An Argument for New Mexico…

October, 2018

By Clearly Clueless



I just got back from a trip to the Rocky Mountains with my sister. We had a blast. Last year it was my parents who I dragged out there. We had a blast then, too. We enjoyed several different areas and lots of touristy things. In between stomping through woods and looking for “you know what”, we managed to see lots of balloons in Albuquerque and grab some culture and coffee in Santa Fe. I was one day away from that last book signing….Argggghhh. And, Will in the bookstore did not even mention it, the day before when I popped in…..hmmm.
Things I love about New Mexico….
1. It holds Indulgence …In My Opinion… and I would like to make a case for this below.
2. My hair was not frizzy while there. LOVE this!
3. No allergy problems while there.
4. The weather is so ever changing, the climate is so diverse. I saw a rainbow after getting     pelted by sleet. Strangely, it was very cold in the mornings, but we weren’t miserable. Pleasant.
5. New Mexico has a funny sense of humor. What are you people mowing?

Ok, here is what lead me to search in New Mexico.
In my opinion we read through the poem more than once….several times.
I think the first time through, Mr. Fenn gets us to the correct state.
So, I am going to go through the poem ONLY ONE time THIS TIME and I am going to use Mr. Fenn’s poem/map.

Question: “Are there clues in the TFTW book?”
“Yes, because the map is in the book.”- Forrest Fenn

Question: “Are there clues in the TTOTC book?”
“Yes, because the poem is in the book.” -Forrest Fenn

In my opinion, you have to use his map and his poem.
Ok, go get your copy of Mr. Fenn’s map and let’s look/listen and go through the poem.
“Begin it where warm waters halt….”
Start in Colorado.
Colorado means “colored red”.
Red is a warm color.
So I began “where warm waters halt” at the bottom of the Colorado boarder.
“And take it in the canyon down.” ….the bottom border of Colorado.
Now that we are looking at Mr. Fenn’s map, you will see some Brown shading at that Colorado and New Mexico boarder….go on…look ….why don’t we “put in below the home of Brown.”
*Remember, I believe I am going through this poem several times to get information.
*In my opinion, Brown will be something else another time through.
Now that brown shading takes us down to the wrong end of “NEW”.
If, following along this way, we will have to read backwards.
No problem.
In Britain, “wen” can refer to a large, crowded urban area.
Which I take to mean “no place for the meek.”
After this, we get the idea to go the end of the next word “Mexico”.
So lets goooooo……..
Now, I do realize I skipped a whole lot of words and thoughts, that is ok.
To me some of the other words are important in other ways, other times through.
I can go through with his poem on other maps and in other areas and “see other things.”
This time through I see “New Mexico”.
Does anybody else see “New Mexico”?
Has anybody else found other pictures?
One time through, if you have the right map… will grin and smile and want to go running to a particular area in New Mexico.
I live too far off to keep running, I would love a partner who thinks like this.
“Chasing” in metal work is beautiful.
I think Mr. Fenn has brilliantly chased a beautiful picture using his poem.
I do hope the treasure is found soon.
Any comments on going through the poem this way?

Clearly Clueless
P.S. Not Clueless on the clues, I think I have found all 9. I am clueless on how the clues “lead” us to the treasure. I do have some ideas.
I do have one spot, I would love someone to go over.

-Clearly Clueless




71 thoughts on “An Argument for New Mexico…

  1. “What are you people mowing?” Hilarious! That was my first thought at seeing your picture.
    I love seeing new and interesting thought processes and how they lead others to a potential solve. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us all!
    In my personal opinion, I don’t believe the chest is in New Mexico, but I could be totally off base. It is important to keep an open mind( I need to remind myself of this often) None of us can say for sure except Forrest. Thank you, CC

    • I think it’s a misprint… should be “sowing” {yep funny}
      Reminds me of a sign I saw in Kentucky. “Tatoos while you wait”
      No thanks, I’ll take mine to go…

      • lol !!
        Just stick your arm out when you go through the drive-thru.
        End result Looks like this
        ….. .. … .
        Nice tat!

  2. Well, C.C. – I have to admit that your imagination is in gear. and your engine is revving at full throttle. YEA for you – The question may not be what are they mowing, but what do they do with the clippings? 🙂 Thanks for submitting – I needed a laugh today – JDA

    • Your welcome, JDA.
      “Imagination isn’t a technique, it’s a key.” Forrest Fenn


      • Clueless, I’m starting to come around (again) to New Mexico. You could be onto something. While trying to figure out what “it” is in the poem I started thinking about the word “quest”. Then my mind goes to Questa, NM. I know, it’s silly. But, if it were me hiding a treasure I probably would not hide it where I used to hang out as a teen. Call me lazy, but I think I would choose a place closer to where I chose to live. He chose to live in New Mexico for a reason and I suspect it was a good one.

