Again and Again…

By  Diggin Gypsy

I went back to my spot twice in one month. How many of us do that? You drive 1900 miles there and 1900 back, then get home and realize I should of looked under that dang rock lol 😂 

Probably only me. I’m crazy like that.  

So I was walking in a field and and the grass was really tall and tripped across some old metal. It was cool. I grabbed a piece and was gonna take it back to Georgia then my shoe became full of these sand spur like things I turned around to put my foot on a rock and wow there was wire on it like a x and a little piece of wood.

Lol, brave and in the wood.

I really didn’t give it much thought I was only thinking how the spurs hurt And how badly I was gonna feel while dragging that metal back to the truck.

Lol, I think the altitude messes with your thinking process out there.

So we drive back home to Georgia and I start thinking, “could that of been the blaze”? 

Mildew the hat had a covering over a hole with wire and it was like an anchor of some sort, like on Peggy’s swim suit. Well, we drove all the way back and nope it wasn’t under that rock. So we camped at beaver creek campground. It is so peaceful out there. No sounds at all.  Just a moose and baby that roam the woods. I love walking the trails behind the campground. You can find all kinds of cool stuff from the earthquake while looking around Earthquake Lake. We were there August 17 and it was kind of scary staying there on the same date as the earthquake in 1959.   

Walking around I found this old bed stuck in sagebrush. All I could think of was someone sleeping in it that fearful night.

I guess when this guy found it, it was in better shape.

I know many of us have searched Hebgan Lake all the way down to Earthquake Lake many many times. Donna M is one. After you go there a few times you sorta have a connection with that place and all its scattered little treasures.

We camped in front of that cool “F” that hovers over Rock Creek. The “ole coot” said it took him all week to make it, lol. So I searched Rock Creek once again knowing that wasn’t really the blaze but a cool area. 

The creek looks like a waterfall .

I bounce around when I’m out there. To learn the area I take my time and explore and try to see what Forrest would have seen.   

To get cell signal I had to drive to the Earthquake Visitor Center and I would sit by this guy who slept a lot.  I think he is  “Head of the Mountain”, lol.  

I had to go search under his chin  wasn’t there either but that would of been a great blaze I asked the “ole coot”  if that was his lunk headed blaze. He didn’t respond. I guess he didn’t think it was funny.

I explored more with my huge imagination.  I looked over on another mountain and saw a grizz staring at me.   All I could think of was the “ole coot” telling me I was whom the Grizz fears.   

So I went and looked under that grizzly of a mountain. Wasn’t there either. Another good blaze  I left it for others to find.

Here was my search team this year. Me and my sister and nephew sam and my husband John standing with Dal  whom we ran into in town.  We had a great evening with Dal, Kathy and Spalies, all great people to hang around with not just because they will buy your dinner and a good Montana beer, lol. Just “good down home people” as the south would say.

So have at it y’all it’s still out there!

Team Diggin Gypsy




71 thoughts on “Again and Again…

  1. I can relate to again and again and then when u get home you think of something else. Drives me crazy!!! Just when I think I’m done, I’m not.
    Your pictures were great especially the bear I see the resemblance. Maybe if you didn’t call him an Ol Coot he may answer you!!!! Ha ha ha.
    Glad u had a expensive and nice trip!!!

  2. Nice Post DG. LOTS of Blazes – Keep on lookin’ The next one just might be the right one. 1900 miles 4 times – PHEW I am tired just from readin’ about it – 🙂 JDA

  3. It’s always worth the effort. Great trip!

    I had sort of that trip. My special place is different, but still 1700 miles or so, one way.
    When I went last month I had the same problem with the mountain air. Seems like my brain won’t start working again until I get back to more familiar flat land. After 3 days I headed home. After one good night of sleep I thought of all the mistakes I might have made and things I ahould have done. That morning I drove east another 30 miles, enough time to realize I didn’t want to think about it for another whole year. So I made a u-turn and drove 500 miles back for a 4th day.
    And I already have a new should have list.
    Maybe I won’t wait another year. You only live once you know.

    I am done saying I’m done.

  4. Marti-
    It was fun meeting up with you and John and Spallies in West Yellowstone…by the way…that selfie of you and Spallies and The Dude is absolutely wonderful…

  5. Awesome. That rock sure peaked my interest. Glad you went back or I would have been wondering. Lol. I am heading out for 5 day in a few weeks. I’ll let you guys know….

