Winter’s Warning 2018…


SUBMITTED October 11th, 2018
by Forrest


It’s 4 degrees above freezing in Denver and West Yellowstone is under snow. So it’s time to stop searching the northern Rocky Mountains for another season. It was fireplace time for me yesterday morning in Santa Fe, but it warmed nicely by afternoon. This note is just a reminder to everyone that the winter mountains can be terribly unforgiving for those get caught out or go unprepared. If you are still searching please stay weather and mud aware. f





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    • Don’t we all. Always feels like the next time will be the right time but than the snow falls, we ponder, and come back next year.

      Shane, if the planets didn’t rotate and there was no erosion, no wind, no decay (no entropy) than how would one define time. Or is time just in our heads?

      • Time can pass us by, but when we pass time, It means more. It does not matter to me what is out there if in here i am Eroding with entropy.
        Movie quote, “get your hands on a hot women an hour feels like a minute, but get your hands on a hot potato and a minute feels like an hour.

        I answer, less poetic is, so i grow old, but can i grow old “well”
        if so that is more important.

        Your post made me think.
        Happy hunting.

    • always have a survival bag regardless of the time of year its time to re read the fine books our author Forrest Fenn has been so kind to share with us all. ty always J eff Burch and titan and Ranee and always Mom too good day to all safety first

        • absolutely,me too, to day, is, tomorrows, today, so be smart and live today so you can be here tomorrow pretty simple sorry im not to articulate with words these days but safe is safe and our wit were given us to use i think. ty Sir

          • Jeff;

            You are probably old enough to remember Arthur Godfrey. Didn’t he end his show by saying: “Today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday.” JDA

  1. It’s supposed to get to 82 degrees in Tucson today! 🙂

    Best to heed Forrest’s warning!

    • Lol. The AZ weather has been awesome. Trail running with my best Golden buddy. But remember if you know for certain where the TC is hidden one can retrieve it easily in winter.

  2. And again another yr gone and man he is so dang sure it won’t and hasn’t been found…hmm?

  3. Good advice Forrest. One needs to be prepared, and wait for warmer weather.

    Four degrees above freezing may not seem like much of a difference – but small changes in weather can mean a lot. As I always say – TRY and STAY SAFE all – JDA

  4. Just musing under my aged lemon tree in SoCal.

    I hate to be redundant, but, read the poem over and over, then the book. Re-do, re-do, re-do.

    Using only TTOTC, not TFTW or ATF’s: Where has ff “gone alone” — been really “alone” to think his thoughts, free of anxiety and chores, able to explore & value his intrinsic treasures, his own ideas? Those times & places where we all re-create ourselves & make our own lists of rules. The examined life.

    Seems to me that ff’s described ‘halts’ occurred mostly under starry skies…. in the shower, in a graveyard, in a cockpit, in a river. (And now deliberately, for an hour in bed before arising, though like the famous bathing hole, that’s not in TTOTC.) Free thinking’ is such an interesting thing to do.

    Find those accounts in TTOTC, and grasp the WWH metaphor. Begin there, but the first physical BOG place, might be HOB.


  5. I’m so glad u mentioned Denver!!!
    Thank u for such wise advice.
    I hope everyone has a nice winter, I will be out again in the summer for one more shot at cracking this poem.
    Thank u Forrest.

  6. its been cold and rainy in denver for a couple of days,and the high country getting spit alittle snow in arvada,but melted ,not enough to cover the ground.but denver has always know as ,it can be 80 degrees one day and the next lots of snow,and this is true,so I’m with mr. fenn,stay outta the mountains.what is the revised book going to cost,so I can start saving,

    • virginia.

      You know as well as I do the saying goes regarding the weather, “ONLY IN COLORADO” One day hot the next day cold and snow.

      Thanks Forrest with your message.

  7. Thanks Forrest,

    I see you must be looking at those web cams again for your special area. I also viewed them and seen it had snowy, slushy, rainy weather yesterday. So I understand why you made the “mud” comment. There a few of them in this general area but the one that’s about 500′ from…. is the one I check to see how much snow is in the area in the winter and to see how fast it melts in the spring everytime it snows there after. Hope I can head out early next year, will see.

    Good advise to all,

    • The only one I am aware of in my area is the WDOT one. Wish I had one 500′ from where I think it is. Darn – JDA

      • Hey JDA,,

        At least you have one in your general area, there are probably some areas that people are searching that don’t have any and that might be a question they need to look at (pun intended) carefully. Forrest knows there is one if not more in the general area he hid indulgence I’m sure. If he is like me I kind of monitor the area from time to time and yesterday I seen on a weather map it had started that time in the year when blue, purple, green shows it face so I hit the webcams.

        P.S that 500′ mark is most likely wrong it might be 525′. Lol

        Enjoy your webcam JDA,

      • Right Ken ol’ chap. The Major maybe referring to from now on. In other words, it’s not in Montana.

        As you say we do not know. I do think he does this a lot. Wraps the intended word or phase in a blanket of fog.

    • I sense a mean from your glean. The North is where the waters begin to freeze the earliest. Might still be worth the cold.

