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133 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…

  1. Well, this page is certainly aptly named.

    I have a whole bunch of odd ends. But the oddest of the ends is actually the beginning. You just have to go past the end, to get there…..kinda like f had to do when he made a stop before the poem was complete, when he followed the clues.

    Danged odd end, if you were to ask….. 🙂

    • No kiddin on the odd end…. on our last botg, the trail “ended” abruptly by crossing a fairly deep creek. Yeah, just cross it, right. The trail does keep going but it is far less traveled because of that creek. Just thinking maybe an “end” for most hikers and campers.

      • In my opinion, maybe the “end” location could have a similar or identical description as the “begin” location, and traveling from one to the other might be like going in a circle or cycle of some kind. I don’t like holden onto that idea too long,
        because being dizzy makes me want to puke.

    • I had a dream where Mr. Fenn was showing me a book. I could not read it. He said “you have to get all 10, it’s right here” and pointed to a page with sentences that I could not make out. He then closed the book and walked away. We were in a tunnel similar to a subway tunnel. Suddenly, he turned right. When I caught up to the spot, there was no opening. He was gone.

        • Then you better call him, best not to leave Forrest waiting. My dreams tend to connect patterns I otherwise would not have seen. Though at this point I feel my dreams of finding the chest are pretty much moot.

          • I vivid dream almost every night all my life- sometimes lucid but those are more rare- can be practiced.. Imagination is a form of daydreaming. Poetry can be likened as a telling of a daydream story. Dreams are full of allegory, figurative, metaphoric visual art stories- akin to poetry.

            Perhaps this poem can be viewed from a daydream perspective ?

            Can you see the dream at your solve location?

            Dreams never die, when all the birds are singing in the sky 🙂


          • I also lucid dream though not of late (I took a product called neuroclarity for a week which generally shuts that ability off for about a month). My dreams have been vivid almost every night (which is a nice break and, in my case, the rarer of the two). I sadly can’t see the dream, or dream of, my solve area of late. Plus, though I love vivid dreams, I am usually rushing to leave in the morning so haven’t been able to write them down so can’t remember them. If I nap during the day I usually don’t dream (too short).

            “reams never die, when all the birds are singing in the sky” True, but of late the birds haven’t been singing for me…though I do have a video of a huge crow (fat from West Yellowstone) behaving in a manner that suggested the performance was for food. This of course was not far from a sign that warned not feed the wildlife so I didn’t…and I don’t think that crow was happy. Now if I see a murder of crows I don’t hang around as they might be plotting their revenge.

          • On the transition from vivid back to lucid I had a dream this morning that gave me numbers…and sadly, that is all I can remember.

  2. Afana –

    Right, that’s the phrase.
    Your effort will be worth the cold

    Effort here refers to the deed
    Worth stands in for benefit
    Cold means withdraw

    This stanza in the poem serves as a Quitclaim. As long as Fenn was the owner of the property the quitclaim cannot be challenged.

    Again that’s my opinion. By all means feel free to cahse down anything you think may lead you to the treasure that everybody else found 2 stanzas back.

    • Lugnutz on December 4, 2018 at 10:49 pm said:

      This stanza in the poem serves as a Quitclaim. As long as Fenn was the owner of the property the quitclaim cannot be challenged.

      So what you’re saying is that you think the land where the TC is located is on land that FF ONCE OWNED? Maybe through a LLC or something that can’t be traced?

      The reason I ask this is because a while back someone mentioned that one of the lines in the poem anagrammed into “Land I once owned”. If that’s the case this could be a game changer.

      Carry on Lugnutz!

    • Funny about that no one has found the treasure two stanzas back and IMO no one ever will. Did you ever wonder why “effort”( the only word in the poem with ff) and “worth “both have “or” in the middle? ff or t will be w or th ??? Not quite correct but in that vein. ??

