Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Four…


OCTOBER 15, 2018


I woke up to snow on the ground this morning in Santa Fe, and a temp. below freezing. I went out to get the paper and about froze. Hopefully all searchers will stay by the fire drinking hot Ovaltine til about May or June. To me, being cold is a lot worse than being hot. All of the Rockies north of SF are now unsearchable to my way of thinking. f-









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  1. I wonder what the paper told you that made you about freeze. Your way of thinking is obviously not my way of thinking. I can see why you would say that, though. ttyl f.

    • i would say more then that. this time of year, you cant smell jack, well maybe jack, if your down wind from him , oh well i hope i got a chuckle out of you, Bubba. but pine and sage would be a hard to press smell to gather in the cold weather i might even say your in the right spot in my mind if you get those scents this time of year but im always wrong so be safe and wait for spring i almost read the whole ttotc today again i need a few more times i guess i love this book be safe please. im of to thinking, that will eat this winter away for sure. jeff titan ranee and mom are always wishing you all well. i need to get close to a monarch again cant do that untill spring

  2. Okay I just bought a car to make the trip now just save my self till next spring yeah this is trixi Joanne Sullivan the Montana native we spoke in a couple times.

  3. centeral wisc we had our frosts already and a one inch of that white stuff…..on the ground.

  4. Thank you! I just hope people will listen. It’s horrendously unfair for the search to be called off because some people are idjits.

    Are you a consultant on the Fox TV show?

  5. Well, like everyone else has said, looks like this search season has come to an end – DARN!! JDA

  6. There is was! Proof positive and confirmed by ff himself – twice in a matter of mere days. The “Key Word” or “Word that is Key” that many have looked for and failed to see.

    Sure there was an attempt to hide the obvious clue with a distraction to “Revise” OUAW when it really did not need a revision. Or…did this actually, again, confirm the Key Word or Word That IS Key?

    I will now reveal, IMHO, what thousands have labored to uncover.

    HINT: Two (2) nearly identical posts about “Winter” mingled with a story of Two (2) versions of OUAW! Obviously Two, 2, To, Too, Dos, Duex, Zwei, Due or Couple, Twin, Pair, Double or mirror, duplicate, similar, equal, etc., etc., etc.

    One of these -has- to be the KWOWTIK (Key Word or Word That Is Key). Just plug the right one into your solve and head for the hills (next spring)! Not now. Now it is Ovaltine season.

  7. No complaints on my end! It’s been another wonderful season in the Rockies, and I’m already stocked up on plenty of good reading material to get through the Winter! Life is good! 🙂

  8. It’s OK to go for a reasonable, sensible hike in the Rocky’s but don’t bother looking for the blaze or treasure.

  9. I would love to meet you Forrest, but i do not want to have to get lost in the Rockies too. 😛 I was hoping on finding the treasure this year, but maybe next

  10. Too frosty for me! I’ll wait until the warmth returns next Spring.

    Thanks for another great season of memories Forrest!

  11. It must be kind of a bummer for the one who apparently knows, but whatever their hold up we all seemingly will get another shot so that is something to celebrate. Everyone better study up as the winter will be over soon enough. I’ve planned my longest trip ever once the snow melts in my spot. I figure if I really only get one annual trip I ought to treat it that way. Stay safe and warm and I wish everyone many blessings.

    • Last year I had all the time in the world to comb my location and made about 22-23 trips. This year, however, I have only been able to afford 2-3 trips. I too have decided it would be better to consolidate my trips to be sure I have the necessary amount of time to make the proper adjustments while botg. Time flies when you are broke. Cheers

    • It is a bit of a bummer Dampened Myth. But I might find time in November to do a recon if the snow isn’t too bad. Just been real busy working, selling my home, moving, and looking for another place. Hopefully by spring I’ll get-r-dun. Sounds like Forrest may want me to wait till Spring I reckon. I hope you have a blessed trip when the snow melts!

    • im behind the times i guess i didnt hear about some one doing that some people have no shame but shame on that person sorry about some people

    • f may be resigned to the fact that the treasure may never be found bcause unsearchable means “unable to be clearly understood; inscrutable”

      • “All of the Rockies north of SF are now unsearchable to my way of thinking.” f-
        Given f’s penchant for double entendres and his intentional misuse of words,
        has anyone considered the possibility that this tortured phrase may have been used to introduce the possibility or an admission that the essence of the poem has yet to be, and may never be understood?
        Perhaps the “f-“ Is the grade he’s given himself for creating an unsolvable puzzle.
        … for now though, I’ll give him a “C+”.

