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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xvi for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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609 thoughts on “Poetry Page XVI…

  1. A Poem
    to you a man did
    saying look down on where you
    I give you a Trove
    he said by Jove
    if you can

  2. As I snuggle into my bed so fine
    And start to close my eyes,
    I start to recite the poem by line,
    And quickly I do rise.

    I begin to toss and turn in bed
    Saying each line by heart,
    Not long, but within my head.
    The rambling begins to start.

    From there it’s a place for the live,
    The morning is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be much coffee for my drive,
    Through heavy trucks and cars going by.

    If I’ve been wise and stopped this craze,
    Lay quickly down, my head to rest,
    But hurry quickly with speedy ways,
    Off to sleep my brain needs best.

    So why is it that I cant rest
    And my wife is snoring like a bull?
    Then I remember it’s Forrest’s chest,
    Now I’m tired, with a day that’s full.

    Sitting at my work computer,
    I’m scanning maps, archives, and all.
    I quickly minimize when the boss comes over
    So I don’t get canned and have to bawl.

    • Great penning LL… there are a lot of searchers that can relate to your words… I myself being one…. sleepless nights seem to be part of the chase…lol keep up your penning, your words are a pleasure to read… have a great day my friend…. see ya

    • LL,
      you are very lucky that
      the REAL BOSS does not
      have you sleeping on the
      “snoring like a bull” indeed.

  3. I once dreamed to far off places and things
    But always today asked for all I had
    So I did what I must as the reasonable deems
    Even though my eyes grew tired and sad
    As months stretched to years and my sentence grew
    My vision became short and dim
    My life was cell and I hardly knew
    A way that I could possibly win
    But a poem made a spark and that spark turned to blaze
    My thoughts awoke to be free
    My lot was not set for the rest of my days
    And I wanted to be more than just me
    The fire in my eyes burns brightly now
    As I ready myself for the quest
    My focus is trained on exactly how
    I can come home with that chest.

  4. “As I have stayed at home in chair
    And with no treasures hold,
    I can weep my secret care
    And squint at wishes of your gold.

  5. Better for it, a poem by LL.

    Some say there is no treasure,
    They say it is all fake.
    To them I say believe what you must,
    The worthy will partake.

    Some have searched high and searched low,
    Few have not made it back.
    I say my prayers for those who fell,
    And their families stay on track.

    This hunt has brought me a lot of joy,
    And taken me places a far.
    I’ve grown closer to my wife and kids,
    When we wish upon a star.

    This trek is more than just a hunt,
    People should try and understand.
    It’s not about the riches of gold,
    But being a better man.

    It’s about becoming one with the land,
    And preserving our Earth so dear.
    Do your part to preserve the wild,
    For future generations to be near.

    It’s not about the fame or glory,
    Or even being first to the race.
    Just use your smarts and imagination,
    It’s all about the thrill of the chase.

  6. Oh the peacock struts with a fanciful solve
    Saying all the world look at me
    Swirling thoughts that will never evolve
    And clues that simply can not be
    He struts and screams with a terrible might
    His genius is full on display
    The solution cant possibly be right
    We all wish he’d go away.

  7. lines are Quickly Drawing Nigh /blood runs as Warm Water /can I stand the storms center and lead from the front / when the time comes to be Brave how will I be/ Meek or Bold / when It Begins how will I Answer/I Already Know

  8. Poets and wordsmiths have all done their best
    None of it leading them closer to their quest
    Searching on maps that are modern, ancient, or old
    Can lead one to treasure if you are insightful, brilliant and bold

    The author it is said will let your own words run you astray
    Making a long walk and your journey, take more than one day
    He was crafty and shrewd when he laid out the quest
    With a map and nine clues that are told lead to a chest

    This small chest is filled with some of his lifelong collection
    Shortcuts and guessing will not lead you to this bastion
    Opinions and ideas are posted on blogs far and wide
    Without boots on the ground, you’ll never discover his hide

    My solve has been thought out and developed over two years
    A rookie in some eyes, worthy only of jests and jeers
    Criticism and failure are fears I have not
    It is the challenge and the adventure that truly I have sought

    20,000 word autobiography in the chest he has said
    Along with some white hairs off the top of his head
    These written words in the treasure someday will be found
    Will enlighten us all as to why search clues were methodical and sound

    His life story from a young boy, till almost on deaths bed
    Was easy to read, but I feel many things were unsaid
    I’ve spent hours and days searching for additional clues
    And have discovered to find these riches, I must try and walk in his shoes

    I could talk for hours on how my life has unfolded
    Thinking they could be similar to his made me feel quite embolden
    Tarry scant did I wait with new thoughts and a plan
    Coming up with new solves as fast as I can

    Selection bias will blind searchers with solves that are thought out and with care
    Helped me come up with dozens of solves after stating what if it’s not there
    My search areas broadened when boots can’t be placed on the ground
    Establishing plans and the thought that this really can be found

    In September just days before putting boots on my feet
    An epiphany struck me and felt my solve was complete
    I searched for four days and treasure I found
    Just not what I was looking for, I’d gotten a little wet and not drowned

    Thoughts of posting my solve crossed my mind for other to ponder
    Had me double check reasoning, logical thoughts and then had me wonder
    I had convinced family and friends of my solve with my research and logic, that was clear
    Maybe I just walked past it… can’t post it, gunna try the same spot next year!

    Forrest Fenn I cussed your good name each day once of thrice
    The things I said, though in jest were not nice
    My thoughts take me back there, crystal clear with no haze
    If only I knew what the hell was a blaze

    • You put into words what every one of us has felt at one time or another.

      Nice Job!! Thanks for putting it out there – 🙂 JDA

    • Good penning David, I can relate to your words..lol 30 trips under my belt as of now.. with each trip I’ve learned that the mountains continue to call (louder and louder)….
      keep hammering the poem David and good luck to you. I hope you find what you seek… until next time.. see ya

  9. when I first started at the shoelace factory I was very excited and talkative it was far better than any previous job and I took that inner feeling and let it guide my physical efforts and that still holds true to this day however the ideas that I have about this or that are pretty much scoffed at and I realized that no matter how much you think you know somebody always knows more so I don’t talk much these days my attitude is still very good I just do my work like a good ghost it’s also possible that my ideas are as bad they say I will continue either way

    • Hang in there Hank, until the chest is found, every idea is possible (yours included)… I personally feel, it’s not about what we know, it’s aboit what we don’t know… IMO….
      Have a great day today Hank…. see ya my friend…

  10. I do not know the meaning of my time here or how the end will begin but have witnessed the stars pull to a pinpoint beyond the horizon and I was frightened to my core

      • fear is the best motivator there is and also guides decision making if the time comes when my inner feelings effect my actions I will never leave Home

        • Fear is a response to something (e.g., a stimulus, a thought…) but isn’t really the best tool to have in the shed (imo). For example, if you are going to be in a wreck it is best to completely relax which fear tends to cause ones muscles to tense up.

  11. When found this harbor long ago,
    Where oceans bounty of pearls did grow,
    Man and woman they would dive,
    To where the ocean bed held its prize.

    Wooden ships of sail from far away,
    Destiny brought a new nation to stay,
    Wood gave way to ships of steel,
    Home and harbor to their keel.

    A grand fleet of the Pacific sea,
    Pride of the Navy and land of the free.
    Defenders of freedom on water on land,
    Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines do stand!

    On the 7th day a mighty blow at dawn,
    Ships and harbor the enemies plan drawn,
    Their guns, planes, ships, our men did go,
    Lo torpedos and bombs sent many below.

    Remember the Arizona they gave their all,
    The magazine blew and she did fall,
    The Arizona still guards the harbors prize,
    Her crew who sleep on a bed of pearls.

    May we never forget freedom isn’t free.

  12. this canyon the last for me/ it has become my valley and there is no tomorrow here/the low tones of a ghost awoke me /swirling circling taunting/and then up through the wood with trees hissing / violent tremors and rolling rocks rain down / new jagged peaks push from below and align as venomous teeth on each side/ the belly of the canyon has me and I will be granted no favors/there is peace at the end / a new beginning to seek/ go boldly to a new Home

  13. BOLERO
    He near floated
    to his ride.
    A perfect 10
    thought Forrest Fenn,
    They will never find
    my hide! !
    Feeling as lite
    as an Irish Sprite,
    Michael Flatley’s got nothing
    on me!
    A Riverdance and gave
    a prance
    as he slid in and turned
    the key.

    • Good penning BATTY, thanks for sharing….I’m sure for someone, when then key and keyhole come together, there will be dancing…lol have a great day…. see ya my friend

  14. I’ve spent my last $50 on a psychic reading. Yea sadly it’s come to this point for me.She feels something special about the date 6-14 -19 at 1328 and then said but don’t trip on them,whatever that means. I asked her if that is the date she sees me finding something special.No she says,you have a hard time finding your car keys most days.About the 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe she said
    the numbers 34567 belong with it. Now I’m broke and have additional riddles to think about; definitely not Wise.

    • As pdenver said “ hang in there Hank “….have a great day… see ya

      Time in thought costs nothing,

      Imaginations price is free.

      Use them to your advantage,

      Oh, glorious sights you’ll see….

  15. “Winter Home”

    In trance a lonely chipmunk stares, with ears trained up a ahead,

    Pausing from his chores of fall, preparing his winter bed.

    A noise within the forest, has broke the silent sound,

    His jaws clamped rather tightly, on a twig that he has found.

    In suspense he waits and listens, leaves fall from nearby trees,

    Until the danger passes, or until the noise he sees.

    Time it slowly passes, with no danger seen at all,

    He scurries to a rock slide, in the brisk winds of the fall.

    Time and time again, he goes down in the hole,

    A home it soon will be, when winter winds are cold.

    His chipmunk days are busy, his awareness stands alert,

    A few more trips with pine nuts, he knows it wouldn’t hurt.

    Winter in the mountains, then comes with no surprise,

    North winds start to blow, and snowflakes fill the sky.

    But one tiny little chipmunk, cares not the wind that blows,

    He’s nestled in the rockslide, all cozy in his hole…..

    By: Focused

    P.S- I’m wishing everyone a warm winter. Stay cozy my friends….. until next time… see ya

    • I like your cute poem, Focused. Hope you and your family stay cozy and warm. Winter is slowly introducing itself for the season.

      • Thank you pdenver, I’m glad you liked it… I hope you and your family stays warm too…see ya my friend

    • Lovely – Lovely my friend.

      Hope little Chipmunk stays warm through the winter –
      Perhaps we shall meet in the spring.

      Thanks for sharing – JDA

      • Thank you too JDA, I have seen the chipmunks many times working at a frantic pace, I’m sure they’ll stay warm…lol and I’m sure you’ll see them come spring… stay warm yourself JDA, I know your winters are much colder than mine…lol. Until next time.. see ya my friend

    • Definitely a beautiful poem without the chase and relevant to many with, definitely staying cozy (despite wearing shorts in 20 degree weather).

      • Thanks Idle Dreamer, I’m glad you liked it… SHORTS IN 20 DEGREE WEATHER! …. Geez, that makes me cold just thinking about it….lol… if I wore shorts then I would look like I was walking around on 2 blue popsicle sticks…lol … I’m kinda partial to my little fire…lol
        Thanks for the smile today Idle Dreamer, I needed that… stay cozy my friend… see ya

  16. “The Treehouse”

    It seems so long ago
    when things seemed carefree.
    Wake at sunrise to do chores
    before flapjacks and warm syrup were served.

    By midmorning, I was out the screen door
    with mitt and ball and my heroes in my pocket,
    to meet the gang out in the field
    where our treehouse hid in the branches
    of an old Oak tree.

    We’d climb the steps and crawl inside
    and sat on benches to be sworn to secrecy.
    The gang and I would pull out our baseball cards
    and traded to better our stack.
    Who knew the rookies would become legends?

    The gang and I spent many an hour
    in that treehouse
    talking about stolen bases and homeruns
    and how we would play just as good
    and bring home the pennant.

    By evening, as the skies turned a golden hue
    from the setting sun,
    we each gave our secret handshake
    and headed back down
    to agree to meet tomorrow.

    All the tomorrows now linger in my mind
    as I go back to that treehouse
    in the old Oak tree
    and meet with my friends once more.

    • Great penning pdenver… I loved it… we all have great memories of our youth. Thanks for reminding me of my “tree house” that I built so many years ago…
      Have a great day pdenver…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you for your kind words, Focused. I’m glad it reminded you of the treehouse you built many years ago. Hope you have a great day, too.

  17. my Blazeing flame/ created by the master builder from the earths center/standing before you shame clings to me/ I have nothing/ ragged clothes, trinkets of metal bits and aggies, a crude walking stick,a weathered well worn travelers blanket/ even on solid ground and motionless I feel as though I am falling down fast into your Gaze/ it’s beautiful beyond All known things/ you will stay on high forever/ your reign will be infinite/ I will be as a long forgotten memory of dust but will always remember feeling welcomed for the first time/ my flame my brief treasure/with gold feathers in your hair

  18. “Morning Light”

    The beautiful smell of sunshine,

    And the sounds of dancing rays.

    In silence echos loudly,

    Through the early morning haze.

    Gleaming light on mountain tops,

    With its valley shadows dim.

    Deep within the forest,

    A brand new day begins.

    No one to see its beauty,

    No one to hear it’s sounds.

    No one to spoil the moment,

    No one upon its grounds.

    Its solitude it glistens,

    Like dew drops on its floor.

    Just waiting for a stranger,

    To come visit and adore.

    So take a trail to nowhere,

    Go well before it’s light.

    And You become that stranger,

    And adore its morning light….


    • Sorry, the third line from the end is supposed to say… (go well before it’s “BRIGHT”)… my bad, I really should proof read more….lol until next time.. see ya

      • I’m glad you liked it pdenver, just thought I’d kick one out before going to bed… I think I may get up before it’s bright and take a trail to nowhere….. have a good night.. see ya my friend.

        • Sounds like a lot of fun, Focused. I hope you’ll do so and have a lot of fun. Have a good night, my friend.

