Revised OUAW…

Cynthia published a new article about Forrest’s latest book signing and a “soon to be released”, updated version of “Once Upon a Wish”…

Here’s a snippet:

Photo by Cynthia

I met Forrest at Collected Works Book Store late this morning where he was busy signing books. Over the course of 30 minutes, he signed 45 copies of The Thrill of the Chase and 27 copies of too far to walk. He even personalized half a dozen or more books to specific buyers. I’d witnessed this before over the years, and it’s quite an orchestrated process. The cartons of books are brought from the back of the store to chairs beside the table. The older guy removed the protective wrapping and handed the book to Will, a pleasant young chatty fellow, who opened the book to the correct page, and slid it to Forrest, who then signed his name… over and over and over it went….

You can read the whole story and see all Cynthia’s wonderful photos on her blog HERE





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    • Click the orange *here* and read the story over at Cynthia’s…the book has been revised. Cynthia….thanks for your story!

    • It’s another way to get you and I to pay $45 and buy ourselves an early Christmas present. SMH.

  1. Is the revised version called “Twice Upon a While”?
    Either way, I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. “Doodles”….A stick man running towards the chest ? I sure hope we don’t have to run…lol at my age I kinda like the slower pace…. 🙂
    Thanks Dal and Cynthia …. see ya

  3. And the real question: are there any new clues or hints in the revised edition? You can bet there will be some detailed side-by-side comparisons of the two editions…

    • I believe that ff had a valid reason for the “gut feeling” not panning out and the Hunter has a still unresolved Ethical Dilemma. The “revised” book with a different title is definitely peculiar…but not for a man who creates his own rules.

        • Thanks Cynthia for posting this! So, a new story huh? Any hint as to what the new story is about? I’m hoping for something good from West Yellowstone… Like who had first go-away toilet in town 🙂 I know Forrest told us who had the second but don’t we all want to know who had the first go-away… I mean they must have been someone pretty important… ok maybe a new story on where he only he has gone alone… that would be cool too. Can’t wait to check it out!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia. Your descriptions communicated well the pleasant comfort of getting to hang out with Forrest for a while.

    I’ll have to try out a meal at the Blue Corn Cafe the next time I’m in Santa Fe. I’ve walked past it many times and there always seems to be a line of hungry people waiting outside on weekend mornings. A popular place!

  5. I’m having trouble posting comments on my own blog page beneath this article. For those who asked, the 308 I speak of at the end refers to the post here on hoD, Forrest Gets Mail- 18.
    In it ff mentions: “Litter was the call sign of the 308th Fighter Squadron at Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam.” I believe someone on another forum made a big deal about the number 308 being a mistake and the fighter Squadron was actually the 306. Forrest told me yesterday he looked it up, and indeed the correct number was 308.
    The point he was making, though, was what difference did it make in the scheme of the overall story? This is why I seldom used “numbers” as hints over the years to solve the poem, unless I could use them as confirmation bias. Ha Ha. But I’ve searched in NM well over 100 times and I made 5 trips to Montana/Wyoming this year. I don’t have the treasure chest either… maybe I should rethink “numbers”. This is in my opinion. Everyone should do what they think is correct.

    • Hi Cynthia –

      That sounds like a fun day!

      I agree with Forrest. Too many focus on mediocrity and miss the point. In Forrest’s fantastical story about flying a famous actor to the Albuquerque airport we spent words discussing the runway numbers.

      He told us years ago we are a bunch of knuckle heads and yet on we knuckle, each day more knuckley than the last.

      ± ±

    • Some reason it always seems like when you have your botg in the rear view mirror is when you start to get new ideas.

      Awesome on the book and a little surprised I didn’t see an announcement for the book signing on the blog.

      • ID, this wasn’t a public book signing event – Mr. f periodically goes to the book store to sign copies of books to be shipped. When I ordered TTOTC, I didn’t realize until ATF I could have gotten a signed copy by simply requesting it in the special instructions on the order form. Maybe I thought it would cost an arm and a leg extra, but it’s no extra charge (!). Kicked myself on that missed opportunity. It just might take a few weeks longer to ship, depending on supply and demand. I’ll wait til OUAW-R comes out and put in my request then.

        Cynthia, as always, thanks for sharing another nifty story among stories.

        • Thanks SeeN,

          I should have realized that he does come in there and signs the books for the orders. If he announced it than he probably wouldn’t get to the book orders. I have a first edition OUAW that is signed (Thank you Forrest). Too bad my other books aren’t signed 🙁

  6. It cost me a lot of money for the first edition delivered to Canada.

    Maybe there could be a market for an annual supplement in the form of a $15 magazine. They can be beautiful too. I have a copy of summer 2018 ‘Mountain Outlaw’ on top of my OUAW. Nice.

  7. By Jove, it’s huge! Bigger than the old Taurus we used to escape in. (Actually it was badged a Mercury Sable, but same difference and poetic license…) No stick men needed here!

    C’est tout.


  8. Thanks Cynthia, Dal and Mr. Fenn first the info…I’ll put this on my wish list. I imagine one can had at Collected Works in due time.

    • Row AU

      Row gold

      Follow rhe yellow brick road?

      I thought the row bracelet was silver, not gold?

      Now I’m having fun!

  9. Revised. 82. 10. X. Tenth.

    161. 82. 67. Tenth. X

    The X has been found. The X factor.

    It’s a girl – a grit no less. Timeless and ageless.

    Prediction based on things that few believe in: The special spot will not be shared by Forrest or the girl who found the X. The chase will live on for those who understand it’s meaning and are ready and brave enough for the journey. Anyone who wants to know “the solve” and “special spot” is invited for eternity to earn the knowledge themselves. Nothing is free in life beyond our free will. Use it wisely.

    Or not.

  10. I’ve held off on getting this book so that’s worked out well. I’ll still probably hold off until there’s some commentary on what’s different.


  11. You will need a 4 memoir books if you want to find the answer for yourself. What was it forrest says in one of his books about the answers had to be pounded into him? Apparently us too. 4 books. My goodness.

    • I think for many of us we have a lot more than 4 books already including some Forrest didn’t recommend (as far as I know) like A River Runs Through It. I think my favorite none-Fenn book though is Return to Taos by Eric Sloane.

      • ID –

        I was looking at my ridiculous stack of books yesterday. Fenn books, fishing guides, trapper stories, histories of Indians, histories of Mexico, hardy boys, bobbsey twins. And all my old travel maps.

        If one could learn how to fly fish from books, I would be the top angler in the West!

  12. Spoke too soon. Problem with the 4th booster. No one should trust me to get the thing into space on time! It’s like I just glossed over that (and after all those warnings). Jeez! Let’s start the countdown again.

    • Does one start the countdown at 10 Voxpops?

      There was something broken that necessitated a revision I suppose. It happens. Life happens.

      But revisions are always stronger and more than they were before. That’s my hope anyway.

