Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Five…


December 5, 2018



Suzanne and Barry Manilow made this video privately.
She is fed up with what she sees around the world and wants to make a political statement. It has been sent to a very visible political commentator hoping that person will play it nationally. She has been very close to Barry for many years and they have great chemistry. She joked that the “Movement” may have her arrested. f








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  1. For those who have not read TFTW it may not be apparent to you that Suzanne and Forrest are very good friends…
    For those of you not paying attention to what is considered PC these days…this song is supposed to be on the “bad” list. But it warms my heart…and I hope it works it’s way off that list pretty darn quick…
    These two do it a tremendous justice…

      • I have always felt Suzanne was a social butterfly but you know her better than I ever will (as in I only know her from TV).

      • Its really cold out here -11
        Wind chill this morning in Idaho. Thanks for sharing Forrest, Happy Winter
        Lou Lee Belle

      • thank you for sharing now i need to watch it again to figure out what is bad about it it was entertaining kinda like the revised edition of ooaw i just finished reading it and i feel like i missed something both very entertaining. i can re read these books and enjoy them every time i like to laugh with Forrest
        it was Frank buffalo Hyde to look up this man has the spirit of life he teaches us to achieve and never let life get you down or beat you thank you for everything Sir Forrest Fenn you too Dal ty

        • ouaw for the correction when i say i missed something i always earn for more stories cant get enough i guess. there are some very interesting thoughts conducted by this book its a must have in my thoughts i loved it ty

    • I thought it was mostly on the bad list in Canada?

      Wow, I did not know she was such a talented singer. I loved her in the movie “Say It Isn’t So” and on “Three’s company”. I am a little curious of when the video was made as the 4:3 aspect ratio but thank you for sharing it Forrest. I hope her message gets out there and heard!

  2. The song was pulled from a popular Denver radio station and they polled their audience of whether or not it should be allowed, and an overwhelming response was “yes”. This popular song is playing once more. Now there’s the talk about “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” in the media. I just don’t know.

      • Susann stole the show in a flawless rendition of that 1944 classic, well done in-deed!

        As for the view of those in the PC crowd, well it’s their right to have a viewpoint like that. I’ve seen similar things written on bathroom walls. There is a time and a place for everything I guess?


  3. Smh. .dont even get me started. This PC crap has created a society of snowflakes. Of course we should respect one another but not at the expense of our own personal beliefs, values and dignity . Live and let live!!!

  4. I don’t know why anyone would try to ban a romantic winter tune like this. Instead, listen to the fireplace roar, and put on some records while you pour.

    Thanks for sharing Forrest and Dal!

  5. It is all about chemistry. Life is about having fun and the adventure. This was fun to watch. Thanks Forrest and Dal.

  6. Ohhhhhh burrrrrr made me go throw another log on the fire and make me a drink lol love that song

  7. Barry Mannilow doesn’t look or sound like he gets it. Let me explain it:
    The man in the song is trying to seduce her. He even tries to weaken her resolve with booze, or something in her drink…
    Kids these days will listen to this and think that Bill Cosby just slipped her a mickey. Then they will listen to rap or hip hop song that is far more blatant in the intent of its language.
    Give me the old version of the song. Subtly seductive.

  8. They had a blast! All this P.C. give me the puking coughs!
    Way to go, Barry & Suzanne, great chemistry like a great Frito pie!
    Suzanne, I don’t think you’d stay in jail very long!

  9. This is one of my favorite songs of all time, not just Christmas. The Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong duet can’t be beat, but I’ll take any of them.

    People who are offended by it seem hell-bent on misunderstanding it. It’s not a song about a woman getting cornered by a man, it’s about an empowered woman playing the game of her era to get what she wants. The whole thing is a Chase of equals, dancing around one another, enjoying the repartee in the warmth of one another’s company.

    I can tell a lot of someone by how they feel about this song.

  10. You are a rascal for posting that Forrest, but I love it!!! Our local radio station in Denver had stopped playing it, but then they did a survey and 90 some percent of people said to put it back on, so they did!! It’s just a song!!

  11. Suzanne still looks great for 72(!) and Barry may have a Grammy but his acting will never get him an Oscar. 😉

  12. Thanks Dal for posting this video.
    It is refreshing to see Both Suzanne and Berry performing.
    Such a classy act.

    Best wishes to them both.

  13. Thanks Forrest and Dal. I love that song. It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with that pane of glass in Mississippi would it?

  14. Nice to see people starting to reel in the tendency of the masses to go way overboard.

  15. As I lay here tonight in my bed, I couldn’t be more happy. I hope all of you the same and have a happy holiday 🙂 my Chase Family

  16. Hey Barry, Forrest can probably tell you who shot who at the Copacabana, but then he’d have to kill’ya.
    (Hint, it was the banana.)

  17. Geezzuusss what a sad world we live in… it’s embarrassing the stupidity abound.

    Popeye the Sailor was taken of the air because of brutality, yet moms and dads buy grand theft auto [ and many other video games of the same type] for the little ones, who score point by running people over with a vehicle.
    Rap songs imply, it’s ok the kill law enforcement and call it freedom of speech.
    But a song [ that’s 75 years old ] where a man attempt to wooo a woman to stay and sit by the fire on a cold winter night, is banned from the air.

    Whats next? Is Betty Boop going to be banned? How about Donald Duck or Winnie the Pooh? I mean, I’d be in trouble if I didn’t wear pants in public… what was Disney thinking…

    In CO a boy of six, kissed a girl he had a crush on [ on the hand ] and was charged with sexual harassment and suspended from school… this is not the only state where this has happened to “kids” !!

    I’m glad I’m married… I’d be too scared in attempting to sway a gal / woman out on a date, nevertheless try to hold her hand or give her a kiss.

    Geeezzzuuss what a bunch of prudes in this world… it’s embarrassing, to put it politely.

    End of commentary.

    • An interesting read Seeker that touches on your GTA comment quite nicely:

      “Also ironic, we seem less likely to be offended by things that are unarguably offensive. For example, we now accept as normal that people don’t respond to our emails or phone messages, even if it’s a job seeker who worked hard on an application. ”

      I left the last part in because I disagree with it. The rise of the digital age was also the rise of anonymity. Emails are very impersonal, imo, and many times we send short emails that we feel aren’t worthy of response anyway.

      The article, which I recommend:

    • That is so crazy Seeker. When are we going to stop letting the few change things for the many!
      Outrageous! !

    • Speedy Gonzales will never be seen again as the current owner the Cartoon Network says it’s offensive. Yeah, I hate a smart, funny, fast, happy Mexicans. They should pull Bugs Bunny as he is from Brooklyn and is a smart assed, laid back, joker… oh right, that pretty much nails it.

  18. Searcher: The winter has come
    FF: But buddy there’s gold outside
    S: My tootsies are numb
    FF: But buddy there’s gold outside
    S: The season has gone. I’ll wait for spring…
    FF: You should, but hear that gold ka-ching

    S: The Rockies would be harsh and dicey
    FF: The trails are awfully white and icy
    S: I’d sink up to my nipples in snow
    FF: It’s really not the best time to go
    S: The airfare to Montana is pricey
    FF: The blaze could be something spicy…
    S: So I should search in New Mexico!
    FF: North of Santa Fe dontcha know…

    S: I ought to stay home
    FF: But buddy there’s gold outside
    S: Wyoming’s like Nome
    FF: New riches and old outside
    S: I wish I knew how to break this spell
    FF: I’ll tip my hat, your solve looks swell

    S: I ought to say no, no, no sir
    FF: Indulgence is drawing closer
    S: At least I’m gonna say that I tried
    FF: Think of all the goodies inside
    S: It’s too ‘brr’ to walk
    FF: Your efforts are worth the cold
    BOTH: Oh, cause there’s gold outside!

