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Fennboree 2019 is over but memories and photos last. Click HERE to go to some photos.







By JDiggins
Fennboree 2019 will be held at Hyde Memorial State Park in Santa Fe July 5-7, 2019.
Friday night will be a campfire and hot dog roast at site # 47, Saturday there will be a potluck gathering at group shelter 2 with fun, friends food and games. If you are interested in attending you will need to reserve a camp/rv site on the HYDE MEMORIAL STATE PARK website  https://newmexicostateparks.reserveamerica.com
Or, if you prefer, you can stay in a hotel in Santa Fe. Bring your favorite dish of food or snacks, and/or your favorite drinks for the Saturday potluck.
This year, jdiggins will be your host!
More details coming….
You can find out more about Fennboree 2019 by clicking on the following links:

115 thoughts on “Fennboree 2019 Plans…

    • Mike, are you still searching? New area? Will you hold another solve get-together at your site? I really enjoyed that! Looking forward to seeing you and your kids if they attend.

  1. Cool ! And the best part is, I’m already here! Let me know what I can do to help Jamie, You can look for me in the “Collective Works” parking lot . Since I have the restroom key code, bathing is much easier, and the electric hand dryers can dry my clothes in under an hour.
    If I’m not there, I’ll be in some parking lot around Santa Fe. Ha Ha Forrest.

  2. Would love to make my first Fennboree, May be on my way back from searching and Function at the Junction. Long drive from florida round trip

    • Good to hear, Gary. I wondered if you planned to attend FunctionJunction event. I’ll see you there too.

      • Hey Cynthia, Trying my hardest to plan to search and meeet up with y’all,
        last year was fun and enjoyed getting to hang out with a legendary Fenn treasure hunter,Ha! I may have some suggestions on places to meet. Iwill try to email you soon with that info. Hope to see you up there.

  3. I’ll be day hiking with the dogs in the Pecos that week, including some fav routes that begin at the ski parking lot up above Hyde. If there’ll be an are-they-real-or-not event, I’d like to stop by. Even if not, my two girls would love to meet Molly, I’m sure.

    • Ha Ha… you are so funny. The event you mentioned is not on the agenda. Looking forward to chatting with you, though.

      • ‘not on the agenda’

        In fennspeak, that may mean….hmm…

        Not to digress (OK, intentionally digressing)…saw your recent blog. Just stop feeding the youtube beasts. You’re one of the few above all that.

  4. I have always enjoyed enjoyed the picnic. I always bring my mother and one of her great grand children. Too bad I missed the last one due to the dry climate. Let’s hope we get enough rain this year.

  5. I expect to be there. Let’s see who tags along with me. I hope that the treasure being found is announced by f at the 2019 Fennnboree gathering. Ok, ok, IF it is found. Now, wouldn’t that be a highlight?!?!!!!

  6. Thanks jdiggins for hosting Fennboree this year… I’m sure it will be a blast as usual… I’ll try to make it my friend… until next time… see ya

  7. Wish I could be there (I’ve never been), but I have family commitments.

    Enjoy, y’all!

  8. Here’s a recent update to the events. I’m arriving at my campsite at Hyde Park on Thursday, July 4th, as are others. I will host a country hoe-down with a group campfire that evening with music from Willie’s Roadhouse, old country songs. We can slow dance ‘cross the floor… well, in this case it will be across the rocky dirt ground. Bring your own booze, or non-alcoholic beverages. Once again, please… NO GLASS containers.
    Here’s a link to one of the songs. Don’t forget your cowboy boots and hats!

    • Heck yeah. Country only please, no indie, classical, R&B, pop, rock, hard rock, grunge, electronic, etc.

      Let’s make this fun for the people that believe in fenn.

      Can I get an amen!

  9. I think I’ll make this Fennboree.

    JDiggins, please keep us updated with schedules and events!

    • You can bet I will!
      Here’s a teaser…in addition to Cynthia’s Thursday night hoedown (woohoo!!!), and the Friday night campfire weenie roast….
      Currently working on a Tshirt design contest, a children’s treasure hunt, and a fun game for the adults. In the past we did trivia, we could do that again and/or play pin the lid on the chest or something silly…
      I’m open to suggestions!
      Cant wait to meet you twingem, and everyone else!