      • For me, no need to start so high, Twingem. You see, I ignored the missing fireside log from 2015, I ignored the stone’s missing corner from 2016, I ignored the missing coordinate from 2017, and this year I ignored the missing “pole” (more of a peg, really). One of these days, I’d love to post a picture of the latter find – it is centered on a knot that is “mirrored” close to what I believe is the blaze, and is a beautiful and unusual little creation. Four or fewer is good.

        I despair of my brain’s tardiness sometimes!

        • Don’t despair Voxpops. Some of the most delicious food for thought comes after marinating. Like olives.

  13. How many total dollars have been contributed to cancer patients from the sale of these books so far? Any good stories of particular survivors?

      • JDA…I agree also, your great. I have always enjoyed your comments. I hope your doing well! Ooh Rah!❤️
        Thank you Dal, Cynthia and Mr.Fenn

        • Marths;

          Thanks – Yes, I am doing well. Glad you enjoy my comments. Some may have a wee bit of value, and others “not so much”. Hope you can figure out which is which – I can’t 🙂 JDA

          • JDA

            It’s fun to read your comments even though I may disagree.

            You are also the counter weight to Zap. His comments pull people towards Montana and his way of thinking. You pull people towards Wyoming and your way if thinking.


          • Well Lug;

            I doubt that I pull many people in any direction, other than into the rabbit holes I seem to find myself in every now and again – 🙂 JDA

  14. No more marinating for me, Twingem. Last time I did that, I walked away and forgot all about it. Think I’ll just shove it in the oven and hope nobody notices the slightly gamey flavor!

    Here’s a thought: if you deliver a eulogy three times, does it become a trilogy?

    • I understand, vox. Just be sure to turn the oven up as high as it will go to be sure it’s done. Nothing worse than the game jumping off the plate before you have even had a bite.

      I’m not sure on your question. I only know that I’ve delivered more eulogies in my life, for both young and old, than one should ever experience I think…and I’m likely to deliver a few more soon. Sucks really. Makes one question everything.

      From where do you hail vox?

  15. I got my signed copy today! How can I tell if it’s revised? Would that be a 2nd printing or would it say “revised”?
    Anyway Im so excited to get it and it was wrap ed with Love!
    Thank you.

    • Lou Lee, the new book, “OUAW Revised” has not been publically released yet. I’m wondering if Dal could get an update on the release timing for us.

      Dal, can you see if any firm “available by date” is known yet?

      I need a copy in time for a big bday coming up! Fingers crossed !

      • When I got OUAW it took a really long time from the time I ordered to the time it shipped so even when it is available it might still take a long time to ship depending on how many orders they have.

        • Hi Idle
          Thank you! I got my book in 3 days of ordering, signed. So happy! DO YOU KNOW WHY HE REVISED IT?

          • That I do not but according to Dal’s post below, Forrest says the new version is a lot better.

      • Twin-
        Forrest wrote this today about the new book-
        “We should get the first 500 copies on Tuesday, and the others soon after, This revised edition is a lot better. I looked at an unbound edition 10 minutes ago with Lou. f”

        I imagine you can order them through Collected Works Bookstore…
        But you might have to talk with them to make sure you get a REVISED edition rather than the first edition…
        I am assuming they still have the first edition on hand…but I have not checked…

        • Their site says:

          The first edition of Forrest Fenn’s newest memoir, Once Upon a While, is officially out of stock, as of October 13th, 2018. The new edition is expected within the month. More information regarding a new edition of the book will be forthcoming. If you place an order for this title in the meantime, we will not be able to ship out your order until the new edition is in stock. Thank you.

        • Exceptional! I feel like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of money!

          Thank so much Dal. Now I just gotta figure out how to get one of the first 500 ☺.

          I’m thinking. Thinking. Thinking….ouch! I over did the thinking….

      • HMA told me that the first version of OUAW is now sold out, and the revised version will be available in about a month.

  16. FYI: I just got an e-mail from The Collected Works Bookstore that the new book (OUAW-R) will be $35 and is likely arriving on Wednesday. They currently don’t have the requisite information from the publisher to update the title to the revised edition yet (but will as soon as they do).

  17. Pdenver, I’m glad you are ok! Loving thoughts and prayers for quick and full recovery for your son!

    • I wish, I assume only those who forego the shining or pick the book up locally would have it.

      • Just double checked and my order is still processing. My order date was 10/18/2018 so in theory I might have been the first order on the new book.

        Anyone else get the book yet? Locals definitely have an advantage in this arena.

        • Just got my book, thanks Forrest!

          I have already noticed some differences but I won’t spoil those (except the one I already did).

  18. Possible Spoiler Alert (differences between 1st printing and 2nd printing of OUAW):

    Just to note that I cannot say for certain I found everything:

    Cover: Addition of word “revised” in red lettering plus arrow point to note this as “a revised third memoir…”

    Signature page has same change as cover. Forrest’s signature looks better in my revised edition (opinion)

    ISBN page: Almost identical graphics, Different publisher (Forrest’s publishing company published)
    Second printing
    Different ISBN’s
    Email and website exluded in 2nd printing.
    Red line missing but second printing isn’t as saturated.

    Forward xi: Word “life” in “…and then and there end his life.” has a white spot (like a misprint) that is covering up part of the I and f (seems more like a glitch).

    Opposite Preface: Forrest Fenn as stick figure (has his belt buckle) is now dancing. The hat no longer has any brown. Plus it shows 6 legs (to show dancing movement). You can also see more of the left band (not sure what that is).

    Preface: Different text, but lets the reader know about what the revised edition brings with it (notes all the stories have been revised by Forrest). Also notes “It is the last chapter in my final book. Now it is time for me to rest.”

    Table of Contents (left page): Montana Gold 92 now appears on this page.

    Table of Contents (right page): New graphics that are similar but different. New text, now says BOOM instead of POW, BOO have white space inside the letters. Me and Dizzy Dean story added at the end.

    No apparent differences in Supplemental Punishment (pg 2-5) which in itself seems odd considering his statement he revised all the stories. Note that quite a few stories (not noted below) also appeared to have no discernible differences.

    The Long Jump (pg 6-9) Edard is missing and Laurens is higher up in the sketch work on page 7.

    Sweet Fragrances (10-19): pages 14 and 15 have a connected graphic of Forrest being chased by a container of cloves that is only half full. Page 18 has a new figure with Forrest’s belt, no hat, blue colored legs (blue jeans) and a frown on the face (arms up like a cactus).

    An Education from Stanley: page 21 has a different stick figure of Forrest (the 1st edition has the same stick figure from opposite preface, this one is new but has the brown in the hat and is facing left instead of right. My book has a pen line of sorts near the figure (not a black marker) but appears to be a glitch and is not from a live pen (no indentation).

    Me and Little Beaver: Page 31 has new stick figure standing on the M in the title (no belt buckle) and holding a rifle (not drawn).