    • GOOD MORNING Focused – Thanks for inviting us to view YOUR wonderful sunrise – Well Penned my Friend – JDA

  19. I will Begin my Far Walk up out of The Canyon/ Tired and Weak I will call forth the hidden to reveal its path and Secrets/ into my Cold soul I will Take It In / Cease now ! / Warm Waters spring from Below! / my Meek goes Bold/ my Old made New/ Brown Wood to Blazing Gold

  20. When I Go by LL

    When you wish upon a star
    No matter where on earth you are
    Your imagination is free
    Just be all that you can be

    Just like the years time is sand
    We hold it all in our hand
    Releasing bits here and there
    Pieces of our past everywhere

    Young and old big and small
    The path is traveled by us all
    The land is my church I shall see
    And pray to it all on bended knee

    Protect the way of life so dear
    Going back to it every year
    Preserve nature and take a stand
    It’s all we have, it’s our land

    So why is it that I must go
    The answers I already know
    From here its no place for the meek
    For I am ready to climb that peak

    When I go in there alone
    For the light will have shown
    And I will walk with a marvel gaze
    For God has set my heart a blaze

    So hear me all and listen good
    When I am gone stay in the wood
    Travel in the canyon down
    Cast your line below the home of Brown

    I once was tired and very weak
    Now Im strong no longer meek
    I was brave and left in peace
    My earthly journey had to cease

  21. unmoored we are adrift/ fates winds and God currents pull us Far from Home/ fear is in the unknown/ and Thrills/ hold steady the shaking to Cease/
    onwards toward the horizon/ a golden eye sets down low and briefly calls us from the wilderness / soon we are untethered again/ life cords cut/ dangling, unusable, unreachable/ peace in the knowing we drift together never Alone

  22. I’d like to say Merry Christmas to all my online friends….

    “Time is the most precious gift of all”

    Enjoy your “time” with family these next few days and make the most out of the gift you have been given… and never forget the reason we celebrate…

    Merry Christmas my friends…. until next time… see ya

  23. truth Blazes from the pen of the Wise/ Drawing forth a fury, immediacy, an urgency/ with an unrelenting Quest the ink splatters walls and puddles on floors/ Answers to mysteries and the unclear /of long ago locked Secrets/ true words that are a beacon on the shoreline that guide to the harbor Home/true words that weigh Heavy on a star now set Down low and it guides us through the Wood and we arrive at the place of uncommon common sense/ the opaque washed to crystal/ the abstract leveled to the grasp

  24. “pearly Gates”

    Wisdom comes in many forms,

    Just seek and you will find.

    Beyond the walls of daily norms,

    Food for your hungered mind.

    Use your imagination,

    Just travel where it goes.

    Enjoy the great sensation,

    Of knowledge as it grows.

    Your mind it has no limits,

    Like trails that slowly fade.

    Explore what’s deep within it,

    You’ll love the choice you made.

    Take off now my friend,

    A brand new journey waits.

    A mind that has no end,

    Goes beyond the pearly gates…….

    By: Focused

    • As usual, very, very nice my Friend.

      I wish you the Happiest of New Years. May it be rewarding to you.

      Hope you can get your “Book of Poems” (Whatever the title is you have chosen)

      See Ya’ My Friend – JDA

      • Thank you JDA, I also wish you a prosperous and joyful 2019….
        The title my friend will be “The Quill Of The Chase”…
        Have a great day today.. until next time.. see ya

        • That’s ok Idle Dreamer, I knew what you meant…. I’m glad that my simple words can amaze ya, it’s for you guys I write, because you guys amaze me….
          Have a great 2019 my friend. May you find all that you seek… until next time… see ya

  25. the Bronze Box/ is as a meteorite caught and laid gently Down /for them a New Rich ember/ on cool nights it’s use clear / with the days heat locked inside/ bats hang upside down over It and Warm ears and head hair / snakes clay pot coil in tiers of twos and threes and comfortably Brown / those with four, six and eight legs meditate in zen like states upon Old Warm Gold coins / Alone In There Peace is All they Seek and restful slumber dreams

  26. This is one I jotted down about Forrest’s visit to the waterfall in Vietnam… keeping his promise to it… have a great day everyone.. until next time… see ya

    “The Promise”

    Deep within a jungle, a lonely meadow waits,

    Covered by the grass, those men who met their fate.

    A stream is quickly flowing, carefree as it goes,

    It turns into a waterfall, falls in the mist below.

    The rushing water rumbles, in the silence of this place,

    So peaceful and remote, a special kind of space.

    A chopper it approaches, and lowers softly down,

    Until its runners meet, and touch the grassy ground.

    A soldier exits quickly, and steps upon the ground,

    To keep his daily promise, to this waterfall he had found.

    Upon the edge he rested, till time for him to go,

    Tossing stones of thank you, into the mist below.

    The soldier he then rose, to head back to his home,

    But in the grass he tripped, for he was not alone.

    Upon an aging stone, was a Frenchman’s name inscribed,

    A marker for a soldier, where in the tall grass died.

    A promise was delivered, one soldier kept his word,

    One soldier stayed behind, a voice that’s now unheard.

    The chopper it then lifted, slowly set to go,

    A salute from one brave soldier, to another who rests below…

    By: Focused

    • W O W Focused. You captured Forrest’s tale of the Viet Nam waterfall so beautifully. I am sure that it brought a tear to Forrest’s eye – I know it did mine.

      Thanks for again sharing your wonderful talents – JDA

      • Thanks J DA, we can only vision the events of that day, only Forrest knows the way it all laid out. I vision a salute to a fallen soldier as the chopper dipped and turned to fly away… it pleases my thoughts anyways….
        I hope Forrest likes it….have a great day J DA… see ya my friend

        • I’m okay, my friend. “My War for Me” is a very moving chapter and can’t help but get a bit emotional. Each time I’ve read it, I’ve shed tears. Your beautiful poem touched me the same way.

    • A cinemagraphic poem for sure Focused! Thank you for sharing one of Forrest’s special moments.

      • Your welcome tomtom…. I’m glad you could see the picture… have a great night, until next time… see ya my friend

  27. Focused,

    You still amaze me with your poetry. You might be able to spark more interest with me on poetry. Well done!!

    • Thanks CharlieM… stay interested my friend… it’s my imagination in words, and I have a lot of that …lol
      Have a great night…see ya my friend

  28. A Mansion In Wonderland

    Five points to find
    Four creatures hidden.
    Three dimensions contain
    Two ends and One beginning.

    Heed the builder
    For though he has hidden,
    None are excluded
    All are bidden.

    At water high
    The Blaze is seen
    An adrenaline rush
    For the eye that’s keen.

    Too far down
    Others have passed.
    It’s the end of one,
    But not the last.

    Follow the line
    From every angle.
    Cross where you must,
    But don’t get tangled.

    Now it is clear
    A two-fold hint
    Found among green
    Juniper and mint.

    Yet hindsight is best
    When seen in reverse.
    Send forth the dove
    And lift the curse…

    Of not knowing.

    In the distance
    A sound is heard
    Echoes of a voice
    From the written word.

    Now you know
    That where you stand
    Exists a structure
    Made not by hand.

    Exquisitely built
    Within the mind
    Layer upon layer,
    A marvel refined.

    Now run from the edge
    And you too will see
    Time’s an illusion
    So let it be.

    This world we live in
    Is but a mirror
    Death does threaten
    And makes life dearer.

    I tell you, though
    That Death is dead
    There’s more Life beyond
    And that not to dread.

    Peace and Wisdom
    Love and Grace
    Where Home awaits
    In that blessed Place.

  29. This is for you Frank….. keep fighting my friend and remember, your never alone in the battle….. until next time.. see ya

    “A Note To Cancer”

    You came into my body, not welcomed here at all,

    I did not ask for you to come, for you I did not call.

    Since your here, you must be warned, God is on my side,

    There’s no place in my body, that you can run and hide.

    Let’s not waste a minute more, let’s get this battle started,

    For I have not a tender soul, nor am I tender hearted.

    I’m not fighting just for me, I’ll fight for many more,

    Who’s lives you’ve slowly crept into, I’ll even up the score.

    Through the many hardened months, with you I have fought,

    Not willing to give into you, the victory that I sought.

    My strength, faith and love of life, grows stronger every day,

    Someday I’ll be rid of you, I bow my head and pray.

    I see you’re getting weaker now, my victories almost here,

    Just to know your evil’s gone, I know I’m gonna cheer.

    You have taken many lives, many that I know,

    Now its time for you to die, time for you to go.

    I just received the grandest news, my doctor he did say,

    That you have left my body, you’ve died and went away.

    I drop my head, close my eyes, “Thank You God” I say,

    For helping with my battle, and with me all the way.

    Many now are fighting, with the evils that I tell,

    Fight with every ounce in you, and send “Cancer” straight

    To “Hell” …………..

    By: Focused

    • Focused – I don’t know what to say – I just seen you poem – it is beautiful – my eyes got watery thank you so mush for showing it to us- my family read it – and they all had tears in there eyes – you are a good person – and God bless you- thank you- I will remember you for ever – frank

      • Thank you Frank for your very kind words to me. Knowing that you and your family were touched by my words gives me inspiration to continue…. Frank, you have faced a dreadful disease with courage and the determination to fight …. that my friend is true inspiration to many whos battle lays before them…
        Enjoy the little things Frank, because in the grand scope of life, they are huge…. have a great night…. until next time… God bless

  30. hope is born where stars and mountain peaks embrace/ not mere glimmers but full noon day sun that evaporates shadows/ it runs as Warm Waters in torrents Down rock faces purified by granite, sandstone and light/ Look, it Seeks you/ let it collide with your Good Effort on your Far journey Walk / a recipe for victory and Gold

  31. This is something silly that I have put together
    Due to I cannot possibly come up with a poem.
    It’s like a candy poem.

    Let’s “ Tri” to put a “Dent” in this poem.

    We all know Forrest Fenn is a “Mr. Goodbar”
    And he knows he is a “Smartie”
    We all think he is a “Sweettart”
    He was such a brave “Warhead”

    I wonder if he knows that he is an “Atomic Fireball”
    And he could be somebody’s “SugarDaddy” if he wanted to be, maybe I should say “Honeybun”

    As he sits around being “Carefree” we are all waiting for “Payday” so that we can go search for his million dollar treasure, or could it actually be worth “100 Grand”
    We all know someone will “Crunch” this poem and “Skor” big.

    Over the years many searchers have been
    “Spree” (ing) over “Mounds” to “Look” for the “Watchamacallit” and down a “Rocky road”
    Some are even looking on “5th Avenue”
    Heck it could be in the “Andes” mountains
    I’m sure it’s sitting in a “Sour Patch” somewhere.
    Unfortunately the only thing searchers find are
    “Bottle caps”

    We are moving like a “Cluster” of “Turtles”
    As we try to solve this poem.

    This is “Nut Rageous” and we have “ Zero” of a clue, some searchers “Take 5” and wait for “Extra”
    Information which is a bunch of “ Whoopers”

    Our searchers consist of “Dums Dums, Jolly Ranchers, Baby Ruth, Nerds, Airheads, Sugar babies, Lemon heads, and Hubba BUBBA”
    We surely can’t forget about the “ Milkduds” though they try to “ Twix things up, I call them “ “Trizzlers”

    A few searchers like to take their “ Nutty Buddy”
    With them and then they try to pretend to be in the “Big League” like the “3 Musketeers”

    Quite a few of us become “Razzles” over the blaze, some believe it consist of “Starburst, Poprocks, or even the “Milkyway” As for me I like drinking a “Sunkist” every “Now Later”

    I like being a “Laffy Taffy” due to we all like to “Snicker” at each other’s solves.

    Someone is “Redhot” on this chase and soon will be known as one “Hot Tamale”

    Now that I have become “Totally Nutty”
    I’m going to “Rolo” onto one more chase,
    I just can’t be qualified as a “Gobstopper”

    “YORK” has felt the sensation since day one.

    Remember Forrest says your effort will be worth the “Icecubes”

    Forrest you sure have made this a “Fundip” for us. You have been a “Lifesaver”
    I sure would like to give you some “Kisses!!!!!!!

    Lol ha ha That’s Me. 🙂

    • I loved it Amy !!!! Thank you for the smile 🙂
      I think I have the world’s largest sweet tooth… lol now you’ve got me thinking, where did I put that box of Queen Anne cherries…lol
      Have a great night my friend and keep up your penning , that was fun to read… until next time… see ya

  32. Excuse me if this has already been posted, I don’t check the poetry section, however I wanted to share this poem that has stuck to me over my many years. It seems fitting for all of us chasing the dream.

    The Men That Don’t Fit In

    By Robert W. Service

    There’s a race of men that don’t fit in,
    A race that can’t stay still;
    So they break the hearts of kith and kin,
    And they roam the world at will.
    They range the field and they rove the flood,
    And they climb the mountain’s crest;
    Theirs is the curse of the gypsy blood,
    And they don’t know how to rest.

    If they just went straight they might go far;
    They are strong and brave and true;
    But they’re always tired of the things that are,
    And they want the strange and new.
    They say: “Could I find my proper groove,
    What a deep mark I would make!”
    So they chop and change, and each fresh move
    Is only a fresh mistake.

    And each forgets, as he strips and runs
    With a brilliant, fitful pace,
    It’s the steady, quiet, plodding ones
    Who win in the lifelong race.
    And each forgets that his youth has fled,
    Forgets that his prime is past,
    Till he stands one day, with a hope that’s dead,
    In the glare of the truth at last.

    He has failed, he has failed; he has missed his chance;
    He has just done things by half.
    Life’s been a jolly good joke on him,
    And now is the time to laugh.
    Ha, ha! He is one of the Legion Lost;
    He was never meant to win;
    He’s a rolling stone, and it’s bred in the bone;
    He’s a man who won’t fit in.

    • Thank you Homebrew for sharing Roberts words. I have spent a lot of time here on the poetry page over the years, and I have to say that I don’t remember ever seeing this poem posted…. I enjoy reading words that make you think, and this one did.
      Thank you again, have a great night …. until next time… see ya

  33. the finest of the fine waits patiently/ it is yours / high castles of dense ancient aged stone / marbled and granite floors and walls with majestic ceilings that call out to the stars / shine on me and make me new / silk clothes and robes embroidered with the threads of life itself/ we are all kings or queens/ or paupers / the choice is yours/ what will you choose

  34. “ Forking Branches”

    Sometimes we stop and wonder.

    what makes a life so rich?

    we gaze at others yonder,

    spend years behind this glitch.

    a searching soul should listen,

    lifetime passes fast.

    searching things that glisten,

    For things to hold a mass.

    we’ve had our years of chances,

    had not the eyes to see.

    all the forking branches,

    along our family tree…..

