Revised OUAW…

Cynthia published a new article about Forrest’s latest book signing and a “soon to be released”, updated version of “Once Upon a Wish”…

Here’s a snippet:

Photo by Cynthia

I met Forrest at Collected Works Book Store late this morning where he was busy signing books. Over the course of 30 minutes, he signed 45 copies of The Thrill of the Chase and 27 copies of too far to walk. He even personalized half a dozen or more books to specific buyers. I’d witnessed this before over the years, and it’s quite an orchestrated process. The cartons of books are brought from the back of the store to chairs beside the table. The older guy removed the protective wrapping and handed the book to Will, a pleasant young chatty fellow, who opened the book to the correct page, and slid it to Forrest, who then signed his name… over and over and over it went….

You can read the whole story and see all Cynthia’s wonderful photos on her blog HERE





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  1. “Doodles”….A stick man running towards the chest ? I sure hope we don’t have to run…lol at my age I kinda like the slower pace…. 🙂
    Thanks Dal and Cynthia …. see ya

  2. And the real question: are there any new clues or hints in the revised edition? You can bet there will be some detailed side-by-side comparisons of the two editions…

    • I believe that ff had a valid reason for the “gut feeling” not panning out and the Hunter has a still unresolved Ethical Dilemma. The “revised” book with a different title is definitely peculiar…but not for a man who creates his own rules.

        • Thanks Cynthia for posting this! So, a new story huh? Any hint as to what the new story is about? I’m hoping for something good from West Yellowstone… Like who had first go-away toilet in town 🙂 I know Forrest told us who had the second but don’t we all want to know who had the first go-away… I mean they must have been someone pretty important… ok maybe a new story on where he only he has gone alone… that would be cool too. Can’t wait to check it out!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia. Your descriptions communicated well the pleasant comfort of getting to hang out with Forrest for a while.

    I’ll have to try out a meal at the Blue Corn Cafe the next time I’m in Santa Fe. I’ve walked past it many times and there always seems to be a line of hungry people waiting outside on weekend mornings. A popular place!

  4. I’m having trouble posting comments on my own blog page beneath this article. For those who asked, the 308 I speak of at the end refers to the post here on hoD, Forrest Gets Mail- 18.
    In it ff mentions: “Litter was the call sign of the 308th Fighter Squadron at Tuy Hoa, South Vietnam.” I believe someone on another forum made a big deal about the number 308 being a mistake and the fighter Squadron was actually the 306. Forrest told me yesterday he looked it up, and indeed the correct number was 308.
    The point he was making, though, was what difference did it make in the scheme of the overall story? This is why I seldom used “numbers” as hints over the years to solve the poem, unless I could use them as confirmation bias. Ha Ha. But I’ve searched in NM well over 100 times and I made 5 trips to Montana/Wyoming this year. I don’t have the treasure chest either… maybe I should rethink “numbers”. This is in my opinion. Everyone should do what they think is correct.

    • Hi Cynthia –

      That sounds like a fun day!

      I agree with Forrest. Too many focus on mediocrity and miss the point. In Forrest’s fantastical story about flying a famous actor to the Albuquerque airport we spent words discussing the runway numbers.

      He told us years ago we are a bunch of knuckle heads and yet on we knuckle, each day more knuckley than the last.

      ± ±

    • Some reason it always seems like when you have your botg in the rear view mirror is when you start to get new ideas.

      Awesome on the book and a little surprised I didn’t see an announcement for the book signing on the blog.

      • ID, this wasn’t a public book signing event – Mr. f periodically goes to the book store to sign copies of books to be shipped. When I ordered TTOTC, I didn’t realize until ATF I could have gotten a signed copy by simply requesting it in the special instructions on the order form. Maybe I thought it would cost an arm and a leg extra, but it’s no extra charge (!). Kicked myself on that missed opportunity. It just might take a few weeks longer to ship, depending on supply and demand. I’ll wait til OUAW-R comes out and put in my request then.

        Cynthia, as always, thanks for sharing another nifty story among stories.

        • Thanks SeeN,

          I should have realized that he does come in there and signs the books for the orders. If he announced it than he probably wouldn’t get to the book orders. I have a first edition OUAW that is signed (Thank you Forrest). Too bad my other books aren’t signed 🙁

  5. It cost me a lot of money for the first edition delivered to Canada.

    Maybe there could be a market for an annual supplement in the form of a $15 magazine. They can be beautiful too. I have a copy of summer 2018 ‘Mountain Outlaw’ on top of my OUAW. Nice.

  6. By Jove, it’s huge! Bigger than the old Taurus we used to escape in. (Actually it was badged a Mercury Sable, but same difference and poetic license…) No stick men needed here!

    C’est tout.


  7. Thanks Cynthia, Dal and Mr. Fenn first the info…I’ll put this on my wish list. I imagine one can had at Collected Works in due time.

