Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety One…




George and Me

George Montgomery was born in 1916, which made him 14 years my senior, but we didn’t care about that. We were really good friends who collected western art and Indian artifacts together. He was a movie star and an artist. Our gallery sold his bronzes. We both loved Montana where I spent many summers. He was born in Brady, MT, and half of his ashes are buried there.

But our similarities started slowing down really fast after that. He was a genuine cowboy who worked on his family ranch. That was nothing I wanted because they had to get up too early, work outside when the ground was frozen, and dig fence post holes in the blazing summer sun.

Other dissimilarities: George was 6’3”, strikingly handsome, possessed the gift of glib in a good way, and made 105 movies. Some with John Wayne.

And he was haunted by a fear of flying the likes of which may be noted in the broad annals of aviation history. One time we were having Frito Pie at the Santa Fe Five and Dime on the plaza. Our spellbinding stories to each other occupied too much time in the telling, but we loved them anyway.

Suddenly George looked at his watch and cried, “Oh God, I’m going to miss my plane.” He had an important meeting in LA that absolutely could not be missed. I thought he might collapse, and the airport in Albuquerque was 65 miles away. “George,” I shrieked, “You can make it if I fly you to ABQ, what do you think?” He looked horrified. “Ok”, he whimpered.

Twenty-five minutes later we were in my little propeller driven airplane heading south. Albuquerque Center handed us off to Approach Control, who turned us over to the tower. They cleared us to enter a right base leg for runway 27 and we were number 2 in the pattern. An aircraft on a half-mile final approach was cleared to land ahead of us.

Well, the small airplane ahead of us crashed on the runway and started to smoke. Two people crawled out of the wreckage and fled. Suddenly there was a lot of commotion on the radio.

George looked straight ahead and didn’t say anything.

The excited tower operator reported that runway 27 was now closed and advised us to enter a right base leg for the north/south runway. We touched down over a mile away from the accident and didn’t interfere with the copious emergency vehicles that raced down a taxiway.

George looked straight ahead and didn’t say anything.

After some back-and-forth discourse with Ground Control, we were cleared to taxi to the gate where his jumbo jet was loading passengers through an up-ramp.

When I stopped, George quickly got out of my plane, jumped off the wing and boarded the airliner just as the door was about to close.

I don’t remember if I yelled goodbye. f










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  1. I was scared just reading this! But I’d rather have Forrest flying than anyone else on the planet.

    • Allen, I would rather have Mr. Fenn fly also, well my husband a great pilot too and I completely trust him!

  2. Thanks Forrest. Great story. Can you let us know if you ever saw something in the air you could not explain? If there is any representative on Earth that I hope they consult, it is you. Dave

  3. Thank you Forrest. That was a very enjoyable story! Please keep them coming!
    Tom, Coreda and Ming

  4. Thanks Forrest! Love reading your SB’s. I am amazed he even got on the plane. A friend of mine has a beechcraft musketeer and he took me up flying once so that I could fly for a while (we flew up by the Mission Mountains to Flathead lake and back to MSO). I don’t think George would have enjoyed that flight. The wings were below the cockpit so he had to angle the plane so I could take pictures. We laughed at one time as he circled over one house 12 times in a tight loop. We figured they might wear tin foil hats after that if they had seen us. When we landed he told me (not sure of the exact words) that he shouldn’t of flown like that and we wouldn’t be doing that again. I still hope to learn to fly but hopefully more like you (correctly) and land right side up.

  5. Cool story , Forrest! Those two may have enjoyed some American Pie afterwords, with Peggy and you!

  6. George was married to Dinah Shore for 20 years and was frequently on her TV show with his bronzes. She always asked him where he showed his work and he always said, “The prestigious Fenn Gallery in Santa Fe.” He never forgot to make me buy him a steak dinner after that happened.

    • Your on a roll ole coot keep it up you might get me off the couch one more time before winter lol I’m sure u got people drooling over blazin sun they all putting there boots on and going to there sun blazes

    • I wonder if the guy who ran that gallery might have suggested that there was a steak dinner in it for him if he slipped in a plug?

    • Dinah shore she got around she was with Burt Reynolds too I bet she had a great story to tell I gotta now go google this man George I bet I’ve watched him in westerns

    • Mr. Fenn, that was a fun story.
      I enjoyed Dinah Shore show, she was down to earth.
      Thank you for posting Mr. Fenn, my mouth is watering thinking about a steak
      Incorrigible, Martha

    • That was a long right turn in the pattern Mr. Fenn. I wonder how George’s important meeting turned out?