        • Or… are now unsearchable to **my way of thinking.** ” f-
          Might indicate the clues are not usable this time of year.

          There’s a difference between “knowing” where the “chest is” and possibly retrievable in any weather vs. Following the clues ‘precisely’ – in any weather [ and I’ll add, ‘season’ ].
          We only assume the clues are ‘workable’ all year long… Which was fenn thinking when he wrote the poem?

          Fenn mentioned a couple of things that still itch my britches;
          The RM’s are still moving, will have an impact a thousand years down the road [ 3009 ]. Under normal movement [ if there really is such a thing as normal ] How much of that movement throws the clues off? and why?
          The other is;
          The treasure will not be found on a Sunday picnic or Spring Break [mentioned a few times]. Why not? He did it in one afternoon, twice, and apparently, the same most direct route… from his car to the hide [ assuming following the clues ]… In Summer.

          There’s a third comment [ Q&A ] that has my knickers in a bunch… thanks to Becky.

          Ok spring break I kinda get.. not summer. We’re told every year to pack it in for the winter… What the heck is the problem with a Sunday picnic… do we get out of church to late?? Is a time of year or season, even a time of day-?- critical to the complete, completed, completion of the solve?

          • Sounds to me like like direct sunlight (Sunday) and rain (Spring Break) are obstacles to a successful solve. /shrug

          • Seeker- What the heck is the problem with a Sunday picnic… do we get out of church to late?? Is a time of year or season, even a time of day-?- critical to the complete, completed, completion of the solve?

            It’s obvious to me he meant that it’s not somewhere you would be having a picnic, like in a park, road side area or somewhere most people would go to picnic. It’s not about Sundays or time of day. It’s about an area you wouldn’t think of having a picnic…I could name many places where you wouldn’t want to picnic, or go for Spring Break for that matter.

        • If his way of thinking is unsearchable then the implication is there must be another way to thinking. Time travel, for example, like photos.

          • antigroove –
            The implication is that it’s not solvable. It’s either his way or it’s no way.

        • A+ = F-, A=F, A-=F+, B+=D-, B=D, B-=D+, C+=C-, C=C=two omegas turnt on their sides…meeting in the middle, and also the symbol of the carbon carbon double bond…a major source of power for Major Fenn. CC also means Carbon Copy, which to my way of thinking is who he intends to find his spot and remove the chest.

  12. I guess BATTY is for a reason,
    I just garb up with fluorescent
    orange in this season
    Lots of dirt still does show
    there’s no need to plow thru snow
    Since I don’t scrabble anyway,
    crossing wide spaced contours
    is my way.
    Piñon nuts can still be found
    and open water to wash my
    gold pan round.

  13. Fenn said: Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. What is the big picture?

    • I will say this: Forest Fenn has not lied to us. Besides his books he has been open and very honest in what he has said. The books: Read, read and read some more. The answers are there just waiting. 5 years in and BOTG has been huge for me but the scrapbooks are invaluable.
      Best of luck &be safe, very safe

  14. It would be humorous if someone retrieves it on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even the winter solstice just to prove Forrest right: that it could be retrieved in any weather. 😉

    • Lol, tried that a long time ago. One of my brighter moments. Never go out in November again. Lol, what a dum% az& I was. Did you know that you could actually fall asleep standing up when you are up to your kneecaps in snow? And pitch dark comes around 3:30-4:00pm? In Montana. Here’s a hint, when your ears feel like needles are being poked into them, It’s cold…Don’t go out…

  15. I’m in total agreement: I would rather be too hot than too cold! Happy Winter everyone!

  16. Ovaltine with marshmallows is the only way to go! Loaded with vitamins too. I’m definitely on something now! Swiss miss chocolate you can never get to dissolve and it tastes gross. Starbucks hot chocolate is too sweet and rich (meant for mixing with coffee I guess). Although salted carmel starbucks hot chocolate rocks! OMG I’m suddenly soooo thirsty!

  17. Absolutely I’d rather be hot than cold!!!
    Here in Texas where I live its in the 50’s and that’s to cold for me. Forrest u should make a snowman
    With a clue on it

    Everyone should take this wise mans advice.