  19. I think there is a message in the music. IT IS COLD OUT THERE! Don’t go traipsing around those Rockies in the winter and fall victim to the elements. In this ditty I think we have a subliminal message from the “Poet”. ITS COLD OUT THERE! Should I venture out looking for treasure this time of year?
    The answer is as plain as the carrot on your face Frosty….Don’t you dare put yourself or others at risk. Just my take.
    May Your Days Be Merry And Bright….And May All Your Holidays Be WISE!!!!!

  20. Ahhh, the fun side of date rape.
    Having worked 11 years with victims of violence and rape, I have mixed feelings. For thousands of reasons, many are not strong enough to be equals in their duet. The Gatsbyesque reply of the Hollywood writers was familiar though… ”We become instant parlor room stars. We got invited to all the best parties for years on the basis of ‘Baby.’ It was our ticket to caviar and truffles.”
    Next up, a jolly tune about a Valentines day mugger and a victim.

  21. Man, this is the FIRST time I’ve ever heard the song and I had to look up the lyrics to know what was said. I don’t know why it’s considered politically incorrect but it’s absurd to put it in a negative light. IMO.

    I think we all need to look in the mirror and clean up our own back yard. I think my Dad once told me that “A skunk smells his own stink first”. I know our schnauzer “Scruffy” smelt HIS first! Soon after that my Dad did! HAHA! I’ve also learned that it’s almost impossible to tell a JOKE anymore because of fear of hurting “feelings”. PC? If ya don’t want to hear it then turn the channel or turn it OFF!

    How do we know these 2 haven’t been dating for YEARS? Where does it state he’s going to force the issue? Where does it say he’s going to do injustice? Where’s the “malicious” intent? Where does it state that they are the only 2 in the house/apartment? Where does it state he wants to show her his “Dick-tation” machine? I just don’t get it? I’d go see these 2 in concert and that’s the honest truth! They sound great together. CHEMESTRY! And hopefully I’d get to hear them sing “The Bandstand Boogie” together!

    We’re goin hoppin, we’re goin hoopin today
    Where things are poppin, the Philadelphia way
    We’re gonna drop in, on all the music they play
    On the bandstand & 3’s Company

    We have the most corrupt government in the WORLD! Maybe they should REMOVE the P because there’s nothing CORRECT about POLITICS in the USA!

    Carry on BM & SS!!!

    • Ha! George,
      You mentioned your fathers little saying about a skunk… and Pepe Le Pew pop in my head.
      For those with more hair and less grey.. Pepe is a skunk who was always chasing and hitting on the gals. Only the poor sap was always rejected because of his, umm, well, lets just say he ‘ranked’ right up there… Huh! isn’t that some kinda discrimination?
      I guess they should banned little Pepe as well. I mean, doesn’t that teach our kids; it ok to chase skunks? We all should boycott Warner Bros. for putting out such harassing material… right?
      What will little Sally and Billy think…

      I’m not making light of sexual harassment an assault… but if anyone want to make a statement, maybe they should start at the ‘top’ of the list.

  22. It would be a shame if the Me Two movement arrested such a talented star!

    (I wish I knew how to break this spell.)

    • voxpops,
      Samantha wouldn’t stand for it! Where’s Endora? She’s always CASTING a spell.

      If you wish upon a starrrrr…

      Carry on voxpops!

  23. I’m reminded that it is cold outside every morning on my way to work. I travel through Santa Fe every workday I show up on “The Hill.” This morning I saw 19 degrees Fahrenheit thrice during the commute. The state capitol was only a few degrees above that. Oh Baby, it’s cold outside! The treasure may be below 10,200 feet, but I’m sure it is also below 0 degrees right now!

    • Word today is that Dean Martin’s daughter will continue to perform the song; good for her. I guess some of those snowflakes can’t stand the cold.

  24. I thought that the group “She & Him” did a great cover of this song on one of their Christmas albums. All they did was swap the male and female singing roles in the song and it worked out great. Same lyrics, but now the woman is in the role of the “persistent seducer” towards the man, and I don’t think most men have a problem with being chased after by persistent women!

    FWIW, I can see how the original version can be seen as offensive, but I do think that seeing it this way requires some mental leaps going beyond the actual material of song. We just hear two people singing and we have no idea of what the backstory is. It could be sung by consenting adults who are already in the midst of a budding romance (cute), or it could be two coworkers at an office party (harassy), or it could be two strangers singing in a dark alley (creepy). The listeners make their own conclusions.

    I really don’t care what radio stations decide to do in terms of playing this song or not, because I never listen to radio stations (way too many commercials). Radio stations are all about pleasing their sponsors and sponsors typically don’t want to associate themselves with anything that can even possibly be interpreted as offensive, so we get these knee-jerk reactions based on the worst interpretations on the far end of the spectrum. Such is a common occurrence today. The song’s not disappearing; if I like it, I can buy it on iTunes or CD or whatever and enjoy it at my leisure. Good enough for me! This particular battle is one that I don’t need to fight.

  25. Gosh we men are so horribly oppressed in this country. These pesky women who complain and whine, don’t they realize we finally gave them the right to vote after all the whining they made then.? So ungrateful. So what if we didn’t adopt the Equal Rights Amendment and still haven’t: they don’t need those rights anyways. A bunch of bald headed white guys like myself say they should just stay home and look cute and coy, and I couldn’t agree with myself more! Take that, all you horrid PC Nazis who are ruining our lives by challenging social norms!

    • Glamor abounds, especially when you’re close to Barry. I wonder if she’ll ever change her mind about what she sees around the world.

      Returns or indentations help when commencing new paragraphs.

  26. To me it’s like compromise…
    Folks complain because there is no give and take across the aisle in the legislature…they want compromise…
    Well…that’s what the two folks are trying to achieve in the dialog in this song…
    He wants her to stay. She wants to stay but she knows she shouldn’t. He tries to change her mind, offers more gifts, negotiate a deal…
    It’s like going to a swap meet. The trader wants $35 for an old lamp. I want the lamp but I don’t want to pay $35…so I offer $20. The trader says “no, no, no” and lowers his price to $30….etc, etc, etc…it’s called “bargaining”.

    How come it’s called bargaining, negotiation, give and take or compromise in trade and it’s a good thing…but between a guy and a gal in this song it’s called attempted date rape or undue social pressure? In the end either of them could have buyer’s or sellers remorse..or it could lead to a great and enduring relationship….To say otherwise would suggest that the woman is somehow a weaker intellect than the man. They are both using their brains to try and get what they want. No physical force…no advantage of one over the other..They are equals in this romantic game of wits.

    In my mind those two are negotiating and no line is crossed. She is free to get up and leave whenever she wants. But, in the end, she chooses to stay and dance…her choice….and his too…
    They both get what they think they want…

    • Dal, A hundred years ago, a man asked me, “Is that a no no or a yes no?”. It made me laugh,,,so I married him 🙂 You have an interesting perspective, I was thinking she wished she didn’t have such a large family,,,or neighbors.

      Seriously, the song was written for a movie and had TWO versions,,,both equal. Wish people wouldn’t get so offended these days and try to erase history.

    • I Like your bargaining, negotiation scenario… other words that seems to apply in the context is; Courting or maybe pursuing… or maybe the thrill of the chase?

  27. Great song from the two of them, it warms the hearts of many.
    This song should go on for years to come, it should be played
    nationally, to keep it going. She has nothing to get arrested for,
    good song and they work together great. Thanks, Paul.

  28. I’d like to go to Suzhou. That’s probably not PC. Oh well…

    Maybe dal’s right: it’s all down to negotiation and compromise.

  29. This PC stuff is funny. I am old, and not too long ago I was talking to a couple of people at work about TV shows. It’s amazing what so many of them portray nowadays, but then ban other things thought “offensive”.