      Great story, for a moment I found myself in the cockpit imagining how that all went down, if you saw the crash happening and the commotion or were you too busy looking for the other runway. Take care, Jeff

    • Many years ago, ABQ was the destination for one of my training x-country flights. I remember it well because there was an odd desert haze over the airport which I blamed for my imperfect landing. I hung out at one of the FBOs for a little bit, got some fuel, had a really good pizza (even better because someone else paid for it) and then headed back to Sky Harbor. Those are the days I yearn for again.

      • TTR,

        I ended up out in that area once. Me and my need to complete my cross country IFR training legs was the only thing between a couple Navy flight instructors and their strong desire to go snow skiing at Taos. Next thing i know, a fellow Navy Ensign and I were off to N.M. from Whiting Field along with our flight instructors.

        I will have to check my flight log book to see where we landed. Funny how we forget, then remember, and yes yearn to relive those great memories. Thanks for jarring that one loose again. Jeff

    • Great story Forrest! I can just imagine George’s fearful tunnel vision, he was probably stiff as a board too, lol. Glad you both found another runway to make your final approach away from the wreckage. I’m glad all ended well and George caught his plane after all …and in record time no doubt. An Ace fighter pilot for an Uber driver…I’d take that ride anyday! Lol!

    • It’s getting cold in the Rockies and snow is expected in places below 10,200′. Time to call the season and retreat to the chair beside the fireplace? I think so. Hope to see everyone still searching in 2020.

  7. Love flying stories!
    I think I would like to add flying with Forrest fenn to my bucket list.
    Would Love to get to Santa Fe and take a short hop with you Forest.
    It would be an honor and probably a lot of fun. Then I could write it in my Memoir,
    Flying with Fenn….can’t soar any higher

  8. Nice story Forrest. Having been an Air Force and FAA air traffic controller for 12 days shy of 34 years and working at very busy hubs I have seen some close calls. Also, having owned and flown 3 Cherokee Six aircraft I almost became a statistic over the runway at CLT on a clear but very windy winter day. Severe windshear on very short final to touchdown turned the plane on its side and I saw the runway out my window about 150 feet below us. Seeing the runway in a low wing piper out your window was very close to being unrecoverable, especially at low altitude. Quick thinking and reaction on the part of my extremely experienced (20 plus years) pilot friend in the right seat saved our lives. On landing we broke a strut and limped lopsided into the FBO. That is when I realized the mortality associated with flying. It was more than recreation after that.
    Some time after that incident, my wife and I sold all 3 aircraft to Mr. Munson in Indiana. Mr. Munson is considered to be an expert on Piper aircraft and honest aircraft dealer and did us right on the purchase of all 3.

    • I think all air traffic controllers should visit the tower at Oshkosh during EAA fly-in week..

      my god, those guys/gals must be able to drink coffee, juggle, and knife throw all at the same time.

      If I remember right, they had us land over the top of another aircraft as it had just landed. while someone landed over the top of us… I couldn’t figure out how they still have all their hair.. or maybe they don’t.

    • Jake, how are you doing friend?
      I can’t believe your speechless.
      I’m glad Dinah Shore gave Fenn’s Gallery free advertisement…I hope it was free Jake!❤️ Best regards ,

  9. Nice story Forrest. There were a lot of interesting facts presented in a very nice story. Thanks again for sharing it with us – A very nice read. – JDA

    • It seems as though there was quite a bit of chatter between you and the tower, but glad that you were able to avoid the crash and the emergency vehicles, and get George to his jumbo jet on time. 🙂 JDA

      • JDA, your so right! I would have asked Mr. Fenn to return to the gate! Gosh, Mr. Fenn has had too little close calls! M

  10. Wonderful story, Mr. Fenn! I liked reading about Mr. Montgomery having put aside his fear of flying because he had something more important that needed his attention. And boy, that must have been one important meeting! How brave and focused he was, to get on that second flight after a plane crashed and burned ahead of the two of you! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I’ma guessing you all were enjoying that Frito Pie at Woolworth’s.

    I love what the Plaza used to be. To me, Five and Dime is as same as Woolworth’s as Malouf is as same as Packard’s. To wit: just not.