      • Tim, efft will be w or th the old. It’s a part of the poem that is giving letter values. Line 13, w is e and fo, u nd “the” “b” lazy. Here w=efo, and w=efft. Efo happens to be short for effort. In the end, here are the values:
        e=3, f=1, o=3, t=2, h=2, w=7, L=1, d=1.
        “the” = 7, you need “7” “b” lazy. Would look like a “97”. Which is what “marvel gaze” is. In ’97, f would be 66, or FF. 97 is reference to Andrew Marvell, Upon Appleton House. He was a poet that lived 57 years. It is he and Eric Sloane that help with finding the blaze, IMO. E. Sloane living to 80, both of those values are what your letter values will equal. Primary = 80, secondary = 57. That would lead to pg. 137, dancing with the stars, which leads to the Bighorn Medicine Wheel, and a whole bunch of things there, possibly a map to the bells. The map would consist of spokes 24, of course, but also from his ATF, the year 12016. using opposites you get 8 spokes: 24 opposite 9, 12 opposite 26, 20 opposite 5, and 16 opposite 1. 12016., or 12,20,16. 8 spokes for 8 bells. Adding them up gives you the word “that” is key. (1,5,9,12,16,20,24,26). The 24th spoke, if extending a tangent, creates a 22 degree angle, which is his “Rainbow”, (rainbow halo, in mountains, is seen at 22 degrees). Forrest Fenn = 14 8, or pages in the book, and 22.
        All this is what the letter values help you answer. Values are all in the poem.

        • WOW! Okay in my solve this line is reversed , due to Perseus’ mirror shield being found , after deciphering the blaze. So “the code, w or th will be your ff or t “. IMO this is telling us to go back thru the poem and replace the letter w with ff and the letters th with t. In conjunction with the previous line “So hear me all and listen good” ie He ar me all, you will find only one line that retains a th to be replaced by t … “So why is it that I must go”. Forrest has said no codes will help you find the TC(paraphrase) but he did not say there were no codes in the poem. The coordinates thus gained may lead to something other than the TC , maybe one of the bells you are speaking of. All in my opinion , of course.

          • As far as line 13 goes I believe that ” You’ve been wise ” portion = You have been wise… with have = halve as seen previously in the poem. So be/en and wi/se or b northeast and Y southeast imo.

          • So (“he” are “me”) = some
            all and l is ten (go odd)
            A=1, L=3, or A=7, L=1.

            You are attempting to solve the poem, which is good. Solving the poem will solve the clues, right. Keep with it Tim.

            As for coordinates, the poem’s coordinates get me to clue 8, where I think a bell is buried. Also, the coordinates, when added together, then subtracted from each other will give a 4 digit number, 2442, or 66, or FF. That number is also in the poem, reference the clues. I call it his signature.

            Good luck Tim, Winter is the time for brainstorming…

    • First off, Dal I apologize for not having the exact reference source. Lugnutz, I remember reading or hearing Mr. Fenn mention he was going to have his piece of the public lands. If so, no quitclaim required. IMO

  3. I am just starting this chase but getting caught up rather quickly.
    I’m a former UNM Lobo graduate & football player living in Florida. I’m also a disabled Army Veteran Vietnam era. The challenge is On!
    So it’s exciting to join the circus to hunt this treasure down without becoming a real circus clown.
    Hope not to “O’Fenn” anyone. I’m also Irish! Lol

  4. A canister of bear spray was punctured at an Amazon warehouse and 24 workers were hospitalized. Sounds like it can be really nasty if released in an enclosed space. As always, be safe.

  5. From Forrest Fenn, Surveyor”: (from the Cheat Sheet)

    ” . . . .As you rode your horse into town you had to pass 80 telephone poles in order to reach a mile because they were 1 chain apart, or 66 feet. And each chain had 100 links, if you wanted to break it down further. Road rights-of-way also were 1 chain wide. And 80 square chains made a square mile, or 640 acres – and that was 1 section of land. . . .”

    This is kinda late to be noticing this, but there’s an error above. It seems like the guy who knew the difference between two miles square and two square miles would have caught this.

    If 80 chains makes a mile (linear) (it does), then (80 chains) squared makes a square mile. Not 80 square chains.

    I sorta doubt that this error will impact anyone’s solution, but I note it for the record.


    • Mike;

      The funny part of your quote comes before what you posted. It reads “Since Richard mentioned the olden days let’s harken to 1620 when universal land measures first became law in England and America. .As you rode your horse into town you had to pass 80 telephone poles in order to reach a mile because they were 1 chain apart, or 66 feet. …”

      He connects the Universal Land Measures of 1620 with telephone poles. The telephone was not invented until March 10, 1876. Pretty funny if you ask me. 🙂 JDA

      • As I pointed out in other discussion, I suggest to consider in your solve one of Fenn’s hints, “at least 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe.” The distance he mentioned could mean 82.5 miles or 825 miles North of Santa Fe. I think somebody also discussed about this long time ago on this site.
        — MK

        • MK, you said that before, did he chose that number for a reason? he meant it to be a multiplier of the actual distance or am I missing your point?