      • It should say “northern Rocky Mountains” but gues you know what I meant. JDA, that misspelling disease you caught is contagious. Lol


    • Lugz,

      That would have to include WY and parts of CO as well…simply splitting the US RM’s in 1/2. Man that would be a “major” clue… IDK.
      Bur seems to imply anything N of S would still be included, and I kinda agree.
      Another… lol… even as unpopular as your idea… There is no reason to hunt ‘Winter’ months at all, or even Fall or Spring. Summer might be the only time the clues can be “followed” that will “lead” /point the way. [ in theory ]
      Although you can probably retrieve the chest in any weather if you “know” where it is… but can the ‘clues’ be followed ‘precisely’ in any season?
      Although this is not the first time fenn implied the Northern Sections of the RM’s should pack it in for the winter…

      Example; Snow covers the north end of the Rocky Mountains so it’s time to shut it down for this season. New Mexico and parts of Colorado are still snow free and temps in the 60s. Good hunting, but please don’t search in the snow or mud. And remember, the temps are down in the low 20s in places. f { 2017 }

    • Here’s the winter announcement from Forrest on November 4th last year for comparison. Pretty similar, IMO:

      “Snow covers the north end of the Rocky Mountains so it’s time to shut it down for this season. New Mexico and parts of Colorado are still snow free and temps in the 60s. Good hunting, but please don’t search in the snow or mud. And remember, the temps are down in the low 20s in places. f”

      • Nice recall , Blex. It was just a safety advisory. Wonderous it be ,if he would clue a shortened map in this manner-rather doubtful, IMO.

  8. Thank you Forrest! I’ll stay south of Denver for sure…except, I still want to visit some part of it besides the airport one day. “D plane boss, D plane!” Frontier Airlines delays and layovers could make for fun mini vacations if you could just predict them…but then maybe that’s why their round trip tickets to Florida are usually under $200. Ok Montana/Wyoming people, please stay home and stay safe till the CO/NM
    folk wrap this thing up,. : )

  9. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t want to have to leave my bike up there overnight. Although, it’d be safer there than here, imo.

  10. As winter blankets the cottonwood trees
    From west you came, and east you leave
    The chest remains, ever patiently
    Content in its place, with warm memories.

  11. I’m sticking with Mt…but prob not again until May. Now, let the ice fishing and snow baordimf season begin!! Wahoo!

    • Jmeils, I didn’t know it was snowing in Mt. yet? Maybe up North but the South seems warm enough still. It’s cold enough to wear the coveralls here on the farm. My puppy’s eyes light up when it starts snowing! She gets all excited. Maybe she should go stay with you!

  12. And here I am in Breckenridge, Colorado. We got the time share early this year to avoid the snow. But noooo, it’s coming down. Oh well, I think that I will go search the local breweries, and sit in the jacuzzi. Don’t let the warm waters halt.

    • Breckenridge where toms baby was found Im a colorado native that was a big gold nugget im on the plains by the big sandy or the springs yep its cold here for sure.

  13. Forrest, thanks for the advice. But I am now inside your mind. It all fits … everything! I must still apply it correctly on the ground. Situation of desparation impels me to go. Hoping to be brave with the cold, I think you know what I mean.

    • Finder, brave? If you’re brave and in the wood! If it all fits then go for it. Forrest gave his advice for everyone’s safety so take your time and bring home the Gold. Good luck and stay safe!

    • Have you showed your solve to some trusted friends or relatives?
      If they don’t love it, it may need some change(s). Please be careful around the cacti. As always, IMO.

  14. Thank you Forrest for the heads up on the weather situation. I’d hate to get caught in a blinding snowstorm!

  15. Something to chew on over the winter. After much abstract thinking, it occurs to me that FF is a legend of the West. The hoB would likely be linked to one of these legends, Buffalo Bill. Looking at his gravesite in Loveland, CO. Another legend worth looking at is Steve Canyon, a fictional comic strip created by Milton Caniff eulogizing war pilots. There is a statue of Steve Canyon in Idaho Springs, CO.

          • My advice is to get there about an hour before sunset, check out the continental divide from afar, then go sit on the little cliff overlook, and wait for the sun to go down! Absolutely beautiful area! I took 2 car loads of grandkids there last year as well as the Red Rocks and Estes Park. Then we had to go down and check out the Royal Gorge! Beautiful country all around there if ya ask me.

      • What lovely memories I have of Loveland and its annual sculpture shows. Showed there a couple of times. Yes, fond menories – JDA

          • There are two main shows – as you know. One of the shows is juried, and the other one not. For the juried show, you have to submit your resume and pieces that you want to be considered. A jury says “Yes” or “No” Being selected is quite the honor. For the other show – money talks. In other words – buy a space – no money = no space. The three times that I showed in Loveland, I was juried in to the BIG show. I never chose to “But my way in”. Great memories – a great honor – JDA

    • I’ve been to Idaho Springs many times, but never realized that the Statue of Steve Canyon was there. I’ll have to take a look at it the next time I’m there. Thanks, Panny!
      (And by the way, Tommyknockers Brewery in Idaho Springs has the best wings in Colorado! One of my favorite post-hike eateries in the State! 🙂 )

    • Steve Canyon was also a tv series based on the comic.
      One episode was called Fear of Flying

    • Amber, thanks for sharing that! Sounds like an awesome way to spend my birthday. I look forward to the day I can visit Cuba.