    • Keep us posted nate and yea that darn rock was perfect I got mad at it and thru it off a cliff lol

    FROM IT!
    good trip anyway..

    • With all the claims of correct solves this weekend this was the first one to pop up that definitely made me wonder if the chase was over. I ended up scrolling to the bottom prematurely just to satisfy the creeping bewilderment and sighed with relief. Of course, the next time you (Diggin Gypsy) look under that rock the chase might very well be over. At that same time, good luck, you definitely fit what I believe Forrest would consider deserving of his prize.

  7. It’s really good to hear from ya, DG!! I would have done the same thing, going back to the rock! Don’t you just hate that? It’s a long drive , but it would have driven me nuts thinking I was that close and didn’t look .
    If you drive through Texas soon, swing by and pick me up. Lol
    Take care and thank you for sharing another great adventure with us!

    • Me to I’ve collecting artifacts for many years That’s why I got intrigued with the ole coot

  8. I love these stories. Some amazing sites out there. I hold my breath as each one of these come in to my inbox with a bit of dread that someone else has found it. Not really hating that Gypsy or someone could find it, but rather hoping that it’s not found before I get to share my own story too. Preferrably not the chased by a bear or mountain lion type of story either. I finally have a chance to go out west for work next week and plan to take a few days on the tail end to have a bit of an adventure of my own. My spots of interest have been picked over dozens of times for sure but I really don’t care. I think it’s a cool place to visit anyway, and there really is a thrill to the chase.

  9. Dear Diggin’,
    I enjoyed seeing pictures of your adventure. Its always interesting to see abandonded items, makes you wonder about their story. Virtual drinks on me, a toast to the chase.

    • I so agree. My late wife was always going on and on about the possible stories of the people who might have lived or worked in in abandoned buildings we would sometimes see on our travels. She would have loved seeing these pictures and reading these adventures. I do too.

      I think she had the perfect mind to understand Forrest’s poem, and I feel like half a searcher without her at my side.

      Keep on Diggin’.

      • I’m sorry ray Henry she sounds like someone I’d of liked to have known you make sure you keep her living thru your eyes nothing cooler than finding a little piece of the past and thinking of what once was just even that little piece of china I found I wonder who took there last sip of coffee out of that before the earthquake May not be a arrowhead but still has a story none the less just like your beautiful wife Big hugs

      • I’m very sorry for your loss, Ray Henry.
        So many of us have lost that significant part of our lives.
        It’s kind of strange how things work out. After my wife passed I was lost. My sister told me about how Teddy Roosevelt lost both his wife and mother on the same day and then escaped out west. Now, here I am, going out west and finding a recovery myself. And my sister is a supporter of my search, even though I know from her overly done interest in my trips that she doesn’t think I will every find the answers to this great riddle.

        Women. What would we do without them?

      • Yeah. I discovered the Chase not long after she passed. In some ways, it’s as if she nudged me to it, saying, “Here is this nifty thing you can do. Have fun with it for me. Listen for me in the waters. Look for me in the aspen leaves.” 🙂

        Heh. She loved otters. She swam like one, and claimed her spirit animal was an otter. If I am the one who finds Indulgence, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a river otter sitting on the chest, as if to say, “What took you so long, silly?” LOL

        I am discovering that most searchers have their “arrowheads” and some deeply personal story about what brought them to the Chase. I guess a lot of us are searching for something beyond mere gold, even if some haven’t quite nailed down what else it is they are searching for. Of course, finding the gold would be nice too. 🙂

    • I think it’s fun I never walk away from searching disappointed I always find some treasure even if it ain’t worth nothing but just to me I brought that metal triangle thing home Just to remember that search I’ll put a date on it and where it came from and hang it on my barn lol

    • Aww thank you and yep always fun finding anything old on the ground My favorites are the old 1800s homes and barns tho I would of really liked Eric Sloan

    • I wouldn’t do that I think I’m running out of brain power lol maybe I’ll start drinking V8 juice

  10. Wonderful post. Love it. Your picture of the trees and the mountain in the background made my heart jump. If you look at the lower bottom and a little to the right you see a man in a hat with a child in front of him. Maybe the trees and brush form them to trick the eye. Do you see them?

  11. Some of the voids on the other side of that big rock can go pretty deep. You definitely need a flashlights to see down in them. I liked your pics.

