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Discover a world of Hidden Treasures in Armchair Treasure Hunts by Jenny Kile. Jenny manages the blog, Mysterious Writings, about games, mysteries and treasure hunts. She also publishes answers to searchers burning questions by Forrest Fenn and other Forrest related important information.

Inside Jenny’s book you will be introduced to over twenty different quests for hidden treasure. Some have been solved, but others wait to be solved, and you could be the one to find their treasures!

The foreword of Armchair Treasure Hunts is written by Forrest Fenn. Does he offer a clue for finding his million dollar chest of gold hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe within those words? If not there, maybe he does on the last page of the book. He generously provided a special note to searchers of The Thrill of the Chase to end the book. But it’s in code. Can you solve it and discover what he says?
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  1. Fenn has presented a very difficult code. I have not seen another one like it and may prove unbreakable. It is a set of non repeating numbers 1-80 in apparently random order. It resembles a Mexican Army cipher in some respects but it could be tied to some document as the key. I really don’t have any ideas on where to start. Would like to hear from other people and their ideas. Dan

    • There is a post for
      Treasure Quest 1
      And a post for
      Treasure Quest 2
      Feel free to add comments on either post!

  2. Q) Did Forrest create the code?
    A) Forrest was aware of what I was doing,
    and gave me the words to encode.
    I encoded them.

    Jenny’s page on

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