FFGM Treasure Hunt #3

February 2019

This treasure hunt has been solved and the secreted stone has been recovered.

The Solution can be found HERE

FF Gold Medallions image 1024x562

For those not familiar with this type of ˜Scavenger Type Treasure Hunt™, an unique image (shown in FFGM CLUE #3 and confirmed below) has been secretly positioned on random pages of the MW website. Where this image is found on the MW website are further clues for the T*R*E*A*S*U*R*E. For this particular hunt, the clue will be found right under the image. There are 8 images hidden on 8 different pages, and each clue provides a needed detail to find the exact spot of the hidden Coded Stone to claim the FFGM.  All together the clues will lead you to the TREASURE.
Find this image:

aaFFGM Hunt Image

If you see the following valentine looking image with a letter in it– keep it in mind!  They are currently part of the MW’s Tap4Treasure.com Mission #9.  It’s of a similar style of hunt.   If you find a word, you can enter to win a Campo Del Cielo Meteorite.  See more details at Tap4Treasure.com.

M9 pw          aaT4T Mission 9 Bounty






15 thoughts on “FFGM Treasure Hunt #3

  1. I am unable to drive this far, but here is what I have for those who are in the Knoxville, TN area:

    T – Travel 40 E http://mysteriouswritings.com/the-lost-tombs-wisdom-in-the-youths-guide/
    R – Rest Area http://mysteriouswritings.com/a-mysterious-1716-letter-reveals-a-buried-treasure-in-society-hill-philadelphia/
    E – Exit Mile 419 http://mysteriouswritings.com/the-lost-treasure-of-the-newton-boys-and-americas-biggest-train-robbery/
    A – Above Knoxville, Below Bristol http://mysteriouswritings.com/the-sacred-vessel-in-king-tuts-tomb/
    S – Seek last parking space http://mysteriouswritings.com/lost-treasure-tuckers-cross/
    U – Under Corner http://mysteriouswritings.com/lost-treasure-of-the-kinzua-bridge/
    R – Rear Left http://mysteriouswritings.com/lost-treasure-worth-thousands-tamerlane-do-you-have-one/
    E – Eating Pavilion http://mysteriouswritings.com/top-ten-legendary-lost-writings-and-missing-works-of-literature-can-these-treasures-be-found/

    If you would like to verify these results, head to mysteriouswritings.com and use the search function to look for “http://mysteriouswritings.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FFGM-Hunt-Image-150×150.png” which will return the 8 pages on the site containing these clues.

    https://www.google.com/maps/place/Bristol,+TN/@36.0520383,-83.4119943,326m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x885a9d2aeeeb894d:0x3f57f2fedad88756!8m2!3d36.5951059!4d-82.1887444 should contain the treasure in the image, specifically near the last parking spot. Google maps will allow a “street view” of that location.

    Happy Hunting!

  2. William: Fast solution! I tried searching for “http://mysteriouswritings.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FFGM-Hunt-Image-150×150.png” in the mysteriouswritings.com search box, and it returns 0 results:


    I tried a number of similar things earlier, but couldn’t get WordPress to return a list of matching pages. How did you get the search to work?

  3. Good job William… This one was easy for me to solve also… Anyone in the Dandridge, Tennessee area see the solve above.

  4. William, although there are no “rules” about posting solutions, it has been a long-time courtesy to searchers and the setters of puzzles, to NOT post solutions until the puzzle/hunt is solved, and the treasure has been found. And the person who has solved the puzzle and found the treasure is usually given the honor of revealing the solution.

    I know there will be people out there that disagree, but there ARE unspoken rules of treasure hunts, and this one has just been broken.

    The reason for such a rule is this: Someone may have put a lot of time and effort into a treasure hunt. Then someone else comes along who did very little work on it, has no intention on searching for it, and posts the solution openly. It becomes a foot race to the treasure. The person who spent so much time on that treasure hunt does not get the treasure, but someone who did no work on it does.

    Yeah, life is not fair. But we can make it a bit more fair and fun for others.

    This hunt was easy to solve. I realize no one was going to spend a massive amount of time on it. But let people have fun. Don’t spoil it for them.

  5. William, Imo, If you’re bright enough to solve the challenge that quickly, there’s nothing wrong with disclosing your opinion. I don’t think it’s any different than the thread “I think the chest is here.” People can take it or leave it. If your solve is right, kudos to you.

  6. Yippee!! Congrats to Larry T who has claimed FFGM #3! I’m so happy for him!

    The next FFGM Treasure Hunt will be released on MW on the 25th!

    Get ready for some more fun and thrills!

    Thanks all for playing and enjoying this CHASE in the Appalachians with us! You are all awesome! best to you all!

  7. I agree, if you want to share your solution, because you solved it and you have no easy way to actually get to the location, I think that’s fine. Of course nobody who solves the location of Forrest Fenn’s treasure would ever share their solution. Oh wait, people do that all the time. Oh wait, they’re always wrong 😀

  8. Jenny — super cool that you’re hiding these in the Appalachians. But you should hide one in the Rockies too, just for fun 😉

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