      • I would like to bring all supplies and cook pancakes on the 7th if someone else could provide a cooktop. One big “but” though — I cannot commit to this until mid June.

        I know – flaky. But that is the best I can offer at this time. If anyone wants to go in on a possible last minute pancake breakfast, let me know.

        • That sounds awesome Joe! Thanks! We will mark you as the tentative host for Sunday breakfast..

  10. Thank you to all who entered the 2019 Fennboree Tshirt design contest! There were some awesome entries! Also big thanks to all who voted!
    Congratulations to our winner(s), you can see their winning designs here:
    If you like to order a shirt for yourself and/or anyone else, you can order by clicking the link posted on the winners page.
    Again, thank you all for your participation!
    Fennboree is going to be awesome!!!

  11. Joe –

    If you end up doing Fennboree Sunday morning breakfast I will donate to the cause for any supplies you may need.

  12. Morecowbell, thanks for the offer. I think I have that covered, though. I do not have a cooktop, but if I go, I found that propane griddles are not too expensive and i’ll just add one to my collection. Current plan is to go.

  13. Oh, forgot to say that I reserved group shelter two for Fenboree regardless of wether I make it or not.

  14. Joe, In the past, we just used a regular stove top griddle on top the huge grille that is there. Charcoal for fuel and then a couple large griddles on top the grille to cook as many pancakes as possible at once. Just saying if you don’t want to buy a propane griddle.

    Morecowbell, I think I heard you offer Joe “supplies” as needed. Orange juice and champagne for the boozers in the bunch. And we know who we are from past Fennboree breakfasts!

  15. I had “tentatively” volunteered to cook pancakes the morning of the 7th. I can now say there is a 99% chance I will be there to do that. I Look forward to meeting everyone!

  16. Just to give an update to anyone interested…

    I should be up there at Hyde Park Wednesday evening, the 3rd of July to ensure a camping spot. I’ll be in the main loop, where we usually camped in the past. I’ll have my iconic Iron Man sign up at the entrance to my site for anyone looking around for us treasure hunters 🙂

    Saturday morning I’ll be making fried pineapple pies at the potluck lunch shelter around 9-10 am. What isn’t eaten then will be available during the lunch get together. Can’t wait to see all of the usual suspects and even new people that weekend.

    • Iron will and spallies!!!! Yay! Cant wait to see you both!
      And eat pies!!!

      • I might have to send a courier to deliver Forrest about 4 or 5 if he can’t make it lol

    • Man, I wish I could make it!!! I love those pies!!! Guess I will have to make my own that day and celebrate with yall from a far

  17. Hey Will!!! Since my (9) nine clues may or may not be contiguous I will be focusing on practicing my pineapple pie baking skills so look out!!! I may even sneek up to the mountains before Fennboree and obscound with some wild Huckleberries to throw in the mix 🙂 Look forward to seeing you again and everyone else and anyone new too… So there you go Treasures New and Old…

  18. Hi all!
    just a quick update…
    if you are bringing something to the potluck please let me know what it is, please PM me.
    We are less than 2 months from ‘Bree 2019’, and oh boy do we have a fun four days of events planned and the prize pool is growing! Everyone who attends and signs in the guestbook on Saturday ( you can sign in right at the Pavilion) will be given 2 different color raffle tickets each. One for the TTOTC doodle book, and the other for drawings throughout the day.
    once I compile a list I will post it.
    Sacha and I are meeting this weekend and I’m sure another update will follow!…

  19. Sorry,
    Fragmented sentence above..
    Once I compile a list of prizes and a list of food donations, I will post it.

