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Writis, a commenter on this very blog has created an app to aid the searcher who likes to use vectors when searching a particular site…

This app may not be for the geographicly challenged, but for those who use maps and lat/lon this can be very helpful in drawing an “x”on your good map.

It’s strength lays not only in its ability to calculate an “x” but also in it’s ability to create a spreadsheet so you can track your x’s, vectors and points.

What is a vector you ask…Read on. I’ll let Writis explain…

Called “Fenn Treasure X Tools” I decided to make it free, but limited to a 75 mile radius search area centered on Denver,  then a one time in-app-purchase to unlock the full search area.
This way you can see how it works, and if you think it would be useful in your search.
Watch the video (and read the text) on how to use the app at the website:
(website has a link to the app in the app store)
I am really happy about how it came out,  and how well it works.  you can even visualize your “X” in the app.
I am excited to see some solutions show up here on Dal’s blog using the tool, and good luck in the search.

17 thoughts on “Vector This App…

    • YES – free is the correct price! There are plenty of free sites where you can calculate distance and bearing, or a destination point if you know your distance and bearings or the intersection point of lat/long coordinates after you know the bearing, etc. I can calculate the EXACT location of Indulgence using my solve and these free websites. I know this because I have calculated the EXACT location of Indulgence many times! I think Forrest knows this and he keeps moving it. Is that correct, Forrest? :O)

  1. All I see is a guy who is trying to help people solve FF poem & clues… and yet all of the responses are flat out mean and disrespectful. Easy to hide behind your computer screen eh… shame on you.
    David McGillis

    • I agree David. No need to get on Writis for trying to help out. If a searcher doesn’t like it or the in app purchase, then don’t use it. If your search area is near Denver, then you have a free tool to work with. Now selling a book that promotes how to find the chest, that’s a little different, especially since nobody knows. I’m sure the person that finds the chest will have book ideas, interviews, and whatever else to even make a little more, doesn’t mean we have to buy in. Or is it jealousy, that you are not smart enough to come up with these types of things or to simply use another website to calculate. Give Writis a break.

    • thank you, and forgive them, I am certain they do not know how hypocritical they sound while seeking a chest of gold 🙂

  2. Thank you Writis. How cool to have a little help. Sharing is what its all about IMO. I was trying to do a 1 mile radius for WWWH the old fashion way but couldn’t pin point exactly. My search areas are HUGE ( along the circumference ) just in one little area on a map. I mean HUGE!

    I think I need a chain link of hundreds of human people holding hands to do the cake walk…lol.

    • Tracy you bring up a good point.A complete radial search from a correct location would be fruitful.Not only the endpoints of that radius but also every point on that radius.A tall order.Your mentioning of people hand to hand is absolutely perfect;every point on that radius examined.

  3. Mr. Writis.
    Is the app downloadable to my computer? Is there a link you can share for downloading?

    Thank you.

  4. A second, and now third chase tools app has been created now.

    (watch the 2nd app’s video before the 3rd app’s video) most all the functions of the 2nd app are the same as in the 3rd app, so they are not repeated in the 3rd video, then new functions in the 3rd app are now included in an update of the 2nd app, (except for the heat map function)

    the 3rd app produces a “heat map” of geographical features that show where your ideas line up with map features as a representation of their proximity between each of your ideas…

    the blurb from the third app:

    There are two interesting things going on with this app.

    ● 1) the resulting heat map looks completely different depending on each person’s ideas set into the app’s categories.

    ● 2) the resulting heat map would point precisely to the TC, if a person’s ideas matched with what ff has interpreted, even if a clue’s answer did not have a geographical feature from known sources, as long as the person has also defined geographical features themselves that matched their ideas.

    (see all three apps at this link, then click on each one to see the videos showing what each one does to see if any would be useful to you in your search)
    the apps take on a hard core privacy policy, (shown at link also) meaning no personal information and no user generated data is ever sent beyond your device… so no advertising, and no Android or web versions, where it would be impossible to guarantee privacy. and why they are paid apps rather than advertising supported.

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