          • Hi Oz10,
            What I really wanted to say is that sometimes Fenn’s hints are not 100% right, IMO, so we’d better accept his hints as only partially right. So I think the second part (“north of Santa Fe”) of his hint is right, but the numbers in the first part (“8.25 miles”) could be wrong. So I’m suggesting that we can consider his number to be actually 82.5 or 825 miles instead. I think I saw the same comment long time ago on this site.
            — MK

        • I think there may be a possibility to the 8.25 miles North of Santa Fe may relate to distance, but while looking at 8.25, I see “.25”, as in a quarter, and once more George Washington.

    • You know, I know, all that search know how deep their hole is.
      We all have them and the depth varies on each individual.
      they’re usually as deep as we make them.
      Some are so deep they never get out.
      We are all creating holes.
      That’s what we do.

      • Jake… on my last trek into the rabbit hole I packed a rucksack with extra flip flops, a grass mat, and a couple of sets of chop sticks… just in case.

        • That’s what I call observing, thinking and preparation and I’ll bet you moved with confidence.
          I usually bring a few carrots and potatoes to make some stew when I find the rabbit.

    • RE rabbit hole depth, didn’t ff say something like “. . . if you don’t know where the hole is it really doesn’t matter; if you find your head up the hole, though, the answer will be obvious.”

      (Does that help?)

    • Maybe the question was how deep is a whole? Since a quarter is .069″ thick and four times that is .276″ that makes a whole not very deep at all.

      Seeing the .069″ dimension reminds me that some casinos in Vegas have banned calling out O-69 when that number is drawn. Another instance of an overreaction to avoid offending anyone.

      • I hope you’re kidding about that. This posting is all in my
        opinion. But I’m off topic about Fenn’s Treasure. So here’s something that may relate: In Archie comic books I saw a
        character called Moose, but didn’t intend to lay a double
        whammy on anyone.

  6. I’ve done walked over quite a bit of geography of art & history for seven Thrill years, and now I’m wimpy too. But one answer I already know is that the Preface is Important Literature, and I’m wondering if anybody else thinks that nickel hamburger ain’t just chopped meat? Wanna discuss?

      • Hmmm. Lots of thoughts about the nickel, Big Tree, James Earl (the end is nigh & go in peace) but none about the mint…. if thats what you had in mind.

        • Denver has been mentioned which one might think of The Mint, and one could consider the others, which Philadelphia is one and has been mentioned, but I was thinking more of The Declaration of Independence being an/the Important Literature. President Jefferson also commissioned Lewis and Clark, which has been mentioned, too. Different things that come to mind.

          • Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. Maybe it is a reference to Skippy. Also, the full name of Wimpy is J. Wellington Wimpy. Alliteration is important to my “warm waters”. Also, the character of Wimpy is based on a man named William Schuchert and was nicknamed Windy Bill. Hummm…

          • Pdenver, It’s a big deep sea isn’t it? My thread on this one wound down to a family name which surfaces in all 4 target states on one sort of geographical feature or another. That’s not uncommon, but some of the elements on the thread were quite unique to the clues. The poem could be a link to link to link path, where each link in some way relates to the link before it and the link after it, but not to the other links in the chain… or lthey could all work together as a whole concept…. which I think is this type. More like poker where you lay your cards down all at once at the end. not like canasta of building suits. I forget, its been decades since I played either. I’m rambling now.

          • Pdenver, your linking Philly & the Declaration of Independence as Important Literature made me think that Stanza one might be a …. a Preamble…. the ‘before you walk’ stanza.

          • Hello OS2. “Alone in there” or just “alone” might sound a bit of being “independent”. Hmmm, makes me think of other things, too. I’ll have to think about this a little longer. The important literature is something to consider, and what makes it important? History? Usually, but maybe there’s something else. Can’t help but smile while contemplating. 🙂

      • When I try to connect Philadelphia and important literature,
        I think of the Declaration of Independence (and the Liberty Bell), while remembering that Ben Franklin’s grave is there.