      • Happy Birthday whenever that is Twingem.

        Cuban culture is alive in Denver, I found a cute place
        I want to try called Cuba Cuba Cafe & Bar

        • I can highly recommend ‘Frijoles Colorado’ near Alameda/Union in west Lakewood, they are an authentic Cuban family and make delicious dishes.

    • The muddy conditions could last beyond mid-May. Before my BOTG searching started, I was told by someone who lives near the hidey place that it could rain
      on any given day in May. My first BOTG hike was on May 22, several years ago. The ground was quite muddy. I don’t recommend searching that area
      before July. As always, IMO.

  16. Yep, here comes winter. Just got a nice cozy fire going as the older grandkids are busy putting up 2 scout pixies (Elf on the Shelf) on the mantle, as the younger ones snooze. Time to finally relax and count down the Holidays.

  17. As I’ve gone through life, I’ve tried to hold myself to the highest standards of quality of character and integrity. But most importantly, I have, at all times, regardless of life’s challenges, fate’s unexpected curve balls, the entirely unforeseen that rise up to test our fortitude and conspire to knock us off our path….through all of these trials, I have never lost site of the one single truth that in order to persevere and advance, one must at all times, more than any other thing….

    be mud aware.

  18. We’re looking at wild weather across the map, but man do those central rockies get cold! Was just thinking about heating up the ol’ stove myself. Couldn’t manage to get it started last weekend. Fingers crossed it’ll last until spring.

    • Snowed today in Missoula which is at 4000 ft (approx). The saying in Montana, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”.

  19. Forrest,
    Thank you for your concern, but your advice came too late for me. I am currently snowbound in a bear cave beside a thermal spring halfway up the rim of the Yellowstone caldera. The thermal spring keeps the cave toasty warm. As luck would have it, my horse, Molasses, wandered off after I had off-loaded my survival supplies (which I always carry along when exploring and treasure hunting) to give Molasses a much deserved break. I sometimes amaze myself, for I had included the following in my survival supplies:
    1. My notebook computer with satellite connection and solar cell charging unit.
    2. 180 MREs
    3. Sleeping bag good down to minus 60 degrees.
    4. Ten bear repellent kits.
    5. Coffee pot with 500 tea bags stuffed inside.
    I’m sure that Molasses will find his way home, for he always has in the past. In the meantime, I shall work on my novel and hope for an early spring so that I can retrieve the treasure before tourists begin to arrive.

    • Be careful out there Adrian. My horse, Rocinante, also wandered off and left me stuck in a hole for the winter. Fortunately there’s enough rabbits down here to provide for my sustenance, warmth and entertainment.

      Didn’t Forrest warn us not to mix metaphors? Or am I imagining things?

  20. 4 degrees above feezing…not almost freezing, not 36 degrees, but 4 degrees above freezing in Denver (no comma) and West Yellowstone….
    …it was fireplace time for me yesterday…

    Gosh, I just love how you pen things Forrest!

    Thanks for the Winter’s Warning!

    • Hi Jammie, Oh how we think alike , gee , now where did I figure out what that 36 degree figure meant? Oh ya …..I remember now . See !!!!! Hope you guys are doing ok ,

  21. Do you notice his obsession with “MUD”? It’s a hint folks. Who cares if there’s mud?

    • All the people killed by mudslides, thier families and every caring person in the world.

      Tony if you have a thought about why Fenn mentioned mud, other than because it destroyed homes and lives in California, please do tell.

      • In New Mexico the clay mud is slicker than ice. If anyone looks for hidden meanings in Forrest’s words its me , but this time I think it truly is a heads up warning. It loads up on your tires , and will put you in the ditch just like that , and just that fast. The weather can change in an instant. A few years ago I left for a hike in shorts , by the time I got back it was snowing. If you must go out on the Mesa or “in the wood ” , I carry the “tractor” style tire chains, which work best in the mud that is lurking even in the monsoon season. Soooo…..even though he said , “Northern Rockies”, anyone still out there should be winter ready.

      • Lugnutz….he’s not saying beware of mudslides….or destroying homes in CA. However, I agree with SeattleSullivan’s points that mud can cause problems. He has referenced mud before at various times…because it’s a hint. My opinion only. The TC is probably surrounded by mud…ie. It’s wet.

  22. Good advice Forrest. getting in trouble is definitely not worth the cold , or pneumonia . But you will find yourself up that frozen creek with no poodle.

  23. ‘Your effort will be worth the cold’….Of course you will have to be precise. Be safe everyone still out there.

  24. Well 2019 is a start for me. I’m venturing out into the COLD and ln the WOOD. I do have some curious questions about all of this. Is their anyone who has searched alot, willing to speak privately. Not looking to get solves about the poem, just some general info.


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