  18. I’ve got it!! The Forrest Fenn Official Decoder Ring!
    It say’s… D-R-I-N-K-M-O-R-E-O-V-A-L-T-I-N-E!

  19. The last line is quite clear. We may be able to search the Rockies – just not to Forrest’s way of thinking. There is a freeze, a pause, (maybe just temp.orary) and it’s not possible to find the TC during this time.

    If you’re planning a late vacation, then great, but it might be best to save the pennies if you’re intent on searching for the gold. It can’t happen right now, IMO.

    Meanwhile, in other news, someone seems to have broken through Forrest’s portal…

  20. too cold here in arvada,denver area.snow yesterday ,brrrr.they closed i70 around georgetown,road to slick.18 wheeler rolled over on clearcreek today.snow melting,but still changes so fast here in colorado,I’m with mr. forrest,stay put until can have your ovaltine,coco,I’m milk lactose,no milk for me.I’ll take unsweet forrest please take care,I don’t like the idea of someone in your house or your and prayers to you and ms. peggy.everybody take care,its getting to be a crazy world.

  21. Time to retire for the winter by the nice warm fire… Forrest you might want to ask Dal to change your signature to an f from an f- maybe even to an f+… 🙂

    • It‘s breakfast-power-chocolate-drink from Switzerland… here in all German speaking countries it is (originally) called Ovomaltine! I don‘t really like it but kids usually love it!

      • I’m with you, TLo — I think it tastes pretty foul. Secret decoder rings notwithstanding, I’ll take Nestle’s Quik or Carnation Instant Breakfast instead.

  22. Maybe unsearchable, but not unenjoyable. One of the best times to be in the wilderness is the week after the golden aspen leaves fall and just after that first inch of snow. Unless there’s been a big wind, the conifers still hold the fallen leaves which with their round shape look like gold painted glass Christmas ornaments on a freshly flocked tannenbaum. When the sun breaks through the clouds, the gold leaves shine and the crystal snow glistens. It’s as if someone just turned on the lights. To add to the sensual pleasure is that eerie aural quality of snow in the woods — how it captures all sound and deadens all reverberation. Such a stillness.

  23. Even here in India the weather can get cold and very unpredictable. Just 2 weeks ago we’ve got stranded on the wrong side of Rohtang La (Col), for 4 days in a snow blizzard.
    Personally, if I had a chance, I wouldn’t start searching until the second half of June.

    • India has been on the top of my bucket list for almost a year now. Rohtang La looks like a beautiful place to visit! I’m glad to know that you live there. Maybe we could share a warm coffee if and when I visit? I hope you will consider sending me an invitation one day.

      • For sure, Sure Thing Nick. Rohtang Pass area and the entire Himachal Pradesh state are beautiful.
        Let me know when you decide to go and I’ll give you some tips/recommendations.

  24. So how long is the reprieve before it’s time to start worrying about people getting to your spot ahead of you next summer?

  25. If there was a built in hint here…where would it be? ANS: Being cold, is a lot worse than being hot. Stay safe out there!

  26. Were we ever warmer on that day

    Hot Chocolate for me (I’d love it if there was some solution in it)

  27. I can’t stand heat. My way of thinking is much different. What is an oval tine? A circular tine….and what was in the paper that made him freeze?

    One can dress for the cold. There is only so far down you can go to escape the heat and at that point you also shouldn’t be going anywhere.

  28. Just read that a guy named Robert Miller was arrested for breaking into Forrest Fenn’s home. Bet this never happens to anyone named Dal

  29. Forrest , How did your first Mexico Beach home fare during the hurricane? It looks like Tyndal afb suffered extreme damage as well.

    • Hi John: I emailed Forrest about that over the weekend, admitting that I never would have heard of Mexico Beach if it hadn’t been for TFTW and Forrest and Peggy setting up house there back in ’54.

  30. Hi Forrest ! I think he is reminding us all not to under estimate the power of nature. Farmers Almanac predicts wetter and colder than normal for the Southwest this winter . People always under estimate the weather in NM because they expect it to be warm and dry and it turns around and surprises you with how bone dry cold and bitter cold suprised snow storms can be.

    We dug out our down comforter last night , the dog seemed to find it more comfortable . The cats aren’t so sure of it having all those bird smells coming out of the bed !

    Forrest, I’m glad you keep your guns at the ready. People, that treasure is NOT IN SANTA FE. Stay away from Forrest and his family , neighbors and friends. It’s not in Santa Fe.

  31. Well the TC has been out there a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this winter.
    It’ll be there till i can go searching..

    A hillbilly from Texas w 4 kids.