  12. curious george meets the flying fenn,good story.who knows? the first one,forrest very glad your writing sb to us again.miss those stories.whatcha got to loose,nothing,o, all you people,been in the mountains 3 weekends in a row,guess what I found,0,yep, not even a busch round medallion on a tree.boy I’m so lucky.

    • I think the oddest thing I have found was a purex bleach cap in a spot that really didn’t seem like anyone would be trying to whiten their laundry. Maybe that is why I can’t find the end of the rainbow, it’s white now.

        • Actually, I should have called it a water purification artifact.
          A thousand years from now, would anyone know that?

          • To be honest I didn’t know even though I do remember at one job having to add the correct amount of bleach to my rinse water while a city inspector watched. I was very happy that I was able to do it correctly.

            On a side note, that was the only time a former NFL football player watched me work when it was my day to count the cash. Normally non-players are supposed to watch the players but apparently I was special.

      • I found a perfectly intact “glass” from Moose Drool Big Sky Brewing Co… I can only imagine how it got out in the woods so far to be left there and not get broken! 🙂

        • That kind of reminds me of the show Storage Wars. I think the bottle was planted just like the junk locker with the antique glass fly jars. Just to note, I am not saying you planted it Spallies.

          • I say that because I too have found a bottle while out on BOTG and it’s location suggest that it wasn’t carelessly tossed. Now if we could find a Dr. Pepper bottle out there I would be a bit more excited.

          • Finding a Dr Pepper can would be cool or an actual glass
            Dr Pepper bottle even cooler!

          • I was really hoping it was a glass Dr. Pepper bottle when I found it but in the end it was just a beer bottle (clear though).

  13. Our apprentice Annalis hailed from Santa Fe. She was not a ball of fire as a field worker but she had other qualities. Beth likes to match the talent to the job, so Annalis spent a lot of time taking some remarkable photos that we still use and cooking great meals, often with a western flavor, for the crew. One of her specialties was walking tacos, and her twist was that she made the Fritos herself-

  14. Y’all I think he just mentioned the blaze for the very first time!!!! Let’s go with it!!!

    • Now we just have to find that special, unique spot from which one can see the sun when it is in the sky! 😉

    • I was thinking Frito Pie was a hint since it was in CAPS.

      Or maybe the mile away landing, that must be a big airport.
      Or just the overload of numbers again, 1962 14 63 105 27 2 two.
      Or maybe 1/2 in Montana, on the border again.

      Dang these hints are mind boglin.

  15. Great story! I can only imagine how many others that you have that we will never hear? Take Care Forrest!

  16. The most amusing thing about this story is trying to imagine Forrest “shrieking”. Somehow I just can’t picture it. And wasn’t OS2 just talking about “kee” the other day? Hi, Forrest.

    • Agreed. Maybe that was a hint that much of the story is fiction, as indicated in the discussion about the plane and runway numbers.

      • Hi Linda

        I think you understand what F does. It’s embellishment around the main point.

        The main point is Forrest knows famous people. He may have flown a famous person or all of them at home next time or another. He may have seen a plane flipped over on occasion.

        I would bet that he never mentioned Fenn Galleries on TV.

  17. I have to admit, I don’t fly unless I have to. I was in a plane flying over the Appalachians and we hit a pocket of dead air. Dropped pretty fast but not a total free fall, and everyone’s eyes were bulging and ears were popping.
    It was so foggy (or cloudy) out that I couldn’t see anything past the wing.
    It lasted for too long, IMO.
    The girl sitting next to me clamped onto my arm like a vise, lol.
    As we left the plane no one came out of the cockpit to thank us, as per usual at the time. The stewardesses had dark rings under their eyes, just like the rest of us.
    My boss didn’t notice a thing, he was medicated. lol

    But all’s well that ends well.
    Everyone else was quietly saying thank yous and I told the stewardesses “my compliments to the captain.” They grinned.

  18. As soon as George’s picture fully loaded I told Bill, “that guy looks familiar, hes a movie star or something.” Then I read the story.
    Thanks Dal, thank you Forrest!

  19. Is that crashed prop plane the actual plane or is the pic just a general pic of a plane crashed?
    That registered plane last saw action on 09/02/97. Speaking of a blaze, ABQ is Albuquerque Sunport Int., Eagle logo, Next to Double Eagle.
    Last action of the crashed plane being ’97, that is “marvel gaze”. F would have been 66 years old in the Summer of 97. 6th letter is F. 66 is FF.
    Just a few hints, IMO. Along with…………Montana…..

