Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Three…




Well, here’s Rooster,
One of the more famous searchers who probably has to look on a map to find out where she’s standing. Fun comes to her easier than it does for most of us. She said dal could post her email if I blocked out her very secret search area, so I placed ???? in its place (rolling eyes). Thanks Mz Cogburn, and please don’t ask me to be your search partner. f

Subject: ScaredyCat

Dear Forrest Fenn,

I finally ran away from home, for 25-hours. 25-hours of sheer hell. Hell of my very own making. I did see a moose and found a tin can sculpture, so I can probably subtract 15-minutes from my hell.

Attached is a map and a sculpture.

I made it through the private community of ????. As I was trespassing on private property, I was tracked down by two old biddies, I guess they are the sherriffs in the place, making sure they keep the riffraff out. Actually, they were very nice, after I let them know that I was trespassing because I was chasing a wily fox (which is technically true), the old biddies bid me good-day, reminding me to wear my orange when hiking around. Because of course, it’s hunting season. Crap, I forgot my orange. After I was busted by the biddies, I tried to make my way up a bit North to where I think there is a gaze connecting my tary, but a hunter chased me away. It occurs to me constantly that I am the very worst searcher, ever. I am truly a doofass. I haven’t given up, but I gave up this time. I did make my way to Laramie and seen the UofWyo, it was dark. I slept at a rest area, I was scared, and then I came home. In the gray areas of my narrative, there are only dark dumb scary things that I do all the time, like driving with my lights out, getting lost ALL the time, being weird and not knowing North from South, taking i80 east instead of i80 west, more than twice. Almost driving up a “Do Not EnterWrong Way, Not bringing bright orange, and babbling like a criminal to the two old biddie sherriff’s. I might not ever find your treasure, but I’ll keep trying and crying.

I hope you and yours are well, Forrest Fenn.

Hugs from Utah,










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    • time will cover us all up like a life blanket i think about these things who will see or hear what every one else has missed great stuff ty for the laugh id get lost too. good day to all be safe the winter blanket is upon us shortly be prepared oh yea have fun Jeff Titan Ranee and Mom waving a happy hello

  1. Really cute write-up. Keep trying… crying.

    Good luck!

    Note to self: Don’t forget my orange.

  2. Y-s! A 500 ft Y shape on the side of a mountain near monitor peak. 8.25 miles north of the Roosevelt archway

    • Other letters in the geography:
      37 47′ 39″n
      104 57′ 34″w
      39 09′ 22″n
      105 25′ 49″w

  3. With a name like Rooster Cogburn, could it be that the area you are searching is somewhere around Chimney Rock Mountain in Colorado? That’s the area I would search if I could afford to get there and explore if only to get to see some of the spectacular scenery in True Grit – True Grit, could that be indicated in “not for the meek?”. I have a hunch Treasures new and old, the old part might indicate where there might be artifacts from the local ancient pueblo there. I haven’t really explored anymore than those ideas and they may be too obvious given Fenn’s use of double meanings.

    • Insightful post, and quite prophetic given the recent blaze in this area.
      If only you had realised the poem says “hinT of RICHES NEW and old..”
      Gulp…..checked out Cow Creek once. Didn’t see any woosters, just ended up SEaRCHINg WET

  4. Hahahaha Saw a good piece of myself in that little story! Thanks for sharing! I am looking forward to reading part two!!!

    • Ah, I found ’em. Phew, that had me going for a moment – looking for the wheres and whyfours!

    • I dont get it still. I guess a map with a route number doesnt mean aynthing as long as question marks are in the text.

      Fun write-up. Thanks RC and ff.

      • That’s why ff rolled his eyes. The route number is in the map and the nearest city is in the text, which makes it very easy to find this place near the WY-CO border.

        I like how the cardinal points were added on top of the google map, hahaha.

        • I think that was his first meaning. But also, on the map there are 2 black I’s (eyes) that are rolled when you rotate the map to proper cardinal orientation, yeah, hes real clever like that

          ( “I wanted to go here but I didnt ..dare.”)

  5. “babbling like a criminal to the two old biddies”. That was funny, thanks and don’t give up.