  32. I think I feel a cramp coming on in my future. I wonder if frozen ground makes Indulgence retrieval more difficult?

    • Slurbs;

      I certainly would think that it will be a factor. So, what happens if someone finds the chest, but is not able to retrieve it because it is frozen in place. Would the chase end? Just wondering – JDA

    • * “If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather.”

      Taking the chest from its hide might not be the problem as much as getting to it in any weather.

  33. The Great And Powerful Oz Has Spoken
    (pay no attention to that ole cuss behind the curtain with that crusty beaver felt brim)

    Time to consult my list of books for winter reading.

    A great read about those who lacked wisdom and judgement. Of odd interest is the revelation of Death By Urination. For some unknown reason some
    males find it necessary to to whiz over the side of the abyss only to slip on loose talus to meet their fate. What a way to go in more ways than one.

    The story of a young lad that mysteriously vanished . Everett has become a legend in the American Southwest. A poet, artist, and writer. It is a sad legacy that he always traveled alone. His block prints are candy to the eye .

    The behind the scenes mention of the half man-half buffalo named York. His exploits among the Mandan village at Fort Mandan on “The Big Muddy”. Can you imagine bearing gifts from the Great White Father Jefferson to the Keepers Of Mother Earth or the thrill of experiencing the untouched magnificence of the American West.

    Ovaltine sounds great sitting by the fire reading and waiting until the Indian Paint Brush beckons for BOTG. Stay close to the fire and closer still to those you cherish. If the Ovaltine runs dry….there is always Brandy.
    DON’T go it alone

  34. POW! I noticed a couple of things while reading the short scrapbook above. “I went out to get the paper”. Imagine if you put “As I have gone out to get the paper”. One sentence is referring to one specific event in the past (past tense). The other is referring to more than one time in the past, and referring to it as a present event (past present tense). One is a memory, while the other is recalling memories. So “as I have gone alone in there” is most likely referring to many journeys that someone us remembering. This is nothing new, but helpful to remember.

    Another thing I noticed is “below freezing” is actually “frozen”. “About froze” is not frozen, but “freezing”. I think the SB may have something to do with halting.

    “Below freezing = frozen. “About froze” = freezing. “Stay by the fire” = stop, stay put. “Being cold” = a state of being. “Being hot” = a state of being. “are now unsearchable” = presently at a halt.

    “I woke up to snow” — in my way of thinking this means POW! lol.

  35. I remember getting the daily paper. I would sit on the porch and listen to the birds. I would watch the dominant hummingbird chase away those who thought he should be sharing. Then the price of the paper went up to $500 per year and that was that. Now I search the net on my tablet. Thankfully the birds are still there and a Rufus has moved in on the feeder. They have always been Anna birds in the past.

    • Timw,
      My mother had a hummingbird feeder hung in the middle of her living room window just so her and dad could enjoy their beaity! It didn’t matter what was on tv just below the feeder if a hummer flew up just to look in and say hi. Mom has a hummingbird on her headstone to boot. And don’t get me started on the Baltimore Orioles feeder right next to the hummers feeder! They love oranges sliced in half and a lid full of grape jelly to boot! I was lucky to have all of them in my life but they’re all gone… Just like the days when the news paper was more afordable. Thank you for bringing back those memories just now. Rufus, that’s a good name for a dog! #wimbledon

  36. If there is any snow on the side of a steep hill, someone is apt to slip and get seriously hurt. Be careful out there, see you next spring and keep on thinking.

  37. I don’t mind the cold…that’s what blankets and a couple cords of wood are for. I also get to leave the beer outside (near the door) and shut off the fridge.

    Oh well, another 7 months and change to make some gas and car-parts money.

  38. I woke up today confident that it is time for me to bid adieu to the chase forums and vlogs. No good can come of me lingering here or there anymore.

    We appear to be a band of lost boys and girls – and as magical and fantastical as it has been – it it simply time for me to go. I’ve been writing more than ever lately – and books are quietly literally falling from my heart and mind onto pages. My time and focus are better spent on those endeavors. I’ve got things in my being that simply must be written and shared.

    Indulgence waits out there! I hope each person brings it home. And at the end of that journey, I know more await.

    Thanks to those that have passed my view, and stopped to share – I am richer for it.


    • Twingem;

      I am sorry to see you go. I have enjoyed your posts. Good luck in whatever it is that you choose to do in the future. Take care, and be safe – JDA

    • Well, glad your not quiting the chase, just the blogs which are for entertainment purposes only. Let us know if you find the treasure.