  20. Perhaps some of the runway numbers have changed since Forrest and George flew into Double Eagle II Airport (or perhaps the change signals a hint). The NE to SW runway number there now is 22 instead of 27. (The north-to-south runway is 17.) The crash pictured above (perhaps inserted by Dal?) occurred in May this year:

    Only the pilot was aboard, who suffered minor injuries.

    Of course, “jumbo jets” do not fly out of this airport; ABQ International is about 10 miles away to the southeast. As a side note, Petroglyph National Monument is just east of Double Eagle II Airport.

      • I get a lot out of this scrapbook Airplane cry scared Crash blaze and love Montana and lets not forget John wayne remember my rooster john Wayne The ole coot wrote that story Some importance in a rooster or the Duke lol

      • DG: maybe Forrest is hinting that two searchers recently “crashed and burned” in Montana, and two more are close on their tail. 😉

    • Zap –

      I don’t know if you have any thoughts on all this but 27 is the west-east runway at Los Alamos.

      I guess I will add the runways are precisely 1 mile apart.

      • Lug: 27 is indeed the east-to-west runway at Los Alamos, but of course that’s northwest of Santa Fe, not near ABQ.

        And which runways do you mean that are precisely 1 mile apart? There is only one at Los Alamos; the pair at Double Eagle II appear to be about a mile apart at their southern ends, but only ~600′ apart at their northern ends.

        I guess you can add Double Eagle to your bird list (and DG’s John Wayne rooster again). Or maybe that should be an albatross since Forrest brings up golf a lot. 😉

        • Zap –

          Yes the two DE2 runways are a mile apart which is what he says in the story.

          As rabbit holes will tend to do, runway 27 takes me right back to looking at Los Alamos.

          So he got the number wrong and said 27 instead of 22, no big deal you say. What it tells me is that he HAS LANDED at Los Alamos. If not, why would a runway 27 come to mind at all?


          • With the number of archaeological sites that are nearby I’d be surprised if FF hadn’t flown into Los Alamos at some point. Then, like you said, he pulled the number 27 instead of 22 from memory for this story. No guess as to whether it’s a hint or just a slip though.

            It’s an area worth checking out if you’re into archaeology or geology.

        • Lugnutz: I did NOT say the runway switch from 22 to 27 was “no big deal.” Not sure how you got that from what I wrote. On the contrary, I think it was absolutely deliberate, not accidental. Los Alamos is one of many airports that has a runway 27, and it’s certainly possible Los Alamos is the connection we’re supposed to make, given its proximity to Forrest’s home. I can name at least three others, each of which is at an airport I’ve actually landed: San Diego, Logan (Boston) and Heathrow.

          However, it’s quite possible the number switch has nothing to do with runways or airports.

          • Zap

            Here’s what I am saying.

            While writing up the story to send to Dal F needed to recall the runway number of one of the stripe in his propinquity.

            He recalled 27. The fact that he recalled it tells me he has landed there.

            But he can drive there right? And he didn’t keep a plane there? Please tell me why Forrest Fenn would ever land at Los Alamos.


          • Trouble is, Lugnutz, Forrest obviously knows how to use Google AND he is often very specific and (generally) consistent when quoting numerical details: 66000 links, 328 combat missions, 265 gold coins, painting dimensions and prices, pit depths, historical dates, and dozens of other examples I could dig up. It takes mere seconds to pull up an image of ABQ and see the runway numbers. For a man who likes to use a LOT of numbers in his stories, I just don’t see him getting the runway number wrong accidentally.

          • Zap –

            So for you, 27 being not a runway number at Albuquerque is a clue but not to another airstrip/runway?

            Fair enough.

            Didn’t Forrest know they we were going to look it up?

          • Hi Lugnutz: are you not reading my posts? I said yesterday, sure: it ~could~ be a hint to another runway at another airport — including Los Alamos. You seem to like that as a possibility, and I see no problem with that. I gave a few examples of other airports that have 27s. Sandy added Cody today. In other words, if it’s a hint, it sure isn’t an unambiguous one.

            But my gut feeling is that the number change probably has nothing to do with runways.

      • Both pics were selected by me. Both were modified by me. There is nothing in the photos or modifications that could be any sort of hint from Forrest.

        • Maybe after this chase is completed , people can tackle some Cold Cases. 🙂 . The talent here can be applied for some great investigations LoL

          • Alsetenash: by cold cases, do you mean 24-packs of Jax? 😉 If Cowlazars’ video from Santa Fe is any indication, it sure seems like many searchers would excel at tackling cold cases!