        • There’s lots of Wimpy’s about the US, but none I think with a line of descent from the Chicago/Midwest chain from the ’30’s (which doesn’t appear to have ever spread beyond the Midwest, and which died out in the ’70’s).

          The current ones don’t appear to be connected by anything but the name, and I can’t tell how long they’ve been around. Many are individual restaurants, some have a couple/few locations. Texas, yes. Colorado, no.

          I don’t know the historical context (if any) of your question though. I only know Wimpy + hamburgers from Popeye cartoons when I was a kid (and the “Wimpy Bar” in an old Jethro Tull song from when I was in high school).


          • That’s the one.

            Our favorite driving-around song the year before was

            Flying so high, trying to remember
            how many cigarettes did I bring along?
            When I get down I’ll jump in a taxi cab
            driving through London town
            to cry you a song.

          • My point was, how would fenn know about how much a\their burgers cost if the restaurant was never in TX CO NM WY MT or adjoining states when he was a kid… TV came out in 1927, but how many ads might have been about burger joints? Or told about on radio?
            ” 1930’s…when I was a tyke and Whimpy hamburgers were a nickel.”
            How well known could this chain been that only 20 plus restaurants and none in the south or south west… that I can locate.
            I guess we’ll have to figure out the age of a tyke now…lol

            Just curious…

        • Aha, found the nickel/Wimpy connection.

          The Wimpy’s chain of that time was never in Texas or any of the other search states.

          Here’s an example of a standalone Wimpy’s from the ’30’s in Sapulpa OK, no connection at all to the Chicago group –


          And here’s a “classic” nickel burger Wimpy’s that likely, but not necessarily, was part of the Chicago company –


          No reason at all that there couldn’t have been standalone Wimpy’s all over the country, not affiliated with the Chicago chain. No national brand image protected by batteries of lawyers – what did they care (or even know) what you did two states away, as long as you weren’t going head-to-head?

          Given the popularity of the namesake, a “Wimpy hamburger” may have even been in circulation as a generic term (as opposed to a brand name). Like a “Dagwood sandwich” (or, later, Jell-O, Kleenex, Thermos, etc)


      • Seeker, You might want to check the differences between bronze & nickel… copper, brass, & bronze are known as the ‘red metals’…. perhaps this is what Fenn meant by “do not touch” in red letters in the story where he rests his arm on the head of a bronze Indian …. its an art.

        • I was wondering if you were leaning toward the wooden nickel or token mainly used during the depression… late 1920’s – to 40’s

          • Seeker, Metallurgy & materials was pretty much a dry hole for me, but I didn’t explore it as much as you engineery type guys do. Maybe you will perceive what I missed. Arts & soft sciences swim with the current in my cranium.

    • Important Literature
      important; having relevant and crucial value
      relevant- directly related, connected, pertinent to a topic
      crucial- essential, decisive for determining the outcome or future of something, extremely important, (archaic) cruciate, cross-shaped

      literature; the body of all written works, written fiction of a high standard

  7. I believe that multiple meanings of words must fit the solution for it to be nailed down. So, I was thinking about words that we gloss right over and maybe we shouldn’t. Take the word “but” for example. I looked up the word but and didn’t find anything unusual, BUT, when I looked up the word butt, a butt is an archery term and means target. So, “but too far to walk” could also mean “the target is too far to walk”. When you get to the part of the poem, “but tarry scant”, it can mean “the target is a blackish stone that has been sawn on 2 sides”. Now in the wood can mean a wooded area, but it can also mean bullseye as well. Another meaning of in the wood is in the saddle (as in – in the saddle between mountains). Title to the gold – Gold
    Is also used in archery meaning bullseye. There are lots of potential references to bullseyes.

    Sparrow, I know you wrote about an acrostic with the term butt. Your interpretation is different from mine, but you found it in the acrostic. I like your acrostic ideas.

  8. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on what to get three leprechauns and a one eyed giant of a man; turnip farmer for Christmas? They seem to have everything.

    • If you have time, make something homemade. After thinking I was done making homemade goodies, I’m back at it again. I just stopped in to take a peek, so I better get back to finishing them.

    • Suggestion for the person who has everything. THE OFFICAL AUDUBON BIRD CALL. This little gizmo in small, fits in your pocket, is easy to use and ministers to the Call Of The Wild in us all. When resting from hiking all over the Rockies looking for that treasure just whip out your bird call and be amazed at all the avian creatures that come to call, no pun intends . No self respecting turnip farmer should be afield without one. It lights up the faces of all the leapercuns that have ever held one in their tiny hands. Worth more than its weight in gold and easy on the pocketbook!