    • Twingem,

      Its sounds like your effort has been worth the cold.

      Like you this crazy chase has helped re-ignite my passions for being alive. May your passion continue to discover its venue of contribution and expression.

      I wish for you, all you seek!


    • Twingem,

      I thought that you had more tenacity for the search, I hope you continue the search and find wwwh. From that 1st clue all else will fall into place, F had said the clues get easier as you continue, paraphrased. All that one needs to find the treasure is the poem and a good map/GE.

      Sorry to hear that you are stepping away from the forums & vlogs. Yet again its a good thing to clear your thoughts.

      Namaste to you and best wishes.

    • Twingem, I believe you have already found the treasure.

      Blessings to you and thanks for the prior session hugs across the IT.

    • Best of luck to you with your other endeavors. We will be here (or is that hear?) when you need a reprieve.

      • bowmarc, your moniker, is it in any way tied to archery?
        i craft osage orange self bows is why i ask.

        • Actually, it is, but it ain’t. I grew up playing games like D & D, GURPS, etc. and came up with that name for a character who would not use ranged weapons as a quirk to get skill points allotted somewhere else. Kinda liked the moniker and use it just about everywhere. Still hunting treasures with it!!! LOL

          • @ Idle Dreamer = Tunnel’s and Trolls + Middle Earth, but no Shadowrun or Traveller. I like the medieval type setting as opposed to cybernetics, lasers, and space. The one exception is “Awful Green Things From Outer Space” which is a fun stand alone game.

  39. Should probably post this on the poetry page, but my latest poetry attempt was in direct response to this scrapbook by the Man.

    The Man

    The Man has said the snow has fallen,
    And so, to, have all our hopes.
    But another season will soon be callin’,
    After our dreams the Winter’s fire stokes.

    We’ll coldly stare at maps and silent words unblinking,
    All but taste the gold coins clinking,
    Overturn our way of rethinking,
    Whilst the Man goes right on a winking.

    And despite the Man’s increasing literary architecture,
    We’ll interject and insert our own Chase tincture,
    And move naught due to overexposure,
    Both further blurring the undeveloped picture.

    A wintry chorus of searcher’s will softly proclaim
    That the end is nigh for this warm weather game,
    And that theirs will eclipse the Man’s own name
    After the mountainous regions are once again naturally aflame.

    Will we again have the Man’s gut feeling narration
    After he peruses all of Winter’s electronic oration
    Meant to provide hibernating searches some mollification
    Via a little “Fenn-ese” substantiation?

    That answer, I am certain, I do not know,
    But two things are definitely not obscure:
    1) The Man says call it quits because of the snow
    2) The TC, therefore, is “reasonably” secure

  40. Yesterday I stumbled upon the treasure hiding spot after leaving the area of a search in the wrong place. It was exactly what I was looking for and it matched the final clues as I later confirmed. There is no more guessing or solving involved. Unfortunately, I was exhausted, I had to catch a plane, my phone battery was dead and my pants were ripped from a fall. Since you all like to add inspirational quotes, here’s mine: “I’ll be back.”

  41. Hi all;

    I just made one more trip – Same as the others – I am empty handed. As usual, I was SOOOO sure, but the poem is the winner again. DARN!!! Back to the poem, the books and the maps. The answer HAS to lie within these. Oh well, I didn’t have much to do this winter anyway – Now I do. – JDA

    • Sorry to hear it, your still one of my favorites for successful retrieval JDA! At least the fall colors out there had to have made the trip dreamy!

      • The trip was wonderful. One week late on the fall colors, but still nice. Hundreds of deer, a couple of elk. No snow at our elevation but higher up there was a bit. Thanks for the rooting gallery – I need it today – am a bit frustrated – JDA

        • I hear you there (definitely feel like we could all use a bit of luck), I did at least get a good laugh yesterday. My boys were dancing on the back deck so I flew my drone over the house to record them. When I brought it back the downdraft from the drone knocked all the leaves stuck on the roof off which managed to get my spouse in a leaf avalanche.

        • JDA, a month or two ago, someone asked, IIRC, if you were to sculpt something Chase related, what would it be and could you title it with a one-word summary of your Chase experience.

          I believe you described a range of emotions, with the vast majority being positive: the anticipation, the adventure, and especially time with your family.

          You also related that on your most recent trip you had seen a family of big horn sheep (?), a mama with her young’uns, and thought if you were to sculpt something, that would be it, and you would title it “Fulfillment.”