  6. No worries Mz Cogburn, plenty of time next year. Go with confidence, hoping all your consequences are happy ones.

    (Side note)
    Your name conjures up my favorite cowboy movie with the legendary John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn. Binge drinking a fifth of booze for breakfast, as young Ms. Mattie explains her predicament. Then off goes the trio seeking justice and looking for the crooked killers. The remake with Jeff Bridges was pretty good considering the hurdle of following such a great master. I think I’ll watch it today, thanks!

      • Your opinions are always well expressed and informative. As the Duke would say, “A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by”.

  7. Rooster, glad you had a safe trip!
    Mr. Fenn is probably giggling, he loves the trill of it all!
    I would stay off private property, for your sake.
    I hope you have better luck in the future!

  8. I love how the actual BOTG coverage in the picture is about the same size as the BOTG example symbol in the map key.

  9. Love the write up! My mom has a weekly knitting group of old biddies that is living named “Stich and Bitch”.

  10. If consciousness is delivered in discrete slices of about 400 milliseconds duration,


    why does it take me so long to process Chase-related information? After all, the gaps between the slices are supposed to allow for more unconscious processing, and by my reckoning there would be a gazillion of those every day, so what’s the hold-up?

    I blame age and a misspent youth. It’s all downhill from here!

    BTW, Four Question Marks was a French heavy metal outfit, with some very dark lyrics and a head-splitting sound. Rock meets migraine!

    • I hear you voxpops. But I am not always so good at heairing. I suffer from serious migraines. Actually they are tention headaches. I have dealt with them for as long as I can remember. It makes listening something I really have to work at. I wonder if Rooster may have a simalar condition. What do you think Rooster? Spend a little more time on your solution and try and listen to all the f has to offer? I bet you could come out of this victorious!

  11. Amazing to see that tree which grew in the old trash dump has finally bowed itself to the pressure of the wind after so many years of existing aginst all odds, what…the slings and arrows of fortune and finally misfortune that reveals what it was established on, like life, this was a crap shoot for ff having 4 cards and being a luck joker.

    After all is just fate that we all get to see such a natural beautiful work, Andy Warhol eat your heart out, natural art is best!


  12. If I told you the name of my community, you’d all be searching there. Tripping over other searchers. You’d probably throw away all your solves. HaHa. Heck Forrest Fenn would probably move that darn chest from his spot to my spot, because it’s that good. (Yes, I am saying that I don’t think his chest is in my spot). That’s why I don’t mind y’all knowing where I cried buckets of tears.

    It is a terrific can-sculpture, the ground was literally littered with these cans, hundreds and hundreds of them. Mostly old beer cans, flat topped. Drunks needed a can opener to open them. You know the claw-kind that digs in and notches a v into the top? Some of the cans still had the paint on them. Budweiser, Coors, Dad’s rootbeer, Cola. Someone was sure thirsty.

    • Nothing tells tales better then old biddies

      He doesn’t have to move it anywhere.. register it as a national treasure and it won’t matter where it is.. how many solutions will that void? FF will have to validate it

      I do declare Indulgence a National Treasure

    • Where any of the cans RC Cola, RC? Are the ones in the trunk picture regular pop can size?

      When I first saw the picture I immediately thought they were oil cans. In the olden days we used to pierce them with a spout that left a V similar to what I see in the picture. When we were opening pop cans we usually took the extra second to punch a second hole opposite to the drinking hole to let air in. Oil cans were a quart I think.

      Thanks for sharing your adventure.

      • While poking around in those roots trying to figure whether those cans held Texas Tea I learned that a can opener is a church key then I of course had to revisit the can opener reference on P24. Unfortunately my learning curve is very flat.

    • I thought this would have been a fine area to search, but after all the warnings and such, I’ll probably want to steer clear of the old biddies myself. Good luck.

  13. Amusing what you can accomplish when you rotate a map 90 degrees. X marks the spot. Got it, “Mz. Cogburn”. 🙂

    • No vox: X is the bullseye, in the wood, 50 points this time. Right picture, just the wrong geographic location.

      • You may be right, but, on reflection, it’s necessary to consider temperature as well as topography. Should I move from the frozen wastelands into the sunny uplands? If so, I need to be careful not to slip and slide right over the edge. There’s a big question mark hanging over the whole enterprise. The father we travel, the more options we generate.