          • Zaphod. Nice! I meant cold cases investigations lol. I prefer rye whiskey, so I don’t default cold ones ,as in brewskis haha . ” Good old boys drinking whiskey and rye, singing this’ll be the day that I die”- American Pie song. That is what my comment to Forrest was about. Those two people survived the plane crash( Buddy Holly reference- American Pie) . It’s my nod as to how FF hints! IMO . Zaphod sounds like a good name for a Chase Beer ! 🙂

            “Wasn’t that a party! Could have been he whiskey, might have been the gin. Couod have been a Zaphod 73491 I don’t know but look at th mess I’m in” lol.


        • Hi Dal – if you are ever selected as a Supreme Court nominee, you will probably want to decline… you will be accused of all sorts of scandalous things. 😉

          • HA!
            Did you at any time just prior to or during modifications of said photos, drink heavily or blackout?
            Have you ever modified other photos in other SB’s-?- and/or was there heavy drinking involve during one or more, all or any, some but not all, all but don’t recall, during those SB?

    • Good Find, zapster.

      Question now is, who changed the number on the plane in the pic used for the scrapbbok??

      Dal??? Or has Forrest learned to photoshop?? 0_0!!

      • Hi Loco: just waiting for Dal to fess up to the tail number doctoring. 😉 Interesting that the runway was switched from 22 to 27, and the tail number central digits were switched from 26 to 22. Maybe it was just to make it harder to find the source of that plane crash picture.

        • Zap…maybe someone changed their mind and is now thinking of flying into the 4/22 – Cody…?? Watch out for plain wreckage.

      • He probably does know how to photoshop all along, just uses a different program to do it. His “plausible deniability”.

    • Zap, Albuquerque Sunport International, Airfield:

      Runway 08/26- East-West air carrier runway,13,793’x150′.
      Runway 03/21- Northeast-Southeast, 10,000′ x 150′
      Runway 12/30- Northwest-Southwest, general aviation,
      6,000′ x 150′
      Runway 17/35- North-South, 10,000′ x 150′.

      Registration numbers of planes change I believe, the one pictured, N7225K, was built by Robinson Helicopter (customer of ours), 2 seat R22 beta, last action was on 09/02/97.

      Double Eagle II Airport (AEG) is an active general aviation facility on Albuquerque’s west side. There are approximately 240 based aircraft and 120,000 annual operations comprising training, military, air ambulance, charter, private and corporate flights. The airport sits at an elevation of 5,834 feet above sea level and is located approximately eight miles north of Interstate 40 at the top of Nine Mile Hill on Albuquerque’s West Mesa.
      Airport Facilities
      •Runway 4-22 is 7,398 feet in length by 100 feet wide, has full ILS and is equipped with a MALSR on the runway 22 end.
      •Runway 17-35 is 5,999 feet in length by 100 feet wide, and has REIL on each end.
      •Runway 4 and 17 are equipped with PAPI visual navigational aide.
      •Traffic pattern altitude is 6,800 feet mean sea level.
      •There are right hand traffic patterns for runways 22 and 35
      He said 27, but we really don’t know if runways changed or if he’s deliberately giving numbers.
      Lol, this could very well just be a fun story by F. Watching us tear it apart….

      • Hi Charlie: since runway numbers are based on one tenth the magnetic azimuth, I don’t expect they don’t change very often. The magnetic azimuth would have to change 10 degrees to change the corresponding runway number by 1. So Double Eagle II’s runway 22 has probably always had that number.

    • Zap, I don’t understand why would he fly into double eagle when he would not be able to taxi to an airline terminal.

      Isn’t it more logical that the accident occurred on east-west runway 26 at abq international? The number was changed or ff made a small mistake. He was told to land on runway North-South 35 which is no longer in service. Check some of the history in Wikipedia.

      • Oz10: I wasn’t sure that small planes were permitted to land at ABQ, but further research indicates that they indeed are, so that better explains how George could have made the transfer.

        A one-digit change in the runway number is feasible since magnetic variation changes over the decades. However, for ABQ the magnetic declination has been decreasing slowly each year — about 1 degree per decade. So a fixed runway there would theoretically need to *increase* by about one number per century. In other words, with rounding the runway could have been 25 in the past, but not 27.

