Diggin Gypsy Signs Off…


By Diggin Gypsy


I’ve finally  come to the end of my chase  I’ve had a good run. When I started in the summer of 2013 I never knew I would have visited West Yellowstone so many times in my life. I’ve done things I never thought I would do. One was hiking thru huge snow drifts beside the Madison at ghost village, climbing up mountains and sliding back down them on my butt. Dodging grizzlies around Hebgan lake and running from the moose at refuge point.

When me and my sister began the chase my mom and dad had just died it was a way to move on and try not to let death overcome us with sadness . We thrived and became strong adventurers bringing along family members to join in on the fun .

I’ve had the best times of my life searching and have met wonderful friends along the way The chase does take a toll on you though, years of racking your brain. I’ve flooded the ole coot with many emails, especially after a good margarita night. How does he deal with everyone after all the years? I have no clue.  I’m surprised he hasn’t said good riddance to us all.

If I can tell all the new chasers one thing it would be to make the chase not about always finding the treasure.  When you’re searching and it isn’t where you think,  look at your adventure as a treasure. Don’t let the chase consume your life. That isn’t what Forrest wanted.

And let’s all remember this man kindly hid a treasure for us all to have a chance to find. Let’s don’t join chat sites that bash Forrest. Let’s keep the chase without drama and the way Forrest wanted it to be, for families to enjoy being together outdoors.

Happy trails y’all I’m off to new adventures. Luv you guys.

-Diggin Gypsy






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  1. I don’t believe this. I think DG has a new solution and wants us to think she quit so she can search in peace… 🙂

    • Ha! Quite possible, Dal.

      And if that’s a recent picture of her, the chase has definitely not let her worse for wear. God bless you DG, in all your endeavors.

    • I might believe this, but about [searching in peace], couldn’t she still do this,
      regardless of what the rest of us think? By the way, I saw what appears to be
      a hint in her message. So I’m wondering about several things.

  2. Take care DG – It’s been Nice readin’ Your Posts – – – Lots of Great Adventures – – –

  3. No Way. Just say it ain’t so!. I promise I’ll bring stuff to make margaritas and I’ll meet you in West in the spring. You are such awesome lady and if you are serious, I do wish you all the best in whatever you do.
    I just really hope that you haven’t hung up your spurs. You have been an inspiration to me .
    Plus, the griz will miss you .

  4. DG;

    We have not had much interaction over the past three years, but I have always enjoyed reading about your adventures and exploits. Whatever the future brings, I am sure that you will be enjoying it. Take care, and Try to STAY SAFE – JDA

  5. I’m a little sad DG. You have always been so sweet and funny. Hope you won’t stay away forever. Best in what ever you do. I won’t let anyone bash Forrest on any site I’m on.

  6. Oh Diggin
    So sorry to hear. We looked up to you. Thought maybe you had to the one who was close. Best wishes in all you do!
    Lou Lee, chased by bears too in jellystone park and lived to tell.

  7. I don’t believe hardcore treasure hunters like you really quit the Chase. 😉
    Vaya con dios mi amiga.

  8. I would enjoy getting to know you with no questions about chasing or Fenning.
    Should you need to enlarge your friend base, please reach out.

  9. Diggin Gypsy,

    A warm salute to you and your sisters. You will be missed in the chase. Those stories of Viking women in the wilderness that overcame any fear of just being out there in the wild – will be missed!

    We need more folks like you in the chase – real, honest, driven, fearless….

    May you find what you seek,

    Covert One

  10. Sorry DG to hear you are leaving – seems like ive known you for ever- just like a sign we have hanging on our wall- that says – one life time is not enough – so you have to come back – we have not had enough of you yet – its been nice knowing you —– frank

  11. You had a good run Digging, and gave great advice. We can be grateful for the natural treasures in the mountains whether we find the chest or not.

  12. You’re beautiful and I’d love nothing more than a gorgeous hunting partner to join me in the thrill of the chaselet me know if you’d like to join me sometime I live in Texas and am currently searching in Colorado

  13. Thank God!
    One less searcher in SW Montana but I suppose your sisters are still active.
    The red & blue Ford pickups along with the rooster while you’re playing chicken with the Omegas.
    The F and OWL on the mountain side and the winter road trip to the frozen Hebgen.
    Lots of 18 wheelers tipped by the wind on a winter trip ill advised.
    Quake Lake, Ghost Town, West Yellowstone.

