my spirit higher.
    You’ve given me hope, and inspiration
    That there’s a plus to this situation.
    I get to start a life anew
    And I’m part of such a wonderful crew!

    Plus, theres 60 prizes to win!!! Woohoo!


  56. An important message to all raffle ticket buyers from Cowlazars…

    I have 12 donations with no way to contact the person due to invalid email or no email. If they do not contact me by Saturday Sept 1 they will not get assigned a number and will not be in the drawing.

    Post this for everyone:

    If you donated your numbers for the drawing have been emailed to you. If you do not have your numbers you must email COWLAZARS@GMAIL.COM or you will not be in the drawing.


  57. I just want to say thank you to you Dal, for helping to promote the raffle…
    Thank you Kpro for going above and beyond in time and effort. ..
    Thank you Cynthia for your coordination and efforts with the auction and upcoming events…
    Thank you Cowlazers for all the logistic work and more…
    Thank you Toby for your patience and tireless effort to get the word out and me up and running….
    Thank you Jenny, Sean, Sacha, Janet, Billy, Leeroy, and everyone else involved in further promotions….
    Thank you to those of you who donated such awesome raffle items….
    Thank you to everyone for your donations, kind words and help for recovery for myself and my husband…
    Thank you Forrest for your generous challenge and huge contribution for both the grand prize and the dollar match!!!

    I am truly grateful, with all my heart, and extremely proud to be part of such a wonderful and amazing community of people…my chase family! You have lifted a HUGE burdon , raised my spirits, and inspired me to persevere!!!
    Much love to you all!!!

    • JDiggins: enjoyed watching the 6-panel chat tonight and am thrilled for you that not only was Forrest’s target challenge reached — it was blown past in spades! What a great Fenn Community coming together to support one of its own!

      • Thanks zap! Isn’t it amazing! Everyone is amazing! Thanks for was my video debut and I couldn’t see anyone…i was trying to watch on my phone without my glasses so I kinda looked stuck up lol! Im not, I’m just blind and technologically challenged!!! 🙂

      • Exactly. Helping her is important. I know of some people, one in particular that should never be helped. But helping this community is a no brainer. Its the love from these people that shows us how to live.

    • All,

      This is the stuff that the media needs to pay attention to when talking about the chase. We are a great community!


    • You deserve it girl You are a true blue person never once have you ever tryed to betray or hurt anyone a real team player in the chase I hope u and the hubby make great new beginnings

    • Can’t recall if it’s $50,000 or $60,000 to see Toby in a Wonder Woman shirt/outfit. 🙂

  58. FYI From KPro-
    The Gypsy Illustration went for $8100.09 !! in a separate silent auction hosted on Cynthia’s website…
    Mike will send out exact numbers, but we are about $43,000+ for JDiggins…

    You can still buy tickets for all the other wonderful items being that will be raffled off next week…
    Jamie will be at the event!!!
    To see the items and buy tickets…:
    Better hurry…not a lot of time left to get in on the raffle!

      • Nelika Nardelli, who paid more than $8,100 for the gypsy drawing in Cynthia’s auction is
        coming to the raffle pull. She wants to meet Jamie and the rest of the search gang. I wonder if Desertphile will loan me a clean shirt to wear? Oh, never mind, he probably doesn’t have one. f

      • I got my donation in and plan to be at the drawing in spirit.

        –Not really sure how that ever got to be an expression as it seems to imply I am going to haunt the drawing.

        JDiggins, I am sorry it is not more but I am happy that the positive energy of the community has at least lessened your sorrow. And at least I can be a small piece of that community.

  59. Hi everyone
    I am donating the treasure box! I was not able to get it to kpro for Saturday Show..but….I sent pictures. I want you to know I am putting even more in this since pictures. So much that It will overflow into a treasure bag! So it will be there soon! Ill try to get the whole list updated!
    Treasures some are, a idaho polished star garnet from a old mans collection, septer crystal from Montana collected by me! Pearls, gold earrings, many cool fossils, little faceted gems and more surprises!
    I really enjoy doing this.
    Carry on!

  60. Did overlook it ? When and where is the drawings going to be held? And is it open for searchers to attend?

    Jdiggins… my prayers are still with your rebuilding process… have a great day… until next time.. see ya my friend

    • Hello Focused. It will be held at the Collected Book Works on Sept. 6 at 2 p.m. (Mountain Time). Searchers are invited. Perhaps you may want to contact Cynthia to let her know if you’ll be able to attend so that they may be better prepared for attendance.