    By: Focused

    P.s- If you read down the first word of every sentence it says “Sometimes what we spend a lifetime searching for, we’ve had all along”……… treasure your family my friends… until next time.. see ya…

  35. bring your dreams Home/ give them a proper place and let them run wild In There / as raging Waters and mustangs/ put them to work tied to your own Good work/ let them Walk Far together/ Far past the Canyons and Heavy Loads that will Halt you/ Look how High you have risen/ out from the Cold and Warm now/ and beyond the Blaze of the Gold sun

  36. “ The Encounter “

    In the spring of 1540, a brand new day beholds,

    Spaniards mount their horses, seeking cities made of gold.

    They ride throughout the sagebrush, thick and vastly spanned,

    Below the mighty mesas’, flat tops throughout the land.

    Day by day they travel, not knowing where they’ll end,

    Pushed by springtime’s subtle, but welcomed southern wind.

    Along a creek for water, no map to lead the way,

    Toughened by the land, with each new passing day.

    Upon a rise they rested, to gaze and just admire,

    Then up ahead they noticed, the smoke from nearby fires.

    With caution rode on forward, some Voices could be heard,

    Although not understanding, the local native words.

    Spaniards drew their weapons, rode fast into the tribe,

    Chaos followed quickly, small children ran to hide.

    No shots were fired upon them, the moment settled down,

    The Spaniards soon dismounted, stood firm upon the ground.

    With dusty hands of gesture, a message to the tribe,

    Children start emerging, from places which they hide.

    A few days pass with tension, by every man involved,

    Both Spaniards and the Natives, and how this all evolved.

    One morning when the sun, had cracked the Mesa top,

    The Spaniards on their horses, rode off and didn’t stop.

    In peace the natives gaze, not knowing what beholds,

    But glad the Spaniards left, searching cities made of gold…..

    By: Focused

    • The pictures you paint are so vivid and pure my friend. Glad this this encounter turned out well, so many did not. Thanks again for sharing your creative mind – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA, yes, I’m sure many encounters did not turn out this way, but hopefully more than we know….
        I’m glad you could see my picture… have a great night JDA…. see ya my friend

  37. Of all the Souls that stand create – by Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

    Of all the Souls that stand create –
    I have elected – One –
    When Sense from Spirit – files away –
    And Subterfuge – is done –
    When that which is – and that which was –
    Apart – intrinsic – stand –
    And this brief Drama in the flesh –
    Is shifted – like a Sand –
    When Figures show their royal Front –
    And Mists – are carved away,
    Behold the Atom – I preferred –
    To all the lists of Clay!

    • Thanks for sharing Amber, I’ve always liked Emily’s words and how her mind worked…. as for me, I’m a simple man with a simple mind, I write simple words for all like minded people to enjoy…lol
      Have a great night… thanks again my friend… see ya

  38. ,I Once, ran upon a little fellow,
    his wings,SOARED, in the Wind’s of mellow,
    Free to Be there,THE SITE,of blue and yellow,
    that canary, or finch had my attention for a pinch’en fellow.
    simple as as simple is, unknown as always. maybe, ill understand some peaceful day.

    • Great penning Jeff ! I enjoyed reading that….

      “ I too have see that little fellow,

      With colors bright and bold.

      Reds and greens with brightest yellows,

      Oh what secrets does he hold?”

      Have a great night Jeff, give Titan a treat for me… until next time… see ya

    • I enjoyed your poem, Jeff. It brought me back to a time while in Yellowstone having a picnic and a beautiful, brilliant yellow bird sat on a branch and sang its song.

      • I saw that Yellow stone bird he was a delightful fellow ty i miss yellow stone. but i fear its just to far for me to walk these days.

  39. Thank you for sharing these words Berryfenn…. they made me think…

    “The searching community here at HOD,
    Cannot be surpassed by mere chunks of gold”

    Have a great night… until next time…. see ya

  40. in daily reflections l catch glimpses of the tarnish on my shell / I will never be the person I should be / I cannot/ the years of tarnish on the Bronze Box will fall away Quickly and it will be as new and as beautiful as the day it was made / to be a pure element is gift and joy to others in this life

  41. “there was an old woman, who lived in a shoe
    she had so many children, she didn’t know what to do.”

    will someone please set up a go fund me account to help this poor woman?

      • no Hank, no contribution from me.
        my contribution is just the nursery rhyme itself.
        not to be taken literally, but imagination is the key.

        i think too, just like you.
        thank you Hank.

  42. do Quicly turn upon the earth that’s grown soft from rain/ and go Boldly back against dagger and flame / to the place where elusive treasure sits and waits and calls you by name/ but your life with golden hands will not change/ you can only be what you are/ nothing more/but enough

  43. “ Way Up There “

    Alone I rest near dancing flames, In thought of years ago,

    Mesmerized within its sight, the comfort in its glow.

    The warming rays are soothing, a crackling now and then,

    As if it’s speaking to me, the sounds of way back then.

    Like me the natives sat, close to their dancing flames,

    Wrapped in their woven blankets, mesmerized the same.

    The Navajo are special, their people stand apart,

    Unlike a lot of others, they live from in their heart.

    Gazing in my dancing flames, a Navajo’s voice I heard,

    Her softened voice I listened, I cherished every word.

    She tells me of a time, so many years ago,

    A blizzard fell upon them, the winds were bitter cold.

    Pressured now by hunger, their food was running low.

    The hunters could do nothing, blinded by the snow.

    She said they gathered round, a dancing flame like mine,

    And ask unto the heavens, his help just one more time.

    She said her night was cold, she mostly lay awake,

    Planning for her travels, for when she met her fate.

    When morning it arrived, she heard some Natives cry,

    She ran outside and noticed, sunshine filled the sky.

    Deer were in the distant, hunters grabbed their bows,

    Another year survived, through blinding winter snows.

    She says goodbye and leaves me, alone I sit and stare,

    She’s taught me that my problems, have answers way up there…

    By: Focused

    • Focused,

      As usual you have done a fantastic job of penning. In my mind it took me there with the native woman, in her and the tribes cold and sufferings, with a gracious ending.

      Well Done!

      • Thank you CharlieM, I’m glad you could see the picture I was trying to paint with my words…. I’m sure in the 1500’s the winters brought many hardships to the Native Indians of the time….
        Have a great night my friend…. until next time.. see ya CharlieM

    • You tell such wonderful stories my friend – stories that touch my heart. Until next time my friend – JDA

      • Wonderful stories would be nothing without great listeners JDA… you listen from your heart and not your ears, thank you for your many kind words over the years….
        Enjoy your evening my friend… until next time… see ya

  44. soon we will take one last moonlight walk/ you and me/ remembering the first in youthful spring/ let our special ones see and go healed on their way/ to be who they are and at their best / and I will not bring strings and song and pretend a gift’s inside/ far better is the wind whistling truth through the trees/ their own audience too/ they dance and sway/ one last treasured walk/ you and me/ in the moonlight / soon

  45. “ Into The Light “

    Why is it, birds fly around?

    Yet I must stroll, upon the ground.

    And cheetahs run, so fast and strong,

    But weakly I, move slow along.

    The owl it sees, within the night,

    Yet then again, it blinds my sight.

    And penguins swim, in waters cold,

    I’d surely die, to be that bold.

    I do not fly, run strong and fast,

    Nor in the night, I see not past.

    But there’s one thing, I surely know,

    I need not these things, down here below,

    For when my final, day has come,

    Along the cheetah, I plan to run.

    Without the fear, through black of night,

    With birds I’ll fly, into the light……..

    By: Focused

  46. the plane circle is star of the universe/with heart too/ depth without true depth/ to gladly bring the odd scalene trapezium to rest on its page / welcome Home

  47. to Begin has past us/ its begun/ in our time and in our place/ a special time and most sacred place/ as the sword in stone/ a bronze box waits In There Alone/ the Wise will Seek it/ the righteous one will own it/ kings and queens to the stage/ to reach beyond high

  48. “ Whispered There “

    Secrets, secrets, alone in there,

    Locked away, in midnights air.

    Silent, silent, a voice unheard,

    No whispers speak, a sacred word.

    Ticks, ticks, the time so fast,

    It’s chimes ring loud, like distant past.

    Live, live , Today so grand,

    Enjoy the fellowship of man.

    Dream, dream, of future shores,

    No ticks to hear, forevermore.

    Fly, fly, through midnight air,

    To hear the secrets, thats whispered there…….

    By: Focused

      • Thanks JDA….. yeah, I thought it would give it a little different texture…. I’m glad you liked it my friend… have a great evening…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you pdenver…..sometimes whispers can be heard in the silence of oneself….
        Have a great night my friend…. see ya

      • Your welcome SpecialKLR….. it’s ok to pause and ponder. As someone once said “No time in thought is wasted”….

        “The gift is not in me or my words, the gift is in you and how you interpret them”

        Thanks SpecialKLR , I appreciate your kind words… have a great night my friend… until next time… see ya

  49. surrender everything/ leave it behind for the wind to scatter/ without resistance be walked as a puppet/ be pulled as easily as iron to the loadstone/ to the destined place/ your Home/ scan the sky in the clear light of day and Listen for the bird cry/ on falcons wings and talons held designation Begins/ this is your place upon this land and the assignment from the Kings hand/ come gold to empty pockets/ wisdom for broken thoughts/ majestic mountain city’s of gems/ the city where lightning strikes high pillars of silver and liquid truth flows to freedom/ it awaits

  50. “Progress”

    Everyone is in a hurry,
    to get from here to there.
    Loud noises of progress,
    with nothing else to be heard.
    Rich soil turned to asphalt.
    Blue skies no longer seen.
    Mother Earth cries out, “Stop!”
    But loud noises of progress silences Her,
    and everyone is in a hurry to get from here to there.

  51. Good penning pdenver…. I like the line “Mother Earth cries out, Stop!”
    I feel that we should all “Stop”, leave the asphalt and take time to enjoy all the things Mother Nature has to offer….
    Keep up your penning my friend… have a great day today and remember to leave the asphalt …… until next time… see ya

  52. “ Future Drums “

    The smoke, the drums, of years ago,

    The sounds of children’s play.

    A desert life remembered though,

    All now, has gone away.

    A life enriched by desert lands,

    A life so proud to be.

    Now lost within the arid sands,

    Saved by all who see.

    The winds of Time are steady,

    Our drum it slowly fades.

    A futures at the ready,

    To seek the life we’ve made.

    Enjoy it, as you live it,

    Your life, that’s next to none.

    So futures then can seek it,

    Your smoke, your life, your drums….

    By: Focused

    • Wow Focused;

      SOOOOOO much said in so few beautiful words.

      We are here for such a short while, but we each leave a trace, for our descendants to seek…Your smoke, your life, your drums…. Beautiful – JDA

      • Thank you pdenver… I’m glad you enjoyed my words…. have a great day my friend.. see ya

          • I have an appointment with my heart doctor today, if he says it’s still beating it’s a great day…lol
            See ya pdenver…

  53. Wisdom given to man, by time, dies with the man.
    Such a waste this seems
    Until we think of what time does span.
    So vast it is, she cares not about one man’s dreams.

    For so tiny they are
    To her in the records of history, tis but a blot.
    But one man hid his in a tightly sealed jar
    And gave them to time, wanted or not.

    Powerless she was, he thought,
    To now eradicate his dreams sealed tight in that jar.
    But the searchers they seeked and they sought
    And solved the location from afar.

    Then one day, the jar a searcher did lift.
    Without hesitation he opened the lid and gaped.
    In his mind twas the thing to do, and swift.
    But the dreams in that jar jumped out and from time, escaped.

    For the searcher, you see, had done that which time could not.
    He freed the man’s dreams so they, too, one day would fall.
    How could this be pondered the man sipping his ovaltine hot?
    I do not have to tell him that time is the enemy of us all!

    • Very nice Joe;

      “time is the enemy of us all!” – I am not sure. Time may be the gift, not the enemy. Cherish every moment, treasure every second – NOW may be all that we have… JDA

    • Good penning Joe, IMO the sealed jar holds the dreams of not one but two and they’ll someday escape from their captive jar and emerge as a reality for someone……
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Joe….. have a great night… see ya my friend

    • Gracias Joe

      Ghost in the machine speaks wisdom

      Another dream.

      In the canyon millions of people were walking.
      You could see the high canyon walls on each side.
      Dark storm clouds above no light.
      Moving together down the canyon.
      Following the crowd.
      I was there right it the middle wondering where they were headed.
      Up ahead I see a rock like an island in a stream.
      Crowds go around it.
      I step onto the rock.
      A path forms leading upward and stops above the crowd.
      I look and watch as they disappear into the distant darkness.
      On the mesa above on my right the cloud opens.
      Shaft of light beams down as if thru tunnel.
      I’m overwhelmed with joy, and humbled to see the light.
      I wake.

      Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

      Draggin’ The Line

  54. I salute you Forrest Fenn. I’ve really enjoyed what you’ve had to offer.
    “The Thrill of the Chase” “too far to walk” I’ve yet to read “Once Upon a While”
    With a title like that it should be enlightening. You’ve certainly lured me into the Mystery.
    Me thinks Iktomi speaks.

    Who’ll Stop the Rain.

    As long as I remember
    The rain’s been comin’ down
    Clouds of mystery pourin’
    Confusion on the ground

    Good men through the ages
    Tryin’ to find the sun
    And I wonder, still I wonder
    Who’ll stop the rain

    I went down Virginia
    Seekin’ shelter from the storm
    Caught up in the fable
    I watched the tower grow

    Five year plans and new deals
    Wrapped in golden chains
    And I wonder, still I wonder
    Who’ll stop the rain?

    Heard the singers playin’
    How we cheered for more
    The crowd then rushed together
    Tryin’ to keep warm

    Still the rain kept pourin’
    Fallin’ on my ears
    And I wonder, still I wonder
    Who’ll stop the rain?

    Songwriters: Glenn Gregory / Ian Marsh / Martyn Ware

    Learning to Fly. (Geronimo Look Out Below)

    Dire Straits – Once Upon a Time in The West

  55. “ Where I Sit “

    No time in thought is wasted,

    One there can travel far.

    Can my thoughts alone,

    Think past a distant star?

