Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Six…


December 20, 2018


At 1755 this evening I will salute an anniversary that is noteworthy only to me. It will mark the exact time my parachute and I floated down into a dark, dank, and dense Laotian jungle after we ejected from my crippled F-100. It was during the Vietnam War, and little did I know at the time that the incident would indirectly lead to me writing The Thrill of the Chase, a memoir. I told that story to Nelika and here is an email I received from her this afternoon. Thank you Nelika. f

Subject: 50 years ago

Hi Forrest,
Just thinking of you on this day and wanted to send you a lil poem I wrote just for you:

Today, half a century ago,
You rose up from below;
Shot down from the sky,
Yet once again, you did fly.

Those moments a memory,
Embedded for eternity;
In a mind thinking a thousand thoughts,
Collecting them all, like snapshots.

You soared through life,
Alongside your wife;
A maverick each day,
Living it your way.

Thank you for being you!!

Your friend,








171 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Ninety Six…

  1. I enjoyed that poem. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for giving us “The Thrill of the Chase.” I had forgotten the feeling and you’re book helped me to remember. I hope you and your family have an amazing Christmas and New Years! I know mine will. Wishing many blessings and a Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Definitely a well prosed poem, thank you Nelika and Forrest!

    Forrest, definitely glad you got out of there and made it into all of our lives. Here’s to another 50 years whether you like it or not. Here is to Peggy as well and another anniversary ever drawing nigh.

  3. Forrest;

    As the poem says:

    You soared through life,
    Alongside your wife;
    A maverick each day,
    Living it your way.

    Thank you for being you!!

    How perfect – how true – Thanks Forrest, for being you – JDA

  4. You have a nice name Nelika.

    I would have never been able to accomplish such an ordeal. Some people in this world are so brave. How does one become brave?

    Nice poem Nelika. Merry Christmas Forrest and family.

    • I agree Copper, I think it is a very pretty name. And Nelika, the poem is very well penned.

      Nelika, have you framed your sketch yet? Could we see a picture of the finished product?
      The Winning bid was $8100.09. Five people competed in the bidding. Thank you everyone! The winner is Nelika Nardelli from Alberta, Canada.

      Oh, and Netlika, please overlook the crass behavior of those who would make sport(anagrams) of such a pretty name!

      hope all ya’ll have a very Merry Christmas!!! 🙂

      • locolobo, I hope it’s not too crass to ask but why do you assume the emailer with the pretty name of Nelika is “The winner Nelika Nardelli from Alberta, Canada”?

        • It may be crass to say, but it is such a poignant and personal poem, it’s hard to believe that someone other than the one who experienced the events wrote it.

      • locolobo,
        Can you please provide a list of names you consider “pretty” that cannot be anagrammed and also maybe a list of ugly names that can be anagrammed amok.

        Thank you in advance.
        (I hope my name makes the pretty list) 🙂

    • Pity us, poor Loco, who live in a cave and have never seen Nelika’s name before today. Some of us have a life and don’t spend every living moment absorbing everything Fenn on 29 blogs and 101 YouTube channels. Extra lump of coal for your stocking.

  5. Forrest,

    Thanks much for sharing in all that you are and blessed with many friends.

    Very good poem.

  6. Thank you Forrest.

    I am amazed how you dealt with what life threw at you and how judiciously you have spent your allotted time on this earth; enjoying and making everyday count. Even in your waning years, you thought of a way to entertain yourself and show so many the beauty of our Rocky Mountains we both love.

    You sir,… are Nelika, (the “Gift of God”) to so many…

    Thank You;

    Bill and Katie

  7. Forrest, today is an anniversary noteworthy to many of us also, because of the incidents on that day 50 years ago, our lives have became better because of “the thrill of the chase”…… Thank You !
    Nelika’s poem to you was perfect, thanks for sharing those words. I loved reading them….
    Forrest, below is a poem That I wrote about 4 months ago about you ejecting into the Laotian jungle… today is a fitting day to repost it. Thank you for your service Forrest and thank you for “The thrill of the chase”….

    “December 20th 1968”

    Time slows, a mind in wander,

    A vision of, life over yonder.

    Streaks beneath, the thunders boom,

    Like lightning fills, this lonesome room.

    In thought the visions, are still so real,

    The lack of sleep, a hurried meal.

    To hear the sounds, of way back then,

    As lead impacts, into the tin.

    Yellow flashing, with blinks of red,

    The canopy cracks, just overhead.

    Levers pulled, a force of wind,

    Up and out, was this the end.