      • A pilot friend tells me that no runway in the US has ever changed numbers to his knowledge. The labor/expense to change all the aviation maps would not be insignificant (+ minor one-time repainting expense of the runway). 26 to 27 is a pretty minor discrepancy… but Forrest is pretty good at paying attention to numerical detail. How many times has he mentioned 328 combat missions, 265 gold coins, 20% chance of living three years, and so forth? I lean toward the change being deliberate.

        • I’m sure he keeps his flight log close too so I agree that there is a good chance he changed the #. What other details are switched?

        • Hi Oz10: well, as someone else pointed out, half his ashes are not buried at his birthplace, they’re buried in Great Falls. (The other half are in Cathedral City near Palm Springs.) I haven’t confirmed that George “made 105 movies” — according to IMDB, he has 109 acting credits, but 17 of those are TV series credits, leaving 92 movies. (He was also director, writer and or producer on a few of those.) He was an uncredited stuntman in 28 films, but some of those overlap with the 92 movies. By cross-checking the 28 against the 92, after removing duplicates perhaps the total comes out to 105.

          • It’s time-consuming, but I get the same number Forrest did: 105. (Only 6 of the 28 movies that George was a stuntman did not overlap with acting credits.) I think it’s funny that one of George’s movies was “Santa Fe Stampede.” Another was “In Old Caliente.” And don’t we have a searcher with an avatar similar to George’s movie “Lulu Belle”? 🙂

          • Noted Zap. I think we could all get hung up on the numbers on this SB. Anytime he changes anything it is worth at least a look into. Always a reason to his madness.
            We all have solves anyway, might as well make a puzzle out of everything. Don’t want to get bored…

          • All this talk about numbers is mind-boggling when the real hint is;
            …looked straight ahead and didn’t say anything. Echo canyon MT. “45 minutes” from W.YS.

            There ya go… you’re welcome. [insert smiley face]

          • And in case anyone is curious, the two John Wayne movies that George was in were “Pals of the Saddle” (1938) and “The Night Riders” (1939), both uncredited.

          • He remembered lots of details from that day but not if he yelled goodbye. What is going on? 🙂

          • Oz10: yeh, Forrest “shrieking” and “yelling” in the same Scrapbook? I think not.

          • Zap –

            Are you referring to John Wayne the rooster?

            How much did the Gypsy get for her rest view mirror?


  21. Thanks Forrest for the good story.

    Flying is not my thing anymore, I lost my oldest son while he was certifying a new aircraft 3 years ago. He loved flying and he tried several times to get me into his plane. That never will happen with me, what goes up, goes down. Its fun to watch only.

    Again I like what you wrote.

  22. I went and watched George on you tube what a humble man wasn’t pompass because he was a movie star or that he worked with so many other famouse people I liked his personality The reporter that interviewed him was rather annoying tho

  23. Ruth Wenzel(housemaid) tried to shoot George Montgomery Letz in 1963. Jealous housemaids can be dangerous…

    • Very nice, Argillite! You are definitely catching on to the wordplay that Forrest enjoys.

    • Yea I thought smoke was a good one to he useing a lot of the words he already uses a lot Hints galore

    • All this in one paragraph with a tower:
      Albuquerque Center
      Approach Control
      Approach was Cleared

      nothing clicking in my brain but looks like it needs some investigation

      • Argillite: you got me with that one, and I thought I was a math expert! It didn’t click until this morning: 4AC. Clever (even if a bit rabbit-holey). 😉 You are on a roll…

        • …way out on a limb rather than in the roots. If I were to try to apply it I wouldn’t know whether to look at words or trees.

          Probably not correct interpretation but there has to be a reason that attention is being drawn to AC

          • try…bao li shen dong. Probably applicable at the other end of the hole. I still like the AC though…

          • Thanks Ken, that made me laugh (I hope I translated it correctly)

            Love your avatar by the way. Growing up my best friends family had a couple of Hampton reproductions hanging in their house. One thing we said for years and still resonates sometimes today is “There were a helluva lot of things they didn’t tell me when I hired on with this outfit”

          • Because if it was a “shot down in flames” it was poetic in its delivery. Forrest said once something like how pleasing it is when words fit together perfectly.

            Burn Ack-knowledged

      • I see Voxpro mentioned football below. In this weird paragraph I also see a handoff, a turnover, pattern, there is probably more. Is a right base leg like a dig route pattern? (sorry I’m probably missing the obvious)

  24. Before you all pull your hair out, I will say that Dal added the pictures to this scrapbook… both the one of George and the one of the plane upside down on the runway.