  3. I certainly think New Mexico is a great place to live.
    Why would you hide the chest in the same state where it sat for many years before hidden?

    • Jake, good question.
      I just think his poem and his map “tells us” which state to go to.
      The next step would be finding another WWWH and looking at maps of that area, inside, New Mexico… my opinion.
      “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no shortcuts. ” Forrest Fenn

        • Jake,
          If you take his poem without the map. You can s draw New Mexico.
          If you have his map in front of you it is easier to “see/draw” New Mexico.
          Have fun drawing.


    • Jake,

      I can give an argument as not being NM, other than it [the chest] simple was already in NM… I mean, what difference does that make anyways?.
      The one reason for a northern stated, WY and more to the fact MT… fenn made a pack with a place during the later part of his years of service.
      IF that pack [ in part and a pack of honoring his word ] as anything to do with fenn saying; I knew exactly where I wanted to hide it… NM didn’t have much of a history to fenn [ at that time ] but MT and WY was well known to fenn prior.
      I’m not saying fenn didn’y have knowledge of NM [ at that time ] Just saying, there was more of a personal connection to MT and WY vs. CO and NM and a possible known place to hide the chest, that itself, contains very personal items of fenn’s.

      • I have often wondered if ff made a pact with a beloved place before he left for Vietnam–like he said he did with the waterfall clearing over there. Those times were so scary for those in the service.

      • We can argue till the chest is found Seeker.
        “Do you have a plane” ?
        I’m sure you remember that blurb.

  4. Thanks for sharing CC!

    Let us know when that Space Port gets operational. That would be a great one to cross off the bucket list. (Sometimes the idea that HL&WH relates to a Liquid Hydrogen/ Liquid Oxygen rocket creeps into my brain, amongst other crazy things.)

    • Argillite, The Space Port has been operational for a number of years. Virgin Galactic was one of the first companies to build a hangar there. It’s worth touring if you are in the area and like that kind of stuff.

      • haha, as so often happens I’m now off learning all sorts of things I never knew about. The more I learn the more I realize the deficiencies in what I need/ want to learn.

  5. IMO

    Excellent work CC. I think your logic is sound and your solve may very well be the right way to go. I will add.. that the drawing.. it’s not drawing the “where” so much as it is drawing the Hunter.. to the spot.. the weedding that f speaks of.. and the Hunter can come from any state..
    four cards and a joker.. and we’re all in this together..

  6. One reason for NM… It was originally the only place you could get/find the book [ the kickoff of it all ]. Not ‘only’ in NM, but only one place in all of NM, stationed in SF… a single book store as well.

    Warm colors are presented for each remaining state in some form or another; reds, browns, yellows, etc. In art yellow and red are used to indicate things like ‘warmth” or “fire” which is the colors of NM flag depicting the “Sun” in red… just saying.

    Ok, the one thing I don’t get is “fenn’s map”… you use the “shade of brown”. “His Map” didn’t appear until three years after the release of TTOTC book. If this is an answer to a clue, in anyway, how can you connect it to a solve, prior to the book tftw’s map?
    Brown on that map in the book tftw represent regions for different named/controll/responsibilities of the lands… quite different for other maps that use the color brown in them… and really no use at all if using GE, that I can see. “GE and/OR…” to me means, GE can be used on it’s own, line of thinking. Where is the shaded color on GE?

    • Seeker,
      More good points and questions….
      I think we can still use the poem and in our minds walk through and “draw/see” New Mexico WITHOUT his map.
      I will admit when they are together it is much easier to draw and see.

      I think it goes with the idea of the people in New Mexico, would get this book first. When they read it …their minds might go to warm water halting above them in Colorado “color red”.
      You still have wen…no place for the meek and MEXICO backwards…a little imagination and it can be seen.

      I just keep thinking back to this quote.
      Question: “Are there clues in the TFTW book?”
      “Yes, because the map is in the book.”- Forrest Fenn


  7. The pattern I have discovered also leads me to New Mexico. I have not found the things you point out here. Thanks for sharing.

    • Fallingrock.
      I see other patterns in NM, too.
      I think Mr. Fenn kept the treasure here.

  8. I like NM. It is an impoverished state, but it has its treasures. There were more than a couple balloons in ABQ this past week. I flew in the Fiesta for three yrs in the 80s and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve had coffee in Santa Fe. They have culture there too? I must have been one street over. Lots of gold to be found in the Sangre de Cristos. Just find an aspen grove.

    • a… are funny.
      “One street over”

      Sadly, yes a good bit of NM is in a sad state.