    I mentioned Ralph Cramden and how he used to make a fist and say “one of these days Alice, one of these days—-to the moon!” They would not allow this on television today because he is “threatening” his wife with physical abuse (though we all know good ol’ Ralph would never actually do what he was saying). Yet, they will allow all kinds of other things that offend a great deal of us—but it’s OK—because it’s “PC”. lol

    • In the same vein, All in the Family would never be allowed in today’s PC climate, and yet by any honest measure that program was a net good.

  30. Forrest & Dal,

    When I heard of the issue about, “Baby its cold outside”, it brought to my mind about the uproar over quotations marks around “Woman” of the year on a magazine cover, I don’t recall which one. My friend just showed me a list of Xmas songs that could very well be banded, such as “White Christmas” as not being politically correct and racist.

    My thought is we will not be perfect in the eyes of others, we can’t think alike, but don’t force your beliefs onto others. There’s big issues we don’t need to be at war with others, the me too is turning into much like a biblical war instead of what the me too was originally about.

    Its a pure shame the way things are headed and we will be persecuted for saying a word or phrases that are not intended to offend or demean. Its only for those that want to fight and create havoc all of the time just to get attention. We can’t be going down this road all of the time.

    Barry and Suzanne did an excellent job at showing us how ridiculous things are. Bravo!!
    I hope that I don’t get flack about what I wrote!

    Just Say’n

  31. “Movement”wise, arrested means halted. In the literary sense, arrested means stopped.

  32. Thanks SS_BM_DN & FF,
    Nothing like a reborn classic to warm the spirit. I think Suz has the “Movement” in an uproar,. If she ever needs a bailout I’ll be happy to toss a little green in the mix. I know it would be a healthy investment. It’s sad some people dont know the benefits of a chill pill, besides tis the season.


    Maybe… just maybe….Mr. Fenn is attempting to communicate (though this video) with one or more searchers that have emailed him their imminent search plans. Possibly, Mr. Fenn is concerned (and rightly so) with the temperature and conditions of the search area and wants the searchers to “stay..(Baby It’s cold outside)”. The searchers are playing Suzanne’s part and telling him…(I really must go..)

    Could it be this video is actually a WARNING??? f said it was recorded privately..and yet you can hear laughter from an audience in one short portion. Something’s fishy..

    Consider also that the last two communications from f have been warning about the winter weather…….Hummmmm……

    Previously; a week or two ago, I predicted we were at the 2:00 warning in the fourth quarter of this game. It appears to me now, that someone is in the RED ZONE and Mr. Fenn is trying to call an official time out. If that is indeed the case; I hope they play for the Vikings or Packers and are used to playing in those extreme frigid and snowy conditions.

    If indeed this is the case, Mr Fenn is cautioning them they could be arrested…..
    Now what would Indiana Jones or Ben Gates do…………Hummmmmm.

    Just a thought.

    Merry Christmas, Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men;

    1f Billy et al.

    • Hello Sherif Billy. I thought there was some odd things about this scrapbook, too. You’ve mentioned a couple of them.

    • Sherif Billy,
      If you’re in the RED ZONE then that means you’re within striking distance to SCORE. And since when do you get arrested for being on NFS land legally?

      So what would Indiana Jones or Ben Gates do? Aren’t you working with Mr. Nutz? Seems to me he’s been MIA here lately. Maybe ya need to send out the search party for your recently deputized “deputy” eh?

      Carry on Sherif Billy!

    • Privately means; personally, unofficially…
      fenn has ‘warned’ of packing it in for the winter, every year, as far back as I can remember… nevertheless, the last two.
      Arrested means; restricted, hindered, halt, impeded… { what if there are no legal questions?}

      IF there’s a warning that applies to the reason for the video, other than the stupidity of the banning issue… It seem fenn is just having some holiday fun with us… Stay warm by the fire until the mud dries, like the other warnings he has repeated over the years.

      Of course, we will all look for clues and hints and more bones tossed our way… so I’ll add an old thought for shoots and ladders… might it be the clues need a certain time of year to be complete (completed?)

      Yep, sure, there’s the comment; if you know where it is you probably can retrieve it in any weather… key word is ‘know” or known. Question; Can that actually be done [ absolutely ‘know’ the hidey spot – where it is ] beforehand?

      It fuzzy slipper’s season… kick of the boots and relax.

        • Sure, Afana.
          But in what context?
          Sherif seemed to imply fenn was warning someone not to do something, he said; ‘…If indeed this is the case, Mr Fenn is cautioning them they could be arrested…’

          In the context of ‘winter’ I implied the usage of ‘restricted, hindered, halt, impeded’ in regards to retrieving the chest, and not so much the idea of being charged with a crime.

          How are you using or implying ‘seized or captured’?
          only curious…

          Note; if i’m not mistaken, the sherif explained; he might have been on private property, or close to it, with a caretaker of the property keeping an eye on them… I can only assume this, in part, is what he feels fenn might be warning about… because of the thought the video ‘could be’ a warning.

          Or fenn took the opportunity that radio stations were not playing ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ and is only having fun repeating what he has been saying for years… at this time of year.

          • Seeker, my interpretation of Mr. Fenn’s words and, not so much the video are as follows. A searcher may be very close to the very visible TC hidey Spot and, possibly should MOVE on the arrest (seizure) of the TC, and nothing to do with doing anything illegal. Like you’ve mentioned, ” If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather.” jmo

          • That’s really reading into it, yet if we twist it a bit it can apply…I guess

            FF is fed up with what he sees around the world and wants to make a statement… hoping that person [searcher] will tell it nationally. The searcher has been very close to the Buried treasure for many years and they have most of the ingredient.
            FF joked that the “Movement” [the end of the chase] may have him arrested. f

            Ha! Maybe the gut feeling wasn’t too far off.
            I’d better get to my spot soon. Now where did I put my snowshoes?

          • Seeker, obviously different strokes for different folks. If one needs snowshoes, they’d be better off staying home and drinking ovaltine. jmo

          • It make one think;
            I woke up to snow on the ground this morning in Santa Fe, and a temp. below freezing. I went out to get the paper and about froze. Hopefully all searchers will stay by the fire drinking hot Ovaltine til about May or June. To me, being cold is a lot worse than being hot. All of the Rockies **north of SF are now unsearchable to my way of thinking**. f-

            Is he telling us the correct search area as of the date of the SB… is now closed? If we’re reading into these SB’s I might bet a nickle on this.

          • Seeker, I’ll bet more than a nickel that Mr. Fenn’s way of thinking is to keep mainly inexperienced folks to freezing, wet, icey, and snowy weather from getting themselves into physical danger. jmo

    • I sure wish that I was not deaf. It would be great to be able to hear the words that Suzanne and Manalow were singing. I get the gist of the old song, but wonder about the words to this one. Who is tempting who, and what is this about getting arrested? Being deaf sometimes has its advantages, this is NOT one of them – JDA

  34. This wasn’t made in private, it was very public actually. That song is about “the thrill of the chase.” She’s leaving the window slightly open and he keeps pulling her back through. Romance at its finance. Every man, and woman, loves a challenge. Reminds me of the return home from the date and the boy leans in for a smooch and the gal says, “Sorry, have to make my curfew. Maybe next time.” But eventually that thrill goes away, and a new one takes its place.

    Cat and mouse. Suzanne is beautiful.

    • Copper, your response about the man leaning in for a kiss is making me laugh inside because this is exactly what my husband did on our first date and the poor guy waited for hours before I kissed him.

      • Exactly! It’s a craft PDenver. And I meant finest…not finance. Finances come after the marriage.:)

  35. Trouble is, Mr. F, despite a missing return, no “somers,” and being close to Barry for years, if the lady won’t even look out the window, then she ain’t for turning!

    You may hear Whitsun, but I hear wit’s end!

