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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xiv for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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46 thoughts on “Poetry Page XVI…

  1. A Poem
    to you a man did
    saying look down on where you
    I give you a Trove
    he said by Jove
    if you can

  2. As I snuggle into my bed so fine
    And start to close my eyes,
    I start to recite the poem by line,
    And quickly I do rise.

    I begin to toss and turn in bed
    Saying each line by heart,
    Not long, but within my head.
    The rambling begins to start.

    From there it’s a place for the live,
    The morning is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be much coffee for my drive,
    Through heavy trucks and cars going by.

    If I’ve been wise and stopped this craze,
    Lay quickly down, my head to rest,
    But hurry quickly with speedy ways,
    Off to sleep my brain needs best.

    So why is it that I cant rest
    And my wife is snoring like a bull?
    Then I remember it’s Forrest’s chest,
    Now I’m tired, with a day that’s full.

    Sitting at my work computer,
    I’m scanning maps, archives, and all.
    I quickly minimize when the boss comes over
    So I don’t get canned and have to bawl.

  3. I once dreamed to far off places and things
    But always today asked for all I had
    So I did what I must as the reasonable deems
    Even though my eyes grew tired and sad
    As months stretched to years and my sentence grew
    My vision became short and dim
    My life was cell and I hardly knew
    A way that I could possibly win
    But a poem made a spark and that spark turned to blaze
    My thoughts awoke to be free
    My lot was not set for the rest of my days
    And I wanted to be more than just me
    The fire in my eyes burns brightly now
    As I ready myself for the quest
    My focus is trained on exactly how
    I can come home with that chest.

  4. Better for it, a poem by LL.

    Some say there is no treasure,
    They say it is all fake.
    To them I say believe what you must,
    The worthy will partake.

    Some have searched high and searched low,
    Few have not made it back.
    I say my prayers for those who fell,
    And their families stay on track.

    This hunt has brought me a lot of joy,
    And taken me places a far.
    I’ve grown closer to my wife and kids,
    When we wish upon a star.

    This trek is more than just a hunt,
    People should try and understand.
    It’s not about the riches of gold,
    But being a better man.

    It’s about becoming one with the land,
    And preserving our Earth so dear.
    Do your part to preserve the wild,
    For future generations to be near.

    It’s not about the fame or glory,
    Or even being first to the race.
    Just use your smarts and imagination,
    It’s all about the thrill of the chase.

  5. Oh the peacock struts with a fanciful solve
    Saying all the world look at me
    Swirling thoughts that will never evolve
    And clues that simply can not be
    He struts and screams with a terrible might
    His genius is full on display
    The solution cant possibly be right
    We all wish he’d go away.

  6. lines are Quickly Drawing Nigh /blood runs as Warm Water /can I stand the storms center and lead from the front / when the time comes to be Brave how will I be/ Meek or Bold / when It Begins how will I Answer/I Already Know

  7. Poets and wordsmiths have all done their best
    None of it leading them closer to their quest
    Searching on maps that are modern, ancient, or old
    Can lead one to treasure if you are insightful, brilliant and bold

    The author it is said will let your own words run you astray
    Making a long walk and your journey, take more than one day
    He was crafty and shrewd when he laid out the quest
    With a map and nine clues that are told lead to a chest

    This small chest is filled with some of his lifelong collection
    Shortcuts and guessing will not lead you to this bastion
    Opinions and ideas are posted on blogs far and wide
    Without boots on the ground, you’ll never discover his hide

    My solve has been thought out and developed over two years
    A rookie in some eyes, worthy only of jests and jeers
    Criticism and failure are fears I have not
    It is the challenge and the adventure that truly I have sought

    20,000 word autobiography in the chest he has said
    Along with some white hairs off the top of his head
    These written words in the treasure someday will be found
    Will enlighten us all as to why search clues were methodical and sound

    His life story from a young boy, till almost on deaths bed
    Was easy to read, but I feel many things were unsaid
    I’ve spent hours and days searching for additional clues
    And have discovered to find these riches, I must try and walk in his shoes

    I could talk for hours on how my life has unfolded
    Thinking they could be similar to his made me feel quite embolden
    Tarry scant did I wait with new thoughts and a plan
    Coming up with new solves as fast as I can

    Selection bias will blind searchers with solves that are thought out and with care
    Helped me come up with dozens of solves after stating what if it’s not there
    My search areas broadened when boots can’t be placed on the ground
    Establishing plans and the thought that this really can be found

    In September just days before putting boots on my feet
    An epiphany struck me and felt my solve was complete
    I searched for four days and treasure I found
    Just not what I was looking for, I’d gotten a little wet and not drowned

    Thoughts of posting my solve crossed my mind for other to ponder
    Had me double check reasoning, logical thoughts and then had me wonder
    I had convinced family and friends of my solve with my research and logic, that was clear
    Maybe I just walked past it… can’t post it, gunna try the same spot next year!

    Forrest Fenn I cussed your good name each day once of thrice
    The things I said, though in jest were not nice
    My thoughts take me back there, crystal clear with no haze
    If only I knew what the hell was a blaze

    • You put into words what every one of us has felt at one time or another.