    My answer to my question,

    Thoughts have no earthly bound.

    The dreams that lie within me,

    Journey far past mother’s ground.

    Is this your day to journey?

    Only you can make the trip.

    Mine will be a great one,

    Alone here where I sit…..


    P.S- If you read down the first word of every line it says…
    “No one can think my thoughts, the journey is only mine alone”
    Enjoy your journey my friends… until next time.. see ya

    • Once more, the pen of the Master touches paper, and our hearts. Thank you so much for sharing Focused – Your Friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA…. I wouldn’t call myself a Master by any means, but it’s nice to know I touch a few hearts. If everyone lived from within their hearts, what a peaceful world this would be….
        You are correct on the last part, you are a “Friend” JDA….. have a great day… until next time… see ya

        • “If everyone lived from within their hearts, what a peaceful world this would be….”

          Your words made me smile, with a wish in my heart that this may be. Have you ever paused to think of what it might be like?

    • I like your poem, my friend. You did a good job. Glad to see you’re still penning.

      • Thank you my friend, I’m glad you liked it… yes I still Pen some , but my ink well seems to be running low..
        Have a great day today pdenver, and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you Belle… it’s not so much the words to me… it’s the eyes that fall upon them that matter most… like your six little words above, to most they mean nothing but to me they mean everything…. Thank you !
        Have a great day today my friend… until next time… see ya Belle

        • “it’s the eyes that fall upon them that matter the most”
          Even if no one reads your poem, you’ve still created art…a beautiful expression of yourself! I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed poetry until I read this page.

          • Thank you for your kind words CrazyFox…. believe it or not, I didn’t write or read poetry before I entered the chase almost 6 years ago. It’s the chase and you guys that inspired me to put my words and thoughts on paper. As of now I have penned over 350 poems here on HOD…. high five to everyone who has pushed me over the years… you guys are great!!
            Have a great day CrazyFox and remember to enjoy the little things…. until next time.. see ya my friend

        • Focused,

          Well done as usual, I don’t think your ink well will ever dry. There you go, your 350 poems should be in a book for all to enjoy inside and outside of the Chase. It could be titled, “Chasing the Chase”.

          • CharlieM, it seems like you always know what to say to put a smile on someone’s face… thank you…
            Thanks for the title suggestion my friend, but the title will be “The Quill Of The Chase”

            Enjoy your evening my friend and I salute you too, for your service to our country and freedom….

            Until next time… see ya

  56. Mi Amor.

    She was very alluring at this late hour.

    When she is near my thoughts become incoherent.

    In her beauty my eyes could rest.

    I lie down on the bed and reach for her.

    My passion for her was overwhelming.

    She is there just beyond my reach.

    I plead with her to let me hold before dawn.

    The night slips away as I beseech her.

    My restless thoughts were blessed.

    She had come to me when least expected.

    Unaware she had embraced me.

    Sleep, I love her.


  57. Focused:
    Your words touch my heart.
    They shall hang on a peg by my window for me to read each day as the sun rises.
    And at night – I will listen for the wind, the sound of your voice.

    “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

    • Thank you WWWAMERICANA ….. I’m happy to know my words have touched your heart and will hang close to you… it’s the people like you that inspire me to continue writing….

      “There is much to be heard in the wind if you listen”

      Have a great day… until next time… see ya

  58. “ Mountain Night “

    Deep within a wilderness, I rest upon a log,

    With nightfall closing on me, sounds of nearby frogs.

    The sky above is clear, the stars begin to peek,

    I listened to the stillness, a voice begins to speak.

    Softly as a whisper, but clear as if it’s near,

    A voice so warm and soothing, falls upon my ears.

    Alarmed I look around, alone no one in sight,

    His spirit it then whispers, within the mountain night.

    He said he was Apache, from many moons ago,

    He roamed this very land, till time for him to go.

    He soared with mighty eagles, he rode upon the wind,

    His spirit as he left here, a proud man way back then.

    He said he’s left me something, made by his own hands,

    His voice I then followed, through the thick and wooded land.

    A cliff is now before me, he says to cross the stream,

    Carefully I managed, a cave before me seen.

    A cave with painted symbols, my light it shines within,

    Amazed with what’s before me, with whispers now from him.

    Upon the dim lit ground, a pot of hardened clay,

    Pictures all around it, as if in some display.

    His spirit it then left me, as quickly as it came,

    I didn’t get to thank him, or even get his name.

    And with my pot in hand, amazed at such a sight,

    I’m thankful for his visit, here in this mountain night….

    By: Focused

      • Thanks pdenver… sometimes my mind gets carried away…lol but I’m still glad you can visualize my words….
        ” imagination is the pathway to one’s soul”

        Have a great night pdenver… see ya my friend

        • The spirit in your words have carried us to places in which your mind sees. There are poets who can do this, and I’m glad you are one of them.

          Have a good evening, my friend.

  59. trust to only the coin/ here for/ tiny thinkers often take charge/ with/ two tidbits of throwaway confusion/ treasure tides on the canonist/ ever further can I see

    • Good job Hank … I like the line “tiny thinkers often take charge”…… keep penning my friend… see ya

  60. my words/ not placed perfectly/ like stone upon pyramid stone/ a Quest for great will allude this beggar man/ just one Gold piece I Seek/ to hold for luck/ my worth/ merely my bones as a wind chime/ my foolishness not complete/ I know the day and simplicity

    • Again god job.. I like the way your words make me think.. thanks for sharing Hank… have a great day today…. until next time.. see ya

  61. from India/ to the Bermuda Triangle / eastward on to Toledo/with friends/ kin and soul/to point Praise Denver with and Focused/ to Gold highways underlaid with bronze

  62. unprepared falls pail before not unready/ first to yield/ how not/ the seconds season/ turn now to metal shields in battle/ swords at sides stand sharp/ foreign dark overcast/ Canyons come calling/ the ends do we Seek out/ to the fair clear crosswinds sky/ exhale to past in freedom/ forward onto Treasure

  63. that place be known to one/ hides high above my sight/ my sense/ for blurred is my way in the dark wilds/ through days and shadows/ I find not Gold but Peace to soothe the seekers soul / let earthbound Gold lay to leave at rest/ but to travel past to distant lands and stars uncompared

  64. There once was a chest named Indulgence,
    Whose location lacked clear divulgence.
    Still the Chasers ran wild,
    Until one of them smiled,
    And basked in the golden refulgence!

  65. “Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now”
    by A.E. Housman

    Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
    Is hung with bloom along the bough,
    And stands about the woodland ride
    Wearing white for Eastertide.

    Now, of my threescore years and ten,
    Twenty will not come again,
    And take from seventy springs a score,
    It only leaves me fifty more.

    And since to look at things in bloom
    Fifty springs are little room,
    About the woodlands I will go
    To see the cherry hung with snow.

    • Loved it pdenver! I really love this time of year, the grass is greening up, trees budding, and blooms of spring emerging all around….. why can’t it be spring all year round?
      Thanks for sharing the words of Housman….. have a great night my friend… see ya

      • Beautiful PDenver!!!

        Into the Woodlands we go!
        Searching for dreams in melted snow!

        But be wise and wait
        Don’t hurry your gait

        To temp your fate
        Will make you late

        For the show
        just under the snow

        There is still a lot of snow out there! Please be wise heading out and do not go where an 80 year old man would not go!!!

        • Thank you, Spallies. A.E. Housman penned a really nice poem. I think you did a great job on your poem. I like it.

        • Great penning Spallies… and great advice too.. be safe out there everyone… until next time.. see ya

      • Hello Focused. I’m glad you loved the poem. Why can’t it be Spring all year round? We would miss the anticipation of the first buds breaking forth new leaves and Spring’s first blooms to blossom. I was away for a few days, and upon my arrival this afternoon, I found my tulips had cut ground. Yes, the anticipation of a birth of Spring is wonderful….unless one has allergies. (Giggle.)

        • Pdenver, once again your right…. without winter the spring would never come alive….
          I’m glad to know your tulips are busting ground… hang in there, it’s coming…lol
          Welcome home my friend… see ya

    • Very nice, Pdenver! Thank you for sharing. May none of us ever undervalue the importance of the time that we have been allotted.

  66. I have a family member who today had a massive heart attack, presently on a vent tube with a heart pump..outlook grim at the moment…… prayers are much needed … thank you my friends… until next time.. see ya

  67. Thanks for the prayers everyone….. unfortunately he passed away… he left this world surrounded by his kids and close family… a second chance was not in the cards for him, for now he walks in peace forever….. RIP Randy….
    Thanks again for the prayers… until next time… see ya

  68. “ The Phantoms Light “

    In darkness lonely phantom waits,

    Wails heard throughout the night.

    Awaiting for a passing soul,

    On its journey to the light.

    Eager for the journey,

    Like many souls before.

    But knows within the darkness,

    He lives forever more.

    The phantom in the darkness,

    He wails a painful cry.

    Pleading for the mercy,

    From the light within the sky.

    He seen a new soul coming,

    A glow of subtle light.

    The phantom sat in silence,

    From him no sounds of fright.

    The light approached the phantom,

    A warm and steady glow.

    Says softly to the phantom,

    It’s time for you to go.

    Together on their journey,

    With darkness left behind.

    Flew off into heaven,

    A home that always shines…….

    By: Focused

  69. keepers of Treasure/ stewards of the sphere/ leave the weight at the cities edge/ the cadence of clocks and bindings Quickly shed/ freely go in all lightness/ a feather on a Warm wind gust rising/ to the highest places/ rejoined ghostlike as a hovering shadow with Scant footprint/ through the wonder Wood and sinless stainless streams/ with thoughts of future feathers to follow

  70. The Tribulation

    When will it ever end?
    The Tribulation of Forrest Fenn.
    In 7 years or in a lifetime?
    Hopefully, someday soon just half past midnight.


    • Good penning 23Kachinas….. we all ask that same question. Whenever it arrives it will b a great day for someone …
      have a great day today my friend…. until next time… see ya…..

  71. A Dreamer’s ramble

    I lie upon a watery throne
    and gaze upon a resilient moon.
    A beacon in the darkest night,
    surrounded by friends of varying bright.

    Most of my friends’ twinkle,
    a few just stare through the unwavering air.
    Relatively close,
    but blissfully unaware.

    A silvery dream shrouds my being,
    but whispers fill the silent grove.
    Might I see what can’t be seen,
    as I rest a while by a solid soul.

    The glimpse of light breaks through the night,
    a dawn of man, alas no, a dawn of life.
    The secrets lay undisturbed,
    protected by that gentile bird.

    To peek, to pry, to quiver,
    We all yearn for our turn.
    To cast aside that thin white lie,
    and gaze within our own eye.

    Seek we must,
    the blunderbuss.
    Throw the dart,
    of wanderlust.

    We reap the day,
    and hide the night.
    We shine our lights,
    and pull our blankets tight.

    Do you share my dream
    or just my plight?

    ~Idle Dreamer
    (rough draft)

  72. Great penning Idle Dreamer…. I loved it! There’s nothing “rough” about your “draft”…. I really liked the third stanza, beautiful my friend…. have a great day today.? Until next time… see ya

    • Thank you focused, I will do my best to have a great day. Been feeling way too idle of late despite my name.

  73. I was gong back through some poems I wrote and thought I’d repost this one…. greed and war are a terrible combination…
    May Peace be in the hearts of each of you…. until next time… see ya……

    “Native Voices”

    Wrath fell upon a noble clan,

    Where greedy men once sought.

    Enraged by this new foreign man,

    They vowed to give them naught.

    Bows held in, their mighty hands,

    With guns approaching fast.

    They kneeled upon the river sands,

    Their battles here at last.

    Through tempered eyes the shots they rang,

    Through faith the arrows flew.

    Their future on this battle hangs,

    On this fight that now ensues.

    Blue coats left their speedy mounts,

    With arrows in their breast.

    Natives lay in mighty counts,

    Red holes within their chest.

    Homemade wooden arrows,

    Couldn’t match the greedy guns.

    To save more blood and sorrow,

    Surrender had begun.

    The chief within this noble clan,

    Standing in the sands of red.

    Tear in his eye, spoke to his men,

    His echoed words were said.

    He gazed across the mighty land,

    Spoke midst the winter weather.

    “From where the sun now stands,

    I will fight no more forever”.

    By: Focused

    P.s- I think we can all learn something from these words spoken by Chief Joseph……
    Have a great evening my friends….

    • If only man would learn the futility of war – How sad that he has not yet learned those lessons. Thanks for the reminder Focused – See Ya’ My Friewnd – Until next time – JDA

      • Thank you CindyM … I love your words too, so grab your pen my friend…lol
        I had a great Easter… until next time… see ya

  74. time/ horizontal gravity/ pull me Down along ahead no further/ release me back to rise up above the mountaintops/ snow Cold and sun Warm/ perfection hand in hand/ to when I was a Good animal/ with no ill will or deciet/ when the only daily Quest was pure Water and food was heaven sent/ and night shelters were the grandest Homes/ and dreamt tales came to life made true / and noble play was the order

  75. pardon me but if i may just put these here for awhile you see these lonely words are only words but to be heard makes them smile g

  76. Today is the 6 year anniversary of my heart attack. Six years ago I was given 24 hours to live by the doctors… (proved them wrong)… lol
    Thank your Forrest and thank everyone for six years of chasing with the best of the best… you guys are great….
    I think I’ll go have my one martini for this year…. gotta go… until next time… see ya

    • YEA! Focused. Glad that you decided to show those Dr.’s how wrong they can be. Look at all of the beautiful poetry that you have given the world – W O W ! ! ! Thanks for living – Thanks for sharing – Until Next Time – JDA

      • JDA,
        It’s people like you that inspired my poetry, without you guys my words would have never been written….
        Your welcome JDA… have a great night… until next time… see ya my friend

      • I do pdenver, as someone once said “time waits for no man”…. and believe me, I’m not giving it a head start..lol
        My yearly toast was great…. enjoy the little things my friend…. see ya….

    • Glad those doctors was wrong, one of the times being wrong is better than being right. Keep penning those poems my friend!

      • Me too nearindianajones…. I had a higher hand in control that night in the desert… and he’s still in control…. 🙂
        I still Pen my friend… just not posting much, it’s been busy around here..
        take care my friend….. see ya

    • Yeah Focused! So glad you beat the odds! It was a true pleasure getting to meet you and getting to read your beautiful poetry over the years!