    Explosion on 3rd Street: Page 49: Image of Skippy in hospital bed instead of image of Forrest, Peggy, Irene, Skippy, Donnie and June. On page 49 near the top right it says, “Blown up Skippy” instead of the other pictures description. That image and description is now on 50 and 51 (the text stayed the same otherwise).

    Once in a while I do something right: Page 56-57 the lower paint is now green instead of purple and the sky in the photo is much more blue.

    Annabella’s hat: Page 65 the bullet is not the same bullet.

    I Never Go Shopping, But…: Page 66 the graphic has been modified of the woman (legs are the same and general demeanor/posture).

    The Quahada Chief on a Black Pony: Page 82 new color sketch of a woman on horseback. This offsets the text for the next two pages.

    Montana Golden: Page 94 new graphic of person in hat (no buckle) fishing with fish on the line (bend in the rod).

    Remnants of the Past: Page 97 has image of Elephant with long ivory tusk (only 1 visible).

    The Iron Rooster of Sante Fe County: Page 112: The number 112 shows up and the Rooster is completely on page 113.

    Doug Hyde in Stone: Page 147 last paragraph Joe Medicine Crow’s full name given instead of just Joe.

    The Gracieela Experience: page 161 instead of saying “What?!!!” It says “You What?!!!”

    The Bullet Comes Home: Page 171 now has photo credits for the photo (Lacee Peloguin).

    Me and Dizzy Dean (completely new and not in the 1st printing)

    Colophon now has a single omega symbol added below the word Colophon. Plus the addition of upward arrow and word “revised”.

    Back flap: Everything below “…she is our heroine.” Excluded in the 2nd printing.

    Back cover: price increase to $35.00 instead of $24.95 plus new ISBN and UPC code.

    • Thanks for sharing this and taking the time to write this all out, Idle Dreamer!

      The changing from a double-omega to a single omega beneath the word Colophon seems most significant to me (though I do not think is a clue to the treasure’s hiding location). Where is the location of the upward arrow and the word “revised” in relation to the omega symbol?

      • No problem, but your question makes me wish I had made the above a google doc that could be added to and adjusted (if anyone wants to host one let me know).

        I would amend:
        Colophon now has a single omega symbol added below the word Colophon. Plus the addition of upward arrow and word “revised”.

        Colophon: The 1st printing does not have an omega symbol but the revised edition added a single Omega symbol directly below the word Colophon. If you look at the cover on you can see what I mean by an upward arrow and the word revised. On the Colophon the two (arrow and revised) appear to the right of “Once Upon A While” which is in the same place as it was in the first printing.

        To answer your question Blex, the upward arrow and the word “revised” is at 1 inch down and 3/4 of an inch to the right from the Omega.

          • I wonder if it was the graphic artist’s decision or Mr. Fenn’s. Looking forward to getting my book some time today.

          • Finally got to take a look and there is a 5 pointed star to the right of Forrest’s name. There is a small circle star below the es in Preston. There are also 3 little (hard to see) white points that are not on the first edition. I also forgot to note the side binding of the book also has the arrow and revised.

        • The Dizzy story has an additional photo added which is not part of the SB story. Interesting photo.

        • So, the first edition comes out with no Omega signs and Forrest has a “gut feeling.”

          The revised edition comes out with one Omega sign and Forrest’ “gut feeling” is “wavering.” And it says “revised” with that one Omega.

          And no one found the treasure this summer. But they were close.
          One Omega found, the second not found (as suspected by several others already).

    • Wow, Idle: impressive difference summary! Hopefully my copy arrives in the next couple days…

    • Just to note I mixed up versions on the long jump. Edard was added to the stick figures.

      Please feel free to note anything I missed or mixed up.

    • Thanks Idle Dreamer for this information. I am not sure if this was already noticed and said here about the cover drawing of the stick figures belt buckle. The belt buckle ( revised edition one) is a picture I have seen of FF standing next to a tree. It’s a still shot from an earlier on in the chase video interview. It’s the picture as the belt buckle.

  19. IdleDreamer: thanks for this comparison. Most of these changes seem to be odd reasons for publishing a revised edition. Maybe Forrest just always felt like he was not done with tweaking the first edition when he went to press.

    What’s a synopsis of Me and Dizzy Dean?

      • Thanks Idle.

        So, someone took Edard? He is to gone?

        Someone took what Forrest’s darEd. Dared. They dared to take Edard. Brave.

        The dare was on the front flap of TTOTC I believe.

        I remember playing truth or dare, and I loved either choice – it was all a great adventure.

        • Edard was moved to the opposing page (7) if you’re referring to The Long Jump story. Maybe he’s in several stories but I know FF moved him over a page in this one.

          • One of my worries when I did it is that I would mix the versions up. Edard was added to the revised and wasn’t in the first edition. Sorry all.

          • I believe most of the changes in the revised edition were to correct a few typos and make the book more aesthetically pleasing, at least in Forrest’s eye.

          • This is one reason I don’t normally do this kind of work. In a digital plane I don’t have to worry about trying to hold two books open to compare differences. Assume it safe to say that anything on the left page near the binding is fair game for me having missed something. Poor Edard, I completely missed him.

            Thank you Cythnia…You would think I have never read a paper book before.

        • A few more remarks about the changes from OUAW to OUAW Revised. As Idle pointed out, there is a minor (I’m sure unintentional) printing smudge that partially obscures the word “life” on page xi. Probably something on the printing press because if you go back two pages to page ix in the exact same position, the word “best” is smudged.

          When Forrest says he changed all the stories (in the Preface) he’s not referring to changes from OUAW to the revised version — he means he’s changed them from their original versions as Scrapbooks, Vignettes, etc. The text in OUAW revised is IDENTICAL to that in the original, with only a minor change here and there (differences in line justification, and the already-mentioned addition of “Medicine Crow” after Joe on page 147.) All the typos are still in there.

          Idle Dreamer was very thorough — I only found a few additional things:

          1. A single circular star has been added to the back cover
          2. Montana Golden moved to the bottom of the first page of the the Table of Contents to balance out the addition of Chapter 40.
          3. Already mentioned, but for clarification Edard stick figure was moved from page 6 to page 7 between Paul and Laurens.
          4. Pages 49 and 51 have been swapped
          5. Page 53: the upper right “Fred” has been changed to “Ferd”
          6. Page 67: “There” changed to “there” to start the chapter (due to continuation of the chapter title)
          7. Page 101: Clark Hulings caption added
          8. page 115: The background behind the buffalo has been changed and lightened for better contrast

          • Hi Zap, my engineering eyes do not see where Mr. Fenn stated he “changed” the stories. I believe the new version is a
            “revised” version where all the stories were….get ready….

            Revised= re-vis-Ed =re-visited.

            subtle, but different than “changed”.

            Or it could be that he just Re-vised us and put the squeeze on yet again. LOL.

          • So what would be the purpose in publishing a revised edition, if the changes were so minor? I don’t get why anyone would go to the effort of continuing to add tiny, minor tweaks after a book was published, and to push out the changes in the next printing, rather than just sticking with the original revision for the next printing.