    A fire upon , the mountainside,

    On wind to drift, alone to glide.

    To step upon , Gods precious ground,

    Surrounded by, the jungles sound.

    Awake so long, through worried night,

    Awaiting for, the morning light.

    Calls were made, wave of the hands,

    Smiles upon , the Candy Ann.

    A cable ride, in treetops brash,

    Up and away, the chopper flashed.

    Two days later, To leave that place,

    At Temples door, smiles on their face……..

    By: Focused

          • Jc1117,
            I’m sure that was Forrest’s best Christmas ever, walking in his front door in Temple Texas on Christmas Eve to the smiles of Peggy and his two young girls….. priceless!
            Merry Christmas to you and your family JC1117…. see ya my friend

          • I’m not sure Peggy was smiling then. Sometimes happiness brings uncontrollable weeping. All IMO.

      • With my glass held high, I’ll toast with you Jeff ….. Forrest deserves it…. see ya my friend

    • Two great poems in one day! It must be a special day! Beautiful Nelika ! And Focused right on key as always…. My favorite line is the 🙂 🙂 🙂 upon the Candy Ann 🙂

      Happy Anniversary Forrest! Glad you made it out of the jungle!!!

      • Thank you Spallies.. I like that line too, I’m sure upon the Candy Ann they were smiling seeing Forrest below, it was also their 1500th rescue and I’m also sure they saw a smile returned too…
        Have a great Christmas Spallies… until next time… see ya my friend

  8. Thank you Forrest for bringing my small family along in your journey! You brought my imagination back from the depths. Your memories bring back my memoirs of my own. Happy Anniversary!

  9. It’s amazing the small seconds and moments past that time seems to weave into our lives so neatly that they blanket our future days. I’m thankful for your survival Forrest and the positive impact that event has had on so many. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

    Malika, I didnt know you were a poet! Nice ode to Forrest!

    Thank you both for sharing…
    Merry Christmas one and all!

  10. A million things could have gone wrong and wouldn’t be reading this.
    But they didn’t.

  11. Forrest, thanks for sharing your anniversary with us!
    Nelika, thanks for lighting the candles with your poem.

    Forrest’s Minox camera would be an amazing stocking stuffer. But instead of a fireplace mantle, it’s hanging from the limb of a tree in a Laotian jungle, waiting to tell its story.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  12. Forrest,
    Your quick actions and level headed thinking in such an emergency situation is truly amazing.
    I cannot possibly imagine what was going through your mind at that time and how you stayed calm.
    You are an inspiration in more ways than you know, sir.
    This reminds me of Frosts poem,
    “But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,“

    Thank you Dal , Nelika, and Forrest for sharing!

  13. Not Once Upon A Time

    Thank God this Santa survived his fall,
    He sustained much more than just a nick.
    But not lost the knack of clear recall,
    Which sustains the dreams of kin and clique.

    We’re lucky that Forrest beat the odds
    And lucky too his compass stayed true.
    Ancient heroes wrestled with their gods.
    Our man stood tall and does not rue.

    Salt and pepper, piss and vinegar,
    Elements balanced with wild honey.
    Challenges met with ardent vigor.
    It was never about the money.

    Merry Christmas All

    • New moon on the 19th and just before winter solstice so one of the longest nights of the year as well as being dark. The flashes from what the B-52s were dropping would have messed up anyone’s night vision, so the amount of moonlight might not have had much effect.

      An anniversary worth remembering Forrest, tomorrow you can celebrate your trip on the Jolly Green Giant.

      • The word “solstice” was derived from the Latin word “solstitium”. It is a combination of sol, which means sun, and stitium, which means to stop.

        Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Enjoy the Full Cold Moon on Sunday Dec 22.

  14. Merry Christmas Forrest, here’s wishing you warmth and cheer this holiday season, enjoy it, you deserve it, know that you have changed many lives. This example makes us all recognize the impact you have had on our life personally. I therefore would like to thank you for the impact you have had on my life. 25 adventures, (failed attempts at your chest), every year for the last five years equals a lifetime of the best memories I could ask for. Contrast that with your time in that jungle and I am humbled, truly a treasure chest on top of all that makes you our Santa Claus.

  15. What a monumental occasion. We are all better people because of you. Happy Anniversary, Sir!

  16. The essence of a defining moment that brings out true character. Thank you once again for sharing it.

  17. Thank you f, for everything. I appreciate it just as much as you’d expect. I will do my best and I will not rest until I find your chest.