      • I LIKE IT !!

        A bird call like that can also be used as a survival tool. I bet Fenn wished he had one on his exposition looking for Lewis and Clark.

        It reminds me of a story I read about a survivor of the dark days of WWII. He survived and avoided starvation by calling in birds with his whistle, which would be ensnared when they landed on his windowsill laced with fishing line.

        This fellow said he vowed at the time, if he would survive that predicament he found himself in….he would feed the birds every day of his remaining life (which he did)…like the bird man of Alcatraz.

        (Sounds kinda like somebody else I know)….

        1f Billy

  9. YEA – YEA – Got my signed – Doodled copy of the Revised OUAW. Have not yet had a chance to do much more than scan it, but very glad to have it – YEA 🙂 JDA

        • JDA: “You are lucky. Just Forrest’s signature and the doodle. Nothing (no comments) directed to or at me – no name boo-hoo Happy to have what I have though JDA”

          Yes, I feel fortunate, for sure. It was definitely not what I imagined! 🙂


          • Who knows cj – Christmas is coming soon, maybe Santa will deliver me a surprise – I’m not gonna hold my breath though 🙂 JDA

          • I am just grateful that Forrest is willing to sign so many books. Gives a nice personal touch to the chase. JDA if you fill your lungs with pure oxygen you can hold your breath considerably longer in case you change your mind.

            Forrest, make sure to leave the chimney off and a suprise nearby so Santa can get it to JDA.

          • I meant on Christmas only, not all month long. Not that Forrest will see this or let his feet get cold.

      • Thanks cj1066 – Very similar to the “Running Man” – but going left to right vs. that “Running Man” that was running right to left. It is cute 🙂 JDA

        • Cool…I got a Running Man going from left to right, as well. And the first letter of my last name (M) has a couple of doodles making it look like a fly rod. Then there is something else – maybe nothing – but the second letter of my first name looks a bit odd. I’m still trying to figure it out.



          • cj

            You are lucky. Just Forrest’s signature and the doodle. Nothing (no comments) directed to or at me – no name boo-hoo 🙁
            Happy to have what I have though 🙂 JDA

      • Indeed, congrats, JDA! My copy was signed (just like all my other books, as requested) but nothing else — no doodle and not personalized. So Forrest can still claim that he has never communicated with me, so no one can accuse him of providing me any private information. 😉

        • Zaphod73491,

          Hey, when I get mine I totally expect a MAP, a DOODLE, and a THANK YOU note attached! Also, you maybe should be getting out a black light because I’ve heard Forrest likes to use invisible ink! Just think about it! Now I’m going to go out and buy me a black light! Great thinking, right? 😉 ANKH!

          Carry on Zaphod73491!

          • ByGeorge: forgot to add that amusingly I *do* have a blacklight and I will absolutely take up your suggestion. How hilarious would that be if your suspicions panned out? 😉 I’ll let you know…

        • ByGeorge: I hope you get the whole 9 yards! 🙂 In the meantime, I entertain myself by pretending I’m special because I seem to be the only one that Forrest has never emailed back or graced with a doodle of personalized note. 😉

          • Zaphod73491
            on November 27, 2018 at 9:55 am said:

            Love that movie, Jonathan! Hey… it even provides the answer to the word that is key: ANKH.
            Reply ↓

            Jonathan L
            on November 27, 2018 at 10:03 am said:
            You sure it isn’t the upsilon? you should email me what you think about ankh
            Maybe go to carousel together

            It’s an entertaining thought(invisible ink) but it was just ALL in fun. We all know Forrest has more integrity than that. You often seem to reply to only certain portions of my comments, which is fine with me. I totally expect that. For such a smart guy you certainly seem to sidestep more than one would expect.
            So what’s the word that is key? I know what it stands for but who’s Johnathon L? He seems to think that “Y” is the key but IMO it’s not. And the ANKH is not a “KEY”. IMO. Just wanted to get a feel for your truthfulness is all. Maybe we can go to the carousel together?

