And The Cat Naming Contest Winner Is…


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Forrest’s cute kitty

Allen K. won the naming contest for Forrests cute kitty. His entry was “Meowthful”.

His prize was a Forrest Fenn signed and personalized edition of TFTW.


We asked him to send us a pic of the signed inside when he received it.

Here is what Allen K. wrote and the pic of the autograph and doodle by Forrest:


Thanks Forrest, Dal, and the judges for the cool cat-naming contest!

This site is where my awareness of the chase took its first few steps and since then, I’ve obsessed, quit, unsubscribed, resubscribed, deleted, renewed, defended, argued, pondered, waivered, broke-up, and fell back in love with my solve and the chase again and again. Forrest is right — this chase will live on in the hearts of searchers.

me·owth·ful /mēˈouTHˌfo͝ol/

Definition: A quantity of disagreeables or malcontents that fills or can be put in the mouth.

~Allen K.

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26 thoughts on “And The Cat Naming Contest Winner Is…

  1. Hello Allen K. I’ve enjoyed your response, and glad to hear you’re continuing. Once again, congratulations. Mr. Fenn’s doodle very nice and also encouraging. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • congratulations awesome name for the kitty almost time to jump in a creek some where, good times lie; ahead ;be safe every one. and a good day to Sir Forrest Fenn, Dal and searchers, ty you all,for all you have done, for all of us along the way.

  2. Allen K. Congrats!
    I like the cat’s name … and this/your response. Many of those words/feelings sound like what I went through in this Chase.
    I also like ff’s doodle.

  3. Forrest’s doodle proves that the chest is NOT buried and that it must be approached from the west. And wear a hat with a visor because the rising sun will be in your eyes. This confirms my solve! ;o)

  4. Congratulations , Allen. Your prize is well deserved. Did Forrest turn the “A” in your name into a little map? Love that doodle.

  5. Congrats Allen ! I love the doodle, it makes me think….humm

    “ It may be to far to walk, but not to far to run”

    It seems like the rabbit holes are endless…lol until next time… see ya

  6. Congrats Allen K, that was a huge field of competitors. When I started the chase I wanted to read everything Fenn, so I ordered The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo, and when it arrived I was surprised to find that Mr. Fenn had drawn a running man carrying the chest. It’s a treasure to me and I’m hoping a good omen.

    • Afana-
      I will but I don’t remember right this second…I have to go back and look at the email between the judges to get the names…I’ll get back to you about that..

    • Afana-
      First we narrowed it down to the following list of the judges favs…
      Sue Purr Sabre
      Badlands Betty
      Grinnus Maximus
      Al Dente
      Kitty Ah-Mean

      From that list we narrowed it down to two…
      Nibbles and Meowthful

      Then we finally selected Meowthful…

      There were many ideas in play as we narrowed it down…one of the most amusing was imagining ourselves at the door calling the kitty to come in for the evening…”Here Nibbles, Nibbles, Nibbles…”
      Some names were just hard to say…others rolled off the tongue like slippery elm…

      • Thanks Dal, that was a reasonable way to go about it. That’s how I’ve always chosen my pets names. You ask yourself, how’s it going to sound when you’re calling your pet and your neighbor may be in earshot, wondering what the heck you’re saying out loud.

  7. I liked “Cattitude” from Bob Miller the best and surprised it wasn’t in the running although there were a bunch of great names. Guess I will have to buy a new tftw book seeing the binding has ripped from the cover and some pages still stuck together. The Gallatin did it in.

  8. Congratulations Allen once again.

    Now I wanna congratulate Nibbles, good job!
    Nibbles was a favorite of mine, there totally shoulda been prizes for 2nd and 3rd place also, IMO.

    But, understandably, there can be only one winner in the chase, so I get it.

  9. If she eats malcontents and disagreeables, it looks like “Bitter” would have been the technically better submission, although it was a no-show. “Biter” would have probably also been accepted, all things considered.

    It seems he holds these contests to see who has learned his code (E.C. raises hand).

  10. Last night, I had a dream that I visited the Smithsonian Museum, and Meowthful was in a glass case with a small card that read: “Meowthful” – Gift of Forrest and Peggy Fenn, 2019.

    That was awesome.

    P.S. Thanks to everyone above that commented. It’s still the highlight of my year 🙂

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