  18. Mr. Fenn, out of the many, first and foremost, the name Nelika is unusual to say the least. Our memories can be so impactful that we can remember the exact day and time of very personal events. That event obviously changed your life view dramatically. IMO you’re a survivor for many reasons. Thank God for that. You’ve been a blessing for many.

  19. None of this would exist if Forrest had not been rescued (resurrected) 2 days later. It’s a very close parallel to winter solstice, and old J.C.’s resurrection. After all it is winter solstice right now. The Sun remains at its low spot on the horizon for 2 days before ascending northward again. It’s the story of Horace, Osiris, Jesus and L. Ron Hubbard! LOL

  20. Thank you, Forrest. There are dozens of things that could have gone wrong that night, but thank God they didn’t. Facing a near death experience can open the spiritual eyes of those who seek to understand.

    “Death is like a mirror in which the true meaning of life is reflected.” – Sogyal Rinpoche

    Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas.

    Warm regards,


  21. Forrest, so glad you are here to be able to commemorate this anniversary. Your calm reactions and the quick response of your fellow servicemen helped to produce a result we’re all thankful for. And thanks, Nelika for your poem to remind us…it’s good to remember! Merry Christmas everyone!

    • reminds my brain damaged mind of a place i’ve been going back again ty ff fore keeping it real very word is cliff hanger good day all i toasted the best host in the world

  22. Oh Sky Pilot….how high can you fly? Your wings have flown the canyons in the clouds and you have raced the wind and won! Your compass has directed you in all direction and shown you what treasures there are in your memories.
    P.S. You will find me sipping tea, watching gypsies dancing, sitting on tombstones in cemeteries at night, and worshiping my God in the moutians and along the streams!

  23. I started looking for a trunk of gold a year and a half ago. I wasn’t a member of any blog for a couple months until I googled “update Forrest Fenn.” That is still my google search whenever I want to visit Dal Nietzels page. I like the people at Dal’s a lot. They are like old friends that welcome you in and wish you luck while giving advice. I always thought Dal himself was a tad grumpy. I would ask for an email or send a note or two but always felt like I was interrupting something.

    After searching now for over a year I understand that Dal deals with quite a bit. It’s overly easy to visit different sites and get sucked into the junk. Jealousy over people who might have more access to Forrest, spittle about people who say very little now because the masses jump them every time they write, confidence built from bullying, etc. Then I realized that Dal isn’t a grinch at all…he’s simply smart. He allows zero bologna on his site. He doesn’t allow cursing, he doesn’t allow bashing, he rules with an iron blogging fist.

    I appreciate him for his high bar. Merry Christmas Dal and a job well done. Your site sparks the desire to hunt for treasure and value what is important in our short time here.

    Ill never tell you to your face because I’m a weenie but I want you to know that I appreciate you.

    Stay classy Dal and Merry Christmas.

    • Copper – This post was Golden. Thank you!

      Let’s talk about Gold now, shall we?

      1) 50th Anniversary = Golden.
      2) Foundational event behind Forrest writing TTOTC.
      3) Symbol for Gold is Au.
      4) Atomic number is 196…how I found this Scrapbook.

      Is this the most important scrapbook of all?

      December 20, 1968

      Look at the Big Picture!

      Thoughts? Anyone????

      • Correction:

        4) Atomic mass: 196.96657 u
        5) Atomic number 79

        How old did Forrest say he was, when he hid the bronze chest? Gold was discovered in 3,000BC, and it will likely be around for thousands of years to come.

        Can we please have A discussion here about the Golden Triangle and the Golden Ratio with angle f now???

        • If it has to do with gold I like it. After all the title of the poem might be “To the gold”. Another note from this SB is that Nelika is an Indian name. Hmm

          • Aaron – Cool!

            Just noticed that Forrest noted the time as 1755, without using a colon. No above and below Circumpuncts for GOLD In THERE. Noteworthy, IMO. Gonna go look up the origin of the colon.

            And since it looks like a plain old number, it reduces down to be 9 in Numerology:

            1+7+5+5 = 18 and that 1+8 bi-product = 9

            You wrote:

            “If IT has to do with Gold I like IT.”

            I like “IT”:

            “To the GOLD”!