  36. good morning all i re watched this its still entertaining suz is so beautiful the topic
    if i understand it right is about a woman saying no but it reminds me of the priest burning the native books and religious items such a history lost we as today’s people need to say enough is enough or there will be no history or freedoms left candy canes Christmas, statues, our history must be fought for. everything is on the chopping block. sorry for my grammar. I thank every one for there service to this great country,I just love her the great U SA Mr Bush 41st Pres 41 grand children from Texas no means no. but some people in my mind need to get there brains out of the skillet and leave my history alone. good day to all. just my two cents. stay safe out there

    • Hello Jeff. This morning when I read this scrapbook and Dal’s response from yesterday to my husband, he told me, ‘You can’t erase history.’

  37. Since I am not interlligent enough to solve the poem I wanted to share a few thoughts that came to mind when I saw this recording. Please take note—-this is how a total NUT thinks:

    Baby it’s CODE outside. I had asked if this was linked to the pane of glass in Mississippi due to the CAPS starting the sentences: SSISS. I mention “code” due to the numerous “y”‘s that appear in the short paragraph—many of them placed so that you see the following y.S –this appears (3) times. Forrest not mentioning “Somers” is interesting to— SS (Suzanne Somers).

    But again, this is how a NUT thinks. The last thing that occurred to me was when Barry says “we’re acting”. It is interesting that a song about a man wanting a woman to stay is being sung by a man not attracted to women in real life. He is simply “acting” the part. Does the poem have anything to do with “pretenses”? Or maybe I mean “Postences”? or is it “Presentences”? lol

    • Well, I like how you think, Sparrow! I may be crazy too, but here is what I see. I think Forrest shifts from the word she as meaning Suzanne, to she as meaning Indulgence and/or the blaze. She (Indulgence or the blaze) is close to Barry = berry – due to F’s fruit references and the hear me all instruction in the poem. He also wears a purple/grape colored sweater a lot.). And, they have great chemistry. My solution is that the blaze is a she. We must smile at a homely girl. A reference to fruit (F’s hints – fruit pies/huckleberry) is along the path to the blaze. There is also a reference to an element in my solution (chemistry). I like the y’s reference since my solution also has some y’s in it. Did I mention that I have a kitchen sink reference in my solution? – Just kidding, just kidding…

  38. Times and attitudes change so fast that I think it’s rude to judge the norms of our own culture of several decades ago.

    Good on Suzanne and Barry for that fantastic performance in a true spirit of fun.

    Suzanne: your voice is amazing. I had no idea that you have that talent.

    Barry: I always enjoyed your music, especially the Copacabana, which I will play now this Friday night..

    • Thank you for pointing that out, Sandy. That may have more relevance than some of us care to admit.

      • Could you provide the quote? I saw that she starred in the biopic “Keeping Secrets,” but is there a more direct reference?

        I note that the name Suzanne means “lily.”

        • When Barry Manilow privately married Garry Kief, Suzanne was one of the few invited guests to the ceremony. Barry wanted the marriage to be remain private, but Suzanne let the secret slip during a later interview.

    • Golly gee Sandy, don’t tell Jack! Now I didn’t read this on wiki but the buzz around town is some overly wet goddess from uptown knows where every ok lad is hiding on Al’s or so the black hole trilogy goes.

      • Straw…I like it when we share ski tips.

        Vox… just go to Barry’s wikipedia page and you will see the reference to Suzanne and secrets.

        Time to re-read the forward to TFTW. May be another secret or two Suzanne shared?

          • Straw…Big Sky in January for white elephant ski tip exchange?? Snow promised to be abundant this year and got some new Sheevas to rock. As they say…go BIG or go home.

          • Yikes! How did you know I passed there once? Chets wife always said I was the last one up and the first one down. But I think she was Tipsy. Too bad about Chet, I heard the cold smoke got to him.

  39. The words that catch up in my brain are ( very visible, very close, chemistry, ” movement “, and arrested.)

  40. “Baby it’s cold outside” has been a favorite of mine, and Philip’s also, for many years now. We have our own version of this song that we sing after a few nips of Sherry. Oh it is great fun I must say. Oh I do hope that they don’t ban it from the radio stations. That would be so bloody foolish. All the best to you dear searchers!”

    -Queen Elizabrth

  41. I do wonder whether these controversies are, to a certain extent, manufactured – possibly to generate publicity. Some news outlets and social media discussions seem designed to pit us against each other – and it seems to be working. I noticed on one of the YT channels featuring an earlier version of this song, some of the comments are so hate-filled that it’s disturbing.

    Some people want a more conservative agenda, and some seek a more progressive path, but that’s no reason to treat the “other” as if they’re somehow subhuman. It might be worth remembering that without progress we’d still be burning witches and have no social security, and without conservative restraint we might stifle enterprise or undermine the social fabric. Isn’t it all about balance?

    In my own country we’re currently tearing ourselves apart over Europe. One side calls the other side “traitors” and “losers,” and the other responds with epithets such as “thick” and “deluded.” My plea is for respect, tolerance, and a return to real debate based around ideas – and not ad hominem attacks.

    One of the unfortunate things that we see more and more in partisan media of various kinds is taking something out of context and suggesting it says something that was never intended – or, alternatively, trying to flatly deny something that was indeed intended. People seem to be either twisting truth to support their agenda or looking for reasons to be offended. In the case of this song, I see nothing beyond the age-old dance between male and female, set in the mores of the 1930s.

    As for FFs comments, there’s way more going on there…

    • Well said, Voxpops!

      Also, I suppose I can see a hidden message in Forrest’s brief comments if I squint hard enough, but I could also be leaping to wild conclusions. What are you seeing? Something related to WWWH perhaps?

      • Thanks, Blex.

        I’m not sure what FF is saying, but I see a number of possible oblique references, although these are guesses more than anything, and he could be making these sentences perform multiple tasks.

        The lack of Suzanne’s very pertinent surname and the missing return after “privately” may refer to someone not going back to retrieve the chest.

        The juxtaposition of a clearly public event with the suggestion of privacy may relate to “loose lips” or it might be suggesting a private message given publicly.

        The iterations of “she” may relate to more than one person – or even object, as someone suggested.

        The sentence beginning, “It has been sent…” may or may not have anything to do with either the video or a real political commentator (the repetition of “political” also gives me pause). “Play it” could be referring to the end game, and “nationally” could refer to either the US or a searcher’s home nation.

        “She has been very close to Barry…” may not necessarily refer to Barry Manilow (I have my private suspicions about that!).

        Arrested movement brings us back to lack of retrieval.

        Someone also pointed out that there are above average uses of the letter “y”. If true, this has meaning for me.

        It also might be worth bearing in mind that the word “video” comes from the Latin, meaning “I see.” IMO, we not only have to “listen good” but also learn to “see.”

        The possibilities here are wide-ranging, and I could be barking up the wrong tree(s) altogether. However, the fact that the video deals with a negotiation may have significance if one believes that the end is nigh, but currently stalled.

        All in all, I’m going to have to let this one percolate for a while.

        • Wow, Voxpops! That’s a lot to pull out of a single paragraph! I can’t say that any of your ideas above are wrong, but if you are correct that Forrest baked that many possible secret messages into this brief SB entry, then the man would be a veritable cypher-machine!

          • Lol! You’re right, Blex! But those are just the avenues I’ve been exploring. My thoughts are beginning to coalesce around two main themes: vision and the tussle over retrieval. Who knows if I’m anywhere near the mark?

          • Vox;

            JMO – those are two valid avenues. – Vision and tussle. SEE what is actually there vs what is envisioned. and the Ying vs Yang of retrieve or not retrieve. Wait or go. Warmth or cold. Decisions – decisions – decisions – JDA

          • Those two themes are definitely prominent to the Chase, and I would guess prominent in Forrest’s mind, Voxpops. I would not be surprised!