      • Thanks Spallies, it was great getting to meet you too… my poetry wouldn’t be the same without your influence back then…. thank you my friend…. until next time… see ya

      • That’s right Amber…. I bet most of them don’t know that if you live from within it, great things can happen…
        Live from within my friend…. have a great night…. see ya

  77. “ The Little Things “

    It’s the little things, that matter most,

    Enjoy them, day to day.

    A bluebird perched upon a post,

    Before it flies away.

    Dewdrops on the flowers,

    The sunshine on your face.

    The evenings golden hour,

    As nighttime takes its place.

    Like children in a playground,

    Carefree running wild.

    A gentle breeze, that blows around,

    And the comfort in a smile.

    The little things surround us,

    Just look and you will find.

    Please pause and take the moment to just,

    Notice time to time.

    The sounds of nearby whippoorwills,

    And Fireflies in the night.

    The frost upon your window sill,

    And stars up in the sky.

    Fresh bread in the oven,

    The smell of summer rain.

    Young ones and their shoving,

    In their weekly soccer game.

    The list goes on and on, my friend,

    They’re waiting to be seen.

    Life is so much better when,

    You notice the little things…….

    By: Focused

    • Very nice, my friend. I like it. Yesterday at dusk, I stop what I was doing and walked outside just to listen to a robin’s song. I always find it peaceful.

      • Thank you pdenver, sounds like your enjoying the little things…. peace is where you find it… keep it up my friend… until next time… see ya

    • A hundred and one pictures dance through my head as I read your lovely lines – Thanks so much for the reminders – Your Friend – Until next time – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA, there are a billion more pictures out there to see my friend… enjoy them all…. have a great night… until next time.. see ya

    • Great poem Focused, I am so glad you are here to share this anniversary with us. Happy 6 and many more 🙂

      • Thank you CindyM… very kind words from a longtime friend like you are one of the “little things” I enjoy most….
        24 hours to 6 years, I have plenty to smile about my friend…. and there will be many more…
        Have a great night… and remember to enjoy the little things… until next time… see ya

    • I think you should re-title this poem to –
      “Life is so much better when… you live from within…”

      Thank you Focused, your Poems always make me smile 🙂 Thank You!

      • Spallies,
        I love your title… maybe I need to go back and edit this one… 🙂
        Your welcome my friend…
        “ smiles are cheap, heck, we can give one to everyone we meet and can still afford to have one for ourselves” 🙂
        Have a great day today Spallies… until next time… see ya

  78. Focused, thank you for such a beautiful reminder to enjoy the little things in life. This reminded me how much I love John Denver songs!

    • Your welcome Christine, I too love John Denver songs… “ Rocky Mountain High” is my all time favorite…. enjoy the little things… see ya my friend

  79. more scrap than gold/more rush than craft/ more animal than man/ more
    stationary than light/more cold than warm/ more noise than music/ more Gump tha Fenn/ and Gump’s offended/and to be heard the ultimate above all / I think/ more inside/ carry on I’m out

  80. “ Home “

    Way out in the desert, so many years ago,

    High upon a Mesa, sat a lonely Navajo.

    Alone with just her thoughts, in gaze across the land,

    Searching for the answers, somewhere across the sand.

    A steady wind was blowing, her hair it softly waved,

    She rests upon a blanket, in which to her was gave.

    The desert went forever, it seemed to have no end,

    And way off in the distant, some birds were on the wind.

    She looks up to the heavens, old, alone and weak,

    She asked the mighty spirit, for answers that she seek.

    The desert sky then parted, a voice it could be heard,

    She sat upon the Mesa, absorbing every word.

    Though age has caught up to her, her answers lay ahead,

    Relieved to hear the words in which, the mighty spirit said.

    The fear no longer bound her, the answer she has found,

    With hands across her stomach, she lay upon the ground.

    While gazing to the heavens, white clouds within the sky,

    Breathing short and shallow, she closed her dark brown eyes.

    Her spirit it then left her, her earthly time was gone,

    Like birds across the desert, on wind she flys on home….

    By: Focused

      • Thank you nearindianajones…. I’ll keep on keeping on until I fly upon the wind.. and you do the same….have a great evening my friend… until next time… see ya

    • Nice poem focused. I like that she found the answer she was looking for.

      • Thanks CrazyFox… me too, the answers are there if we seek them…. have a great night my friend… see ya

    • Very nice, Focused. I’m glad you found time to continue your penning. Hope all is well.

      • Thanks pdenver,
        I’ve not stopped penning my friend, I just slowed down on posting them. I don’t want to disrupt the springtime thoughts on the chase… lol
        All is good here pdenver, I hope your doing well also….
        Until next time… see ya

        • I’m glad to hear all is good. Hope the storms haven’t hit your area and everyone is safe. I’m okay. Thank you for asking.

          • Pdenver, storms the past few days but settling down now. I have a tree to cut and tree limbs to pick up other than that all is good……have a great day… see ya my friend..

  81. You found a poem once upon a while
    You read it through with a big ole smile
    It leads to a treasure with sparkley gold
    It was hidden outdoors in the braven cold

    Follow the clues to a special secret place
    Follow the trail as we all run and race
    Give the map a try and hope not to frown
    Give the door a knock at the home of Brown

    Take all the roads from town to town
    Take all the routes that are renown
    Up and down the canyon we to strive
    Up and down the canyon we to thrive

    Find the cool stuff if you so dare
    Find a cave hope not with a Bear
    Run and flee you’ll think it best
    Run and flee that mighty chest

    Hope to find all your hidden treasures
    Hope to find all your wonderful pleasures
    Within the mountains that take a toll
    Within the mountains that keep the soul

    For all the searchers.
    by Paul Thomas W.

    • Great job Pauley T…… thanks for sharing your words, I enjoyed reading them…. have a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things… until next time,,, see ya my friend

      • Thanks Focused
        Those are kind words coming from a Master Poet like yourself. Definitely enjoying the little things. Peace.

    • Quite nice Pauley T

      And I noticed the Capital “B” on Bear

      You are sneaky as well as a good poet.

      I too hope you find all that you treasure


      • Thanks JDA
        Looking back, I’m pretty sure autocorrect gave the Bear a capital B, it wasn’t my sneakyness. 🙂

  82. Just for fun, I took Forrest’s poem and reversed the end word on every other line. With few exceptions, it made a little sense. I did then go back and changed a couple of words to make the lines make a little more sense.

    As I said, this was just for fun – Please don’t get mad Forrest – Yes, I DID MESS with your poem – Sorry

    As I have gone alone in where?
    And with my treasures old,
    I can keep my secret there,
    And hint of riches new and bold.

    Begin it where warm waters walk
    And take it in the canyon brown,
    Not far but too far to halt.
    Put in below the home of Down.

    From there it’s no place for the creek
    The end is ever drawing high;
    There’ll be no paddle if your meek,
    Just heavy loads and water nigh.

    If you’ve been wise and found the gaze
    Look quickly down your quest for peace.
    But tarry scant at marvelous blaze
    Just take the chest and go and cease

    So what is it that I must know
    And leave my trove for all the weak?
    The answer, I already go
    I’ve done it tired, of what I seek

    So hear me all and look for wood
    Your effort will be worth the gold,
    If you are brave and you are good
    I give you title to the cold.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 JDA

    • JDA

      NOW I’m really confused, I knew I shoulda takin a left at Albuquerque! 🙂

      • Hi Pauley;

        Just noticed your post – Sorry for the late response. I can’t seem to remember my right from my left – What do I do now? Maybe I should go hide under a tree somewhere – 🙂 JDA

    • Great job JDA, it does make a person think… heck, if you can do that, you can kick out a “JDA original” for us to read… 🙂 let it rip my friend……
      Thanks for the new insight, and another way to look at the poem….
      Have a great day…. until next time.. see ya

      • Thanks Focused – I know what I am good at, and what I am not – Being a poet falls into the latter category. I will leave that to people like yourself My Friend – Until Next Time – JDA

  83. I thought many times what I would feel if I was ever wise, skillful and lucky enough to have found the treasure. I dreamt of sitting there with the treasure on my lap and thinking all these thoughts. I didn’t realize that all these thoughts would produce a poem, I was simply imagining what it would be like. Isn’t imagination incredible!

    I suppose the poem needs a name…….. I think “MountainsTake” sounds appropriate. Ya, “MountainsTake” sounds good to me.

    Today I see of what you speak
    Treasure lay where I thought to seek
    Hope was filled with all my prayers
    For I’ve been searching all these years

    This blaze I feel was hidden where
    Waters that flow have taken me there
    Ease drips upon this earthen meadow
    Walk the chest down lone golden fellow

    All of the trail took to the end
    Found the magic of an old dear friend
    Within the mountains that keep my soul
    Mountains within me have takin a toll

    As I follow it up to touch the sky
    The glow of it all I’ve surrendered an eye
    To breath the thick of which I’m in
    The harvest that ring from all its kin

    Now my silence has a patient release
    Forever within me there will be peace
    I sit and listen to mountain sound
    Forever within them I will be bound

    Paul Thomas W.

  84. Also, with all the walking Forrest has encouraged I had this idea for a poem.
    I’ve written this for all of us. Hope it finds you.

    “My Walk”
    The day came when I learned to walk
    Up and out I went without the scoff

    It took me here and there throughout the years
    The treasure of going where is of my dears

    All the socks and shoes have adorned my feet
    Kept me warm and dry as I pursued the street

    The time I walk alone or with a friend
    If I had the time to walk there all again

    Was it to walk to where I can see
    Was it to see where I can walk to be

    For that day will come I’ll lay on down
    My legs won’t take me across the ground

    I’ll dream of walking through this life
    Forever in my memory I will not strife

    One day they’ll carry me while preacher talk
    And so was the day that I learned to walk

    Paul Thomas W.

  85. I wrote this poem for Forrest about a year and a half ago. I sent it to him via the post office, don’t know if he ever received it, I never got a response.
    Thought I’d share it with everybody. I titled the poem, “ForRest”.

    Once upon a wile he came a place for rest
    To give a peace of magic he thought it best
    The sky watchin bravely he prayed the forest
    A walk into the wilds he took mighty chest

    These books he writes are wisely thrillin to we
    Not one not two he riches us a scanty three
    In the mountains far he hid it above the sea
    Does he really like drinkin red black green tea

    Below the sign he stalks the road from Brown
    The range he flew by way by pass by town
    If the treasure he wet is never ever found
    Only he will have pined that lonely down

    All of the world he sailed along this lark
    Smiles he faces as they swoon the dark
    Upland ramblers feelin he blazed the bark
    Some he got reckon it’s in wooded park

    Rustlin cross his rockies with a breathy gale
    Searchin his painted meadow his beautiful dale
    Intently they wonder of his look without fale
    Time crumblin his clues into bottomland pale

    The trunk a gold will fool all his men
    A million new words say his old sharp pen
    Beckon the wilderness his life long friend
    Once upon a while there lived Forrest Fenn

    For Forrest Fenn

    by Paul T(omas W.

  86. I woke up this morning with one single word on my mind, and kept thinking it over and over again……… TRY.

    I’m afraid my injuries and illnesses have takin their toll, the future is only something I can try for. The wish of the treasure is only that of a wish now. Be safe all my fellow searchers, and rejoice in your explorations.

    I try for you
    I try for me
    I try for her
    I try for he

    I try to see
    I try to feel
    I try to come
    I try to deal

    I try to go
    I try to stay
    I try to grow
    I try to pray

    I try for health
    I try for more
    I try for wealth
    I try for poor

    I try to love
    I try to give
    I try to have
    I try to live

    I try for you
    I try for me
    I try to do
    I try to be

    by Paul Thomas W.

    • Isn’t that all any of us can do Pauley T ? – To TRY

      A lovely thought – and poem Sir.

      Thanks for sharing it with us – JDA

      • JDA

        My only wish now is that when I try I will succeed.
        Hoping every single instance of trying will be met with some form of achievement, accomplishment and improvement. Those are the only things that matter when a person is in poor health.

        I do believe your kind words have succeeded in trying to help me. And for that I am deeply appreciative.
        Thank you very much JDA. Bless You Sir N Peace 2U.

        • Thanks Pauley – I too hope that ” every single instance of trying will be met with some form of achievement, accomplishment and improvement. ” That is all we can hope for. I hope that my achievements, accomplishments and improvement will lead to the finding of Indulgence. It will have been through the efforts of people like yourself that have encouraged me along the way.

          I am sorry that your health is not the best. Please take care of yourself Pauley. Wishing you health and well being – and Peace to you too sir – JDA

  87. BOTG

    Boy, if
    Only that
    Treasure I could






    Be Safe;
    One step at a time;
    Take only what’s given;
    Give it your all!

    Here’s to everyone else’s BOTG!

  88. Love grows deep inside.
    From beginning to the end.

    To all the Mothers and Mothers-in-Heart:

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  89. I’m working on . long poetic narration for my film….very inspired by all of you
    I hope you don’t mind if I borrow the occasional word

    Boots on the ground, fame on my mind, a lonely planet sits before me
    The mountains got in my head.

    But something new, something that wanted to be lost long ago found its way back
    And allowed me to stay on the ground, in my boots, in the snow, in a story that’s not my own

    I knew I wouldn’t cross gold, but I will harvest missed words
    A story untold, for we all listen differently to the crying out of birds

  90. Just returned home from 10 days in Arizona, I never once checked in on the chase or what was going on here or anywhere else while I was gone. Then I open the poetry page and wow! You guys have been busy…lol. Pauley T and Bowmarc , I loved reading your words, thank you both for sharing them… and pdenver, very fitting for Mother’s Day thank you too……
    anyways thanks everyone for keeping this corner of the blog going while I was gone… keep it up my friends…. until next time… see ya

  91. Thanks everybody.
    And no wonder why I had so much creativity last week, focused must have been channeling it to me from Arizona! LOL

    • Yes I was Pauley T… I’m glad you were tuned in.. lol
      Have a great day my friend… see ya

  92. Help me always to speak the truth quietly,
    To listen with an open mind when others speak,
    And to remember the peace that may be found in silence. Then, at the last moment our last breath is drawn and our song is done , the drum beats stop. And we are born again.

    Just a quote I found, pretty simple. Lay down a flute for a friend.