          • Aaron – Yup! I give you title to the ‘middot’ as Circumpunct = GOLD!:

            In the punctuation system devised by Aristophanes of Byzantium in the 3rd century BC, the end of such a clause was thought to occasion a medium-length breath and was marked by a middot ⟨·⟩. (This was only intermittently used, but eventually revived as the ano teleia, the modern Greek semicolon.[19]) A double dot symbol ⟨⁚⟩,

          • Aaron – Or go for the GOLD on “IT’s” Bank. Or on the Banco, as it were, per William Fenn. Lots of good hidey holes under those Banks on “IT” = the Madison River in my solve. Begin “IT” there, with a fly rod in your hand and waders for the cold, to go for the GOLD! IMO.

          • Aaron – Speaking of Stellar symbols and ‘Bank’, did you know that the Asterism looks a lot like the symbol the Medici Family = Bankers used as their symbol?

            In typography, an asterism (“group of stars”)[1] is the typographic symbol consisting of three asterisks placed in a triangle: ⁂.

            Golden Triangle. Golden Ratio. With angle f.

          • Aaron – Oh, thank you, Lorenzo Medici! I forgot you were a poet:

            Lorenzo also served as patron to Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) for seven years. Indeed, Lorenzo was an artist in his own right and an author of poetry and song; his support of the arts and letters is seen as a high point in Medici patronage.

  24. Went to Elephant Mountain once and hiked through the site where B-52 parts are all scattered through the woods. A solemn place, protected, almost a church I guess. Some of the crew died, but maybe ten years ago the pilot was reunited with his ejection seat, which had been found by a hunter-

  25. I can’t even imagine, you are such a brave man,
    Thank God for the guardian angels you have.

  26. Thank you Forrest for giving us a peak into your memories and sharing your anniversary with us. Thank you Naleka for your thoughtful poem. Forrest, Merry Christmas to your family, both real life and your treasure hunt family. You have lead, and continue to lead, a very charmed life … for sure.


    Safety First Always

  27. Forrest,

    Life’s “ups and downs” can take you on so many different paths. You took this event and travel through time with it to be where you are today. Us as searchers have had the chance to ride along with you on that journey through your book “The Thrill Of The Chase”. We are all now part of your life and we enjoy this adventure that you have managed to instill in the hearts of many. A salute to you and thanks for sharing your “big picture” with us.

    May your thoughts remain special and bring you happiness when your sitting in front of that cozy fire.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    • Life’s “Ups and Downs” make us who we are. Let’s hope that the “Ups” take us to where we need to be. We all must “travel through time” – grow through our experiences – and find the “Better self” – Just a thought – Thanks for your post Bur – and Happy Holidays to you and yours – JDA

      • Hi JDA,

        Thanks for your comment and all you say so true.
        Happy Holidays to you, and to and all the has joined this wonderful adventure Forrest has created.

        JDA, yes this journey has it up’s ( four that I know of ) but then at the last one we look quickly down. As far as I see when you make this journey you will “travel through time”, and that is half the fun of it. Just another thought.


        • Hi Bur;

          Yuo, I can count four as well, and yes, I can see where one will “Travel through time”, and I agree, that is half of the fun.

          Again, Merry Christmas to you and yours – JDA

        • Speaking of traveling through time, I remember a trip to the Grand Canyon years ago. What an adventure that was – Traveling through time, to the time billions of years ago when the earth was first being formed. Looking at the granite knolls – and then all of the many layers above that represented times where the Grand canyon is today, there were deserts, at one time, and inland seas at another.

          Some of my fondest memories – oh to be young again – with eyes wide open to the wonders that make up our world. Maybe this is what Forrest meant about seeing the poem through the eyes of a child – Just musin’ – JDA

  28. “What Ferret Fonns has done with his life is exaltifying. I applaud him, and believe he is worthy of a standing ovulation”.

    –Norm Crosby

  29. Merry Christmas, Forrest and family! We thank you for your service and hope you have very happy and blessed holiday.


  30. The winter solstice is upon us. I will use the winter months to reflect on everything I’m thankful for.
    T.S. Merry Christmas, peace and love! “God bless us, everyone!”

  31. Forrest, I’m just glad you had your boots on for that one.
    Well, that and the whole survival thing.

    Congrats on all that you’ve found in life, and for sharing so much.

  32. 1755 (prescient)
    Gilbert Stuart, born 1755
    17-Q 55-EE .. key?
    1 A
    7 G
    5 E
    5 E
    a- +‎ gee. A preposition of state + gee (“to move to one side”), from gee or jee, a call to a horse to move to one side.

    Yes.. at 1755, he definitely “dodged” a bullet

    there comes a time.. call it an agee ?