    If there’s a rock or log you haven’t turned over, let me know and I will.

  14. Sad to here you are moving on…but mostly proud of you for the way you are saying it. Good luck getting that darn poem out of your head late at night….It has been nothing but a pleasure to share in your chase my dear. Stop by and say howdy often!

  15. You had amazing adventures you will cherish for the rest of your life.

    I’ve solved all of the clues for the poem and will finish the search for you this Spring.

    Watch for the notice from Fenn this year in early summer.

  16. With the wonderful searches you’ve had, it sounds like you’ve had the time of your life.

    Wishing you the best in your new adventures, Diggin Gypsy.

  17. I will not think this is OK. I know more than many, but think the story should come up. Marti, you are so strong and you are passing the torch. Some of us will continue a strong woman where she that protects your family. Just wait for the future. You will be vindicated. Just wait.

  18. I have enjoyed your posts, pictures, insight. Will miss you. Take a break, come back after a while to say hello. I.m only in this hunt for about one year is all, you 5-6 years in…wow. don’t give up. you must be exhausted. I know you will rise above mean comments. love ya,…keep smiling…you truly are a beautiful person. much love and respect…

  19. Diggin’…
    Is it REALLY over, or is that the margarita talking? :). Is Fenn crying in his Grapette? Or, have you decided to take some time off to be a full fledged Grandma?
    Either way, a brain needs to rest. Although, knowing you, yours will never kick out that poem completely. When those grandkids get old enough, you’ll be back out there, with them in tow, searching again!
    Remember what I said when I find the treasure, I want you to play me in the movie! :).
    Love ya loads!
    P.S. Can I have your emails! Lol

  20. I’m sad to hear your leaving the chase Diggin…. it was nice to meet you at Fennboree. Your free spirit has inspired many along your path… I know your parents are smiling down from heaven, very proud of their girl….. remember to enjoy the little things and may you find all that you seek in life…… take care my friend… until next time… see ya

  21. Diggin Gypsy, it’s been fun getting to read about all of your adventures. Your energy and enthusiasm has been contagious and it’s sad to see you leave here. I also considered you one of the feature characters of dal’s site.

    I understand & respect your decision to ease off on the treasure-obsession. I’ll tell you the same thing I told voxpops when he decided to quit the Chase: There are a lot more important things in life than a metal box in the woods!

    Best wishes on wherever your future adventures take you!

  22. You will be missed. I know that I will miss your stories. I’m sorry for the loss of your parents. I lost mom 14 years ago but I loss my father just last July (2018). Have fun and enjoy life. You are to young to let the bad things in life hold you back or hold you down. Be safe in all you and remember to smile. That will drive others mad wondering why your so happy, even if you’re not.

  23. I’ve enjoyed reading about you, DG… your not fooling me, though… take a break, get your new solve together, come back stronger than ever, and we’ll see you in a year or so.

  24. There is the path of the Chase and then there are our personal paths through life. When they diverge, you must follow your own, whatever it may be. Farewell, and good luck. And if your path should join ours once more, you will be welcomed.

  25. We surely disagree with this decision,you have been a big part of the chase.
    Look at how many searches u did and the fun u had. Thank u for sharing all your solves and adventures with us, we will miss u.
    But I will see u on Facebook I hope!! ❤️

  26. Ok, I also want to announce that I am picking up on the chase where diggin left off. Of couse It will be different. (No one could truly fill her shoes) but I hope this summer I can search more than ever. I WILL BE FOCUSED ON PUTTING IN BELOW THE HOME OF BROWN IN WYOMING!
    My search will be challenging for I will be traveling with my twin sister who has disabilities. This will be quite difficult. But she can hike a bit and it will be good for her.
    For I care for her 24-7.
    Challenging but….we need this treasure! We really do.

  27. Hey Jamie,

    Nice to hear how you took the challenge and came out on the other side stronger and from what I can tell a genuine warm human being that I’d like to meet someday. I’m out here in California and will most likely not be traveling to try to find the treasure. I just like trying to figure out the clues and pass them on for the rest of you nuts to go out and dodge the grizzlies and all the hazards that go with a solve. Good luck in the future. You actually made my life sunnier by reading your posts.

    p.s. Maybe we could all ask Forrest to re-hide the treasure and explain the clues for this first solve. That way we can get an inside look at how his brain works. Then maybe he could make it a little more solvable for us.