    • Thanks for sharing this quote RMT… I like simple words with a message and this one is good….
      “Until your drum beat stops, enjoy the little things and help your fellow friend”
      Thanks again… until next time… see ya RMT

  93. release the starlight from its chains/ illuminate a prepared gift laid bare/ the dark space pierced through to its end/ no breath pulse or weight/ freedom surrounds the glow/ everything all in view / baskets filled with precious fruit and drink

  94. Apache Prayer:

    When I must leave you for a little while please do not shed tears and hug the sorrow to you through the years.

    But start out bravely with a gallant smile and for my sake and in my name live on and do all things the same.

    Feed not your loneliness on empty days. Fill each working hour in useful ways. Reach out your hand in comfort and cheer and I in return will comfort and hold you near.

    And never, never be afraid to die for I am waiting for you in the sky.

    Mourn not the cocoon, the butterfly has flown.

  95. “Don’t be afraid to cry. It will free your mind of sorrowful thoughts.” Hopi
    “They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.” – Tuscarora
    “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.” – Cherokee
    “We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.” – Dakota
    “What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.” – Blackfoot
    You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dream. It’s the pursuit of the dream that heals you. – Billy Mills

    We are born into the world alone
    and of the womb.
    We toil through the obstacles of life
    And for the lucky we discover our creator and are at peace with the world.
    Then we must go. — unknown?

  96. two hundred poems see/ five hundred failures fools count/ so close to yield Gold / a Good Home puts fire to Blaze/ well burned beyond Cold or Warm words

    • misfire my skill/again to repair/a Good Warm Home puts fire to Blaze/ beyond Cold words/five hundred and one failures/Far from Gold

  97. the country mouse runs/ towards imploring flocks massed/ brave Whiskers shares gold

  98. sorry I am, truly a lamb
    for human I be, and ignorant is me
    looking back, at unseen tracks
    there be thee, and now I see
    I think

    – joe

  99. “ Desert Skies “

    Strangers came into our lands, their wealthy riches sought,

    At all the cost of native man, we vowed to give them naught.

    The stillness in the desert, was broke by pounding hoofs,

    Gunshot rings would echo, from far Adobe roofs.

    The blood that runs within me, each drop is filled with Pride,

    As long as it’s still flowing, I will not run and hide.

    This vastness in the desert, the warmth within its winds,

    The spirits that it carries, till death I will defend.

    The strangers came in numbers, they swept across our land,

    Hateful in their looting, to our women and our men.

    Years they slowly passed , but I knew the time was near,

    Alone the spirits found me, and whispered in my ears.

    In tiny ropes I tied, a knot for passing days,

    And rode to all my neighbors, to each a rope I gave.

    With each new morning sun, a knot would be untied,

    When the knots have vanished, together we would rise.

    The desert morning started, to us was no surprise,

    I’ll not forget the look, within the strangers eyes.

    We forced the strangers southward, they quickly fled our land,

    The pride within the Navajo, filled each and every man.

    When trouble finds you sleeping, remember this my friend,

    Your not alone, there’s many, who’ll help you till the end.

    And when your trouble leaves you, and prides within your eyes,

    Remember me the spirit, who lives in the desert skies……

    By: Focused

    • Such a wonderful story my Friend – May the spirits always remind you of who you are – JDA

      • Thanks J DA, same to you my friend….
        Have a great evening.. until next time… see ya

  100. I would like to say “Thank You” to all the men and women who make up every branch of our armed forces, because of you the bell of freedom rings loud…
    And to the fallen soldiers of the many past wars, a special thank you…… I will always “remember” you and the ultimate price you paid for me….
    Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow my friends…. until next time.. see ya


    Remember our fallen soldiers, that fell throughout the years,

    Remember the lonely families, who shed a million tears.

    Remember the special hearts, that beat red ,white, and blue,

    Remember those brave soldiers, that died for me and you.

    Remember WWl , in tanks they fought with pride,

    Remember WWII, on D-Day how they died.

    Remember in Pearl Harbor, when the planes came soaring in,

    Remember in Korea , they stopped the north again.

    Remember Vietnam, in the jungles mighty thick,

    Remember our brave soldiers, agent orange made them sick.

    Remember those who fought, and died over in Kuwait,

    Remember Iraq and Afghanistan , when our soldiers met their fate.

    Remember the other skirmishes, all around this earth,

    Remember our brave soldiers, who proudly showed their worth.

    Remember the pride within them, how they died for you and me,

    Remember the song that says , ” from sea to shining sea “.

    Remember today is for them, our soldiers that paid the price,

    Remember to pause and thank them, for the freedom in our lives.

    Remember in your prayers, those they left behind,

    Remember freedoms cost, please keep it in your mind.

    Remember as I salute you , from Generals to Cadets,

    Forever I’ll remember, I promise I’ll never forget………..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word in every sentence my message is
    ” Remember Forever “

  101. Another I would like to share for Memorial Day…….

    ” Widow Of A Hero ”

    Please let me have my time, I’ll do it all alone,

    I’ll take a wreath of memory, to my soldier who is gone.

    A hero fell for all, my hero to be exact,

    A moment lost in time, never to come back.

    In a giant cemetery , with thousands of white stones,

    Silence falls upon my ears, as I walk alone.

    To the row of 36 , the plot of 104,

    Honor in my heart, I miss you even more.

    Our lives continue on, without you standing here,

    Fallen you may be, but your voice I often hear.

    Soldiers of a country, because of you I’m free,

    Thanks to you , my special hero, for your life you’ve given me………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word of every sentence it says ……
    ” Please Take A Moment In Silence To Honor Our Fallen Soldiers, Thanks ”
    Have a great Memorial Day my friends……

    • Sorry, the first word message was off… I fix it on my end…. I really should proofread more…lol see ya

  102. I wrote this long while ago. Its in a poem book I got published , matter of life; simply hard
    Wanted to share this poem on this day.

    Unwritten text

    Can you decipher the unwritten text
    On a soldier’s face
    from the lines the creased make
    Can you read the text from
    The wrinkles he expressed
    It cannot be put in words
    From a soldiers face
    A soldiers day
    Seeing a grenade
    Blowing his friends to bits
    Can you read his face
    That words cannot say
    Being shot in a leg
    He defends a country he loves
    Wrinkles on his face tells a story
    About love to his land
    You wont see it in a written text
    Which only a soldiers wrinkles
    Can express.


  103. Your welcome , JDA.
    saw an error ,suppose to read creases not creased.
    Thought I caught all the typo.

  104. walk upon your tears/fall far from sight kiss the fields/tears bring gold closer

  105. I’ll get there eventually,maybe (maybe not) I have good boots. I should give it rest for awhile. Yea

  106. “ Earthly Gold “

    A subtle breeze, a morning dew,

    This trail alone, I walk.

    Now relieved, my thoughts renewed,

    As nature starts to talk.

    Sun rays in the distant,

    Skip past the mountain peaks.

    The beauty in the instant,

    By far, the best in weeks.

    More out there awaits me,

    My eyes have yet unseen.

    Beyond this lonesome valley,

    Like riches to a king.

    Someday I’ll see the beauty,

    That heaven surely holds.

    Unlike a king, it means to me,

    More than his earthly gold……..

    By: Focused

    • Very nice my friend. You always speak from the heart. I hope that your faith is fulfilled – in the end. Take care my friend – JDA

      • Thank you JDA for your kind words…. a heart is used for more than pumping blood, sometimes it speaks when the voice is mute…..
        Have a great evening my friend…. until next time… see ya

    • Your welcome Hank, and thank you for sharing your thoughts also, I enjoy reading your words…..
      I always enjoy my trail, wherever it may lead… thank you Hank…. enjoy your evening my friend….. until next time… see ya

  107. “ Slow Rewards “

    To live a life, in hurried stride,

    In frantic pace and speed.

    Misses special things that hide,

    Awaiting there indeed.

    Like dew drops on a flower,

    That rests in morning sun.

    There in its finest hour,

    As mornings just begun.

    A rainbow in the distant,

    The beauty of a storm.

    It’s colors in that instant,

    Not in your daily norms.

    Slow down and take moment,

    To see what nature shows.

    Enjoy the time, just own it,

    As slowly on you go……..

    By: Focused

    • Thanks again my friend for sharing your visions with us, and your sage advise – as we scurry about. Love it, as usual. Take care my friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA…. thank you again for your kind words…you take care too my friend… until next time…..

    • I love reading your words Hank, they always create an explosion in thought……enjoy your day my friend… until next time… see ya Hank

    • Hank,
      For what it’s worth, when I read your thoughts it takes me to another dimension, another time, another place. It reminds me of the old Sci-Fi shows like “Dimension 13” and “Outer Limits” and even a bit of Nostradamus and his quatrains. Always enjoy your thoughts Hank.

      Deano Bravo

  108. From the mildewed hat on the top of ol’ Fenn to the heel of his hushpuppy shoe
    The rippin’est roarin’est fightin’est man Santa Fe ever knew.
    Forrest Fenn was a man. Yes a big man.
    And he fought for America to make all Americans free.

    (…a work in progress)

    • Randawg,
      Nice start to “a work in progress”! I look forward to your effort…

      Deano Bravo

  109. “ The Mirror “

    One looks into a mirror, to fix their daily hair.

    But do they really see, the image really there?

    Within the silvered glass, there hanging on the wall,

    Your image stares back at you, as you would look to all.

    There’s much more to be seen, while you’re standing there,

    Much more than your image, or the color of your hair.

    The mirror it reflects, a living ,breathing soul,

    That sure can make a difference, daily as you go.

    Small deeds for those around you, a smile while passing by,

    Can change the world with kindness, stop rockets in the sky.

    A smile can be contagious, let’s start an epidemic,

    Your mirrored friend will glisten, just knowing you began it.

    While gazing in the mirror, there’s many things you’ll see,

    Be proud of your self image, be proud of who you’ll be.

    Go now and make a difference, and show the world you care,

    But first, go thank the image, for the strength within its stare….

    By: Focused

    • Focused,
      HOLY COW! WELL DONE! I don’t know how long it took to come up with this, but, HOLY COW!!! GREAT PENNING!!! I always enjoy your thoughts…LOVED IT!

      Deano Bravo

      Also enjoy everyone’s thoughts and effort on these poetry pages…WELL DONE ALL!!!

      • Thanks Deano Bravo I’m glad you liked my words….. actually it took about 15 minutes to write this one, I just put my thoughts to words. Sometimes my thoughts don’t run as freely, but this time it did…. lol
        I agree with you Deano Bravo, there’s great thoughts by everyone here on the poetry page, I also enjoy everyone’s penning….
        Have a great day today and remember to enjoy the little things my friend… until next time…. see ya

    • Thank you for sharing your poem Focused . My reflection thanks you too… :). It’s a joy to read your beautiful penning…

      • Your welcome (to both of you) Spallies. I’m glad I can help you feel a little brighter with my words….. now go and make a difference my friend… the world is waiting…….

        Until next time….. see ya my friend

    • Good Morning Focused. What a lovely way to start the day – reading another of your lovely poems. Hope that your reflected image has a smile on its face – you deserve it. Lovely, Lovely – JDA

      • Good morning to you too JDA….. “Any” morning that I can wake up and look in the mirror puts a smile on my face…. we’re never promised a tomorrow, so go make a difference today my friend….
        Have a great day JDA….. until next time… see ya

    • Another fine bit of poetry Focused. A powerful message to say the least. Thanks for sharing and keep ’em coming. BIG SMILE and TWO THUMBS UP!

      • Thanks for the “thumbs up” Bowmarc.. 🙂 my message in this poem is… “in numbers, great things can happen, but it takes each and every person to reach those numbers, including the one in the mirror”
        Enjoy your day Bowmarc and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. until next time… see ya my friend…..

  110. Smoke it rises to the sky,

    In a valley far below.

    From fires within a native tribe,

    Their home so long ago.

    Teepees stand in numbers,

    There on the valley floor.

    Sun ends their morning slumber,

    They start their daily chores.

    From high above I gaze,

    Upon their desert home.

    Through a light and Smokey haze,

    Although they now are gone.

    In thought I am there with them,

    Though many years have passed.

    Spirits in the morning wind,

    Have came to me at last.

    They’re not here, but I see them,

    I hear their native chants.

    I smell the Smokey winds,

    From high above their camp.

    A subtle voice is spoken,

    Into my morning ears.

    Her silence has been broken,

    Though mute for many years.

    Her ancient words were lovely,

    There in the morning light.

    She says someday she’ll greet me,

    Beyond my final flight…….

    By : Focused

    • I didn’t title this one…. I thought you guys could help me with that…. any ideas?

        • Thanks joe …. I like the spelling for “Mourning”…. I’ll give it some time and then this evening I’ll repost the poem with the “ Chosen Title “…k thank you for your input …. have a great day my friend… until next time…. see ya

      • Good Morning Focused.

        How about “Spirited Visitor”

        Lovely poem Focused – I wish I had your gift.
        Thanks for sharing that gift with us again

        Take care my friend


        • Thanks JDA for your title suggestion, so many good ones to choose from…lol ill repost my poem with the one I choose this evening… thanks again.
          JDA, we all have a gift inside, we just gotta unwrap it…. and your welcome my friend….
          Until next time… see ya

        • Thank you Idle Dreamer…. also thanks for your title suggestion…. have a great day my friend….. see ya 🙂

    • “Whispers in the Morning” might be a good one. You have the smoke from the fires (a whisp of smoke/whisps of smoke) plus the different voices (chants and the subtle lady in your ear)…adds a dual layer to the title, maybe kinda like a certian somebody else we both know.

      Another nice bit of poetry Focused.

      • PS—Just don’t tell anybody that bit about the layers—let ’em figure it out on thier owm. (Smiley Emoji).

      • Thanks Bowmarc, I like this title too… hummm, deciding may be tougher than I thought…lol have a great day my friend… see ya

        • Focused – I have always enjoyed reading your excellent poetry here on HOD.

          How about?:

          “Teepee Smoke”

          I have imagined Forrest imagining Shoshone or Sheepeater or Blackfeet Indians at my easily defensible hide-y spot. And a “brave and in the wood” Chief, crossing the Madison River. And the women tanning hides, using brains from the excellent hunting all around.