    Grace “agreed” to gift Forrest.. 1+7+5+5=18.. 18= R

  33. Howdy Mr. fenn,

    You found yourself felled at the very end of Fall
    but were re-covered on Winter’s first day
    then later, using schooled youth to Spring upon us
    that Summer-time is best to point our way.

    Looks like you have time on your side; never allowing long for it to stall, because I believe you’re enough a kid der… to still enjoy it all!

    Best wishes from MIAff; and thankfully for the ‘good guys’… you are not! : )

  34. Looks like we got a nice Lil poem from the Little girl from India!
    Nelika means Indian girl. Gooseberry.

    I like how she starts out the introduction to the poem also. “Lil “.
    Little Indian girl. Nice one Fenn:-). Creepers!

  35. Hey Dal,

    What is the Like button I see at the bottom of this post? Is it for real or did I just like to sign up for more spam ???

    • Hi Spallies-
      Are you a potato farmer yet?
      I have no idea what they do but the rumor is that clicking one of those sends your email address to a Russian marketing group. You should be hearing from them soon… 🙂
      Chris put them there…I think he mistook us for a crew of millennials.

      • Oh Boy! I hope the Russians try to sell me some fake Nicolai Fechin or Leon Gaspard paintings!

        No potato farming yet! But I am getting good at picking up logs with the tractor. Just got a new Artllian Grapple for Christmas so look out! 🙂

        And Dal, thank you for all you do here on your blog… I know it is a lot of work please know that it is really appreciated! Happy Holidays to you and Kathy and all the amazing wonderful searchers out there!

        And to you too Forrest! Thank you for bringing us together!

  36. SB 196 ~ Time and Tide resting above words that rhyme…. Nice!

    Of the many SB’s penned, this one’s in my top ten. Is it part of a puzzle, probably not, but it is a doozy among the many.

    Thank you for your clever eighth tome,
    that houses a slice of a tricky poem.
    A memoir of deeds where you once roamed,
    that guides us to Fates hidden home.

    Merry Christmas to all of you.

  37. Forrest- Today was your day at the waterfall. You didn’t realize it as a place of balance until writing The Thrill of the Chase, right?

  38. I enjoyed your poem, Nelika. I couldn’t imagine that moment in your life, Mr. Fenn. Grateful you shared it with us. Fifty years ago today, your family received one of the best Christmas gifts…you opening the front door to your home and seeing you.

  39. Forrest,
    Congratulations on your safe return! So many others weren’t that lucky. I sure hope all the fallen and missing in our wars are never forgotten…as well as mother earth and the nations of fallen and forgotten before us.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Forrest! And Merry Christmas to all these great chasers!

  40. OS2,

    Nelika name meaning. Example

    Baby Name: Nelika
    Gender: Girl
    Origin: Indian

    OS2, it may help you by interpreting this SB by looking at the plane as a Bird. Forrest did a sculpture of Miss Ford. She is a Bird. Now a crippled bird is a bird with its Wings binded or fettered. Its called Pinion.

    And notice the end of the poem Forrest and Peggy are Close together. Sandwiched together and draw together. Know the edges OS2. I haven’t figured out the edges in geography yet but hopefully getting Close.

  41. Forrest,
    50 years ago today you walked through your front door in Temple Texas, to see the smiles of Peggy, Kelly and Zoe…… I think it’s a good time for you to have that “one” martini per year, to toast what really matters most…. Family !
    Enjoy the time with your family this holiday season… and await your next martini…. until next time… see ya

  42. And a Merry Christmas to all
    Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. It has taken me months to think about my future plans. It all started in January when the chase was coming out of hibernation. There were new solutions on the rise, families preparing for the Fennboree and people feeling better about themselves. This has been one the most interesting years for me. I put in a lot of hard work into my future and I do believe it will pay off one way or another. Hard work and dedication is the recipe to a good life. Yet, there are those who don’t have an avenue to some of the things I have given myself. I think about it a lot. My daughter is so much like her dad. She is has this determination to make change and thinks about those as well.

    These are my thoughts only about what to do with the treasure chest. I have already told everyone on the blogs and immediate family that I don’t want the treasure chest and I want to give it away. I know many of you think I am crazy but it’s true. If I can afford a cell phone and internet to post about the thrill of the chase, then I am comfortable. Why do I need more money when there are those that are unfortunate and cant afford those things. Like I had said earlier, I put a lot of thought into my plan.

    I would build a place where it will sit. It will welcome the hungry and the poor. It will teach those to survive a world of uncertainty. I can vision this place and I have finally selected an area to where it will go. There is so much more to say but you get my point. Perhaps we can come together and give this place a name.