  28. Thanks for sharing your adventures and ideas. Your photos and story telling have been fun and inspiring.

    I’ve been on my last search four times now. Assuming it’s still out there in early fall I plan to make my fifth last search.

    There is no cure for treasure hunters, so I look forward to your next story.

    My adventure wish list has only grown in these last 6 years, somewhat postponed by this aggravating puzzle that steals all my husband – get out of jail free cards.

  29. What makes the Chase successful are the great solves, stories, photos and people that are searching. Whoever finds the treasure owes you one.

  30. Perhaps the point should be not to participate in any hate and drama site or vlog – whether about Forrest or anyone else. If one can no longer find that place in the chase, it’s probably time to go.

  31. Diggen, it’s me, Forrest.
    If you are reading this, please don’t go. I have received numerous emails from your fans who say your withdrawal is not working for them. They want you back. It was probably a margarita soaked decision that should be set aside for the betterment of the search community. Will you please reconsider? f

    • Ohhhhhhhh is it you JUST FORREST JF ohhhh dammit you really know how to make me lift my head ole coot I got so many email s and my Facebook flooded also luv all you guys I’ll lurk in the shadows and comment on here from time to time I can never totally break away it’s a part of me now and probley the minute I see people searching in my spot I’ll hop in the truck and go run them off lol And yea it was a strong margarita y’all know me so well maybe a little to well . And who knows I might get jarred awake by a dream and realize I missed a spot by that grand Madison river where now my footprints are etched there forever . Luv u guys thanks for the kind words and emails and text

      • Diggin,
        You must be a special lady. I’ve never seen Forrest post on this blog before. I think you must have been very close. Don’t give up. Take a few months off, get back on the trail and make Forrest proud.

      • Diggingypsy

        With a name like yours,I would suspect that you are a strong hearted lady of perseverence and determination. Sometimes the spirits can get the best of you in your most somber moments. I can attest. And when it does it can occasional open doors that we’re not there before. So don’t let a moment decide your fate to quickly.

        I am sure that even givin the other searchers support, there is a sense of as F says I have gone alone in there that seams all to true.
        Regroup get back on that horse until the next bucking starts.

        I am pretty sure there is a bigger plan ahead.
        But I do not know yet, time always tells all.

        I wish you the best, maybe we will meet some day. (Fenn Fest). Never been but this year I look forward to going.

        Sincerely. Eugene

      • DG,

        You’ve been at this twice as long as me and Forrest obviously cares a lot about you. Good for you. That’s a very special thing most of us won’t have the opportunity to enjoy.

        I’ve hit a few walls in my search and have found putting The Chase down for a month or two and reading a few good books or something like that helps a lot. Think of it as a vacation so you can come back refreshed.

        I too am very glad to hear you’ll be hanging around.

        Please take care…….. pinatubocharlie

      • Diggin:
        Please give me this quick indulgence – I’m not going to prevaricate so you need to listen good: quitting the chase is not being wise. Who knows, if you stick around you may just find that blaze yet! What are you going to do instead? Dig up potatoes? Just be more like Forrest when he walked up on those buffalos resting on the banks of the Madison river and realize people should all just leave each other alone and go about their lives in peace. Stop diggin and start thinking and searching more. – Joel

      • Diggin – Yeah, No! Didn’t think so. Even in your Margarita-soaked haze, you could never leave The Chase. And neither could I.

        How about laying off those Margaritas and powering down some large quantities of Elk meat instead with you and your sisters, so y’all can keep up with me as I power up the Sheep Trail next to the Madison this Spring/Summer? The idea of all of us together would probably make Forrest’s heart skip a beat. And the Grizzes would probably have to have a meeting to see who they would want to catch and eat first.

        So glad you reconsidered. The Chase wouldn’t be the same without you and your sisters in my search area. Big Smile!!!

    • That was nice of you, Mr. Fenn. You are so good to your Chase Community. I hope you are having a nice Sunday.

      Clearly Clueless

    • Encouragement is needed for many and thanks for providing it, Forrest. There is a lot of goodness that can be easily overshadowed by a few. The toughest part is to get beyond those ‘margarita-soaked’ decisions and beyond the hateful and enjoy the adventures till we are all tired. Constant movement is key. The trolls and those who threaten danger will follow. Ignore them all and enjoy what was given dearly. Those who can do this chase, will do and those who really can’t will threaten. In the end, good will win. I know as I’ve been followed, hacked, and received death threats. They will not go away. But my Trust and Loyalty to Forrest for thinking of everything is what keeps me rising again and again over the years. I now am loyal to believe only in Forrest. I wish you the same trust and belief that Forrest thought of everything and his plans for the pot of happiness are yours for the taking. Good wishes, Diggin

  32. [A soft whisper floats across America from western ranges, so:]

    Something hidden. Go and find it. Lost and waiting for you. Go!