    • Cynthia, for all we know, Dal was flying that plane. It is upside down on a runway…..It’s the running part I’m stuck on…:)

      • Lol lol now if the wheels had fallen off we would definitely know it was dal flying that plane lol

          • Hi Dal, were you the one that changed the planes numbers from N7265K to N7225K? There isn’t one image on the internet with the numbers N7225K. I heard you had added the photo is the reason I am asking, thanks Rocky.

      • Yes, Rocky, Dal photoshop-changed the tail number by one digit. Not an unprecedented bit of skullduggery on Dal’s part. (E.g. mirror-reversed Wheeler Peak 😉

  25. Thanks Forrest, I enjoyed this read.

    Maybe it is just me but after reading your story I see how you managed to get chase related info tucked sparsely into this scrapbook. If searchers are familiar with the area surrounding your special spot they can see those hints your throwing out there. I for one just consider these secondary hints just conformation for the big picture, because those connections are there. For those who never see hints in any of your scrapbooks Forrest, then just maybe their general solves are in the wrong areas.

    Thanks again for letting us know more about you, and that is key.
    Good luck to all.

      • Hey JDA,

        Yup – Yup, is that code? Just kidding.
        JDA, I see about 4 key points Forrest was trying to get out there. A couple have made conversation here but in the wrong direction and the others point to information about a special time and that relationship to this wonderful area. The big picture can help on the trail.

        Good luck,

        • I think I got the first two – am guessing on the next two – You have me stumped on this one Bur. – 🙁 JDA

          • JDA,

            Let me put this out to you. I believe Forrest uses different kinds of hints. Here is what I see.

            The primary hint: one that can help in a poem clue solve.
            A secondary hint: this one that can lead you to a primary hint.
            A tertiary hint: this is one that describes something about the surrounding area or the big picture.

            Now from what I read and hear from Forrest is he has given all three since this chase started.
            Two primary hints in TTOTC book, and for the most part in certain scrapbooks, interviews, book signings, media statements, all ATF communications are mostly secondary hints and tertiary hints.

            Now this scrapbook seems to me to be tertiary hints with one in very close proximity of a secondary hint, if not really one. Guess it is how you see it, or I see it. Lol

            Not sure if that helped.
            Good luck

          • Thanks Bur. I Guess that I am still Guessing, but sometimes two people can Guess the same way – 🙂 Just Guessing – JDA

          • Hey Lug,

            First I didn’t say there are hints in all Forrest scrapbooks, comments, ect, and yes possibly there are some searchers not connecting the dots not that they are not bright.
            I know you have seen me here off and on when I have something to say, usually it has something to do with my search area. My time vested in this Chase has been long and there is a lot of comments under my belt and truly I’ve seen and heard most comments three or more times. I tend to want new thoughts and theories to see where mindsets are. Yes, I have my gereral search area and believe I have at least 8 clues solved for some time now. So why so long with this solve and no chest? It’s more a logistics issue for me then the poem clues. My life consists of more then this chase and I have not been able to get back out in the Rockies for at least three years now.

            When I see others searchers posting things that relate to my solve I follow their comments to see where they go. Most of the time they fissile out because others are so focused on their way of thinking and maybe that’s a good thing for me. I don’t mind giving my own hints on occasions on how I came about or confirm my clue solves and solve area.

            Now as far as Forrest ATF communications through out the years. To me you have to be one who cannot connect the chase dots not to see he is giving hints in some of those communications. Granted some are a little far out there but they can still help if you understand the general area or big picture that he is telling all of us.

            Now as far a possible hints here in this scrapbook, you have to research what he has said and hopefully find the hints that help marry you to his special place.

            Good luck,

  26. Thanks Forrest and Dal that was a wonderful story. In looking at the thinking here I thought I would share out the notion of holding up a reflection. A mirror image to the flight plan here and here see where that takes you . .. just saying it is perfect for Halloween.

  27. Thanks for the story Mr. Fenn. Sure sounds like Mr. Montgomery may have found a whole new appreciation for the saying “on a wing and a prayer”. Sometimes life calls for a leap of faith. A good thing your friend choose you to put his faith in, and not the other pilot, who must’ve been having a bad day.

