Appalachia Gold Medallion Designs…

November 2018

by dal…


Medallion designs can be submitted to either Dal or Jenny in email. These are designs that were submitted to Dal. You can also look at the designs submitted to Jenny by clicking the link after the last design on this page. This page will be updated as more designs are sent to Dal.

Please submit your designs to only one of us…not both. They will not be posted on both sites.




20181105 150316




20181105 132807 Burst01




IMG 9869




You can see the designs that have been submitted to Jenny HERE


You can also read about the contest and guidelines by clicking HERE





24 thoughts on “Appalachia Gold Medallion Designs…

  1. Shouldn’t we wait…so the correct solver’s name could be on it with him!! That would be a fitting trubute and close to the chase for both Fenn and the correct solver! Maybe Fenn would want that. 😉

    • To try is to let your imagination out of it’s cage and might give you insights into the chase you might otherwise of not had.

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