  33. Whew, less competition. Thank you for all you’ve contributed to the chase. Happy trails to you Diggingypsy.

  34. DG,
    Seeing and reading the way you do is a special talent not shared by many. I can appreciate any effort to get away from the drama.

    Happy trails…

    KB Scout

  35. As a couple of others have mentioned; just take a wee break! I too have been searching since 2013 and in the very same areas you mentioned, and have made more trips than I can accurately count. I live in Los Angeles so it hasn’t been cheap, and yet priceless at the same time! These memories will last a lifetime. Ii’ve ‘exhaisted’ All options – in my mind at least- on numerous occasions but just he scent of a pine tree down here in So Cal whisks me straight back to Mt/Wy and I find a reason to have ‘one last search’. As you wisely say, the joy is in the seeking. Don’t get me wrong though; I’d love to find the darn thing, but I’m also determined to enjoy the process. This Spring I’ll be flying up to Bozeman then riding a rented Harley down to West Yellowstone for another ‘last search’. Pricey? Yup! But I’ve yet to hear of anyone with a better vacation week plan. Thank you for your Post, DG, and I really hope to see you back out on the trails and keeping hold of the adventure!!!

  36. DG,

    You have truly exemplified the true spirit of the chase. You have given all of us a slice of humor with a scoop of satire. I look forward to meeting you at the finale.

    Best Wishes,

    Pam (aka awhisperer)

  37. Dear DG I only know though the blog but feel sad you are moving on. We will miss you very much. you are very adventurous and hope that lives on in you. thank for your wisdom to new comers. Mr Fenn did this for fun and others to have fun. you are so right about the searching being fun and not letting the chase for TC ruin your fun. we have searched 3 times then some health issues sidelined us.
    benefits from searching
    we solved some issues in our marriage & its stronger
    I am cooking more from scratch, lowering our salt and lowered meds
    We meet some great people
    we are stronger physically
    and we are planning a search at end of summer.

  38. Oh no. Sorry to see you go Diggin’ Gypsy. But you did get the best of the Chase– you got to understand the Gallatins.

    It’s all still out there whenever you want to go back.

  39. Marti, even though I haven’t met you in person, you have been a bright star in the TTOTC community. I hope you don’t leave completely, just drain the obsession down to a little life-giving creek in the mountains, so it doesn’t consume your time.
    No matter what group of people on Facebook there will be some sort of drama, but continue to be a voice of sanity, common sense, and kindness. I hope things are getting better for your sister near Tampa. Your farm looks cute. I still have to change carpet, fencing, and some painting in my hurricane Harvey house, but it feels like I made progress last year. Many blessings!

  40. I understand even though I don’t know you. Sometimes you have to find “out”. I respect that.

  41. As all Gi’tane (Gypsies) know there is but only one creed that can never be broken….The Road Never Ends….Dreams Are Just Up Around The Bend…Cast Off Your Troubles And Always Chase Your Lover….The Wind!…..THE ROAD NEVER ENDS!!!

  42. Art imitates life, but life also imitates art.
    Somewhere out there is a 13 year old who sees figures dancing near the fire.

    If our days are the food the Lord has shared with us then our adventures are the delicious meals we have made from them.

    Thanks for inviting us along and thanks for making F smile so.

    Bon Appetit

  43. hey diggin, your folks…my wife…we needed something to remind us there is a great big world out there calling us. Forrest helps make it a better place. Maybe we can pay it forward.

  44. DG..You’re one of the few people that wasn’t put off by my presence here. I hope you change your mind. About leaving I mean 😉

  45. Diggin, One more thought…You don’t know what all you and your sisters have brought to the chase, your imagination has soared beyond all others. You and Daryl are the ones who discovered page 99 and that it was more than just a picture of Vietnam… hundreds now see what you see. You and your sisters are what the chase is all about. You’all didn’t just sit behind chat rooms all day or stare at GE… you went out hundreds of times with tents and coolers and brought us back the best story’s… And made us use our imagination more then I ever thought I would! The chase will be losing some great gals…f. bet on you for a reason – hope you reconsider at some point. ~kb Scout

  46. You’re a class act, DG. Sad to see you go. Love the parting picture and those big, blue eyes.

  47. Here’s something to think be about DG. I have reason to believe you were the one that first came within 200 feet of the treasure.