  9. Clearly, you are missing one huge thing!! Where is a picture of you with Frizzie Hair!!? 🙂

    I see 3 massive hints for New Mexico (I don’t have my book in front of me, so these will probably all be misquoted)
    1. p. 129 (?): “come” search. Forrest doesn’t say go search, he says come. I guess he could mean “come to the rocky mountains.” But I “go” to my grandmother’s house 200 miles away. She “comes” to visit me.
    2. The original map on p. 132/3 (?). It’s New Mexico and So. Colorado.
    3. Somewhere North of Santa Fe.

    I see the book as 4 levels (in ascending order of importance).
    A) Random Stories
    B) Random Stories with potential hints interspersed (I’m unable to distinguish these from A).
    C) Words related specifically to his hunt.
    D) The poem.

    While FF has his heart is in Yellowstone. The three I listed above are all “C,” obviously chase related, from the book, and they all point strongly to New Mexico.

    Sadly, until it’s discovered, that’s why I can never be more than 85% sure it’s w/in 50 miles of Yellowstone where I want it to be!

    • Emma
      LOL… No pictures of frizzy hair.
      I like your 3 hints for NM.
      Yet, you want it to be close to Yellowstone.
      Hmmm…do you live close to Yellowstone or is your solve there?

      • CC,

        I wish I lived nearby! I live in NM’s much colder mirror. We got our first snow today. I generally see it this way: his head is in NM, his heart is in MT/YS. Other than those 3 things, I think the heartstrings are the greater pull, and have always thought he would want to be buried where he had his greatest joys as a kid.

        I’m a long way from 58, so I don’t know how people are. MY hypothesis is based on the fact that we have ‘oldies stations.’.

        • Hi Emma, I agree 100% that his heartstrings are the greatest pull. I try to see where his heart is in everything he says. It’s hard to tie his emotions to the poem or the map, but I believe his emotions lead to the treasure.

    • CC, it would be easily retrievable in the winter if you know where the chest is at. (paraphrasing FF).


        • CC, Have you checked out Broken Waters Fall? If the definition of warm for FF is comfortable then the opposite word would be uncomfortable.

          So Begin it where comfortable waters halt (a command stop with a jolt). Does the halt make the waters uncomfortable? Put someone in an area uncomfortable like FF when he was shot down. Did this water fall that he was shot down out remind him of being broken? It’s hard for me still to see it beginning in N.M. because of the comment about most of the clues he new as a kid or something like that. But then again maybe there a similar areas.

  10. As a New Mexico resident I have a good idea what they are mowing. Just look at my back yard after it rains and you will see a field of weeds. It is a place where rich Californians pay a million bucks for a mud house in the sticks along a dirt road, and let the weeds grow free. This has forced the poor people to live in modern houses, on paved streets, and with neighborhood associations that will fine you if you don’t pull the weeds from well mowed lawns. hence the sign in your photo.
    As for searching New Mexico, I have. I still have trouble how I can begin it where warm waters halt and then take it in a canyon down. Because DOWN has more warm waters. Maybe that is the catch. Maybe we don’t take it to cold waters.
    I like that you have a case for New Mexico. We have a good state to search, and a lot of special places.

    • Many rural area roads have weeds/grasses that grow along the road shoulders next to the asphalt. These weeds are periodically mowed by tractor operated mowers to give better shoulder visibility and access for emergency pull off.

      Signs are put out in front of these mowing operations to warn oncoming traffic of the mowers working along the pavement edge.

    • Lisa,
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Ginnie Springs, not the area I have looked at.

  11. Me X I go = New Mexico = New riches from “But Lubbock was windy, flat and sedentary, and we could hear the mountains calling.” -TTOTC
    Jump (up & down hat) on opportunity (Grab every banana). Be under or below the Rocky Mt. (shaped like a banana). Rocky Mt. (old riches).

    My hat a float above my head old riches. Start North of Santa Fe.

    *Just thoughts. I am not in NM but maybe a starting point of a new riches.

  12. Well u started in the correct state which is Colorado!!!! For some reason I’m stuck on that state and a specific area. I do like how you had the map and poem together and how you were trying to follow that, that was good.
    Keep trying!!!

      • 4 colors 24 lines 9 clues 6 paces 3 choices. New Mexico is home for indulgence. Hear any bells? Its time for dinner. How to get in there if you are not Fenn and meek? It cant be. Can it? Whos story is it? OURS! ALL IMO.

        Clearly Clueless you are almost inside the box!!!

  13. I kinda like NM as well. I’ve only been visiting this blog for a few months and am trying to absorb as much of the info as I can. So I may have missed this talked about before. My line of thinking has been how would F transport the treasure. Would he take the risk of checking it on a commercial flight or stowing it in a carry-on? If he drove alone would he take a long trip at 80 years of age? I think, and I say this as a first time poster and an total newbie to this wonderful blog, that he drove a few hours north walked to a nice place he knew and drove home. All my humble opinion. 🙂

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