          • Thank you Lisa, I’m glad you enjoy reading my words…. it is for people like you I write….
            Thanks for your title suggestion… I’ll be choosing soon…. have a great evening my friend… until next time… see ya

        • Focused – This poem reminded me of these lyrics:

          “There’s a feeling I get
          When I look to the west
          And my spirit is crying for leaving
          In my thoughts I have seen
          Rings of smoke through the trees
          And the voices of those who standing looking

          Ooh, it makes me wonder
          Ooh, it really makes me wonder.”

          “Stairway to Heaven” – Led Zeppelin

          YNP was called, “Wonderland”, back in the day.

          • I love the song “stairway to heaven”…. great lyrics…
            Since it’s almost the 4th of July, just an interesting FYI, there is also a firework called “stairway to heaven” (google it), it’s my favorite firework….
            See ya my friend…

    • “Mourning Perch”

      Focused, you painted a beautiful picture with your words.
      U’re truly an artist.

      • wwwamericana, I’m glad you could see the picture I was trying to paint…. as far as an artist, no so much, I’m just like you enjoying the chase Forrest has offered… heck, before the chase I never wrote a poem in my life… the chase inspires people in different ways, for me it was in words…..
        Thanks for title suggestion, this is gonna be a tough decision…lol
        Enjoy your day my friend… until next time.. see ya

  111. I want to thank everyone for their “Title Suggestions “, this was fun for me and I hope it was for all of you. It was also difficult for me to decide but in the end I chose…… “ Angel Of The Mourning”
    Congratulations joe….your prize is lunch or dinner on me, but first we have to meet. So We’ll have to work on that…. lol
    Thanks again everyone… you guys and gals are great!!!!

    P.s- I also tweeted the poem a little for better flow…..until next time… see ya my friends

    “Angel Of The Mourning”

    Smoke it rises to the sky,

    In a valley far below.

    From fires within a native tribe,

    Their home so long ago.

    Teepees stand in numbers,

    There on the valley floor.

    Sun ends their morning slumber,

    They start their daily chores.

    From high above I gaze,

    Upon their desert home.

    A dim lit Smokey haze,

    Although they now are gone.

    In thought I am there with them,

    Though many years have passed.

    Spirits in the wind,

    Have came to me at last.

    Though gone, I can see them,

    I hear their native chants.

    I smell the Smokey winds,

    From high above their camp.

    A subtle voice is spoken,

    Into my morning ears.

    Her silence has been broken,

    Though mute for many years.

    Her ancient words were lovely,

    There in the morning light.

    She says someday she’ll greet me,

    Beyond my final flight…….

    Written by Focused, Titled by joe

    • Focused,
      All I can say is you have a valuable gift and thank you for sharing that gift with us! I got to the dance a little late but Joe’s suggestion fits well. HAPPY 4th you and the entire Chase community!!!

      Deano Bravo

      • Deano Bravo,
        Thanks for your kind comment. Tell ya what, I’ll leave my next poem untitled also, that way you can have a chance to dance also… 🙂
        Happy 4th of July to you and everyone else too, enjoy your time with your family today and enjoy your freedoms here in the greatest country on earth….
        Have a great day… until next time.. see ya Deano Bravo

  112. This is a poem I wrote in 2015 here on the poetry page. I’m reposting it for searchers who joined the chase after 2015 and may have not seen it. Many people still struggle addictions of one kind or another, to them I want to say “find your courage and stay strong “……
    Out of all the poems that I’ve wrote here (350 or so) there are only a few that I really like, this is one of them……. have a great night everyone…… until next time… see ya

    ” Whiskey River ”

    I’m addicted to a whiskey bottle , It’s tearing me apart ,

    I’m Rafting down a whiskey river , I’ve broken many hearts.

    Day by day I drift along , no oars within my hands,

    No control where I drift , I know that this must end.

    Soon this whiskey river , will pass through rocky walls ,

    This raging river will kill me , with its whiskey waterfalls.

    I know I need to find a way , to make it to the shore,

    And leave my bottle in my raft, to drift forever more.

    My family I’ve neglected , my friends I’ve pushed away ,

    It didn’t matter much to me , if I had my bottle each day.

    time has come, I’ll take my chance , jump from this crazy boat,

    into the raging whiskey river , I’ll swim to stay afloat.

    No one can make me do it , the courage I must find ,

    And show my friends and family , I’ve left the bottle behind.

    This whiskey river I’m floating in , will soon be of the past,

    And with a jump I entered , the evil river with a splash.

    I fought, fought and struggled, the whiskey as it flowed,

    I beat the raging whiskey river , on solid rock I hold.

    Then Raised up to my feet , amazed at what I saw,

    Downstream the river disappeared, over a whiskey waterfall.

    The bottle I have conquered , alone and proud I stand,

    From this day on I promised God, to be a different man.

    My Family and friends await me , they worry that I have drowned,

    But I can’t wait to show them , the courage that I have found.

    From this day on I promise myself , I’ll never raft again,

    Down that whiskey river , with currents made of sin.

    If your floating on a whiskey river , and your floating all alone ,

    Find your courage , jump and swim , your family waits at home………….

    By : Focused

    • Focused,
      Very nice, you should be proud of all of your penning. When I sat down and wrote a poem about the chase I put my heart into it and tried my best to convey what I had experienced since starting the chase. I liked it and I hoped others would as well.

      As for the whiskey river, mine was beer. I went to the bars because I thought these people were my friends but after a while, you figure out whom your friends really are.

      Addiction…Here’s what I’ve learned from my personal experiences. You can have all the information in the world… books, videos, support specialists, and family. You can read every book and know exactly what it takes to beat the addiction but if you don’t have it in your HEART to do the right thing then forget it. The books will help but you have it in your heart and the support will help if you have it in your heart. That’s what my experience has shown and I relay it to others on many different fronts…not just addiction.

      My brother in law once told me that “life is about CHOICES!” I’ve never forgotten those 4 words. And he was right. Nobody forced me to pick up that beer. It was my choice.

      With that said, if anybody is reading this and needs help with an addiction here’s what I have found as well. Everybody has a rock bottom and for some the bottom is the grave yard. My rock bottom came and went but I still have to deal with my choices from my past. Some can let go and go on with life as if nothing ever happened but for me I hold onto it as a reminder of my bad choices. I help as many as I can but like I said, if you don’t have it in your heart then you might as well forget it.

      I tried quitting my drinking and did fine for 6 months but then I went back for 1 beer and then a few years later I ended up hurting others. That’s the hard part to get over.

      I was in 2 car wrecks from drinking before that. The first one I was flown lifeline to the hospital. I had a broken right leg in 7 places, lost my spleen, cracked my left hip in 3 places, had over 100 stiches in my face, 40 staples up my left leg, and broke my left collar bone. My face was so back and blue that my buddy when he walked into the ICU unit, looked over at me and turned to go towards the other bed because he KNEW that wasn’t Dean in that bed until he recognized the other 3 standing around me were my family. I remember the tube down my throat and the feeling of helplessness. I survived and went back to drinking. 11 months later I did it again…rolled my car and broke my neck and back (C7 & T1), crushed my sternum, collapsed my lung, and broke my scapula(left shoulder blade).

      I recovered but 10 months later I hurt and innocent person and in doing so I hurt not only that person but the family as well(emotionally). In doing so, I also hurt my own family and friends… and that was my rock bottom. Long story longer, I have to live with that every day. If I ever forget about it then I have lost my battle. Forgiveness is always nice but I’ve always been harder on myself than anyone else can.

      I can relate to the whiskey river(beer river) and it’s always nice to see other’s whom have struggled make it through. 30 years sober but I never forget.

      Congratulations and God bless! Keep penning and don’t forget to pen another untitled poem so that I can join in the dance! 🙂 Great poem FOCUSED!!!

      Deano Bravo

      • My hats off to you Deano Bravo! You jumped from your raft , rock bottom or not you still found the courage to jump and swim, I’m sure your family and friends are proud you did. I hope my poem and your story together will encourage others who are currently fighting their battle to jump and swim… you may be hard on yourself but in the same breath you have very much to be proud of…… I’m proud for ya my friend… thanks for sharing your story…. as for my next poem, it’ll be untitled so you can dance too…….. thanks again…… until next time…. see ya Deano Bravo……..

        • Focused,
          Thank you and congrats! After my first wreck I had one of my worst dreams to date. My dream had me in my car, spinning around and around on the road alongside our town cemetery! I was hanging on for dear life to the open door for what seemed eternity. The car finally stopped flying around in circles and I woke up.
          BUT GUESS WHAT? I went back to drinking! My reasoning? I didn’t hurt anybody physically but myself so it was OKAY!
          Not once did I consider the mental pain and suffering my family and friends had gone through. Long story short, I’ve grown up a lot and consider other peoples feelings to mean more to me than I used to!

          Thanks again Focused! I would love to meet you some day and share more! Whom makes a better counselor? The guy who has graduated college with a degree and no life experience or someone such as us that has been there, done that, and can empathize.

          I think Marvin Fenn once said something to the same effect about a mechanic…no?

          Have a great evening! Love reading your thoughts!

          Deano Bravo

  113. Thousand Steps

    A thousand steps

    along a crooked fence
    broken boards
    shattered dreams
    rusty nail
    carving in my jeans
    a small creek
    flowing underneath
    horses stop
    to take a drink
    A thousand steps
    along a crooked fence
    mended boards
    in the field
    of dreams
    a small scratch
    In my worn out
    blue jeans


    • MWG,
      That’s what I’m talking about! Imagination, focus, and a vision! Well done.

      Deano Bravo

    • Good job MWG…. I’m sure driving you see thousands of crooked fences along the road. I could picture the horses drinking from a small creek along the fence.. again, good penning… thank you for your words. Have a great day today… until next time… see ya

  114. Thank You , Deano Bravo.

    driving thousands of miles in a semi truck
    keeping the mind occupied.

    • MWG,
      It’s lonely out there! Stay safe and keep the rubber down! Keep up the hard work and get ‘er done! You definately have time to kill.

      Deano Bravo

  115. Deano Bravo ,

    Thank you for the sentiment , highly appreciated.
    Have a great night , let the chase be with you.


  116. Good morning everyone… I didn’t title this poem either, there was so many good title suggestions from you guys on the last one so I thought I’d do it again…. any ideas for this one?
    Have a great day my friends…. until next time… see ya

    Sun it cracks the mountain peaks, Streaming rays of gold.

    Past distant fir and rocky walls, it’s colors bright and bold.

    Alone high in the mountains, no gold could ever buy,

    The riches in this moment, here in the mountain high.

    With its grand ole entry, a new day boldly starts,

    Feelings of much larger, emerge from in the heart.

    A smile it cracks, a steady gaze, into the sky above,

    Nearby sounds within the trees, a pair of morning doves.

    The morning brightens slowly, the mountains come alive,

    A lonely waking chipmunk, with eagles soaring high.

    The rushing water hurries, as if to get somewhere,

    While morning chill it rides, upon this mountain air.

    No words can ever match it, no book can tell it right,

    The mountain sky above, here in the morning light.

    Replenished by its beauty, the natures morning glow,

    One last look behind me, as down the trail I go……

    By: Focused

    • What a beautiful description of “Sunrise in My Heart”. Even if we can not be there, your words place it within our hearts – Thanks again Focused for sharing your talents – See Ya’ my Friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA…. thank you for your kind words… live from your heart my friend… until next time… see ya

    • the mountain sky above, here in the morning light
      replenished by its beauty the natures morning glow.
      as it does with our souls with the beauty of nature.
      your description is colorful from sky to the hills that carve a trail of beauty


      • Beautiful words MWG….. I’m glad you can feel the beauty of the mountain morning… have a great evening… see ya my friend

      • WWW,
        I’m going to listen to that a few more times. We are destroying our planet and memories will soon be all we have of once was. GREAT SONG that moves the ❤ and stirs the soul.

        Deano Bravo

      • Thanks for the link wwwamericana… if I was to die today, it’s comforting to know that my thoughts while here on earth will live on through my words….
        Psst… some of us are in October…..lol thank you again… until next time.. see ya my friend

    • Focused,
      I just up an hour ago and my sunrise began on the “poetry page”.

      Once again other picturesque penning that painted a picture for me. Well done!
      I have read it 3 times now and I have 3 words for a title…

      Natures Mystic Love

      Thanks again to you and everyone else for expanding my mind and my heart!
      Enjoy your Sunday!

      Deano Bravo

      • Thanks for your title suggestion Deano Bravo… I’m glad that my words could paint a beautiful picture for you… I’ll choose later tonight k…. have a great evening… see ya my friend

  117. Thanks for the title suggestions guys… again it was a tough decision to make. Usually I read the choices then decide what best fits what I had in my mind when writing the poem. This time it’s JDA with the title that most fits my mindset at the time….. Deano I really liked yours too, great job, but in the end “Sunrise in my heart” fits best…… congrats JDA…..
    thanks again for your input guys….. until next time… see ya my friends….

    “ Sunrise In My Heart “

    Sun it cracks the mountain peaks, Streaming rays of gold.

    Past distant fir and rocky walls, it’s colors bright and bold.

    Alone high in the mountains, no gold could ever buy,

    The riches in this moment, here in the mountain high.

    With its grand ole entry, a new day boldly starts,

    Feelings of much larger, emerge from in the heart.

    A smile it cracks, a steady gaze, into the sky above,

    Nearby sounds within the trees, a pair of morning doves.

    The morning brightens slowly, the mountains come alive,

    A lonely waking chipmunk, with eagles soaring high.

    The rushing water hurries, as if to get somewhere,

    While morning chill it rides, upon this mountain air.

    No words can ever match it, no book can tell it right,

    The mountain sky above, here in the morning light.

    Replenished by its beauty, the natures morning glow,

    One last look behind me, as down the trail I go……

    By: Focused

    • Focused,
      There are no losers here… And for what it’s worth, JDA is a winner and a wise man.

      Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts and musings! Until next time!