    • I bought a 2000 roll, thinking it would be enough by hundreds if not a thousant. Haha. I hope I have to buy a second roll.

      Thank you to Mike, he has donated all of his time to this. He is special beyond words, I am glad to have him on the team!

  61. NOTE-
    Tickets for the raffle to benefit JDiggins (Jamie) who lost her home and business in the Mendocino fire are only available til 5pmMST today…FRIDAY…
    Please make a donation …and receive raffle tickets for a host of incredible prizes…

        • I at least made sure to sneak a donation in right before 5 pm in a weird attempt to get the last number.

          • AwewGeez I just made my donation I thought I had until midnight 🙂 Oh well It still goes to JDiggins and I was going to give back anything I won anyway… Except that shirt with the stick man on it I want one of those… 🙂 I’m going to try and make it down but not 100% sure yet. Anyone going to be in the West Yellowstone area on Monday the 3rd or Tuesday 4th next week?

    • Where can I confirm whether or not I won something? My connection to YouTube this afternoon kept cutting out and I missed some of the numbers called out. Is there a list of prizes with the winning numbers next to them so folks can see if they won anything? If so, where is this?

      • Hello swwot. I believe I heard on the video that Mike (Cowlazar) will have the numbers available in a day or two and can be found on the following link:

  62. Last-Second-Help from Berlin, Germany… stay strong jdiggins!!! Everything will be fine! Best wishes, TLo

  63. All,
    Words can’t describe my gratitude, they just aren’t enough.
    Leaving in the morning, driving to Santa Fe for the drawing. Good luck to all of you, thank you all for your kind words and all around are truly amazing. I hope to meet you in Santa Fe! If not, perhaps in the future..
    God bless!

    • Your cup runneth over and it is evident that your gratitude is abundant! I hope someone videos the event and get together so this Florida boy can feel the moment up close! Safe travels Jdiggins, and have a grand old time with our Chase tribe!

  64. Jdiggins,

    I don’t know if you went across Nevada or down and across Arizona
    to Santa Fe. If you come back across I 40 I recommend a stop at
    Newberry Springs Ca. for a buffalo burger at the Bagdad Cafe on old
    Route 66 parallel with the freeway.

    This is where much of the cult film “Bagdad Cafe” with Jack Palance
    and CCH Pounder was filmed in 1987. It’s an enduring and endearing
    film 30 years later. If you haven’t seen it I recommend it for sometime
    when you need a pick-me-up.

    One caution: even now an average of 7 tour busses a day filled with
    either German or French tourists stop there on the way from LA to
    Laughlin for a quick photo op. The film starred a famous German
    actress and with financing from the German Film Commission it
    is still popular in Europe. Safe travels to you.


  65. Hello Dal. Do you know if there will there be a live link to tomorrow’s raffle drawing? Any information is greatly appreciated.

  66. Well I sent the Treasure Chest donation to Collected Works. But Im not sure it will be there on time. Im so sorry! I had a crazy hard couple of weeks myself! Dealing with the sudden death of a friend etc. Needed to send earlier. But……no
    Lots of great stuff inside! Someone will enjoy.
    Its for a great cause. You all are wonderful!

    • Lou Lee, that’s great!! It’s wonderful that you donated that chest. I’m sure whoever wins it will ‘Treasure’ it!

      Did you provide Kpro (Kristie) with the tracking information from whichever entity you chose to ship it with?…. Her email is

      That way she will know when it is supposed to arrive.

    • Really sorry for your loss and I hope you are doing alright. I would assume they can work around it if it arrives after today but it sound like great stuff!

  67. Thanks Idle and Loco
    Well got a smile out of Forrest and me when kpro said its not Forrests treasure chest!
    So that was cool.
    What a fun afternoon. Don’t think I won any tv hing but the feed went out a few times. Will see.
    Anyone else won anything?
    DAL, were you watching?

  68. Thank you to all those who made this raffle possible for Jdiggins and her family. Congratulations to all the winners.

  69. I just got around to watching the raffle drawing and seeing Jamie and her husband get that check was just wonderful. ( Jamie, you made me cry, but happy tears! ) what a bunch of great people in this search community.

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