  8. Revised. 82. 10. X. Tenth.

    161. 82. 67. Tenth. X

    The X has been found. The X factor.

    It’s a girl – a grit no less. Timeless and ageless.

    Prediction based on things that few believe in: The special spot will not be shared by Forrest or the girl who found the X. The chase will live on for those who understand it’s meaning and are ready and brave enough for the journey. Anyone who wants to know “the solve” and “special spot” is invited for eternity to earn the knowledge themselves. Nothing is free in life beyond our free will. Use it wisely.

    Or not.

  9. I’ve held off on getting this book so that’s worked out well. I’ll still probably hold off until there’s some commentary on what’s different.


  10. You will need a 4 memoir books if you want to find the answer for yourself. What was it forrest says in one of his books about the answers had to be pounded into him? Apparently us too. 4 books. My goodness.

    • I think for many of us we have a lot more than 4 books already including some Forrest didn’t recommend (as far as I know) like A River Runs Through It. I think my favorite none-Fenn book though is Return to Taos by Eric Sloane.

  11. Spoke too soon. Problem with the 4th booster. No one should trust me to get the thing into space on time! It’s like I just glossed over that (and after all those warnings). Jeez! Let’s start the countdown again.

    • Does one start the countdown at 10 Voxpops?

      There was something broken that necessitated a revision I suppose. It happens. Life happens.

      But revisions are always stronger and more than they were before. That’s my hope anyway.

      • For me, no need to start so high, Twingem. You see, I ignored the missing fireside log from 2015, I ignored the stone’s missing corner from 2016, I ignored the missing coordinate from 2017, and this year I ignored the missing “pole” (more of a peg, really). One of these days, I’d love to post a picture of the latter find – it is centered on a knot that is “mirrored” close to what I believe is the blaze, and is a beautiful and unusual little creation. Four or fewer is good.

        I despair of my brain’s tardiness sometimes!

  12. How many total dollars have been contributed to cancer patients from the sale of these books so far? Any good stories of particular survivors?

      • JDA…I agree also, your great. I have always enjoyed your comments. I hope your doing well! Ooh Rah!❤️
        Thank you Dal, Cynthia and Mr.Fenn

        • Marths;

          Thanks – Yes, I am doing well. Glad you enjoy my comments. Some may have a wee bit of value, and others “not so much”. Hope you can figure out which is which – I can’t 🙂 JDA

          • JDA

            It’s fun to read your comments even though I may disagree.

            You are also the counter weight to Zap. His comments pull people towards Montana and his way of thinking. You pull people towards Wyoming and your way if thinking.


          • Well Lug;

            I doubt that I pull many people in any direction, other than into the rabbit holes I seem to find myself in every now and again – 🙂 JDA

  13. No more marinating for me, Twingem. Last time I did that, I walked away and forgot all about it. Think I’ll just shove it in the oven and hope nobody notices the slightly gamey flavor!

    Here’s a thought: if you deliver a eulogy three times, does it become a trilogy?

    • I understand, vox. Just be sure to turn the oven up as high as it will go to be sure it’s done. Nothing worse than the game jumping off the plate before you have even had a bite.

      I’m not sure on your question. I only know that I’ve delivered more eulogies in my life, for both young and old, than one should ever experience I think…and I’m likely to deliver a few more soon. Sucks really. Makes one question everything.

      From where do you hail vox?

  14. I got my signed copy today! How can I tell if it’s revised? Would that be a 2nd printing or would it say “revised”?
    Anyway Im so excited to get it and it was wrap ed with Love!
    Thank you.

    • Lou Lee, the new book, “OUAW Revised” has not been publically released yet. I’m wondering if Dal could get an update on the release timing for us.

      Dal, can you see if any firm “available by date” is known yet?

      I need a copy in time for a big bday coming up! Fingers crossed !

      • When I got OUAW it took a really long time from the time I ordered to the time it shipped so even when it is available it might still take a long time to ship depending on how many orders they have.

      • Twin-
        Forrest wrote this today about the new book-
        “We should get the first 500 copies on Tuesday, and the others soon after, This revised edition is a lot better. I looked at an unbound edition 10 minutes ago with Lou. f”

        I imagine you can order them through Collected Works Bookstore…
        But you might have to talk with them to make sure you get a REVISED edition rather than the first edition…
        I am assuming they still have the first edition on hand…but I have not checked…

        • Their site says:

          The first edition of Forrest Fenn’s newest memoir, Once Upon a While, is officially out of stock, as of October 13th, 2018. The new edition is expected within the month. More information regarding a new edition of the book will be forthcoming. If you place an order for this title in the meantime, we will not be able to ship out your order until the new edition is in stock. Thank you.

        • Exceptional! I feel like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of money!

          Thank so much Dal. Now I just gotta figure out how to get one of the first 500 ☺.

          I’m thinking. Thinking. Thinking….ouch! I over did the thinking….

      • HMA told me that the first version of OUAW is now sold out, and the revised version will be available in about a month.

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