            Nah, I don’t need “renewing”. I get dizzy enough getting “spun” . Looking in Colarado? REALLY? I’m feeling “Dizzy”!
            How much snow is in your Montana area that you can’t REACH the final resting spot? Wait, hold on, maybe you should get “Dizzy Dean” to go with you? Don’t forget the ladder, eh? Hmmmm?

            Carry on Zaphod73491!

        • Hi Zap I got my OUAW revised book order yesterday,I didn’t want to wait for signed copy or special doodles like some are getting.

    • Hi, all. I just tried to order a copy via the home page for this site and it says the book is out of print. Is that correct or is there a different link?

  10. I was watching Cowz & Kpro’s Vlog #120 and it seemed absurd to me that the 1st 2 clues are within 500′ of the treasure.
    I think it’s also silly to think the 3rd and 4th clues are within 200′.

    Unless Fenn killed those early searchers that were that close LOL.

    This feeds into what Writis was saying and have to agree with him.
    If the clues get easier to figure as you go, the treasure would have been found IMO.

    • Hi Jake,

      I think MM said it slightly different: The first 2 clues get you to within 500′ of the treasure (not are within). Same with clues 3&4 w/ 200 feet. He was saying clues 3 and 4 must be between 200 and 500 feet.

      I have to look those quotes over again myself, but his interpretation is largely in line with my own.

      • Can you imagine how many searchers had sent Fenn emails with pictures of where they went late 2011 and 2012?
        If I was one of the 2 parties spoken of, I would go back to all the areas I sent Fenn a picture of and put a 500′ radius around those spots and check thoroughly.
        All the clues within 500′ doesn’t make any sense to me and those early 200 footers would have found it.

        • You fail to see the logic in a small solve, Jake.
          Technically the clues are not within and particular small area… the searcher remains with in a small area.

          “Your” destination is small “Its” location is huge.

          I think folks apply ‘destination’ as the chest… this is a target fixated way of thinking.
          The idea of the poem is to be “wise and found the blaze” The destination is where you need to stand at ~ “the blaze” to see the clues, IT is the blaze. The blaze is a clue because IT leads to the chest.

          But ya may not know it is the blaze unless the poem is read as intended, not the way we hope it should be.

          A twist of a saying: It’s not what it is, it’s what I can make you think it is. The poem is straightforward… we create the illusion, by not understanding the instructions… and only read it as directional.

          in theory….

          • There’s logic in both small and large area solves Seeker.
            If I put them both on a scale, I come out with a larger area as in “big picture”.

            Small area has the downfall of someone figuring out the critical 1st clue and canvassing the area around it many times with their friends after the 200/500′ comments.

            Large area would be much more successful in succeeding what the poem infers.

            Look at it this way.
            If you’ve figured the first clue and the treasure was within 500′ away. It would be a lot easier.

            If you figured the first clue was 60 miles away from the treasure, it would be a lot more difficult.

            Make sense?

          • Seeker IMO the Blaze should be jaw droppingly noticeable ,but that’s just me.Hard for me fathom there being any doubt when seeing it. No? I’ll go one step and say even a non searcher would have to say ” well that’s unusual ” again just my thoughts and realize I could be totally off the mark.

        • 500 feet away.
          In any direction.
          That’s a 1000 foot sphere.

          Are you with me?

          There are over 500 million cubic feet in the sphere.

          Even in the land is flat that’s still 765,000 sq ft.

          And the box fits within just one.

          Am I correct Zap?

          • Hi Lug: close enough for gov’t work — ~785 thousand square feet if on flat land, ~524 million cubic feet within the 500-foot-radius sphere.

  11. Seeker, respectfully, I’ve thought about this subject for a couple day’s now after reading some of your comments here. I probably shouldn’t start my post by saying I feel sorry for you but, over the last 3 yrs. you appeared quite astute in your analogy of the poem but again, as you’ve stated lately in self sarcasm, you may be confused. Lets break down stanza 2, considering IT’S probably the most pertinent. Begin IT WWWH, begin what? The search imo. TIITCD, take what? Imo the search. IF I understand what Mr. Fenn is saying, then you do have to travel some distance. To my thinking, then you’re not in the same BEGIN IT spot. I hope you can appreciate my post considering I can only type one key at a time.

    • PS Seeker, I’ve never thought that the totality of clue’s are in one location. I’ve made several botg eye opening treks over the years. I still don’t ascribe to your scenario as far as take IT ALL IN one location. I’m just as full of IMO like everyone else. Take it or leave it.

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