          If you have the time and inclination over the long winter to do such a sculpture, I’d love to see a picture.

          In any case, thanks for sharing your experiences and best wishes to you and your family.

          • “thanks for sharing your experiences”
            No pictures.
            No videos.
            No place except for Wyoming.
            No stories.
            No writeups.
            No clues where they are.
            Ya, thanks for sharing your experiences.

          • SeeN;

            I never say “never” – but – I am 76, with a bad heart – I think that the majority of my sculpting days are over. One never knows, but for now, I say that they are probably over – JDA

          • JDA, I hope this reply lands in the right place. I’m not sure what type of stone sculpture you generally did and certainly understand your reluctance to embark on a life-size sculpture, but I was thinking more along the lines of tabletop size. Not sure if this would be any easier with perhaps arthritic fingers. Or if you might have any interest in another medium, such as clay or wood, if this would be any easier. Just a thought from an unartistic fellow searcher. I promise not to keep bugging you about it (like…oh, never mind). Funny thing, I’d miss both you and Jake if you weren’t around.

          • SeeN;

            I have done smaller table sized sculptures – mostly abstract, free-flowing pieces. Have done a couple animals, but these sculptures were a bit bigger than table sized. Have done a life-sized female nude, and my biggest piece is of Chief Pocatello – 16′ tall. (Type in ‘Chief Pocatello Sculpture’ in Google) – Thanks for your interest – JDA

        • JDA, sorry that you were disappointed again. At least you don’t have too far to “walk!”

          I think you’re wise to return to the poem. I know you’re very attached to your area, but could it just be a point along the way?

          • Hi Vox;

            Thanks for the sympathies. I had to lick my wounds, but once done I have had one last AH-HA moment. MAYBE one last trip is in store before the snow flies – We shall see – JDA

    • That was a quick trip from your last comment.
      Now I have a pretty good idea where you are searching from Poc.
      When are you going to post a writeup here to dal with your failures like most of us here?

      • Jake – You have NO idea where I am searching, other than Wyoming. I have given no hints in that regards.

        Until I give up on my area, there will be NO posts from me regarding my actual search area. Others may see the need, I do not. Say what you will, but that is how I run my search. WHEN
        I find it, or WHEN I give up on the area, I will tell all – either on the Blog or in a book – JDA

        • I drew a radius from Poc and looked at all the roads from there going to Wyoming by driving only and came to a compelling conclusion where in the time allotted from your last comment.

          I will not post it here because I know you are very sensitive about your area.

          Chill for the winter.

          • I know where JDA isn’t searching in Wyoming since he’s heading out at Memorial Day and I’m okay with that

    • JDA,

      I’m wondering how many more times you are going to visit the same area before you realize that its not the correct area or you go to a different solution?

      Sounds like a lot of rabbit holes or one great big hole.

      Don’t get me wrong, I hope you find it, but I would be question my solve If I went botg to the same general area.

      Lots of luck my friend,

      • Thanks CharlieM

        As long as I keep learning something, I will probably stay where I am. I have another long winter to try and figure out something new, or finally figure out that I am in the wrong place. If that happens, I am apt to quit the chase all-together – JDA

        • Say it ain’t so, JDA. If you give up then we all better fold the tent. At least you have a clue….

          • Not giving in yet Bob. Had one last AH-HA last night, so there is at least one more trip in me before the snow flies – 🙂 JDA

    • I was wondering what had led me to pull out my JDA voodoo doll. So you made another “unsuccessful” trip huh? Good..oops, I mean, that’s too bad. Better luck next time. Just kidding. Glad to hear you keep on trying JDA– you’re an inspiration.

      • Thanks Sparrow. Well, it took a bit of licking my wounds, but (AGAIN) I think I have figured it out. MAYBE, one more trip[ is in store before the snow flies. Keep that voodoo doll handy 🙂 – JDA

    • With as much discussion as definitions and the meaning of words gets on here, you seem content to overlook the common saying regarding the definition of insanity.

      I don’t think I’ll ever understand it (at least not if/until you ever post your thought process), but as I said above, you seem content so far be it from me to care.

      That said, I’m curious if your search crew is on the same page as you or if you’ve seen any signs of mutinous thoughts. The perceptions others have of us (given the nature of our quest relative to “normal”) is something I’m sure a lot of us keep towards the front of our minds, whether that’s who we tell about our interest or whether we share how often we’re searching or the time we spend looking at GE. Do you ever worry about edging towards “Crazy Uncle JDA”?