          • Windsurfer;

            If in fact it is revisited – the question is why? Why does one go back to a visited place – to renew or refresh old memories.? To see the same sites with renewed eyes? To see or do what one did not do or see the first time? HUMMMM??? JDA

          • zaphod73491,
            I knew it was Idle Dreamer but it was Cynthia whom had corrected something about Edard not you Zap. It was you whom said something about it being an impressive writeup so that’s probably why I thought it was you. HEY CLINT!!! OVER HERE!!!

            Carry on zaphod73491!

          • Hi JDA,

            My answer to your questions is revisiting old memories. I just was at a 21 gun salute of an old soldier my wife and I befriended a few years back. He spent most of his days reminiscing of days gone by so I do not find this out of the question of your questions. Not suggesting anything dire affecting Mr. Fenn, but my friend was suddenly struck by pneumonia and it was just too much for him. Ft. Logan performed a very nice service for Gail.

          • Windsurfer;

            Maybe I should rephrase the questions – Why would Forrest want to revisit these stories? What secrets might they hold, that Forrest thought so much of, that he wanted to republish, revise or revisit? – JDA

          • Hey-O JD

            I know it’s pretty common to view ff as a nearly obsessive Chase-Master, constantly tweaking the chase and the chasers for . . . I’m not sure what reason or purpose exactly.

            ** ** ** Q – ” . . . if you consider and combine the numerous ‘Scrapbooks, Vignettes, Speed Bumps’, etc on Dal’s site, you could say you have even written another book!; maybe call it; ‘Short Snippets from Forrest Fenn’. What do you enjoy most about writing these?” Jenny K feb2015

            “In those stories I’m just looking back and talking to myself most of the time. It’s fun to be reminded of details I had almost forgotten. Hopefully, readers 500 years from now will find my tales entertaining.” ff ** ** **

            I take him at his word. He writes these things down and puts them up because he thinks his readers will enjoy them as much as he enjoys writing them.

            Isn’t entertainment enough? Must he always and only be spinning mysterious webs?


          • If one actually *reads* Cynthia’s story… the gist of it(the story) is all about Fenn just telling his story/ies. I especially like her(Cynthia’s) recounting of having sunny side rancheros and listening to Fenn tell *new* stories. Did I say *story* enough?

          • Hello Zap.Concerning pages 49 and 51. What are the story titles or SB # for the stories of pages 49 and 51?

            Much appreciated.

          • Thanks a bunch PDenver! I guess it was just the one story you linked? I thought maybe the two pages were of two stories switched page for page.

          • OnTheChase: You asked: “So what would be the purpose in publishing a revised edition, if the changes were so minor?”

            Theories abound. Clearly it wasn’t to correct the typos since they’re still present. His prior two memoirs have each gone into multiple rounds of reprints, though without even changes as subtle as those in OUAW Revised. Addition of the Dizzy Dean chapter is the only substantive change to the text, so it’s not a stretch to conjecture that there is something important for us to discover in this story.

          • Hi Alsetenash: the page swap is of a pair of pictures from the same story. My book’s at home, otherwise I could be more specific.

          • Zap and PDenver. Ah! Thanks! That’s all I needed by my question. Just a picture switch in pages within the one story SB.

            Thank you’s.

          • Page 85 had a line of white space added making the “a” sit lower on the postmark so that what looks like an “8” is clearly a “6”.

          • “1. A single circular star has been added to the back cover”
            Does anyone have a link to a pic of the back cover?

  20. Has Forrest actually mentioned anywhere that he may have added new hints or clues in the new revision? (I’m guessing he wouldn’t do that, it would be too obvious…)

    • OnTheChase, others can confirm whether I am correct or not, but as I understand it, Forrest has only specifically mentioned that the book “Thrill of the Chase” contains subtle hints, and that there is one (unintentional) hint included in the preface for “Too Far to Walk”.

      He has not specifically mentioned any other hints being included in “Too Far to Walk” or “Once Upon a While” that I know of, but many Chasers are guessing that he did (as well as guessing that many of his posts on this blog or Mysterious Writings may also contain subtle hints).

    • Hi Blex: I don’t believe Forrest has ever said where in TFTW the unintentional clue is located. Uncareful listeners/transcript-readers might get that mis-impression from the Moby Dickens Bookshop video (11/2/2013) starting around the 38-minute mark:

      “Coming from the online site again, I’ve been asked to ask you how many people have told you that they’ve discovered the unintended clue in Too Far to Walk and how many were right?”

      Forrest: “Well, I’ve not had anybody tell me the answer to that clue. If you read my preface, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out I think what they’re talking about. But there are clues in my new book that can help a person.”

      As of November 2013, no one had correctly identified the unintended clue. People *thought* it was the bit about floating 10 miles down the Madison (which is in the Preface), but clearly that’s incorrect since that’s the most obvious guess. And since that’s not it, there is no indication either way whether the correct answer is to be found in the Preface.

      • Is this the only mention of an unintended clue in the book by Forrest? I haven’t located any other quotes about it. If this is the only mention, it sounds like he is just referring to people that think there is an unintended clue, and not actually confirming it.

      • Hi Aaron: No, Forrest did confirm there is an accidental clue in TFTW. It happened at the Collected Works Bookstore on 10/23/2013. Doug Preston asked the audience present, “How many people here have looked for the treasure? How many people here are here to see if there are going to be any clues accidentally? That’s why we have to start talking about the treasure because honestly are there any in this new book that are not in the other one? There it is. Too Far to Walk that are not in The Thrill of the Chase? Are there clues in this book?”

        Forrest answers: “There is one clue in this book that’s not in The Thrill of the Chase. And I didn’t know the clue was in this book until it was printed.”

        • I seem to recall a video interview where Forrest indicated there was a clue on the front of the dust jacket in TFTW. I also believe many folks thought it was the river depicted. At one time I thought it was the shadow of the cane or walking stick he had in his hand.

          • Timw- yes, the clue is the fact that you cant see his feet in the shadow on the cover. has to do with the line…”look quickly down”. you will find other hidden feet in TTOTC as well. so here it is…if you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down (at your own feet) your quest to cease.
            you have found the blaze and the treasure.
            the blaze is your own feet MARKING THE TRAIL as you walk in the form of footprints. a blaze marks a trail and so do feet. the treasure is wherever in the great outdoors the poem sends you.
            the “chest” mentioned in the poem is different from the “treasure”.
            therefore in order to “take the chest” we must take photographs of this beautiful place Forrest Fenn’s poem has led us to.
            and your quest has ceased.
            this is stage one of solving the poem, outdoors. which many have done.
            stage two is indoors at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. where your Yellowstone adventure is mirrored.

      • “…But there are clues in my new book that can help a person.”

        Are they clues? I mean, a clue gets ya closer. Are there more than one? are they hints-?- because fenn calls everything a clue?