          • “Ying vs Yang of retrieve or not retrieve. Wait or go. Warmth or cold. Decisions – decisions – decisions ”

            The bottom line is Forrest has given us his winter warning and I wouldn’t recommend going against something clearly stated versus something suspected/gleaned. I have definitely made more than one BOTG trip since the chase started where I wasn’t fully prepared (in part because I felt I had found something and rushed in like a fool). As for winter driving, if your search involves a dirt road and you have never navigated one in the winter, stay home. Any slope on those roads makes them almost impossible to navigate without chains at a minimum. I once got stranded with my college roommate 9 miles up Blue Mountain in Missoula (we didn’t realize we had made it just a mile from the lookout tower). We spent the night up there and then had to walk down (the truck had slipped off the road into softer snow on the side). I can laugh now because every 30-50 ft the entire way down (9 miles) one of us would fall hard on our a$$ and slide like 10-15 ft. I ended up sleeping for 2 days after that (on my side as my rear was too sore). We ended up being really lucky (one because no one knew we had gone up there so no one would know where to look for us) and because it wasn’t super cold we were able to stay warm.

  42. Susann stole the show in a flawless rendition of that 1944 classic, well done in-deed!

    As for the view of those in the PC crowd, well I reckon it’s their right to have a viewpoint like that. I’ve seen similar things written on bathroom walls. There is a time and a place for everything I guess?


  43. Took a while but I got there eventually- I think. Funny this “holiday classic” was never a part of my childhood, despite spending hundreds of hours (at least) listening to Christmas music on the radio. The Zooey and Redbone version on the Elf soundtrack is great though-

  44. Forrest posted this SB on December 5, 2018, and here it is four days later – December 9, 2018. I have posted only a brief comment or two, because like the song – the give-and-take…. the push and pull between the sexes, I too have been pulled one way, and then the other. What should I say? Well, right or wrong, here goes nothing.

    During this past year I made 10 trips to my search area. My seventeenth trip was made on May 25 – 27, 2018 – My first for the season. My twenty-seventh trip was made on November 20, 2018 – my last trip for the season.

    I honestly feel that with each trip, I got closer and closer to Indulgence.

    I know that I will get a bunch or rocks thrown at me for what I am about to say, but I honestly believe that on my last trip, that I was within about 20′ of Indulgence.

    If I was that close, what kept me from finding her? The simple answer is snow.

    In order to get to where I think she is, I needed to go around a “point”. This “Point” was covered with snow – on top of slippery granite. Going around this point was just too dangerous.

    We dropped down, and went around the “point”, but could NOT climb back up to the needed elevation – rocks were just too slippery.

    Since that trip, I have continued to do research. Hidden within a couple of stories in TTOTC and OUAW, I believe that I have found coordinates that will put me EXACTLY where Indulgence is secreted. These coordinates were within 5′ of where I thought I needed to be. These “found” coordinates confirmed my belief that I am in the right spot – YES, I know conformation bias, but I don’t think so.

    From other things that I have discovered over the past 36 months, I believe that I can describe accurately what I will find, once the snow melts and I can return SAFELY to where I believe Indulgence is secreted.

    Why put myself up for ridicule, when I know that I will be branded as another “Know it all” – with no proof?

    Like the song that Berry and Suzanne sang – I am pulled both ways – Tell, or not tell. Try to retrieve “her” when it will probably be dangerous, or wait inside where it is warm.
    “Baby it’s cold outside” – and YES, it is warm here by the fire.

    I will verify whether I am correct or not as soon as it is SAFE – provided I do not die between now and then. I am 76, with a bad heart, and one never knows about tomorrow. If I do die, my team will retrieve her – I hope.

    Not bragging, just confident, and afraid of what tomorrow may bring – JDA

    • OK, here’s the first rock of many.

      JDA: “I believe that I have found coordinates that will put me EXACTLY where Indulgence is secreted”

      Coordinates where indulgence is secreted???
      Sounds like a big fat shortcut to me.

      Didn’t Fenn say no shortcuts???
      Why does there have to be hints in everything he shares???

      • JDA may be right or wrong, but I think it’s dangerous to dismiss coordinates. They are not shortcuts. Why? Because you cannot know the final coordinates until you’ve worked your way through the entire process, IMO. The poem only gives you the tools – not the destination. However, the destination also needs to tie the poem together – neatly, and without loose ends. I hope JDA’s spot does that.

        As for the potential SB hints, I’m convinced that hints and confirmations abound, but they’re sometimes only useful to searchers at specific stages. This particular SB has enough odd uses of grammar, formatting, and peculiarly vague statements that it’s either FF teasing us, going gaga, or offering some (very well disguised) message. Personally, I think he’s beyond teasing at this stage, and very definitely not gaga – so that leaves?

        • Vox;

          See below, my response to Jake. Does this SB contain any “Private” messages? We will have to ask Forrest once “She” is found – JDA

          • Not only are you deaf, but you’re blinded by your own thoughts thinking there are personal messages in anything you see shared by Fenn.

            I still have those comments from you years past where you pointed out to me that Fenn was hinting at you in his sharing. What makes you guys so special for him to nudge or hint you but not others?

            As far as I’m concerned, you guys that do this year after year are full of garbage with these types of comments and all we ever get here is “we will see” and then when the time comes for you to search, you were a little off target and will adjust again and you know where the treasure is again but it’s been a never ending cycle with your BS.

            Why don’t you hold off on your boasting comments until after you find the chest.

          • Jake not boasting – Just stating how I feel, and none of us know how long we shall live – JDA

          • Fenn loves me, he knows me, we are friends even though we never met and he knows I am the one.
            He knows I will put the treasure to good use cause I emailed him many times and he knows I am going to find it.

            He trusts me, that’s why he sends private messages in most of what he shares. He doesn’t care about anyone else but me, cause I’m the one and I only get his private messages.

            Fenns going to help me cause he knows I have a bad heart and may not live much longer.

            Anything else you want to add?

            Is this boasting?
            “I have found coordinates that will put me EXACTLY where Indulgence is secreted.”

            Boast = Toast
            Every single time here in the past.

          • My – My Jake – such anger! Someone eat your hat?

            No Jake, I am NOT special. Forrest posts what he will for everyone to read – including you Jake. IF a post has meaning for me, it is either that I am delusional, or that in-fact I read between the lines and figured out what Forrest wanted me to figure out.

            If you read the same things I read, and can not figure out what is between the lines, either you are correct, and there is nothing there, or the message was not meant for you Jake.

            I say that I am getting closer – maybe the reason I am is because I HAVE been able to read between the lines – OR, as you say, I am full of BS, and I am NOT getting closer.

            As you point out – Only time will tell which of us is correct.

            Have a GREAT day Jake.

            My boast may be YOUR toast – or hat – one will taste better than the other especially if the toast is stale. JDA

          • P.S. Jake;

            If I am delusional and full of BS – so be it. I am having the time of my life chasing a silly dream.

            I can honestly say that I am VERY HAPPY doing what I am doing. Can you say the same? You sure sound angry Jake – being angry “Ain’t no fun” – JDA

          • Well Jake;

            I still wish you the best. You may not like my posts, but so be it – One can not please all, and that is not my aim

            Happy Holidays Jake – JDA

      • Jake;

        Not a shortcut. I found the spot, within 5′ by solving the clues in the poem. Finding the coordinates just served to confirm what I had already figured out. JDA

    • Hi JDA- Just be mindful that Forrest tried to think of everything. If he thought families of all ages would seek his treasure, it’s highly unlikely that danger is involved and the chest is hidden in a place that’s not terribly difficult to reach. Please consider what Forrest has told us.

    • Hi, JDA.

      Happy Holidays!

      If your first trip of this season was your 17th and your last trip was your 27th, wouldn’t that mean you took 11 trips to your search area this season? Or was one of the trips not to your search area?

      Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t do anything foolish in regards to testing Mother Nature. There is always next summer. I have about 8 months to work out my own confirmation biases. Coincidentally, my own “CBs” start with Scrapbook 188 – the one with Dizzy Dean. I had that bias BEFORE OUAW/Revised, so you can imagine how I feel now! LOL.

      Take Care,


      • cj1066;

        Never was any good at math – OK 11 trips, you are correct.

        Thanks, “It isn’t nice to MESS with Mother Nature” or something like that.

        I agree SB 188, the one about Dizzy Dean was a favorite of mine when it first came out, and took on added emphasis recently. The fact that it is now a part of the Revised OUAW made me perk up too.

        • JDA,

          I wonder, does the postage stamp mean anything to you?
          The new one, with the date of June 16, 1932.

          • cj1066;

            I do not yet have my copy of the Revised OUAW. I ordered a signed copy (Hopefully with a doodle) 🙂 – It has not yet arrived so, I have not seen the postage stamp. So, does the date June 16, 1932 mean anything – Not off of the top of my head, but I will give it some thought. JDA

          • Billy;

            OK Matthew is the 1st book of the New Testament
            so that = 1
            The 6 = 6
            1932 = verses 19 – 32.
            What happened to June in your “code” ?
            June = 6 – What do we do with the extra “6”? – JDA

  45. JDA–

    IMO.. Mr.f doesn’t always use the same recipe to decipher the postmarks. That would make it just too easy. Also most of the time he can’t use all the numbers to identify significant scripture he wants to point out. Take the number 19 for instance. IT is just sheer luck if a significant piece scripture either starts or ends with verse 19. JMO…… Ever wonder why very few, if any are in January or February?

    Does anyone have a better explanation for the postmarks?

    I’m all ears;

    1f Billy

    • That’s pretty deep. I’m now too embarrassed to let anyone know what my own confirmation bias led me to regarding June 16, 1932.

      Back to the drawing (conclusions) board,


      • cJ1066;

        Maybe the date itself is important – no analysis needed. June 16, 1932 – June is the start of Summer Vacation. June 16, 1932 Forrest would have been almost 2 years old. Maybe that was the first time his Mom and Dad took him on the trip to Yellowstone. Maybe that is why the postmark??? Who knows??? Am sure that this answer will not make the Sherif happy – 🙂 JDA

      • cj 1066-

        Don’t feel bad….
        It has taken me a very long time to recognize the clues.

        You mentioned SB188.
        Ever look up the meaning of the names in that SB. How about Jax? and then there is reference the the voice from above ….Hummmmm

        • I am pretty familiar with SB188, but I view it from a different perspective, with other context.

  46. Well… today I watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    I was also thinking that perhaps BM and SS were just slinging and not really singing….

  47. I first read SB 188 when I was fishing for halibut. It being about Dizzy Dean was quite interesting. I’m so glad it’s included in the new version of OUAW. I’ll be able to actually hold a book and read it slowly. I won’t be on a boat, holding a tablet, and pitching back and forth while reading it.

    I didn’t catch any halibut that day either. Those fish are quite tasty and I had hoped to bring one home. Very strange looking fish, with both eyes on the same side of the body. God creates some very unique creatures.

  48. Gosh she’s gorgeous as ever! Thank you Dal, Thank you, Forrest. What a beautiful duet! Suzanne and Barry are great too! 😉

  49. I’m just a greenhorn to all this but doesn’t f. keep saying that the lengths that some people have gone to in decoding the poem and it’s apocrypha are fairly far? I’ve seen several places where f. notes that it’s actually fairly straight forward IF you have WWWH and HOB. Am I crazy for thinking that maybe the only Illuminati level subterfuge here on his part is to have used a fair amount of double entendre, word play etc. where the first 4 clues are concerned.

    • Jonsey;

      Since the treasure has not been found, your question is hard to answer. There are people in both camps. You will have to decide for yourself – JDA

    • Jonsey, I tend to agree with your line of thinking. I don’t think Forrest is sending out secret messages to particular people, but may be peppering in some useful hints to the general population. Or he may not be including any hints at all.

      I find it interesting to think about Forrest’s incentives for releasing scrapbook entries. If they contain additional hints, it would indicate that Forrest might have a strong desire to see the Chest found (in spite of what he has stated publicly about not caring). If they contain no hints, it might indicate that Forrest just wants to be listened to by us while he has our ear. Whether or not it was his original intention, Forrest’s creation of the Chase has given him more fame than he would have had as merely an incredibly wealthy and successful Santa Fe art dealer. It could be possible that he just wants to share some of his thoughts & words of wisdom now that he has a whole community of Chasers hanging on his every word.

      Anyways, fun stuff to mull over as we wait through the Winter!

    • Hey-O, Jonsey –

      No, you’re not crazy.

      The more things folks think are significant, the more things there are to post about.

      So even if the number of “clues/hints everywhere” *searchers* and “relatively straightforward” *searchers* were exactly equal, the “clues/hints everywhere” *posts* would significantly outnumber the “relatively straightforward” *posts*, simply because for those “everywhere” searchers there are *way* more things to talk about.

      So despite the huge number of posts on every little thing, you are far from alone in feeling that there’s a much more limited number of useful discussion points.

      Extreme (and facetious) example –

      ff never said there *weren’t* any hints in B Traven’s novel “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”.

      So if I had a solve, and went looking through that book for hints, I guarantee I could find a dozen or more really good ones.

      And half a dozen other searchers with completely different solves could too.


      • 😉

        One interviewer (for the Minn Public Radio show ‘A Beautiful World’) actually introduced ff with “. . . Forrest Fenn . . . buried a treasure chest in the Sierra Madres filled with gold and treasure . . . ”

        Hopefully that was pre-broadcast; there’s another version of that same material out there where she has corrected to “Rockies.” (ff is clearly speaking with her by phone for the show)

        My handle here is a kitbash of my name with *B Traven*, the pen-name of the “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” author. An homage, I guess.

        (btw, the movie version with Humphrey Bogart has an additional unintended hint) 😉


  50. The word “politic” can refer to someone who is prudent or sagacious – so a political statement/ commentator could potentially be a wise statement/individual. That person could be FF himself, who is very “visible” and has played the video on the “national” stage. But it could likewise mean someone who is visible in a different sense, someone whose ways are known.

    As far as SBs containing hints/messages, I think that if one believes this treasure hunt is just a jolly jaunt, and FF simply likes to tell stories in his waning years, then, yes, there is nothing to see here. But if one has a sense of something deeper going on, then it makes sense to try to parse the statements. Most of us in the latter group probably get it wrong most of the time, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to dig a little deeper. After all, the poem requires an equivalent or greater depth of thought, and it can be good practice to analyze the SBs. The same guy wrote poem and SBs; it follows that there might be similar approaches.

    To a greater or lesser extent, depending on the individual, it might be fair to say that we’re all addicted to this – whether or not we believe in SB hints. It is mentally/emotionally draining at times, and can be physically demanding as well. But despite that, the same “faces” crop up time and again. If we think that this whole exercise goes only skin deep – there are no “messages”, that the poem just needs us to guess the right WWWH and then follow some simple instructions – why are we still here after eight years of no-show? It doesn’t make sense, particularly as I suspect most of us have long ago shelved the get-rich-quick schemes. I would suggest that it’s because we want to solve the “riddle” that’s eating away at us. And if we truly want to solve it, we need to be open to anything that comes our way.

    It may be galling to think that FF puts out certain messages in public that are intended only for those who have reached a particular point, but again it makes sense. He is directing this show, and he has his own agenda, to which we are not privy. Over the past few years he has been accused of salaciousness (and worse), favoritism, perpetrating a giant hoax, lying, misleading, etc., and yet he has maintained a steely resolve and detachment. This is the demeanor of someone with purpose and resolve. If he is trying to achieve something beyond giving some lucky searcher a heart attack when s/he opens the chest, he will use whatever method(s) suit his purpose.

