Appalachia Gold…

October 2018

by dal…


A Forrest quote:
“I wish I had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians.”
From Jenny Kile’s Mysterious Writings blog…HERE

Jenny wants to make Forrest’s quip become a reality by hiding several specially minted gold plated medallions in the Appalachian Mountains for folks who live over on the far side of the known universe, to find and keep.

The Appalachian Mountains are outlined in blue

There will be clues of course. Probably less difficult to comprehend than the clues in Forrest’s poem ( just sayin ). But before the medallions are hidden and the clues published we need a medallion.

A blank medallion ready for your imagination

So, use your winter imagination to come up with a design for these keepsake medallions. That’s the first step. Creating a medallion…which has two sides by the way…but this contest is only for the design of one side.

In the next few weeks we will ask for design submissions for the medallion…one side only…Right now you can think and plan and scheme…and send your design to either Jenny or dal.

The winning design will be selected by Jenny and me and a third (yet unnamed) person. Forrest will approve the design. Jenny will have 10 or so of them minted and take care of the hiding…

I am not certain who will come up with the clues…I hope I get to play with a few of those…
We might hide a couple in some other mountain range between the two oceans as well…but more about the hidey places and clues later…

Right now it’s time to consider what one side of these coins should look like…
So please put on your designer hats and start thinking about a good design for an Appalachian themed, Forrest Fenn inspired, treasure hunt medallion.

To get you in the spirit…
Are you familiar with James Still…the Appalachian writer?

I first became acquainted with him around high school. I read his novel, River of Earth, about a struggling family, barely subsisting between farming and coal mining in eastern Kentucky in the 1930’s. I don’t know why I bumped into that book. I doubt that it was assigned and I rarely read for pleasure at that point in my life, libraries were a place to be sent when you were being punished for something…but I devoured the folks in that novel…perhaps because of the perplexing differences between their hardscrabble rural existence and my own sanitized urban humdrum. His writing is filled with a sort of Americanistic soul that folks rarely hand out today.

Here is a stanza from one of James Still’s poems called “Spring on Troublesome Creek”

Not all of us were warm, not all of us.
We are winter-lean, our faces are sharp with cold
And there is the smell of wood smoke in our clothes;
Not all of us were warm, though we have hugged the fire
Through the long chilled nights.

So…think “medallion design”…one side only…and there will be more about this add on hunt, in the next month…

Click HERE to look at the medallion designs submitted so far.




22 thoughts on “Appalachia Gold…

  1. The Appalachian Mountains extending into Alabama seems off to me (as someone who’s long been fascinated with The Appalachian Trail, but hasn’t looked closely at anything “official” with regards to the actual range).

  2. This sounds like an inspired new treasure hunt! I like that it is a Forrest Fenn madallion instead of another TTOTC coin.

    I’ve spent a great deal of time in the Appalachians – and they seem like hills to me now that I live in the Rockies. This takes nothing away from their beauty and majesty, imo. Different is not less than – it is just a different kind of mountain range.

    In particular, Roan Mountain in the Appalachians is a favorite of mine ( The rhodadendrums blooming on that mountain are legendary!

    Reminds me of Terry Fenn’s legendary rhodadendrums featured in Scrapbook 36.

    Anyway, I know Roan like the back of my hand. Holler if you want help hiding anything there.

  3. hi dal………..
    sounds interesting….a new hunt….
    however i noticed something…..Forrest
    “I wish I had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians.
    does this mean the treasure was found…or did he jus slip to where the other treasure is?????
    Forrest’s a reality by hiding several specially minted gold plated medallions in the Appalachian Mountains for folks who live over on the far side of the known universe, to find and keep.

  4. The contest is now open to designs. You can add yours by emailing either Jenny Kile or me a drawing of your design concept.

    Several have already been submitted this morning..

    • Curious when the next wave if submissions will show up. Jenny’s blog hasn’t been working for me of late so haven’t been able to post much there and when I do it takes hours to show up.

      • New ones are up and I love that the 3rd version of the Little Girl from India has the TC worked into it (clever). Definitely love the imaginations in those submissions.

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