        “There is one clue in this book that’s not in The Thrill of the Chase. And I didn’t know the clue was in this book until it was printed.”

        Is that a “clues” or a really good hint? Is it one of a few pieces of information that could help in the new book, or something that was some how added or left out by another?
        Think about that for a moment… something placed in the new book during Printing ~ maybe?? And if so, where did it come from?… is it word[s], a picture added at the last moment, something added by the editor or changed?… a correction?

        The thing is; e have fenn attempting to explain a hint will help with a clue and clues are what gets ya closer to the trove. Yet, everything is told of as a clue… Example; how is ‘not in Nevada’ a real clue?

        • Hello Seeker. “Not in Nevada,” would seem it got us closer because that much more was eliminated from the search area.

          • Naaa… It might as well be, Not in Russia… right?
            Are we now to consider eliminating something an actual clue? How about outhouses.. not being in one a clue? How does and outhouse eliminating factor actually ‘get you close’…

            My point is; how can we truly think of something as a ‘clue’ in the poem, if a ‘clue’ is added later? Does that mean we now have ten actual clues to decipher?
            OR maybe, while on site there is information we need to figure out or discover and this “new clue” is part of that work needed to be done on site~ originally?

            All information that is connected would be great to know of… but is that information an actual “clue” that is involved with the original nine?

            Example: Canada – Poof!
            Well, IF the chest is in NM or WY or CO.. that doesn’t seem to help much at all.
            However, if the Continental Divide is somehow involved with a deciphered clue, or MT, then knowing the top 1/2 of the CD is no longer in play could be a clue, line of thinking. It would be a clue because, it would actually get you closer by ‘knowing it as a clue reference.’ and not so much a place it’s not.

            How about; if you have a solve that is in the desert, get a new solve. Is that a clue?

          • It really seems to me that, besides the 9 clues in the poem, FF is not as caught up as we are on what is and what is not a clue. He seems to call some random statements clues in interviews. To me it seems like the only clues that he thinks will help us get closer to the treasure are the 9 in the poem. That’s my guess anyway.

          • Of course, some that he has mentioned as clues outside of the poem do serve to eliminate areas.

          • Also…it may be helpful for folks to visit *The Map* in *Most Important Info* and read what has been said about the unintended clue in TFTW. Dal has confirmed it a few times for folks over the years…. or not.

        • “Well there’s a major clue in the book(TFTW), but I don’t think it will help you find the treasure chest. I’ll tell you what the clue is. In the back of my book, there’s a map.”
          Fenn goes on to explain that Benchmark maps left out Canada and the Rocky mountains go into Canada….and he did not realize what had been done until the book came out.
          But that’s not THE clue.
          “What did she say?”
          She said, “That’s not THE clue.”
          “There are no clues in this book, but there are some hints. What I tell people to do if they’re serious about looking for the treasure, get the Thrill of the Chase and read it.”

          • It was a woman in the audience at the Moby Dickens interview. Forrest has trouble hearing… so the question was repeated for him.

          • Ah, thanks. This is another example of how FF throws around the word clue. First there is a major clue, the map. Then all of the sudden there are no clues in this book.

          • Notice how Fenn is at Moby Dickens for his new book… but tells folks to read TTOTC if they are serious about searching for the treasure.
            He says there are some hints in TFTW and the map is the clue.

          • That is how I read it Aaron. Dal’s Cheat Sheet is pretty accurate I believe… as it has evolved with the ATF and the countless dissections over the years. I mean, the guy comes right out and tells what the clue is in TFTW. Clear as mud, right?

          • Ken,

            fenn ~ “Well there’s a major clue in the book(TFTW), but I don’t think it will help you find the treasure chest. …” {Canada – Poof!}
            ~ “…But there are **clues** in my new book that can help a person…”

            Not much cleared the muddies… Sure, we know of the major clues, yet even then, it may not actually help. Also, I get the idea of fenn not wanting to elaborate on what and what is not a clue vs. a hint. But to continue to call every thing a clues;
            Major clue that may not help
            The useless clue debate {today show}
            “Clues” that only eliminate section of the country outside the RM’s {example: Nevada, or very small section within Idaho and Utah… even ‘clues’ that were more or less forced… not underwater.. etc.
            LOL if they are considered clues… I’m completely dumbfounded at what a “very subtle hint, not deliberately placed to aid a seeker” would be.

          • TTOTC is a map to get you to the general area. Bench(Banco), buffalo, fishing, milk cows, taos mountain, Vietnam era helicopter, Cody….and the list goes on.
            The only place with all of this which fits our solve is Cimarron,NM.

      • Zaphod, I cannot find anything on to back up my memory, but I could have sworn Forrest said something more specific regarding the unintended clue being in the preface of TFTW. But unless I can find a source that I can point to, I must be mistaken on this.

        • Moby Dickens 38:01
          Coming from the online site again, I’ve been asked to ask you how many people have told you that they’ve
          discovered the unintended clue in Too Far to Walk and how many were right?
          Well I’ve not had anybody tell me the answer to that clue. If you read my preface, it doesn’t take a genius to
          know what they are talking about. But there are clues in my new book that can help a person. Did I answer
          that question?

          • Zap, I read your post. You claim that it is unclear with his answer that there is a clue/hint in the preface. The one he did clarify was the no Canada.

            Perhaps what he was thinking about when he said “well I’ve not had (heard) anybody tell me the answer to that clue.” was the -Not far, but too far too walk- poem clue and NOT about what came after regarding the preface of TFTW.

            Right after, when he said ‘If you read my preface, it doesn’t take a genius to know what they are talking about’ he is now talking about the 10-mile suggestion which sounded like a non-clue.

            That’s the way I understand that whole exchange anyway.

          • Hi Oz10: my bottom line take-away is that whatever the unintended clue/hint is, it isn’t 10 miles and it isn’t the exclusion of Canada from the map. Those were both immediately obvious, so would have been among the first things guessed by searchers.

          • To me it seems like if the clue was unintended then it was something written or drawn by someone other than Fenn. Would it even be possible for FF to intentionally add an unintended clue?

          • The chicken or the egg? Who first mentioned the unintended clue in the TFTW book? It was not Forrest and he put that notion to rest with the ‘it doesn’t take a genius to know what THEY are talking about’ comment.

            There is no unintended clue other than Benchmarks’ screw up, and that will not help anybody he said.

          • Zap…are you trying to say that you believe you think you know of some mysterious *unintended* clue in TFTW ? Other than NO Canada?

          • Hi Ken: yes, I at least have a good candidate for what Forrest could be referring to. And Aaron is right — it can’t be unintended if HE wrote it. My theory is that Suzanne Somers wrote it. It’s about the only text in the book over which Forrest had no control, and he couldn’t very well tell Suzanne to change or delete something without cluing her in. If she *did* inadvertently (and obviously unwittingly) drop a hint/clue, Forrest would just have to leave it be.