      Deano Bravo

      • Thanks Deano Bravo…. yep JDA is a winner…psst..”not to loud, he might let it go to his head”… lol
        Have a great day today my friend… until next time… see ya

    • WOW Focused – I am honored. To say that What I chose was what you had in your mind is flattering. Thanks again My Friend. Have a GREAT Day – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA. Your title fits the feeling I had when writing this poem… you win lunch or dinner too (on me) if we have the chance to meet…… have a great day yourself and remember to enjoy the little things as you go about it….. as always- Until next time… see ya my friend

        • Thanks so much for the offer of a free lunch or dinner – but I am the one who owes you a BUNCH of free meals for all of the lovely poems you have shared with us – 🙂 JDA

          • You don’t owe me anything JDA… the only gain I want from my poetry is for readers to live each day as if it’s their last and for them to make someone else’s life better by the simple act of kindness…
            So, it’s me who owes the dinner because you have encouraged me to write with your kindness and comments….
            So there ! I’m buying….lol
            See ya my friend…

    • Focused, I enjoyed your beautiful poem – it reminds me of the majesty of creation and the smallness of my existence – when hiking trails in Glacier Park, Montana.

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it 42…. you are right my friend….. “we are but a speck in the grand magnitude of creation”……
        I have never been to Glacier Park, that’s still on my bucket list… have a great night… until next time… see ya 42

        • “Feelings of much larger, emerge from in the heart.

          A smile it cracks, a steady gaze, into the sky above,”

          This is how I feel when I read your poems my friend…

          Thank you!

          • Your welcome Spallies….

            “Make life larger my friend, live from your heart.”

            Have a wonderful day today…. until next time.. see ya

  118. Standng at the gate outside,
    makes me wonder what’s inside.
    Burnt and frayed like a candle’s wick,
    waiting for a new matchstick.
    It’s light will shine upon the path
    and remind us to forget our wrath.
    A heroe’s quest we all do seek,
    to reach the top of this mountain peak.
    Our legs are tired and our feet our sore
    but like the lion, hear us roar.

  119. strike down the plain/its base cut with silent swiftness/an owl on the mouse/live the daring edge with northern woods and southern falls as friends/stay the ordinary that sweeps away years lost beyond reach/vow the common to bones then dust/hold it back on dragons wings and see castles born of mist below/hear stone peaks draw clouds with kind words/watch them dance for you alone/yesterday replaced by the rise of nightimes twin/a golden watch swings to hypnotize a walk through fire/a blaze/live again

    • I just love reading your words Hank.. they always make my mind wander to places unknown… thank you for sharing them with us….
      Now here’s one for you my friend…

      “Fear not dungeons/rise from the dark pits/soar with our feathered friends/beauty awaits above/eternity’s clock ticks no more”

      Have a great day hank ….. until next time… see ya

      • Ty Focused, see ya (not in close proximity to a man made trail). The treasures we’ll share. //One good friend//, a sandwich and a flashlight is all that is needed.

  120. My prayers go out for the city of El Paso and it’s citizens affected by the evil acts of today….. stay “El Paso Strong” … …… until next time… see ya

  121. Hello lily b greene, Focused, RMT, Hank, joe, MWG, randawg, Spallies, and wwwamericana.

    I’ve enjoyed your poems you’ve posted the past couple months and I hope to read more of your works.

  122. The clock was ticking,
    my time had come;
    no more flowers for picking,
    my day was done.

    But as fate would have it,
    the bell I would ring;
    with faith as my pilot
    and God as my King.

  123. “My War for Me”

    What is that word I seek in vain,
    and oh so difficult to obtain.
    Fast forward to another time,
    to a day when the bells no longer chime
    and those memories hid deep in my soul shall fade;
    my debt forever I pray will be paid.

    • wwwamericana, your on a roll my friend, but keep it up, your words are soothing to read…. have a great day….. until next time.. see ya

      • LOL – no butter please, well – maybe a small amount.
        Just couldn’t pass on this.
        Smiles for today,

  124. Poetry has a way of taking your mind on a journey. It congers up deep inner feelings and endless possibilities. Keep up the great work and thank you ALL for the journey through time with your words and thoughts.


  125. “ The Stand Off “

    Warriors of a noble tribe, upon their horses sat,

    Side by side all in a line, the day was cold and wet.

    They gazed across a meadow, as blue coats sat the same,

    Painted and in silence, and not a chant was sang.

    The minutes slowly passed, with strong and ready stares,

    Spears within their hands, and feathers from their hair.

    With faces painted boldly, on horses painted too,

    Awaiting on the blue coats, to make a deadly move.

    Within the midst of silence, with tension all around,

    A warrior he dismounts, and stands upon the ground.

    With his spear in hand, he paces towards the coats,

    All dressed for the battle, a claw hung from his throat.

    He split the distance bravely, his spear held in his hand,

    Quickly he then stuck it, into their precious land.

    He walked back and remounted, and gave a steady eye,

    No weapon for the battle, no fear for if he dies.

    The leader of the blue coats, with stripes upon his sleeve,

    He rode out to the spear, so that all awaiting see’s.

    And with his rifle high, he nodded to the brave,

    It’s not a day for battle, then they rode their separate ways……

    By: Focused

    • As usual, nice penning my friend. It would have been great had all battles ended as does yours. No day is a good day for a battle – none!.

      Thanks again for sharing your wonderful words – Take care my friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA and thank you for your kind words… until next time… see ya my friend

    • One of your best Focused – what a picture it painted.

      Not a voice was heard, not a thing was said;
      as the silent spear stood straight and tall and spoke of peace instead.

      Wowahwa, my friend.

  126. Wwwamericana,
    I’m glad you could vision and hear the silence in my words….

    “Life is not always about the battles we face, sometimes it’s about the choices we face”

    The choice is ours……. have a wonderful day my friend…. until next time… see ya

  127. Dear Forrest, I hope your intent for saying “it only matters who they think you are” was to cause a deeper level of self-reflection, because. it does matter who who you are. It matters to you, your wife, family, and God above.

    I – it only matters who they think you are…
    N – nope. It matters who you are.
    T – truth, not deception, sets your soul free.
    E – echoes of kindness shape destiny.
    G – God, what if He’s real, and sees your deeds?
    R – relationships flourish when you plant good seeds
    I – integrity is how you behave when no one sees.
    T – trustworthiness makes hero’s tall.
    Y – you matter,
    but who you are matters most of all.

    • 42, imo… I believe Forrest had other reasons for saying that , because we all know that it does matter who you are in life. I really like the letter “E”…..
      Thank you for sharing your integrity…..
      See ya my friend..

  128. “ Beyond The Foggy Lens “

    A desert is was shining, with a coolness in the air,

    Beyond the foggy lens, I gave a Welcomed stare.

    Through the haze and blur, a peace within the light,

    Gives comfort in the coolness, within the desert night.

    No way to clear my vision, here in chilly winds,

    No way to make it focus , no way to reach the lens.

    In awe I gaze in wonder, what simply can it be?

    What lies beyond the blur, what’s there I cannot see?

    A native voice then tells me, someday you shall return,

    Until that time arrives, tell all what you have learned.

    The warming light starts fading, it slowly starts to dim,

    I know someday I’ll see what lies, beyond the foggy lens…..

    By: Focused

    • Sorry, take out the “was” in the first line… is should be the “is”…. my bad… I really should proofread more…lol have a great day everyone… until next time… see ya

  129. “ Beyond The Foggy Lens “

    A desert moon is shining, with a coolness in the air,

    Beyond the foggy lens, I gave a Welcomed stare.

    Through the haze and blur, a peace within the light,

    Gives comfort in the coolness, within the desert night.

    No way to clear my vision, here in chilly winds,

    No way to make it focus , no way to reach the lens.

    In awe I gaze in wonder, what simply can it be?

    What lies beyond the blur, what’s there I cannot see?

    A native voice then tells me, someday you shall return,

    Until that time arrives, tell all what you have learned.

    The warming light starts fading, it slowly starts to dim,

    I know someday I’ll see what lies, beyond the foggy lens…..

    By: Focused

    • As per usual your writing is so clear visually and well said, now I’ve got to get beyond the haze. Thanks again, you make me smile.

      • Your welcome CharlieM…. you’ll get there someday CharlieM. And when you do, that’s when your vision clears and your smile will be much larger than the one caused by my mere words…….
        Have a great evening… until next time… see ya my friend

  130. You see more than most – foggy lens or not.
    Hot and cold don’t mix, clouds our vision.
    Did you say “coffee” – yes I would like some too.
    Wonderful, wonderful poetry to start my day.
    Thank you sir and remember – stay focused.

    • Your welcome wwwamericana… if ever we meet, the coffee’s on me…. heck, with a name like mine, I’m always focused…lol

      “ it’s not how you look at something, it’s how you see it”

      Have a great day wwwamericana… until next time.. see ya my friend

  131. “ For The Record “

    The in’s and outs, the ups and downs,

    This chase has gave us, smiles and frowns.

    From hot to cold, from brave to meek,

    In search of one small thing We seek.

    We push and pull, most every rock,

    In hopes to find, that waiting shock.

    Not dumb nor wise, stuck in the middle,

    If We could only, solve this riddle.

    But why so quickly, when slows our pace,

    Must We be fast, to win this race?

    Surely not, We doubt and pray,

    If that’s the case, We’ll need Ben-Gay.

    We’ve walked with lights, in dark of night,

    We’ve climbed the hills, from low to high.

    In search for the, elusive blaze,

    Somewhere north, of Santa Fe.

    Together we go, alone in there,

    As one we make, a perfect pair.

    Trek on my friends, through sun and rain,

    And for the record, we’re not insane…….

    By: Focused

    • I loved it Focused. Are you SURE we are not insane???? Thanks for sharing a bit of light-heartedness with us – Take care my friend – JDA

      • Your welcome JDA… the sanity part is debatable at times…lol
        I’m glad you liked it….. take are yourself… until next time… see ya

    • This one made me laugh! I can so relate.
      As always – wonderfully said.
      Please define the word “insane” sometime for me.
      wwwwwwwwww I am.

      • I’m glad I could make you laugh wwwamericana…. I don’t know the actual definition of “insane”, but I’m sure it’s a place you have to go to alone to get there…lol
        Have a great night…. see ya my friend…

      • Thank you ByGeorge… I’m glad you liked it and I could make your work day a little better… now, enjoy your evening my friend… until next time… see ya

    • Focus,

      Thanks for setting the record straight…

      Up the crags we zig and zag
      Shouting “Imagination, don’t you lag.”
      Reciting the poem, our mind’s whirl,
      While rhyme and reason dance in a circle.
      We wander through the mountain dew,
      wondering, will our dreams come true?
      With destiny and fate, we have a date.
      But it ain’t in a room…
      where my jacket is straight!

      • Sorry I missed this 42… I was looking back and just noticed it… good job my friend.. until next time… see ya 42

  132. A little ways outside the town
    Upon a rock it stands;
    Shining its light like a blazing crown
    With wings spread wide, it lands.

    • A great pen can create a vivid picture in one’s mind, yet the final portrait is different for each owns imagination. Great work as always wwwamericana!

      • Thank you Neal for your nice comment.
        So what in your vivid imagination is “it” ?
        Blessings for a wonderful day.

        • WWW,
          I close my eyes and think back on it, but my kids are not very quiet. As time requires for my behove, the first thing imagined is a dove.

          Blessings to your day as well.

    • Loved it wwwamericana….

      “ I made the trek, from city lights,

      I seen it proudly standing there.

      The hat of kings, it shined so bright,

      With wings tucked in, I stare… “

      Have a great evening my friend… see ya

    • WWW,
      Y’all are killin it! Rocks and Crowns and Blazes… and a smile of course!

      Short and sweet…well said WWW.


      • Thank you Mr. George!
        I do so like to get right to the point .
        Saves time – which we have so little of.
        By George and have a good evening.

  133. Let the tower lie in change for permamenace obeys no one but change as eve moons Cease to bow to change… I changed it a bit…

    • Spallies , writing is a dangerous mine field for me . ” write what you know ” is a fundamental rule I break to disastrous consequences; and honesty when I ask myself “what is it that I do know ” I fall into embarrassing long pauses. I do like the rearrangement; who would have thought positively is a winning hand.

  134. wander beyond the barren lost / to journey far past distant evergreen designs / horizons jewels on summits wait and you eclipse stars to hold

  135. Upon the high and lofty hill
    sits a creature who can’t be still;
    when the winds of night shall howl,
    awakes the mighty – the sleeping owl.

  136. “Wild West”

    Down the dirt road of a rustic town,
    sits a saloon where whiskey is downed.
    Gunslingers, gamblers, and Ladies-of-the-night.
    Enter the swinging doors and take in the sight.
    Smoke-filled room and brass spittoons.
    Piano player and parlor tunes.
    Tables full with cards in hand.
    Ladies stand round, looking grand.
    Bartender pours from the bottle.
    To a young buck; downed the throttle.
    Voices rise and table tips over.
    Fists fly while people take cover.
    Up the stairs, his spurs jingle.
    Knocks on her door so they can mingle.
    Wild were the days of the Old West.
    Step back in time and be their guest.

    • “Marvelous darling, simply marvelous.”
      One of the best I have read PD.
      Waiting on second chapter.
      Does she get the cowboy?

    • WOW! I really liked this one pdenver… looks like you’ve been holding back on us… thanks for taking me back in time my friend… have a great night… until next time.. see ya

      • You got me giggling, my friend! 🙂 I’m glad you like the poem. Thank you for your kind words.

    • PDenver you have been holding out on us! This is awesome! Thanks for the image of a bunch of folks having fun Wild West Style!!!

      • pdenver,

        Holy crap! Y’all wanna talk about “painting a picture” of the Wild West Saloon? YOU just did IT!! Well done!

        Mr Mojorisin

      • Gosh, thank you, Spallies! The vision has been brewing for years, and finally found the words. Glad you like the poem. I’ve been learning from the poets on the Poetry Page.

  137. WWW,

    Enjoyed your creativity. You people have great creative minds that really reminds me why I enjoy poetry

    When my childhood boss died and I wasn’t able to make it his funeral I wanted to reach out and express my feelings on how much HE meant to me. I did it thru a poem. The poem has since faded.

    This adventure/Chase has re-kindled my mind’s eye and every one of you have honestly put an exclamation mark at the end, for me.

    Thanks to all, for your deepness. It’s much appreciated.

    Enjoy your Chase…


    • Your very much welcomed ByGeorge… enjoy your chase also, until next time… see ya my friend..

  138. I’ve been to Camel stone, I’ve been to Yellowstone
    I searched the Rockies for a chest of gold
    It’s been on my mind, had such a fine time

    That keeps me searchin’ for a chest of gold
    And I’m getting old
    Keeps me searchin’ for a chest of gold
    And I’m getting old

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