  28. Thank you Mr Fenn for this entrtaining and at the same time very thrilling story.
    It must have been very hard and scary to approach the landing strip from the North and then land in the SSW direction, just a mile (little over 1660m) from the crash site. Looking forward to more of these stories.

  29. Looking straight forward and not saying a word. I guess he had 2 choices stress out and give himself a heart attack or look straight forward say nothing and hope for the best. I bet that poor man never forgot that airplane ride

  30. All this talk about actors and flying prompted me to go listen to Taxi by Harry Chapin!

  31. Double Eagle Airport: a #4 runway and a #22 runway (no #27 runway, by the way)
    Taos Airport: a #4 runway and a #22 runway
    Cody Airport: a #4 runway and a #22 runway

    Note: the SW/NE direction

    Well isn’t that interesting, coincidental, and maybe even a little convenient?


  32. Calculating on a piece of the action with John Wayne is one thing, but attempting to land on a non-existent runway would be quite another. On the surface, perhaps there’s not much to choose between them, but some might see a football field of difference under closer inspection.

    Montgomery’s abject fear of flying is something I can understand, despite having hung out of helicopters and been involved with multiple aerial shoots during my career. These days I won’t fly anywhere without fighter escort!

    Just thought I’d poke my nose in here before lowering my pennant again. I think it’s hare stew tonight!

    • Nice to see you back Vox – If only to say “Howdy” and then ride off into the sunset again and George Montgomery and John Wayne did so often 🙂 JDA

      • Thank you and likewise, JDA! You’re part of the “glue” that keeps this place together.

        Wish I could stay, but I burned one too many bridges over my creek, and both the paddle and the gasoline have been locked away (and of course we know who keeps the only spare key!).

        • Well, I am not too sure about the “glue” comment, that is a rather sticky situation that is better not discussed in polite company – :-).

          That bridge better not be burned – I might need it 🙂

          YUP – I know about the key holder – Best not to piss her off – Good luck anyway – JDA

  33. Forrest you sure have led a sugar sweet life with the many friends you have had and still have to this day. your stories always touch ones imagination. thank you for sharing them Sir

    • I think he might sometimes… probably why he’s such a good quarterback… 🙂 But why do that Jake Faullker when you can still win a game on the ground?? 🙂

  34. I wonder. Can you fly from Santa Fe to abq faster than driving?
    I’m considering all that is involved . Go to airport, aircraft prep, flying.

    • Still one of my favorites, but also waiting on a scrapbook dedicated to Clark Gable. Though honestly I also wouldn’t mind hearing what it was like having Steven Spielberg in his gallery. I also love the photo of Michael Douglas.

      • I hope you get to hear all of those stories Idle…and then some! My hearts ache but you’re a winner in my book! BADELTTIL BADELTTIL BADELTTIL… Better late than never 🙂 For whom the bell tolls…it’s ringing loud and clear! Good luck to you!

          • if you need help I can read that map for you…just sayin 🙂 Map reading gets much better when you’re 1400 miles away in IDLING IN PARK!

  35. Dear Mr. Lutz:

    on October 2, 2018 at 7:21 am YOU said:
    “Bur –

    If the man has given out hints in 191 scrapbooks we are not very bright.”

    Let’s make sure that you understand your rights—No one is making you say these self incriminating statements. Don’t do it. If anyone asks if you’re “bright” or the answer to a simple math problem…..don’t answer. Ask to speak with an attorney or a mathematician .

    No..No…there’s no hints in any of the prepared stories or statements the man has made. No…Noooooo….not one. Well except the missing SB32. The (missing) answer to the SB 32 is “John Elway”. So important is John Elway to finding the chest, that f didn’t even write a cute little story for you to contemplate.??? No,,,,,really, that’s the only clue. All the others are just cute little stories. Go Chiefs!!!!

    • From Scrapbook 33:

      dal on October 12, 2014 at 7:15 pm said:

      I don’t remember what happened to 32 anymore..but most likely I just skipped a number by accident…

    • Forgive my ignorance I’ve only been around here the last year or so but what is known about SB 32? Was it posted then deleted? Is it truly about John Ellway?

      • SB 32 has always been missing ever since the Deputy and I have been on the trail. It’s absence should tell you of its’ significance. I used a secret agent living in Boston, acting on my behalf to crack the missing SB32. It was this secret agent (code name Joe Brown) that cracked the secret and identified the Denver Broncos as the winner of SB 32 with John Elway as their QB. Mr. Elway is the key I believe. All of course…IMO

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