      Nice Job!! Thanks for putting it out there – 🙂 JDA

    • Good penning David, I can relate to your words..lol 30 trips under my belt as of now.. with each trip I’ve learned that the mountains continue to call (louder and louder)….
      keep hammering the poem David and good luck to you. I hope you find what you seek… until next time.. see ya

  8. when I first started at the shoelace factory I was very excited and talkative it was far better than any previous job and I took that inner feeling and let it guide my physical efforts and that still holds true to this day however the ideas that I have about this or that are pretty much scoffed at and I realized that no matter how much you think you know somebody always knows more so I don’t talk much these days my attitude is still very good I just do my work like a good ghost it’s also possible that my ideas are as bad they say I will continue either way

    • Hang in there Hank, until the chest is found, every idea is possible (yours included)… I personally feel, it’s not about what we know, it’s aboit what we don’t know… IMO….
      Have a great day today Hank…. see ya my friend…

  9. I do not know the meaning of my time here or how the end will begin but have witnessed the stars pull to a pinpoint beyond the horizon and I was frightened to my core

      • fear is the best motivator there is and also guides decision making if the time comes when my inner feelings effect my actions I will never leave Home

        • Fear is a response to something (e.g., a stimulus, a thought…) but isn’t really the best tool to have in the shed (imo). For example, if you are going to be in a wreck it is best to completely relax which fear tends to cause ones muscles to tense up.

  10. When found this harbor long ago,
    Where oceans bounty of pearls did grow,
    Man and woman they would dive,
    To where the ocean bed held its prize.

    Wooden ships of sail from far away,
    Destiny brought a new nation to stay,
    Wood gave way to ships of steel,
    Home and harbor to their keel.

    A grand fleet of the Pacific sea,
    Pride of the Navy and land of the free.
    Defenders of freedom on water on land,
    Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines do stand!

    On the 7th day a mighty blow at dawn,
    Ships and harbor the enemies plan drawn,
    Their guns, planes, ships, our men did go,
    Lo torpedos and bombs sent many below.

    Remember the Arizona they gave their all,
    The magazine blew and she did fall,
    The Arizona still guards the harbors prize,
    Her crew who sleep on a bed of pearls.

    May we never forget freedom isn’t free.

  11. this canyon the last for me/ it has become my valley and there is no tomorrow here/the low tones of a ghost awoke me /swirling circling taunting/and then up through the wood with trees hissing / violent tremors and rolling rocks rain down / new jagged peaks push from below and align as venomous teeth on each side/ the belly of the canyon has me and I will be granted no favors/there is peace at the end / a new beginning to seek/ go boldly to a new Home

  12. BOLERO
    He near floated
    to his ride.
    A perfect 10
    thought Forrest Fenn,
    They will never find
    my hide! !
    Feeling as lite
    as an Irish Sprite,
    Michael Flatley’s got nothing
    on me!
    A Riverdance and gave
    a prance
    as he slid in and turned
    the key.

  13. I’ve spent my last $50 on a psychic reading. Yea sadly it’s come to this point for me.She feels something special about the date 6-14 -19 at 1328 and then said but don’t trip on them,whatever that means. I asked her if that is the date she sees me finding something special.No she says,you have a hard time finding your car keys most days.About the 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe she said
    the numbers 34567 belong with it. Now I’m broke and have additional riddles to think about; definitely not Wise.

  14. “Winter Home”

    In trance a lonely chipmunk stares, with ears trained up a ahead,

    Pausing from his chores of fall, preparing his winter bed.

    A noise within the forest, has broke the silent sound,

    His jaws clamped rather tightly, on a twig that he has found.

    In suspense he waits and listens, leaves fall from nearby trees,

    Until the danger passes, or until the noise he sees.

    Time it slowly passes, with no danger seen at all,

    He scurries to a rock slide, in the brisk winds of the fall.

    Time and time again, he goes down in the hole,

    A home it soon will be, when winter winds are cold.

    His chipmunk days are busy, his awareness stands alert,

    A few more trips with pine nuts, he knows it wouldn’t hurt.

    Winter in the mountains, then comes with no surprise,

    North winds start to blow, and snowflakes fill the sky.

    But one tiny little chipmunk, cares not the wind that blows,

    He’s nestled in the rockslide, all cozy in his hole…..

    By: Focused

    P.S- I’m wishing everyone a warm winter. Stay cozy my friends….. until next time… see ya

    • Lovely – Lovely my friend.

      Hope little Chipmunk stays warm through the winter –
      Perhaps we shall meet in the spring.

      Thanks for sharing – JDA

      • Thank you too JDA, I have seen the chipmunks many times working at a frantic pace, I’m sure they’ll stay warm…lol and I’m sure you’ll see them come spring… stay warm yourself JDA, I know your winters are much colder than mine…lol. Until next time.. see ya my friend

    • Definitely a beautiful poem without the chase and relevant to many with, definitely staying cozy (despite wearing shorts in 20 degree weather).

      • Thanks Idle Dreamer, I’m glad you liked it… SHORTS IN 20 DEGREE WEATHER! …. Geez, that makes me cold just thinking about it….lol… if I wore shorts then I would look like I was walking around on 2 blue popsicle sticks…lol … I’m kinda partial to my little fire…lol
        Thanks for the smile today Idle Dreamer, I needed that… stay cozy my friend… see ya

  15. “The Treehouse”

    It seems so long ago
    when things seemed carefree.
    Wake at sunrise to do chores
    before flapjacks and warm syrup were served.

    By midmorning, I was out the screen door
    with mitt and ball and my heroes in my pocket,
    to meet the gang out in the field
    where our treehouse hid in the branches
    of an old Oak tree.

    We’d climb the steps and crawl inside
    and sat on benches to be sworn to secrecy.
    The gang and I would pull out our baseball cards
    and traded to better our stack.
    Who knew the rookies would become legends?

    The gang and I spent many an hour
    in that treehouse
    talking about stolen bases and homeruns
    and how we would play just as good
    and bring home the pennant.

    By evening, as the skies turned a golden hue
    from the setting sun,
    we each gave our secret handshake
    and headed back down
    to agree to meet tomorrow.

    All the tomorrows now linger in my mind
    as I go back to that treehouse
    in the old Oak tree
    and meet with my friends once more.

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