          • Zap… I remember you saying that previously during one of the countless other discussions about this topic. Do you use this candidate in your current solvution? Did you get your revised OUAW yet?

          • Hi Ken: I don’t remember previously specifically mentioning Suzanne, but maybe I did. I wouldn’t say I “used” this unintended hint as part of my solution, but rather that I noted after-the-fact that it matched and could therefore be what Forrest was referring to.

            I don’t expect my book for at least another week. I got an email from Bernadette at Collected Works that they are expecting new copies to be in their store mid-November and will ship out as soon as they get them. She explained there was a binding problem that they were just made aware of from the printer. Seems a little odd since obviously others have been receiving copies. ??

          • Zap…maybe last winter, not sure exactly… but I do seem to recall it. I noticed you are now saying *unintended hint*.
            It’s all good…thanks for the input.
            Bummer about the book being delayed…. maybe Fenn will draw you a *special* doodle… mm.

          • Definitely had no issue with my binding, sorry to hear it Zap. Hope you get a doodle, I haven’t on any of my books so I am assuming they are rare.

          • I’d *LOVE* a doodle! But I think that’s probably too much to hope for. I ~did~ put in my book order on Wednesday, October 25th, so I’m a little surprised others successfully received copies. For those of you who received copies, did you order before then? I thought I had ordered the very first day they were available…

          • I ordered the book on the 22nd, knowing that any orders of the old book would transfer to the revised version.

          • Hi Lugnutz: I think the odds of me getting a doodle are low. I imagine a stack of books that Forrest systematically opens, signs, and places on an outgoing stack, with little or no control over which books go to which buyers. Clearly he makes exceptions, but I don’t remember the circumstances of when those have happened. Perhaps some searchers out there who have received doodles could chime in with their stories?

  21. My book arrived a few days ago, but missing the requested autograph. The Collected Works people are nice enough to resend upon receipt of the one they sent me. I quickly sent it back without taking the time to check out the differences. Just a note for anyone else that may get one without the autograph.

    • Aaron, I must of got yours. I ordered one without asking for the autograph and poof!, I get one with an autograph. I am willing to trade you straight up if it does not workout with CW.


      • Ha, thanks T, but I think it will work out. They said I may even get one with a doodle for paying to ship it back, so it’s worth the wait 🙂

        Congrats on the autograph.

  22. Forrest sure made a lot of changes. It’s hard to discern which if any will help. Most of us probably have trouble just connecting the dots. It’s enough to get someone dizzy while keeping most of us busy over the winter. The only thing for certain is we live in fascinating times.

  23. On the cover, the new star:

    A star, located on the right, is on the same level as the author’s name.

    Put another way: Only one “star” is right; on the same level as Forrest Fenn.



    • Only one star is right. I am thinking you are on to something.

      My wife on the other hand is still thinking I’m on something…

      But I guess the lesson here, if there is one, is you can’t win them all, all of the time. We are all contenders and yet one lucky soul among us is eventually going to retrieve indulgence. That will be an amazing day and then we will be at the end. And each of us will have to decide what comes next.

      • “I wish I had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians.” f

        The chase never ends, there is always one more hill to climb, one more song to sing. The journey never ends but constantly begins.

        Plus, the medallions are like Pokemon…

  24. Additional book sales. That’s terrific. Wondering just how much has gone to cancer patient(s). That was the promise made by f on behalf of Collected Works. I’d think Dorothy would be proud to announce the charitable benefit that has resulted from the Chase.

  25. Tarheel Searcher its a beautiful area red river below are the books being sold. now im behind a bit,

  26. A lot of posts above about TFTW. But didn’t Preston say there are clues in QUAW? (paraphrase) “…you know there are clues in this book. ..There are vital clues in this book. Just going to leave it at that.”
    So are these book revisions new clues or do they enhance the aforementioned existing “vital” clues?
    I think Fenn did intend to add a real clue (or clues), and then he put in the other “revisions” ion the book as a smoke screen to make the change less obvious.
    IMO of course.

    • Doug Preston is good at promoting book sales for a good friend and having fun with the chase.

      Doug Preston is no better at locating clues to this chase than I am. And I say there’s no clues in OUAW, so it’s a wash.


      • If you were close friends with Fenn and sitting next to him at a book launch, would you dare say there are clues in his new book unless you were reasonably sure there were?
        I think that some clues are only meaningful to deep thinkers.

        • If ff said he wasn’t going to give any more clues, and you were sitting next to him at a book signing and you said there were vital clues in his new book, what color is the bear?

          Deep Thinkers have discovered, uncovered, and recovered at least as many clues as there are words in the poem.

          Which makes sense, I guess, since it would be risky to discount, uncount, or recount any of them.


          • It’s already been discussed at length that Preston was most likely coached by Fenn and that his remarks seemed rehearsed.
            Not everyone will believe there are clues in OUAW and that’s OK.

            PS: I didn’t see any bears at the book launch.

  27. The word “Revised” from a dictionary-“reconsider and alter (something) in the light of further evidence”.

    Noted from the posters here that have posted the differences from the two books ; the key point I see is the Omega . It is located at the publishers colophon stamp. The revised edition is published by FF’s own publishing- something to note also?

    One omega ,not the double omega ,and only at that spot in this revised book. I find this fact interesting. Two can keep a secret if one is dead. I do not think this would be something to translate the two aspects literally but there is some sort of a relationship with them in a riddle sort of way though, IMO.

    Two can keep a secret if one is dead.
    Two omegas after each chapter of TTOTC whereas there is only one single one in this one,his last latest book.
    Two books of the same name, one is the revised with additions and maybe some subtractions?( I dunno what).
    Two different publishers of one of the same book titles , though this one is revised.

    Is there any other similar points of pattern from those that have the two books? Number of pages? ISBN? Number of chapters?

    Perhaps being that there is only one single omega in the entire revised last book , a revision of the second to last book. Omegas in the first book relative to this hunt and only a single (1) in this last one?

    Interesting, anyways. IMO.

    To me, there seems to me some sort of a ‘Nod’ between these books going on here , IMO.


    • Alsetenash,

      While its curious to think about the differences between two {same} books published more than three years later, or three ATF books total … I have to ponder why place new info, or even hint at old info, altogether?
      My only real thought is to keep interest building. Sell it over and over to keep the wary wanting the thrill. Not wary in a bad way… however, I think many who have started the challenge thought it would be something thought out and done in a reasonable amount of time and get discouraged. If folks are told there are clues in addition to, or repeated in some form or another… their interest/influence grows even more.
      I mean, what would be the point to add extra info, regardless of how it presented -?- wasn’t the original info adequate? Or is fenn simply running a good ad campaign while he can. Not for profit but, the idea to keep it alive and lively?

      • Seeker. You present a viable perception that I would add some infusion to. I think the intent you perceive has some credence .Though, I would slant it a bit differently. To say it simply, I think he is throwing in a few bones to the search community. He pays attention to the blogs, IMO. I think things have reached a stale status. 8 years of analyzing and zero results.