  20. Howdy all!
    Fennboree is just six weeks away now, and I’d like to fill y’all in on some updates!
    Thanks to Dal for posting the flyer above, it is your official Fennboree 2019 itinerary.
    The prize pool is now up to 34 items and growing, and this number does not include the TTOTC doodle book, nor the mystery prize (it’s a doozie!) There will be three raffles Saturday; a red ticket, white ticket and of course a blue ticket! EVERYONE that attends gets one, and only one ticket of each color. The red ticket will be your entry for the TTOTC doodle book. The white ticket is your entry for the Mystery Prize, and the blue ticket is for the rest of the awesome prizes donated by so many of you great peeps! Thank you!
    To get your tickets, come see me by the fireplace at Pavilion #2 on Saturday as soon as you arrive, and I’ll have a guestbook for sign in. You can sign your real name, your blog name, your dogs middle name or whatever, I just need everyone’s x in the book so it’s fair for all. You sign in, you get a nametag and a ticket of each color. You cannot sign in for anyone else but yourself, I will not give anyone more than one ticket of each color. Everyone is eligible!
    Cynthia has graciously offered to provide everything needed for the Thursday Night Hoedown, and the Friday Night Hotdog Roast, but asks all attendees to bring a bag of chips/snacks if you so desire, and your own beverages, whether it’s alcohol or not. Parents should provide their kids with the ingredients for smores. Thanks Cynthia, you rock!

    Joe and Larry have each individually offered to provide everything and volunteered to cook the Sunday Pancake breakfast, so big shout out and huge thanks to you guys too!

    I have created a wishlist that I am hoping can be fulfilled as I plan to decorate and have an Independence Day theme this year. This is a way you can donate toward the overall event and there is no money exchange going on. Please click this link: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1II9672D6WE9R?ref=cm_sw_sm_r_wl_mw_kBmzx9dfOAAzJ review the list, and if you can, purchase an item for the cause. The items will be shipped to me and I will bring them to the event.
    I have also created a list below of mainly food items. I know some of you are driving, some are flying and its not easy to bring something on or plane or extended drive. If you can bring an item on the list below, great! If not, no worries, stop by Albertsons at the bottom of the hill on your way in! Just kidding, If you can help, it is greatly appreciated. If you cannot, simply being our guest is appreciated!
    To sign up for anything on the list below, please reply with which item so I can create a “menu” of sorts.
    I’ll also be looking for volunteers for barbequing (Im a terrible cook, indoors and out!)
    Again, if you can help with either the wishlist or bringing an item or two below, please do. If you cannot, don’t worry about it, Just come and have a great time!

    Request for:
    cooking volunteers for Saturday potluck
    meats to bbq
    ice chests
    main dishes such as casseroles, pastas, etc..
    salads and sides
    chips and other snacks
    cookies and other desserts

    • JDiggins ,
      me and my familia will be attending the searcher potluck. Could you please send me your contact email so that you can guide me with what is needed or what to bring? Gracias!!!!

      • Hi La Cubana!
        Dal has my contact info, he can give it to you if you need, but I say just bring any old dish, or platter, or dessert or whatever!

  21. Thanks for doing the Amazon thing. I can’t make it to Fennborree this year, but I can participate in this manner. My heart will be with yall and I will be thinking of yall. Any word on Forrest attending this year?

  22. Thank you Carolyn! Sorry you cant make it, but youll be with us in spirit!
    Thank you for your help!
    I have not gotten word if Forrest will attend or not.

  23. Reminder at Hyde Park, no FIREWORKS, just Collected Works….bring food, sounds like work.


  24. I’m gonna be there. But someone told me ya’all only have ketchup for the hot dogs. Is that really true?

  25. Just wanting to bring attention to Fennboree 2019 again. I know my search area is currently covered in snow. I really want to search my one spot prior to Fennboree. As with my previous overnight searches, I’m looking forward to my solitude. C’mon warm weather!

  26. Countdown is down to one month!
    I think this years fennboree is going to be the biggest and the best! Thanks to all of you for help in making it happen! Look forward to seeing old friends and to meeting new ones! Remember to wear your red, white and blues!
    To get your free raffle ticket for each of the red, white and blue raffles to be held, there will be a guestbook to sign in. I am hoping everyone who attends will “sign” in, and if they want, leave a brief message, even if you dont want tickets. I will be gifting it to Forrest!
    Cant wait y’all!