    • Mr. Vox:

      Very nicely put….Oh got to go….

      my breakfast is ready….eggs sunny side up, bacon, glass of milk and a cup of coffee…..”the breakfast of champions”…….

      Merry Christmas


        • Not 1fBilly but to answer your question, there is no day with that post mark (that I see). The SB does have that it was a Sunday though. June 16th, 1932 was a Thursday. June 16th, 2019 will however be a Sunday (not sure how that helps).

          • pdenver,

            I wonder if Galena might have anything to do with the correct area:


            Though it also reminds me of Platinum and the form one company keeps it (looks like nothing of value until processed) (sorry, was from a show on How it’s made or something like it).


            No problem and I have both versions.

          • pdenver,

            This also definitely caught my eye…though what it means, I do not know. Though it is a connections between Captain Kidd and Fran Warren. Which, I realize, is a connection to Forrest and dreaming.


            I did make an AM and FM radio but not of Skippy’s caliper. The closest I have to Forrest’s experience with the crystal radio was watching a 13-inch black and white TV (with foil on the rabbit ears) as a kid at 1AM (on a school night) watching reruns of the original Star Trek. When it comes to dreams, reality is a great source of raw material.

          • Hello Idle Dreamer. Some have considered Galena as being important. A crazy thought may be “No place for the meek,” to suggest being a “chicken”. If I remember correctly, in two of his latest memoirs, the painted chicken(s) are included in the chapters. I apologize for not remembering correctly; a little time has passed since I’ve read it/them.

          • Hello Idle Dreamer. Thank you for the link. I remember my parents doing the same to the set. I concur about dreams.

    • Vox,

      I will say you said a couple things I agree with. Simply put~ utilize what we have, line of thinking.
      I don’t know IF fenn has an alternative agenda, wants to make some kinda statements etc. however, if true, it most likely will not be known until the discovery of the trove. My personal thought is… why would he plan ‘down the road’ hundreds of years for some kinda of statement? That doesn’t make sense to me. What also doesn’t make sense it the idea he want if found soon, like many think.
      In-regards to SB’s and such.. I don’t think there’s deliberate hinting or clues. There might be suggestive ideas… but for the most part, I think fenn is simply enjoying the opportunity to still be involved with his challenge, the opportunity to keep selling the “idea” of the thrill… keep influencing that thrill.
      You seem to be implying fenn; **puts out certain messages in public that are intended only for “those” who have reached a particular point**
      To me that is an obsess fairy-tale dreamer who want to think they have it figured out, or on the right trail, but not completely on track and fenn is assisting them personally… because ‘only they’ would know what he is secretly relaying.
      The reason it hasn’t been solved it simple; we are not seeing it the way fenn sees it. This has been proven in my mind… folks being on site, folks having the first couple clue’s references correct, yet seemingly not knowing they did, going right by everything else and not being able to put two and two together when they are right there…
      Anyways, as far as an ‘agenda’ or ‘message’ intended in the poem or action… I think this might help;

      Q~ Other than the poem describing how to locate the trove and one of its purposes to encourage people to get out of the house and away from electronics, is the poem designed to convey a deeper significance? Is there a subtle message you are sharing with the reader and hope they realize? ~ Seeker
      A~ No Seeker,
      The poem is straight forward with no subterfuge in sight. Someone in an email asked me if I didn’t know where the treasure was, and could have the answer to any clue in the poem, which would I choose. I think that question is so funny and it makes me wonder how Jenny’s readers might answer it.f

      • Well Seeker;

        ” if I didn’t know where the treasure was, and could have the answer to any clue in the poem, which would I choose”

        Answer – “Whichever clue would put me right where Indulgence is secreted.” JDA

        • it is impossible for forrest to answer such a question, he is the only person that cant, he does not fit the criteria of the question.

      • Makes me think of this one:

        Question posted 7/4/2014:

        Forrest, What’s the minimum number of clues that we need to solve to find the treasure, assuming that we follow the clues in order? `Serge Teteblanche

        Just one Serge, the last one.f

      • “The poem is straight forward with no subterfuge in sight.”

        I see no contradiction with this statement of F’s. To me, the poem is indeed straight forward. How a *searcher* gets from start to finish is the interesting part. For me, that is where the “sight” comes into play. We all know that it is a phenomenally difficult task to correctly solve this – however straight forward it may be. I believe we need to develop “clear vision;” you may have a different method. How anyone solves this is up to them – there may be more than one way to do it.

        I agree that none of us will be able to confirm what FF has been doing with his ATFs until the chest is retrieved (if ever). For a long time, I tried to ignore SBs and other Fenn pronouncements, but it gradually became clear to me that they appeared to have deeper significance than mere reminiscing. Punctuation anomalies, misspellings, grammatical aberrations, repeated words, odd phrasing, mismatched concepts, etc. seemed worth a second look, since we all know that Fenn takes great care over his writings, and genuine mistakes are rare (didn’t he say that he proofreads three times?). I began to spend time thinking about these little oddities and trying to see if they contained any useful nuggets. What I found was that they occasionally sparked a thought or two that helped if there was a mental logjam.

        Until this summer, I viewed most of these ATFs as fairly generic, in that they were both public, and potentially helpful to all. What I noticed with the rash of FF posts over the summer was that they contained small aberrations that I could use more directly as either hints or confirmations as I refined the final part of my solution. The reason I believe they now appeared decipherable was due to spending a ridiculous amount of time over the past few years trying to get on the right “wavelength.” Although I don’t think they would have been particularly advantageous to me at an earlier stage of my search, these were not “private messages,” but simply “aberrations out on the edge” – something that Fenn has exhorted us to be on the lookout for. How to make use of those aberrations is up to each individual searcher. In my search they related very strongly to where I was at the time I saw them, hence my suggestion that Fenn encourages progress as people make headway.

        Maybe I am an obsessed fairy-tale dreamer, as you so succinctly put it. It doesn’t sound so far off the mark! (Perhaps the Seeker obsession could be measured by the number of words written???). I have found this to be a strange and wild, life-changing experience, whether I’m deluded or not should matter not a jot to anyone else. Everyone must find their own way through this maze, and no one is right or wrong until the very end.

        • I’ll have a refill of my coffee and a couple more strips of bacon please…. This is getting interesting….

    • Voxpops, I agree and you express yourself better than I ever could. Here’s my 2cents. This SB is somewhat out of place in comparison to most other SB’s. Dal’s blog is strictly about The Thrill of the Chase. For Mr. Fenn to post a SB relating to PC seems odd to me. Granted Suzanne is a dear friend to him and is relative to the chase via the forward in TFTW and, Partying with Suzanne Somers in OUAW but, I also believe Mr. Fenn will find an avenue to give hints or, info publicly that may assist searchers in their search, if they can recognize it. And Seeker, I believe Mr. Fenn would like the TC found before he passes this vale, so as to vindicate his honor and, to protect his family in the future. JMO

      • Afana ~ ‘And Seeker, I believe Mr. Fenn would like the TC found before he passes this vale, so as to vindicate his honor and, to protect his family in the future. JMO’

        Again, it truly doesn’t bother me what folks believe… I only find the idea a bit off. fenn was going to commit himself to nature at his special location. It didn’t seem to bother him about having honor vindicated or family protection and would want his body / bones found right away.. what has changed?

        I mean, and in all sincerity…if either of those ideas gave fenn any reservations he could easily stop the whole thing… right?
        He even said; if he felt sorry he could always go back and get the chest.
        I think some would like to believe if they found the chest they’s be some type of hero themselves.. saving fenn from all this. Other just can’t stand not knowing how it all unfolds and want it to end so ‘they’ can get on with ‘their’ lives.
        Both of these types will never understand what the idea of the chase is about… it’s the thrill in being out there, being in ‘nature’s church.’ The lure is a hiccup amongst the big picture.