        He has said we only need the Poem and a good map. There are sprinkled hints in the TTOTC is all that he has ever admonished of there being any material , other than his poem; for hints to be gleaned from him for this chase.

        There are those that believe that there are hints in his SBs and other stories from him here in this blog, equally as many that don’t think so. He hasn’t admonished that there would be any hints within these and probably never will , IMO. For me, when he published the first OUAW that has specific SBs and stories from on this blog ,it was a nod to there being of relevant hints in these stories. Though, still this can be debatable by anyone because of the lack of any admonishment of such from FF. But now he has a second book with revisions and added stories from on here, post first edition printing. He reads the blogs.

        So, to give some credence to these stories pertaining to this chase as having some relevance, he publishes a revised edition. Not only this , but he adds an Omega to this book at the publishers stamp. The only other place he uses the Omega is in the only other book that he admonished as having sprinkled hints- TTOTC!!!The only to books that have an omega!!

        Paraphrasing: he said something like, he will take the meaning of the omegas to his death.

        Seeker. I think he is saying without saying it, that there are hints in these stories. IMO.

        An omega infused NOD!

        In my opinion.

        • Although Eric Sloane has been mentioned in TTOTC, Mr. Fenn’s book, “Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch” also has double omegas. I’m not sure of his other books he’s written.

        • Ok Alsetenash,

          I’m a simple thinker when I think I see a hint. A hint to me doesn’t reflect the norm of a word or symbol, but give a slight pause of how it might relate differently.. and not commonly. Many like the idea of “Alpha vs. Omega” … which can lead to many avenues of thoughts.

          I look at it as a possible hint to; what an Omega could relate to ‘only’ for the chase aspect. Its numerical value is 800… there are two. That’s 1600.. right? An aberration? a hint? That’s not to say the symbols don’t have an importance to fenn for another reason as well.
          I’m only looking at them as helpful for an idea involving the chase.

          But. I thought fenn also stated; they wouldn’t help… so, for me, I don’t bother really thinking about them.

          • Seeker;

            I am not a numbers person. How is the numerical value of an omega 800? Funny that two omegas = 1600, which happens to be the distance from Texas to Yellowstone. So, 800 miles = 1/2 way there – wherever that is. According to recent chatter – somewhere between Pueblo and Denver Colorado.

            Interesting – JDA

          • Seeker. I have researched the same information you stated about the Omega. For me ,it is not about what the omega symbol means . It’s simply a symbol he uses that is meaningful to him. For what it represents to him doesn’t matter, it’s just that it matters. It’s a point he makes in using it, it has meaning to him and he uses it purposefully. It’s a crumb that is , I’ll call it a “pointer” . He uses it to be noticed. Why? Is it to mean take notice? Notice what? He uses 2 omegas and 1 omega…why?

            It’s not the definition of the omega as the why he uses it. It’s just that he writes it for a purpose. IMO.

            That’s what I mean. I always go simple first lolol.

          • ** ** ** JDA asked “I am not a numbers person. How is the numerical value of an omega 800?” ** ** **

            It goes back to writing systems that didn’t have unique signs for numbers, JDA.

            As if we didn’t have arabic numerals in addition to our alphabet letters, for example.

            So in ancient Greek (and also in Hebrew and other writing systems), letters did double-duty to represent numbers as well as sounds. The first nine letters in the alphabet also stood respectively for the numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . 8, 9.

            The next nine letters stood for 10, 20, 30 . . . 80, 90.

            And the next nine letters were also used to signify 100, 200, 300 etc.

            So an omega also stood for 800.

            To write 888, you’d write *omega pi eta*, as those letters stood for 800, 80, and 8 respectively. Probably some kind of diacritical mark or underlining or something so you’d know to read it as *888* and not *Opie*.


          • I’m just guessing this is specialized knowledge with history involved. No geography J A K.
            Is it me or are we overcomplicating the TOTC?

          • Yep, Jake, I agree completely.

            Just answering JDA’s question from the pile of antiques and curios in my cranial attic.

            I don’t collect hints, aberrations, or omegas, or see significant hidden images in illustrations, or think nigh means left or scant means slab. At least not in the context of this chase.

            It’s all I can do just to put one foot down and then step on it without falling on my iffy hip.

      • Suffice it to say, OUAW revisions are very much in tune with f’s response to MW’s “String Theory” Featured Question.

        • The revisions are quite minor but their fennessed message is quite major. The message was the reason for OUAW revised, not the revisions per se.

  28. Thanks Pdenver. I don’t have the books to know. Nonetheless, the omega represents ‘hints inside’ ,to me. From what I have gleaned available from the books, those you list have hints in them to me also .

    • Alsetenash, Kpro posted a q&a about hints in Fenn’s other books (not the 3 memoirs but others that include Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch as having no hints. Here is the copy and paste from Kpro’s website:
      08-10-2018, 10:11 PM…an-the-memoirs

      Forrest, same question as IllinoisGhost , do any of your books (excluding your 3 memoirs) give any hints to finding the treasure.

      Nope, not any of my other books. f

      Sorry if I misunderstood what you meant. cynthia

      • Thanks Cynthia for the info. I understand that FF has stated ……… For me, my style of thought/thinking is not limited to what FF says or hasn’t said as advisement. He has established guidelines for this chase. He has admonished what is and what’s not appropriated things to read and what not to do etc. Endless is it , how we all dissect his every word. There are inventors and there are people that use and bennefit from their inventions. Do inventors think like everyone else but recognize something of a potential value and purpose non had thought of before? We can all go to school and learn from the same guidance from the teacher and courses and come out programmed with the same knowledge and best practices. But some Learners will come up with some different ideas , new ideas, stemming from the material studied that others don’t . IMO. Remember the movie Cocktail from the 80s- there are opportunities waiting to be noticed.

        FF has given guidlines and resources . Has he said them all? Has he left some that are out there by him , about him ,that might be valuable? Are we to just follow his words to a tee and play this by his noted best practices? How has this worked out so far?

        He will not be blatant about any other materials or advisements on how anymore. IMO. Non of these books after TTOTC could be as he says , that they don’t contain any hints. Of course FF is truthful about this.

        What I am trying to say is as an example: there is no such thing as a perfect crime. Even the best crooks leave evidence they don’t think of. Lol. I once busted a so called perfect crime in an industry. No one noticed some minuscule crumbs that were always left around- for years and years. I came along one day noticed a little crumb one day and said to myself, ‘ what is that”? It took me almost 2 years to figure out, “what’s that”? I busted a whole syndicate.

        Anyways, not tooting myself or saying I have answers and know this or that. Just saying , be open to the “what’s that” inquiry even though it appears it will lead to also “what it isn’t”. Crumbs can be sprinkles too.

        FF says he liked to go off the beaten path, ( paraphrasing) Do as he says but also what he does. IMO

        There’s plenty of hints attached to everything he has ever written. Even if It is just a crumb. IMO.

