Fennboree 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest…


Fennboree 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest
by Sacha

Fennboree is just a few short months away, so it is time for the contests to begin!

This year, Illinios Ghost and Fenn Treasure Hunters are hosting the contest to design the official T-shirt of Fennboree 2019.

The winner of this year’s contest will receive a WSOF Poker Chip and Brochure, and a T-shirt with their winning design on the back, and a name of his or her choice on the front.

To enter is easy – just submit your design to illinoisghost@icloud.com before February 21, 2019.  He will collect all the submissions until the cutoff date.  Then, Voting will take place here, on Dal’s site.  Everyone will have a chance to vote on the winning design until Midnight on March 1st.  The winner will be announced on Saturday, March 2nd.

Illinois Ghost made a short video of the rules and how to enter.  You can watch it HERE


*Contest is open to anyone, regardless of age or location.  You do not need to attend Fennboree to enter.

*Entries must be emailed to illinoisghost@icloud.com by the deadline to be considered.

*Entries may not include any vulgar or graphic images.  Illinois Ghost and Fenn Treasure Hunters reserve the right to disqualify any submission deemed inappropriate or disrespectful.

*Each person may enter the contest no more than twice.  Entries will be accepted, and can be changed, until the February 21st deadline.

*Winner will choose a color and size of shirt from available selections on Fenn Treasure Hunter’s Shopify store.  Shirt will be ordered by FTH and shipped directly to winner.  Chip and Brochure will be shipped separately.

*All entrants agree to have their submission posted on various internet forums, for public voting phase.

*Winner will be chosen by public voting phase, then the top voted selections are reviewed by an anonymous panel of judges to select the winner.

*Winner agrees to allow their submission to be used on t-shirts and merchandise for Fennboree 2019.

Below are examples of submissions from a few years back, including the winning design, submitted by Illinois Ghost.  But, don’t worry folks, Rick can’t win the contest this year, since he is running it.  You can use these as your inspiration for creating this year’s design.





Prem design

Ramona Mannaa



9 thoughts on “Fennboree 2019 T-Shirt Design Contest…

  1. Since mr. Forrest isn’t answering anymore questions on mysterious Writings and is stepping away from his computer. He gets too many emails. He’s going to just relax with willie.so that tells me,this is the end of the chase for me as i said i would never quit until mr. Forrest does.god bless you mr. Forrest. I love you so
    Thanks for all the stories and fun you have given me.you touched my heart in a way you’ll never know .and have opened my eyes.to all the fenners,i love you all.

    • Virginia, we will miss you . Your openness & sincerity was always a refreshing joy to read. I would love you to be the one that stumbles across the treasure someday when you least expect it.

    • Virginia Diane,

      I have read your posts throughout the years and seen you had some good ideas. This chase has a way of keeping you in involved. But I also understand that at some point we need to get back to where we were before this came about. I tried to do that but it only lasted a few months, but I also know , after my search come spring, if I’m not lucky enough to come across indulgence I might be concidering that same. I started this Feb 2011 and sure have a lot of time invested as I know you have. So good luck in life and pop in every once and awhile to say hi. You know I seen a few searchers in the “name the kitty contest” that hasn’t posted in quite sometime (years). It was good to see they are still involved even it they only post something once in a blue moon.

      “I’ve never been to a Fennboree because I live so far away. Enjoy those who attend this year.”

      Take care & good luck,

    • Virginia,
      Thank you for your kind words over the years. Thank you for sharing your caring ways. And most of all thank you for being you…..
      I hope you find all that you seek in life. Remember to enjoy the little things as you go…
      Take care my friend and check back in with us anytime you feel … Dal’s door is always open..

      Until next time… see ya Virginia

  2. Thank you all for writing me.its so hard for me to go.but even harder to think of mr. Forrest
    Not being able to hear from him again.its like a piece of me has been ripped out of my heart.and i am sure its the same for you all too..i know i could pass away before mr. Forrest.but just the idea of loosing that precious man hurts in the pit of my stomach
    I will check in once in awhile and see how all is doing with the chase.good luck and may god bless each and everyone of you in your adventures..

  3. Only four entries so far! I know there’s more talent out there! Even if you may not attend, send in your entry! Take a chance of going down in Chase history of the 2019 Fennboree Tshirt designer!

  4. We have received more great entries, and we have an update for you!

    We have changed one of the rules!

    You may now have up to 3 entries per person. Rick made a short 2 minute update video below about the rule change.

    You have until THIS Friday at midnight to submit your designs. I can’t wait for you all to see the amazing art that has been submitted!


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