  27. The event should be a lot of fun for everyone. The last couple of weeks I have been seeing a shift in my life and I have to follow the path of less resistance. I had met some wonderful people on the chase. I am sure they know who they are.

    I made a pretty good decision tonight not to attend the event this year. I think I had my go at it and it is time for me to back away and get some rest. I have a lot of traveling planned for this summer. One place is in the parking lot at a museum in Oklahoma so I will be there during the Fennboree 2019 event. After that chapter who knows where my compass will point me but I hope it isn’t a direction I am ready for yet because I have a lot of work still left to do.

    Now I feel I am on top of the world and I don’t plan to be getting down anytime soon no matter what the situation awaits me. I may seem a little perplexed but that goes with the territory that is being displayed. Maybe I am thinking too hard to what I am looking at.

    Good luck everyone.

    I am An Indian Scout and A Saint


    • Geydelkon;

      If you are bowing out of the Chase for a bit – so-long my friend.

      Sounds as though you are making the correct decision for yourself. If it is health issues, I hope that you can find the right Dr.’s and heal quicklt

      Take care, and Always TRY to STAY SAFE – JDA

      • Hello Sir,

        Thanks for the kind words. It has been several years now since I have found what I needed. I have completed a short journey that lead me to a bigger challenge. I think about where the treasure is hidden in the rocky mountains almost everyday. In the back of my own mind I just have to laugh. It gets me through the day and at night I lower my guard to see if there are other ways that it will test me.
        The treasure chest is still out there to be found. I think the reason why people can’t find it is because they just live for the day and nothing more.

        Oh they talk about how they will sell it or spend it to make there lives better. To some degree I can see their dire. I talk to my daughter about many things and I explain to her if you want to live a good life you just have to have a positive direction. You can be rich or poor and the results will be the same. I am proud of her.

        I don’t think people are listening or want to try to learn about what the chase is all about. Forrest has given everyone the idea but no one is really listening. To those he is feeding are those who will be starving by their own personal thoughts. You play the part and you will be a great actor.

        So sir, I am doing great and couldn’t be better. No health issues to worry about just my own sin. I have to keep the vision alive until my last breath and that is a decision I have no control of.

        Good Luck

        An Indian Scout and A Saint

        • Well said Geydelkon. I myself had to take a break from here to search and think. Now waiting to get home to a real computer to digest some photos!

          • Thank you sir. My type of search is different from most searchers. When I was searching back in 2016 for the treasure chest, I had seen hints that no one other than Forrest had ever seen. I find comfort now when I think as well.
            I really hope there is a lot of kids that show up for Bree.

            An Indian Scout and A Saint

  28. Hi all!
    Quick update:
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not have the pin the latch on the chest games. There will still be Important Literature trivia for the adults. For the kids we will hide a bunch of little gold treasure chests that fit in the palm of your hand. They have to find one, turn it in and get an awesome prize! We also have awesome raffle prizes!
    Oh yeah, and shhhhhh..
    Forrest is coming!!!

      • Yeah, but he’s not coming over in the morning when you’re making them so maybe you could save him and Shiloh one or two. In other words, guard them from ME!

        • LOL I’m sure a scant amount will make them his way regardless. I plan ahead 😛

  29. also, AGKhas planned a treasure hunt for fennboree participants, and they have written a poem which I will post AT Pavilion 2 on Saturday. good luck!

  30. Quick note again y’all, there is a 30% chance of a random afternoon thunderstorm, so be prepared. Pavilion 2 is covered though, so it should be no big deal!

  31. I can almost smell Sacha’s coffee brewing and wieners a roasting. Is that a pineapple pie I’m imagining in my hand? Who wants to discuss Zeno’s paradox? We’ll see you at Fennboree 2019!

  32. Happy early 4th of July to everyone and I can definitely say I wish I was there with you all. The pineapple pie alone would have been enough reason to go, but if someone could, give Forrest a smile and a hug for me (@Cynthia).