        Maybe I’ll play a few rounds of Golf while I’m thinking.

        P.S. I don’t know why I’m still doing this!

        • Before Mz Cogburn set the scaredy cat among the pigeon-toed deputies, I was ready to settle down with a nice cold one not far from the frozen football field. But since we should question everything, I’ve now decided to resume listening to those feisty Canucks – they know all about hockey, and more. But football and Polo are probably not their forte.

          I don’t think the Rooster should have been scared of the hunter, but the other locations on her map warranted just as much attention. That little spot to the SE looks mighty interesting!

      • Thanks for the nudge, Zap. I’ve still got a couple of calculations to check, but I think you’re more than likely right about the 50.

        Sometimes I feel like I’m the last one to know anything, and that everyone’s already standing at the blaze, tapping their feet and muttering, “what’s taking vox so long?”

        BTW, that second “I” looks like a “T” to me. Gave me the chills! Anyway, got to go, this place is “non grata” in our house these days.

        • Looked like a T to me the first time I read it as well. This scrapbook and pictures looks like it tells a story far beyond first glance.

          • YUP – YUP (to borrow a catchphrase). IMO, this is part of a sequence of hints that relate exclusively to the final area. Perhaps because some of us became lazy/complacent/disenchanted (pick your descriptor), FF is cajoling and prompting.

            Apologies for the earlier cryptic crap, but that seems to be the preferred method of communication!

        • Regarding thinking you’re the last one to know anything, that can’t possibly be true, because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  14. Rooster the ole coot put this on here for a reason. I think the story old biddies is ringing bells and also that your nickname is rooster Good funny story

    • If we want to abbreviate or make an acronym for old biddies, we might want to
      consider OB (which may provide a teensy hint for those in tight focus with a word that is key). IMO.

  15. And rooster I never knew you was a woman until this story lol maybe you need to be roosterette

  16. Thanks for the wake up RoosterCogburn. That hunter that scared you off…was he a bow hunter by chance? And thanks for sharing your colorful adventure.

  17. Diggin, most times I don’t even feel human. I’m pure chicken, through and through.
    Straw, it was a bow hunter on a 4wheeler. Very handsome. I have a thing for Camo.
    I didn’t dare get out of my vehicle, because of course I was wearing my deer-colored brown plaid jumpsuit. I looked super cute.

    • Rooster…by all means continue to make every effort to look super cute while treasure hunting!! We dont want to be mistaken for old biddies, even if (some of us) are no longer spring chickens.

      It sounds like you are no longer interested in this area, so I’m wondering if I may ask where your WWWH for this solution is?

      • Sandy, my warm waters are convoluted. Larme is French for “tears”. Warm waters halt. I like this best, But, if I was going to use JUST this crazy-hard poem, where warm waters halt could be, in an obscure way of thinking, when plants trees ‘n even weeds photosynthesis, when they halt their water, and turn it into a cold. An Oxygenatic sensation.
        (Just stay with me, I’m not a brainiaiac, but I am saying something different). Then after photosynthesis, SO your seeds, then reap. If you’re only using the poem, you better have your imagination turmed up full blast. In my opinion.

    • @RoosterCogburn – do you wear an eye patch when you’re treasure hunting? Like a true pirate?

  18. What strikes me about this solve is that Rooster managed to zero in on the one few developed residential areas in a sea of what looks to be beautiful Rocky Mountain wilderness. If Forrest designed the Chase to motivate people to get out into the great outdoors, why hide the treasure in some people’s backyard?

    If I am working on a solve and find myself in a developed area, I tend to run the other way. I do not think that one needs to incur the wrath of any sheriff-biddies on their quest, but that is my opinion only.

    • One of the few developed areas in the Sea of the Rocky Mountain is considered wilderness? Nope just a blip, Blex, there ain’t no “wilderness” in this area. There ain’t no rocky mountain wilderness. There’s a bunch of land owned by the National Forest Service, though.

      “Rocky Mountain Wilderness” ? Where’s that? I’d like to visit.

