Fennboree 2019 Plans…

By JDiggins
Fennboree 2019 will be held at Hyde Memorial State Park in Santa Fe July 5-7, 2019.
Friday night will be a campfire and hot dog roast at site # 47, Saturday there will be a potluck gathering at group shelter 2 with fun, friends food and games. If you are interested in attending you will need to reserve a camp/rv site on the HYDE MEMORIAL STATE PARK website https://newmexicostateparks.reserveamerica.com
Or, if you prefer, you can stay in a hotel in Santa Fe. Bring your favorite dish of food or snacks, and/or your favorite drinks for the Saturday potluck.
This year, jdiggins will be your host!
More details coming….
You can find out more about Fennboree 2019 by clicking on the following links:

45 thoughts on “Fennboree 2019 Plans…

    • Mike, are you still searching? New area? Will you hold another solve get-together at your site? I really enjoyed that! Looking forward to seeing you and your kids if they attend.

  1. Cool ! And the best part is, I’m already here! Let me know what I can do to help Jamie, You can look for me in the “Collective Works” parking lot . Since I have the restroom key code, bathing is much easier, and the electric hand dryers can dry my clothes in under an hour.
    If I’m not there, I’ll be in some parking lot around Santa Fe. Ha Ha Forrest.

  2. Would love to make my first Fennboree, May be on my way back from searching and Function at the Junction. Long drive from florida round trip

  3. I’ll be day hiking with the dogs in the Pecos that week, including some fav routes that begin at the ski parking lot up above Hyde. If there’ll be an are-they-real-or-not event, I’d like to stop by. Even if not, my two girls would love to meet Molly, I’m sure.

      • ‘not on the agenda’

        In fennspeak, that may mean….hmm…

        Not to digress (OK, intentionally digressing)…saw your recent blog. Just stop feeding the youtube beasts. You’re one of the few above all that.

  4. I expect to be there. Let’s see who tags along with me. I hope that the treasure being found is announced by f at the 2019 Fennnboree gathering. Ok, ok, IF it is found. Now, wouldn’t that be a highlight?!?!!!!

  5. Thanks jdiggins for hosting Fennboree this year… I’m sure it will be a blast as usual… I’ll try to make it my friend… until next time… see ya

  6. Here’s a recent update to the events. I’m arriving at my campsite at Hyde Park on Thursday, July 4th, as are others. I will host a country hoe-down with a group campfire that evening with music from Willie’s Roadhouse, old country songs. We can slow dance ‘cross the floor… well, in this case it will be across the rocky dirt ground. Bring your own booze, or non-alcoholic beverages. Once again, please… NO GLASS containers.
    Here’s a link to one of the songs. Don’t forget your cowboy boots and hats!

    • You can bet I will!
      Here’s a teaser…in addition to Cynthia’s Thursday night hoedown (woohoo!!!), and the Friday night campfire weenie roast….
      Currently working on a Tshirt design contest, a children’s treasure hunt, and a fun game for the adults. In the past we did trivia, we could do that again and/or play pin the lid on the chest or something silly…
      I’m open to suggestions!
      Cant wait to meet you twingem, and everyone else!

      • I would like to bring all supplies and cook pancakes on the 7th if someone else could provide a cooktop. One big “but” though — I cannot commit to this until mid June.

        I know – flaky. But that is the best I can offer at this time. If anyone wants to go in on a possible last minute pancake breakfast, let me know.

  7. Thank you to all who entered the 2019 Fennboree Tshirt design contest! There were some awesome entries! Also big thanks to all who voted!
    Congratulations to our winner(s), you can see their winning designs here:
    If you like to order a shirt for yourself and/or anyone else, you can order by clicking the link posted on the winners page.
    Again, thank you all for your participation!
    Fennboree is going to be awesome!!!

  8. Joe –

    If you end up doing Fennboree Sunday morning breakfast I will donate to the cause for any supplies you may need.

  9. Morecowbell, thanks for the offer. I think I have that covered, though. I do not have a cooktop, but if I go, I found that propane griddles are not too expensive and i’ll just add one to my collection. Current plan is to go.

  10. Joe, In the past, we just used a regular stove top griddle on top the huge grille that is there. Charcoal for fuel and then a couple large griddles on top the grille to cook as many pancakes as possible at once. Just saying if you don’t want to buy a propane griddle.

    Morecowbell, I think I heard you offer Joe “supplies” as needed. Orange juice and champagne for the boozers in the bunch. And we know who we are from past Fennboree breakfasts!

  11. I had “tentatively” volunteered to cook pancakes the morning of the 7th. I can now say there is a 99% chance I will be there to do that. I Look forward to meeting everyone!

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