  12. Diggin’, You said you went back to your spot twice in one month… how many of us would do that? Probably only you. 1900 miles each way. Well, I would do that… and I have done it this summer in July. But I only have to drive 900+ miles each way… so you win because that makes you twice as crazy as I am!!
    Thanks for sharing your story and pictures. I’m thrilled to have spent just a fraction of time in “your area” but it’s enough to at least understand a bit about the surroundings when you write about it. I also stayed in the Cabin Creek area, and like you, went to the same visitor center to get my email.
    It’s awesome you got to spend time with Spallies and Dal. Hopefully you pointed Dal in the right direction to FF’s treasure with this story! cynthia

    • dal Keeps going backwards in the chase every time I look back now he is in the dang park searching lol Wrong spot dal wrong spot lol Quit following esmarelda to them guysers lol And I guess Crazy is ok Cynthia as long as we can afford our crazy meds lol

  13. Nice write up Diggin. Every great adventure deserves…a return trip. There’s always a darn rock or log that didn’t get flipped. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep wondering about it either. Always enjoy your pics.

    • Thanks Ramona can’t wait to read a write up story from you one day I know you are sitting on some great solves and we all wanna here them

  14. I very much enjoyed visiting the Hebgen/Earthquake Lake area in person this summer. Like most areas of the Rockies, there is definitely a character to the area that only can be appreciated by being there in person, which does not translate to the satellite images on Google Earth. The area of the quake and the natural dam that was formed is certainly a place of “heavy loads”!

    I can appreciate your intrigue in this area, DG! Happy searching, and don’t lose that imagination!

    • Yea it’s a cool place and you really have to hike there a lot to see all the beauty and what it has to offer and my imagination just seems to get bigger and bigger lol like the rock head on the mnt lol

  15. It’s always on the drive back… But yeah, I did the same thing for a rock (as you’ll see in my solve once Dal gets to posting it).

    I’m jealous of you finding all that stuff in your search area – it’s mostly trash I suppose, but it’s something you can at least easily take back and have as a memento.

  16. You seriously have a gift for relaying your adventures….you mix everything all intriguing lighthearted and fun….but still everyone knows you’re dangerous when it comes to searching. Love it. Thanks for sharing….and being an inspiration to so many of us!

    Room 4 is my favorite 😉

    • The room number 4 is actually on the front of the motel looks to be the original number me and spallies left it there for you to go back and get I thinks that’s the address of the dude and thanks jonesey your kind words makes me wanna break you out of your cubical and ya gotta leave bob behind and we go have a fun day

  17. Marti: your stories always put a smile on my face! If you ever write a book about all your adventures, I’ll be the first in line to buy it. What I like most is that in spite of all the miles (which by now probably would probably take you to the Moon!) you have a positive outlook and genuinely seem to be enjoying yourself. Great attitude, great sense of humor. I’m sure you are just the sort of person Forrest had in mind when he was asked, “Mr. Fenn, who is the audience for your book?”

    • As a ole coot told me one time if you could write right you could make a good book lol well I’m outta luck I talk like I write Thanks Zap I do have fun for sure

  18. Yellowstone is always nice treasure or not!
    Nice write up and loved the pictures. Someday hope to meet you chasers!
    Best wishes,

    • New Mexico is a legit contender for folks searching there. Until you have the
      TC in hand, it is risky to discount NM. Please don’t underestimate FF.
      As always, IMO.

  19. I can positively identify the rock with the crossed wire, that was a drag used by a fur trapper. I have come across them many times over the years, some with an old trap still attached by a chain. They were used when logs were scarce in the trapping area. If I can find some old photos of these I will post. The stick was used to tighten up the wire so it would not slip and roll off the rock. Still a pretty cool find that probably dates back to a time trapping was still allowed in the area. Your also not the only one that searches your area then drives miles and miles home then thinks of something else and goes back at the quickest chance with a new idea! My latest trip involved a hapless deer and I am grounded until insurance gets things put back in order. Forrest is sure ensuring strong domestic tourism!

  20. I love your stories DG!
    We do the same driving back and forth thing cause we regretted missing something we should have checked..or if I had an epiphany. Our first trip we got home after 2000 mile round trip, went to bed, woke up and left again for another four days! I miss that.
    Thanks for sharing!

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