    If I was standing where the treasure chest will be, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals. I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles, or pinyon nuts, sagebrush.

    Peace to all,

    Eugene Telles


      • Well Eugene (GEYDELKON), you certainly have a kind heart to want to give your treasure away. I’ve had so much fun chasing the clues that I haven’t given much thought to what I would do with my treasure after I have gone in there to retrieve it. But there was something in the TTOTC that I found really inspiring. I recall reading FF’s story about letting kids touch his priceless painting of George Washington. Seriously, I saw nothing wrong with that? Call me crazy, but if no one beats me to the treasure’s location in 2019, I’ve decided that I want grade school kids to come in contact with a few of the unique treasure pieces. I would invite them to put the 17th century gold & emerald ring on their finger and picture themselves as Spanish royalty… or have them feel the weight of the large gold nugget the size of a chicken egg and imagine the look on that lucky 49er’s eyes who found it. Or do you think maybe the kids would be more interested in studying a copy of my treasure map containing all 9 clues that lead me the treasure’s location? Which reminds me, where in the heck did I place my original?

        Anyway GEYDELKON, I think I get your point. Naming your special place will definitely give it special meaning; and maybe give that entire area a new identity. Well, seek no further my friend, I may have the solution. Maybe in late spring we can sit together over coffee and fresh tamales to discuss that perfect name. Looking forward to the day!

        Watching the New Year’s ball drop live tonight in NYC from the comfort of my warm bed and a cup of hot cocoa. Be safe and stay warm everyone!!!


  43. I just re-read this SB, and noticed the “dark, dank, and dense”. FF loves using those d’s,
    doesn’t he? And he said he prayed for them. I think it’s a small hint, but still haven’t yet
    figured out how or why it is. “As always”, IMO.

    • Perhaps this will help but who knows. A cowboy would pray for 4 D’s. These are the 4 D-rings on a saddle. You don’t want to have one break on you will on a two-beat gait.

      Now where has everyone heard that one talked about. Maybe the little girl from India can explain it. Merry Christmas.

    • Hey Gey, I like what you are saying. You don’t need the money, you are happy with wha you have, good for you! I agree with your, “those that are unfortunate and cant afford those things.” So we both agree there are many more people that could use the value of chest. Why don’t you just go get it and give it to someone you choose who needs it? Why risk having someone find it that doesn’t need it?

    • I was always curious about Forrest’s references to d’s …. were his difficulties in learning possibly dyslexia or something that wasn’t really recognized in the 1930’s? Lots of kids have trouble learning to write the letters p – d – b, especially in words like pineapple & bubble gum. I remember a nun writing the word b-e-d on the blackboard and drawing a pillow and blanket cover on it so that it looked like a bed, and then joking ” no pee in bed.” We all giggled, and always remembered how to write those letters correctly.

  44. I meant “while on a two-beat horse” not will. Anyway, I do have a plan and the wheels are slowly turning. I am just an average person with only a little education but I was able to grab on to a few ropes. I have my daily struggles like everyone but I think making the necessary decisions leans to a positive outcome.
    If I started to be a betting man, there is no end in sight in the chase. I can look into a poor mans eyes and see myself for the very first time.

  45. f. some things cannot be un-thought and unseen. your wizardry is truly an enigma. just when I think I know how to think…there i am. Congrats on the survival – it was meant to be. ~scout

  46. Nice poem Nelika! And yes Forrest thank you for being you! I have thoroughly enjoyed TTOTC!

  47. We need to have a Denver meet-up in the next couple of months to kick off 2019 search. I got the perfect place for a meet and they serve the World’s perfect Dr. Pepper.

    An Indian Scout and A Saint

  48. There’s a story that Parameswara was out hunting and he rested in the shade of a malacca (nelika) tree. He noticed that a little kancil deer was defending itself from his hunting dogs by kicking then in the nose. Impressed with the deer’s courage, he decided to build his kingdom on the spot and to name it after the tree that sheltered him. Something about this story reminds me of when f was down in the jungle after the crash and spread pepper in a circle around himself to confuse the noses of the dogs he could hear barking in the distance-

  49. I just found this scrapbook and Iove it!

    Thank you Mr Fenn for posting this poem and thank you Nelika for writing it.

    By the way Nelika, I’m so jealous of your name. I always wanted to be named Nelika. Unfortunately my parents named me Dhanee instead.

    Belated congratulations on your 50th rescue anniversary Mr Fenn.

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