        • Seeker, you ask what has changed? Possibly his mind, after experiencing the negativity and threats over the years since hiding Indulgence. He said he had thought of everything but, imo not. As for him going back to get the chest via Shiloh, Mr. fenn has stated up to this point in time that he wouldn’t end the chase because so many people have invested a great deal in the chase. imo

          • Afana ~ ‘ He said he had thought of everything but, imo not.’

            fenn ~ “I thought it was the most atrocious thing that I’d ever done. But, in the back of my mind, I told myself that if I’m sorry tomorrow, I can go back and …”

            Doesn’t it appear fenn had these, and other thoughts on his mind in 2009 or 10, and maybe even as far back as 1990ish [ give or take for remission of cancer ]?
            So his recent comments are pretty much the same as they were when he started all this.

            There is no indication fenn wants if found anytime soon… In fact, [I don’t have the quote available], he said something to the affect, short of murder, he’s not going to stop the challenge.

            Nor, IF he had did his original deed to die at his special place… would these- for lack of a better term – problems still not exist?
            Wouldn’t some still folks mortgage their homes, borrow money, separate themselves from their marriage and/or families on an obsession, jump the gun on a hope and a hunch, and folks doing stupid things just to be the “one”
            How much ” Because so many people have invested a great deal in the chase.” does it really matter. No one, not even fenn, can control the obsess, regardless of what the activity is about.
            I’m sure over the ‘two decades plus’ of planning it all to the ending of hiding the chest… those thoughts crossed his mind.

            It baffles me why folks think fenn wants this all to end. Especially when he has repeated [over the last 8 years] He was thinking down the road 100, 1000 years , it’s out of his hands… I personally don’t see his mind changed at all.

          • Seeker,

            “He was thinking down the road 100, 1000 years , it’s out of his hands… I personally don’t see his mind changed at all.”

            I seems to me that you are truly convinced that the tc won’t be found in anyone’s lifetime. If that is the case, why are you committed to the Chase? It truly seems you feel the ATFs are the answers, when in reality the answers are in the poem married to a map.

            Do you really have a reasonable factual solution, or are you just guessing as most are. Its a shame some know where WWH but aren’t looking at the big picture which is a map, how much of a bigger clue does one need? I guess some can’t see or follow the directions given in the poem.

            I will venture to say the chest will be found while your still alive as well as f. Too much imagination instead of knowledge, I truly believe will be the downfall of many. It is unrealistic that things don’t change and only stands still.

            Just Say’n

          • Seeker, respectfully, as Charlie said you seem convinced the TC won’t be found in the near future by your continued reference to Fenn’s comments on 100, 1000, or even 10,000 yrs. down the road. That’s a stumbling block for some searchers. My thinking is Mr. Fenn stretched the time to put emphasis on his comments about the difficulty of finding the TC and, possibly to give the impression it was located way out in the boon sticks where it would be difficult but not impossible to find. I’m no longer in that boat. jmo

          • CharlieM, ~ ‘I seems to me that you are truly convinced that the tc won’t be found in anyone’s lifetime. If that is the case, why are you committed to the Chase? It truly seems you feel the ATFs are the answers, when in reality the answers are in the poem married to a map.’

            Apparently you don’t read my post… it’s ok, I hardly look at them twice myself.
            I use the ATF’s as a check and balance. Which I have said a number of time. If a theory can be discredited by the ATF’s why the heck would anyone want to use that theory. Example; If a theory bring me to a structure.. it’s gone. No one will find ‘answers’ in the AFT’s… but helpful info is there… like no snorkeling needed.

            As far as convinced when the chest could be found.. doesn’t apply.
            Your comment is your take on my thinking, and you’d be wrong.
            However, fenn was thinking down the road, hundreds, even thousands of years. Do you not think about why, when you thing about a solution?
            If not, you should look up ‘all’ the related quotes on the subject… you may see it differently.
            But hey, If the ATFs are of no help [ note; I never say answers, nor hints, or clues ] don’t bother looking them up… just pretend fenn never mentioned them. It seems to work for many..

            Well, not really works… but they feel better about their theories when they don’t think about them.

          • Seeker,

            You said,”I use the ATF’s as a check and balance. Which I have said a number of time. If a theory can be discredited by the ATF’s why the heck would anyone want to use that theory.”

            Seems to me the only check and balance that matters is a poem and a map. Still hanging on to the way to solve the poem are through ATFs? The only thing that can discredit a theory if the theory is faulty.

            Then you said,- “However, fenn was thinking down the road, hundreds, even thousands of years. Do you not think about why, when you thing about a solution?”

            Actually not my focus is on finding the tc. If I were a betting man I’d think as statement like that could also be a bluff to make people think its harder than it really is. I’m just taking caution, remember F plays poker.

            And yes Seeker, I’ve not ignored not one quote as well as videos or SB and I can’t pretend there are none, I just at times find them not helpful, some are but as I said I concentrate with the poem and a map. You should remember, can anyone solve the poem if there were no ATF’s ever? IMO they most certainly can, map & poem, and know wwwh without any doubt.

            Of course that’s just me say’n to simplify.

            Just Say’n

  51. I’ve always loved Sommers and Barry individually. I like their voices better now that they’ve aged like fine wine. Good for them … thumbing their noses at the PC police. Or perhaps they are more alike those running stick figures staying one step ahead of them.
    Kathi Herman

      • Apparently the chest was in Wyoming but now it is in New Mexico.

        Lug, your a genius. Welcome back.

        • I.D.

          Whaaat? Are you saying Lug thinks it’s in NM now? Has he turned traitor on us? How do you know? Say it isn’t so….

          • I realized shortly after posting that I probably shouldn’t have but the chest I am referring to is not Indulgence. Plus I could be wrong about NM.

          • Dear Idle:
            Please tell Lutz I wasn’t referring to any pilot or plane when I mentioned Canasta 404. I was just wondering how anyone could score 404 points in a game of canasta, that’s all….The strong box is in Wyoming..I’m sure of it.

  52. Today I heard this history revision is evolving to the Pogues’ song with Kirsty MacColl (listen to her version of “Days”–nice) “A Fairytale In New York”.

    The “F” word in those lyrics refer to a lowly peasant who collected twigs and branches in the wood, and not any gender/sex reference. Synonyms in the case of the song might be “peon” or “simpleton”. Those are obviously derogatory but not against any sector of society by identity.

    That said, I understand how the word might be interpreted the way some are complaining and I agree it is repugnant. I just think the song implies the other interpretation.

  53. I remember listening to Suzanne Somers once on the Adam Carolla podcast several years ago (2014?). She was talking about the recent tragedy of her house burning down in a California wildfire, and I assume that this was the same home that Forrest described visiting in OUAW. I particularly remember her lamenting that they lost many of their valuable legal documents in the fire. They were stored inside of a fireproof safe, however her husband also stored his gun and ammunition inside of the same safe and when the ammunition heated up enough it went off and destroyed pretty much everything else inside of the safe. None of this sounded like a fun experience, but I remember throughout the interview, Suzanne still sounded upbeat and was taking her personal tragedy in stride, ready to rebuild her home and move on. I found that admirable.

  54. It is so deep I think no one can reach down and grab any of It’s meanings. But on the surface, I know where the message is coming from.

    Here’s a quote from Suzanne on the subject while defending Morgan Freeman:

    “I hope the dance doesn’t stop. It’s seduction. It’s flirting. All those things are really fun. So I hope there’s a way we can find a nice medium with that.”

    An unintended consequence of the “Movement” may be a lost art form… “the dance”, I’d rather it be discovered again.

  55. “Baby, it’s cold outside”. This is what I’m going to tell my husband when I send him out for the chest.

  56. There are times when clues just fly right over my head. This one did for a while. Is this the end of the rainbow? No matter, it’s Ice cold out there. That I know. Thanks Suzanne for the colorful song.

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