Appalachia Gold Medallion Designs…Page One

November 2018

by dal…


Submissions are now closed. We will keep you updated about what happens next.

These are designs that were submitted to Dal. You can also look at the designs submitted to Jenny by clicking the link after the last design on this page.



20181105 150316




20181105 132807 Burst01


IMG 9869











You can go to Page Two of the submitted designs by clicking HERE


You can see the designs that have been submitted to Jenny HERE


     You can also read about the contest and guidelines by clicking HERE





56 thoughts on “Appalachia Gold Medallion Designs…Page One

  1. Shouldn’t we wait…so the correct solver’s name could be on it with him!! That would be a fitting trubute and close to the chase for both Fenn and the correct solver! Maybe Fenn would want that. 😉

    • I would like that Tony! Would be cool for Forrest and the finder to be married in history. Perhaps the finder could make it her life’s mission to hide these coins around the globe to bring hope and adventure to all.

      Ya just never know!

      Gotta dream big though.

    • To try is to let your imagination out of it’s cage and might give you insights into the chase you might otherwise of not had.

  2. Since I live where appalchian trail begins do I get to hide one who’s in charge????? Hehe

      • Ya know, two very strange things occurred related to that #17 coin design and the link to the football for sale on Amazon. That you pointed out Idle.

        First, as I looked at the football, the letters morphed from “FF” to “EE”. I was like, “what!?!” So I took a swig from the football and looked again. Yep. Still said EE.

        Last, when I looked at coin design 17, the guy on the left (#9) started running toward the guy in the middle with the football. The guy in the middle with the football just turned around and handed the darn football to #9 and jumped right off the side of that coin design. I was like, “well, it was only a matter of time.”

        Wild hearts are saddled up to ride. Do you like riding horses by chance?

      • All about circles, and the newest one is cool and has a circular rotation with the shields and to make an X. I had wondered if one could somehow make a lone on a map and a 90 degree rotation would reveal the X. Love the thought process that people are putting into their designs.

    • Just kidding…

      What has you stuck in side? Is it a twinge?

      I will be glad to see the final medallion selection for sure. It’ is a bit like waiting for a hurricane to make landfall I think. At some point, the pre-storm hysteria is just too much and folks are like, “just make landfall already! Get on with it and show me what ya got, storm.”

      That’s when the folks start what we used to call the “hurricane party.” Hatches battoned down, candles lit, drinks get poured and the music turns up as the rain and winds begin.

      Those were good times in a weird way.

      • Not a twinge (clever) but just feel like the gear shift of my life is stuck in neutral and all I can do is idle. At least I can dream. Though if all my dreams came true my spouse wouldn’t be happy, lol.

        That sounds like good times. There are many things I miss about the past. When I was a kid seeing a bunch of people in the living room reading wasn’t a rarity. Too much technology. At that same time I have managed to email a fair amount of my favorite authors (Forrest included) and I cherish their replies. I even have a signed photo of Piers Anthony. My favorite author even (sorry Forrest) even agreed that if I mailed my books to her in England with return shipping she would sign them. My books were to well worn so I tried to get another set but never managed (that was mid-90’s when internet was $10/hour on AOL). I am glad that I have a signed copy of OUAW and OUAW-R from Forrest. Someday I hope to get my other books signed.

        Either way weird is good. I also am working on a medallion design still so the week is fine (hoping to see more).

        • You said you have a signed photo of Piers Anthony. Cool. Reminds me of Sue Grafton.

          And then you said that you emailed with your favorite author (which isn’t Forrest – don’t worry, I won’t tell) but you didn’t indicate who was your favorite author. Praytell, who is you favorite author?

          My author penpal won’t respond to my emails. Does that mean we aren’t penpals?

          About being idle, I totally get it. I want to do so much more than my current reality permits. I feel a bit hostage by a few factors. Patience is not my strong suit, but I’ll be making a prison break soon. I hope to do a “back to nature” journey in 2019.

          On the other hand, it’s your stickshift so put it in drive and hit the gas. Or have your wheel-woman do it for you if you are the passenger.

          • “My author penpal won’t respond to my emails. Does that mean we aren’t penpals?”

            That is a good question and honestly I am not sure.

          • Sorry Twingem, I thought my reply had gone through earlier today (was rushing so myst have misclicked).

            My favorite author (Don’t tell Forrest) is Louise Cooper. She sadly passed away in 2009 and is extremely missed. Her Time Master Trilogy is my favorite (read it 7 times and will likely read it 7 more). If you haven’t read her book I highly recommend it.

          • Idle, your earlier message came through fine. Mine didn’t apparently. These things happen. once upon a while.

          • The journey back to nature sounds like fun! I am sorry that communications appear to be down.

          • Who else do we know that is deliciously bent?

            I also really like the Adventure Awaits medallion, nice work (I do like the black version more of the two).

  3. I like the adventure awaits too. Just think it may alienate those that don’t have idyllic family. Maybe, maybe not.

    They are all beautiful.


    • I don’t think it will. Mr. Fenn did say the Chase was also to get families off the couch and into the mountains (paraphrasing). 🙂

      • I love the off the couch one. Still curious why the cat is allowed to smoke (or is that a dog?).

        • Hello Idle Dreamer. I’m not sure which animal it is that’s perched onto of the cushion, but it looks like the smoke is coming from the spring. I really don’t know.

          • If you zoom in you can see a line coming out of the cat’s paw so definitely looks like the cat is smoking.

          • Are you viewing on a phone or computer? I did notice on a phone it is a lot less blurry.

            I also have never met anyone that can see like I do but the cost was my hearing.

          • You can try this, if on PC in Chrome, right click on the webpage and click on inspect. Ignore the content that opens but if you hover on the edge between the two you can hold down the left mouse button and drag it to narrow the page which should improve the resolution.

          • Here is a much easier way to see the image pdenver:


            Jenny’s site is accessing a reduce size version (300X300) and then the page is allowing them to get expanded. I am guessing this is because of the plugin she uses.

            So, to see any of the medallion submissions on her site (I still can’t post there for some reason) click on the medallion you want to see which will take you to it’s page. The page for the link I gave you above is:


            Remove the “-300×300” from the URL (keeping the “.jpeg” at the end) and you get the link I provided above and a recipe for accessing all the medallions on her page in their original size (or at least a bigger size).

          • The problem with following a path is you often miss the easier path. You apparently can just click the image twice (wait for page loads) and get to the full size version.

  4. Medallion contest submissions are now closed. Thanks to everyone that made a submission..
    We’ll keep you posted about what happens next…

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