      • FMC;

        I assure you I am quite sane – I know all of those crazy folks say that. If I did not have the support of my search team, I would have dropped out of the Chase a LONG time ago. They believe in me, they believe in my basic solve, and they believe that we ARE in the correct area. It is just a matter of finally bringing into FOCUS the blurry image that we all share. Only time will tell, but my AH-HA moment last night just might have brought it into “Tight Focus”. I know, you have heard this before. I am not asking that you believe a word that I publish. Call me a nut – That is OK, but I WILL find it, and sooner than later – JMO – JDA

        • JDA: “That is OK, but I WILL find it, and sooner than later – JMO – JDA”

          Way to many times I’ve heard this from you.
          Please just get the treasure and give us a break with the boasting.
          We have heard it since 2015 and the horse has been bludgeoned to death many months ago.

          • 5Q) From receiving feedback on hunter’s ideas and methods about how to discover the location of the chest, do you feel confident your method in hiding the chest will eventually be understood and the chest be found? Please know, I am not asking for any specifics. My question is more like, do you still feel your poem will lead someone to the treasure?
            The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental. T. S. Eliot said:
            We shall not cease from our exploration
            And at the end of all our exploring
            Will be to arrive where we started
            And know the place for the first time

            “Moved with confidence” – That I have. Like it or not Jake – JDA

        • JDA,
          You have never had a shortage of confidence since early 2016 and there have been very many here with the same confidence with no treasure.

          So why is it folks must boast they WILL find it?

          “Will be to arrive where we started”

          • I honestly try not to boast Jake. I just try to express the confidence I have in myself, my team, my area, and my solve. If it bothers you, just don’t read my posts – simple. JMO – JDA

          • JDA,
            I don’t boast. Try not to try.
            If you don’t like what I say and it bothers you, then don’t read my comments or reply. It’s a 2 way street if you haven’t noticed.

            I’m not the one boasting before every BOTG trip saying I will find it, hiding behind IMO or JMO only to come back here looking for more support to my madness.

            What bothers me is the ignorance of ones complete confidence where they insult others intelligence by you knowing where the treasure is without finding it time after time after time. It’s gotten very old.

            Boast = Toast
            Put up or shut up.

          • That sir is my intention.

            Toast will taste a lot better than your hat Jake. You too have done your share of boasting “Or I will eat my hat” Bon apetite Jake – JDA

          • Jake ~ ‘What bothers me is the ignorance of ones complete confidence where they insult others intelligence by you knowing where the treasure is without finding it time after time after time. It’s gotten very old.’

            Ha! Jake, that’s a friggin long list.. are you doing it alphabetically or chronologically or just starting at the names with ‘J’ ? Did you include the ones who knew, had full confidence, witched up a storm.. the chest was in water as well, ‘J’ake ?

            Is there such a big difference {as you say} “..the ignorance of ones complete confidence where they insult others intelligence by you knowing..”
            whether it be the ‘start’ or the ‘end’ of the clues?

            *”Complacency” is the misuse of imagination.
            *A good solve is frequently lost in a poor execution.

            There another comment about glass houses and stones or being stoned or something… but I’m not sure if it was one of fenn’s quotes. Still it seems to apply…

          • Well, I can say one thing about you Seeker.
            You have never boasted about knowing where the chest is or knowing any clues.

            You got to pick your spots conservatively but never boast you know where the treasure is.

            I will eat my hat if JDA finds the treasure. That’s an easy bet.

          • Well Jake, you just might have to eat those words, along with your hat.

            You never boast? It was just yesterday that you were boasting that you had figured out where my search area was.

            You have no idea where I was when I made my last post on Saturday. I could have been in Idaho Falls, on the road, in West Yellowstone or Jackson or anywhere else. The same for the trip back. My first post on Sunday, where I said I was back, empty handed could have been made from anywhere – So, don’t give me this B.S. that you have figured out where my search area is. Just like YOUR solves, Jake, all made up of false assumptions – In My Opinion – JDA

          • So sad JDA sending me another nasty email that I will not post here.

            Beware when you post your email here or anywhere.
            Very sad.

            And as usual like many of his emails before, he says he knows where the treasure is and will get it.

            Have a good night in the Shoshone National Forrest just North West of Lander.

      • My personal guarantee: the person who eventually finds the TC will have been seen as crazy.