  48. DG,
    Forrest said the search was supposed to be fun. I would imagine you’ve pleased him in that Sense.
    Take care.

  49. Diggin Gypsy,
    I have always enjoyed your stories, wit, pictures, and imagination. I think there is good reason why Forrest would bet on you or someone like you to find the treasure.

  50. Hi Diggin Gypsy,

    That almost new push lawn mower is still sitting in my garage. Since I can’t get you to take up on my offer, I will still buy you a nice riding lawn mower when I find the gold. Or is somebody else finds it first maybe they can buy you one.

    But like I said, take some time off, get it totally out of your mind. One night you will wake up with the solve.

    In the meantime, have fun with the grandkids. You have treasure.

    I think my treasure locator is ready for action.


    • I’ve always wondered if this Chase was Forrest’s way of teaching people a valuable lesson. Years ago I heard a story how to catch a raccoon. You find a tree stump with a knot hole just big enough to fit an ear of corn in it. The raccoon finds it and sticks it’s hand in there and grabs. Now he can’t get his hand out because it is too big around to get back out. Come morning the raccoon is still there stuck. So the raccoon is trapped by his desires. The smart ones let go of it and are free. Diggin Gypsy, I think you have become the smart one and let go of it. No longer trapped by your desires, now you are free. Enjoy that freedom. Like the song “Amarillo by Morning” “I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine. I ain’t rich, but Lord I’m free.”

  51. Very well put. I mean really what am i going to do with jewels. I have tons of cool stuff i do nothing with now. … ive gone places id never gone if it weren’t for the puzzle. My poor west texas analytical mind is challenged.
    Recon id donate most all of it. Id never loose title of master poem solver! What a feat be listed with one of the greatest war time pilots of all time. Thank you F.F. for the markes you’ve left on earth and souls.

  52. DG says she is leaving,
    With promises to lurk,
    And no one is believing,
    She has left the mud and the murk.

    For a story teller was she,
    Fair in voice and of hair,
    She earned her Fenn degree,
    By looking everywhere.

    Best wishes from me,
    As you put this quest on a shelf,
    To perhaps relax under a tree,
    And enjoy finding yourself.

    If you get bored on your new trail,
    The answer is clear,
    We will never fail
    To again welcome you here.

    Best of luck and thanks for all your stories!

  53. Say it isn’t so, Diggen Gypsy moving on. As one of many, I loved your tales of adventure. And the positive words you shared here is a tribute to why we loved your spirited quests. Always remember your friends and fans here deserve a revisit from time to time. Just because you are who you are…a major part of the thrill of the chase.

  54. They say fireflies are the most efficient source of light on Earth.
    Pound for pound they produce more light than the sun.
    I refuse to say goodbye to a firefly.



  55. Diggin, So thoroughly enjoyed all of your stories.
    I particularily like you nickname for Forrest. Ole Coot, loved it…even though he is the exact opposite.
    My husband died suddenly right after one of our favorite adventures to CO last year. We had just reminisced about all our fun adventures and how fortunate we were to have participated in such a great Chase.
    Take care…

  56. Funny that Forrest didn’t send you an email off the blog? I like how he ended with reconsider! As in you should RECON SIDE R! or search the Right side! Good luck gypsy!

        • I just dropping in I been busy in Florida working on my sisters place that got hit by the hurricane it’s starting to shape up finally just got the porches left
          To redo and sideing to put up Then who knows come spring I might jump in the truck again and go wander along the Madison and throw marbles at dal

  57. DG, I’m not totally convinced that one can stay away from this treasure hunt for very long,
    after being seriously involved with it . . . until the TC has been found and convincing evidence
    of this has been provided and widely distributed. Regardless of that, I wish you many nice
    experiences for your future (margaritas, for example. The next time I have one, I’ll think of you). Thanks for all your postings.

  58. I know it’s hard to get it out of your brain for sure But as far as searching ive cut that back a lot sometimes I was going 7 times a year from Georgia I don’t think I’ll go again unless I know I’m right there on top of it

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