Annual Report 2018…


This blog was started in August of 2011 and on the first day we had 47 unique viewers.
Yesterday (Jan 19, 2018) we had 8,676 unique viewers.

Blog Totals Since The Beginning
18,815,774 unique viewers
2,515 Subscribers

The highest number of unique visitors on a single day was 2/27/2013 at 63,932
Compared to January 3rd, 2019 when we had 11,728 unique viewers

2018 Totals
In 2018 we had 3,886,599 views
That is about 5,000 more views than we had in 2017
On average that is 4.8 views per visitor which is about 2 fewer views per visitor from 2017
Our busiest month in 2018 was April with 491,127 views

In 2018 we had 593,018 unique visitors leaving 50,522 comments
We also published 124 posts in 2018

Most new folks still find us through the major search engines..
About ten percent find us from Facebook
In 2017 about ten percent found us through an android app
The rest come from clicking on links from other websites and blogs including Wikipedia, Jenny’s site and Tapatalk…whatever that is.

The most common search terms folks use to find the blog are “Forrest Fenn”, “Thrill of the Chase” and “Paddle Up Your Creek”.

The most common links folks click on to leave this blog are the video interviews with Forrest followed by Jenny’s blog followed by Forrest’s website, followed by Hint of Riches blog followed by

We have 1,064 posts on this blog. 124 from 2018. The posts with the highest number of views in 2018 were:
1. Home Page
2. Odds n Ends
3. Forrest’s Scrapbooks
4. New Mapping Tool
5. Most Important Info
6. Forrest Speaks
7. The Book of Blazes
8. Safety First
9. Brown’s Canyon Solution

Security informs me that we have had over half a million blocked spam comments and over 300,000 blocked malicious attacks..

Thanks to all of you
from Chris and dal-


38 thoughts on “Annual Report 2018…

    • yes i second that ty I love this site andall you do. thanks for the details. have a great day always got to go feed Titan. best wishes always.

  1. Amazing! Keep up the good work and thank you for all that you do! Everyone, please be safe and happy hunting!

    • I only thought folks would be looking for me because of the bounty…
      Not because I actually did something they liked..

      • Yes they do! It amazes me how much work Dal puts into the community. Dal is very generous on sharing his thoughts and building a place where the community can share.

  2. This site is what sparked my Thrill of the Chase — and the rest of the community has kept me coming back for more.

    Cheers to a successful 2019!

    ~Allen K.

  3. Nice.

    It’s like Space 1999 or Battlestar Galactica– all the stuff that happens on the way to final deliverance; but that episode never comes..

  4. Awesome work, Dal. You have an informative site, that stays classy and focuses on The Chase. Well done. Thanks Chris for helping keep it safe and updated.

  5. Wow, how far we have come, and still going…. Thanks for all you guys do, and keep up the good work… :0)

  6. Dal–

    You do such a great job. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Best regards;

    Sherif Billy and Deputy Katie

  7. Well I’ve been here from almost the beginning!
    I’ve watched many searchers come and go.
    For me its been a big part of my life. Giving me great adventure and learning about so many new places and things!
    Dal, your site, blog is better than ever! Great Job.
    I do wonder about many who are gone now.
    The names and if they still are in the chase or just not posting.
    At times it seems that everything thats been thought of, has been said.
    I just wish it was easier for me to get out there!
    I would love to keep going at full speed ahead!
    Best Wishes to all and of course our leader Forrest Fenn the great

  8. “You build it and they will come”.

    By Golly…..they are lined up all the way to the Jersey Turnpike!!!

    Hot Diggity Dog Dal…..keep those cards and letters coming!!!

  9. So, at the end of another year what have we all learned? We have learned that we have a safe “Home” here on Dal’s site. YEA! It is good to feel safe, where we need not fear from attack or criticism. We can share ideas in a (most of the time) Friendly environment. Every family has spats, but when that happens usually an adult (Dal) enters and separates the “Spatters”.

    Thanks Dal. You and Chris (and missed Goofy) “Done Good” – JDA

  10. You have run the best info site for Forrest by far and Jenny site both of you keep it clean and family friendly and in perspective of things going on thank you for all you have done thru the years you are another searcher who has made the chase proud no drama with you except with esmarelda now she does cause a little drama lol

  11. Thanks Dal –

    In like that the home page is the most popular. that means new visitors start at the beginning.


  12. Dal, it surely shows that the website is popular, organized with a bunch of information. Well done, this also goes to other’s work.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  13. Dal—-

    Your blog was the first one I visited one I began the Chase—and then Jenny’s not too long after that. They are still the best two sites to visit by far. Thanks for everything you do—-it truly is a great blog.

  14. Thanks Dal, Chris, and a belated thanks to Goofy. Any numbers for how many comments were moderated?

  15. Dal—

    Thank you so much for this Blog. It was great when I first came here—–and continues to be a great blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it. Sincerely.

  16. Thanks Dal and I miss The Chase.
    It’s been over a year since I’ve read or posted, life and three young babies have gotten in the way of the chase for me, but there is seldom a week that goes by that I don’t think about it. I sincerely hope everyone is safe and well.
    Forest you’ve impacted my life for sure!
    God Bless

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