        So far , so good.

        Just my thoughts ,Cynthia.



    Another season without reason. Another day without pay. Another solve without resolve. Another time without rhyme. Another wow without ow.
    Another ranger without danger. Another bus without us. Another Penny without Kenny. Another rabbit without a hole???

    If at first you don’t succeed go back to the start and stay there!!!!! WOW!
    Nail it down with 16 penny sinkers!!!! Another sinker without a stinker! Shure Shure, I’ll play bawl, as long as I ain’t gotta catch! Archway cookies are da best!

    • Hi Ken: no, not yet. But I did receive a nice explanatory email from Dorothy at Collected Works. There was indeed a bindery problem with the first printing run, of which less than 100 books were salvageable. Book orders were filled in the order received, and I just happened to be right near the cutoff. At least as of last week, there are probably less than 100 people with a copy.

  30. You know you have been thinking about the chase too much when you go into a store and immediately fix your eyes on a product because it reminds you of Forrest. I even thought about buying it an mailing it to Forrest before realizing he doesn’t need a novelty item from a random chaser.

    The second picture shows why it reminded me of Forrest and a scrapbook in OUAW:

    Let me know, does that that make you think of FF’s football?

  31. I didn’t get an autographed copy that I requested at first. I was asked to mail it back in and they will send an autographed copy. I did so but my copy got damaged in shipping. I clearly did not do as good at packing the book as they did. Long story short, I made a claim with UPS to cover the damage, purchased a new book, and Collected Works sent me an autographed copy with a doodle 🙂 The folks there were very helpful.

    • Awesome Aaron, maybe a blessing for your new site. Maybe you can answer Twingem’s questions on if there is still just one Omega at the end and if the headdress was added plus a black horse instead of brown.

      • Thanks ID, They were holding on to this book for me so I don’t know if it is a pre-binding issue book or post. In any case there is one Omega still. In skimming through it I do not see a headdress. If you are talking about the horse on page 82, it looks gray to me.

        • I looked closer and I agree, that is more gray than brown (lighting of where I was and the angle).

          Thanks, and hopefully Twingem has the book or saw this post.

    • Why would anything change? It was a binding issue, not a problem with the printed pages. 95-odd people got salvaged copies of the first production run; everyone else will get copies that were bound after the printer sorted out whatever the issue was. I wouldn’t expect any content change at all.

      • Zap… what do you make of the addition to the OUAW book? Specifically, the Dizzy Dean SB. Do you think there may be a direct tie-in to the treasure location? Or…. is it just something Fenn wanted to add as a simple story?

        • Ken;

          I am not Zap, but for my 2 cents worth. I think that there was something special that Forrest wanted to express. What that something is, I do not have the slightest idea, but hope to figure it out. Hummm??? JDA

          • Hi JDA- In my opinion, Forrest found another way to show us way the ending looks like.

          • Hi Jake – if I do find the chest, I will not divulge the location because it would spoil the mystery for all those that enjoy a challenge. In my opinion, each clue requires a dash of logic and a Tablespoon of imagination. Somebody will figure it out according to Forrest. I suspect his gut feeling will be stronger next search season. Take it for what it’s worth Jake.

          • HMA –

            I don’t understand how Fs gut feeling could get stronger.

            There are 12 people I can name searching your area. Fenn absolutely knows you’re all up there.

            Why would his gut feeling get stronger?

            Only if you are all wrong and you figure it out. Right?

        • Hi Ken: there certainly has been plenty of speculation about the purpose behind revamping OUAW when other than the addition of the Dizzy Dean chapter, all he did was add some new stick figures, add a couple stars to the cover and an omega to the colphon, alter a few existing stickmen/women, and make a few (probably purely) stylistic changes to the layout here and there. Seems like a lot of effort to revise a book (to include changing publishers) when he could just have continued reprinting the original as demand dictated — just as with the first two memoirs.

          So it seems natural to conclude that there is something important about the DD chapter that he’s trying to draw our attention to. The text hasn’t changed since Scrapbook 188: all the commas are still missing, as is the missing closing parenthesis.

          I made strong connections between SB 188 and the end of my solution back when the Scrapbook came out, but as we all know that isn’t hard to do once you’ve made up your mind about a spot. The photograph layout that Forrest chose for that chapter of the book dovetailed with what I had latched onto in the text. But it could all be illusory.

        • Solving the poem will be key to solving the why sb188 was added as the last chapter to ouaw revised. imo.

      • Thanks for the link. I guess there are two conclusions that could be drawn: (1) This was a story of high nostalgic importance to Forrest that he regretted not putting in book form (the text of the story would indicate this — he has thought about this experience for 63 years). (2) The phrase “How old would I be if I didn’t know how old I wuz?” might be a clue — this is the only part of the story that seems to have any overlap with Forrest’s other writings and interviews.

        • OnTheChase: the Dizzy Dean “quote” was certainly a hint for me since that’s not what he wrote/said. Creative pronoun alteration.

  32. IMO, this is a very important scrapbook. I misapplied its hints when it first came out, and then forgot about it. Rereading it now, it is much clearer to me what he was driving at. Unfortunately, it’s one of those SBs that only makes sense at a particular stage of the search, and so if you haven’t reached that stage it could be confusing.

    Although I don’t have OUAW (original or revised), I can make an educated guess at why SB 188 has been added. People have long suspected that FF emphasizes information after a searcher has figured something out. In this instance, the SB relates to the final segment of the search, which the original text had left hanging. The playing field remains level.

  33. a good story with many stars not your everyday plain figures is 10•10 a reference to the bronze box? just don’t think it could be that distance from the Chest issue difficult for me to grasp sometimes I only see edges and corners but that’s just me off course

  34. I was thinking about the post I made yesterday when asking why Forrest felt that it was important to put out a revised OUAW. I don’t have the revised edition, I’m just going by what I’ve read here. OH! Mr. Fenn, if you want to send me a revised copy with some doodles, that’d be great. I digress, anyhow in the revised edition it seems his latent inner artist is showing by his additional playful doodles. The other thing possibly in line with him being playful, is he added the story about Dizzy Dean. That added story may be saying to us with humorous intent, your ALL out in left field. Just an off the wall thought. Ha I’m out for the night.

    • I have the book and had hoped for a Doodle, but the odds were not in my favor (not sure what the odds actually were). Either way, if we are ALL out in left field maybe were are supposed to get back to the diamond (the box) where are thoughts are more comfortable (warm).

      Maybe, like with Baseball, there are 4 main areas of the chase, but only 3 that require a physical presence. Just idle musings while await the end of winter (and likely spring). Though with the end of my degree hopefully approaching I might end up stuck inside all summer finishing my thesis.

      • Dizzy Dean threw a mean curve ball. Perhaps Forrest Fenn has done likewise … I’m guessing. ⚾️

        • “Stand behind a tree 60 feet away, and I will whomp you with an optical illusion!” Dizzy Dean

          Definitely seems like a good guess.

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