        We’re a family of wimdmill-tilters, is it really any surprise?

  42. This won’t make it to the editors desk by post time but may help someone. General area a must. Locations are like a pie recipe a couple of weeks expired. Wish f would stop with the hints.

    • I’m posting to my own post because I cringe when I read it.I believe there are 4 main locations.WWWH ,CD , HOB and the Blaze.IMHO. will not be the first time I’m wrong though

      • So by that logic Hank the treasure is at one of the 4 main locations in the general area?

        • ID, sounds like you have no solve but look to others for the treasure. Desperate, if you ask me. If you were to put botg and earn your keep it might help. But then again you wouldn’t know a blaze from tarry scant from what I can see. Just my opinion from all the tail chasing I see from so many. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!!

          • I also believe that at that point you have enough to see the final puzzle and solve the final location. In my dreams I know exactly where it is but isn’t that true for everyone in the chase? I wish you well Hank and good luck in the chase.

            I’m a seeker btw, not a finder or a hider…at least for this moment.

  43. im thinking your quite sane JDA im thinking a ring of importance. that has some historic value is worthy of searching for so next spring if you havent pocketed the bounty ill set out in search for its history and to find it untill then you have a good day sir. and every one else too. may the sun shine bright on your paths.Jeff Burch and family.

      • ty JDA, just sitting round digging up history on shovel at a time Moms fine
        she,ate her breakfast and is off to watching heartland. got to get wise some how. you know Titan well hes lounging

  44. I am the ghost of the Chase ,banished to the big woods . Hopefully snow will cover the Rockies to give the forgotten a chance at victory

  45. Please excuse my first official post. I thought it would get lost as some of my previous attempts did. The Chase needs no more drama, it’s already built in.

  46. Metal detector model bxcx $600; get one of those. Additional expenses: reading glasses (me), binoculars and telescope. Total outlay now $1100

  47. Idle Dreamer
    Probably the same as yours. And you were thinking that we didn’t have anything in common.

    • I never bought a book. Only the poem is needed. I’ll buy the books AFTER I find the TC. Too much information only confuses. Boil it down to its parts and go get it…period! : )

      • That’s right. There are too many interpretations about all this. Reading them too much would just mix up the thoughts and prevent from thinking out of the box.

    • Bear spray should be purchased if in bear country. That really shouldn’t be optional.

  48. Agreed….and a good pistol. Even if you just shoot the pistol in the air….the noise usually will make a bear think about charging further. If he/she keeps coming fast, unload the pistol on him….but once within 30ft…use the spray. Spray is good as a last resort as the instructions state…>> spray only within 30ft or less and only lasts 4 seconds!!

    • Has to be of a high enough caliber to stop a bear. My Dad shot one right outside his front door with a .454 casull round. The taxadermist did a bad job though because the bear looks like it is smiling.

  49. Bear will definitely not like you if your holding TC. I think there is something in there for them. Yea f thought of everything

    • So the TC is like Adam West style Batman’s utility belt.

      “Good thing I have my anti-shark spray”

    • I wish I had a nickel for every hint given by all the exuberant searchers that tried to lead me to their special barren spot.

  50. If you were standing where treasure chest is….it would look like “Almost heaven”…quoting John Denver’s “Country Roads”; Views to die for…

    • Tony;

      Don’t you think that posting the same comment on two different threads is a bit redundant? You think you will get twice the attention? JDA

    • maybe not. this place could be special to forrest for reasons unknown to and/or not understood by many.

      • You may be right Badge! It may not be obvious to the passerby of that area. Great point. Might be part of the reason why it hasn’t been found yet. 😉

  51. Different way of saying things. Ovaltine is interesting. I remember what it tasted like when I was a kid.

  52. looking at past winter warming post,
    Although snow fell early on the northern Rockies,
    I’ve decided to not let this deter my botg.
    With two weeks til go time, I’ve been reading many books at my local library, and have spent many hours caring for my gear. Boots, hats, gloves, thermals(polyester and wool).
    Blaze orange to be seen by hunters, ad infinitum.
    Hopefully I’m right this trip, although I do wonder sometimes. Forrest seems to like the heat of the great desert, and I can’t fit in a solve that includes dehydration to my list of failed trips. Maybe I will get time by a fire around the holidays, to give a good report of my searches this year. Guessing I will go read up on new Mexica and the warm waters. Probably boiling, by the looks of the cactus I’ve seen in literature. Trees of thorns, seems to ring a bell to past botg.

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