Fennboree 2019…



Please check back soon for details on upcoming fennboree 2019 tshirt design contest!
Also, In addition to games with prizes, there is going to be giveaways by way of one free raffle ticket for each attendee. We will draw as many raffle tickets as we have prizes for. That said, we are looking for donations as prizes to be given away for both the drawing and the games. We are also welcoming those who may want to volunteer to assist in the event(s).


Please contact :
if you would like to donate a prize and/or volunteer.


20 thoughts on “Fennboree 2019…

  1. Given recent earth-shattering revelations in the search-o-sphere, I can only hope that there will be a ‘Comparing Chests’ event. Unless someone has found f’s and another pulls of a heist at DIA, the chests to be compared will be limited to those available.

    I volunteer my services as a judge.

  2. If the MIT guy shows up, somebody tell him his algorittm just won’t cut it. Better to give the puzzle to his kids. Or better yet, hand it over to the guy from Carnegie-Mellon. If he can’t find it, nobody can.

  3. Hi all, I know its months away, but if you already have made plans to attend and plan to contribute to the potluck, please post it here.
    Things we will need:
    Utensils (plastic)
    Ice and coolers

    And suggestions for food but not limited to:
    Deli meat
    Hot dogs

  4. I mentioned hosting a pancake breakfast on the 7th. If I reserve one of the group shelters for this, does anyone have a preference or recommendation as to which one??

      • Shelter 2 is now reserved for the 7th. Cannot “guarantee” I’ll make it, until mid June; but my intent is to be there and cook pancakes and coffee on the morning of the 7th.

        Either way, the shelter is ours for the 7th…….

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