    • Happy 4th to you too Idle Dreamer… I’ve ate some of iron wills fried pineapple pies, heck, they’re just about as popular as Forrest’s arrival…… you gotta get there early or you’ll find an empty platter….lol
      Have a great day today… see ya my friend

      • Thank you Focused. I was a little suspicious that the pies wouldn’t actually make it to the lunch hour minus those that Iron Will saves for Forrest.

        As for a great day it will be, where I live it had been 60% chance of rain with thunder and instead it is sunny, 10% chance of rain, with plenty of roses in bloom to smell.

        Happy Independence Day!

        I do hope to make next years Fennboree!

    • I bought the TTOTC at Collected Works and have been transporting it around to as many searchers as possible. So far, there are about 50 signatures. That should more than double starting today at Fennboree. I plan to make a video of the drawing and who wins it! Stay tuned, though, because the drawing isn’t until Saturday afternoon at 4. Then I have to be able to upload the video to YouTube and with no internet at Hyde, it will likely be Sunday night until it’s available to watch. I will post a link here and THOR and my website for anyone interested.

      Lou Lee, I miss your attendance here at Fennboree!

      • Since it is only 5.5 hours down to the event, I might just run down there for a couple of hours. I think I owe you all that much and meet those who came to my event in Denver.

  33. Hi to everyone! Wish I could of made it. Happy 4th! Looking forward to the pictures.

  34. Hi All;

    Wish that I could have made it, but such is the life of an old fart. Have Fun all, and someone please say hello to Forrest for me. Tell him that I miss meeting him – JDA

  35. Can anyone give us a update on fennboree?
    All us who couldnt go are waiting to hear all the news!! Pictures please! Pretty please…..
    Any fenn sightings? Did Dal go? Who found the treasure? Any good gossip? Lol
    Thanks all!

  36. All,

    Fennboree was a great time, huge props to Sacha and Jdiggins! Got the chance to meet many searchers including Dal. I may do a short recap of the event on the Tuesday “Flip Side” show. If any of you are interested in becoming a future guest on the show, shoot me an email: Seannm@hotmail.com


  37. It was nice seeing the pictures of Forrest and so many others! Thanks for sharing. Forrest looked great! Better that most his age.
    Looks like the event went well! Sorry I missed it.
    Did Forrest really say the treasure would be found soon? Someone said he also said but that person is not there unfortunately. I think they might have been kidding or maybe Forrest was kidding? Anyone one know? Lol

    • Based on the full comments from the FB thread it was a joke and not something he actually said.

    • Lou Lee;

      Where is it posted that Forrest said that it would be found soon? Anybody know if this is true or not? Curious – JDA

      • It’s on the treasures galore closed Facebook group. The person who posted it followed up saying that she was just joking

  38. First time poster, but long time reader from Colorado. I really wish I could have made it. Love reading everyone’s posts! Hope to all who made it had a great time!

  39. I put a link on the very top of this page to Fennboree 2019 photos. I am still working on some names that I can’t recall…Please feel free to let me know whose names go with the question marks…Unfortunately my memory for names is the same as it has been all my life..

    • Great photos, Dal. Looks like everyone had a good time. Wish I could have been there.

  40. Hello everyone! What a great time fennboree 2019 was! I want to thank everybody that helped out! Iron Will I hope your voice is better! Cynthia and Sacha, thank you very much for your assistance and guidance throughout this whole process! Amy you rock the raffle ticket handout! And heck thank everybody who showed up and donated and didn’t show up and donated, just all the support from everybody all the way around, without you this wouldn’t be possible!

    • Thank you from all of us parents with little ones! Sacha you were so kind to put on the treasure hunt for the kids and provide amazing goodies for them. An especially big shout out to Ms. Dee from Las Vegas who made the most adorable elf dolls!!!!! The kids went wild with those! Thank you everyone…i was so impressed by your kindness, generosity and resoect. Gracias!!!!

    • Waiting for my flight now with voice intact Jamie. I had a blast ( minus the rain and the tripping incident). I want to thank everybody who enjoyed the pineapple pies. I have enjoyed making them in a camping environment.

    • Nice – Nice Video Geydelkon – Thanks for sharing it with us that could not be there. YEA for you and all who attended – JDA

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