      • Rooster-
        You said:
        “There ain’t no rocky mountain wilderness”
        Not so feathery fowl…
        There are a number of stated wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains…
        In Wyoming…not far from your urban search area are a few great ones:

        The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is not far from Red Lodge, MT and is in both MT and WY
        The Bridger Wilderness in the Pinedale, WY area …and a fine wilderness area it is too
        The Cloud Peak Wilderness is over in the Bighorn…
        The Encampment River Wilderness is not far from your peculiar search location in the Medicine Bow
        The Gros Ventre Wilderness is some pretty rugged wilderness in the Bridger-Tetons
        The Jedediah Smith Wilderness is over next to the Grand Teton National Park

        There are a few more in WY and many others in the remaining three possible states of Indugence’s residency.
        But I suppose a wilderness area is no place for a half broiled chicken..

        • Oh la Dal Neitzal , broil me all you want. You ain’t anywhere near my search area so why come down on me like this? I said there wasn’t wilderness in my crappy search area, I didn’t mean no wilderness at all. Semantics. You owe me an apology. You owe me a read through, Dal Neitzal.

        • Medicine Bow National Forest is just north of this search area (I found this exact spot off 230)

          • Allen, yes, thanks to OZ10, I found the Rooster coop easy to identify. That said, I don’t think the hint here has anything to do with that area or nearby (just my opinion). It has to do with the methodology needed once you locate the final search area (which, as Zap has pointed out, is sort-of mirrored in the map/image above). If I’m right, the flurry of recent postings by FF have been pointing to the same place (attempting to kickstart tired and jaded searchers into rekindling their imagination).

            If it helps at all, I believe that simple geometry plays a part throughout the Chase. Geometric “actions” that have to be performed to make progress need to be repeated (sometimes with fresh twists) at later stages. And although the poem contains all the necessary info (just!), a huge dollop of imagination has to be injected at critical points, because otherwise there’s no knowing exactly what bit of poem info relates to which stage (partly because of the multiple semi-repetitions required).

            Yes, the poem is straightforward, but it’s extremely doubtful that anyone can work out the answer without going through these mind-numbing contortions. WWWH provides important information that you’ll need later on.

            Please take this with the usual large pinch of salt!

      • Dal’s right about there being plenty of official wilderness areas throughout the Rockies. I was even just referring to the generic definition of wilderness: “an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region”.

        Now I don’t know if the chest is necessarily in a place that one would consider inhospitable, but certainly uncultivated and uninhabited I believe.

  19. Oh Rooster it’s ok you should see me and Duane we are totally in circles, ha ha ha , Heck we get lost all the time even with gps!!!
    Blind leading the blind here in Texas.
    Being discouraged is ok because you will get used to it. Keep trying!!!

  20. Is this the same person that used to blather on about comic books or am I conflating Roosters? I only vaguely remember what all that was about but I associate it with Rooster Cogburn so apologies if I’m off base somewhere.

      • Idle Dreamer,
        Good luck to you! I’m rooting for you! I hope all your dreams come true! Knock on wood Idle, Knock on wood and dream a little dream…

        • Thank you Deano, I should be asleep and dreaming but my parents are in town and staying with me for a few days. One of the amazing coincidences in life is I actually had just knocked on wood before reading this (was telling my Mom I was happy the morning commutes have been snow free, knock on wood). I knocked again as I could definitely use some good luck my way. I wish you luck as well and I hope your dreams come true as well.

        • At this point Deano I might not be able to make BOTG until 2020 or 2021 as losing my job in 2017 for 3 days and then getting it offered back at reduced pay put me onto a sinking ship that finally sunk and I have to give up my van. I did however enjoy having it as it is the only vehicle that could hold my family (and the timing was horrible as I bought the van 2 months prior as I was under the impression my work contract wasn’t so easily broken). In the interim I will root for you! As for me, I will bounce back in time so don’t worry as once we get to the bottom of the canyon there is no where to go but up.

  21. I wonder if Rooster‘s returning to that spot and -if so- if she‘d have a better plan or not at all!

    I definitely know that feeling of loneliness and queerness when you discover a spot and are overwhelmed by the flood of hintsnclues you find… easy to get lost ALL the time…

    I really hope you‘ll do better next time!!! Stay with your spot! Show some stubbornness!

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